Introducing KC Health: Marketing With Women


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KC Health is a marketing and communications consultancy with a passion for building brand value with the hearts and minds of women.

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  • Why is Brand Engagement important? Not only do many women mistrust the health care system, they don’t believe marketers even understand them. That’s partly why women use social media to gain information and insights on everything from conditions to treatments for themselves and their loved ones. Women prefer to network with other women like them for health information
  • Social networking is more than a passing fad. Women have always networked, and now its available 24/7 wherewever we work, play, shop or travel.
  • So, what’s the goal of brand engagement.If you have a health brand or service or you’re building content in women’s health, our brand engagement approach identifies . The main goal of brand engagement to create a desirable on-line or off-line action that aligns with your business goals.While we start with networking with influencers, and change agents, we reach out over time to attract more real women. We begin by creating awareness, both on-line and off-line, and then bring forward with our brand engagement hub. We create conversations, collaborations, content and community to inspire action. Within that framework, there are That’s engagement.
  • Whether 50 is the new 40, or 60 is the new 30, or 20 is the new 12, how we're aging today is not the way people aged in the 17th or 19th centuries, or even the early part of the 20th century.
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  • However women network, it is now a key influencer in how women get their health and wellness information. The key for marketers is to turn engagement into a desirable action.
  • Three years ago we started a social network and blog called Real Women on Health. During this time, we’ve mobiiized women as consumers, working women, health care professionals and change agents in health care. With over 5,000 direct members and millions more reached through our twitter followers, it’s clear that the network is just the tip of a larger iceberg as more women continue to seek out social networking to find information from others like them, and share their opinions. Our on-line radio shows have attracted thousands of downloads and it’s a magnet for attracting women who want to be empowered to be their own best health and wellness advocate through networking and education.
  • So, how does networking start?It all starts with relevant content. Spurring our own networking efforts, we used blogging as a way to dive deep and create valuable and engaging blogs or articles on-line. Our blog posts were shared on sites with over 20,000 visitors a month. Sites like Vibrant Nation, Better After 50 and just last week, we were interviewed for a feature article for National Women’s Health Week for Everyday Health. Our favorite topic How I Found the ME in Menopause has been featured in several top women’s sites and is now the topic for a speaking engagement with the Connecticut Women’s Consortium. That’s the power of networking in women’s health!
  • Through social networking we uncover opportunities to share our story, not just once but leverage it throughout sites that we know offer women value. Our first blog post appeared on, when we shared one of our firsts over 40. Since then, the blogpost has been re-purposed and featured on the National Association for Baby Boomer Women web site and was a feature article in the Fairfield County Woman magazine. These articles help to attract more members to our facebook and blog site, now over three thousand women.
  • For the tens of millions of new moms and boomer women out there who are running to the ladies room all too frequently, we’ve re-positioned an option that women can use themselves to strengthen their pelvic floor muscles and reclaim their sex lives! To kick off the project we invited Dr. Jennifer Wider, Author of the New Mom’s Survival Guide to speak with us on our on-line radio show. Then, we mobilized a group of listeners to join us in our own living room to talk about the embarrassing but all too common problem of leaky bladders. What we discovered through our conversation was pivotal for the medical team inside our client’s company.
  • As part of our Women’s Health Conversation Network, we bring in our partners to help zero in on your marketing and communications goals to reach just the women you want to influence. And, they are not just our favorite sites. Dr. Oz and Forbes have both voted HealthyWomen the #1 women’s health web site which reaches over 100,000 women, female health care professionals and businesswomen. Our partner Everwell brings our content into over 4,000 primary care offices across the country to help us educate and inform women in ways that bring the most credibility to our work. And, we’re not missing out on the blogosphere where women turn to to talk with women like them. Real Women on Health is a contributor to sites like EmpowHer, Vibrant Nation and sites who invite us in regularly to participate by blogging. We’re known and respected on-line where women gather and we bring this capabilitiy to our cilents.
  • So, How can we work together to market with women, not just to them. Whether you’re a pharmaceutical company with a brand already on the market, an insurance company focused on prevention, or a bank looking to bring in health content as women live well beyond their retirement years, I can help you connect with women around health and wellbeing…for influence, engagement, loyalty and sales.This is just a sampling of how we can engage your brand and make a positive impact in the women’s health and wellbeing marketing. For more information please call me at 203-856-3732 or email me at I look forward to helping your brand thrive in the women’s health and wellbeing marketplace!
  • Introducing KC Health: Marketing With Women

    1. 1. Who We AreKC Healthcare Communications LLC connects healthcare companieswith their most important influencer, women.Our evolving network, The Women’s Health Conversation Network(WHCN), is a targeted women-centric approach that empowers andinspires women to be their own best health and wellness advocates.Our difference?We are a multi-channel conversational platform andnetwork that inspires and reveals women’s pathways to wellbeing.We fuel content with other women and experts to create a steady humof information exchange where trust is held. Then, we offer powerfulback-end analytics with relevant data about women’s demographics,social media and other online influences and factors in women’s healthtreatment and buying decisions.
    2. 2. Why Brand Engagement? 66% of women don’t believe health care marketers understand them Boston Consulting Group, 2009 65% of people using social media are women Nielsen, 2010 65% of women online search for health Pew Internet Research, 2010 32% of people use social media to choose healthcare provider or organization PricewaterhouseCoopers, 2012
    3. 3. Engagement to Inspire Action 53% of moms say social networks highly influence health and wellness opinions 86% make the decision about which remedies her family uses 82% of moms seek second opinion via social media
    4. 4. InfluenceHER EngageHER InspireHER
    5. 5. Our Mission
    6. 6. Whether 50 is thenew 40, or 60 isthe new 30, or 20is the new 12, howwere aging todayis not the waypeople aged in the17th or 19thcenturies, or eventhe early part ofthe 20th century.
    7. 7. How to For Influence Build Engagement YourBrand in LoyaltyWomen’s Health: Sales
    8. 8. Women 40-59 now respect amateurexperts, too – anyone (especially other women) whose knowledge comes from direct experience with the condition.
    9. 9. Her Cardinal Rule:Don’t Tell Women What They Want
    10. 10. Her Rule #1: Listen first!
    11. 11. Women’s (not so) secret weapon: Sharing Women on-line Media, Bloggers, Mavens Patients, Caregivers, Healthcare Professionals, Coaches
    12. 12. Share Her Cause
    13. 13. Share Her Challenges
    14. 14. Share Her Story
    15. 15. Share Her Expertise:Real Women on Health
    16. 16. Women Trust Other Women Who Blog
    17. 17. Share Her View••••••
    18. 18. Face-to-Face Events
    19. 19. Conversations: Share Her Mind
    20. 20. Women’s Health Conversation Network
    21. 21. Community
    22. 22. Collaborations:
    23. 23. Sample Websites Created by Young Girls inFocus Groups #1
    24. 24. Capabilities•••
    25. 25. Web Site: KC-Health.comContact: Kelley@KC-Health.comPhone: 203-856-3732