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Gluster in Japan 2012-2013
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Gluster in Japan 2012-2013



Presentation in LinuxCon/CloudOpen Japan on May 31st, 2013.

Presentation in LinuxCon/CloudOpen Japan on May 31st, 2013.



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Gluster in Japan 2012-2013 Gluster in Japan 2012-2013 Presentation Transcript

  • Copyright  (C)  2013,  NTTPC  Communications,  Inc.  All  Rights  Reserved.   1 
  • Copyright  (C)  2013,  NTTPC  Communications,  Inc.  All  Rights  Reserved.   2 Agenda!  About me! Gluster in Japan!  Difficulties and Users Requests!  Conclusion
  • Copyright  (C)  2013,  NTTPC  Communications,  Inc.  All  Rights  Reserved.   3 About!Me自己紹介
  • Copyright  (C)  2013,  NTTPC  Communications,  Inc.  All  Rights  Reserved.   4 About me!  Work at as a ...!  Programmer  (Most recently) Interested in!  Software Engineer Cloud Computing (Storage, Network, Server) Supporting GlusterFS/Red Hat Storage Introduction Now with Red Hat K.K!
  • Copyright  (C)  2013,  NTTPC  Communications,  Inc.  All  Rights  Reserved.   5 About me! GlusterFS since 2007 (v1.3.7)  for my internet crawler at first.!  Love Gluster because of the ...  Potential  Performance  Code  Community!  Introduced or introducing it into ...  Printer and scanner solution (field trial)  Email services  File storage services (WebDAV, NFS)  Backup services  Shared storage platform!  A board member of the GlusterCommunity
  • Copyright  (C)  2013,  NTTPC  Communications,  Inc.  All  Rights  Reserved.   6 ここ1年の日本におけるGlusterFSの動向Gluster!in!Japan!
  • Copyright  (C)  2013,  NTTPC  Communications,  Inc.  All  Rights  Reserved.   7 Gluster in Japan!  Approaches by other IT sectors A sponsor of IaaS cloud computing project A server manufacturer A CPU manufacturer An InfiniBand manufacturer!  Collaboration with other cloudcomponents OCDET, an open source community
  • Copyright  (C)  2013,  NTTPC  Communications,  Inc.  All  Rights  Reserved.   8 Gluster in Japan!  Medical Field became ready for cloud
  • Copyright  (C)  2013,  NTTPC  Communications,  Inc.  All  Rights  Reserved.   9 Gluster in Japan!  Introduction example in Medical fieldEasternBrickEasternBrickWesternBrickWesternBrickWesternBrickWesternBrickEasternBrickEasternBricklsyncd + rsyncWesternJapanSecret SharingEasternJapanStorageTiering* GlusterFS 3.2.7
  • Copyright  (C)  2013,  NTTPC  Communications,  Inc.  All  Rights  Reserved.  10 直面している問題とユーザの要望Difficulties!and!Users!Requests!
  • Copyright  (C)  2013,  NTTPC  Communications,  Inc.  All  Rights  Reserved.  11 Difficulties and Users Requests!  Premise: Japanese requirements forservice in general (my subjective view) Continuity, most of all Never stop or pause it Insensible failure is also unacceptable Even outdated software should continue running The customer is king Any components have to meet each customer’s requirement So each service should have as many functions as possible Cost-cut! Cost-cut! Cost-cut! Never lose out price wars Never overspend the budget The annual budget is determined in March and is too limited,never increase as much as the one last year Assign least engineers, sales and managers
  • Copyright  (C)  2013,  NTTPC  Communications,  Inc.  All  Rights  Reserved.  12 Difficulties and Users Requests!  Outdated GlusterFS Upgrading GlusterFS 1.3, 2.0 to 3.x is difficult xattr and dht should be changed Already tooooooo many files there to migrate No maintenance window is reserved No budget is reserved No one maintains and supports ancient codes?
  • Copyright  (C)  2013,  NTTPC  Communications,  Inc.  All  Rights  Reserved.  13 Vol2Difficulties and Users Requests!  NFS and Multi-tenancy nfs.rpc-auth-allow for multi-tenancy some operations on a volume affectIOs to other volumesVol1Vol0e.g.gluster volume set ...IOIOIOVol2Vol1Vol0IOIOIO
  • Copyright  (C)  2013,  NTTPC  Communications,  Inc.  All  Rights  Reserved.  14 Difficulties and Users Requests
  • Copyright  (C)  2013,  NTTPC  Communications,  Inc.  All  Rights  Reserved.  15 glusterfsDifficulties and Users Requests!  CTDB and NFS connectivity failover is pretty good failback causes write()ing clients pausethe IOglusterfsglusterfsCTDBVIPwrite()glusterfsglusterfsCTDBVIPwrite()glusterfsglusterfsglusterfsglusterfsCTDBVIPwrite()failoverfailback
  • Copyright  (C)  2013,  NTTPC  Communications,  Inc.  All  Rights  Reserved.  16 Difficulties and Users Requests!  3-way replication neither supported nor recommended still strong needs for 3-way!  Multi-master Geo-replication bi-directional on the roadmap?
  • Copyright  (C)  2013,  NTTPC  Communications,  Inc.  All  Rights  Reserved.  17 Conclusionまとめ
  • Copyright  (C)  2013,  NTTPC  Communications,  Inc.  All  Rights  Reserved.  18 Conclusion!  It was the hottest year ever because GlusterFS got a lot of visibility to other IT sectors.!  The government-led movement made GlusterFS introduced into medical field.!  In Japanese quality requirementof services, still GlusterFS has ... some issues to be solved many requests to meetAll of them are the facts in Japan 2012-2013!Let’s make Gluster live up toJapanese expectations together!
  • Copyright  (C)  2013,  NTTPC  Communications,  Inc.  All  Rights  Reserved.  19 To contact us, e-mail here -> storage-contact@nttpc.co.jp