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What's New in the World of Irises
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What's New in the World of Irises






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  • Zone 5: March to July
  • Zone 5: March to JulyDeserts, woodlands, alpine meadows, prairies, shorelines, swamps
  • Zone 5: March to July
  • Zone 5: March to July
  • We don’t have to make gardening easier because it already can be easy for folks. We just have to sell it like it’s easy, fun, passionate, enjoyable, emotive, hip, and on-cue.New irises aren’t harder Right plant=right place, has consequences here worth evaluating. Everything won’t grow somewhere. All plants aren’t created equalBut not a gospel of “oh how great”, there are problemsRegional gardeningIris for every situation
  • Zone 5: March to July
  • Primarily 12 species
  • Alpine butterfly
  • Honey dripper
  • Blyth sdlg.
  • Cape Cod Boys
  • Hot sketch
  • Miss apple
  • Lucy Locket
  • Banjo Blues
  • Snook
  • Sugar Dome
  • Sunrise Ridge
  • Pseudata seedling

What's New in the World of Irises What's New in the World of Irises Presentation Transcript

  • Kelly D. NorrisRainbow Iris Farm
  •  Is more always better? ~1,000 new cultivars/year Amateur development
  •  But who have we forgotten?
  •  Collectors Mass-market/wholesale But what about YOUR clients?
  • An iris for Update Recap, every time! dude garden
  •  Remember provenance Plant equality? Right plant=right place?
  •  THE question, perhaps Quantitative trait (QTL) Environmental influence Poorly understood physiology Distinct breeding groups
  •  Distinction, distinction, distinction Better rebloomers Shorter and smaller cultivars Cut flowers
  • What’s the big deal? Better irises
  • So many…1,000
  • Exciting, right? Iris lovers!
  • Iris Lovers Who are we breeding irises for? Why are we breeding irises?
  • Kelly’s Top Five PerennialsDistinctiveness Medians Better rebloomers Cut flowers
  • NOT “I. germanica”I. x alto-burbata?I. x conglomerata?
  • Miniature Dwarf Bearded
  • Kelly’s Market Outlook: MDBs Some interest, particularly with rock gardeners Container gardening? Vigor/clump potential sells
  • ‘Fission Chips’(Keppel, 2004)
  • ‘Tiny Titan’ (Aitken, 2002)
  • ‘Flashing Neon’ (Willott, 2005)
  • Standard Dwarf Bearded
  • Kelly’s Market Outlook: SDBs When I say dwarf, you think SDBs… Iris lovers can’t get enough of them… Nursery container production potential Buds on the horizon…
  • Paul Black I126A
  • ‘Cat’s Eye’
  • ‘Gigglesand Grins’(Coleman, 2007)
  • ‘Eye of the Tiger’
  • Intermediate & Border Bearded
  • Kelly’s Market Outlook: IBs & BBs Possibly the perfect irises for the future (urban gardens) Crossroads of genetics and selection Fertility dawns… Classification woes?
  • ‘Man’s Best Friend’
  • ‘Gene’s Lora Lavelle’
  • ‘Fast Forward’
  • ‘Banded Gold’
  • ‘Bundle of Love’
  • Miniature Tall Bearded
  • Kelly’s Market Outlook: MTBs Cut flower industry Dips, tets Timeless garden plants Hardiness and showmanship!
  • ‘LucyDoodle’
  • ‘RayosAdentro’
  • Chuck Bunnell seedling
  • ‘Dividing Line’
  • ‘Hot News’
  • Tall Bearded
  • Kelly’s Market Outlook: TBs Go for glory—clump power! Bud counts over 8 probably irrelevant Distinctiveness coupled with vigor Loss of market share?
  • ‘Tobacco Chew’ (Burseen, 2009)
  • ‘Starring’
  • ‘Gypsy Lord’
  • ‘Honeydripper’
  • ‘Alan M. Turing’
  • ‘Won’t’
  • ‘Ten Carat Diamond’
  •  Range of heights (18-48”) Early summer doers Expanded color palette Expanded bloom time (up to 6 weeks) 28 versus 40
  • Iris chrysographes
  • ‘Cape Cod Boys’
  • ‘Hot Sketch’
  • ‘Miss Apple’
  • ‘Cream of Tomato’
  • ‘Humors of Whiskey’
  • ‘Lucy Locket’
  • ‘At The Crossroads’
  •  Sorely underappreciated June bloomers Colors not found elsewhere Perfect florist irises Long-lasting landscape impact
  • ‘Falcon’s Crest’
  • ‘Missouri Clouds’
  • ‘With One Look’
  •  Acidic soils! The last hurrah… New genotypes yield increased hardiness You want big, eh?
  • ‘Banjo Blues’
  • ‘Snook’
  • ‘Sugar Dome’
  • ‘Christina’s Gown’
  • ‘Pixie Won’
  •  Louisianas SPEC-X Arils/Arilbreds Crested irises Chinensis group I. x norrisii hybrids
  • Iris domestica (blackberry lily)
  • (blackberry lily), Iris dichotoma (Vesper iris)
  • Iris x norrisii (candy lily)
  •  www.kellydnorris.com  Posted via SlideShare Twitter: @rainbowirisfarm Facebook too!
  • www.rainbowfarms.net