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  • 1. INSECTS
  • 2. Insects
    • Insects are everywhere!
    • 3. Insects belong to the arthropod family.
    • 4. All insects have six legs!
  • 5. Bet You Didn’t Know….
  • 6. Insects make up half of all living things in the world!
  • 7. That means…
  • 8. There are more than a million known species of insects, and there are many more waiting to be discovered!
  • 9. It is estimated that there are about ten quintillion insects alive at any time or there are 40 million insects in an area the size of a football field.
  • 10. Are all insects arthropods?
  • 11. NO!!!!!!!
  • 12. How Do You Know?
  • 13.
    • All Insects have six legs!!
    • 14. Insects do not have bones or a skeleton. They have an exoskeleton, which is a rigid skin.
    Six Legs
  • 15. Insects have body parts just like a human…
  • 16. Insects have three basic body parts: a head, a thorax, and an abdomen.
  • 17. Some insects have their thorax and abdomen covered by wings. This makes it difficult to see the body parts.
  • 19. All Insects have SIX Legs!!!!
  • 20. The Head
  • 21.
    • Insects have eyes, antennae, and a mouth.
    • 22. With their antennae, insects can detect sound, smells, and vibrations.
  • Bet You Didn’t Know….
  • 23. Insects have eyes that have thousands of lenses. This means they have a very wide field of vision, which allows them to see all angles. It keeps predators from being able to sneak up on them!
  • 24. Not all insects mouths are the same…
  • 25. Some insects drink their food.
    Some insects chew and swallow their food.
  • 26. The Thorax
  • 27. The thorax is divided into three parts. Each part contains a pair of legs. The legs are used to jump, swim, grab, or dig.
  • 28. Wings are located on the abdomen as well. Not all insects have wings. However, most insects have four wings, or two pairs. Some may only have one pair.
  • 29. Bet You Didn’t Know….
  • 30. Worker ants do not have wings. However, the queen ant is born with wings. She sheds them after she forms a colony.
  • 31. The Abdomen
  • 32. The abdomen contains the insects respiration, digestion, and reproduction systems.
    Some may contain organs such as stingers.
  • 33. Bet You Didn’t Know….
  • 34. Insects don’t have noses. They breath through the openings on the sides in their abdomen!
  • 35. Now You Can Recognize…
  • 36. INSECTS!!!