Using Social Media in the College Application Process
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Using Social Media in the College Application Process

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How social media can help or hurt a high schooler's college application.

How social media can help or hurt a high schooler's college application.

More in: Technology , Business
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  • 1. So, about that college application? Essential keys to the digital job search
  • 2. Ask the Audience • Would you send any of those photos along with your college application? • Would you sign your name, “Sexy 4 Eva”? • What about for a job application?
  • 3. If you’re online… • 20% of admissions counselors admit to looking at candidates’ Facebook profiles • More than that admit to Googling candidates • Everyone sees your e-mail address
  • 4. Does it matter? • Emory University tour guides friend students, and profiles affect admissions decisions • Admissions denied at Reed College because of “disparaging blog posts”
  • 5. Bottom line • What you post isn’t private, and deleting it doesn’t make it go away
  • 6. But… • You can use that to your advantage • You can make your own online identity (called a “personal brand”)
  • 7. That’s what I did • Now I’m a social media strategist at • I blogged and tweeted my way to a job
  • 8. How does that apply to you? • Create a personal brand that attracts, rather than repels, college admissions offices
  • 9. Step 1: Clean up • Facebook privacy settings • Clean profile picture • Untag incriminating photos • • Delete offensive blog posts • What else?
  • 10. Step 2: Create your “brand” • How do you want to be known? • Smart? Tech-savvy? Artsy? • Want colleges to think, “That person will contribute to our campus”
  • 11. Step 3: Take your brand online • Twitter • website/blog • What about Facebook?
  • 12. What do you say? • Write what interests you…within reason • Follow the “Mom Rule” — If you wouldn’t want your mom to see it, don’t post it
  • 13. A chance to try it out! • You can tweet from the conference • Tweet about your experience here — what you’re working on, who you’re meeting
  • 14. Getting started • Twitter handle – use firstlast (i.e. kellygiles) • Bio – something smart • Picture – a nice headshot, if you want one • End your tweets with #ncsmi so you can track the conversation
  • 15. Last words • Think before you post.
  • 16. Questions?