The graves family


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The graves family

  1. 1. The Graves Family (:<br />Monthly Feature: my family<br />By Kelly Graves<br />M<br />y family is mixed. I live with my mom, brother and stepdad in Oakboro. As where I go see my dad every other weekend and two weeks in the summer, if he’s here. I say if he’s here because my dad is 82nd airborne, in the army.My parents divorced when I was 8. I’m okay with it though. My parents are better apart!<br />.Brother:<br />I have an older brother named Joseph. We’re two years apart. He was born October 2 1993! He is in the 11th grade at West. We look a lot alike. Most people say me my dad, and brother look like twins! He used to have dark brown, short hair. He now has a red Mohawk. He just came home with it red one day.My mom didn’t even freak. What the heck, she would have killed me if I died my hair. He has brown eyes. He’s pretty short for his age, he only like 5’ 7”. He’ll be turning 17 in like two weeks. He is pretty lazy when it comes to getting a job. I love him, but he just expects our parents to pay for everything. He wrestles 119 for west Stanly high, and AAU wrestling. He is the captain of the wrestling team at West. Wrestling is his true passion. He used to play football for west, he quite this year to focus on wrestling. He played football since the 6thgrade.He is a very outgoing, funny person. He is a hot head. He’s not afraid to tell you what he thinks. He can be very annoying, but he can always make me smile when I’m upset! He has a hard exterior, but he’s really caring and protective of the people he loves. We’re really close. <br />Grandma: <br />My grandma name is Joyce Bullard. She’s my grandma on my mom’s side. She is 4’ 10”, with green eyes, and light brown hair. She is retried, and spends her days going to work with my step- grandpa. He is a truck driver. She was a teacher for many years at Roberdel Children's Center. It’s a school for mentally challenged kids. She also watches a girl, Kim that goes to Roberdel. She is very caring and sweet. She will do anything for her family. She’s always there for me and my brother. She is the person I’m closest to in my family. She is starting to have health problems. <br />Her legs hurt, so she’s not as active as she used to be. She loves to watch ‘I love Lucky” and “Andy Griffith”<br />Mama:<br />My mama’s name is Ada Hardwick. She is short only like 5 foot. She has green eyes and light brown reddish hair. She used to be a teacher for Carver middle school, in Scotland County. She is really smart. She helps me with school; if I don’t get it .she yells at me a lot, about chores and stuff. She isn’t very outgoing. She likes to listen to music form the 80’s. Guns ‘n’ roses and stuff like that. She is a hot head, she will tell you off in a quick minute. She’s protective of me and my brother. She is very opinionated. She loves animals. She loves the Madea movies. <br />Step Dad:<br />My stepdad name is Darin Hardwick. He married my mom when I was eight. They have been married 6 ½ years. I wasn’t happy about them at first; I blamed Darin for my parents splitting up. Now Irealize that he wasn’t the reason they got divorced. My parents weren’t mint to be, there way better a part. Darin is big and tall, he’s like 6”3’.He has brown eyes. He has dark black hair, and tan skin. He’s Indian. He’s a Yankee, from Michigan. He is a trucker for Terminal trucking in Charlotte. He works really hard to support us. He loves to watch movies and old tv shows. One of his hobbies is building stuff, like old cars and stuff. I think of him as real family, and love him.<br />Daddy: <br /> My dad’s name is Kristain Graves, everybody calls him Kris. We look a lot alike; he has black, short hair. When I was little a described it as a hamburger pattie. He has brown eyes. He has tattoos. He is 82nd airborne; which means he’s in the army and jumps out of planes. He is sergeant 1st class: which means he is in charge of a group and then the head of all the little groups in his infantry. He has been in the army since he was 18, over 20 years. He lives in Fayetteville, but is stationed in Fort Brag (an army base in Fayetteville). We get to see him every other weekend and two weeks in the summer unless he is overseas or working. He loves old timey cars. He likes to ride his motorcycle, and going to the drag strip. He is a hot head too. It’s easy for him to let things ruin his day; he’s working on that though. He is planning on staying in the army until I graduate.<br /> That’s my family, they drive me crazy but I still love them. We may fight and fuss but I don’t know what I would do without them!!!<br />Me, mama, & bro; on Christmas<br />Me, mama, step-dad, and brother<br />Daddy in Iraq (: <br />Me and step dad!!!<br />Member Updates<br />Mom:<br />Ada Hardwick<br />Dad:<br />Kristain Graves<br />Brother:<br />Joseph Graves<br />Grandma:<br />Joyce Bullard<br />Grandpa:<br />Deceased <br />Step grandpa on mom’s side; Matt O’Neal <br />Upcoming Events<br />Brother’s birthday: Oct. 2. Happy birthday! Love you<br />Dads moving to Missouri in December <br />Dads this weekend<br />And The Last Word Goes To?<br />By: Kelly Graves<br />Mail To:NameStreet AddressCity, State and Zip Code<br />