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Leipzig programme

  1. 1. European School Radio –The Voice of Young Europeans4th Meeting in Leipzig, 2-5 June 2013ProgrammeFRI, 31 May – Arrival Day 1- ESR Team Vialonga:We are going to pick you up at the airport at 1.30 p.m. and take you to the youthhostel. Theyll also provide afternoon activities for your team if you wish.Vialonga students are being picked up by their host families at the youth hostel at6 p.m.- Dinner time (around 7 p.m.): common dinner possible with us Please confirmasap!- ESR Team Olbia:A teacher and the host families are going to welcome you at the station at 10.05p.m. Students go with their host families. Teachers are accompanied to the youthhostel.SAT, 1 June - Arrival Day 2− ESR Teams from Istanbul, Fusa:Well pick you up from the airport and take you to the main station and then to theyouth hostel “Sleepy Lion”.Students from Istanbul are being picked up by their host families at the main stationat 3.30 p.m. (except Erdim – Max is going to pick him up at the airport.)− ESR Teams from Praha, Dobrich:Well pick you up from the main station and take you to the youth hostel “SleepyLion”. Students from Dobrich are being picked up by their host families at the mainstation at 10.05 p.m.- ESR Teams from Olbia and Vialonga:guided sightseeing tour (in charge: ESR Team Leipzig) can be organisedPlease confirm asap!− evening:o 8 p.m.- open end: pub crawling/ dinner Please confirm asap!SUN, 2 June - Hey Day− morning:o 9.00 a.m.: Everyone meets in the youth hostel.o From there well walk to a youth club “Villa e.V.” nearby.o 10.00 a.m.: In the youth club: presentations, activities to get to know eachother (please prepare something, too)
  2. 2. − lunchtime:o in the youth club, organized and sponsored by the Leipzig ESR team− afternoon:o 2 p.m. - 5 p.m.: city rally in international groups (public transport) – getting toknow the town, conducting interviews; meeting time for coordinatorso 5 p.m. - 6 p.m.: Everyone meets to present the rally results.− evening:o 6 p.m.: kids go to their host families/ go to the youth hostelo 7 p.m. teachers have dinner together Please confirm and choosewelcome drink!MON, 3 June – School Day− morning:o 8 a.m. teachers and students staying in the youth hostel are picked up in theyouth hostel and taken to school by a member of ESR Team Leipzig (publictransport)o 8.45 a.m. meeting in front of the school with the kids staying in host familiesand their hostso 9 a.m. – 10 a.m. official welcoming “ceremony”, gift time, short programmeorganised by ESR Leipzig studentso 10 a.m. coffee timeo 10.30 a.m. students and teachers are shown around in schoolo 10.45 a.m. guests have the chance to attend a lesson− lunchtime:o 11.25 – 12.05 a.m. lunch break with all the other BIP school kids in theschool yardo 12.10 lunch in the school canteen sponsored by ESR Leipzig Pleasechoose dish!− afternoon:o 1 – 4 p.m. putting the broadcast together (IT rooms) + meeting time forcoordinatorso 4 p.m. coffee breako 4.30 – 7 p.m. basketball tournament Please confirm participation!(referees wanted) + arts activity- evening:o 7 p.m. hosts go home with their guests, everyone else returns to the youthhostel by tramTUE, 4 June – Excursion Day- morning until lunchtime:o 8.45 a.m. Meeting in front of the youth hostel, boarding the buso 9 a.m. Departure to Rathen ( http://www.kurort-rathen.de/en/ )o 11 a.m. Arrival in Rathen, crossing the River Elbe on the traditional ferry (0,60EUR kids until 16, 0,80 EUR adults) and climbing the Bastei Rocks (It’s actually awalk up the mountain! ;) ), time to enjoy the view from up there, relax, have
  3. 3. some lunch at a snack bar (2,50 – 5 EUR, mainly pork dishes, chips, cake, ice-cream)or in a restaurant (around 15 EUR) (or bring sandwiches)(http://www.tripadvisor.de/ShowUserReviews-g187397-d207204-r102133468-Bastei-Saxony.html )- afternoon until evening:o 1 p.m. short walk to the car park where the bus waits for us; boarding the busand going to Schloss Pillnitz and its beautiful gardenso 1.30 p.m. Free time at Schloss Pillnitz(http://www.schlosspillnitz.de/de/schloss_park_pillnitz )o 3 p.m. Meeting point: at the riverbank to leave for Dresden by steam boat(about 1 hour) (http://www.saechsische-dampfschiffahrt.de/index-en.html )o 4:30 p.m. Arrival in Dresden: time to enjoy the sights , walk through the OldTown and have some snack, relax at the riverbank or spend some free time(http://gogermany.about.com/od/citiesandregions/tp/dresden_top_sights.htm )o 7:30 p.m. Departure from Dresden to go back to Leipzigo 9:00 pm Arrival at the youth hostel; host families pick up their guests; freetime for everyoneWED, 5 June – Sports Day- morning until early afternoon:o 7.30 a.m. meeting in the youth hostelo 8 a.m. picking up the rental bikes nearbyo 8.30 a.m. bicycle tour to Lake Cospuden (about 10 km,http://www.leipzigseen.de/die-seen/cospudener-see.html) in small groups led by guidesfrom the ESR Team Leipzig, There will also be one group going by publictransport. Please confirm!o 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. sports activities/ games etc. at the lakeo lunch at the lake (either at a snack bar or bring sandwiches)o 2 p.m. cycling back (10 km)- late afternoon:o 3.30 – 6 p.m. free time, shopping for international dinner- evening:o 6 p.m. meeting in the youth club Villa e.V.o 6 – 9 p.m. preparing and having international goodbye dinner, meeting timefor teachers if needed/ wantedo 9 – 11 p.m. Disco (DJ: Sophia, Carlos)THUR, 6th– Departure Day- ESR Team Olbia: host families will take the kids to the train station at 5.20 a.m.(upper level – information point)- ESR Team Dobrich: host families will take the kids to the train station at 6.20 a.m.(upper level – information point)- ESR Team Vialonga: host families will take the kids to the youth hostel at 7.00 a.m.- ESR Team Istanbul: host families will take the kids to the youth hostel at 7.00 a.m.- ESR Team Kortrijk: from youth hostel by car- ESR Team Praha: around 11 a.m. from train station- ESR Team Kilkis: 8.25 a.m. from airport- ESR Team Fusa: 10.55 a.m. from airport
  4. 4. Please don’t forget to bring:- a towel for the youth hostel- a towel for the lake + swimming trunks/ suit if you intend to swim in thelake- rain coat/ cagoule- walking boots/ comfortable shoes for the excursion day- indoor trainers and sports clothes for the gym- a back pack to carry stuff (towel, water etc.) on the bike tour andexcursion day- recording equipment for the interviews + headphonesThere are no common dinners planned for MON and TUE. We can give yousuggestions if you like.