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Social Media Workshop at Jordan University
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Social Media Workshop at Jordan University


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FREE Social Media Workshop at Jordan University November 24th 2012

FREE Social Media Workshop at Jordan University November 24th 2012

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  • 6. Measure ResultsImprove brand presence across social networks ~ Increase in number of fans, followers & mentions of your brand. Increase positive sentiment about your brand~ Statistics of Positive & Negative mentions. Increase traffic to your website.~ Monitor traffic to your website coming from social networks.
  • 7. Analyze & Adapt Analyze your social media campaigns, adapt any new findings into your current processes, and improve your efforts. Testing and experimentation will perfect your social media efforts. As you dive deeper into the never-ending pool of social media, you’ll quickly understand what works and what doesn’t. Keep on learning.After a while, you will learn best time to engage, best tool to use…
  • Transcript

    • 1. Khaled El AhmadSocial Media Consultant / TrainerHashtag: #SMJUWi-Fi: zainj-oPass: zain1234
    • 2. Keywords
    • 3. Keywords
    • 4. What is
    • 5. Traditional MediaPhoto credit:
    • 6. Photo credit:
    • 7. Photo credit:
    • 8. It’s about people, not about things Photo credit:
    • 9. Word of Mouth
    • 10. “Online Relations” is the new King
    • 11. User Generated ContentUGCrefers to various kindsof media content,publicly available, thatare produced by end-users.
    • 12. Social Media PlatformsSocial Networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin)Blogs (Wordpress, Blogger, Tumblr)Video sharing sites (YouTube)Photo sharing sites (Flickr)Crowdsourcing (Wikipedia)User reviews (Amazon, Yelp)Streaming sites (Ustream)Social bookmarking (Digg,
    • 13. Be Honest
    • 14. Google Search Shortcuts
    • 15. What is RSS?Really Simple Syndication
    • 16. Monitor
    • 17. Digital Media Plan
    • 18. Digital Media Plan
    • 19. Platforms Digital Media Plan Criteria for measurementRoles & Responsibilities Monitor Plan
    • 20. Conversational Calendar Digital Media Plan Ask your community - take polls and share results10% Brand - 20% Sector - 70% valuable/Sharable/Entertaining Content
    • 21. Digital Media Plan
    • 22. Digital Media Plan
    • 23. Digital Media Plan
    • 24. Rate of interaction Direct Reach KPIs Sharing or content amplification SentimentsLikes or content appreciation
    • 25. Twitter
    • 26. Twitter has over M registered users4Mil Estimated Active Tweeps in Arab region as of October 2012Number of Active Twitter Users in Jordan October 2012 was 80K 1 M Tweets per day TwitterMajority of Tweets are 40 characters long The Average user has 115
    • 27. 5 Stages of Twitter Acceptance 1. Denial 2. Presence 3. Copy Paste4. Conversing 5. Addiction
    • 28. TweetA Message of 140 characters or less
    • 29. Mention (@) @Username + MessageThis mention tweet will be visible for both followers
    • 30. Re-Tweet (RT)RT @Username + MessageRepeating someone else’s Tweet amplify it’s effect
    • 31. Hashtag (#) #TopicHelps you filter all discussion relevant to a specific event or topic
    • 32. #Amman #KSA#ReformJO #SMJU #AmmanTT #Sales #Telecom
    • 33. Direct message (DM) DMSend a Follower a private message
    • 34. FavoriteSaving / Bookmarking Tweets
    • 35. ListsFind Lists or create your own (Public or Private)
    • 36. Spread the word about your Twitter Handle Search by Keywords (City, Sector, topic..) How to find New Followers Search specific list Search certain hashtags Follow Friday (#FF) Invite Email Contacts Follow Family & FriendsFind popular Tweep in your area and follow their followers
    • 37. Mind the 140-char limit CSR & PR Events Photo or Video TweetsInformational Tweets Twitter Content Blog Posts Sector Fresh Articles Provide answers and guidanceAsk questions and seek people’s opinion Retweet other rich tweets Inspiration Quotes
    • 38. - Don’t be an EGG Head!- Give credit where credit is due- Be yourself- If you can’t say it in real life don’t say it on twitter- Please don’t post the same post from multiple accounts- Give more than you take- Be careful what you tweet, even if you delete it. Someone will always share a screen shot of it- For God sake don’t ever start an argument on twitter, it is not the right place to go Ghetto!
    • 39. Facebook
    • 40. 1 Billion facebook > 750Mil Motor vehicleThere are 48.5 Million Facebook users in MENA Average user has 130 friends & spends 700 min per month Facebook11% of World Population has a facebook AccountThere are 2,477,820 users on Facebook in Jordan 50% Log on to facebook everyday
    • 41. Create PollsMorning Quotes Inspiring picturesBrand Products Matches Post at Peak hours Tips on Engagement Weather updates Country pictures Use Open end Questions Keep content fresh and relevant CSR & PR Events Contests Post and tag users in photos and videos
    • 42. Facebook Timeline• Guidelines: - Cover Photo Copyright - Cover Photo size: 851 pixels wide by 315 pixels high - No Sale or Promotions - Don’t incentivize “Like” - No Contact information• Messaging : Now customers can inbox Brands.• No more Landing Page: No more Brand Abuse.• Pin Feature: brands can pin certain post to stay on top.• Brand Vanity URL: Now Brands can pick their Vanity URL without the need for 25 likes.
    • 43. Facebook Dimensions Width Height NotesCover Photo 851px 315pxProfile Image 180px 180px Scaled down automatically to 32x32pxLink Thumbnail 90px 90pxUploaded Photos 2048px 2048pxDisplayed Photos 960px 720pxPinned Post 403px 403pxApplication Favicon 16px 16pxApplication Icon 110px 74px Size limit of 5MBMilestone Picture 843px 403px
    • 44. Conversational CalendarSunday /10/2012FacebookMorning quote 10:00 AMProduct 03:00 PMMatch post 06:00 PMTwitterMorning quote 10:00 AMArticle 01:00 PMSector Article 04:00 PMInspiring Picture 07:00 PMSector Article 11:00 PM
    • 45. LinkedIn
    • 46. LinkedIn has over 175Mil+ professionals as of August 2, 2012 62% of LinkedIn users are outside the USA LinkedIn LinkedIn members did nearly 5.3 billion professionally-oriented searches in 201125Mil Estimated LinkedIn users in Arab World as of June 2012 Number of LinkedIn Users in Jordan by November 2012 is 211,792
    • 47. Optimize your Title Customize your URLJoin up to 50 relevant Groups Engage through Q&A LinkedIn Add Applications Endorse to be endorsed
    • 48. Pinterest has over 10.4Mil users as of December, 2011Nearly 12Mil monthly unique visitors Most of the sites users are females Pinterest It is the fastest site in history to break through the 10 million unique visitor mark
    • 49. It’s NOT about YOU Everybody LOVES a STORY Don’t be all BusinessReach for the Sweet Spot Pinterest Give away the Good Stuff Have ONE Board that is pure SHOWOFF
    • 50. Khaled El AhmadSocial Media Consultant / TrainerI’m on twitter  @ShusmoDownload Slide: