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  • Kelly- We’re an important resource on campus and our role is to create an inclusive community. To accomplish this we must open the conversation about sexuality in a way that makes everyone feel accepted. We all have different ideas about sexuality and make different personal choices. It’s important to remember that what is right for us might not be (and probably isn’t) right for someone else. We come in at a weird place where there’s this huge gap between high school sexual education and experience and awareness of healthy sexuality and preparedness for very adult situations. Give definition and examples of each Slut Shaming Ex Rush Limbaugh birth control sluts
  • The gap in Sexual health education leaves many people with no idea of what they want from each other, this lack of forethought can create disempowering and potentially harmful situations. Engaging residents in a conversation about healthy sexuality is a great way to encourage questioning the norm and becoming aware of identity.
  • Go back to conversation about hetero-normativity. Programming tends to veer towards being hetero-normative with language and content. Be aware of what messages you’re sending to residents.
  • Ratrainingfall13

    1. 1. + Sexuality Programming Wednesday August 28th Laura and Kelly
    2. 2. + Outline  How to discuss sexual decision making  How to send appropriate positive messages  Programming ideas  Student Leaders  Other resources
    3. 3. + How to Discuss Sexual Decision Making WITHOUT shaming  Key Words:  Slut Shaming  Victim blaming  Hetero-normative  Healthy Sexuality  Sex-positivity
    4. 4. + How To Send Appropriate Positive Messages
    5. 5. + Context  This is an intimate discussion, meet people where they’re at  Inviting and accepting of all decisions- OKAY to make personal choices, OKAY to not want sex  Inviting students to participate as they wish in programming
    6. 6. + Open the Discussion  What do you expect from partners/experiences?  How do we communicate consent?  How would you feel if ___?  How do you want to make decisions?  Are you okay with the decisions you make under the influence of drugs and alcohol?  It’s OKAY to change your mind!  In what ways can we change harmful mindsets?
    7. 7. + GLBTQ and other identities  How can we make messages appeal to students with a wide variety of identities?
    8. 8. + Programming Ideas  Party With Consent  Sex Week  Condom Olympics  Rachael Carlevale with Planned Parenthood
    9. 9. + Student Leaders  Get involved early  Want to learn more? Let’s figure out when to meet and learn together
    10. 10. + It doesn’t have to be you  If providing education yourself sounds uncomfortable or doesn’t match up with your beliefs, then know that you don’t have to engage in these conversations  Know your resources  Planned Parenthood  Fort Lewis College Health Center  Gender and Sexuality Resource Center  Other RAs or RDs  Student leaders  Sex+  NativeYouth Sexual Health Network
    11. 11. + Questions?  Concerns?  Hopes?  Dreams?  Fears?