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startup camp berlin 2013: ten commandments for building a website
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startup camp berlin 2013: ten commandments for building a website


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A keksbbox presentation at the 3rd Startup Camp Berlin 2013 …

A keksbbox presentation at the 3rd Startup Camp Berlin 2013

Topic: What you have to remember/note before a website goes live.


Ein keksbox Vortrag beim 3. Startup Camp Berlin 2013.

Thema: was muss man bedenken, beachten, bevor eine Website live geht.

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  • 1. @bastiankbx commandments10 for building a website. #scb13
  • 2. 1 ‣ are your clients online? ‣ would a social media se as well? ‣ what about out of the b t up make it ox solutions?think twice:do you really need a website?
  • 3. mission?
  • 4. 2 ct? ur clients expe ‣ what do yo ? u r clients need ‣ what do yo ur clients like? ‣ what do yo ? live with that ‣ ... can youfeel humbled:the website is for whom?
  • 5. ‣ are you a marketer?3 ‣ are you a (web-)designer? ‣ are you a programmer? ‣ are you a journalist?stick to your business:what‘s your profession actually?
  • 6. 4 ‣ do you have the time? ‣ do you have the man po ‣ do you have the money? wer? ‣ what are the priorities?handle with care:which resources do you really have?
  • 7. pi? ‣ did you define a k5 ‣ have you bu wireframes? ‣h ilt clickflows/ ow social/mob ‣ what ile want you to be about the diffe (incl. yourself) ? re ? nt user groupsdefine features:who‘s first - architect or bob?
  • 8. 6 ‣ do you have a corporate ‣ what kind of templates w ‣ which social media chan use? ‣ do you plan a newslette design? ill you use? nels will you r?follow function:in which formats will you be present?
  • 9. ‣ does it w7 ork on all and device relevant b s? rowsers ‣ is it plan ned seo? ‣ are there sharing fu nctions? ‣ can you handle the backend?start building:do you have enough coffee?
  • 10. 8 ‣ wh at are you ‣ what is a ‣ who wil ‣ where from? r keywords? cc-licence ? tic l create ar me? and video s at what will the ba c les, picture ti klinks com e screate content:it‘s king, isn‘t it?
  • 11. 9 ‣ what do your friends, fam employees say? ‣ what‘s most interesting fo ily and r your ‣ ... can you live with that? users?go live:is there a buzz?
  • 12. 10 ‣ does your website work as you wanted? ‣ have you been honest/re alistic in steps one to nine? ‣ what can be done bette r? ‣ are there new technical requirements?start over: ‣ is your business model st ill the same?lessons learned?
  • 13. plan. build. analyze.
  • 14. 501 73 582bastian (at) keksbox (dot) com
  • 15. keksbox.comps:we relaunch our play pong!