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LegalShield Presentation

LegalShield Presentation

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  • 1. What we will cover today1. HO we are W2. HAT we do W3.WHY so many people are joining us right now. The Product 2
  • 2. Have you ever...• igned a contract or document? S• een overcharged or treated unfairly? B• eceived a traffic ticket? R• nown a victim of identity theft? K• een in a situation where you B thought the advice of an attorney might be useful? The Product 3
  • 3. LegalShield. A unique service. A priceless benefit.• egalShield gives you the ability to talk to an attorney on any matter L without worrying about high hourly costs.•For one flat monthly fee, you can access legal advice, no matter  how traumatic or trivial the issue.• nder the protection of LegalShield U you and your family can live your life on your terms worry-free, every day, every night. The Product 4
  • 4. Over 2 million requests annually Legal Advice Traffic-Related Issues unlimited issues Trial Defense (two plan options) Letters/Calls • Pre-Trial made on your behalf • Representation at trial 24/7 Emergency Access Contracts/Documents for covered situations reviewed up to 10 pages 25% Preferred Member Discount Lawyers prepare • Your Will • Living Will IRS Audit Assistance • Healthcare Power of Attorney Online legal formsIf you were my attorney, what would you charge for these services?* Review the membership brochure for your selected plan and state of residence for full details on benefits, limitations and exclusions of the membership. The Product 5
  • 5. Identity theft is repeatedly the #1 consumercomplaint category in America.Identity theft manifests itself in many different ways:• Credit fraud• Social Security fraud• Driver’s License fraudVictims often face issues such as:• Problems securing a loan• Harassment from debt collectors• Possible arrest for crimes committed by the identity thiefOur plans not only provide expert consultation on how to prevent theft butalso provide full restoration of your identity should a breach occur. The Product 6
  • 6. Identity Theft Shield (Kroll Advisory Solutions)The membership covers:• redit monitoring with activity alerts C• redit report with score & analysis C FAX OR SEND WITH ENR OLLM ENT APP LICA TION• redit report consultation C ONL Y. PL EASE PRIN T CL EARL Y• onsultation to help prevent C identity theft M Plus…•dentity restoration services I• raud alerts F S• afeguard for Minors option S• ombined with the legal plan C creates complete coverage The Product 7
  • 7. LegalShield puts professionals to work to providethe protection you deserve. Dedicated Provider Law Firms • uality control to the highest standards Q • onitored by LegalShield M • repaid and ready to advise P Kroll Advisory Solutions •World’s leading risk consulting firm •Fortune 500 clientele •Prepaid and ready to adviseLegalShield’s customer serviceprofessionals ensure our membersget the service they deserve. The Product 8
  • 8. Best value offers1. Standard Legal Plan $17.00 Identity Theft Plan $12.95 Total $29.95 ($3 savings) -3.00 TOTAL $26.952. Standard Legal Plan With Extended Trial Defense $26.00 Identity Theft Plan $12.95 Total $38.95 ($3 savings) -3.00 TOTAL $35.95 Coverage includes: yourself, your dependants and your spouse Your first month’s payment will include a $10 enrollment fee. M  embership cost will vary based on the plan you select. The Product 9
  • 9. It’s not a financial decisionFor less than $1 a day, isn’t it worthprotecting your family?Who do you know who:• as children? h•has had their identity compromised?•s self-employed or a business owner? i•needs to prepare or update their Will?They could benefit from thismembership right now. The Product 10
  • 10. Established company. Unique business model.• Established in 1972• 1.4 million memberships across the USA and Canada• Owned by a New York-based equity group• Proprietary system of provider law firms covering 49 states and 4 provinces in Canada• Offering a high-quality, cost-effective, legal and identity theft service The Opportunity 1
  • 11. Join the Legal RevolutionWhy LegalShield?•ncome I• ime T• reedom FWhy Now?• arket potential M• ustomer need C•ndustry in transition I• conomic environment E The Opportunity 2
  • 12. No time? No problem.There’s more than one way to grow your business. • VDs D • onference Calls C • uncheons L • eb Presentations W • lip Chart F • usiness Briefings B •In-Home Presentations  The Opportunity 3
  • 13. How you earn income Commissions shown represent advances for the $35.95 plan3 Main ways to get paid1. $34 $252 Personal Sales Advance Team Override Advance Personal Advance Executive Director 252 442. $34 $182 Director 207 34 Team Override Manager 172 34 Senior Associate 138 343. 1% 18% Associate 103 34 Lifetime Residuals (Personal) Jr. Associate 34+34 5% 25% Lifetime Residuals (Team) Advance commissions create a debit balance and are earned as membership payments are received by the corporate office. See a compensation plan for complete commission information. The Opportunity 4
  • 14. Fast Start Qualify1. Sign one Option 1 1 Option 2 2 Option 3 3 3 Option Option 1 Option Option 2 Option OptionTake advantage of your benefits YOU YOU YOU YOU YOU YOU YOU YOU YOU2. Earn fiveThen you become Fast Start qualified 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 2 2M New Member = 1 point MMM MMM + + + 1 1 1 + + + New Jr. Associate = 2 points 1 1 1 + + + MMM MMM 2 2 2 + + + + + + 1 1 1 1 1 1Now there are 3 ways to earn MMM MMM + + +your 5 points which will also + + + 2 2 2Fast Start qualify you. 1 1 1 + + +1. 5 memberships MMM 1 1 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 MMM2. 3 memberships and 1 member decides to become a Jr. MMM MMM Associate3. 2 memberships and both members become Jr. Associates 5 PointsPoints PointsPoints PointsPoints 5 Points 5 5 Points 6 6 Points 5 5 6Note: Amount of advance varies according to the price of theplan(s) sold, prices range from $12.95 to $35.95. $ 345 (5 memberships) $ 207 (3 memberships) $ 138 (2 memberships) The Opportunity 5
  • 15. Your career starts here.• Fast Start qualification is not only your jump start to your LegalShield career but also your first month of qualifying for the Performance Club.• Continue earning 5 points each month * (PC) PERFORMANCE CLUB*Month 1 - Fast Start Qualify QUALIFICATION CYCLE*Month 3 - $150 One-Time Bonus*Month 6 - $150 One-Time Bonus*Month 12 - $300 Monthly Bonus OR... *See Performance Club brochure for all details and requirements. The Opportunity 6
  • 16. Enjoy all the rewards of the Performance Club.You are eligible to increase your monthly bonus to $500 if youpurchase or lease a qualifying BMW. Each year LegalShield sends its top Associates on an exclusive trip to fantastic destinations.The company also provides specialcontests and promotions throughthe year.Note: See PerformanceClub brochure for alldetails and requirements. The Opportunity 7
  • 17. Affordable one-time investmentFor only $ 149 yourinvestment includes:• our “Business in a Box” Associate Kit Y• Comprehensive Training Program A• upport of your sponsor and team S• nline access to your office O• ssociate Support Center A• enefits Plan Membership* B *  pon completion of requirements U The Opportunity 8
  • 18. Where your business can take you• ver $1 O Billion paid to Associates over the last decade•1 ,000+ are earning over $50,000  a year• any are earning between M $100,000 and $1,000,000+ per yearThe earnings reflected demonstrate the range achieved by various Sales Associates. While thisrange of income is possible, it is not typical and no specific income is guaranteed. Individualincomes will vary depending upon efforts and abilities of the Associate and their Sales Teams. The Opportunity 9
  • 19. Action steps1. ecome a Member B Fill out the application and use your membership.2. ecome an Associate B Get started right away, experience LegalShield yourself and get paid!3. et Trained G Complete First Step Training (online) and Basic Training in your local area, which is included in your initial investment.4. ign One S Take advantage of the Associate Benefits Program.5. Earn Five Fast Start Qualify and be on your way to earning a BMW! The Opportunity 10
  • 20. Marketed by:Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. and subsidiariesPre-Paid Legal Casualty , Inc.SMIn FL: Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. of FloridaIn VA: Legal Service Plans of VirginiaPre-Paid Legal Access, Inc.PPL Legal Care of Canada CorporationFLIP.EXP (08/12) 53787 © LegalShield, Ada OK. 74820