Riversides mission virtual tour


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This presentation highlights the purpose of the Riverside Mission.

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Riversides mission virtual tour

  1. 1. ETAD 803.3Assignment 5: Packaging Completed by Keith Silversides For Dr. Jay Wilson
  2. 2. Mission Statement:The goal of the Riverside Mission is to helpindividuals to succeed in developing anaddiction-free life style permitting them tomaintain gainful employment, maintaintheir own home and pursue interests thatwould enhance their lives.
  3. 3. The dining room is in the process ofbeing painted. It was originally apale blue. Kind of depressing.The yellow brightens theplace up a lot.
  4. 4. Presently the Mission has an individualwho cooks regularly on a volunteer basis. In the future the Mission hopes to hire thisindividual as a full time employee.
  5. 5. The Mission provides Emergency Shelter for men only.There are 8 beds available. Individuals using the shelterare provided with breakfast and supper on a daily basis.The shelter is vacated from 9:30 am until 5:00 pm unlessoutside temperatures are below 15˚C. The length of stayin the Emergency Shelter is 2 weeks. After this time anindividual’s situation is re-evaluated and a decision ismade with regards to extending that individual’s length ofstay. Shelter guests are responsible for lodging costswhich are $10.00 per night. Guests may pay RiversideMission directly or seek assistance through SocialServices.
  6. 6. According to the Director of theMission, the two things mostdonated to Riverside Mission are TVsand Bibles. Ironically, they can useonly so many of either of these items.What the Mission benefits the most from is people’s donation of time and food.
  7. 7. The Riverside Mission has a Transitional Housing program. The Transitional Housingprovides the environment, respect and support necessary for an individual to movetowards independence and wholeness. The Mission is founded upon the value andrespect of all people, no matter where they are inlife or with what issues they may be struggling.
  8. 8. The Mission currently has 7 suites for this program. Each suite has one bedroom, akitchen, a living room and a bathroom. The suites come fully furnished. Rent forTransitional Housing is $500 per month. Tenants are expected to live under certain rulesand conditions.
  9. 9. I would like to thank the Director ofRiverside Mission, Scott Elger, for hiskindness and cooperation. He opened upthe doors of the Riverside Mission to helpme better understand what it is that theMission has to offer.
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