Borrowed and bleu 2012 wedding forecasts - wedding faire - shapiro pr


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Borrowed and bleu 2012 wedding forecasts - wedding faire - shapiro pr

  1. 1. 2012 Wedding ForecastsJanuary 17, 2012Wondering what to expect this year in bridal trends? Some of the wedding industry’s topexperts weigh on in what’s “in” for 2012!
  2. 2. Here’s a quick look at some of the highlights ~• Wedding gowns in fabulous colors• Feathers• Shorter hemlines• Food trucks• Small bites instead of a sit-down dinnerForecast from White by Vera Wang ~Whimsical Details: Delicate origami draping, intricate Chantilly lace appliqués andasymmetrical organza petal embellishments are key to infusing chic, modern style intoevery bridal look.Prints: For the daring bride who wants to make a bold statement on her wedding day,printed gowns are an ideal option and a major trend for the spring season.Shorter Gown Lengths: Long skirts are no longer the only option for gowns this season.As more brides seek a stylish yet nontraditional look on their special day, shorterhemlines are a reemerging trend for spring.Forecast from Town&Country Weddings ~Tiaras: Once the mark of either true royalty or costumed fools, the tiara is becoming thehallmark of an impossibly chic bride.Recycling the Dress: Jewelry designer Monique Péan loved her custom Gilles Mendelwedding gown so much, she asked him to re-imagine the dress not once, but twice, so itcould be worn to the Met Gala and then again on her one-year wedding anniversary.Forecast from Preston Bailey ~And the Bride Didn’t Wear White: Most brides choose to wear white on their weddingday, but if you love color in your every day life, there’s no reason you shouldn’t have lotsof color on your wedding day, too. New York Bridal Fashion Week for 2012 hadbeautiful gowns in a range of hues from pink to gray to blush and you really can haveboth – a blend of white with your favorite color.Consider asking your seamstress to sew your favorite colorful fabric to your weddingdress’ crinoline petticoat; as you walk down the aisle everyone will catch glimpses ofyour favorite color beneath your long white gown. You can also sew a bright, colorfulborder to the outer edge of your dress. Alternatively, attaching a bright bow with longribbons to your waist so that strips of color cascade down the back of your dress isanother way to add a beautiful accent of color.Fetching Feathers: There’s something so mysterious and alluring about soft feathersplucked straight from nature, and like flowers, they are excellent for adding color to your
  3. 3. wedding dress and decor. Feathers’ striking colors are iridescent and are created bybending light. From different angles, iridescent objects look like different colors. So fromone angle, your feather may look deep blue, but from another angle, it might look greenwith a gold sheen. Talk about wow factor! It works on the runway, and there’s no reasonit can’t work down the aisle!Go for either brightly colored feathers that match your wedding color palette, or stick tosoft romantic hues like cream, silver and light pink. Paired tastefully together, feathersare perfect to work with, lightweight and colorful, and easy to incorporate into lots ofdifferent decorative wedding elements – your hair, your bouquet, the wedding party,décor, favors and more – it’s all fair game!Park Your Pet: It used to be a bit rare, but incorporating pets, especially dogs, intowedding ceremonies has become a more common and accepted practice in the pastcouple of years. One of the biggest challenges this brings to the ceremony is extra stressand a greater chance for things to go awry, but for some, it’s just not a party without thepooch. In these types of situations, having a clear plan ahead of time can head offpotential problems.Be sure that someone walks the dog before they walk the aisle. This helps prevent thechance of unforeseen “accidents.” Weddings create excitement for all involved, includingdogs – that have been known to jump the bride if they get the chance. Brides should dothemselves and guests a favor and be sure to keep your dog in a safe place once theyfinish their part in the ceremony, generally just the walk down the aisle. Do predict thatpets are unpredictable. If your pet is uncontrollable, consider having a sculpture of the petmade out of flowers in its place. This way, you also have a special keepsake from thewedding.Forecast from Sasha Souza ~Giddy Guests: The #1 trend right now is creating the optimal guest experience. To makesure your guests have a great time, it’s important to keep their experience at the forefrontof the planning. Everybody wants guests to say that it was the “best wedding they haveever been to,” and making sure that the guests are happy, full and taken care of is key tocreating a festive atmosphere for all.The Truck Stops Here: There is a food revolution happening at weddings these days, andold fashioned ice cream trucks, crème brûlée trucks or even bacon trucks offer a funaddition to the end of the night or the after party.Document the Details: Make sure you allow enough time during the photography to notonly take pictures of yourself and your new spouse, family and friends, but also the littledetails that show the thought and the hard work you’ve put into the event. By building intime for detail photos of the ceremony and the reception, you capture and keep a muchmore complete picture of all the great things you were too busy to enjoy on your weddingday.
  4. 4. Forecast from Bryan Rafanelli ~Fab, Yet Frugal: On food, one fun idea is to switch it up entirely and do all passed food,which ends up saving money and keeping the atmosphere very social. Skip the sit-downmeal, the buffet and the courses – from appetizers all the way through to dessert. Justkeep your guests mixing and mingling and taking fun little bites of an array of thecouple’s favorite foods. Drinks also eat in to your budget, which is why great Americanwines, “fancy” beers and one (vodka) cocktail are excellent alternatives to providing apricey “signature drink.”Go Natural: Miniature calla lilies in white and green or lavender and brown are popularfor outdoor parties, excellent because they are hearty flowers that add a clean and freshfeel. Trees are also a sophisticated way to bring height to a room while providing aromantic canopy at the same time.Mix, Match and Miniaturize: Smaller centerpieces are very in, especially in multiplecontainer sizes and shapes. I love the combination of exotic flowers mixed with moreclassic flowers. Tight bunches of hot pink carnations in square containers, coupled withorchids in another holder can look great, even with mini English roses in anothercontainer. It’s all about balance.Photo Finish: The photo booth “back drop” is the new photo booth. The possibilities hereare endless, but here are a few suggestions; individual handheld picture frames in amultitude of colors, a favorite quilt, printed fabric or a great architectural element at thewedding location – these are all great options.Give the Gift of Surprise: For destination weddings, welcome gifts can add a personaltouch. Consider a mini pre-packaged mix of your own signature cocktail, complete with amini shaker. Also, custom music mixes reflecting the weekend on personalized mp3players can be a wonderful touch on the more extravagant side. More unique than a bottleof wine and more fun!Preston Bailey, Bryan Rafanelli and Sasha Souza presented these forecasts at TheWedding Faire & Symposium.Forecast from and Cara Davis ~It’s a Small World: Couples are keeping a tight rein on guest numbers (under 150), as theoverall cost of the wedding is directly affected by how many heads are in attendance.Sweet Endings: Dessert buffets continue to take a bite out of receptions, withnontraditional choices like: square mini-cakes and cupcake tiers or pies, macaroons,Whoopie Pies, cake pops, color-coordinated candy and even ice cream sundae stations ora cookies and milk bar. The dessert choices reflect the whimsical, fun nature of today’sweddings.
  5. 5. Casually Groomed: Much to the relief of grooms everywhere, tuxedo rentals are out andsuits and casual wear are in. states demand for tuxedo rental isdown 11% over 2010 numbers (61% to 54% in 2011).Non-Traditional Gifts: Non-traditional gift registries like are poppingup, allowing couples to register for gift cards according to their tastes and needs, asresearch shows that couples are waiting longer to get married (brides are 27 on average,grooms 29).Which forecast(s) are you most looking forward to for 2012?Sources ~Tangled Up in Blue Silk Organza Wedding Gown by Claire La Faye (Photography byAshlee Murr and Rebecca Lindon of Deville Photography)Tagged as: 2012, Bryan Rafanelli, Preston Bailey, Sasha Souza, Town&CountryWeddings, wedding trends, White by Vera Wang###