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Portfolio spring 2013

  1. 1. Kelley F. MacekPhotojournalism IICOMM 435PORTFOLIO 2013
  2. 2. SPORTS
  3. 3. Pittsburg State University quarterback Anthony Abenoja drops back for a pass during the first quarterdownpour at Arrowhead Stadium, Kansas City, Missouri during the Saturday, Oct. 13, 2012 Fall Classic XI. Therain was heavy enough to cause a delay during the first quarter, with fans directed to seek shelter below theoverhanging decks.
  4. 4. Pittsburg State University running back Jason Spradling cuts to evade University of CentralMissouri defenders during an Oct. 6, 2012 home game at Carnie Smith Stadium. Spradlingrushed for a total of 134 yards over 18 carries for the 30-21 Gorilla win.
  5. 5. Jordan Cartwright helps lift fellow PittsburgState University Rugby player, Kyle Blackduring a line-out, Saturday, April 27, 2013 inPittsburg, Kansas. The Gorillaheads suffered aloss, 24-27, against the Kansas City RugbyFootball Club on PSUs muddy pitch.
  6. 6. The Pittsburg State University Baseball teampractices late Thursday afternoon inPittsburg, Kansas, Oct. 18, 2012.
  7. 7. St. Marys Colgan High School Sophomore,Katie Kolarik moves the ball past mid-court,staying ahead of Frontenac High SchoolJunior point guard, Ryleigh McCartney infront of a record crowd, Tuesday, February12, 2013. The game doubled as a fundraisingevent for Colgan 5th grader Payton Kannarr,who is currently hospitalized in Bethesda,Maryland
  8. 8. Pittsburg State University running backSolomon Watkins stops to point at the homefootball fans at Carnie Smith Stadium, Oct. 6,2012. The Gorillas trailed after the half, butrallied in the fourth quarter, beating theUniversity of Central Missouri Mules, 30-21.
  9. 9. FEATURE
  10. 10. Pittsburg State University student Calvin Pulliamcrosses East Cleveland street towards Grubbs Hallduring a heavy rainstorm, Tuesday morning,January 29, 2013. Weather during the first fewweeks of classes has varied dramatically, leavingmost students unprepared for events such as thistorrential downpour which swept over thecampus and surrounding city of Pittsburg, Kansas.
  11. 11. Amber Hawks July 14, 2012 post-run cool down session is interrupted by a nip from her rescuedpuppy, Jethro. The labrador mix was found on Fort Campbell, Kentucky by her husband, Sgt. FirstClass James Hawk, who brought him home to their nearby Oak Grove residence.
  12. 12. On Thursday Sept. 6, 2012, an employeeplaces letters on the Fox Theater marqueein downtown Pittsburg, Kansas announcingcancellation of a film honoring the nationalchampion Pittsburg State Universityfootball team from their 2011 season. Thisand other planned outdoor events as partof the citys annual "Paint the Town Red"celebration, were cancelled due to rainforecasted for Friday.
  13. 13. A Flag Boy walks in front of his Mardi Gras IndianTribal Chief in New Orleans Super Sunday Parade,March 18, 2012. This was Marcus fourth SuperSunday with his Uncle, the Big Chief, andrepresents a two decades long family tradition.
  14. 14. Anglers get an early morning start on opening day at Roaring River State Park, near Cassville, Missouri onFriday, March 1, 2013. Temperatures sat just at freezing as hundreds of people arrived in pre-dawn hours toget prime spots along the river’s edge.
  15. 15. NATURE
  16. 16. A strong line of storms moves through Oak Grove, Kentucky on the evening of July 19, 2012. Thickclouds flashing lightening were visible from the back deck of the Hawk residence in this smallresidential development of Oak Grove, just northeast of Fort Campbell, Kentucky.
  17. 17. A squirrel sits on the backyard fence of the Allen home in Enterprise, Alabama on January 6, 2013.According to the Allens, this female squirrel is a frequent visitor to their yard, digging forsomething to eat over the winter months.
  18. 18. Clouds reflect in the rooftop pool of the corner suite at Aura Club, Cozumel, Mexico in the afternoonsun of February 20, 2011.
  19. 19. Red Rocks Amphitheatre, near Morrison, Colorado, Saturday, February 2, 2013. The open air concertvenue seats up to 9,450 guests and is located in Red Rocks Park, part of the Denver Mountain Parkssystem.
  21. 21. Veterans dealing with Post Traumatic StressDisorder often struggle with a range of extremeemotions, from despair to rage. The separationfrom their lives in the military can prove to bechallenging when adapting to the outside world,even to their own families.
  22. 22. Todd Casey, golf pro and manager at CrestwoodCountry Club in Pittsburg, Kansas, takes a fewspare moments to practice putting next to theclubhouse on Tuesday, March 12, 2013. Mr. Caseyhas been playing professionally for more thantwo decades, and though a member of the PGA,he says he only competes at non-tour and club-professional events.
  23. 23. Pittsburg State University Sophomore Bryan Claeys, a Sustainability and Business major, poses infront of the Veterans Memorial in Pittsburg, Kansas, Oct. 22, 2012. Claeys, a Purple Heart recipient,also serves as an officer at the local American Legion Post #64.
  24. 24. Self portrait created in one 30 secondexposure with light painting and remotetriggered speed lights.
  25. 25. Traces of vehicle lights streak over the west bound lane of the 4th Street overpass in Pittsburg, Kansas,during the late hours of May 3, 2012.
  26. 26. Ghosted images of pedestrians walking along Bourbon Street in New Orleans, Louisiana, March 18, 2012.
  27. 27. PHOTO PAGE
  28. 28. The broadsheet photo page assignmentwas to cover an event. All photos weretaken during a ceremony dedicating a paverfor visiting Medal of Honor recipient, SSGClinton Romesha, Thursday, April 25, 2013,at the Pittsburg Veterans Memorial inPittsburg, Kansas.
  29. 29. SSG Clinton Romesha sits next to PSU ROTC Detachment Commander, LTC ChristopherLambert during a ceremony at the Veterans Memorial Thursday, April 25, 2013 in Pittsburg,Kansas. Pittsburg State University dedicated a paver in his name, as a recipient of the Medalof Honor for his actions at Combat Outpost Keating, Afghanistan on October 3, 2009.
  30. 30. Robert Collins, Robert Pryer, and Grant “Hank” Sanley, three past Commanders ofAmerican Legion Post 64 of Pittsburg, listen to SSG Romesha’s remarks to VietnamVeterans.
  31. 31. SSG Romesha speaks to the small gathering atthe Veterans Memorial. He began his remarksby thanking Vietnam Veterans for welcominghim home; a courtesy he said, they never hadthe fortune of receiving.
  32. 32. SSG Romesha speaks with Vietnam Veteran Robert McCauley. After the ceremony, Veterans eachrendered a customary hand salute to him as an MOH recipient.
  33. 33. Soldiers and members of the local press prepare for the ceremony in front of the Pittsburg VeteransMemorial. Hundreds of granite pavers, each with the name of a Veteran, surround the reflectingpool.
  34. 34. Thank you for viewing thisselection of my work.For further information or comment,please feel free to contact me:Kelley F. Macekkfmacek@gmail.com(254) 383-4966PORTFOLIO 2013