One-handed jar and package opener

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  • 1. ONE-HANDED JAR AND PACKAGE OPENER Jordan Pulliam, MOTS & Stacy Richards, MOTS
  • 2. Purpose:    A one-handed jar and package opener assists people with the use of only one upper extremity in food preparation without having to ask another person for help. It also eliminates the need to use teeth as “tools” when opening food packages. Using teeth as “tools” can cause cracking, breaking, and/or wearing down of tooth enamel (WebMD). Prevents non-use of unaffected upper extremity that can lead to decreased range of motion and possibly contractures
  • 3. Population: The one handed jar and package opener can be used by anyone with the use of only one upper extremity. This can include, but is not limited to, individuals with: - Hemiparesis following a CVA - Amputation of one upper extremity - Arthritis flare ups in one hand more than the other 
  • 4. Materials & Costs: K & K Hardware       Plywood scraps = $8 Magic Cover Thick Grip Liner (12” X 5’) = $4.49 12 Flat screws (10 x 1- ½) = $1.44 6 Suction Cups = $2.94 Menards 3M Sand Paper (3-2/3X9" Sheets) = $1.98 Ultra Interior/Exterior High Gloss Paint (29.5 fl. oz.) =
  • 5. Materials & Costs Continued…   Walmart Gorilla Wood Glue (8 fl. oz.) Loctite Go 2 Glue (1.75 fl. oz.) = $3.99 = $5.47 Grand Total: $43.16 (for 2 jar openers) Divided by 2: $21.58 (for one jar opener)
  • 6. Additional Items Needed:         - Table saw Electrical sander Paint brushes C clamps Drill and 3/32” drill bit Pencil Ruler We borrowed these items from family members, but they can be purchased at any hardware store (K& K Hardware, Menards). Also, K & K Hardware has a rental service: Sander: $3 per hour/$15 per day Cordless Drill: $5 per hour/$25 per day
  • 7. Directions: Measurements  Measure 2 side pieces at 12.5” x 2” each with a thickness of 0.5”.
  • 8. Directions: Measurements    Measure base to be 12.5” long. Measure width at one end to be 5.5” wide Measure 25 degree angle and use ruler/straight edge to meet the width of the board at 5.5”
  • 9. Directions: Cutting     Cut wood to measurements with the assistance of individual skilled in using a table saw. K & K Hardware will cut wood for free, but will not cut angles (base). K & K employee cut our side panel pieces. Joseph Lappie (Stacy’s brother-in-law) cut our base for us. Alternative method: Angled base can be eliminated by using a square base instead. If this method is used, both ends should be measured at 5.5” wide and 12.5” long.
  • 10. Directions: Sanding  Sand all surfaces until smooth and round corners so they are not sharp.
  • 11. Directions: Painting  Paint all surfaces with a high gloss paint to ensure durability and let dry overnight.
  • 12. Directions: Grip Liner (Side Panels)    Cut grip liner to the measure of side panels (12.5” x 2”). Using high adhesive glue, glue the grip liner to the inside surface of the two side panels. Let the glue set overnight or until dry.
  • 13. Directions: Wood Glue & Clamp    Add wood glue to the outer edge of the base and the bottom of the one side panel, which is .5” wide. Clamp base and side panel together and let sit overnight. Repeat for the other side panel.
  • 14. Directions: Drill & Screws    Using an electric drill and 3/32” drill bit, drill 4 holes on outer edges of base (2 on each side) so that the screws will connect the base and the panels. Kirk Koster (Jordan’s father) assisted with drilling the base. Add screws to 4 holes in order to connect base and panels and add stability.
  • 15. Directions: Grip Liner (Base)   Cut 3 holes slightly larger than the suction cups that will be used in next step. The holes should be placed approximately 1-1½ inches from each corner of the base. Glue the grip liner to the bottom of the base and let dry.
  • 16. Directions: Suction Cups    Cut extra material off back of suction cups so there is a flat surface. Using high adhesive glue, glue 3 suction cups to bottom of the base where the holes in the grip liner are. Let the glue set for 24 hours.
  • 17. Almost Done!!! Only one more step for the one handed jar and package opener to be complete!
  • 18. Directions: Add Safety Blade    With electric drill and 3/32” drill bit, drill two holes into the back of the one handed jar opener where the two panels meet. Have one person hold the safety blade in place over predrilled holes. Have one person add screws with electric drill
  • 19. Finished Product!
  • 20. Our YouTube Video:  Ys&
  • 21. We would like to thank… Joseph Lappie  Kirk Koster  K & K Hardware employees  Menard’s employees  LIFT program 