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Saucy%20 sauces[1] Saucy%20 sauces[1] Presentation Transcript

  • Chpt. 21
  •  Sauces are thickened liquids that complement other foods Add color and shine to dishes Contribute flavors that complement or accent the flavors of a particular dish Add richness, especially if sauce is high fat Add visual appeal Adds moisture
  •  Allsauces are thickened liquids, which separates them from stocks Nappe’- the sauce is thick enough to coat the back of a spoon Sauces can be thickened with starches, purees, eggs or emulsions
  • A classic starch based thickener, equal parts flour and fat Three different types- white, blond, and brown  White is cooked 3 to 5 minutes  Blond is cooked 10 minutes  Brown is cooked 20 to 30 minutes
  • A slurry is a mixture of cold liquid and starch Common slurry ingredients  Cornstarch- starch from corn, inexpensive, glossy sauce  Arrowroot- from tropical root, expensive, best choice is going to freeze sauce  Flour- not glossy, not a pure starch, called a whitewash- American style gravy
  •  Thickening liquid by adding pureed fruit or vegetables is called a coulis Reduction is boiling the sauce, causing the water to evaporate  Intensifies sauce flavor
  •  Using eggs yolks takes practice and skill  Don’t want eggs to curdle or scramble  You must temper the egg yolks
  •  Mothersauces are the base sauces from which other sauces can be quickly made  Béchamel sauce-milk and white roux  Veloute’ – white stock and blond roux  Demi-glace or brown sauce- brown stock and roux  Tomato sauce  Hollandaise sauce- eggs yolks and butter Derivative sauce is sauce that is made from a mother sauce  Compound or small sauce
  •  1. Sweat vegetable flavorings in fat 2. Add herbs and tomatoes 3. simmer sauce Optional- Use a food processor to puree tomatoes
  •  Salsas, relishes and chutneys  Salsas- less acidic than relishes, spicy tendency  Relishes- coarsely chopped veggies, marinated in vinegar  Chutney- originate in India, can be spicy or mild, can be cooked or raw Butter sauces  Beurre blanc- emulsified sauce made almost entirely of butter