GlusterFS As an Object Storage


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A presentation for Lightning Talk Nite on Nov. 2nd 2011 in NTTPC Communications.
The demo was that I wrote a demo client in Ruby on site in real time.

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GlusterFS As an Object Storage

  1. 1. keith @
  2. 2. GlusterFS’s Three Es!  Elastic!  Endurable!  Easy-to-build/use/customize
  3. 3. Three types of storage basis
  4. 4. GlusterFS as File based storage!  NFS version 3! Gluster Native (FUSE)!  CIFS (with Samba)
  5. 5. GlusterFS as Block based storage! iSCSI (with iSCSI Enterprise Target) !  … unofficial way to use.
  6. 6. GlusterFS as Object storage! RESTful interface !  c.f. NTTPC WebAPI “T4” since 2008
  7. 7. Why Object Storage? <- Petabytes of Unstructured data Massive archives <- that are active
  8. 8. Why Object Storage?
  9. 9. Installation
  10. 10. Installation on CentOS 5#  tar xzf gluster-glusterfs-v3.3.0qa14-0- g4235f7a.tar.gz#  mv gluster-glusterfs-14eb7f1 glusterfs-3git#  cd glusterfs-3git#  ./configure#  cd ..#  tar czf glusterfs-3git.tar.gz glusterfs-3git#  rpmbuild -ta glusterfs-3git.tar.gz
  11. 11. Installation on CentOS 5#  rpm -Uvh /usr/src/redhat/RPMS/x86_64/ glusterfs-*#  modprobe fuse#  tar xzf gluster-object-storage-3.3beta2.tar.gz#  cd UFO#  ./
  12. 12. Installation on CentOS 5#  Enter external IP for Storage-Server:  Enter Super Admin key:********#  Enter FileSystem (Press Enter for default Glusterfs):#  Enter Object server port (Press Enter for default 6010):#  Enter Container server port (Press Enter for default 6011):#  Enter Account server port (Press Enter for default 6012):#  Enter 1 for https 2 for http (Recommended is https):1#  Do you want to generate certificate/key for https(y/n): y
  13. 13. Preparation of GlusterFS#  for i in `seq 1 4`; do gluster peer probe svr$i; done#  gluster volume create auth svr1:/tmp/auth …#  gluster volume start auth#  gluster volume create data svr1:/tmp/data …#  gluster volume start data#  gluster-object-prep -K super_admin_key -A auth/#  gluster-object-add-user -a -K super_admin_key -A https:// data datauser datauser_password#  gluster-object-list -K super_admin_key -A
  14. 14. The finished construction http client GlusterFS services Swiftaccount proxycontainer object memcached GlusterFS
  15. 15. What you can do
  16. 16. What you can do!  Authentication!  Account level operations!  Container level operations!  Object level operations
  17. 17. Authentication!   Authentication and Returning !   Auth-token !   Storage-Url
  18. 18. Account level operations!   Displaying Container Information!   Displaying Account Metadata
  19. 19. Container level operations!   Creating Container!   Displaying Objects of a Container!   Displaying Container Metadata Information!   Deleting Container!   Updating Container Metadata!   Setting ACLs on Container
  20. 20. Object level operations!   Creating or Updating Object!   Copying Object!   Displaying Object Information!   Displaying Object Metadata!   Updating Object Metadata!   Deleting Object
  21. 21. DEMO
  22. 22. Thanks!