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The Impact of Effective Human Capital Management Presentation
The Impact of Effective Human Capital Management Presentation
The Impact of Effective Human Capital Management Presentation
The Impact of Effective Human Capital Management Presentation
The Impact of Effective Human Capital Management Presentation
The Impact of Effective Human Capital Management Presentation
The Impact of Effective Human Capital Management Presentation
The Impact of Effective Human Capital Management Presentation
The Impact of Effective Human Capital Management Presentation
The Impact of Effective Human Capital Management Presentation
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The Impact of Effective Human Capital Management Presentation


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  • One of the greatest parts of my job is that I meet with companies across every industry and get to speak with executive like you and find out what’s top of mind. ADP has the great fortune to work with 100’s of organizations like yours…your company is unique along with your goals, visions, and strategies. However many of the challenges you face are not unique.
  • Simplify, automate and outsource core employee work processes to decrease administration and direct expense Decrease Hr staff administration work load allowing for improved service delivery to employees Allow HR staff and Mgmt to focus on value driven activities that support strategic goals and objectives of the organization
  • Perfect Storm This storm began years ago, although much smaller still capable of devastation…Employee being an organizations most expensive asset they faced rising Labor costs, rising healthcare costs and an aging workforce making it harder to find skilled workers and retain top talent. HR was getting more and more complex. All these storm clouds are still here but now the storm is getting much worse business is slowing, increased credit pressure, rising unemployment, organizations being forced to do more with less, while navigating the constantly changing risk landscape. In this economy it’s more difficult to do business every day. How can you cut costs without cutting corners? How can you pull expenses out of the business with out weakening customer service, employee morale, and without putting yourself and your company at risk for lawsuits? The storm has changed!
  • Having to do more with less by cutting costs and controlling expenses, your organizations need to squeeze every dollar as far as it goes to help achieve your financial goals. Being an employer of choice …keeping morale and productivity up, making sure you retain the best employees & attract top talent especially in down economy when times are tough. Mitigating Risk … the ever changing tax and compliance landscape is shifting on a daily basis, specifically around employee litigation and new legislations. You have to be compliant today, plan for tomorrow, but also retro active to yesterday. In today’s complex marketplace these are key challenges that ADP has helped many our partners address.
  • Transcript

    • 1.
        • Presentation by Major Accounts District Manager Kelly Grieco
    • 2.
      • What is important to a successful business:
      • Reduce Costs
      • Improve Service to Employees
      • Revenue Growth
    • 3. Knowledge / Expertise Mitigate Risk / Save $$ Rising Healthcare Costs Doing More With Less Rising Unemployment & Unlawful Termination Increased Credit Pressure Business is slowing Employees: most expensive asset HR Complexity Doing more with less Aging workforce Rising Unemployment HR Complexity Business is slowing Employees most expensive asset Increased Credit pressure
    • 4. What is going on in today’s Market Place
      • Unemployment Rate- Avg 10%
      • Benefit Costs are rising- WSJ
      • 1. CEO of United Healthcare Group stated when Employee’s are dropped from their Employer’s plan it crimps their revenue.
      • 2. CEO of Well’s Point Inc stated profits are getting squeezed by the increasing number of people picking up Cobra
      • New Hire Act- 18 billion dollar job creation package with tax credit benefits for employers.
    • 5.
      • Having to do more with less
        • ADP is bringing unique services and best practices to our clients by their cutting their costs by streamlining their administration.
      • Being an employer of choice
        • Keeping morale and productivity up
        • Retain the best employees & attract top talent
        • Gallup Organization: 70% of EE’s are not engaged at work
      • Mitigating Risk/Staying out of trouble
        • Tax and compliance landscape is shifting on a daily basis
        • Employee litigation and new legislations
        • Compliant today, plan for tomorrow but also being retroactive to yesterday
    • 6.
      • ADMINSTRATIVE HR/ADP Relieves you of
      HR Strategic Planning Attracting & Hiring Top Talent Employee Development Manager & Leadership Training Compensation Structure / Plans Succession Planning Improving Employee Benefits & Perks Changing the Culture of HR & Company NON REVENUE GENERATING ITEMS HIGH RISK, LOW REWARD WAYS TO DRIVE REVENUE STRATEGIC HR Capture & Approve Employee Hours Processing of Payroll New Hire On-boarding Paper Enrollment for Benefits Terminations & COBRA Capture Performance Reviews Employee HR Files & Forms Employee Inquiries HR Regulatory Compliance
    • 7. JHP Pharmaceuticals
      • Primary Business : Integrated specialty healthcare products for clinicians and hospitals -- portfolio includes leading diagnostic, women's health and anesthesia products.
      • Benefits Challenge : Rapidly implement a solution for HR, payroll and benefits administration, including self-service, real-time reporting and multistate payroll-tax filing.
      • Savings: JHP experienced economic value and savings in its first year using ADP's solutions. "Without ADP, we would have had to nearly double our HR staff," says Carolyn Kaminsky-HR Director .
      • "That could have cost us over $350,000, given the types of required administrative positions.”-Kaminsky
    • 8. Employee & Manager Service Center Employees
      • Team of Specialists
      • HR Compliance & Benefits
      • Payroll & Tax
      • Risk & Safety
      • Recruitment
      Relationship Manager Managers Executives + Online HR Library + Legal Alerts Head of HR
    • 9. Next Steps
      • Questions:????
      • Feedback: Can you envision ADP as your true strategic partner
      • Further in depth analysis of your organization and business plan
    • 10.
      • “ Great Organizations keep clear the difference
      • between their core values ( WHICH NEVER CHANGE )
      • and operating strategies and cultural practices
      • - How the Mighty Fall