JWEF Singapore - Building a company for fun, by Keith Ng, Gametize


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Gave a snappy light talk on my views on entrepreneurship and what it means to be a startup in SG.

*Disclaimer: Similar slides to Ideas Inc talk I gave last year :)*

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JWEF Singapore - Building a company for fun, by Keith Ng, Gametize

  1. 1. @keizng! building a company for fun keith ng, co-founder,
  2. 2. @keizng! about.me/keizng !  Co-founder and Hustle Ninja of Gametize gamification sidekicks: SPH, SingTel, DBS, SCB !  Gamification quest began back in 2009, but entrepreneurshit game began in 1998 !  Achievements and Badges Unlocked: Dutch, SXSW, GSummit, Python, VentureBeat, KillerStartups, NYT, Angels Gate, Dinner with Reddit founder
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  7. 7. @keizng!
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  9. 9. @keizng! Interactive Challenges ! Competitive Spirit! Instantaneous Feedback! Earning Rewards! Our platform is designed to be feature-rich and highly customizable, yet simple and fast. Gametize™ powered apps can be launched within a day, so you can focus on building the experience and content. Technology
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  11. 11. @keizng! http://gamemaki.com
  12. 12. @keizng! Featured Clients Media Features Featured Partners
  13. 13. @keizng! A gamer mindset can make you a better entpreneuer !  Shoot ahead of your target, not at it !  A player gets better when they spend more hours. Play smart, not with brute force !  Tweak your strategies when it is not working !  When it is game over, just try again!
  14. 14. @keizng! what does a SG startup really mean?
  15. 15. @keizng!
  16. 16. @keizng! your banker friends believe you are nuts (and its mutual)
  17. 17. @keizng! believing you are NOT nuts
  18. 18. @keizng! being small yet ambitious
  19. 19. @keizng! getting out of here
  20. 20. @keizng! they are doing a great job.. but..
  21. 21. @keizng! not another copycat….
  22. 22. @keizng! if you insist, steal instead
  23. 23. @keizng! one day, you may start to believe this
  24. 24. @keizng! but, at least you are not alone
  25. 25. @keizng! don’t forget to be shameless
  26. 26. @keizng! You are awesome! Go have fun & kick some ass! 
 keith@gametize.com | @keizng
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