Soups  chapter 22
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Soups chapter 22



all about soups

all about soups



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Soups chapter 22 Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Soups- Chapter 22
  • 2. Clear Soups
    • Clear soups are used in many types of restaurants
      • Often have vegetables, starches and pieces of meat floating in them
      • Further divided into broth soups and consommés
  • 3. Broth Soups
    • Common broth soups include minestrone, vegetable, and chicken noodle soup
    • When preparing broth soups, different vegetables, starches and meats are cooked in a flavorful broth or stock
  • 4. Consommé
    • A perfectly transparent and intensely flavorful soup that’s made by clarifying stock
    • Finest of the clear soups, expensive because it’s time consuming
    • Clarifying involves removing all impurities from the stock, involves something called “clearmeat”
      • Mixture of ground meat, vegetables and eggs whites added to a stock to trap impurities
  • 5. Consommé
  • 6. Thick Soups
    • These soups are filling because of their dense consistency
    • Thickened with puree, starch based thickeners, or a combo of both
    • Thick soups are divided into 4 groups
      • 1. puree soups
      • 2. cream soups
      • 3. bisque soups
      • 4. chowders
  • 7. Puree Soups
    • A soup thickened using a puree of well-cooked ingredients
    • Cooked until soft then blended until smooth
      • Legumes, potatoes, winter squash or rice
  • 8. Cream Soups
    • Consists of milk or stock thickened with both flour and pureed ingredients then often finished with cream
    • Richest and silkiest of all soups
  • 9. Bisques
    • A seafood based soup that is thickened with either rice or a roux
    • Shrimp, lobster bisques
  • 10. Chowder
    • An American seafood based soup that is flavored with dairy product, bacon and potato, thickened with flour
    • Clam Chowder
  • 11. Specialty Soups
    • Cold soups
      • Gazpacho- cold tomato soup
      • Vichyssoise- cold cream of potato and leek soup
      • Borscht- beet and red cabbage soup
  • 12. Garnishing Soups
    • A well garnished soup improves the appearance and texture of the finished soup
    • Garnishes should be in bite-sized pieces
    • Garnishes should be tender
    • Hot soups should be served hot, and cold soups should be