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project of roman leaders accomplishments

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roman people/ leaders

  1. 1. Ancient Rome People By Alyssa and Mia
  2. 2. Julius CaesarJulius Caesar held just about every important title in Roman republic including consul, tribune to people, high commander of the army and high priest.
  3. 3. He also suggested new laws most of which were approved by the Senate and reorganized the army.
  4. 4. The Romans named July after him because he made the calendar
  5. 5. Peopleof Rome lovedJulius Caesarand as morepeople lovedhim he gainedmore power.
  6. 6. AugustusNamed August after him on the calendar because his father, Julius Caesar made the calendar.
  7. 7. Augustus was Julius Caesars son and August was named after him on the calendarHe was the last emperor of Rome and ruled from 27 BC to 14 ADMade 200 years of peace in Rome and ended the civil wars
  8. 8. He changed the government and the army typeSecured the borders, he rebuilt the infrastructure of the city like sewers or aqueductshe established a firefighting and police force, he built and refurbished buildings
  9. 9. Cicero Cicero was a statesman and an educated lawyer He studied literature, philosophy and law
  10. 10. Cicero served as a senate as elected consul which is the highest position in government under republicCicero means chickpea and came from an ancestor who had a wart on the end of his nose
  11. 11. Picked up many political duties and continued his studies in philosophy in AthensHis studies with literature, law and philosophy got interrupted by military services
  12. 12. Romulus and RemusRomulus founded Remus Apparently Romulus became the first king of Rome in 753 BC
  13. 13. Romulus and Remuswere twin brotherswho were saved by afemale wolf after thekings brotherAmulius, took themwhen they were bornand put them in abasket then threwthem in the Tiber riverto drown.
  14. 14. Romulus and Remus built their own city Romulus and Remus were the children of princess Rhea Silva who was the daughter of King Numitor, and Mars who is the Roman god of war
  15. 15. They were found by a Shepard named Faustulus. Faustulus cared for them until they grew up.
  16. 16. Hannibal and the Carthaginian WarsHannibal learned to be a strong leader andwas also very clever Hannibal still ranks as one of the bestmilitary minds in history and one of theworld’s greatest generals.
  17. 17. Hannibal wanted to takeover Spain and declaredwars with many of thecities in Spain.One city that he attackedin Spain was good friendswith Rome
  18. 18. The Romans were mad at Hannibal sothey attacked his hometown instead ofgoing up against him (Carthage) Hannibal then attacked Rome when they werent expecting it ….
  19. 19. With one failedattempt atbeating Rome hethen decided tosteal stuff likefood or weaponsand attacksmaller outposts.
  20. 20. Finally Carthage hadagreed peace with Rome. The people of Carthagethen left and went awayfrom Rome. Hannibalstayed and continued tofight the power of growingRome.
  21. 21. Romans could never find him until he was 64 yrs old. But right then he poisoned himself before they could get to him.
  22. 22. Hadrian Hadrian was a powerful military commander who is known for his courage and activityHe adopted the policy of Augustus
  23. 23. Refused to extend the limits of his empire His goal was to maintain and strengthen the existing Roman provinces
  24. 24. He cancelled a large amount of unpaidtaxes and promised the senator never topunish one of body without their approvalHadrian divided Italy into four regions, amagistrate being placed on each
  25. 25. introduced a Rome wall which formed a 73 mile barrier between the south and north of England. It was built to control movement of the pits
  26. 26. He ruled the roman empire from 117-138 ADBecame emperor when Trojan died