The Creative Potential of iPads in the Classroom

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No matter how good an App is, it does not create learning - teachers and students do that through constructive engagement with rich learning tasks. Apps that follow an instructive process to a …

No matter how good an App is, it does not create learning - teachers and students do that through constructive engagement with rich learning tasks. Apps that follow an instructive process to a predetermined result are plentiful and only provide superficial interaction with the material presented. However inherently instructive Apps can have a constructive focus if used appropriately.

This presentation will examine how to leverage the use of flexible, open ended, constructive Apps to build higher order cognitive tasks that allow students to control the path of their own learning to produce higher order engagement coupled with deeper meaning and understanding within a collaborative environment.

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  • 1. Create a conversation by using voice recording Apps whichcan be edited together in iMovie
  • 2. Use Google Earth to zoom in and out for muchgreater detail than a static map.
  • 3. Use Answer Garden website tobrainstorm ideas and information
  • 4. Watch on YouTube
  • 5. This YouTube video shows the dangers of notrecognising student creativity within your
  • 6. Socrative is a two part student response App -the teacher version creates the polls and thestudent version is used to respond.
  • 7. It’s easier to be creative within a creative learning space.
  • 8. You and your students are the greatestcreative resources in the classroom
  • 9. Do not expect the App to do the teaching
  • 10. Converts writing to print - the answer is displayed withthe full number sentence
  • 11. How many different numerical ways can thenumber 42 be represented?Would look great on an answer gardenwall but it does not display the + sign.
  • 12. Note that MyScript obeys the order of operations
  • 13. A subtraction method usedby a 10 year old.This method will alwayswork and builds on skipcounting principles.Do we correct the childbecause this method is not inthe curriculum? Even thoughit is more efficient than themethods that are.
  • 14. There are many Information Apps availablewhich are specific to particular needs
  • 15. Wikipanion displays information fromWikipeadia in an easy to navigate form.
  • 16. Book Creator uses text, images, audio andvideo to create media rich books thatexport to iBooks. Use a collage App tocreate interesting visuals to import.
  • 17. PhotoFunia has made the move from web to App. It willplace your images within a large variety of situations. Nowyour students really can display their work in an art gallery.
  • 18. eBooks give access to functionality not previously possible
  • 19. The ability to search and look up definitionsallow students to be more informed aboutthe texts they are reading.
  • 20. Book Apps are engaging to read but have limited use.Consider taking screen shots of the images and usingthem in other Apps to create a new story
  • 21. Rory’s Story Cubes is an interesting way to get a story startedbut the story does not have to stop here . . .
  • 22. Refine and combine theprevious text with imagesto visualise the story in acomic creator app.
  • 23. Comic Life has many templates and formatting options to createvisually appealing comics and photo books that export to iBooks.
  • 24. Puppet Pals is great for telling animateddigital stories and mocumentaries
  • 25. How is this an indication of population density?
  • 26. How is this an indication of population density?
  • 27. Comic Puppets allows students to usetheir own image to create a characterthat can then be used in animatedprograms such as Puppet Pals.
  • 28. iMovie book trailers are extremelyeffective and just as simple to create.
  • 29. Creative use of the iPad fits very well with the SAMR model
  • 30. My aim for this session was to do absolutely everything on theiPad and it was not very difficult to do so. Some functionstransferred easily and some tasks needed exploring new ways.
  • 31. Apps used in the creation of this presentation.