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The light fantastic   audio visual in the age of nanotechnology
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The light fantastic audio visual in the age of nanotechnology


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a series of articles written for Examiner on the subject of Audio Visual Technology in my native Pittsburgh - the living buiding city. Lots of great stuff.

a series of articles written for Examiner on the subject of Audio Visual Technology in my native Pittsburgh - the living buiding city. Lots of great stuff.

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  • 1. MARCH 20, 2010The light fantastic: Audio-visual technology in the cloud Claro Holographic Projection TV with speaker setup Gizmag - ClaroAfter the winter of 2010, the storm of the century has been transformed into a minor heat wave - Ibegin this new examiner column as the wearing of the Green - St. Patricks day dawns. Technology isbeginning to surpass the wildest visions of science fiction - it is my purpose to look behind the scenes ofthese amazing developments and provide insights into the theory and the technology itself ....theactual fabric of space time.This ubiquity of audio/visual technology in its 3G/4G networking glory has many phases. What is themost remarkable and useful A/V systems that you have experienced - please send me a description. Therole of software in this grand phenomenon will not be neglected....either.Pittsburgh has undergone a remarkable transformation over the decades and is showing signs ofbecoming a green community. As the dark cloud of industrial grit is cleansed from its sandstonechurches, libraries, and monuments - a bright green place with an honorable (if troubled past) hasemerged. This is especially true in the marketplace of ideas where communicating with others is the keyto success. Audio/Visual technologies are emerging on a daily basis - these developments are vital torealizing the full potential of what the millennial generation (also called Generation Green) know ascloud computing. The virtuality of cyberspace.empowers the tremendous efficiency and high quality ofcommunication devices; today social networking networks can utilize audio/visual in almost any form(live or recorded) from almost anywhere on-demand. This alone is a tremendous accomplishment - butis only the bottom line here.One organization that has greatly accelerated this potential is the 1400 member Pittsburgh TechnologyCouncil (PTC) which is helping Old Allegheny which hosted the Worlds G20 Summit to pay for theinfrastructure changes which make this green revolution so timely.....yet expensive. Recreating thevital industrial base of the Ohio Valley region is no mean feat but one can tune into the PTC Tech Viberadio program on KQV Am 1410 and learn about what is going on - Saturdays at 1 P.M...If there is to be an economic recovery worth talking about then these efforts and energies need tobecome highly focused. To help accomplish this the Pittsburgh Technology Council has founded -an Entrepreneur Resource Center designed to achieve success through collaboration, programming andexposure - coordinated with sales channels and marketing initiatives and funding available through theUrban Redevelopment Authority.
  • 2. Green Internet patterns and practices are providing the way to accomplish this; today. The recycling ofelectronic devices is a reality in most major appliance super stores. Community relations must beimproved if the potential of this great transformation is to be realized; especially in the vital area ofeconomic recovery. There is a need to develop community - idea-sharing. This can help to provide theinfrastructure for this. Planning resources are needed to keep regional manufacturers competitive in theglobal market. We need to advocate these issues to government and promote action. green technology - leverage strategic plans to present the region as an energy hub G20 conference - need for enlightened resource mgmt. funding sources - investor awareness - intensely competitive business environment software to produceEngineering concepts that utilize the quantum field and its nanotechnology - are now integral to allcomputers and their audio/visual networking capabilities. for collaboration - strategic planning research and development social networking resources and technology building community - personal introductions and roundtables Energy strategy for the green building industryHow ideas shape visualization rests squarely upon the ethics of using these technologies for economicrecovery - promoting their introduction into the marketplace. This is essential considering thediscreteness of nanoconvergence - nanomaterial’s, bioengineering, information systems and cognitivescience (psychology). The critical paradigms of sustainability; holistic health; and energy efficiencyunderwrite this realization - the realization of a bottom line which can reverse the present downwardspiral of economic stagnation and long term debt. People who live in glass houses should not throwstones is one adage that comes to mind.This quantum leap must be synchronized with open source education - those who will perform thework must understand the basic principles they will be using. It is an important point to rememberwhen considering nanoconvergent technology in the workplace - look before you leap.Has the storm caused us to pause for a moment of suspense - perhaps some insight from my own recentaudio/visual experience can help. This morning I watched the 1983 release - Koyaanisqati (Life out ofBalance - from the Hopi language) by Francis Ford Coppola after attending a heartwarming movie - TheLast Station about Tolstoyan society the night before. Changes as vast as the apocalyptic vision ofKoyaanisqati become expedient for survival or as sublime as the messianic one of The Last Train depict aserious contrast. What can help us keep it together in the immense journey of life and hopefully anchorour soul. The light fantastic does not have to be a vision of doom - this much generation green and itsmillennials are proving....even in the face of our worlds biblical proportions.The Hub - Mobile Infrastructure - Optical WIFI system and Human EcologyAs a student at Penn State University in the days of Jimmy Carter I experienced a rejection of my ideasand theories......little did they know - they were not my own. One thing I did not forget - the spirit ofcooperation in spite of criticism; could not deter me from seeking to get Mr. President to sign a billwhich was passed by the Congress in 3 separate administrations - The Rural Abandoned Mine Program -It eventually became the Superfund Project. Yesterday Congress passed a comprehensive Health Care
  • 3. Bill 219-212 in spite of massive campaigns to prevent its care needs rapiddevelopment of existing technologies.Real reclamation began within a year of the Presidents signing of the bill and its 35 cents a ton tax onCoal was more than adequate funding; yet our project had scarcely finished before the Treasury Dept.impounded our programs funds...and it wasnt until 2002 when Ed Rendell became the Pennsylvania’sGovernor and sued the Federal Government to recover the reclamation funds that recovery and healingof the land continued. The Superfund sites will receive the management that they require to completethe job of Environmental Protection. Costs may be a real question here; how would you solve this typeof geophysical information gathering operation?During this time I also experienced a profound conversion - to seek God emphatically in my life - nowtoday I can understand what it means where it is written - "Eye has not seen; neither has any ear heard -the things that God has prepared for those who love him. The power of light should be takenseriously....Here are laser powered photonic systems which may provide some insight into how thesesystems work.Here are a few new technologies which will greatly affect they way we live and work:The Wi-Fi connection in the HUB-Robeson Center at Penn State proves that networks in the future coulduse lighting systems to help transmit data (Images: Penn State). This virtual networking with in houseinfrastructure points to ambiance with environmental resources. University engineers have developed asystem where a high-powered laser diode transmits data by converting electricity into infraredlight, This wireless optical system offers one gigabit per second transmission. Is this an example ofHuman Ecology.Wireless Gigabit Alliance (WiGig) has announced the completion of its unified wireless specificationwhich provides data transmission rates of up to 7 gigabits per second – more than ten times that ofcurrent 802.11 Wi-Fi. “When we launched the WiGig Alliance in May, we announced our plan tocomplete the industry’s first unified 60 GHz specification by Q4 2009, and we are proud to deliver onthis promise to the industry,” said Dr. Ali Sadri, president and chairman of the Wireless Gigabit Alliance.“We’re rapidly paving the way for the introduction of the next generation of high? performance wirelessproducts – PCs, mobile handsets, TVs and displays, Blue ray disc players, digital cameras and much more.”Super symmetry is the paradigm of convergence - Mobile Infrastructure developments prove this.
  • 4. At present, Light Blue Optics has a lab-based demonstrator, which converts a standard composite videosignal into high-quality 2D holographic video, in real time. The hologram generation engine runs in acommercially available FPGA (field-programmable gate array) chip, whose design extends naturally tocheap mass production. Other processing platforms including low-power digital signal processing (DSP)ICs are also under development. Blue SCENAR Technology is available right now......the device had itslineage as part of the Russian Space Program led by Dr. Alexander Karasev who invented the SCENAR, orSelf-Controlled Energo-Neuro-Adaptive Regulation technology. Scenar has been aptly compared tothe TriCorder device of the entertainment medias STAR TREK program.Summary Results of 50,000 Cases in Russian Literature Percentage Success Rate by Category1. A device for monitoring, treating and alleviating non-specific disease, injury or handicap by supplyinglow-level electrical energy to the body system in a form that may reduce pain, edema and inflammationin a manner that allows the natural resources of that body to restore homeostasis more rapidly than if itwere left alone......(by) electrical action on the skin surface activating tissues in the "somatic andautonomous" nervous system...(leading to) the possibility of a therapeutic effect in addition tomediating pain by the production of endorphins. In simple terms Scenar Treatment is currentlypermitted to claim positive efficacy for pain relief and pain management for to use in all countries in theEuropean Union, and is a safe device.The fields of Integrative Medicine advocates SCENAR…..see this website.Building a Enterprise level Business Intelligence system has taken on added dimensions. Holography andPhotonics are converging rapidly with highly developed Virtual Reality Systems to enable technicaltraining in real-time without the hazard of real world consequences - thereby facilitating education andtraining. Its use in remote diagnosis and treatment is thought to be limited at present; due to lack ofexperience and professional level certification
  • 5. Scientists dont fully understand how consciousness works Physorg.comPetroleum has become obselete; audio/visual enthusiasts should be telling the story to your friends andcolleagues. The economic law of free market capitalism demands competition to control inflation andits greed. America is not a free market system or our economy would be in much better shape than itis. Waste not - want not! One on-line solution which is available now is - "Better Place delivers thenetwork and services that make an electric car affordable to buy, easy to use, and amazing to own.".Counterfeit intelligence agencies inform the public that nanotechnology is years away and not yetpractical......nothing could be further from the truth. Audio/Visual networking technologies have beenusing it for many years; sustainable energy technologies like wind, solar, wave and hydro are using it atan ever accelerating pace - yet Americas main stream economy is a decade away from implementation;Green Building Technologies hold the promise of 500 Billion dollars a year income - where are they;Internet technologies hold the promise of much more - yet according to a recent Pittsburgh Post"Gazette article;FCC (Federal Communications Commission) ignores its own study (Berkman) in plan for InternetFuture......"if open access is the key to how so many countries solve the problem of Internet Access andSpeed, it makes no sense to ignore it ". This phenomenon goes back to the Railroad Trust of "TheRobber Barons" which Buckminster Fuller decried in his book - Spaceship Earth; 40 years later his workwith the quanta is yielding technologic innovation on a global scale. As a man thinketh; it is written -perhaps most people just dont understand these things properly. Think globally - act locally."The main message to emerge from all these studies is that when it comes to mesoscopic scales,common wisdom has to be revised, i.e. the rules of the game concerning textbook electronics have tobe rewritten. From the more applied point-of-view this field constitutes the basis for future micro- andNano-electronics." Yuval Gefen - Dept. of Condensed Matter PhysicsHistory is revealed - like the layers of an onion being peeled. Keystone Research; in their 21st centuryeconomic development policy advocates that good jobs and strong industries are developed at home
  • 6. not by providing expensive subsidies to foreign industries. Developing new companies must be thefirst priority of local and state government - here in Pennsylvania. Audio Visual communication systemsare a logical candidate for this and their supporting nanotechnogies as well. Cloud Computing is anothermega-development area - consulting; implementation; conversion; training and general education areall global developments which require local presence. The failed strategy of the FCC and their NationalBroadband Plan for the future of the internet will need to be overcome; strategically. Convergence inthe fields of Quantum Computing, Holographic Systems, and Photonics is providing the tools andconcepts necessary for innovation - Laser technology and electrical power systems are anotherarea where development is mandated.I am watching the Charlie Rose show on PBS - he is using A/V teleconferencing technology to facilitatecollaboration for a series of Programs about The Human Brain - this installment is about Aging and theBrain. Aerobic exercise and intellectual activity help to overcome the symptoms of aging is oneconsensus of opinion which this group of experts reached. My research into what is termed QuantumConsciousness agrees with this prognosis as well - QC is problematic to say the least;So far, no classical theories can explain consciousness in the brain. In light of this lack of understanding,some researchers suggest that quantum mechanics may play a significant role in the workings of themind and the brain. Quantum consciousness theories have always been controversial, and now a recentstudy has undercut one more component of these proposals.Wi-Fi Connection and the potential of Audio/Visual Mi-FiThanks to Verizon and Novatel Wireless for developing the MiFi 2200 Mobile Intelligent HotspotIt sounds like a nursery rhyme - come and Wi-Fi - I got the MiFi for my 5; but this technology is notdesigned only for the simple minded but is complex adaptive; a true multi-facetedsystem. Infrastructure and Software Platform Architecture are going to need careful considerationbefore implementing - planning is a must. The new electronics have created Cloud Computing andrealized a new concept -Ubiquity - WiFi is the fabric of the cloud. The key to utilizing this technology isto count the cost of what you already have and decide where you want to go - or need to go in thefuture; even today.Pittsburgh was one of the first major cities to adopt the cloud as a service to its visitors and citizens; thisshows that people here are interested in technologic innovations - in the marketplace. The region isalso becoming a member of the green cities PERMACULTURE phenomenon - which will fulfill its culturalhistory in a practical way......the garden party and the building trades workers will co-exist in an aura ofcooperation and commonality. Audio/Visual Technologies are hierarchical and admit to the samegimmickry and collusion as the rest of the marketplace with one vital difference - they are an integralpart of the communications technology now reaching their full development potential; evaluating themas part of green tech is important as well.
  • 7. The WebCam, Texting, VoiceIP, and file sharing have given Teleconferencing an aspect of LiveCollaboration - messaging from anywhere at virtually anytime - in virtually any mime format; the mergerof wireless and Bluetooth capabilities make Mobile Networks ubiquitous. This quality enables livecommunications and interactivity from remote areas - but not anywhere; of course (you may need asatellite uplink to complete the teleconferencing; and the cloud grows daily and its data tsunami too.Data throughput is an important aspect of Cloud Computing NetworksIts estimated that a single smart phone generates 10 times the volume of data traffic than aconventional cell phone while a laptop generates a whopping 1,300 times more. A new report from Cisco (now doing its own market research and analysis because it can), forecaststhat mobile data traffic will double every year through 2014, increasing 39 times between 2009 and2014, reaching 3.6 exabytes per month by 2014. And over 60 percent of the world’s mobile data traffic,they say, will be IP-based video.Wii - From Wikipedia Nintendo Wii Gaming System with Wii Sports… see this video (see Appendix)The Wii (????, pronounced /?wi?/, like the pronoun we) is a home video game console released by Nintendo. As aseventh-generation of March 2010, the Wii leads the generation over the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360in worldwide sales, in December 2009 broke the record for best-selling console in a single month in the UnitedStates.Virtual Reality and Photonics –the new electronicsvirtual reality systemA computer-based system that interacts with the user to create a three-dimensional, artificiallysimulated world that appears "real. Through the use of head-mounted displays, wraparound screens,audio synthesizers and computerized gloves with sensors, the user can manipulate his/her surroundingsusing voice commands, head movements, finger pointing and other natural gestures; it also is calledcyberspace.Check this University of Sheffield Virtual Reality Center.
  • 8. Virtual Ambiance – ethereal generation – energy flow RCAs Airenergy charger is a virtual energyHarvestor but works remotely providing electronic energy converted from infrared power sources tocellphones and other smart devices. PDC innovations continue and are accelerating daily - as 3G/4Gnetworks are empowered; Fiber Optic technology is beginning to reach its full potential this e factor(Exabyte) is what global networking faces. Information intelligence is a systems operation in which InfoChannels use this new unified protocol and electronic paradigms are developed to conserve bandwidthand energy usage. Then green IT will be a reality. Systems are the children of this information age andas the millennials take the stage of human development their importance in maintaining the largeeconomic infrastructure will increase dramatically.What does the average PDC cellphone include as main features........power management; video and stillcamera; memory and file storage monitoring; IP smart phone; text messaging; application servicessynchronization with holographic projection capabilities, IT help desk connectivity w/ Mobile Webcollaboration capabilities. All this at ones fingertips - programmable webcams that support networkequipment?.....that may be needed for large scale projects. Mobile Networks utilize the 802.1 - 802.11nor whatever.....the unified communications protocol will eliminate a lot of guess work - one to many;one to one; many to one; many to many such that troubleshooting your networks A/V capabilities willbecome the "hidden manna"; this cloud has a silver lining [fabric} - get it.AdvertisementSlideshow: Ambience - Cloud Computing and Wi-Fi peripheralsSlideshow: Ambience - Cloud Computing and Wi-Fi peripheralsThe Power of Green TechnologySolar power is efficient for everyday use - big changes are taking place in the economics of scale aspectof the global market place - In Australia for example Technique Solars expansion into partnership withpublic utilities has provided the capital for rapid expansion of an important new technology. Considerthat audio/visual cyberspace is a parallel development to eco-friendly green technology; now beginninga powerful across the board convergence with it. Another example of public - private partnershiptransforming infrastructure to ultra-clean and efficient technologies is ‘Better Place - an Electric car
  • 9. system’ designed to conserve the power grid; end petroleum dependency and provide optimumtransportation services.National economies develop industries based upon competitive advantages; local expertise and thequest for excellence. In one sense this reality has not changed - in another sense; the information ageand communications in the global village have leveled the playing field especially in high techindustries. A local company - Calgon Carbon Corporation, headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, isa global leader in services and solutions for making water and air safer and cleaner. As the worldsleader in activated carbon technology and with ultraviolet light disinfection and oxidation expertise,Calgon Carbon Corporation has pioneered leading-edge purification systems for drinking water,wastewater, odor control, pollution abatement, and a variety of industrial and commercialmanufacturing processes. Pittsburgh has a mandate to upgrade its waste water collection system - thetraditional shovel and dump truck approach is prohibitively expense; ultra filters and companies likeCalgon hold the key to correct the problems and do so without digging up the city again.Green Building Technologies are also analytic; elimination of negative energy and energy technologies isboth efficient and effective in maintaining long term healthy living conditions for your family andcommunity as well. Here is one from EXTECH which the Green Building Industry recommends as anassessment project.EMF/ELF Meter - Detect and measures EMF - Electro-Magnetic Field | EMI - Electro-Magnetic
  • 10. Interference RF and ELF. Electromagnetic fields are known to cause health problems and interferenceand other electronic equipment. With the CellSensor you will be able to detect and the measureelectromagnetic fields - to find sources to avoid or the cause of interference.Audio/Visual Hardware is becoming more efficient energy wise and more powerful in terms of capability;making a remote workplace like the home - an economical and effective choice for conservation. In theworkplace energy efficiency and optic resolution have made a quantum leap.....inquire within.AdvertisementSlideshow: dimensions of performance are changing dramaticallySlideshow: Let the light shine - what do we think we knowLet your light shine - a good friday message on holography4 leaf clovers are extremely rare; so it takes patience and time to find one. Beginning my Examinercolumn on St. Patricks Day has proven to be fortuitous. It is written in the Book of Genesis - man ismade in Gods image; after his likeness the human family is the Bible says and in thisPassover/Easter season - 2010 (the earliest for Easter in a 250 year time cycle) a resemblance whichmany are taking seriously. Today is good friday - a solemn day to remember; Jesus is quoted asadmonishing - be children of the light and even states in the gospel of John that: God is light.
  • 11. My hometown of Pittsburgh is known as a leader in business and technology innovations; especiallywhere the cutting edge is concerned....and of course this is true of many other places in the world -many of whom are partners with corporate entities in this area. Holography is no exception.The Future Lies in Holography"PITTSBURGH -- Small and round, it provides enjoyable, crackle-free, crystal-clear sound, and it set off anacoustic revolution 25 years ago: the first pop CD to be made from Bayer Material Sciences (BMS) high-tech material Makrolon([R]) polycarbonate (PC) was ABBAs album "The Visitors" in 1982. The compactdisc produced the songs of the Swedish cult band in a sound quality that was totally new at the time, sothat this shiny object totally changed the international music industry.............Researchers at BMS arealready working with companies such as InPhase Technologies of Colorado on holographic storagemedia (manufacturing partner: Maxell) which are set to continue the revolution in digital data discs. Thenew disc type - called Tapestry(TM) - has a capacity of 300 gigabytes and is currently in its test phase.Unlike a conventional CD or DVD, data is no longer written and read bit by bit, but stored in the form ofholograms, i.e., in entire data blocks all at once. This means that the read/write process can beaccelerated many times over.""Digital in-line holography with numerical reconstruction has been developed into a new tool,specifically for biological applications, that routinely achieves both lateral and depth resolution, at leastat the micron level, in three-dimensional imaging. The experimental and numerical procedures havebeen incorporated into a program package with a very fast reconstruction algorithm that is now capableof real-time reconstruction."Shroud of Turin (from Garden Tomb) a lens to visualize the world A pure and clean energy movementAll you need to project a 3D holographic image:The TransScreen™ 3D holographic projection screenYour high contrast video shot against a black backgroundYour display area with low to medium ambient lightYour projector yielding 2000 ANSI lumens or moreTangible hologram projector - 06 Aug 2009
  • 12. Researchers at the University of Tokyo have developed a holographic projector that displays three-dimensional virtual objectsyou can feel with your bare hands. Compare this technology with Wii and Microsoft Surface and we have another superb toolfor our audio/visual toolkits.Holographic audio/visual communications are actually highly developed - many developments are being perfectedcurrently. The use of light as correspondence for representation needs interpretation and study - as Hillel aptly stated;"The world stands on three foundations - on study; on service and on benevolence." c/o Bnai Brith Hillel FoundationThe new metaphysics and its Quantum Field Theory depends upon interpretation of physical phenomena - here are two: Interferometric microscopies - from Wikipedia - see also Broadband Beam SamplerThe hologram keeps the information on the amplitude and phase of the field. Several holograms maykeep information about the same distribution of light, emitted to various directions.Dynamic holography - from Wikipedia as wellIn static holography, recording, developing and reconstructing occur sequentially and a permanenthologram is produced. There also exist holographic materials which do not need the developing processand can record a hologram in a very short time. This allows one to use holography to perform somesimple operations in an all-optical way. Examples of applications of such real-time holograms includephase-conjugate mirrors ("time-reversal" of light), optical cache memories, image processing (patternrecognition of time-varying images), and optical computing.An upcoming article will present an acoustic lens which is designed to improve ultrasound and materialsscience instrumentation. These powerful implications also serve to magnify a biblical prophecy - theyshall beat their swords into plowshares - their spears into pruning hooks; nation shall not more lift upsword against nation - neither shall man learn to make war any more."Putting it all together - what is your green energy idea?This is my seventh article - what has been visual technologies are an enigma to thecommon man. First of all they are far more advanced than science will admit to and this is because ofconfusion concerning the actual theory of their operation. As this moment of history becomes moremeaningful to the global village - these advancements are seen in a sublime light: Neuropathic - Scenar Therapy (using biorhythm feedback) Wi-Fi communications - cloud computings silver lining Green Energy Technologies - on a global scale Ambience - energy conversion/generation
  • 13.  Holography - 3d touch screens - 2D projections Economic Stimulus using private - public partnership networking nanoconversion - new features for 3G/4G unified networksThe Pittsburgh region and Pennsylvania in general are blessed with the planning infrastructureto facilitate this kind of economic development. The Pgh Business Times reports that Idea Forge andDigital Greenhouse have landed state of Pennsylvania Community and Economic Development fundsto help local entrepreneurs to plan for this hoped for recovery. Here are a few well developed ideasfrom Pure Energy Systems and its Congress. As the American nation andits Appalachian region mourns the loss of coalminers in yet another disaster - a moratorium on ideasand concepts of science is in order.....because obviously one side of this argument is right and the otherseriously wrong. There is incredible potential for right action.The spirit exhorts us to godliness and rebukes the seven deadly sins that plague all earthly enterprises -including social networking - be conscientious in how you use these powerful audio/visual tools andcommunication skills; some would exploit human weakness to temptations of the flesh in order tofleece the unsuspecting.....overcome these impulses and use these technologies for the good of allyourself included. Send me your idea for a green energy project and I will present it as an examinerarticle.As the millennial generation takes center stageAs the McNeil Report on PBS aptly identified and Morley Safer of 60 minutes proclaimed - themillennials are taking center stage in history - a positive admonition like good and faithful servant caneasily be applied - especially in their response to the global economic and ecologic crisis. On daily basisnew and incredibly amazing technologies are unveiled - ones that utilize the abundant resourcesavailable to everyone - the oceanic realms and the daily sunshine which lights everyones path in ourdiurnal world. Word up - green energy; as even Word Girl would agree; is a quality of conceptualityand design. Human flight and mobility are two objectives of people since ancient times - here are twogiant steps that are happening today.Gizmag ( is an excellent source for info about these new technologies. The Solar ImpulseHB SIA fulfilled its moniker of solar powered airplane on its maiden flight over Payerne, Switzerland. Yuji
  • 14. Fujimura and his concept Electric Bike Version 2 has proven that convergence is the rule not theexception - his design pictured above includes a charging station for electronic equipment - making theowner of the bicycle a mobile audio/visual studio on the scale of the common man. New conceptsrequire new designs - often. This is a long term development scenario - looking at the explosive growth of 3G/4G technologies onething becomes evident - all of the major players in the PDC/mobile phone market are offering greatadvancements in functionality - across the board; yet there is little difference in these features - why isthis. To this observer the reason must lie behind the scenes at the research and developmentlevel......and how can a global phenomenon like this be so focused. Think globally - act locally; theunified concept of quantum physics is responsible for the quality of this convergence - no doubt.Realization of the economic benefits - especially on a large scale; is a matter of planning, strategy,political support and an intangible quality of desire - which in a community results in dedication to thepurpose of success. My hometown of Pittsburgh which is a cornerstone of many developing industrieshas in recent times failed to realize the benefits from important technologies developed in this region:Skybus......which was realized by the state of California as B.A.R.T. (Bay Area Rapid Transit) was a majordevelopment effort of the public/private partnership between Westinghouse and local government. Anexperiment in mass transportation - it was a physical success but never allowed to develop beyond that.Continuous essential improvement in the steel making process - 80% more efficient than allof the other steel making processes combined. It was sold to China....for a swan song.Silicon Wafer Solar Power Generation.....another Westinghouse project in partnership with the federalgovernment which is only now 10-15 years later being developed on a large scale.There are many more of course.....some even more important perhaps that these but they point to anestablishment of 19th century technologies - which even in their most modern instance cannot claim tomeet the demands of 21st ecologic and economic problems. One idea which has developed through thefailure of the ominous old boys network mindset is the Digital Greenhouse and Idea Factory producedthrough a trust which has worked consistently since the earliest dawn of the American Revolution - inthe spirit of entrepreneurship which Benjamin Franklin exemplified. Economic Recovery in a countrylike the United States is not a mean will require change from the very ground work ofsociety.....even unto its highest branches. It will also require tough decision making concerning obsoletetechnology and redundant financial structures......reenergizing America is a 500 billion dollaropportunity........across the board.
  • 15. MAC vs. PC; in general things mix - Pittsburgh Universities and the global villageThe new second law of thermodynamics states - In general things mix.One thing that the developments in computing over the two decades which history deems - themillennium; is that the new 2nd Law of Thermodynamics has been proven - ubiquitously. A new theoryof electronics is being written - but not into textbooks; rather in the global marketplace ofideas. Originally the Apple Macintosh was the cornerstones along in spite of its competitor the so-calledmicro-computer which Microsoft utilized to more fully develop the Xerox companys Graphic UserInterface using Berkleys nebulous operating system now called Windows. Today nearly 3 decades later- who could have predicted the results?Kyoto Institute of Technology introduced a new photovoltaic cell that is capable of generating electricitynot only from visible light, but from ultraviolet and infrared light as well. Quantum films (using quantumdots) can image scenes with more pixel resolution, according to their inventors, InVisage Inc., offeringfour-times better sensitivity for ultra-high resolution sensors that are cheaper to manufacture.Apple’s new iPad has already generated an impressive inventory of accessories - this provides Mac userswith a dedicated wireless platform for the new unified protocol. The itab is sitting there waiting to helprun through a song with you, providing a prompt or helping you learn - the iTab songbook is aperformance tool.The Digital Greenhouse and its association with the Pittsburgh Technology Center are the product ofhigh level collaboration between the elite universities of the world......the University of Pittsburgh andCarnegie Mellon University have continued a partnership which spans many decades but today isbecome a virtual global campus with campus outreaches on many continents......this effort is focused inthe Pittsburgh area on the medical profession and the implementation of the Human Genome Projectand the development of bioinformatics to give it commutative expressivity. However this globaldevelopment has also spawned the advent of bioethics to challenge many of its Genetic Engineeringproducts - it has also failed to produce economic recovery locally.
  • 16. Using your Audio/Visual tools to communicateThe communication possibilities today are absolutely without measure - it is possible to provide eyewitness type communications from virtually anywhere and in almost any format required. Once againthe Pittsburgh community is making a lasting impression - mainly on the stage of public/privatepartnership in venture capitalism. Innovation Works according to Tech Vibe radio on KQV 1410 AM -has brought nearly 3/4 of a billion dollars to the Pittsburgh region; much of it going into the industrialmobile robotic field. This is servo-mechanical systems thinking at its very economicdevelopment in robotics shows not signs of subsiding. However there is a strict division when applyingthese concepts and ideas to living systems where purpose is found - here is an on-line book which dealsin much more depth with these age-old ideas.HTC alternative – here is an excellent review of one aspect of choice in the 3G/4G networking tools.HTC Desire vs. Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 iPad Launch PartyHere is an example of this technology – the mobile web; which is available off the shelf and free ofcharge via Windows Live literally from a walk through the woods straight onto the internet.......To save aspecial natural sanctuary where people can walk their dogs and enjoy the joy of a natural habitat at anytime of the very important - that is why American Indian Ethics require that each of us thinksof seven generations when we make decisions about Mother Earth and her children.I am not a reactionary; so as a progressive I am sorry to learn that Westinghouse is being revived but notas the cutting edge technology provider that it’s history recounts but as a servant to the fossil fuelindustry in its interfacing with Power Utility Industries. This is sad – not only because of the lostopportunity for real progress that this usurpation of purpose envisions but also because of the waste oftalent and elite resources which carbon based fuels represent.Newtons cradle – this child’s toy inspired a technologic innovation of the first magnitudeResearchers at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) have built a device that produces highlyfocused, high-amplitude acoustic signals dubbed "sound bullets."
  • 17. "Called a nonlinear acoustic lens, the device could produce acoustic images superior to conventionalmedical ultrasound imaging, probe for damage in the interior of nontransparent objects like bridges,ship hulls, and airplane wings, and be used to develop non-invasive scalpels."This ‘quantum effect’ is also found in classical physics as well – the difference being linear vs non-linearand the use of ‘phonon ‘ energy – acoustic waves focused by a composite lens – the constructionengineering and design concepts of which coalesce into an important instrument for many differentkinds of analysis – essentially ‘materials science’ and ultra-sound imaging.10 technologies that will change the World - this list is not the technology which I would choose toactually change the world - because it requires a fundamental departure from the ground state ofnature and its bounteous goodness. Also I believe that many traditional interpretations of quantumphysics and classical physics as well are simple wrong - and this idea is not my own but the sameargument which the founders encountered in the development of our modern technology.I like your smiling face - appreciation for the millennialsThe beauty of the internet and its cyberspace is that seeing can also be believing - these developmentswhich are being revealed for practical use are only the sign of what lies ahead. It is also important torealize the historical perspective of green energy as well; this could save us the trouble of expecting toomuch when what is being offered is truly sufficient. This space craft is 100 percent solar powered and is operational today. Gizmag - ClaroA trusted spiritual leader once confided in me - "I would rather be alive now; than at any other timeperiod in history." Of course everybody should feel this way - but the present moment reminds me toappreciate why I believe in the first place. The things that have been shown in the first ten articles areindeed true and no less compelling as every day passes - no kidding; a vision of the future is beingpresented - in real time. If we want to add some audio affects for your listening pleasure they click onthis link.Green Energy is a concept based upon the idea that light is most sublime - the idea of a GreenGeneration - for: none is too young and no one too old.........everyone belongs. Write a song - tell astory; join a spiritual cause - save yourself and the ones you love; this is your acceptable duty - likejoining the Coast Guard or dedicating oneself to a more perfect understanding of things in general. Mygeneral theme topic of Pittsburgh Audio/Visual Examiner requires me to examine Pittsburgh - an era ispassing slowly in my home town; it causes me some emotional pain to consider what could have been -few remember that Buckminster Fuller
  • 18. The Igloo as it was christened - is a Geodesic Dome the Fairhaven Greenwayand his Geodesic Dome were the vision behind the Civic Arena - "some want to save it - with thisnew quantum technology this could prove expedient. Just make sure that you plan for its use in yournetworks of the future - economy and efficiency may well prove to be the keys to financial survival.The Tech Vibe Radio program once again delivered something to think about - if economic recovery andfuture developments are important to you. The reason why quantum physics and its nanotechnologyare producing these inventions is the perfection of abstract concepts – which utilize physical perfectionas well......the concept of convergence. The legacy of Westinghouse is still an important part of thePittsburgh research and development scene - specifically in the realm of "thin film coatings" and as Mr.Lesker advised the listeners "now remember - these films are measured in Angstrom units - that is onet/1,000,000th of a millimeter - the technology that produces this technology is a great accomplishmentin itself - Leskers Vacuum System is advancing Quantum Science by leaps and bounds with nearly30,000 products worldwide at this writing. So when we go to sleep tonight say some prayers for the23,000 people working on the Deepwater Horizon Disaster - their fathers and grandfathers might havelistened to Zenner and Fuller (in some cases they did).......subsequently a lot of waste would have beenaverted and conservation used wisely and profitably. Conflicts based upon need and greed would berelegated to the realm of "to be forgotten" but not until this immense crisis and its cleanup is complete.I dont want to appear facetious - but the future is nowIt is not a good thing to rub salt into the wound - if petroleum is indeed an impediment to progress andif recent history is a good measure - extremely dangerous for this planets well-being. DeepwaterHorizon like the Exxon Valdez and numerous oil spill disasters worldwide actually needs intercession bythe U.S. Congress to insure that BP will soak up the entire cost of their disaster in the Gulf ofMexico. Catastrophic events like this ongoing disaster (generating the greatest cleanup response inhistory) happen because powers that be in general mismanage the risk involved by pretending that itdoesnt exist or is somehow less than it really is. The truth about BP and its relationship to the drillingcompany () accentuates this lack of vision and lack of respect for proper safety and operationalsafeguards - costing 14 men their lives. The future is now - the global village needs to greatlyaccelerate the conversion of transportation and power production into sustainable and manageabletechnologies - these technologies are available today.
  • 19. The GM EV - concept car is needed NOW Nanotechnology mimics platinum Feul CellBioenergy is the bottom line for this green technology - can you believe it..........there is transportationtechnology which is based upon the concept of photosynthesis - here is a quote from the GIZMAGarticle: “We hope that it is possible for man, vehicle and Nature to blend into one by 2030, and achievea truly harmonious co-existence between man and Nature,” Dr. Liu Qihua of SAICs Shanghai AutomotiveTechnical Center said to the journalist.Innovative energy conversion technology The design of the concept vehicle “YeZ” takes electricity as itsmain source of power, and the technical core is the natural energy conversion technology, whichincludes the photoelectric conversion technology, wind power conversion technology and carbondioxide absorption and conversion technology.SAIC YeZ Concept Car inhales C02, emits oxygen - this technology is being tested TODAYThe Pittsburgh region knows all about Energy and its Greed - being victimized by King Coal these nearlytwo centuries......dirt is not air; fire is not necessarily light. The world needs to learn and understand thedifference.Mr. President - your re - election is looking dimThe old Iroquois legend of Hondegayas (Conotocarious) is certainly true of the “Millennium Presidents”and as with most of the ‘puffed up’ chief executives of the U.S.A is prone to making foolish and rashdecisions based on ‘misinformation’ generated by their political opponents. Know your enemies?
  • 20. Mr. President taking the oath of office. United Press International UK GuardianAccording to legitimate sources the Deepwater Horizon disaster was committed with deliberateintent. Our president Barak Obama doesnt want to understand this - while he is busy trying to changetraditional morality for our military (which is already quite liberal for a Christian nation) the samecriminals who have failed the American people for the past 150 years have once again using theExecutive Branch of government as a shield (immunity from prosecution) for their crimes and as the leadfinancial source for just retribution for their incompetence. Mr. Obama has been given a goldenopportunity to change the course of history – one highlight is emerging; he has ceased from panderingto the ultra-rich and will change financial accountancy - for the better. Mr. President here is a messagefrom the trenches - of the war against environmental degradation:Hold BP, Halliburton and TransOcean Fully Responsible For the Gulf Oil Catastrophe ‫‏‬Barak Obama will be defeated in the 2012 elections if he continues to pursue his current course ofdecision making - even though his presidency shows great promise. BP and Trans-Oceanic could haveprevented this incident - which will become one of the worst ecologic disasters in our planets tragichistory - the question is why the government allows them to get away with it. Regarding Israel - it iswritten "I will bless those who bless you but I will curse those who curse you!" - It is also written - hewho touches Israel touches the apple of Gods eye. Super Nova 1987a is a cosmic event which corresponds to the millennia celebrationsPittsburgh has been the source of some counterfeit intelligent over the past few decades but hassucceeded in protecting its roots by preserving the first newspaper of the west - The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette; where this authors father worked - for 50 years as a pressman. The head of the OhioValley region is today noted for its parochial attitude towards justice and provincial political graft - butthis was not always the case. If Audio/Visual collections are any consideration of history then Drop ofLight Communications has a small collection of historic DVDs that give insight into the early and ongoing
  • 21. history of this region which includes both the Indian People - colonial powers and the Americanrevolution......A new book on this subject - The Point of Pittsburgh: Production and Struggle at the Forksof the Ohio By Charles McCollester for the sake of argument this excellent work can be compared toanother one which includes this hidden manna - essential history; Wampum Belts and Peace Trees(Hardcover) by Gregory Schaaf. Obama made a good show at the G20 conference even if it were forshow.......the proverbial ‘third world’ can be encouraged and find some help on this horizon.History in a world such as ours is a contentious subject - the question of America and its secretgovernment will one day - be a serious bone of contention; too bad that the criminals who run thisharlequin charade will never be brought to justice; not earthly justice anyway.The new metaphysics requires a quantum leap in reasoning Salonverte - Paris airshow 2010 Gizmag - courtesy ofOne adage of the American Indian people which is found in other cultures as well is the idea of "dontjudge another person until youve walked a mile in his moccasins (shoes)." This article from Gizmagilluminates the present moment in history superbly - yet man has his feet in quicksand. Just like whathappened on millennium day 2000 the ecologic disaster known as Deepwater Horizon keeps attentionfocused upon the failed policies and technologies of the past.....let us not be fooled by the God of thisWorld - read the Book of Job (not written by the children of Israel - but adopted as a testimony of Godslove for everyone) Jove. The millennia are real - time is no illusion; put your trust in the Lordwhile he still can be found.Moccasins - the height of fashion for more than five millennia By Darren Quick (of Gizmag)"There is no verbal hyperbole sufficient to express the magnitude of the environmental disaster nowknown as Deepwater Horizon - It is nothing short of an Armageddon of Oil. courtesy of The PenThe book of revelations speaks of the wrath of god being poured out upon the sun - This article detailsobservation of our sun with a range of new instruments - if a new age of discovery is about to embarkthe one serious constraint could well be from our stellar place in the universe.Political dialogue often tries to validate its rhetoric with terminology which actually reveals the intentionof the argument to mislead or deceive the one listening. The new metaphysics requires a quantum leapin reasoningApodictic - is this a paradigm of what is termed metaphysical certaintyDefinition for apodictic - certain: demonstrably or indisputably true........Apodictic" or "apodeictic"(Ancient Greek: "?ποδεικτικ?ς," "capable of demonstration") is an adjectival expression from
  • 22. Aristotelian logic that refers to propositions ...ethical logic utilizes apodictic metaphysical certainty? adj.Necessarily or demonstrably true; incontrovertible. [Latin apod?cticus , from Greekapodeiktikos , from apodeiktos , demonstrable, from apodeiknunai , to demonstrate ... Here is a picture of my dad with the Pirate Parrot team mascot -which demonstrates the principle of love of the game is more important than the love of winning. ThePittsburgh Pirates now have the longest losing streak in professional sports history 20 years andcounting - yet fan support remains strong and goodwill is still the by word.Take note of the quality and variety of major advancements in a/v technology which just this single pageof Gizmag represents - ultra slow motion; real 3 dimensional cameras; laser powered projectors;sublime professional software applications; security services; a true film free camera plus a roboticcamera mount to help take panoramic gigapixel composite pictures from remote locations - savingunknown quantities of work and physical energy.There is no paradigm shift regarding seeking of TRUTH - apodictic is the idea of value.Top 10 smartphones of 2010... for now HTC EVO 4G: The Hummer of smartphones - the iPhone 4 ishitting the stores and the lines are massive.......hopefully the convergence paradigm will continue torule in the development of this amazing Cloud Networking technology.An eye for an eye and a tooth for a toothDown through the ages an adage of the ancient world has caused tremendous grief to the human family- an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth; Messiah himself commented upon this passage from theTorah (or Books of Moses). Yeshua advised those who trusted in him to turn the other cheek and to dogood to those who hate you and spitefully use you.....for of such are the children of god. This millennialmoment so to speak is bringing forth the fulfillment of both the Torah and the intercession of Messiah.
  • 23. From the BBC and PBS is a very special revelation:The Israeli theatre company Nalaga’at has devised a unique experience for London audiences toexperience the sensations felt by their blind and deaf actors. Like this theatrical experience currentlybeing celebrated in London the experience of working within the atomic structure of living tissue anddysfunctional sight, hearing and even eating and chewing gives hope which can warm your heart andheal your mind.An audio/visual event par excellence is the July 24th to help document ONE DAY for the six plus billionpeople of earth sponsored by YouTube - get the details here.. They are seeking contributions!Life In A Day is a historic global experiment to create the worlds largest user-generated feature film: adocumentary, shot in a single day, by you. On July 24, you have 24 hours to capture a glimpse of yourlife on camera. The most compelling and distinctive footage will be edited into an experimentaldocumentary film, executive producer - Ridley Scott and directed by Kevin Macdonald.Your health and societies generalized wellbeing is advocated by Gizmag - their writersprovide detailed and timely insight into some of the most discrete technologicaldevelopments in history; if the content of their reporting is compelling then theirconcern for the common ground of our historic moment is equally well thought out....a time frame of 15 - 20 years to fully implement the technologic advances of nanotechnology into themainstream of industrialized society - for others the opportunities are immediate.Nanofilm could bring dead teeth back to life - by Karen Sprey GizmagThe amazing new dental implant technology nonlinear_acoustic_lens (non invasive)Nanostructured Assemblies for Dental ApplicationThe words "You need root canal treatment" are not what you want to hear when you visit the dentist,even though millions of teeth are saved every year by the procedure. While the root canal procedure
  • 24. has a high success rate, it still leaves a dead tooth in the mouth. That will change, however, withscientists reporting development of a Nano-sized dental film that may bring diseased teeth back to life.Dental implants could be grown inside patients mouths By Ben CoxworthThe words "You need root canal treatment" are not what you want to hear when you visit a dentist,even though millions of teeth are saved by the procedure. While the root canal procedure has a highsuccess rate, it still leaves a dead tooth in the mouth. That could be about to change, however, withscientists reporting development of a Nano-sized dental film that may bring diseased teeth back to life.Synthetic cornea offers hope to thousands By Tannith CattermoleThe specifications for a synthetic cornea are precise: the synthetic material must bond with the cells ofthe surrounding tissue, but it must not bond in the middle optical region of the artificial cornea. Theouter side of the cornea must moisten with tear fluids and allow the eyelid to slide across withoutfriction. Any deviation from these specifications would decrease the effectiveness of the cornea, impairsight, and perhaps require a new prosthesis after a short time.Donor corneas are extremely rare, but for 40,000 people in Europe corneal transplantation from donorsoffer the only hope of addressing blindness in one or both eyes. That was, until Dr. Joachim Storsberg ofthe Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Polymer Research IAP in Potsdam-Golm created the first artificialcornea, which has been successfully trialed and has been in use now since 2009. For this contribution tomedical science, Dr. Storsberg has been awarded the 2010 Joseph von Fraunhofer Prize.Audio/Visual technology and the Green Energy Phenomenon After considerable testing the 75 ton cap of the well head appears to be sealed. - MSNBCAmazing how republicanism seems to adversely affect the American Workplace - the Obamaadministration is learning how to use political pressure to get Congress to act upon the problems whichare affecting the greatest numbers of Americans and can also resolve long term problems which arecapable of preventing a full economic recovery - like Financial Reform. Stuck on stupid; big oil says no togreen jobs. Thanks for answered prayer on this well cap holding.This author is happy to report that the capping of the deepwater horizons undersea gusher is a goodomen for what philosophy has long considered as consolation. There is nothing good about thisdisaster - it may serve to make people aware of the need for change but it has also wasted valuablehuman resources in the development of the new green technology. This technology outclasses its rustbelt precursors by leaps and bounds - on a daily basis the saying "eye has not seen neither has any earheard what God has prepared for those who love him is proven on a great and diverse panorama of
  • 25. social and political fronts - transportation; communications; energy production; medical practice - etc.etc. My theory is that this is about the Millennia - here is a new book to consider. Harnessing-hot-electrons-could-double-efficiency-of-solar-cells - from University of MinnesotaIn keeping with Toyota’s previously stated aim of selling EVs in America by 2012, prototypes will bemade combining the Toyota RAV4 model with a Tesla electric powertrain. The first prototype has beenbuilt and is already undergoing testing by Tesla with the intention of delivering a fleet of prototypes toToyota for evaluation this year.The FAA has approved the first true flying car - the terrafugia weighing in at 1430 lbs.A true 3 dimensional Viewer is in development - no special glasses or need to stand like a statue.The key to Microsofts experimental system is a peculiar lens that projects the light toward a viewer byswitching on and off light-emitting diodes placed along its bottom edge. Thanks to an optical trick, lightenters through the bottom edge of the lens and then refracts within the lens itself to reach the desiredangle, after which its finally sent to the viewer. This method also means that unlike traditionalprojectors, the structure — including the lens itself — is thin and could be embedded into a standardLCD display without too much hassle.This is a great wonder indeed - but how does it compare to thousands of lightening bugs illuminating asummer evening in your local community - with this new technology at least one thing is certain - youcan share your experiences with others with a little imagination, patience and careful execution of youraudio visual toolbox. Take note of the quality and variety of major advancements in a/v technology
  • 26. which just this single page of Gizmag (3D technologies) represents - ultra slow motion; real 3dimensional cameras; laser powered projectors; sublime professional software applications; securityservices; a true film free camera plus a robotic camera mount to help take panoramic gigapixelcomposite pictures from remote locations - saving unknown quantities of work and physical energy.Hewlett Packard has long been a leader - HP sees the future of printing in the cloud.MicroBook pocket-sized PC or Mac recording studioThe MicroBook from MOTU aims to bring professional level studio recording capabilities to a Mac or PCcomputer. The bus-powered USB interface offers users up to four simultaneous inputs as well as a hostof studio mixing tools and audio analyzers. It uses industry standard Mac and PC drivers to ensuremaximum software compatibility and is small and light enough to fit in a pocket.Despite its compact size, the MicroBook audio interface packs in studio quality recording tools formusicians on-the-go or would-be engineers. It can record up to four inputs simultaneously fromdedicated guitar and microphone sockets at the front and a couple of line-in sockets to the rear. Audio isoutput via balanced TRS quarter-inch main outs, stereo "mini" line out, S/PDIF digital out, and phonesAiptek to release 3D camcorder and 3D digital photo frameAiptek will shortly release a 3D camcorder capable of capturing still images as well as HD movies and a3D photo frame display to show off all those magical stereoscopic moments.Special recognition for Darren Quicks excellent Gizmag articles - not to mention Gizmag in general.Future articles will focus on how Californias Generation Green youth movement will affect Americasconservation programs and efforts - how the Economic Recovery Program is developing newtechnologies and how these programs and projects are happening right now - this will highlight localWestern Pennsylvania and Pittsburgh area projects in particular - especially the development of GreenEnergy and its nanotechnology.Conservation Corps - a model for conservation of Americas most valuable resourcesEstablishment of the 21st Century Conservation Service Corps Advisory Committee -AGENCY: Office ofthe Secretary, Interior. The Department of the Interior is announcing the establishment of the 21stCentury Conservation Service Corps Advisory Committee (Committee). The purpose of the Committeeis to provide recommendations to the Secretary of the Interior on how to create a 21st CenturyConservation Service Corps (21CSC) to engage young Americans in public lands and water (Aug 2011)restoration .........helping young people, including low-income, underserved, and diverse youth, gainvaluable training and work experience while accomplishing needed conservation work on public lands.How to create a 21st Century Conservation Service CorpsService Corps Advisory Committee (21CSCAC) is a discretionary federal advisory committeeestablished by the Departments of Interior, Agriculture, the Environmental Protection Agency, and theCouncil on Environmental Quality. Here are Projects design ideas for conservation.
  • 27. 21st Century Youth Conservation Corps initiativeTHE INTERIOR DEPARTMENT’S 2010 BUDGET includes $70 million for youth programs. This includes a$50 million increase for the 21st Century Youth Conservation Corps initiative and $20 million inexisting base programs. The goal of the youth initiative is to develop new ways to engage youth innature and help them achieve an environmental awareness and respect for resources. The initiativebuilds upon existing youth education programs in BLM, USGS, FWS, and NPS to instill in youth a life-long interest in public lands and help prepare the next generation of natural resource professionals.The initiative includes:• Environmental Education involving students and teachers and provides outdoor laboratories• Recreation programs, such as hiking, fishing, wildlife observation, and hunting on public lands• Youth Conservation Corps providing opportunities for young adults to work on conservation projects• Volunteer and Community Service Programs for parks, refuges, and other public lands• Student Career Experience Program, established to support equal employment opportunityobjectives, provide exposure to public service, and promote education• Student Temporary Employment Program, designed to combine academic study with on-the-jobwork experience in parks, refuges, and other public lands“Creating a 21st Century Youth Conservation Corps“.USDA Commemorates the “New Year of the Trees”By Max Finberg, Director of the Center for Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships, 02/08/2012United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Under Secretary Natural Resources and EnvironmentHarris Sherman (left), next to the freshly planted Dawn Redwood for the Celebration of Tu B’Shevat“The New Year of the Trees” event; the 3rd Grade Class of the Jewish Primary Day School of theNation’s Capital and other addressed the attendees at the District of Columbia western lawn next tothe USDA Headquarters, Whitten Building at 14th Street and Independence Ave SW, Washington, D.C.on Wednesday, February 8, 2012. USDA Photo by Lance Cheung.It is written in the Talmud – a central text of Judaism – that ‘just as my parents planted for me, so Iwill plant for my children.’ Here at USDA, we’re planting trees across the country and in Israel to bringthe wide-ranging benefits of trees, both ecological and spiritual, to future generations. Read more »Students Impact Forest Service Planning Rule Process By Robert Westover, U.S. Forest Service, 03/15/2011Although the U.S. Forest Service Planning Rule is still a draft document, it has helped to produceenvironmental change for one special group of involved students. Over the past year this specialgroup of young adults attended planning rule public sessions, followed developing issues, and then
  • 28. provided some input of their own. Through their diligence and proactive engagement, some of theirconcerns have made it into the draft planning rule. Read more »21st Century Conservation Service CorpsPhipps project green heart || sustainable-landscaping || eco-designA greener greenhouse. Pretty obvious, right? But when Phipps Conservatory began planning a three-phrase, multi-year expansion at the turn of the new millennium, "green" building principles and practices had not yet reachedbroad public awareness. No model existed for how a major public garden could integrate sustainable buildingdesign, construction and operation into a long-range master plan.Like many other gardens, Phipps was planning to update the visitor experience and support facilities in our 100+year-old institution. Initially, the idea of going green was not part of the design. Inspiration to create one of theworlds most energy efficient and sustainable conservatories came from the regions main "green building"pioneers and advocates. Read more about how Phipps took the lead in this "green" revolution.Hot off the presses……conservation gets a major boost In this case Generation Green began as a club chapter at the South Lake Tahoe High School – soon theForest Service in its need for people who have both a love for nature and a sound understanding ofliving and working in areas where as the 1964 Wilderness Act states – “man is a visitor and does notstay”. Naturally Lake Tahoe adopted its Generation Green youth with open arms and in the space oftwo years had accomplished more with this cooperative effort than 25 years kidding.This program is a model which should be adopted across America if not the world.....few would arguethat most young people have little respect for the natural world or desire to care for it.....this is obviousnot only in the state of natural habitats which are not cared for directly by government authorities withpolice powers or underfunded and poorly managed. All of the work of conservation is profitable:seventh generation is one excellent example of this - every aspect of conservation can become efficientand profitable.....the advent of nanotechnology in biofuels production will insure that this relationshipwill remain strong for the foreseeable future – the prevention of forest fires; the improvement ofecologic quality in prime natural habitats are a first order priority for everyone who breathes oxygen andneeds clean pure water for their health and wellbeing.The future belongs to the young – this is proverbial; Green Energy Technology and EnvironmentalConservation go hand in hand........if our great country is to reach its true potential Generation Greenand its spirit of cooperation and hands on training must be promoted and allowed to succeed – not onlyfor forest management but for the other changes which our economy must undergo if it is to survive inthe rapidly changing world marketplace.......we have the ideas – now let’s go..
  • 29. What exactly is Generation Green - our most valuable resource!Slideshow: Jewel of the Sierras - Generation GreenLast summer I had the opportunity to work with the U.S. Forest Service at their Lake Tahoe Basin Mgmt.Unit in South Lake Tahoe California. The program was a summer camp for the Central CaliforniaConsortium’s Generation Green Program. This was no ordinary program but a cooperative effortbetween over 300 conservation organizations and the Forest Service to preserve “The Jewel of theSierras” – Lake Tahoe. As the focal point of one of North Americas most diverse and spectacular geologicareas. Its great natural resources offer breath taking wonders to all ages and recreational energies.These kids had a perfect attitude about their mission of ecologic improvement and fire managementprojects. The most incredible and amazing thing about this program is the cooperation with other reallygreat programs in this area and region - is light years ahead of anything in the rest of the world;including the impressive cleanup of the Deepwater Horizon disaster. Lake Tahoe is one of the mostlucrative resort areas on earth - this alone puts an incredible stress upon the natural buffers of itspristine Alpine environment.In this case Generation Green began as a club at the South Lake Tahoe High School – soon the ForestService in its need for people who have both a love for nature and a sound understanding of living andworking in areas where as the 1964 Wilderness Act states – “man is a visitor and does notstay”. Naturally Lake Tahoe adopted its Generation Green youth with open arms and in the brief spaceof two months had accomplished more with this cooperative effort along the California - Nevada borderthan 25 years previously......due to lack of comprehensive cooperation. This program is a model whichshould be adopted across America if not the world.....few would argue that many young people havelittle respect for the natural world or desire to care for it.....this is obvious not only in the rundown stateof natural habitats which are not cared for directly by government authorities with police powers or aregenerally underfunded and poorly managed. All of the work of conservation is profitable: seventhgeneration is one excellent example of this - every aspect of conservation can become efficient andprofitable.....the advent of nanotechnology in biofuels production will insure that this relationship willremain strong for the foreseeable future – the prevention of forest fires; the improvement of ecologicquality in prime natural habitats are a first order priority for everyone who breathes oxygen and needsclean pure water for their health and wellbeing.The future belongs to the young – this is proverbial; Green Energy Technology and EnvironmentalConservation go hand in hand........if our great country is to reach its true potential Generation Greenand its spirit of cooperation and hands on training must be promoted and allowed to succeed – not only
  • 30. for forest management but for the other changes which our economy must undergo if it is to survive inthe rapidly changing world marketplace.......we have the ideas – now let’s go.  This web site has great information about this program.  Ambiance with nature begins in the home and our school system - Earth Day Network.  The Seventh Generation - naturally safe and effective household products!  Project Green America – Policies - Outdoor Industry Policy Newsletter (Mar 03, 2011)  AGO calls for 21st Century Conservation Service Corps, Enhanced Recreation Economy  The outdoor industry recognizes and supports the Public Lands Service Coalition, an alliance of advocates for youth programs and public lands, in calling on the Obama administration and Congress to enact the first recommendation in the recently unveiled America’s Great Outdoors (AGO) Report: the creation of a 21st Century Conservation Service Corps (21CSC).My hometown of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania has made great strides in this area and coming articles willprove the relationships between economic recovery and ecologic sustainability are happening now.Ambient Intelligence and the cloud: Generation Green is nowPittsburghs convention center is a green building with the ambiance of a green house . Credits: Pittsburgh Business TimesThis may be deemed way above my head or sound intellectual but how nature and its ecology manageto survive and succeed in ever changing environmental conditions and climates is important to everyliving things survival. Adaptation is the key - it is more than just knowing the parts of something buthow those parts work and interact together.a·dap·tive adj. Showing or having a capacity to make fit for new or special situations; flexible; asuccessful adjustment.The success of the Deepwater Horizon cleanup effort reminds me of an experience I had last summer atLake Tahoe on the California/Nevada border in which all of the issues of today came into a clear historicperspective. Here is the story in a more compelling form.Many computer gurus have discounted the idea of artificial intelligence as self-supporting; yet thisgeneralized response is due more to the avowed purpose of scientists and engineers to build anandroid robot which can think and act independently - much like a few humans do; than the true
  • 31. potential of intelligence in all of its many and variegated modalities. For anyone who read my bookand was appalled at all the errors - I humbly is the completed version.....Including theentire historic period which one might call the millennial jubilee.. Ambient Intelligence and the naturalworld is a profound revelation - bioethics required.It is also an important part of the basic programming that allows all computer languages to function inthe common ground of cyberspace - this language conceived of and developed around 1975 is termedC++ - this CODE Language supports nearly every major language - Perl; java; net; visual basic; pythonand so forth execute and run upon of the paradigms of this C language is Ambiance - which isthe quality of defining how your program will interact with other cybernetic entities.Energy Harvesting - Context-aware & interactive energy management for indoor smart environmentsCapturing ambient intelligence - eSense Networks - The Do-It-Yourself Home of the FutureA question for consideration - is love a special kind of ambiance or does LOVE create ambiance?Places like Utahs Red Rock country, the magnificent Wyoming Range, and the incomparable ArcticRefuge, could all suffer catastrophic damage from oil and gas drilling. During the next few weekswe have new, quickly moving opportunities for long-term protection of these places, and others.Clean Energy Jobs and Oil Company Accountability Act of 2010Please urge Congress to pass the CLEAR Act, and establish real reform of Big Oil and Gas. Action in theHouse is imminent. Help us reach our goal of 50,000 letters in support of changing the way Big Oil andGas does business!am·bi·ance /æmbi?ns; Fr. ?~by?~s/ [am-bee-uhns; Fr. ahn-byahns]1. the mood, character, quality, tone, atmosphere, etc., particularly of an environment or milieu: Therestaurant had a delightful ambiance.2. that which surrounds or encompasses; environment.  Ambiance - Multi Agent Platform or the Tree of Life Project --- from Wikipedia  SAIC concept car - The Yez is a vehicle which has a negative carbon footprint  And as predicted - Virgin Galactica’s VSS Enterprise makes first manned flight  the avalanche diode can convert ambient energy from artificial lightening for a LAN.Another definition of ambiance is a narrower in its context:: a feeling or mood associated with aparticular place, person, or thing : atmosphere. Green energy and its sustainability paradigm is gaininginternational attention - one such place is in New Orleans Louisiana where the city continues to rebuildupon the devastation of Hurricane Katrina and movie stars help the people start again.Texas Instruments is producing – Battery Free Devices; energy harvesting becomes reality withAdaptivEnergy’s wireless, remote sensing solution based on TI ultra-low power technology Battery freeJoule-Thief(TM) technology combined with TI’s MSP430 microcontrollers, RF and eZ430-RF2500development kit provides wide-ranging ambient intelligence
  • 32. DALLAS (August 19, 208) – Demonstrating the advantages of energy harvesting and radio frequency (RF)technology for wireless sensing, monitoring or ambient intelligence, AdaptivEnergy has developed ademonstration kit using Joule-Thief TM technology to harvest energy and power Texas InstrumentsIncorporated’s (TI) (NYSE: TXN) ultra-low power MSP430 microcontroller (MCU) and RF technology tocollect data, control the operation of a system or send sensed data to central collection sites. The Joule-Thief energy harvesting device is based on AdaptivEnergy’s Ruggedized Laminated Piezo (RLP®)technology, which enables compact energy harvesting modules to power applications such as wirelesssensors. These wireless sensors could be used to gather ambient intelligence to detect and reportcritical conditions in factories, automobiles, office buildings, homes and other environments – allwithout wiring or batteries. For more information, please visit:Courtesy of - Technology - Aug 24th, 2008 by Adam Green.Pittsburghs Green Building Alliance receives LEED platinum certificationEatn Park constructs first LEED-built restaurant in cityLeadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Existing Building (EB) Eat/n Park received thecoveted silver and gold certification from the U.S. Green Building Council for its new Fox Chapel locationat the Water Works Mall. Even Duquesne University is offering a Masters (Sustainability M.B.A.) in thisnew field of green technology. The bottom line here keeps getting better - a fitting epitat for the Igloo isin fact the new Console Energy on. Thursday, April 23, 2009 By Mark Belko, PittsburghPost-Gazette - Penguins seeking top rating as greenest sports venue in U.S. - only LEEDS certified facilityin the sports worldAmbiance - the key to appreciating the Millennia Home based fuel cell and ambient solar power system based uponrelatively inexpensive components. Credits: GizmagAmbiance is such a great idea - too bad it is so poorly understood and appreciated as a concept whichmakes life both enjoyable and worthwhile. The living world we inhabit provides this for everyone.....thefailure to recognize this relationship generally leads to violence and destruction.City Councilman Doug Shields today introduced a bill that would ban Marcellus shale drilling withinPittsburghs borders, potentially setting the stage for a legal fight with gas companies. The very idea offracking the environment of Pennsylvania and the Appalachian Area in general is the greatest mistakethat the idiotic people of the United States have ever made - this is because of the failure to realize thepotential of green energy - especially as a means to redeem the American Economy from its prematuredeath. A very good video about this phenomenon - Coal Country speaks volumes of what Marcellusshale fracking will cause.
  • 33. Intelligence has many facets - perhaps a better way to think about computers and audio/videonetworking is information intelligence. It is also written - be not deceived; God is not mocked.....forwhatever a man sows - the same shall he reap. In many ways the U.S. energy production is suchmockery.The United States government has been deceiving its people since its inception hence the saying ofAbraham Lincoln and his Gettysburg the Pittsburgh region this deception is in thedepiction of Marcellus Shale as somehow beneficial to our economy - this is the biggest lie for many ayear. Destroying the geologic foundations of the world we live upon in order to loosen more carbonbased fuels is not only very dangerous but almost suicidal......Fracking as this process is called is one ofthe most dangerous technologies to ever develop.....the federal government claims to have noinformation about it - but has scheduled studies...........even while it is being implemented. Just like thelies about Coal usage in the previous generation - fracking will prove disastrous to what is left of theviable environment.A fractal is a complex shape which, when viewed in finer and finer detail, shows itself to be constructedof ever smaller parts, similar to the original. Just as a stone at the base of a foothill can resemble inminiature the mountain from which it originally tumbled down, so are fractals self-similar whether onelooks at them from close up or very far away.Fractals Ambient Instrumentals is a millennium contribution to music theory - Audio DoodleHello and Welcome - EnigmaOne of the major themes of this author is holistic medicine and its relationship to clinical practice -(plural insularity and holism (homeostasis)); miracles not withstanding!Researchers regenerate nerve connections after spinal injury By Darren Quick August 8, 2010PTEN - mTOR dynamic ontogeny of the nervous system - complex adaptive systemChristopher and Dana Reeves Foundation has announced a major breakthrough - about two percent ofAmericans – more than six million people – have some form of paralysis resulting from spinal cord injury,which is due primarily to the interruption of connections between the brain and spinal cord. Suchparalysis and loss of function has long been considered untreatable, but a new approach has, for thefirst time, induced robust regeneration of nerve connections that control voluntary movement, showingthe potential for new therapeutic approaches to paralysis and other motor function impairments andoffering hope to sufferers.Dynamic Interaction of an Integrated Doubly-Fed Induction generator and a Fuel Cell connected to GridFor the past decade, the deregulation of the electric power industry has created an environment wheretraditional generation is being reexamined and new forms of generation are being created. Most likelywind turbines and fuel cells will be the dominant grid connected distributed generators. This paperproposes a novel integration of a doubly-fed induction generator (DFIG) and a fuel cell. With theproposed scheme, it is possible to inject power from a DC power source like a fuel cell into the AC gridwithout using an expensive inverter. The fuel cell is connected across the DC link of the back-back
  • 34. converters of a DFIG and power from the fuel cell is either injected into the generator or the griddepending upon wind conditions and energy requirements at the site. This is achieved by a low voltageDC link which also results in considerable savings. Dynamic models of DFIG and fuel cell have beenderived which are used to simulate the proposed integrated system. Vector control schemes to operatethe DFIG both as a power source and as an active filter compensating for harmful harmonics generatedby non-linear loads are described. It has been shown that active and reactive power generated can becontrolled. Power factor correction and reactive power control can also be achieved. Complete systemhas been simulated in Matlab/Simulink. Simulation results showing interaction of DFIG and fuel cell withthe AC grid have been presented. Power flow between these systems has been analyzedNew-catalyst-makes-electrolyzers-more-efficientAlthough wave power is attracting a lot of attention as a renewable energy source, it is possible togenerate power from still water. All you need is electrolyzers, which separates water into its twocomponents, hydrogen and oxygen, then feeds them into a fuel cell. Electrolyzers, however, requirecatalysts to get the process rolling. While hydrogen production catalysts aren’t much of a problem, theplatinum catalysts used for oxygen production are expensive, don’t last very long, and the creation ofthem incorporates toxic chemicals. This Monday, however, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology(MIT) announced the development of a new oxygen production catalyst that is 200 percent moreefficient than platinum. The nickel-borate-based catalyst has been licensed to Sun Catalytix, which ishoping to be producing safe, super-efficient electrolyzers within two years.What is a fractal? Here are some definitions:1) A shape that can be repeatedly subdivided into parts, each of which is a smaller copy of the whole.Fractals are generally self-similar and independent of scale.2) A fractal is a geometric object which is rough or irregular on all scales of length, and so which appearsto be broken up in a radical way. Some of the best examples can be divided into parts, each of which issimilar to the original object. Fractals are said to possess infinite detail, and they may actually have aself-similar structure that occurs at different levels of magnification.3) A term coined by Benoit Mandelbrot in 1975 to refer to items with fractional dimensions as opposedto the integer dimensions such as 1, 2 and 3 associated with length, area and volume. This term is oftenused to refer to a structure bearing statistically similar details over a wide range of scales. Fractalsdescribe shapes that are "self-similar" -- that is, shapes that look the same at different magnifications.To create a fractal, you start with a simple shape and duplicate it successively according to a set of fixedrules. Oddly enough, such a simple formula for creating shapes can produce very complex structures,some of which have a striking resemblance to objects that appear in the real world.4) Fractals share holographic properties.5) A geometric shape or pattern that is self-similar and has fractional dimensions. Natural phenomenasuch as the formation of snowflakes, clouds, mountain ranges, and landscapes involve patterns. Theirpictorial representations are fractals and are usually generated by computers. They are repeated atevery scale and so cannot be represented by classical geometry. Fractals have statistical self-similarity atall resolutions and is generated by an infinitely recursive process. An algorithm, or shape, characterized
  • 35. by self-similarity and produced by recursive sub-division; more generally the branch of mathematicsnamed and explored by Benoit Mandelbrot.6) Fractals are like clouds. When looking at the same cloud some see flowers, others may see bunnies,or Viking warlords frolicking in the snow. Each person sees something different. What do you see?the enigma of metaphysics - directly engineering the ambient potential of the vacuumAdding Whittakers engineer-able hidden variable theory to classical electro-magnetics, quantummechanics, and general relativity produces supersets of each discipline. These supersets are joined bythe common Whittaker subset, producing a unified field theory that is engineer-able and tested.Examples of fractal properties - From Quantum Theory Made Easy (part one):Quantum physics"....shows that we cannot decompose the world into independently existing smallest units. As wepenetrate into matter, nature does not show us any isolated basic building blocks, but rather appearsas a complicated web of relations between the various parts of the whole. These relations alwaysinclude the observer in an essential way."Chaos theory“The fractal geometry of chaos theory offers a curious picture of wholeness, rather than sheer disorderor perfectly crafted design -- something between symmetry and anarchy: broken symmetry. Thesefractals are like the fragments of a shattered hologram. If a hologram should be broken into pieces, anapproximation of the whole picture could still be seen in each of its many shards. Woolley suggests thatthe universe is like the many fragments of a shattered hologram, and scientists can discover secrets ofthe whole "enfolded" universe by examining these fractured crystals that are "unfolded" andconsequently accessible to our investigation. Holography, like fractal geometry, is of great practicalvalue in the compressing and decompressing of digital data and images.Lets take a moment to regroup. There should be some sense of non-local connection emerging hereentangling Dalis illusions, fractals, spirals, holograms, compactions dimensions, encoding, symmetry,asymmetry, broken symmetry, stereograms, and all those ideas yet to materialize. Chaos puts ourfragmented world back together as a crystal of broken symmetries with many facets -- as fractals . Wemust come to appreciate the mystery of the diamond mind, which attains its true beauty only when it isbroken by the hand of an artist. These swirling images of the whole raise us to dizzying heights, but thewholeness we experience is not the limitless expanse of the universe, but a passageway throughcreation in which we also have a hand to play.From Fractals In Nature:Most mathematics that we study in school is old knowledge. Around 300 B.C. a mathematician by thename of Euclid organized the geometry we have been studying this year in class. You can thank him forall the beautiful postulate and theorems that we now have in our math toolboxes. Much of fractalgeometry, however, is new knowledge. Fractal geometry and chaos theory are providing us with a newway to describe the world. Many objects in nature arent formed of Euclid’s squares or triangles, but ofmore complicated geometric figures. Many natural objects - ferns, clouds, seashells - are shaped like
  • 36. fractals. Fractal geometry is a new language used to describe, model and analyze complex forms foundin nature. Chaos science uses this new fractal geometry.How it all works:The basic technique of these fractals can actually be explained without resorting to confusingmathematical equations and jargon. Its rather simple, really.First, give every point on the screen a unique number. Now take that number and stick it into a formula;youll get a result from the formula. Take that result and stick it back into the formula. Keep doing thisand watch what happens to the numbers you get. Color each point based on what happens.Thats it. Really—thats it. Now, with most formulas it probably wont do much of interest, but with theformulas used in fractal creation, some interesting things happen. Sometimes the numbers you get byfeeding the results of a formula back into the formula (iterating) explode into enormous numbers, thatjust keep getting bigger and bigger. Those points get colored one way. Other times, the numbers "homein" on a number, getting closer and closer to it. They get colored a different way.The interesting thing—and the reason fractals work at all—is that sometimes, just a tiny little change inthe number you start with can completely change what happens as you keep iterating the number. Andthe boundary between numbers that explode and numbers that home in is complicated and twisted—its the shape of the fractal.The enormous task at hand:Calculating fractals this way involves a lot of work. A small fractal image—perhaps only 640x480—contains over 300,000 points. Each of those points may require running a number through the fractalformula more than 1,000 times. This means the formula has to be computed more than three hundredmillion times. And thats a mild example. Extreme images (such as poster-size fractals) can involve morethan one trillion calculations. Fortunately for the impatient among us, modern computers are fastenough to do the job in a few minutes. Large fractals might take hours or days, but exploring fractals hasnever been easier.Spray-on film turns windows into solar panelsImagine if all the windows of a building, and perhaps even all its exterior walls, could be put to use assolar collectors. Soon, you may not have to imagine it, as the Norwegian solar power company EnSol haspatented a thin film solar cell technology designed to be sprayed on to just such surfacesWorld’s Largest Tidal Turbine will generate enough power for 1,000 homesThe worlds largest and most powerful tidal power turbine has just been unveiled by Atlantis ResourcesCorporation ahead of installation at a special berth at the European Marine Energy Center (EMEC) inOrkney, Scotland.These developments are being implemented worldwide and with the assistance of nano-scalelithography could well be available to those who will want them in the near future.
  • 37. Marcellus shale is not where it is atAdmiral Joe Sestak Credits: Bing search enginePeople in Western Pennsylvania are experiencing the onslaught of drilling rigs known as Marcellus Shale;unfortunately they have been had. Professional politicians and their corporate sponsors have beenselling the people of the Appalachian region a bill of sale for development and capital investment -nothing could be further from the truth.......according to Energy and Capital - the real profits are beingtaken in the alternative energy power generation and their consumer support industries - read it foryourself. The police state tactics of the 19th century have returned.....the so-called election resultsprove this.General Electric has sponsored an Ecoimagination Challenge entitled - Powering the Grid and the PANano Center Announces $980,000 in Available Research Grants:On November 1, 2010 the Center is making available $980,000 in grant funds to Pennsylvania-baseduniversity researchers and small and large companies to support the development of innovative productideas using advanced materials and nanotechnology.Pittsburgh is becoming a focal point of the sustainability movement - you may already know about thisconference November 3rd at the Fairmont Hotel..........have a great day.The 2010 Pennsylvania Senatorial Election is considered too close to call - Admiral Sestak is thecandidate which my Green Party affiliations accept in view of the information intelligence which myexaminer column has afforded me - it may not be appropriate for me to recommend that you vote forthis individual. But I do have one bit of advice - VOTE....this election is more important than many think.Ambient Intelligence and the cloud: dont think twice - it aint all rightOne Oxford Centre - Pittsburghs Tammany Hall Credits: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
  • 38. Corporate greed has won the day in America and the writing is upon the wall for our future. Dieboldvoting machines; untimely death of up and coming political leaders and a generalized inability of theAmerican people themselves to use their own memory to discern the truth. Pittsburgh Pennsylvania isno exception to this rule the difference is that freedom has provided an opportunity to make adifference - out of internet pages of the millennial generation has come the astounding truth of whatthe 19th century discerned as quantum physics.Here is another insight into the truth of this new metaphysics and its relationship to everyday life.Plastic solar cell technology - with advanced production this technology should be a great success - orwill it?This spray on technology utilizes the very heart of nanotechnology - single walled nanotubes copolymercomposites provide the nanostructure to embed organic solar cell technology into the substrate - idealfor rooftop installations using microwave induction into the power grid. What does this have to dowith audio/visual technology - the quantum dot; no less will boost the efficiency of this system beyondwhat dirty coal and their oil industry masters can resist the implementation of - 30% of solar radiationis infrared (heat) this technology will work even on cloudy days. This thin-film technology can also beused a tinting for windows.For you gamesters - here is a new board game which demonstrates the fundamentals of magnetism andsuperconductivity for educational fun. Ambiance is ambient intelligence - plain and simple; what themillennia have wrought who can put is my real email address for those who what toassail these far out ideas. Is it an insult to think that solar photovoltaics where available over 50 yearsago and the U.S. government has been concealing it ever since. Has anyone ever considered that thereason our government is in constant turmoil is that we are actually broke and the national debt is muchlarger than is generally realized. America does not need another bloody tea-party but a greenrevolution which the millennials have worked diligently to produce............this alone can turn the tide -and save the day.I like your smiling face - your baby can read; WYSIWYGA good friend of mine once wrote - we must protect the lens through which concepts are visualized. Iam convinced that the new technology for learning entitled - Your Baby Can Read; is a major stepforward in helping children to lead more positive and emotionally fulfilling lives. Here is a literalsmorgasbord of audio visual offerings which promote this viewpoint.One stipulation at is that my articles should include information about Audio/Visualtechnology in Pittsburgh; presently the best I can do is present The City of Champions in a surprisingguise; as a champion of Green Building Engineering - a positive effort is being made to change course intime for a quickly arriving future which is not necessarily progressive. A small city would hardly seemthe candidate for being a champion of spectator sports in which the big buck normally rules.....yet ifspirit is any indication of results - a can do attitude and an open mind to truth regarding change makesthis city a winner - in spite of itself.When speaking of spirit - it is normal to consider religious beliefs; America itself has the advantage ofbeing the cradle for the spirit of brotherhood known as The Brethren......this is where unity is restored
  • 39. from within the various sects in a community of good will. Some have tried to exploit this spirit forpolitical power and monetary gain - the warning from the euphamous War on Terror resounds."Evangelicals and Catholics Together: The Christian Mission in the Third Millennium" is a documentwhich promotes a global viewpoint but fails the test of being antichrist in practice. The reformation ofthe church occurred following the failure of the crusades and its domination by the social elite; 500years ago. Well Paul of Tarsus admonished The Romans - "Faith comes through hearing and hearing bythe word of God." Today the failure of this war on terror is evident - it proves the theory asserted inthe Canadian documentary, The Corporation, that the "personality profile" of a corporation is akin toa psychopath’s, and in this alleged case, an intensely predatory and depraved one (quoted fromJeremy Scahill). One such corporation is the Global entity - Halliburton; sometime termed TheOctopus. Spiritual truth is not served by deceit.The First Letter of John - Chapter 2Little children, it is the last hour: and as ye heard that antichrist cometh, even now have there arisenmany antichrists; whereby we know that it is the last hour. 2:19 They went out from us, but they werenot of us; for if they had been of us, they would have continued with us: but they went out, that theymight be made manifest that they all are not of us. 2:20 And ye have an anointing from the Holy One,and ye know all the things. 2:21 I have not written unto you because ye know not the truth, but becauseye know it, and because no lie is of the truth.Jesus told His disciples... "The Helper, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in My name, He willteach you all things, and bring to your remembrance all that I said to you." Romans 8-11 alsorelates......And if the Spirit of him who raised Jesus from the dead is living in you, he who raised Christfrom the dead will also give life to your mortal bodies ...“51 ¶ And it came to pass, when the time was come that he should be received up, he stedfastly set hisface to go to Jerusalem, 52 And sent messengers before his face: and they went, and entered into avillage of the Samaritans, to make ready for him. 53 And they did not receive him, because his face wasas though he would go to Jerusalem. 54 And when his disciples James and John saw [this], they said,Lord, wilt thou that we command fire to come down from heaven, and consume them, even as Elias did?55 But he turned, and rebuked them, and said, Ye know not what manner of spirit ye are of. 56 For theSon of man is not come to destroy men’s lives, but to save *them+. And they went to another village.”3D Medical Animation: Antibody Immune ResponseINSOUCIANCE: lighthearted unconcern - nonchalancethe ambiance of everyday existence which endeared her to friends and family the cheerful feeling youhave when nothing is troubling youWor·ries plural
  • 40.  Anxiousness: a troubled unsettled feeling cause of anxiety: something that causes anxiety or concern period of anxiety: a period spent feeling anxious or concernedSynonyms: carefreeness, nonchalance, indifference, unconcern, happinessAntonyms: worryAudio Doodle GE Eco Challenge WinnersIn the rapidly development world of audio/visual technology - the old saying "you aint seen nothingyet"; is highly appropriate!Next - the 4th dimension begets a fifthYou have entered the 4th dimensionThe audio/visual field has truly entered the 4th dimension - 4 G networks and true 3D and holographicimaging capabilities make this new technology classical terms TIME is integral to the 4thdimension (unlike the tradition depth breath and height) but is considered to be SEPERATE fromit........ethereal and ephemeral are concepts relating to this understanding yet there is much more we shall see.Ethereal Vs. Ephemeral (as design engineers like Buckminster Fuller propose) a quote from someonename McAuliffe: Or even better the artwork of New Century Artist Stephanie Joyce."Ethereal means roughly, spiritual or lacking material substance. It could be immaterial, dependingon the definition. Ephemeral signifies lasting only a short time."Things that lack substance and things that dont last very long (duration) have an inimical relationship inthe 4th dimension....their properties provide a conceptual foundation for the high abstractions ofquantum mechanics and its Theory of Everything.....scripture defines this relationship in the bookof Hebrews 11:3:New International Version “By faith we understand that the universe was formed at Gods command, sothat what is seen was not made out of what was visible.”New Living Translation – “By faith we understand that the entire universe was formed at Gods command,that what we now see did not come from anything that can be seen.”The ‘mind’s eye’ is an idea of value which folklore provides – “Ethereal, ephemeral, a bit abstract andfaintly disturbing, a length of rope, floating, caught in suspension, between the depths of the water*and the reflection of the clouds; ethereal and ephemeral are two words I easily confuse, but it doesn’tmatter here, either will do.” Fractal geometry can handle these perceptions - one historic example is"How long is the Coast of England" - the question becomes "who weighs the anchor for your soul".The ancient greeks considered Aether (classical element), a concept, historically, used in science (as amedium) and in philosophy (as a substance)
  • 41.  Aether theories in alchemy, natural philosophy, and very early modern physics which suppose a "fifth element" Aluminiferous aether, in early physics considered to be the medium through which light propagates Nanotechnology and its new theory of electronics utilize both concepts as aspects of condensed matter physics. A component level model of these new developments helps to define some very interesting metaphysics. An ancient word with interesting correspondence with this ambient intelligence is Syzygy - defined as: In broadest terms, syzygy (pronounced /ˈsɪ.zɨ.dʒi/) is a kind of unity, especially through coordination or alignment, most commonly used in the astronomical and/or astrological sense.[1] Syzygy is derived from the Late Latin syzygia, "conjunction", from the Greek σφζυγος (syzygos). One obvious differentiation would be system and gyroscope. An ephemeral (short-lived) port is a transport protocol port for Internet Protocol (IP) communications allocated automatically from a predefined range by the TCP/IP stack software. And likewise the Ethereal Analyzer is a professional level tool for Information Technicians or IT Agents. Last but not least - hats of to the New York Jets who actually played our Pittsburgh Steelers one heck of a game; the difference was the one thing the Steelers are really best at - the goal line stands.....pass the football instead. Today the 4th dimension has empowered the audio visual platform with an a new first - full High Dynamic Range (HDR) video system; it emulates human vision and provides the ambient aspect of depth perception to one and all. So enjoy. The Fear of God is the beginning of wisdom It becomes more obvious with every passing day - the hand writing is on the wall for America. Whether it is the vitriolic rhetoric of the nation’s radio jocks and their republican hogwash or the absurd immorality of the T.V. and cable networks - the proverbial ax is beginning to fall. It is time to seek the lord while he can be found; Messiah prophesied of the days we are living in - as our millennial celebrations become cosmic events. The terrible destruction known as super outbreaks are increasing in their frequency of occurrence.....the earthquakes in Chile and Northern Japan are events which are events which are in extremely diverse places - yet their magnitude is of most intense. Al Gores victory in the 2000 presidential race is beginning to condemn our entire electoral process. Remember - to those who overcome Messiah will find a place for them in his kingdom - this is recorded in the Gospel. Thankfully - many are overcoming this world.....relief efforts are saving lives and speeding the recovery process - alternatives to our wasteful economy are on line and becoming reality on a daily basis as well - this is a praise to our creator; our Heavenly Father. This relationship can presents difficulties’ - one of which my hometown of Pittsburgh seems adept at providing honorable resolution for. The relationship between Truth and Justice is inimical.....truth is not a matter of debate for decision by some kangaroo court of public opinion but a matter of investigation; conviction and the ability to accept ones errors and admit when they are wrong. Kudos to the Steelers Rashid Mendenhall who fairly exercised his constitutional right to express his dissent about what seems like an ill-advised raid on Pakistan in order to kill a wanted terrorist - this individual and his role in the arena of Islamic jihad is a matter of great differences of international reporting - only a neutral international court would be able to identify and investigate the truth of these diverse reports.
  • 42. Pittsburgh was also the regional site of the worlds first commercial nuclear reactor at Shippingport, Pa -it was based on the original Thorium technology and its 25 year life span was without majorincident......Could the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster have been prevented - Yes! Remediation of groundwater; agricultural areas and the site itself will take a long time - but thankfully this effort is in directconjunction with the implementation of Layered titanate nanofibers - and other Nano technologydesigned to increase the effectiveness and speed of environmental remediation which must take placethere. Thorium is a relatively safe nuclear fuel - known about for a decade before the advent of reactorswhich could produce plutonium. Thorium is a naturally-occurring, slightly radioactive metal discoveredin 1828 by the Swedish chemist Jons Jakob Berzelius, who named it after Thor, the Norse god of thunder.It is found in small amounts in most rocks and soils, where it is about three times more abundant thanuranium. Soil commonly contains an average of around 6 parts per million (ppm) of thorium. Thorium-232 (Th-232) decays very slowly (its half-life is about three times the age of the Earth) but other thoriumisotopes occur in its and in uraniums decay chains. Most of these are short-lived and hence much moreradioactive than Th-232, though on a mass basis they are negligible.The Generation Green program has a junior level companion developing in various communitiesthroughout the world....Pennsylvania is one which is promoting it as an environmental educationalternative. The PEAK (Promoting Environmental Awareness in Kids) program is the result of a uniquepartnership between REI (Recreation Equipment, Inc.) and the Leave No Trace Center ... The OutdoorEthics Center is the host of PEAK.Some wonder about 2012 and its significance - Galactic Solstice 2012 - the idea of a magnetopause ifextremely important to understanding anything as immense as universal convergence. My opinion isput your trust in God above.....this moment of joy and inner healing will hopefully enrapture youThe Fifth Dimension is for real - can you feel itHumans have been described generally as having 5 senses - taste touch sight hearing and smell;however these powerful senses have an allie; the mind and with our mind dimensions and otherphysical qualities are perceived.....some say that people have the ability to utilize a sixth sense (secondsight) as well - this is a matter of spiritual sensibility.In case you havent noticed the world seems to be speeding up.....and with it disasters and upheavals ofgreat magnitude; these things were foreseen millennia ago - some call this visionary intelligence -believers understanding it as the office of the prophet; who serves to set the tabernacle with God (asmankinds creator) in harmony with time itself; as the consequences of mans actions become historyand history moves on to its millennia. Prophecy is a gift that must be scrutinized very closely in thateven God warns - many false prophets have spoken lies and given false reports.Doomsday thinking did not originate with The God of Heaven - whom scripture reminds: "is the God ofTruth". Scripture reminds us of his many virtues......recently the term merciful comes to mind and alsoomnipotence as well. On June 9th of this year the largest solar flare ever seen erupted from the sun; itwas perfectly polarized albeit no significant harm was done......this scale and magnitude remind us ofthe Book of Job and Gods compassion towards those who suffer because of this dynamic world weinhabit.
  • 43. January 27, 2012 ( Flare of June 9, 2011 Credits: Posted by Cathy Fisher - Daily Bites.comRecent Solar Flare Shows Grid VulnerabilityTechnology is not all that different in its developmental aspects and general usefulness. In previousarticles I have presented the new nanoelectronics in the context of how it is being used - in reality;today. People are realizing the ramifications of these incredible accomplishments and are asking theright questions as well......The fifth dimension can be simulated by interfacing 4G networks and the new3D virtual imaging systems with (for example) nuclear medicine (diagnostic aspect) in the case of:1. Justice In The Brain: Equity And Efficiency Are Encoded DifferentlyScienceDaily (May 10, 2008) — Which is better, giving more food to a few hungry people or letting somefood go to waste so that everyone gets a share" A study appearing in Science finds that most peoplechoose the latter, and that the brain responds in unique ways to inefficiency and inequity.2. The Semantic Web is more than computer programming......Is there something more valuable than knowledge acquisition? How about wisdom acquisition? Whatis wisdom? Which semantics can capture it? What is the role of metaphors in wisdom?3. Is mind a higher order of nature?The "Now" state of consciousness will be referred to as the, "sixth sense" in this document. It is aconcept wherein resides a sixth sense which combines all 5 senses to create a higher level of awarenessand consciousness. Athletes refer to this sense as "The Zone", Special Forces Military Groups call it"Deep Situational Awareness" and religions call it "being in total connection with the holy spirit", God,Finding that "Zen State" in Eastern practices, or in other cases speaking tongues sparks the sixth sensemode as well.The Truth is far more all-encompassing than the mind could ever comprehend. No thought canencapsulate the Truth. At best, it can point to it. For example, it can say: "All things are intrinsicallyone." That is a pointer, not an explanation. Understanding these words means feeling deep within youthe truth to which they point.The mind’s relationship with ‘Consciousness’ also transcends ‘the understanding’. One way tounderstand this ‘contingency’ is to look at how this word and its cultural expression affect traditionalphilosophy.
  • 44. These quotations from the internet are presented as is under the fair use statuettes and are in harmonywith other ideas and concepts of mine that I have present here and elsewhere9 for 7 - what must Obama do to come out the winner in 2012I watched a DVD on my portable player the other day entitled The Spectre of the dealtwith a lot of scary things which science has inflicted upon humanity in its service to greed and powermadness. Science also is the spawning ground for charlatans and con men of every type and description;but as all know - true science in the service of humanity can make life better and work less arduous andtedious. Yet; the attempt to play god and experiment with the very substance of reality has wroughtmany a tragic result - nuclear fission and its radioactive byproducts are a prime symbol of thisdangerous tendency. The current situation in Japan following one of the most powerful earthquakes inrecorded history - and subsequent coastal inundation caused by a 30 ft. high tsunami wave crestinga well-constructed 30 foot high barrier because the earthquake lowered the entire coast by a full 3 ft. (insome areas 6 ft was reported ). This terrifying situation resulted (at Fukushima) in more than 10,000deaths - the greatest crisis in the nuclear power industries less than illustrious history. The reliance ofJapan upon this technology seemed quite wise for many decades - conserving their forests and foreigntrade balance; but now the aging technology is an albatross which will most likely be transformed intogreener fields. Hats of to these hard working and dedicated people and many prayers in their time ofneed - Japan is a world leader in renewable energy technologies and has changed their course in manyinstances relating to their pioneering work in biotechnology as bioethical standards are beingadopted. My understanding of this comes from the Hebrew Scriptures - "the kingdom of god is withinyou"; this is true of material reality as well - engineering with the spectrum requires a profoundambiance with the natural world that sustains us.I attended a benefit concert sponsored by WQED FM in conjunction with BROTHERS BROTHERFOUNDATION IN COOPERATION WITH THE JAPAN-AMERICA SOCIETY OF PENNSYLVANIA - inRESPONSE TO EARTHQUAKE/TSUNAMI IN JAPAN at Chatham College in Pittsburghs Squirrel Hillneighborhood today; please give what you can. The Earl of Chatham - William Pitt and his son are theEnglish prime ministers for whom Pittsburgh is named - William Pitt the younger is presented in thefilm "Amazing Grace".What seems to inflame the reprobate is when people begin to appreciate the goodness of nature andthis appreciation is attributed to GOD as creator and protector. I have reexamined my articles for errorsof optimism relating to regenerative medicine and new appreciation of metaphysics - and see onlygreat hope. There is nanotechnology to remove radio nucleotides from various materials and so to coolthem off. This technology should be perfected now and used as soon as possible.Mr. President is proving to be more of a liability that originally suspected; the present occupant of 1200Pennsylvania Ave. is no exception and like his predecessors he is charting a course using political powerwhich was originally intended for use in directing the nation in the attainment of a general prosperity;not an attempt to change moral precepts or subvert the nations diplomatic responsibilities - Mr. Obamahas adopted policies toward Israel which will only inflame the hatred for our country which his
  • 45. predecessor instigated through the direct support of Baathist regimes and subsequent waging of warswhich did not need to be the Iraqis attack of Iran in 1982 (Iran Contra) - wars motivated byprofits from the huge amount of military aid given to petty tyrants like the Saud family of Arabia and aBaathist goon named Saddam Hussein. An untimely alliance with Pakistans Islamic military dictatorshas created a moral vacuum in the delegation of the worlds diplomacy. Real diplomacy is hard workand must be backed up with the intention to act rightly and maintain the integrity which all people needto live uprightly. Obama would be wise to avoid getting the U.S.A. embroiled in another attempt tomake the world safe for democracy.The audio visual transformation taking place in personal communications is not being translated into oureveryday economy in America nearly fast enough.....sure telecommunications giants outdo each otherto make the next advancements in technology available to their customers - for a large profit; but thiseffort is not going to be enough to save the U.S. economy as we know it. The promised 500 billion dollargreen building technology market is not materializing; the 10 percent hybridization of our automobileindustry mandated in the 1980s is only going to trickle in at 1 percent by 2016 (supposedly) - too littletoo late. According to the ancients liars paradox this would seem to be the fault of those who proposethat green energy technology is not quite what it is claimed to be.....this one of the biggest lie of thenew millennium....nanotechnology is greatly exceeding the wildest speculations of the most optimisticscientist - in every field of endeavor....yet its greatest blessing - efficiency will be all but lost as the globalclimate becomes something which no one can accurately predict....climate change is a global issue;those who do not adapt willingly may be forced to do so through economic deprivation brought aboutthrough hyperinflation and financial failure.....even failure of the governments which are responsible forits proper implementation.The Pittsburgh Steelers lost the 2011 edition of the stupid bowl an event hailed by one and all as acomplete fiasco.....taking a glance at the host of the game; the Dallas Cowboy owner Jimmy Jones andhis guests in his private box speaks volumes about the State of Texas and the world in general. Happily- of the people and by the people means volunteering to work for progress by ones own free will - thismy hometown has in abundance - spirited volunteers to accomplish what government has beenunwilling to undertake. Pittsburgh therefore has been transformed in many critical areas by thisvolunteer based green building industry and will succeed again as an industrial powerhouse - using theambient intelligence of nanotechnology7 the number of completion - 8 the number of perfectionThe success of the Pittsburgh Steelers (in terms of winning important games) has been transferreddirectly to the regions poor and needy and circumspectly has enabled the entire region to focus uponnew horizons and tackle some of the more weighty problems of the modern world and its millennialgeneration. The Steelers Troy Polamalu is one of the most exciting players to ever play in the NationalFootball League - he is also a dedicated family man and Christian brother. Here is a great story from thePost-Gazette that tells the story in more detail.The Food Column: The Polamalus focus on good cause Rebecca Sodergren
  • 46. The spirit which has transformed the Steeler Nation from perennial diehards into champions has aslospawned the success of charities which have helped this entire region to overcome the devastatingeffects of poverty, unemployment and inflation. The players themselves generally come from workingclass backgrounds and many of their families struggle to make a living. A player like Troy Polamaluserves to bring this reality to light; his work with the FOCUS charities are also shared by other Steelersand the Steeler ownership as well.The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette is one of the finest newspapers in America; this in spite of some ratherparochial editorial policies. Recent additions have proved some very interesting news - which span themodern microcosmic - macrocosmic enigma. The National Astronomic and Space Administrationpublished a report this week that greatly facilitates the imagination of those who look for life on otherworlds; this evidence is being presented in the form of ontology and artist interpretation of astronomicobservation. Visualization of Habitable Planets in relation to thousands of new worlds this excitingmission is revealing inspires new theories of Creation Science. Read about a newly discovered SolarSystem - Kepler 11 which is approximately 2000 light years from here.To get a better idea of the quality audio/visual resources available on the internet - take a look at theNASA multimedia site. Another article in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette provides guidance as to thequickly moving world of development that is making many of our consumer electronic componentsobsolete - most of which were considered marvels of science in their development and use::Computer Hard Drive - HDD.....Flash memory based HD - also known as Solid State Drives SSDHD DVD Players..................Cloud Computing is here now and the power and quality of Streaming Media is tooStand Alone GPS..............these geo location capabilities are built into every new electronic system - foreign and domesticCamcorders....................High Dynamic Range optics and quantum dot based nanotechnology for still cameras will ruleThe mouse....................touch screens and touch smart technology with technology like SURFACE will replace pointersDVDs............................G4 networks and their ultra-high through put data transfer will become virtual with the MPEG21Courtesy of Ced Kurtz - Techmans column - Pittsburgh Post-GazetteSo in the mundane world of human society we can still look to the heavens for hope and inspiration;even though they will reflect back upon what a unique and wondrous world we live inalready.....perhaps we can start to care for it properly.True Love and Genuine AffectionThese days knowing the difference between true love and genuine affection could prove the saving ofthe kidding. Consider that glamour is not necessarily an indicator of real beauty nor vainflattery anything more than an indicator of untrustworthy intentions.Much has said and written about the uncanny relationship between several Gods of the ancient worldand Enoch of the Hebrew scriptures - Hermes and Mercury are two well known acronyms.....the reader
  • 47. is in luck; the first audio/visual experience of mercury - close up; are available TODAY. Anotheruncanny relationship to appreciate is between the Planet Mercury and our celestial partner - the moon;not surprisingly. The story:  Messenger becomes the first spacecraft to orbit Mercury  Mercury has many aspects of - the Moon - the first orbital image of this PlanetSadness over the terrible suffering in Japan due to the tsunami and earthquake are being observed as atype of Cosmic Event which has actually slowed down time itself and shifted the Magnetic Pole of theEarth - what will be interpreted as the significance of this truly cosmic event must first come to gripswith WHY this disaster has such serious repercussions. History has been revealing many inconsistencies’in the reputed Japanese intention to surrender during WW2 - a story which is in complete agreementwith the investigations of one Simon Wiesenthal and his foundation; a man whose work to gain peaceand justice for Israel and the Jewish people was both successful and compassionate.The answer to the question - What is the relationship between the price of petroleum and thevalue of the American dollar; is one which Mr. President will need to provide better answers for thanthe ones his predecessor did. Even the ineffable Jimmy Carter was forced to admit that Al Gore was theman elected in 2000; the reason why his election was defrauded and how competition between truescience and the mechanics of petroleum domination of the worlds marketplace have createdgenerations of liars and their corporate deceit is by now the stuff of mythology.Funny money and phony baloney...............Americas intelligence services are often perceived this wayby insiders who bravely maintain their integrity in the face of all adversity. False intelligence is thesame thing as lying.....what is the purpose - what is the intention. Power corrupts and absolute powercorrupts absolutely - this is a lesson that mankind should have learned long before the deceit of Nazismand its 911 imitators. Many today try to discredit Professor Einstein - but his genius has proven itselfonce again - yet history has reproved America that its use of Atomic Weapons was unnecessary to endthe war with Imperial Japan.The electromotive force is becoming a true learning experience - in and of itself; perhaps the fifthdimension is touch - feelings notwithstanding. The evidence from the millennials is compelling. Thetheory known as superstrings is becoming adamant it its representation - consider this argument aboutthe Geometric Pedestal of String Theory - String theory is beginning to assert itself within the scientificcommunity - read about the new periodic table of shapes being developed for 3 - 4 and 5 dimensions; Astreaming representation of this development is available - on line. A new dimension for mathematics –the Periodic Table of shapes couple this with virtual web-based microscopy (from Finland no less) -Multitouch gesture controlled microscope - the iPad on steroids - courtesy of Gizmag (as usual).Not unlike Microsoft’s SURFACE technology this multi-touch technology provides hands on access forcollaboration and diagnosis using discreet web-based microscopy. 46-inch multitouch display providesan incredible resolution capacity for real-time collaboration and multi-faceted investigation. Kudos forcommutative expressivity in web-based instrumentation - what the doctor ordered!
  • 48. Analyzing shapes that involve dimensions that cannot be seen in a conventional sense in the physicalworld is extremely abstract - yet important to perfecting the technologic world which already exists. Inaddition to the three dimensions of length, width and depth found in a three-dimensional shape, thescientists will explore shapes that involve other dimensions. For example, the space-time described byEinsteins Theory of Relativity has four dimensions - the three spatial dimensions, plus time. Stringtheorists believe that the universe is made up of additional hidden dimensions that cannot be seen.Professor Cortis colleague on the project, Dr Tom Coates, has created a computer modeling programmethat should enable the researchers to pinpoint the basic building blocks for these multi-dimensionalshapes from a pool of hundreds of millions of shapes. The researchers will be using this programme toidentify shapes that can be defined by algebraic equations and that cannot be divided any further. Theydo not yet know how many such shapes there might be. The researchers calculate that there are around500 million shapes that can be defined algebraically in four dimensions and they anticipate that they willfind a few thousand building blocks from which all these shapes are made.Search engine based headlines include - Periodic table of shapes to give a new dimension to math (w/ Video)An excerpt from Science Daily - solar power fulfills the spatial dimensionality constraint - any surfacecan become ambient. The audio/visual scene in Pittsburgh is looking up - thanks to the freedom whichbeing connected to Philadelphia and its Church of the Brethren afforded as tolerance for all religiouspersuasions and the rule of law.......thanks to God that we have always been Pittsburgh, Pa and notPittsburg, Va. - not an insignificant difference.BRIDGING THE GAP BETWEEN GENERATIONS | AUGUST 16, 2011Generation Green is more than EcologyMy dad passed away a day or two before the Ides of March this past was a great release forhim; from suffering and other things which he was not too happy about. His older brother was a greatcomfort to him during this ordeal; so around Memorial Day I headed to California to celebrate his 89thbirthday......a very interesting trip because my daughter completed her Doctoral Thesis at Stanford inPhilosophy on the timely subject of Distributive Justice. My uncle shared with me an excellent book -Generations - The history of Americas Future 1584 - 2069 by William Strauss and Neil HoweThis book provided the vital missing link (what a 1960s rock group The Moody Blues termed Days ofFuture Past) which my investigation of history and the millennia needed. Generational Lifecycles occurin a repeating pattern from one Constellational Era to the next - endowing humanity with spiritual andpsychological resources in order to receive the blessing of awakenings which over decades becomesocial crisis’s which life confronts mankind with. In spite of the fact that many seem ignorant of theircommonality - it proves categorically what is written about our ancient forefather Noah; in that as thesingular progenitor of the human family - he was perfect in his generations. This perfective aspect ofTIME works to overcome the Babel effect of 8000 human languages
  • 49. William Pitt - the younger Credits: amazing grace Video: swarmanoid robotsOne point which I am happy to interject to supplement the vital theories and historic insight provided byStrauss and Howe is that Americas political climate has relied heavily upon the third party much likeEngland.....such that the youthful and rising generation which inherited the worldwide internet and itsglobal village instead of being termed 13ers (because they are the 13th since 1774) but rather shouldbe called Generation Green in honor of their amazing ability to overcome ethnic and culturaldifferences for the greatest purpose of all; to save our shrinking world from ecologic destruction. Mygeneration called Boomers did not accomplish this - but they inherited the ground work(infrastructure) which would later be implemented - the advent of nanotechnology as Green is also aresult of this truly global effort. Environmental advocacy; international cooperation and high qualitycommunication of the real issues have provided the vital difference. Whoever predicted it.....Greencities - sustainable technology - renewable energy available to one and all...if we only will!The millennials have an even more awesome task before them - because in spite of this perfectlyamazing potential there is something in this world that says no and works not for the good of all but forits destruction. To be fair part of this chaotic reality is the way in which life was created and issustained....the sun is not necessarily an ORB which is perfectly stabile. Our quickly developinginformation age is providing predictions of coming trouble with the sun which seem in line with twoother prophecies; one of ancient lineage in various parts of the bible and one from the Mayanastronomers of a millennia past whose measurements of universal dynamics give us the realization of a365 and 1/4 day calendar year instead of the 360 day one previous to it. Quite a fudge factor after1000s of years. Time eonic is coming of age also and there is scarcely little insights save for HolyScripture and monastic (priestly) traditions in diverse cultures and generational eras.
  • 50. Why are people so stupid?Intergalactic winds effect upon our solar system Slideshow: Green PotentialCredits: science magazineThe good old USA is once again being beaten silly by the stupid stick of big money politics. Are wereally as stupid as these slick lawyers and good old boys make us out to be........apparently yes and evenworse; if someone tries to correct the error of our ways we will either attack them or completely ignorethem. The new strip mining is in place; fracking for Marcellus shale - in defense of conscience somehave condemned this technology; thankfully my hometown of Pittsburgh - even the new Target storehas a beautiful green building and they recycle - KUDOS! My book is nearing completion - it explainsmany aspects of this phenomenon.The idea that America will become a full employment economy in the near future is ridiculous; but thesocial crisis that such a failure accounts is not. We have been betrayed; our leaders tell one lie after theother - getting the government more deeply involved in fraud and deceit........the land will regret ourfailures; our young people will begin to lose trust if they have not done so already......does anyone find italmost criminal that the Governor of Texas which right now is experiencing the greatest ecologic andeconomic disaster in their history can find plenty of time to run for President but no time to do the jobthat he is being paid for.Video: the atomic hydrogen generator concept new solar technology from Israel Video: bible truthCredits: Gizmag and Tel-Aviv University – video credits courtesy of YouTubeEvery media mogul and junior politico celebrates the killing of a major terrorist figure (supposedly) butnone of them connects this extremely questionable operation to the violent political crisis occurring
  • 51. within the entire Arab world; as if they were not directly connected......where is the wisdom; where isthe restraint which leadership needs to be effective.Have you ever noticed that as ideas change and our culture with them people cling to the sameviewpoints of moral character as if they had any right to do so......this is called semantic drift and itdestroys civilization through moral corruption; Mr. President in his various republican and democratguises has become a master of its innuendos. The big ticket items of the full blown American Culture -sports; entertainment and news media are each in every way greedy, wasteful of precious resources andnearly blind to the moral corruption that they this a sign of the times or a sign of the end.The millennium has brought forth its blessings - will we put them to proper use or stumble on to ourdestiny. Warm Artic Summer - Cold Eastern Winter Credits: Canadian weather serviceSlideshow: climate reality - a nightmare? Video: 24 hour global watch Solar Flare – Jan 27, 2012In this prediction scenario – global warming proved a compelling theory for the mildest winterin recent memory vastly aided by another solar event in January – this geo-magneto fluxproduced a global wave which swept this November picture into an near mirror opposite ascentral Europe and the entire Eastern Mediterranean region (including the Island of Malta)experienced a very cold winter – like the eastern U.S.A. and Canada did in 2010.
  • 52. Disaster planning - readiness vs. anticipationLife confronts us with many difficulties - one of the worst of these is cancer; thank god - this tragicmedical condition has many people working together to overcome. In honor of Breast CancerAwareness Month, has launched the 10k in 10 Days virtual walk. Also Caribou Coffee is aparticipant in this important effort.Vital resources to restore the immune-response system come from Rio - Vida and its transferfactor. Another product which can help restore strength and vitality is CALM. I have found several newnutritional supplements that are invaluable to maintain wellness and vitality - one is Resveratrol (fromGrape extract) and the other is Ubiquitin (CoQ10) which strengthens the heart and vascular system -antioxidant Drinks containing Acai Berry and Pomegranate juices are excellent as well.Our restless home - the Earth; knows how to keep its inhabitants attention. As the northern andeastern households of the United States and Canada brace for another cold and wet winterseason......the coast of Oregon and California are shaken with a minor outbreak of earthquakes - then7,500 miles away Van Turkey experiences a devastating 7.2 magnitude quake; killing almost a thousandpeople. Being prepared for disaster and calamity is best; trying to find a trustworthy source offorecasting these event could prove invaluable. Here are some great AAA emergency kits.Preparedness - are you prepared for an emergency or disaster situation?Here is a site which has great kits and supplies!The DC Safety Mobile Preparedness Kit is designed for compliance to emergencyPreparedness protocols recommended by:  American Red Cross Federal Emergency Management Agency US Department of Homeland Security  Here is an excellent site for on - sale Emergency Survival Kits at very excellent savings.  Respond’R® Mobile Emergency Kit - another source for great Emergency Readiness by School Health.  Free Pet Safety Pack - help keep your pets safe with a free pet safety pack from the ASPCA!The A/V revolution continues - emergency preparedness is a reality that can be gained
  • 53. From Best Buy - Get the latest smartphones and plans all in one place.¹  Verizon Thunderbolt by HTC, $99.99•  AT&T HTC Inspire 4G, $49.99•  Sprint HTC EVO Shift 4G, $99.99•  T-Mobile myTouch 4G Slide  the iPhone 2S which has voice recognition capabilities Free for new activation (online only)Keeping your nose to the wind and your ear to the ground is an old Indian Way which can be effectivein keeping aware of changing events and momentous times such as we are living in right now. Keepwell.America Inspired: Robert Kennedy Jr. and The Last MountainPittsburgh is a region variously affected by every aspect of industrialized capitalism; especially its lack ofsustainability and its extreme greed and violent legacy. Today things are changing but the times theyare the same old story. Examiners and America Inspired has the opportunity to lift up the courage andvision of the Kennedy family in the person of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. - one who as an advocate andmediator for the environment and the communities within it is an inspiration to all who work to combatthose who destroy the earth. As biblical passages decry....The Last Mountain provides a visionaryinsight into how America feels about Mother Earth. And if this touches you where it hurts - then getthe new Dvd. He is my nominee for America Inspired.....keep up the good fight......Justice may seemsslow but there is great reason to expect that Judgment Day will come - as Holy Scripture states; “judgenot lest ye also be judged.....but if you do judge then judge righteous judgment”......fossil fuels and theirprofiteers are becoming a menace such as the world has never known.Right at you - sacrifice and leadership - Credits: EV World Video: The Last MountainMy next step will be to review the articles I have submitted thus far and focus anew on this incredibleaudio/visual development and its green economy and technology
  • 54. Ambient Intelligence - Things are looking up thank God!It is time to review my work on thus far - this task became a little easier due to myconversion of the bus with a young person of some considerable understanding. The idea that Americais on course and under budget is ridiculous.....we are so far off course that it is reasonable to look forother accommodations. And why is this - power and energy are two physical entities which correspondperfectly both theoretically and in practice. Yet our constitutional government and its deviant elitehave inexorably committed the Western World to a course where power is the control of intellectualcapital and energy is burning up the earths resources as if we were on a collision course with oblivion.Many gifted commentators and observers worldwide have condemned this reprobate and diabolicalorder - yet even with enlightened advocacy; timely and effective intercession and heartfelt prayer andtrue godly charity this condition gets worse every day - it even accelerates. And just like a person witha deadly disease - treatment must begin if the death or complete debility of the patient is to beovercome. Unfortunately our green economy and its ambiance is nothing more than a facade - moreteenagers are using its ultimate technology to set up their hasty pudding than ever before - friends timehas run out on our misbegotten ways. As a child I wondered at the world but winced at the greed - thisgreed is insidious; this is the disease that man must come to grips with - Jesus the Messiah said it best;"Save yourself from this wicked and untoward generation"!So the paradox of perfect enlightenment and achievement meets with the doom of a human racededicated to fornication and deceitful appetites. The enigma of its resolutions leads to the mystery ofthe cross - and its empty tomb.Weekend Event Pittsburgh Pa - Humor on ChanukahPittsburgh premier messianic congregation - Yeshua Ben David is having a Chanukah party this weekendon Saturday December 17 at the noon hour. Burt Rosenberg will be on hand to make you laugh andhave a great time on the Jewish Festival of Lights. Congregation Yeshua Ben David is located at thecorner of Lilac Street and Beechwood Blvd. in Pittsburghs Squirrel Hill area - it is accessible by bus aswell - parking is available. The messianic movement as it is known is graced by the ministry of Jeff Kipp -spiritual leader of Yeshua Ben David and its music ministry is really great as well.The festival of lights and Christmas as coincidental holidays for many but at Yeshua Ben David thiscoincidence has fully merged into a powerful mission to humanity. With deep roots in the spiritualtraditions of Americas Brethren Tradition - the messianic movement has found humble success throughdedication to brotherhood and reconciliation. The biblical tradition worldwide provides strength for thisgreat in-gathering of seekers. So come and see for yourself what Messiah means and how you can fitinto what is happening there - tolerance and loving kindness are the passwords here.Hand Gesture Recognition becomes available. (Credits: GB – TV) Slideshow: A Green Christmas
  • 55. 2012 - Whats new?As the years roll along and retrospection of ones life becomes like a dream - an aspect is realized inwhich a sense of peace becomes established. Whether it is the question of justice in the everydayworld or the way of living being effected by an economy of scientific discovery and invention - still thelesson of faith (trust), hope and charity remains true; the greatest of these 3 gifts (from beyond) ischarity. See the slideshow of Christmas and Green Pittsburgh.Vote now to decide who wins $50,000 in’s America Inspired contest - personally it wasdifficult to decide who to vote for because every category and individual being considered are bothworthy and needful of help and suggestion is to add in something for all finalists astime goes on. Hats off to for instituting a way for recognizing those who have overcomegreat adversity to help and serve others.I am the Audio - Visual Examiner for the Pittsburgh area; the creed of wait and see is bearing great fruitas Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2012) this week. With 3D printing and 4G networks - an attitude ofawe and wonder are appropriate when viewing this excellent CNET presentation; truly one of akind. The variety and complexity of these offerings are realizing the truth of the future is now. In thelight of the MakerBot Replicator 3D another giant step towards the realization of a dream of materialscience is now workable.This new metaphysics is a tribute to the human mind.......the power of which is beginning to bear fruitbeyond what can reasonably be expected. A Guardian provides for dedication of moral values; it canaccommodate the question of complexity - how future generations will utilize these advancements inreal and living ways. Yes the new metaphysics has Paradigms - one of which points directly to theomnipotence of the one who speaks in the Hebrew Scriptures. Self-similarity (a paradigm of fractalgeometry) has produced another planet - Kepler 22 B identified as the most Earth like of the thousandsrecently identified and a new theory is being advanced by NASA and the European Space Agency. Thistheory accounts for why this new planet is more like Neptune than our Earth and why and where it islocated within the Milky Way (600 light years) with a sun very much like our own.Max - the Articulated Communicator Engine (ACE) is a toolkit for building animated embodied agentsthat are able to generate human-like multimodal utterances....... One demonstration application is Max -the Multimodal Assembly eXpert. Max is situated in a virtual environment for cooperative constructiontasks, where he multimodality demonstrates to the user the construction of complex aggregates andguides the user through interactive assembly procedures. (From University of Bielefeld - DenmarkTechfax) As one who once suffered with epileptic seizures - brain wave science and its usefulness fortelepathy (intuition) is very intriguing. How do these toys use brainwaves to float a ball, and what doesit have to do with the powers of concentration? Both toys take advantage of EEG, orelectroencephalography, that uses sensors on your scalp to pick up electrical fluctuations related tocortical activity. Honda Research Institute has moved several steps beyond this idea with their: Brain-Machine Interface (BMI) controls .....Collaborators: Advanced Telecommunications Research InstituteInternational (ATR) and Shimadzu Corporation make it possible for a person to use telekinesistechnology to become interfaced with Hondas ASIMO robot.NeuroSky has advanced the concept of Psychokinesis using Electroencephalogram (EEG) technology - atleast Mattel (MAT) saw it that way. Mattels Mindflex allows players to move a ball around an obstacle
  • 56. course with their minds by reading brain waves, using ThinkGear technology developed by NeuroSky.Another NeuroSky device, MindWave, reads movie watchers minds to adjust the plot, like a psychicchoose-your-own adventure narrative.Prosody based audio/visual co-analysis for co-verbal gesture recognitionIn combination, gesture and speech constitute the most important modalities in human to humancommunication. People use a large variety of gestures, either to convey what cannot always beexpressed using speech only, or to add expressiveness to the communication.....a discipline referred toas Human-Computer Interaction (HCI). Microsoft and Toshiba have pioneered this technology and theyare beginning to appear on the market now. My featured video is from GB TV and is a timely expositionof these and other current issues......especially the direction which the CLOUD is moving in. CVPRexamines visual aspects of communication......other modalities, for example, speech-based systems, orsystems that relate verbal cues to hand gestures and facial expressions are the subjects of ongoingresearch. Video: Whats up Doc?Getting to the nitty gritty! """""""election 2012,""""""" British Parliament American CongressAmericas political scene is heating up - that is an understatement. President Obama has managed tocorrect some of his early mistakes dealing with the conflict between renewable and non-renewableenergy incentives and has happily won some support from environmentalists and Middle America’ssmall business minority. His opponent is sizing up as a 3 man race with Mr. Romney having a decidedadvantage in image conscious America. This is one election where electronic media will cast a decidingballot - will it be about money and sound bites or will Obamas burgeoning foreign policy create apolitical situation in which his leadership will provide the only efficient solution to the battles now ragingthroughout the middle east and east Africa - now becoming a real concern in western African nations aswell.A striking contrast is provided by Britain and its grand debates in the House of Commons - where theprime minister must not only justify his policies and decision making but also face direct confrontationfrom the two other supporting political parties as well. It becomes apparent that the man on horseback
  • 57. syndrome of Pennsylvania Ave has too often accepted solutions based on violent intervention ratherthan political change enforced by legal decree.Britain ended slavery throughout its Empire in the 1830s and 1840s - the U.S.A. had to sacrifice a half amillion young men to emancipate theirs. Africa has yet to end this abominable institution even in the3rd Christian century. What is it about direct debate and personal confrontation that facilitates politicalaction and makes distributive justice more than fine words’? America will see this difference played outin 50 states and it may well be that the man who wins will be the one who can best communicate to thepeople.What about these conservatives - Pittsburgh in ActionCourageously - 500 Cyclists take on Pittsburghs steep hills: click on the YouTube video below to seethis spectacle - this is one of the toughest tests of athletic ability in contemporary America - I havewalked, rode and delivered many things on all of these hills and they are TOUGH........just thinkof thousands of people doing it all at the same time - for fun; and just think of the cardio-vascular healthof these cycling enthusiasts. See more (courtesy of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)Conservatives - or weeny boys; the CPAC convention 2012 seemingly contradicts what our smallcommunity is all about.Audio - visual developments are converging into interactive home communications services; the hybridphenomenon is making home communications an interactive experience. Fuji Film’s X-S1 bridges thegap between compact point cameras and digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) models - the have developed amulti-lens focusing system that makes this camera one of the most versatile ever. Critics have foundfew flaws with this camera - its only drawback for professional quality productions is that it lacks anoptimized audio recording system - take heart; here is excellent audio technology to work with the Fujifilms camera (article from - Click on both links above you will be impressed. Are youworried about inflation and what the petroleum industry is up to these days......take a look at the FordFusion - probably one of the best investments on the market? Plugless Power charging systemsutilizes electro-magnetic induction as the most practical and energy efficient technology. Slideshow: Interactive multimedia makes A/V more fun! Video: Defying the Dirty Dozen: Cyclists take on steepest of Pittsburghs steep hills
  • 58. Tobii Gaze Interface for Windows 8 Revolutionizes Laptop Interaction shows that indeed - the future isnow.....true 3D will utilize this same technology to provide interactivity also.Climate change is no hoax - global warming is only one aspect of climate change. Lets take a look atwhy republican conservatism is a ship on a dangerous course because of the politics of war and thecounsel of change!It is written - that God would send his love and peace to mankind before The great and terrible day ofthe Lord." The last book of the Tenach - the book of the prophet Malachi (Old Testament) prescribesthis perfect advice:Malachi 4:5-6 (NIV) "See, I will send you the prophet Elijah before that great and dreadful day of theLord comes. He will turn the hearts of the fathers to their children, and the hearts of the children totheir fathers; or else I will come and strike the land with a curse."The Day of Slaugh-ter, the Day of Glo-ry... A Day of Harsh Judg-ment, A Day of De-liv-er-ance, A Day ofRec-om-pense... The Day of As-ton-ish-ment... The Great and Ter-ri-ble Day of the Lord! Throughout the1500 years of the Bibles writing - a continual vision and revelation of end times is proclaimed anddescribed and just like all the rest of Holy Scriptures every word - every passage is in agreement. Thisenigma also converges with the phenomenon which we call Time and has become suspect in theenlightens known as the golden age of physics (and its many facets) to be a true paradox.....The earthactually warps time and space as it speeds around the sun and through the cosmos. This situation is alsobeen ascribed to a merciful god who sees and hears the cries of the innocent and the grief of those whosuffer terrible loss. The green revolution has produced enough food and material goods - far pastanyones expectations; but because of lack of foresight and insight as the one who is speaking in thisvideo decries....we are still falling into destruction; even though many do all they can.This is true for every living soul - The Great and Terrible Day of The Lord! (Prophecy about hell) is worthylistening to; Gods love for his people is still being poured out upon mankind.Dont forget about the love!It is written - that God would send his love and peace to mankind before The great and terrible day of the Lord."The last book of the Tenach - the book of the prophet Malachi (Old Testament) prescribes this perfect advice:Malachi 4:5-6 (NIV) "See, I will send you the prophet Elijah before that great and dreadful day of the Lord comes.He will turn the hearts of the fathers to their children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers; or else Iwill come and strike the land with a curse."
  • 59. Holistic Nutrition - 5 important Vitamins Crédits: NikonSlideshow: Green Pittsburgh is a successVideo: Eschatological TruthMake no excuses; draw no quarter; take no prisoners and if your a good doctor as well - do no harm. The chasmbetween Big Business and the peoples business is getting wider as every day passes - this is not like theproverbial Generation Gap of a half a century ago........but true insight into why America is actually facingbackruptcy. Here in Pittsburgh this spirit is actually more than hot air - Occupy Pittsburgh is moving on after 6months of truly occupying a key business locality in the downtown area. Thanks to some mild weather their staywas a congenial one. The Obama administration has answered some of these problems by taking an examplefrom the Great Depression......Conservation Corps - a model for conservation of Americas most valuable resourcesThe Department of the Interior is announcing the establishment of the 21st Century Conservation Service CorpsAdvisory Committee (Committee). The purpose of the Committee is to provide recommendations to theSecretary of the Interior on how to create a 21st Century Conservation Service Corps (21CSC) to engage youngAmericans in public lands and water (Aug 2011) restoration .........helping young people, including low-income,underserved, and diverse youth, gain valuable training and work experience while accomplishing neededconservation work on public lands.
  • 60. The 21st Century Conservation Service Corps Advisory Committee (21CSCAC) is a discretionary federal advisory committee established by the Departments of Interior, Agriculture, the Environmental Protection Agency, and the Council on Environmental Quality. Here are Projects design ideas for conservation. The initiative includes: Environmental Education - students and teachers Recreation programs, hiking, fishing, wildlife Youth Conservation Corps - for young adults to work Volunteer and Community Service for public lands Student Career Experience Programs Student Temporary Employment Programs “Creating a 21st Century Youth Conservation Corps“. Although the U.S. Forest Service Planning Rule is still a draft document, it has helped to produce environmental change for one special group of involved students. Over the past year this special group of young adults attended planning rule public sessions, followed developing issues, and then provided some input of their own. Through their diligence and proactive engagement, some of their concerns have made it into the draft planning rule. Read more » USDA Commemorates the “New Year of the Trees” It is written in the Talmud – a central text of Judaism – that ‘just as my parents planted for me, so I will plant for my children.’ Here at USDA, we’re planting trees across the country and in Israel to bring the wide-ranging benefits of trees, both ecological and spiritual, to future generations. Read more » Pittsburghs ongoing environmental programs are awesome. Phipps project green heart || sustainable-landscaping It was William Pitt, the Elder, The Earl of Chatham - British Prime Minister (1766 to 1778) who said: "Unlimited power is apt to corrupt the minds of those who possess it" Americas astronomical debt is a product of a political dinosaur - it fact the largest dinosaur ever created - The Federal Reserve Banking System. This loosely coupled agglomerate of Mega Financial Institutions has used the government of the United States of America to generate the largest profits of any organization in the history of the world bar none. If this great nation is to fulfill its golden potential - this system will have to be charged with this debt and separated from its relationship to the government - now! This thought is not my own and the proof is momentous and should be heard in a civil courtroom with grand jury powers to cut the lying and deceiving powers that be - to their quick. Hot off the presses……conservation gets a major boost This is not radical environmentalism - it is sound economic practice.........republicanism and its power mad conservatism is just hypocritical enough to drive up the price of oil to $5.00 per gallon by the time their divided party reaches the convention in say that such extortion practices are hypocritical is a gross understatement; how did Messiah say it - "The thief only comes ...................."; this fits republicanism to a tee. Suggested by the author:
  • 61.  Phipps project green heart NYSERDA announces funding for renewable energy projects The Twelve Month Landscape Mardi Gras: Safety and family fun Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SRECs) and how they work (part 1) Conserve energy - a perfect circle Whether something is merely a coincidence or fate - meant to guide us on our way; is a very important question. True guidance - may decide Americas political future. This examiner column has investigated many aspects of this grand issue relating specifically to the incredible developments being made these days in the field of Audio-Visual Technology. Providing guidance to the inquiring public is more than coincidence - yet must coincide with the real world. The most perfect thing is a circle - its expression a sphere; its way must provide perfect correspondence with everything. The world itself describes this way. That is why coincidence is important; to know what is possible - what is the way to go. This would prescribe a oneness which in fact exists but in history is broken - the information age can help to heal this brokenness. However, it cannot prevent hostility - only give the wary an opportunity to prevent violent confrontation......this takes vigilance; it also take integrity - that is why defense and its strategic policies are of the utmost importance. Guidance also takes common sense to realize that because people in general are short-sighted and ethnically oriented reconciliation for the sake of peace must supersede pride - if the source of this pride is ones identity. Sometimes it takes a greater power that what worldly governments provide to accomplish this task - this is why it is written; the book of Hebrews (ch4 v 12) admonishes "The nations". For the word of God is living and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart. Just think if Gods word defeats the mighty warrior - then how much more will it guide their feet into the right and proper path. As a symbol of this guidance Israel fulfills the ideals of conservation - its people also have conservative moral and political principles and a mandate to do great things.....what more do the people of the world want. What is the very best idea - One Jerusalem - always! This green generation and its millennial cohorts are doing great things - take a moment to pause and reflect - count the blessings. Special thanks to Phipps conservatory and its Project Green Heart - take your cameras; please.
  • 62. Slideshow: All things work together for good Part Two - putting it all together in a confused world Yom Kippur 5772 - U. N. wonders UNITED NATIONS SEPTEMBER 26, 2012 BY: KEITH SCHARDING Keep Jhans legacy alive United Nations Yom Kippur 2012 As one sits on Yom Kippur (2012 - 5772) viewing the U.S. governments CSPAN telecast and hearing World leaders like Irans Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Americas President Barak Obama before the United Nations General Assembly expressing antipathy towards Israel while extolling Islamic faith and the will of ALLAH (God) for peace and harmony for all mankind.....blaming the ills of time and history upon Christianity and its relationship to their roots in the Jewish faith....this argument is not new; nor unique to Islam; no this rhapsodizing is often the rhetoric of despots who attempt to justify their own short comings (the need for destructive weapons and large armies to use them) as resulting from this global hegemony (megalomania). Mr.
  • 63. Ahmadinejad is evidently a master of convicting himself of these attributes through his own reasoning process. This rhetoric is absolutely incredible after his thinly veiled contempt for the worlds power structure is a wonderful expression of his expectation for the coming of Jesus Christ (as the only hope of mankind) - not one of the pillars of Islamic faith no doubt - take a look at this page - for insight into the truth about Biblical truth and the phenomenon of may wonder. The leader of Kenya, Mwai Kibaki then said this "may all the warring people of the world lay down their arms and proclaim peace"! He also stated emphatically that protection of ecological diversity and resolving the problem of global warming must be part of the global initiative. Hopefully these fine sentiments are heartfelt convictions of these world leaders. Here is a link to an online app with a lot more info. The big apple was also the site of a tragedy, the death of Jews for Jesus North American director Jhan Moskoweitz due to a fall on a rainy day on the entrance to the New York City subway is a memorial to this inspired leader and evangelist. Precious in the site of the lord is the death of one of his saints......may New York soon make their subway system safe for people to is some history to consider. Video: Yom Kippur War - soldiers song I attended the Pittsburgh fracking protest this past weekend not far from where Mr. President held his campaign kickoff at Carnegie Mellon University - on a local level people are extremely unhappy about how this practice is being implemented; smells of fascism - from Adam Garber of Everyone should be protected from dangerous shale gas drilling—it has poisoned drinking water with toxic chemicals, destroyed our state forests, and it emits asthma-inducing air pollution. But thats not what happened when the Pennsylvania Legislature wrapped up for the summer. Instead of banning fracking across Pennsylvania, the Republican leadership and Governor Tom Corbett signed a backroom deal into law: a moratorium that will only temporarily protect just four counties: Bucks, Montgomery, Northampton, and Lehigh. We shouldnt treat any Pennsylvanians like second-class citizens. But Gov. Corbetts backroom deal leaves 80 percent of Pennsylvanians vulnerable to the environmental and health impacts of shale gas drilling. If you agree that its time for our legislators to enact a real moratorium that protects everyones drinking water and health from drilling, then click here to add your name to my petition, and then pass it along to your friends. Harrisburg - Pennsylvanians are not amused by your pathetic record on protecting the people. Suggested by the author: Iran’s 1000-year-old illuminated literary masterpiece at Smithsonian Iran’s nuclear advances lead to new fuel rods in reactor Iran’s “Samen” cross sectional Radar system net becomes operational in 10 days Irans three day missile saber rattling is warning to U.S., Israel Kenyans vote yes for birth of a second republic
  • 64. Think - Act rightly and THRIVE - thrive movement August 6, 2012 By: keith schardinghow to live a happy life Credits: Amber Waves, LiveLifeHappy.comThis millennial period has produced something which many intellectuals of generations past kinship and sound human development; A friend was relating to me the promise of THRIVE 64 which is akin to Quantum Zero Point conceptuality....but has a human face which spans the millennia -check out this site. This column has now come full circle and the Quantum Equation which was stated in the1950s and 1960s to be "not in its final state"; has become an incredible understatement during our millennialjubilees.This admonition (to thrive) is not unlike a biblical one - to flourish; it is well taken in the American circus -"despise not the chastening of the lord; for the lord chastens every son whom he receives;" Our economic crisisis a case in point and the least talked about legislation in recent history - The Federal Reserve Transparency Act(Audit the F.R.) co-sponsored by a Father/Son team - Rand and Ron Paul. HR 459 Audit the Fed Bill passed theHouse of Representatives 327 to 98 (HR 202) and now will be voted upon by the U.S. Senate. If anyone hasdoubts as to the veracity of this approach to economic reform all we have to do is look at Iceland - see SacredEconomics where the architects of their meltdown were in fact put in jail and the system restored to its properstate; voila success - Iceland now has a thriving economy; based upon their own freedom and independence.Video: The thrive movement advocates 64 pt. energyJustice in the United States of America is often inside out; upside down and backwards - opponents of this Actlike former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi say that it goes too far; in politicking the Monetary Policies of the U.S.
  • 65. But those who perceive the immensity of the crime which has been committed know that sending theperpetrators to long prison sentences (i.e. Iceland and Ireland) and as the U.S. government unmercifully did withBernard Madoff and Jack Abramoff is mandated. In case justice is not done; I will not be amazed if this auditpower is used by our Imperial Presidency to vacuum clean what is left of the America treasury - much like theydid with Chase Manhattan Bank and its gold reserves in decades past.Audio Visual technology is a cornerstone of modern security - an ungagged news media is the eyes and ears ofthe public and this goes for spiritual enlightenment and salvation as well; where an individuals conscience mustbe their guide in coming to trust and follow the way of Salvation. Caught in the act; in plain sight; occultbondage and business ethics (see The Ireland : Iceland Project) are all monikers that forewarn the unwitting notto trust in anything nor anyone just because they say so......American politics is intimately bound up with theoccult; in ages past and in the short term future as well.....Orwells Big Brother could well have taken place inour great nation and whose joke was it about Richard Nixon being a used car saying that Ivefound to be true - written on a sign outside of Beth Sar Shalom messianic synagogue on beacon street here inPittsburgh many years ago - "trust not in angels - no not even in the son of man in whom there is no help; buttrust only in the God of heaven who is the God of truth." Love is the answer.Suggested by the author:Icelandic volcano greatly affects European air travelFederal Reserve: Big winner in "Financial Reform" passageWith Iceland at global crossroads, Harpa gives Reykjavik place on world stageT’ai Chi for wellness, longevity, and senior livingThrivent Financial for Lutherans participates in Join Hands DayHR 459Electric Highway - Mr. President visits Pittsburgh - July 6, 2012 By: keith schardingRelated topics Sustainable Lifestyles
  • 66. I dont know what is more important - for the Pirates to end their 20 year losing streak or for the President - inthis case Barak Obama to get his own policies and campaign promises. In spite of the hostility which 2/3 ofAmericans exhibit towards any type of change; change has arrived. The question is what type of leadership isnecessary to fit these changes into the reality of everyday life with a minimum of hostility. The electric highwayhas reached America....!Pittsburghs Pirates will battle it out with the SF Giants; Bruce Bochy and Clint Hurdle are mangers with similarleadership styles and both have helped lift their teams out of mediocrity into a share of the limelight.....shouldbe an interesting season. Here are two examiner slide shows which catch both the magnitude of the politicalmoment and highlight the future path of development for you communicators out there.View slideshow: making new friendsOregon open its branch of the I 5 Electric Highway Photo credit: The Electric HighwayPower to the People and some graphic insight into what Mr. President may be overlooking. I recently took myNikon and Samsung cameras with me on a trip to Palo Alto California and had a chance to bike my way throughthe heart of Silicon Valley - folks; the recession isnt happening there. Some very nice folks from UndiscoveredCountry Tours helped me find my way to Bloom Energy and the riddle of SunPower and the Solar extension ofthe Bay area’s smart power I rode the B.A.R.T. system to save time I was reminded of the fact that thisexcellent technology was developed in the 1960s in Pittsburgh (called Skybus then) and it has energized the Bayarea in a big way. Talk about photo opps. Thank to Joshua and his Amazing Retreat and Laura and everybody atUDC tours.Suggested by the author:  Palo Alto has Americas oldest childrens library and maybe its most charming one, too  Mountain View’s Thursday Night Live starts tomorrow  power of prayer  Silicon Valleys role in the electric vehicle revolution
  • 67. Power....Energy and the economy June 23, 2012 by: keith scharding Growth in energy demand is a real challenge credit: silver springs networkThe issue of the distribution of power and energy which drives the American economy is stage one today.....thisweek an important conference will convene in Washington D.C. The world of media and the entertainmentindustry have no comprehension of these things - that is why it is important to seperate truth from fiction andfact from fantasy.In terms of history a few brave souls have investigated the paleontology enigma which evolutionary thinking hassaddled educational systems with - what they have found will astonish you.....but one conclusion they havesurmised - that the gigantic dinosaurs could not have walked very well of themselves and must have actuallyspent most of their existence in swamps and lakes where buoyancy would have provided them with muchgreater locomotion - much like Washington D.C. where Americans are awash in a sea of debt and petroleumgiants roar out their absurd policies and objectives seems amusing.Video: Helios, Solar Powered Flying Wing AircraftDinosaurs and human industry have converged in the 20th century creating serious problem for governmentplanning resources.....yet the millennia are actually diverging from this Western phenomenon and the need for
  • 68. organizations that can oversee the growth and development of nanotechnology and its related industries isbecoming profitable in global proportions. If these technologic innovations and discoveries are not going to bewasted in the so called free trade capitalism of multi-national corporations and their tradition of repressingcompetition and general lack of ethics then direct action is imperative.A global community of environmental responsibility and resource conservation is quickly developing thesustainable energy nanotech and Nano power applications for micro and macro applications – E-meters andMicro grids are integrating sustainable power sources of wind solar wave and fuel cells. AV nanotech shows ushow to plan and build solar homes.Helios, Solar Powered Flying Wing Aircraft developed by NASA with the help of smart grid technology remindsus of the history of human powered flight.........while improvement to the lens itself becomes the key toappreciating this fantastic AV infrastructure.Suggested by the author:  Electricity from air is a reality  Electricity storage capability taking massive leap  Regenerative science: growing body parts with extracellular matrixThe Guidance Principle GUIDANCE AND INSPIRATION APRIL 18, 2012 BY: KEITH SCHARDING View the full slideshow »The proverbial Quantum Walk is a fitting analysis for a Guidance Principle; in human affairs to walk someonethrough something is a way of caring; showing friendship and providing leadership within organizations and
  • 69. across cultural boundaries. This column is about being a true guide - even if my hometown enthusiasm cloudsjudgment at times.In case you are not aware of it Green AV is here and making mellow music – AVI SPL is also a member of theGreen Building Council take a look at what they have to offer. One can only pause to wonder why America is notgetting on the band wagon.....Wind Power and Nano-electronics are the world’s #1 growth industries with Solar,Bio-Fuels and Tidal making major contributions.; This ‘scenario’ bodes well within the realm of globalgovernment as Ban Ki Moon; the secretary general of the United Nations made a great pitch for the economy ofsustainability at the Center for Global Development; he identified Green Technology as the best hope for animpoverished world – a promise which is capable of being kept. The ability to respond – the ability to even reactto potential disaster situations requires a Paradigm Shift in government infrastructure worldwide. The worldcannot afford another error like the one which occurred in spite of the One Day millennial jubilee celebration -where the call for the forgiveness of debt was defeated not due to 200 million people who signed the petition(subsequently delivered to all of the world’s governments - an effort which continues) but because theimpoverished and deeply indebted nations refused to promise that they would not use this windfall to buyweapons as they have been doing for decades. Give peace a chance.View slideshow: Global Goals - Sustainable Energy and Green AVWe try harder - a world of charitable aims Photo credit: UN millennium goalsVideo: Console Energy Center - JumboTronHere in Pittsburgh the audio visual professionals have kept up with the important developments within thisrapidly changing field. Synergy Media Group - User-Friendly AV Systems; are professional media presentationconsultants who offer a fully automated presentation systems to make your meetings and consultationsseemingly foolproof – see some of their state of the art designs Another company which fulfills this newcommunications paradigm is Meeting Tomorrow who offer anytime anyplace outfitting for all of yourpresentation and communications needs. They offer “both packaged and custom solutions for: conferences,trade shows, press conferences, webcasting, promotional events, company meetings, and more.” In thePittsburgh of the 21st century this type of service will win many clients and enthusiastic supporters.
  • 70. Once again - just in case anyone felt cheated in reading or misinterpreting this examiner; the words of messiahring true “one day is as a thousand years and a thousand years one day” - just proves that what is happening inaudio/visual technology is a just in time phenomenon.Pittsburgh salutes its Penguins and Sidney Crosby APRIL 8, 2012 BY: KEITH SCHARDINGa real rainbow of greenery Credits: Phipps ConservatoryNational Hockey League fans have witnessed the return of "Sid the Kid" - the Pittsburgh Penguins SidneyCrosby and for the past 3 weeks they have set the hockey world on its ear. The penguins as a squad aregetting healthy and this has greatly helped their Captain in his successful completion of a full comeback (hehad played some games earlier in the season). During his absence it is notable that the Penguins organizationstepped up their charitable works in a general outreach to the 3 rivers community.The Raspberry PI Foundation projectis preparing to ship the 25 dollar computer…….which should greatlyfacilitate distributive justice in the information age. Remember, the 1st batch of 10000 Raspberry Pi boardswill ONLY be available from[] (you can order some nicestickers in the meantime)
  • 71. Video: Sidney Crosby Returns Vs New York Rangers As this column has delineated the Green Building revolution is here to stay and the technology that supports it - On another front - green technology is taking great strides - see here! Read more: | Inhabitat - Green Design Will Save the World. Another aspect of this is the tangential element of Green Energy - Toyota FT-Bh Super Mini Hybrid Concept Unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show.........this is an area that in spite of the hype coming out of Washington - America still lags behind; a sure sign that Petroleum and its 19th century politics still dominate our economy. It also points out a flaw in the character of our millennial generation - in failing to produce what every man needs to be green. The dedication of the Penguins organization is a encouragement to everybody; the promise of the information age and its green technology as well - on this Easter Sunday it is traditional to greet a fellow believer - Christ is risen; The Lord is risen indeed. Suggested by the author: Intuitive pets: Bentley Language of the horse - intuitive training and touch Intuitive thinking may influence belief in God Intuitive Impressions of 2012 energy efficient bulbs are too good to be true Getting on the right page of history! SOCIAL MEDIA AND COPYRIGHT LAWS MARCH 21, 2012 BY: KEITH SCHARDING Fair Use is part of the Copyright Statuette Credits: The Audio/Visual Explosion elicits various outrages - censorship; copyright protection and waves of oohs and awes - hopefully my column has helped with the oohs and awes. However the issue of censorship is often wrapped in disguise; camouflaged by criticism about other - "artistic issues. People - a lie is a lie;; no matter how often it is repeated nor how many people believe it. Censorship is an important aspect of culture which should be taught at every level of academic and intellectual endeavor - it is the evidence of soul and spirit and how they work together.....because our government in America has proven that it cannot be trusted those who claim "the moral high ground" must practice "self-censorship". Center for Social Media..........Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for Online Video has provided a good lesson in copyright protection - "Fair Use standards provide online publishers with freedom to utilize specific content for the purpose of commentary and review. The following is a synopsis of this statuette:"
  • 72. Video: Fair Use & Copyrights"The Fair Use Doctrine is one of the most important limitations on the exclusive rights of the copyrightholder. It allows that copyright can be infringed because strict application of the law impedes the productionand dissemination of works to the public. The Fair Use Doctrine was added as Section 107 of The CopyrightAct of 1976 and was based on a history of judicial decisions that recognized that unauthorized infringementsof copyright were "fair uses." " (from the American Library Association)If this distinction (of fair use or infringement) is words, lines, or notes may be used withoutpermission. However they may be quoted "in reference" to the content of this work - specifically; especiallywithin its hypermedia context. This is most certainly true where such reference is to edify the copyrightedmaterial.In terms of legal practice Stanford University has an excellent website here. Enough said - my next series ofarticles will take us into the new audio/visual experience in Pittsburgh and its relationship to the technologyand times we are living in.Social Media - Calm Technology from SXSW #SXSW 2012 MARCH 14, 2012Amber Case at South by Southwest Credits: San Antonio Express News
  • 73. Related topics #SXSW 2012 Angry Birds The SXSW (South by Southwest) annual extravaganza got under way this week and its interactive gaming will help the world’s astronauts to understand the physical dynamics of space flight and it’s ‘weight less condition’ much better - it is being showcased in the Angry Birds Space (from Galaxy Note) game for all age groups. YouTube has the SXSW entourage– featuring Spredfast CRM social media software. Customer Relationship Management is essential for growing and developing a dynamic business - Austin Texas is noted for being business friendly – Spredfast is trying to ‘get out the word’ by integrating its communications applications with the major social networking providers like twitter and Facebook. CivilCRM is the Open Source Drupal CMS module for social media and can be ‘customized’ to include group dynamics Video: Angry Birds at SXSW What the digital age and its technology is doing to the human psyche is also an essential concern of new businesses and their entrepreneurs who are advancing CALM Technology as an alternative (courtesy of San Antonio News). as an alternative to cyber mania. SXSW 2012- Open Source Social Networking - Courtesy of Google Search Engine Open Source Social Networking. Event, Interactive 2012. Format, Panel ... Answered. How does open sourcing software benefit all social networking software?1. SXSW 2012- Mobile Is The Next Big Social Media Platform Questions Answered. What is mobile social software? What is social networking? What are mobile applications? What is the growth of mobile social networking? 2. Inside Nokias Plan To Break Down Social Silos - The BrainYard ... Jun 15, 2011 (Information Week) – Nokia wrestles with a common problem: making social software apps play nicely ... social media monitoring tool, while the firm uses Spredfast for Social CRM. ... based on the Drupal open source content management system. 3. News for sxsw 2012 social networking software Glancee CEO explains social discovery apps at SXSW (Computerworld - 4 days ago)
  • 74. March 10, 2012 07:52 PM ET ... Social discovery could become as big as social networking, some people believe,"because its sort of the natural extension.”... Interest at SXSW is not representative of how popular the apps willbe, because ... courtesy of Forrester Consulting - "Optimizing Users and Applications in a Mobile World".And as a footnote to my dismissal of Cell Phone Jammers and their dirty technology………XBMC 11.0: Eden Beta 3 available now [Updated] - Apple TV2 will go live soon.XBMC Media Center (formerly Xbox Media Center) is a free and open source cross-platform digital media hub andHTPC (Home Theater PC) software.XBMC ‘Atlantis’ Beta 1 Released for All PlatformsThe popular open-source media center application Xbox Media Center (XBMC) has rolled out the first beta releaseof XMBC Atlantis, which brings XBMC to all platforms. That means XBMC now runs on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux,the original Xbox, and even your thumb drive or live CD. Despite its beta status, this release brings XBMC evencloser to cross-platform bliss—including iTunes and iPhoto integration for XBMC on your Mac.Unfortunately ethics and moral standards are not part of the general ‘gaming community’ – the latest and perhapsmost technologically advanced gaming platform - Xbox Live Arcade is touting Hybrid as its cutting edge. Thishybrid is a Qbit different.The best of Pittsburgh - presidential politics BEST OF PITTSBURGH MARCH 14, 2012 View the full slideshow »Many of my articles are in response to Examiner.coms editorial requests - The best of Pittsburgh and itsrelationship to Audio-Visual Technology begins here. America is unfortunately a media driven culture - this meansradio and tv; my hometown is no exception. Most of the network news coverage is technically excellent butamounts to no more than ambulance chasing using a police scanner (I am an eyewitness to this practice). This type
  • 75. of reporting lacks both depth and content - due to legal constraints on crime reporting and the need to keep corporate sponsors happy. Enter people like myself and The presidential race will become the leading edge in 2012 - the stakes are greater than ever. Many should ask the question - why has a region with the wealth of cultural and natural resources like the expansive Ohio River Valley never produced a national leader - Rick Santorum (the K Street wonder) is not from this area - nor has he been elected yet. Perhaps it is because of the type of people who succeed in this media environment.....people whose love of money outweighs every other consideration (Dennis Miller - Jeff Christie (aka Russ Limbaugh) and the treacherous Jim Quinn) - all comedians and rockers who sold out to republicanism and the big buck.......people like this earn temporary success but in the long term their lack of integrity makes public trust impossible. One exception was John Heinz III whose untimely death like that of fellow Senator Paul Wellstone only makes the corruption of Washington D.C. all the worse.....may they rest in peace and be remembered in the world to come. Pittsburgh is a town of 500 churches - let it be remembered that Messiah came into the world to save sinners........not to elevate treachery and its corruption. View slideshow: Pittsburgh - the best is yet to come Cyril Wecht has helped change Pittsburgh for the better Photo credit: MSNBC Suggested by the author: South by Southwest (SXSW) interactive film and music festival on the horizon (March 17-20) Cell phone jammers beware #CELL PHONE JAMMERS MARCH 12, 2012 2nd class deception Credits: Eric Blair
  • 76. American life has become a dangerous enterprise - on the one hand our government has become bankrupt through the incompetence of law enforcement......who for material gain have allowed the reprobate and deviant elite to lead them astray. Audio/Visual technology is no exception......the recent cell phone jammer incident shows this empathically. This jamming technology is not new but was developed during WW2 and resulted in the spread spectrum theory which has developed into a comprehensive across the board multi-media standard for all electronic transmissions (Unified Communications). Its relationship to what Americans have come to know as Operation STELLAR WIND – and by coincidence nearly 10 years to the day later Higher Dimensions launches a new RPG (Role Playing Game) by the exact same name. Later in 2006 no less of a vanilla news service than "USA Today" broke the story on May 10, 2006.[1]It is estimated that the database contains over 1.9 trillion call.[2]According to Bloomberg News, the effort began approximately seven months before the September 11, 2001 attacks.[3]" (source Wikipedia - NSA call database). " ‘Stellar Wind’ routinely eavesdropped on journalists and public officials " Wayne Madsen (May 11th, 2009) Video: cell phone jammers This eavesdropping operation was in conjunction with something called Enhanced Carnivore and its Magic Lantern software which was nothing more than a Trojan Horse. Later in 2006 cell phone users learned once more that they must beware because: FBI taps cell phone mic as eavesdropping tool "The government can tap into your mobile phone, turn on the mike and listen to your conversation even when its closed and turned off. If they can do this, they probably can see through your phones camera too. The GPS receiver, built into many cell phones, can also locate you. Welcome to Big Brother." (Source ZDNet) Nextel and Samsung handsets and the Motorola Razr were especially vulnerable (year 2006) This site (Robotics and Electronics School) has information about how to protect your network from this type of incursion. From the electronic engineers: A “Cell Jammer” is just way of saying “Dirty Transmitter” which happens to transmit within the Cellular Phone Bands. Reality is, the dirtier the better. Electronic security experts have produced SPYBUSTERS – keeping an eye on Big Brother - VAST - “VIPER Assessment Security Tools” Live security distribution. Suggested by the author: VAST bringing visual audio sensory theater to Cinco de Mayo tomorrow VIPER changes for Champions Online previewed
  • 77. Electronic Programming - how A/V systems can work for you #PROGRESSIVE MARCH 6, 2012 Panther Hollow Bridge Credits: Keith scharding Related topics #progressive audio-visual For anyone who has difficulty with my column; with typo errors or content inconsistencies -I have prepared an Adobe e-zine with all of the past 3 years content..........Read my examiner columns - Audio/Visual Pittsburgh - here is a word document as well. When talking to people young and old about this new technology most people are unaware of just what is available.....what the state of the art is. This examiner would like to report praise for the people of Japan and the way they have responded to the Tsunami of 2011; an Omni Bus is transporting the dispossessed who are living in temporary housing - restoring hope and dignity.....many cultures could learn a lesson from the response which the Japanese make to emergency situations. This is true around the awe inspiring world as well - Chile; Haiti; Americas heartland and Southern Asia and Australia where earthquake, floods, tornados, tsunamis and other disasters have wreaked terrible devastation.....a good time for mankinds unity to be restored. Video: Man is learning to fly One grand purpose for taking videos and producing programs for others to see is the incredible things which people will do - flying off mountain tops is no exception. Pittsburgh has some high points for this purpose but other raptors (endangered species) are using these roosts already - The peregrine falcon notably. So appreciation is in order.....these human raptors are truly flying and soaring a bit too.....thanks to PBS and the net all can enjoy. Suggested by the author: South by Southwest (SXSW) interactive film and music festival on the horizon (March 17-20) Electronics show in Las Vegas highlights eco-friendly green gadgets Spyware can help stalkers monitor your cell phone Cell Phone Jammers - The Unguilty Pleasure
  • 78.  Big Brother is watching your Facebook, MySpace profile to see if you owe taxes Eschatological Concerns – the bible as prophet The changing of the guard……………………………..Creative intelligence must draw upon the trust factor; truth is essential for the human mind to interact rightly with the real world……and where is that world today as the classical observer once again witnesses ‘the great lie’ being played out to the full. Well apparently Mr. President was listening to the Green Generation and was reelected with a decent margin of victory – provided basically by young people getting out the vote. Romney Ryan gave the democrats a good run for the money – carrying all the traditional republican strongholds and the older voters male………..yet youthful exuberance carried the day. Deep Water Horizon (TransOceanic) and British Petroleum BP have reached a settlement with the U.S. Dept. of Justice – with criminal penalties outstanding – the settlement is being viewed as ‘inadequate”. The question of corporate greed and international diplomacy goes hand in hand as BP announced megascale earnings and a new deal with Russia’s Vladimir Putin and the enormous petroleum reserves controlled by their state owned oil company Rosneft – this is in conjunction with U.S. State Dept. and congressional sponsorship of new legislation to normalized trade relations with the Russian Federation and gain negotiating position to regain American Russian financial interest. All of these deals and judgments are coincidental with the Republic of China’s Communist Party congress which now sits as the most powerful socio-economic organization on the planet……..all according to ancient prophecy if in most cases alluding top level financial experts…..which have continuously ridiculed Marxism and its proletariat vision……….or have other strings been pulled ‘behind the IRON CURTAIN’? Read about and get hands on applications about Energy Efficiency and Renewable Sources! The difference between medicine and science (or is there medicine for what science is making) Corporate social responsibility Questioning this paradigm of distributive justice is all the rage; it also begets as it were - the liars paradox because this would entail proof that corporations are indeed responsible to any one or any thing other than their ownership. Yet the global sustainable goal has been set and this means that transnational corporations must begin to appear interested in cooperating with the governments from whom they extract their economic gain. Socialism and its partner communism are not in fact examples of corporate value systems but are generated by grass roots movements which help to establish social institutions to serve the needs of downtrodden humanity. This is not the sense of a so-called bleeding heart liberal but one firmly based upon ethical morality and its ideal of charity; for love is after all the greatest virtue. Cue the conflict free student movement.
  • 79. The Conflict Free Campus Initiative (CFCI) is a joint effort of the Enough Project and STAND, the student-leddivision of United to End Genocide. CFCI represents a constituency of students who want conflict free electronicproducts. Currently, there are over 100 local CFCI campaigns at colleges and universities in the U.S., Canada andthe United Kingdom. In the past two years, 11 schools — including Stanford, University of Pennsylvania, DukeUniversity, Clark University, and Emory University — have passed resolutions and policies prioritizing companieswho are taking action to become conflict free. In July, high school STAND students in Edina, Minnesota even gottheir city council to pass a conflict free resolution, making Edina the third conflict free city in the country.The movement is growing, and companies are starting to feel the pressure. When Duke University studentsmade a video asking alumnus Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, to get serious about making a conflict free device,they got a phone call from his office. Motorola Solutions has piloted a closed-pipe supply line project toguarantee the tantalum it uses in its products is conflict free. Intel has even committed to make a conflict freeprocessor by 2013. Corporate Social ResponsibilityFor a business to be sustained long-term, a company needs to replace a single-financial bottom line with a morebalanced triple-bottom line encompassing economic, social and environmental objectives into its businesspractices (also referred to as “people, planet, profit”). The CSR approach outlines key areas of focus andguidance for its implementation which ultimately seek to achieve these three objectives.Other definitions:The World Business Council for Sustainable Development in its publication “Making Good Business Sense” byLord Holme and Richard Watts, used the following definition. “Corporate Social Responsibility is the continuingcommitment by business to behave ethically and contribute to economic development while improving thequality of life of the workforce and their families as well as of the local community and society at large”The same report gave some evidence of the different perceptions of what this should mean from a number ofdifferent societies across the world. Definitions as different as “CSR is about capacity building for sustainablelivelihoods. It respects cultural differences and finds the business opportunities in building the skills ofemployees, the community and the government” from Ghana, through to “CSR is about business giving back tosociety” from the Philippines.
  • 80. Traditionally in the United States, CSR has been defined much more in terms of a philanthropic model.Companies make profits, unhindered except by fulfilling their duty to pay taxes. Then they donate a certainshare of the profits to charitable causes. It is seen as tainting the act for the company to receive any benefitfrom the giving.The European model is much more focused on operating the core business in a socially responsible way,complemented by investment in communities for solid business case reasons. Personally, I believe this model ismore sustainable because:1. Social responsibility becomes an integral part of the wealth creation process – which if managed properlyshould enhance the competitiveness of business and maximize the value of wealth creation to society.2. When times get hard, there is the incentive to practice CSR more and better – if it is a philanthropic exercisewhich is peripheral to the main business, it will always be the first thing to go when push comes to shove.However, as with any process based on the collective activities of communities of human beings (as companiesare) there is no “one size fits all”. In different countries, there will be different priorities, and values that willshape how business act. Moreover, even the observations above are changing over time. The US has growingnumbers of people looking towards core business issues.For instance, the CSR definition used by Business for Social Responsibility is “Operating a business in a mannerthat meets or exceeds the ethical, legal, commercial and public expectations that society has of business.On the other hand, the European Commission hedges its bets with two definitions wrapped into one: “A conceptwhereby companies decide voluntarily to contribute to a better society and a cleaner environment. A conceptwhereby companies integrate social and environmental concerns in their business operations and in theirinteraction with their stakeholders on a voluntary basis”.When you review each of these, they broadly agree that the definition now focuses on the impact of how youmanage your core business. Some go further than others in prescribing how far companies go beyond managingtheir own impact into the terrain of acting specifically outside of that focus to make a contribution to theachievement of broader societal goals. It is a key difference, when many business leaders feel that theircompanies are ill equipped to pursue broader societal goals, and activists argue that companies have nodemocratic legitimacy to take such roles. That particular debate will continue. Dedicated to the Conflict-Free Campus Initiative
  • 81. The sustainable paradigm is CSR goal Students at Stanford Universitys conferenceInfontology – Quantum Information Systems and Nanofactories – feasibility studiesNanotechnology and Renewable Sources for Optimum Energy Efficiency.Scientists Warn Of Deep-Water Oil Spill Kill Zone June 09, 2010British Petroleum (BP PLC), on Wednesday, June 2, 2010, shows the site of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. (AP Photo/BP PLC) Transcript |BP to Pay $7.8B to Settle Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Lawsuit. Is it a Bad Deal for Gulf ResidentsInvestigative journalists Greg Palast and Antonia Juhasz examine who wins and who loses in BP’ssettlement. "*BP is+ basically being told, if you’re like a bank robber, you put the money back in the vault,and everything’s forgiven," says Palast, who also investigated the Exxon Valdez settlement. Meanwhile,state and federal governments are still pursuing separate civil claims against BP for environmentaldamage. "That’s when we’re going to hopefully uncover those 72 million pages of investigation that willinclude wrongdoing not just by BP, not just by Transocean, not just by Halliburton, but every major oilcompany involved the offshore—and, very likely, at least based on my research, wrongdoing by theObama administration," says Juhasz. "It’s the desire to keep that out of the public that has pushed thissettlement process forward." ……………….BP pledged up to $500 million over a decade to conductindependent scientific research on the environmental effects.
  • 82. It is the magnitude of these enterprises which perplexes safety engineers and environmentalists. This isalso true of a new technology called fracking which has been developed by this same Industry.What is a Nanofactory? The Nanofactory is a proposed compact molecular manufacturingsystem, possibly small enough to sit on a desktop, which could build a diverse selection of large-scale atomically precise diamondoid products. The Nanofactory is potentially a high quality,extremely low cost, and very flexible manufacturing system.The principal input to a diamondoid Nanofactory is simple hydrocarbon feedstock moleculessuch as natural gas, propane, or acetylene. Small supplemental amounts of a few other simplemolecules containing trace atoms of chemical elements such as oxygen, nitrogen or silicon mayalso be required.Nanotechnology and its relationship to Audio/Visual Technology gets more exciting on a daily basis – 3Dmodeling – nanolithography and plasmonics are making necessity a mother of invention proverbially.Energy efficiency and renewable energy technology show the greatest promise – here is an eBook sitewhere more information is available……Multiphysics provide the key for visualization and interpretation of these new technologies:  Comsol Multiphysics Suite --------with a first principles approach  Geothermal technology and Green Energy have incredible new developments  Autodesk provides both C.A.D. and freeware support  Caltech demonstrates what a Nanofactory is capable of….  Checkout what nanotechnology simulation is all about!  Multiphysics also has a mechanical engineering aspect  Multiphysics for the real world - new books - plus reliability analysis and risk assessment!In conclusion: time - times and half a time; how spiritual truth and the physical world converge and whytechnology should be servingthis compelling reality.........have a look at some convergence between scientific observation and biblicalprophecy.
  • 83. Related topics 2012 spiritual guidance #green energy #conservation fate or coincidence Addendum Slideshows Interactive multimedia makes A/V more fun! A Green Christmas Green Pittsburgh is a success Climate reality - a nightmare? Green Potential the us economy is the problem Jewel of the Sierras - Generation Green Green Pittsburgh - a city in transition audio/visual and the new electronics Let the light shine - what do we think we know dimensions of performance are changing dramatically Ambience - Cloud Computing and Wi-Fi peripherals Rational and Coherent - Sustainable Energy Technologies Photonics and Holographic Technologies All things work together for good
  • 84. Green Pittsburgh is a successPower....Energy and the economywheeling-park-high-school - fracking protest on national levelmaking new friends --------- electric highways for the worldThe thrive movement advocates 64 pt. energyThrive energy and the thrive movementThe Presidential Election is a flopPresident Obama and the Africa Adapt StrategyPower to the peopleGlobal Goals - Sustainable Energy and Green AVPittsburgh - the best is yet to comeThis Cloud is Family orientedAll things work together for goodEschatological TruthVideosDefying the Dirty Dozen: Cyclists take on steepest...Whats up Doc?bible truthBible TruthThe Last MountainInspired - Robert F. Kennedy Jr. - EnvironmentalistOmni - Touch turns virtually any surface into a...24 hour global watchthe atomic hydrogen generator conceptswarmanoid robots
  • 85. Fresh footage of huge tsunami waves smashing town Eschatological Truthvideo Yom Kippur War - soldiers songHelios, Solar Powered Flying Wing AircraftPhipps cuts the ribbon on its living building complexConsole Energy Center - JumboTronFair Use & CopyrightsAngry Birds at SXSWRaspberry PIcell phone jammersMan is learning to flyEternal Jerusalem - home of the Jewish PeopleProject Green Heart - Sustainable Landscape Center