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Cache Tooling
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Cache Tooling


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Tools for managing and administering WebSphere Dynacache

Tools for managing and administering WebSphere Dynacache

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  • Hi
    It would seem the Cache Monitor will not work in a WAS cluster. Is there any other way in a clustered environment to get the same info and ability that cache monitor provides ?

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  • 1. IBM Software Group | WebSphere software Key Tools used for debugging Dynacache Issues  Published  Cache Monitor  Extended Cache Monitor  Cache Statistics Collector  Dynacache Mbean  PMI Counters  Unpublished (Will be available on cattail soon)  Cache Portlet Viewer  Dynacache Probe to inspect the outcome of the caching action  Script to parse out trace logs to determine the cacheability of a fragment  Generic PD tools (available on the web)  Eclipse Memory Analyzer Tool  Heapdump Analyzer  Thread and Monitor Dump Analyzer for Java  PMAT & EVTK tools for verbose GC log analysis
  • 2. IBM Software Group | WebSphere software CacheMonitor Application  Shipped with WAS install in the installableApps dir.  Real-time view of the current state of dynamic cache (works with eXtreme Scale)  Verify the configuration of dynamic cache  Verify the cache policies  Monitor cache statistics  Monitor the data flowing through the cache (Only works for servlet caches)  Monitor the data in the edge cache  View the data offloaded to the disk  Manage the data in the cache
  • 3. IBM Software Group | WebSphere software Extended Cache Monitor shipped on DeveloperWorks  s/websphere/downloads/cache_mo nitor.html  Provides two functions that are not available with the cache monitor  Display the contents of object cache i.e. distributedmap i.e. POJO cache instances.  Display the Dynamic Cache Mbean statistics for cache instances across all members of the cluster.  Installed as an update to the existing CacheMonitor application.  All DC customers that use the DistributedMap API leverage the ECM in development and production.
  • 4. IBM Software Group | WebSphere software Cache Statistics Collector and Visualizer  acheviz services/cache/pagecache - DCS Cache Hits gb02qap070arcx7 - WC_arcwcs1_070.02 - 30/06/2009  DynaCache JMX Mbean that exposes 10000 100 a # of cache statistics. 90  Statistics provide insight into the state, 80 health, performance, composition & 1000 70 efficiency of the cache. Cache Hit Ratio (%) 60  Statistics enable an app. developer to Rate (1/min) 100 50 tweak caching strategies for optimal 40 operation. 30  Collect cache statistics using 10 20 wsadmin jython script. 10  outputs statistics in a CSV- 1 0 separated format 12:00 14:00 16:00 18:00 20:00 22:00 0:00 Time  Statistics can then be charted with Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice SpreadSheet.
  • 5. IBM Software Group | WebSphere software Dynacache Runtime Mbean  Dynacache Runtime mbean operations:  Access cache statistics with the MBean  getCacheSize interface Sample JACL …  getUsedCacheSize  $AdminControl queryNames type=DynaCache,*  getDiskOverflow  set mbean <dynamic_cache_mbean>  getCacheStatisticNames  $Admincontrol invoke $mbean getCacheStatisticsNames  getCacheInstanceNames  AdminControl invoke $mbean getCacheInstanceNames  getAllCacheStatistics  getCacheStatistics  $AdminControl invoke $mbean getAllCacheStatistics  getCacheIDsInMemory  $AdminControl invoke $mbean getAllCacheStatistics "services/cache/servletInstance_4"  getCacheIDsOnDisk  getCacheIDsInPushPullTable  $AdminControl invoke $mbean getCacheStatistics {"DiskCacheSizeInMB ObjectsReadFromDisk4000K  getCacheEntry RemoteObjectMisses"}  invalidateCacheIDs  $AdminControl invoke $mbean getCacheStatistics  clearCache {services/cache/servletInstance_4  getCacheDigest "ExplicitInvalidationsLocal CacheHits"}  compareCaches  getStats  DynaCache Runtime mbean attributes:  cacheSize  usedCacheSize  diskOverflow  stats
  • 6. IBM Software Group | WebSphere software PMI Counters