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Sword and Spirit IGDA Oct 2012
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Sword and Spirit IGDA Oct 2012

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A presentation given at the 2012 IGDA Pittsburgh Halloween game studio crawl. This outlines some of the things we are currently doing at Sword and Spirit software.

A presentation given at the 2012 IGDA Pittsburgh Halloween game studio crawl. This outlines some of the things we are currently doing at Sword and Spirit software.

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  • 1. Who are we?Why should you care?
  • 2. What are we doing now? Shades of Sanity
  • 3. ➢ First person 3D adventure game for PC➢ Custom 3D engine➢ Looking for Artists/Animator help
  • 4. Sassafras Engine Features ➢ Lighting pre-pass renderer ➢ 3DS Max integration ➢ Nvidia PhysX ➢ OpenAL 3D positional audio ➢ Streaming audio ➢ High performance animation engine ➢ Sass Script featuring live script editing at run time. ➢ Live editing for lighting, particles, and materials. ➢ Live texture updates. ➢ Multithreaded engine with SIMD optimizations.
  • 5. Sassafras Rendering Features ➢ HDR pipeline with bloom and auto exposure ➢Physically correct Cook/Torrence BRDF ➢Surface and volume light occlusion mapping ➢Deferred refraction, particle refraction ➢Deferred reflection ➢Eye space ambient occlusion ➢Bokeh depth of field ➢Volumetric particles ➢Particle lighting ➢Directable particle engine. ➢Albedo, normal, gloss, specular, reflection, refraction, and self illumination maps supported. ➢Scalable performance, fallback paths and quality controls. ➢Point, spot, shadow map spot, dual shadow map spot, light occlusion mapped, directional, orthographic shadow mapped directional ambient and area lights. ➢And more...
  • 6. Fireplace with volumetric flame and smoke. Refraction particle heat shimmer and particle lighting.Light fixture model with normalmap, reflection map, self illuminatedlight bulb with bloom.Glass is reflective and refractive
  • 7. Physics correct specular highlights on a normal mapped wood flood. The buffers show the normals and surface light occlusion maps. Notice the particle lighting fire highlights.Poisson sampled Eye spaceambient occlusion with normaldisplacement.
  • 8. “Bokeh” depth of field forselective focus with bothauto focus mode and scriptdriven focus depth. F 1.0 F 5.6 Thin lens camera interface allows you to set aperture, focal length and focus depth. Bokeh circle of confusion kernel using Poisson disc sampling.
  • 9. Cell phone ringing with scriptcontrolled self illuminationmap. All maps havecontribution controls that canbe animated. Chest of drawers with deferred reflection mirror. The chest uses a light occlusion map while the drawers, which animate, get their shadows from a volumetric light occlusion solution.
  • 10. ThanksQuestions??Come see the demo and ask away! Keith Leonard keithl@swordandspiritsoftware.com Rob Seres robs@swordandspiritsoftware.com Like us on facebook, I promise to update more often.