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Historic Insight Into The Millennia


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Intuitivie Moments - Discernment of Conscience looks at the millennia from a historic perspective. Important insights into a millennial history either poorly understood or fundamentally unknown - …

Intuitivie Moments - Discernment of Conscience looks at the millennia from a historic perspective. Important insights into a millennial history either poorly understood or fundamentally unknown - great pictures and quotes for the seeker of truth.

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  • 1. In Dedication: This work is dedicated to all those through the ages who struggle with conscience in order to understand the truth and learn to do what is right. But let us never forget - it is love that makes the world go round. Praise be to God from whom all blessings flow. Special thanks and appreciation for my family and friends whose dedication to excellence inspired many „unique insights‟ making this book possible; especially to my dear daughter and her friends and colleagues who inspired me to investigate many controversies and attended to their timely insights with an open mind. The patience to investigate and rethink concepts and ideas were a product of our correspondence and personal relationships. This book is also in memorial for my mother and father whose help and inspiration is within every page – „be still and know that I am god; the GOD who heals you‟ was my mother‟s wisdom and my father – „rise and shine – up and at em‟. Much of their wisdom and logic are contained within these pages. Add this – God the Father can „make all things new‟ and restore TRUST. Also in special remembrance of a friend – David; who‟s unfinished work „The Way of Living‟; inspired the writing of this book. May he and many other friends and relatives who have passed on from the „land of the living‟ find their place in the „world to come‟ – as it is written. In spite of our failures and shortcomings (mine are many) dedication continues – so it is very important to remember that as this millennial period is fulfilled that the truth of God‟s word is ever more apparent – globally…if we cannot resist „progress‟; then at least it is possible to tell the truth about what it is actually about. Behold the lamb; is one joy of this fellowship. To take a page from theatrical art – “We have not come here to praise Caesar; but to bury him.” Spoken by Marc Anthony in Shakespeare‟s play - Julius Caesar. Discernment of Conscience – Insight into the Millennia presents ideas that are often contrary to what has been called „the church of public opinion‟. Unlike the Prefatory of Mark Twain‟s „Rouging It‟; historic pretension is a given and philosophical dissertation for the sake of reconciliation of soul and intellect is promoted. This work will „afflict‟ the reader with both metaphysics and science but according to „facts‟ and resolute judgments‟ based upon information fairly gained and analyzed within this remarkable „Millennial Moment‟. As the millennial jubilee period wanes and a new global government is becoming established – a glimpse of a future which dedication to excellence is providing. These photos are for those wh o dedicate themselves to push that proverbial envelope – to set the bar a little higher. In memory of Steve Fossett – Circumnavigator and Designer – Chicago board of Trade – Millennium Bean The Lion and the Lamb International Space Station-- Virgin Galactic on its maiden flight – space travel for everyone1 1 Agreement between Virgin Galactic, Spaceport America, and the Federal Aviation Administration is the first to cover a commercial spaceline.
  • 2. Intuition: Discernment Of Conscience Insight for the Millennia An Inquiry into the Nature of Soul and Spirit Part One – How can insight into the Millennia become focused? How can God given wisdom help man to overcome their irrational nature? Quantum replaces the Scholastic - Respect for Others A 10 dimensional Universe in 26 part harmony Solution Looking for a Problem Psychology as Philosophy A Question of Breeding - Nature Either/Or of Consciousness the Upward Path melodrama of Abnormal Psychology We shall Overcome photos of some interest Encounters of the 4th Kind The Soul and Psychology - another look at Freud Reassurance of Meaning and Purpose The worried Mind Convergence - an Ecologic Insight Flowing Reality - Streams of Consciousness Ideals - autonomous communities Question of Balance metaphysical Moment - as a means of comparison The "bad conscience" of Art Receiving Grace - the messianic vision The Phenomenology of Conscience - as ‗a‘ moment of Moral Virtue Consciousness of Conscience Part Two – The Millennial Moment......Insight into our Historic Times Index and Credits So hats off to the millenials for many wonderful things they have accomplished.
  • 3. How can God given Wisdom help man’s irrational nature? By author anonymous Philosophy, in the information age will be expected to bridge the widening gap between reason and morality. Often it is perceived as an academic discipline practiced only by the educated elite or colloquially as folklore. A few even consider it a useful tool for policy and decision making; yet somehow impractical for most people. Tradition has it inhabiting the airy realms of intellect and logic; at odds with the intuitive senses. Historically, it is a field that causes great controversy, in theology, mathematics and even medicine; stimulating ethical debate concerning law; truth; good and evil .......creating a moral dichotomy between the transcendental and empirical. As the ‘millenials’ 2 take the stage of history; a great promise in the face of impending calamity is sensed – where the light within can shine upon a new theory of almost everything (presented honorably) and its appreciation of the MIND. In the "so-called" Modern Era; the incorporation of quasi - philosophies such as deism, nihilism, dialectic materialism and even logical positivism; into political dogmas; socio - economic theories: even legal systems: has done great damage to the ideal of objective free thought and consequently of political and social action. As a subject that espouses “wisdom" all need be concerned. When considering the Bible, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Lao Tse, Siddhartha Gautama, Spinoza, Descartes and Hume; Kierkegaard and even Jung (to name a few ) within what we now consider "Classical Philosophers" - whose ideas have contributed to science and art in vital and profound ways. Especially considering how ideas shape visualization. This is true throughout the world, and that is why philosophy itself has needed to expand its horizons - for discernment of the development of people in their special predicaments. The need to be conscious of the great variety of human experience, yet remaining true to that unique purpose - that enigmatic ideal - which a love of wisdom must strive for – especially concerning TRUTH. Reason must compel those in the "global village" to understand one another and interrelate in meaningful ways, on all levels of endeavor. This meeting of the minds has produced great good already. Man as a moral agent; to count ethics and metaphysics as meaningful; must be able to comprehend; values; laws; and transcendent motives in order to weight correctly all alternatives in the "politics of experience". 3 Seekers of truth must distinguish between ‘metaphysics’ and the ‘supernatural’ – as nature itself is studied and observed – spiritually. To define empirically (through experience) a hierarchy of moral standards; our ancestors lived in oral societies where sacred tradition and ritual ruled; in what is now considered literate - we find codified statuettes and ordinances derived from them; such that - all who belong must obey. This requires sanity in the face of all adversity; in our conscious mind; that is - our own innate sense of awareness must evaluate culture and learning. Human consanguinity4 though is indeed an intangible being - it is written that "man is evil - from his youth onwards - who can know it." Yet later in this unusual biblical passage from Isaiah "I am" says - “come; let us reason together, though your sins are as scarlet yet will they be as white as snow." This is rational and compelling ethos which causes us to think deeply about the circumstances of our life and our conscious actions, Likewise, the ancients - in the fragments of pre - Hellenic (Greek) "philosophers" have related - "two things are too wonderful to understand - The harmony of the spheres and the leap of faith ( to believe )" . Here we find no duality; the duality is deception. A classic example of this occurs in Plato's apology.....Periclean Athens where the oral tradition produced men (and women) who sought wisdom. Socrates professes the inner man - learning love, virtue and justice (daemonion); his trial and execution by the apocryphal court on charges of neglecting their stone gods; did in fact establish the first principal - self-examination; soul searching! (Which is harmonious; especially in the eastern mystical traditions and the Hebraic as well) They circle all the various schools of western philosophy in these compelling debates. Yet also we learn from the scriptures; the fear of God is the beginning of knowledge; the fear of the lord is the beginning of wisdom. Mercy is the first principal of wisdom. The choice of 2 as presented on the McNeil – Lehrer report PBS on February 26, 2010 defined and surveyed 3 as R.D. Laing has stated it. 4 Seemingly the ‘innate’ capacity for self-deception; consanguinity is the quality of being descended from the same ancestor as another person.
  • 4. Socrates could well become the long journey of Solon. In Socrates - as well as other men - conscience discerns ........It is man's perdition to remain safe - when for the Truth he ought to die. Eastern Mysticism reflects this countenance as well; the ancient sages and prophets....namely Lao-Tzu and Siddhartha Gautama did teach "the upward path" they showed in their own lives - spiritual dedication and "enlightenment" are founded upon "inner peace" and did prove that holiness to God - (that is to be interpreted) separation from the way of this world) is the only way to true wisdom and understanding. Gathered in this circle we find no alienation or nausea; because we comprehend our own experience (no matter how terrible or good) as one with the living world; within the conscious mind. Even if we cannot use our senses (if blind or dumb); awareness of their presence remains; awaiting fulfillment....which ability can hold. In the modern discourse "theories" have a sense of the irrational; some of them are ‘occult’ in origin. Many of these so-called doctrines rely upon an ethics of the situation by which almost any action can be justified. One root of this problem is the philosophy of science; which purports that Faith and observation cannot be reconciled in the pursuit of physical law. The dogma of Lucretius a roman; (who died of consumption B.C.E. 60 – O); resulted in scholasticism; based upon the Metaphysics of Aristotle. Earth, Wind, Fire and Water - the four elements are properties....the result of causality - gases; minerals; physics and thermodynamics. Systematically defining a Philosophic moment - in which it does not seem pretentious to grasp; essential laws of physical reality; producing effective insights into “scientific” issues - which is teleological (serves a purpose). The Ancients (long before the "Athenian" Dialogic) of Miletus did however profess a "fifth" Element and that is the Quintessential - what the ages termed ethereal - the aether (much more of this later). The millennial jubilee of AD 2000 witnesses the astronomic observation (and measurement) of DEEP SPACE where a scientific understanding known as Astrophysics’ discerns an Essential Mystery. The Universe is indeed ethereal.....less than 10 percent of its Mass (as we comprehend this) is actually visible (baryonic). The essential momentum and vast dimensionality of the ‘highly’ distributed systems of galaxies (quantity unknown) accounts - 90 percent as being of so-called "dark matter" which - though not undetected has properties which are not well understood. Yet as "science" attempts to "explain" this imbalance......they stumble at the one ethereal perception......the "fiery" aether of the ancients has become - the transparent and radiant one of immanent transcendental metaphysics maintains. Don’t forget; It was Greek aesthetics disguised as roman emperor worship that caused the Western world to plunge into dark ages. Yet, profoundly, the Hebrew Scriptures were recounting creations character - conscientiously motivating and influencing "aesthetic" discourse in a transitional age. Here we can perceive the root of a very great paradox - in the Hebrew language faith and truth (among other profound ideals and ideas) are rooted and grounded in the universal idiom - amen - which means essentially; so be it (especially in context) in prayer to ‘GOD’; who is ‘all but’ invisible - “but not inaudible!"; ‘I think therefore I am’ - the tenet of Descartes; “Lord guard us from the evil impulse”; the prayer of a Jew. We intuitively discern the “rightness” of many philosophies as agreement proverbially….with “good conscience” - where conscience is the understanding of what ought to be. In the case of Education; we find the outcast - Aristotle and his beloved Pythias; founding a tradition of discourse; the "lost" parchments of becomes obvious that his return to Athens and the founding of the Lyceum there (perhaps the world's first institution of "higher" education) was contingent upon the emotional stability of married life. This is quite obvious much later as Jung (the student of Freud) ascribes wisdom as the "unknown Name" of God's (as presented within the Hebrew Scriptures) WIFE (the beloved - Sophia) as he presents a psycho-analytic view of the ancient Book - JOB. Our Bible (as ancient) directs reason in the same manner "...line upon line precept upon a little ...there a little". Eastern Cosmology likewise teaches the Intuitive "moment" of wisdom...being detached and unemotional....yet often bringing great joy! A holistic perception of the ambient world - Intuitive wisdom provided a framework. As the interconnected world views; the ‘lotused’ Sojourner bouncing like some child’s ball unto the surface of Mars; the immeasurable universe seems a little friendlier due to the leap of quantum physics and information science. This amazing event shines through the optical networks and all who have access can experience this wondrous event - the Martian landscape although barren was shaped ( in many places ) by liquid water. Systems Biology Research becomes a new field of inquiry - Astrobiology.
  • 5. Even at that - these amazing accomplishments have come at such an enormous cost; as the deviant mind steals them or uses them to attack their so - called enemies. We must remain conscious of the negative effects of our actions; even in how we present these important discoveries. When we think it so important to publish our news; then we must conscientiously shoulder the responsibility for what will inevitably come of it. The Nineteenth century - sadly - produced a panacea of "unconscious” counsel; whether Hegelian or existential. What we accept as wisdom and truth cannot be based upon precepts which we cannot in fact understand. Natural rights, the dichotomy of mind and spirit; our psychological malaise; and especially any metaphysical notions of time and space must begin with the classical Observer - ones conscious faculties. Science has (in the guise of truth) been used to play god - With many tragic consequences; not the least of which are annihilating ‘Weapons’ – which prevent the community of nations from attaining true UNITY. Whether we indulge ourselves in the divine comedy or immerse our intellect in logical discourse; or base our life upon binding laws and their precepts still we ourselves are in fact conscious of choices - whether imposed or freely made. Our unconscious mind ; correctly called mentality, remains - no matter what the state of our body - even when the spirit leaves the body; even in death; it is well understood - that souls journey has yet begun. When we experience the information age of net and web, the explosive growth of computer science and the entertainment industry, it is imperative that we come to grips with this unconscious as well. The so-called Turing Test is an example of attempting to define man-made machines - as - “intelligent." The narrow way that courses through human experience is often on the precipice of such dilemmas. Whether in our sleep or in our upright existence - it must be clear within our understanding - what is the difference between consciousness and conscience? A contemporary example is the search for aliens and the belief in terrestrial visitors from other worlds – investigation has proven this entirely without merit. Neurologic psychology has been coerced into the idea that many of these so-called encounters have originated within the deep recesses of the mind; what psychology calls the unconscious and are in fact - delusions. Although we cannot truly understand this ‘hiddenness’ still, we comprehend the vast difference. Whether we perceive "reality" empirically or transcendentally - still the consciousness of ethical and moral standards deeply affects our lives, the question is...How do we honor this AWARENESS as responsibility? This is fundamental to all of humanity! The “unconscious" confronts us with notions of a savage territoriality, instincts and guilt. The grandfather of many modern space dramas -The Forbidden Planet - termed this "monsters from the id." - Yet, even though unexplained hot objects at speeds incomprehensible have appeared on star wars radar screens - the only evidence of “aliens" is the unholy relationship between Hollywood and the lunatic fringe. Our development of rockets and space craft - sending the Voyagers to the envelope of our solar system and beyond has yielded no evidence of other terrestrial life forms, only the signature of a great creator and his amazing handiwork. Voyager's "message to the universe" - which supposedly it will deliver to these fellow inhabitants of the cosmos is presented by a person of deception (Curt Waldheim) - one who participated in the tragic Axis failure to enslave the world they speak for. Light is accurately estimated to travel 5.83 TRILLION miles in an Earth Year; the Voyager's launched in 1977 have reached the ‘heliopause’ of our Sun - perhaps 5.8 billion miles in 23 years.....if the Universe (as perceived) is coming to is a good thing because apparently we could never reach it.! Have we retained the sense of awe and wonder innate to the innocent child; and as "grownups" - accept a responsible duty - being entrusted with the care and upbringing of the next generation; dedicated to protecting them from the confusion of truth and fantasy. 5 It is obvious that . . . the Aryan concept of hero and super heroes (as in other cultures) has produced a sad legacy of disillusionment and brokenness. We must provide our heritage with a 5 In his excellent book ‘The Cathedral Within’; Bill Shore (founder of Share our Strength) provides help to those suffering from the effects of poverty and despair – writes about the need of young people for role models; be they real or imaginary – the real ones tend to build better teamwork and fair play attitudes which help young people become successful in a ‘strange and alien world’ of slide rules and engineering blueprints. The discernment of what is real - realizing truth often takes some courageous action. An excellent PBS documentary Building the Great Cathedrals provides insight into how science and faith based religion can work together. Judeo-Christian ethics and worldview are edified by this understanding as God and man reason together.
  • 6. consciousness of limitations, morality and encouragement so that they can continue to live upright meaningful lives. We shall overcome is an anthem of the struggle for freedom and civil rights; it is also part of our calling as people - integrating the complex discoveries of our educational experience into systems that enhance and solve the problems of our human habitations and their relationship to the physical world, the resplendent environment that sustains us all. Ecologic concepts are well considered in any systems analysis. Perhaps the most important thing about so - called information science – better termed General Systems Theory - is the hierarchical nature of systems. Even the most complex cybernetic inventions of research consortiums cannot be compared in complexity to living systems; where purpose is found – this includes both robotics and nanotechnology 6 . Purpose produces ideals - one such ‘Bioethics Principle’ is the Endangered Species Act that strives not only to protect rare creatures and their communities but also the ecosystems in which they have developed (Commensally)........that is: mutual interdependence – striving to add more than is taken. The need of living systems to grow and develop harmoniously in their symbiotic relations (synergistic) within.....a given environment - can be called the ‘wonder of nature’. Here - as physiologic - what Quantum Theory calls the organism - we understand that living systems (creatures) are capable of not only adaptation, regeneration and propagation but dramatic speciation to survive in changing environments. The dogma of evolution is used in much discourse regarding natural history - yet; the foundational concepts of both geology and biology are based on Genesis; the Hebrew scriptures - particularly the ages of the earth and the Linnaean classification system. Humankind itself; the only upright order - we understand according to transcendent thought; can create their own environment and go into places depths, voids and heights that our bodies could never survive in. 7 And in the same way we see human beings living in viable communities; adapting themselves to the harshest extremes of hot and cold; altitude, aridity and wetness enjoying the lives that mother earth provides. Is it not paradoxical that in adapting to life itself our conscious mind is in creation - of tools and ways of living (the very root of culture) which enhance this enjoyment? Even when people experience injury; even serious birth defect or other pathologic syndrome; Causality? Optometric medical therapies can design a way to retrain their mind to overcome the disability: Will Power?! In considering such a doctrine of consciousness we must consider a great impasse. That impasse is the unconscious. Religions are considered as systematic; but more imposing; they rigorously define the ‘dances of our spirits in the cultures of our birth’. Yet religion occupies a grey area in consciousness. The experience of the Judean - Christian tradition presents the very discrete ideas of Christ and Messiah; which although they have come to mean the same thing; functionally their roots are completely different cultures and ways of thought! Meshiach; to pour out - the messiah - anointed one; appears to be rooted mystically in the idea of casting upon someone responsibility, leadership, and supernatural power. Though they anoint Queens and Kings........ it is in a different sense; because the Jewish faith only admits to Hevenu Malkhenu - a heavenly father as king. Christ in juxtaposition comes from a relation that means to anile (through induction of energy) - or to harden - as one does with glass, metal or pottery. In harmony (anointed and anointing) these ideas can work well....... at enmity they could produce confusion, misunderstanding and tyranny. Jewish tradition appears divided (or is it a higher wisdom than people are amenable to). That this same Adonai (Lord) would return glorified in a time of great trouble (as savior) to receive all those who have given their hearts to him....Also to those who believe on his name. Yeshua Adonai is holy to the Jewish faith as one of the seven spirits of almighty god. The Judean doctrines of the Christian faith historically have differed quite dramatically and tragically at times from that which the Shaliacheem (Apostles) were ‘sent’ to communicate; many gave their lives to establish this ‘new covenant’ with all of humanity. Two points are most obvious; Yeshua forbad his fellow citizens from trying (see the footnote at end of chapter) to make him their king..... he also rebuked the very thought of seeking revenge against those who rejected him. The Christian church has both slaughtered people in the name of the god of Israel and they also have set up clergy to crown ‘kings and queens’ to rule over them. The consequences are all too vivid in the imperialist colonization of the 6 The science of nanonics ‘christened’ during this millennium period will bridge these two highly technical fields 7 a·dap·tive adj. Showing or having a capacity to make fit for new or special situations; flexible; a successful adjustment.
  • 7. world and the rising up of many so-called ‘anti – Christ’s who reject the religion that produced them while seeking to receive gods' glory as their own. The third enigma - high pressure evangelism.... defying the spirit that spoke as even (‘the heavenly HOST’) rejoiced in Yeshua........Risen from his crucifixion...... appearing to more than 500 people - then physically ascending into heaven in the presence of many witnesses. 8 The angel (that enigmatic presence) said - “do not stand around gawking into heaven, this Yeshua they take up from among you will also return in this way." Yeshua himself did remind us “of the day and hour of my coming knows no man; no - not even the angels of heaven." He also said “with God; a day is as a thousand years and a thousand years as one day." .........Evangelism is justified.....extortion tactics are not. Can the intellect explain this? ; That God "would make his tabernacle with man"? "Not by Might; nor by Power but only through my spirit says the Lord of Host." (Zechariah) As the ancients have reminded - religion seems far beyond the realm of human council - many try to unite (often tragically) these separate.....yet intrinsically interrelated traditions. These cults are not only a problem in western tradition but in the Orient as well. One might take this opportunity to digress, to present other religious traditions as well. They divide Buddhism itself into two schools of thought; one Buddha - Siddhartha – as a ‘young man’ did humble himself to become a godly teacher, while Gautama became, a godly teacher and holy sage who some say mistakenly allowed himself to be worshiped and is often viewed as an idol – within sacred temples. Siddhartha Gautama - the Buddha himself caused this division. Zen Buddhist tradition mourns the death of “the just Jesus ". A graphic difference is present today in the cultures of eastern Nepal and Tibet. Kalachakra or Wheel of Time is a celebration of Buddhist tradition that takes place in the Bodhgaya, the site of the Mahabodhi Temple where Siddhartha Gautama sat under the Bodhi tree and became ‘The Enlightened One’. 9 The pilgrimage at Mount Kailash is a sacred Event. The Hindu tradition is characterized as polytheistic - yet they comprehend this as a kind of divine veil through which the almost Trinitarian godhead is leading disciples in the path of life. ). Is it Polytheistic - or the revelation that man is separated from divinity?) The Aryan concepts of class and chaste would appear derived from this ‘quasi’ ascendant path. However, the estimated (4 - 14 million Indian persons of Israelis descent) have never experienced physical persecution – unlike the other cultures of the world. Native peoples of the western hemisphere (Turtle Islands) however; worship ‘The Great Spirit’ singularly in ecologic harmony, as their creator provider. The surprising relationship between their culture's spirituality and what some call, true Christianity is a convergent one. This positive relationship is in spite of the enmity that ‘empire seeking’ and rightly offended ‘natives’ did inflict upon one another. The scales of justice tip in favor of the American Indians - as their perseverance, reverence and patience will attest to. Whether they conceive the Great Spirit as benefactor (provider) or heavenly father; the grandfather is spoken of as an honored guide to the happy home beyond the setting sun: (Six nations) the relationship is the same. One can consider it like the so-called aborigines; who exhibit extrasensory perception; saying there is a dream dreaming us! Yet this dream is not surreal but supernatural and compelling.....defining a relationship between Creator and each person. Receiving of "god’s" spirit (as holiness); to people of Faith is most sacred - this spirit is a person as the new covenant tells us - Adon ha Rooach. Many Indians speak of grandfather (in the spirit of their ancestors) and the circle of the people; the great mystery leaves no doubt about the world to come. Another dilemma, as those of a corrupt and materialistic culture attempt to take on the mantel of the very people whom their culture has rejected; like the new age movement (and its new world order) - as the denying conscience of deceit.....when considered within historic debate – is neither rational or intuitive; but a false mystical way. Man as a conscious and moral agent is confronted with a bizarre mixture of the occult mysticism and Holistic medical practices gathered from various cultures and spiritual backgrounds. In the extreme sense then - this new age religious experience tends to an existential field - phenomenology - where conscious awareness - it seems - does not admit to intuitive conscience - obligating seekers to censure injustice and overcome wickedness. Discernment of spirit is 8 (ancient languages consider sky and heaven as one word) 9 Kalachakra Mantra -
  • 8. considered one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit – thankfully; a great advantage is found in properly understanding the relationship between metaphysics and the ‘supernatural’ as the ‘spirit’ (of revelation) is discerned. 10 Duality itself is a fundamental tenet - would be proof - of many post rationalist thinkers......what is this duality? One intuitively could question the tenets of existential phenomenology or reliance upon a Kantian universe which defies conceptuality; in which a great clockmaker has wound up the universe..... Or a Zen that does not include Taos; yin without yang - Although many aspects of these kinds of wisdom... are quite important; yet their lack of recognition of dangerous ideas presage regret and profound doubt; Niche's Aryan nihilism; Schopenhauer’s loaded pistols; the alienation of the peasantry felt within Confucius's philosophy of family, honor and duty; social Darwinism itself - would be; questioning the integral truth of such wisdom uncovers the ‘kernel of truth’ within them. Because - if they confine their counsel to an arbitrary historical perspective - based upon ‘cultural prejudice’ - their understanding of human affairs (as a quality of living) could become biased. Because Middle Eastern politics are so pivotal - especially in considering cultural expression; consider that Islam, one of the largest religions of this world, is in many ways an invention. We could well consider the Grape vine, the Olive tree, and the Fig Tree; as allegories - knowing from historical accounts that Mohammed, the prophet (and author) of the Koran, did present himself to the Jews of Medina - the ‘crescent’ of the great Arabian desert - as one who would be a prophet. The Jews did in fact examine Mohammed but found him wanting - although congenial; their faith - would not allow them to declare him so; unlike Yeshua though he did seek revenge against Medina and the Jews – a few were lucky to escape with their lives; The Sephardic Jews (modern Hebrew dialect) did suffer from this poor relationship within " Arabia " even until Israel became a nation again in 1948 A.D. In 1850 B.C. (4 millennia ago) - the biblical prophet Abram the Hebrew was born in Ur of Chaldea; Yet according to Genesis - Shem (the son of Noah and his ancestor 9 generations removed) outlived him by nearly ten years! Abram became Abraham (known to many people) and was the father of many nations; including the Israelites. The so-called protagonists......Isaac and his brother Ishmael....were reconciled on the occasion of their Father Abraham's funeral.... nearly 3680 years ago! It is nearly insane to imagine that people still argue about their relationship as brothers. We can see today - even as it is written in the bible; the very origins of the symbolic languages of Phoenician and Hebrew are rooted in those times, long ago....... when covenants and birthright ruled the affairs of men. These traditions in great wonder; also obviously were born of men - with great contentiousness; as jealous kinsmen vied for the upper hand. We are conscious of these things still in the world today - Yet the ‘chosen-ness of the Jews’ has remained as well as the contentiousness of their kinsmen. Yet, thankfully this argument is only the beginning of “returning”; notwithstanding - because to effectively address these issues; more arguments and explanations - will need to be considered. This is especially true as we enter the information age.... artificial intelligence and robots take the stage of human development. Also, moral and ethical problems of euthanasia, abortion, genetic engineering and cloning become realities. Is consciousness merely gods' gift of life - a fleeting whimsy, or a foundation that all people can relate to? 10 Jesus compared those born of the spirit to those who try to understand the wind and how it is generated.
  • 9. Astrobiology considers a more Herodotus – Map of the Hellenic World 400 B.C.E. ‘holistic viewpoint’ for its Ontogeny! Noted - Migrations of ‘Tribal Groups’ Planet Saturn’s Moon Titan An ‘Oriental’ worldview – Tribes and Empires 400 A.D. First photos – NASA Huygens Mission A dramatic portrait of the Gog – Magog (brothers or twins?) Scenario Quantum Theory replaces the scholastic Underneath what looks like a strenuous modesty, if not actual debility - is to be discerned an energetic secular blasphemy; the wish to attain the unfettered and unselective total consciousness of “God." Susan Sontag - The Aesthetics of Silence In the United States today; much consists of the roots of common law; that is; tolerance. This intuitive foundation provided the just cause upon which liberty and human rights stand. They ‘rooted’ *grounded+ the constitution that gives functional reality to its doctrines - in the societies of the endemic people - which those Quakers; Buck skinned mountain men; missionaries and settlers......did encounter and interrelate with when they came to turtle islands of the western hemisphere. The Indians; although of different lineages linguistically and culturally where in development..... a great people..... in fact the use of wampum; to communicate and make covenants; is today seen as a fundamental element of symbolic (written) language. The Leni Lenapes; their Wallam Olum - the red record - stands as proof of an immense journey and intercultural relations; whose law of hospitality (they compel one to share with those in need) made their society much more amenable to the matriarchal cultures that they met on their long journey East. As a generalization - the people they encountered as friends or enemies followed laws of the creator - in prayer and ceremony - such as peacemaking; vision seeking; community worship and confession.... always honoring the Great Spirit; which brought harmony and serenity..... in the midst of strife. When the monarchies of the medieval western Europeans encountered their great kingdoms.....Hauntenzooyu (Inca); Mayan; Aztec (Toltec); Taligwa; Pueblo; Hawaiian; Mississippian Suns and matriarchy of the Haudenosaunees (Six Nations).... so called "Savages"; a terrible conflict ensued. In many cases the over wrought newcomers worked deceit in overthrowing the upright and hospitable "Indians" - to satisfy their Unholy hunger for gold. Because this was done to edify the ‘Vatican’ *using the spiritual authority of the Catholic Church] attempts to justify the ‘wanton’ destruction of many cultures bears remembrance. Even though precious few of them did protest; a great movement was already underway - the ‘protestant’ reformation - and another one with it; The Spiritual Rebirth known as the ‘Church of the Brethren’........ Ultimately
  • 10. brought sanity to those troubled waters. The price of these changes was great for all the people. They formed precarious peace - the "Indians" met with enlightened sufferers of Catholic and Royal persecution......if one cares to discern the idiomatic English of America. You will see this integration (the meeting of the minds). As presented, the Pythagoreans; the Buddhists and the Hebrews were well established.....when Aristotle (student of the Peripatetic (Walking) school) became the tutor of Alexander. This tradition of Logical Philosophy (discernment based upon what we call Principles of Reason - Analytic Logic) was well established before the heresy of Evolution (that higher are developed from lower forms) was fomented. - This ontological confusion (cellular biology and the development Phylum’s) is still operable. Not many years later.. Saul of Tarsus (Paul the Apostle) preached his sermon on Mars Hill. What is this foundation? In western philosophy concepts are implicit and deducible (from sound precepts) and the process of reason becomes operational. (If not the human observer’s in their unique situation). Eastern Philosophy however views the apparent and considers that it is intuitive - for meditation. Historically - the Septuagint (70 elders invited - to translate the complete Tenach - the Old Testament was completed at the great library at Alexandria in Egypt (which Caesar destroyed)... Here East met west and.....remarkably - Magi came to Bethlehem of Judea. As this tradition continues, and we find Christian philosophers...... such as Augustine and Thomas Aquinas; developing what Western theosophy calls scholasticism based upon the assumptions of Aristotle and the teachings of the early church....were established as Christian Theology is perfected. Greek Philosophy survives - in spite of a violent cultural environment; people such as the "first" lady of philosophy - Hypatia of Alexandria and a generation later Boethius (The Consolation of Philosophy) suffer death as the Socratic Dialogue continues......leading to a tradition of Scholarship and Learning. Its greatest accomplishment is not the elitist Monastic tradition and its Latin tutelage but the Lyceum of Aristotle and his beloved Pythias. Papal Bulls (edicts which many Christians are bound to reject because they are not founded upon the scriptures) were promulgated as truth - the whole error of idolatry and emperor worship unfortunately influenced the church – being applied as liturgy. As they overcame ‘latin’ scholastic tradition, during the enlightenment and consequent "Age of Reason". Great enmity had to be dealt with - intellectually - often becoming bloody Insurrection. Yet in due time – Rome usurped the pagan traditions for the sake of Valentine’s remembrance. Then as the development of Quantum Mechanics (during the "Golden Age" of Physics 1880 - 1935) – maintains that intellect is conceptual (not material) - symbolic logic as a simplified form of integration [also known as recursion] is developed ... (IE - Boolean algebra - is one example). Yet simply using mathematics to define logical argument is not that remarkable nor is discernment of the organism as the foundational concept which defines animate and inanimate - in Reality; yes these are important developments but the essential Leap of quantum theory is that relativity - as Albert Einstein formulated; is applicable in reality - that the photo - electric effect is actually discrete quanta of energy - matter defines observation and a new field emerges to replace classical field theory, electro - magnetism, which becomes coordinated with elemental particle and nuclear physics. Here we find the fundamental TRICHOTOMY –the highly discrete harmony of wave / particle wrapped with ‘unbreakable’ entropy and its uncertainty principle. The discrete quanta of atomic adsorption and emission which are the spectral “signatures" of the elements....did however open up a perplexing realm of new discoveries......particle physics. Because these interacting "quantum" entities - exhibit such a perfect degree of symmetry......They proposed a new quantum equation...this principle is known today as CPT Transformation Invariance (charge conjugation (C), parity (P), and time reversal (T))....the zero point spin has few known violations when detected (as extremely elusive violations). If the elemental (material) universe is visualized as interacting strings (in harmonic resonance); understanding will benefit. General systems' Theory (also called Information Science) has become the practical application of this ....incredible quantum development! Reality as Organism was the Conceptual Philosophy of Alfred North Whitehead and his student Bertrand Russell under which Classical Logic becomes stagnant and reason becomes rationality (as perceived ability). The question becomes - when does Judgment require a standard or is it implicit (or exponential)? Can the Thomistic - Aristotelian system of ethical virtue claim an ability to judge or is it hypocritical (when weighed against the Law of Tolerance - and Free will dichotomies). If A = Union and B = Confederate which ideals can this so - called logic produce.
  • 11. If a Political Entity such as the United States of American is any indication - the 2000 elections like the 1824 and 1876 before it - depict general equality under-girded by Adamant election (2000) in which 100 million votes are cast (symbolic of the estimated population of the entire world for much of this time period); yet the "popular" vote is nearly equal; law requires the election be resolved....a Constitution of General Operational Proportions requires that for a candidate to be elected.....they must submit to the decision of an "electoral college" in which each state entity votes (hopefully) as the popular vote cast in that state. In order for a candidate to be elected therefore - his delegation must win this second election..... Logic and Ethics.....the government cannot easily be gained nor can plurality be assumed as decisive (strategy is needed). Yet the Party that declares itself ‘winner’ is found by impartial analysis to have cheated; leaving the wronged Party aghast. Political Stability as with Ecologic Stability require the "system" to be uncorrupted (meaning of course....a viable environment for ecologic communities and obedience of generalized laws in the political). A checks and balance system (like the USA) is rare and unique of planet Earth....the ambitious are generally impatient for their so-called "volition". The millennium election is the case where the loser; then Vice President Al Gore of Tennessee (as President Pro Tiem of the Senate) - will be honored – not only as a noble laureate; who wrote a book and starred in a movie about global warming entitled – “An inconvenient Truth” but also as a public servant who failed to act upon a motion to throw out his political opponents election (on grounds of Civil Rights violations) – as seen in another movie “Fahrenheit 911’. Peculiar indeed; that power at this level of hierarchical government would ‘flow’ so smoothly. Discreteness require that laws and ordinances avoid stereotyping shared experience; either anthropological; or as complex hierarchies (organization). To digress a bit; consciously; this is why materialist determinations fail - because they cannot explain the utter complexity of the world or the life within it.... as men actually perceive and live it. Yet; we comprehend.....a prophetic reality unfolding within the high abstractions of scientific discoveries. Why not more intuitive discourse? Is it Either - Or, as Kierkegaard has stated; existentially.....the ethics of a divine emanation that Spinoza beautifully outlined.......the imponderable mechanics of the Mind as the Rationalists have thought.....or the oneness of divine meditation as the Orientals practice? The Transcendent - as categorical imperative - aims at what we admit as faithful and true (to ourselves and others). This kind of question defies complete analysis; because Purpose being consciously discerned is not necessarily tautological.........Virtue; Courage; Determination; Patience.....defined as ‘Godly principals’ and are not ‘necessarily’ the coin of the realm.... so to speak. Essentially.... structure and functions are organismic; we may intuitively appreciate aesthetic experiences but may not define them as a totality or they will become abstractions; knowledge produces clarity; reality is a process of relatedness. A few of these mechanics deny the soul - even though it’s quite small yet discernable weight has been recorded - (when a person dies immediately their essence physically leave the body) in hospitals - Human beings are not merely obviously rational - view psychology; nor are they highly subjective - think.....of the cognizant abilities that allow us to interrelate globally - but they are sentient and all men exhibit the nobility of a soaring intellect - which as some would pray is hopefully within a Quiet Mind. Here we reach another impasse - the immortality of the Soul! Most cultures as evidenced by their words.... consider that Soul and Spirit are intrinsic -nevertheless - intangible. So - Called primitive religions believe the immortality of the soul is the union between the great Spirit and the Earth Mother; yet all tell of the battles and even wars between the God and that Evil outcast one; grace is the blessing of the great and holy spirit to maintain the way of grandfather and grandmother in the counsel of the living. Even though the one who speaks with in the Hebrew Scripture is Jealous - yet he is longsuffering. Dividing righteously between soul and spirit and even the New Testaments warns us - the soul that sins (does evil) - will die. Is this a dichotomy; yes; not just a premonition of judgment that some deny. It is not man judging man; but rather the gate of eternal life - guarded as all mythological students know by mighty angels. What is the relevance? One could only conjecture. We have a literary history - example - the Devil and Daniel Webster. Here the case of a New Hampshire farmer - whose rocky acres will yield only poor crops. He signs away his soul to the devil receiving great prosperity; when the devil comes to claim his soul, the great Barrister Webster comes to argue his case. There is a like tale of a Delaware (Lenape) prophet; in whose vision; "the great spirit" told him that if the Indians make war against the colonials they will drive them - into the sea! Neolin’s vision directed his followers to forsake European culture and return to their traditional way! In reality most of the Indians were for honorable peace and their Chiefs
  • 12. (especially the Leni Lenape) argued strenuously with the colonial regimes to stop selling and trading hard liquor to their people. In rapid succession time this hostility and division co - produced the tragedy we remember as “The 7 years’ war”. Our conscience can transcend the Psychological defenses that will countenance self-justification …all human societies (or nations) are beholding to truth. Great patience and steadfast hospitality are needed to overcome the kind of hostility that drives the human soul to destruction. If Quantum equations indeed - denote harmony; the stretched string of frequency and amplitude; perhaps - we can also assume that ideas connote ideals. All such conceptual reasoning requires the Opus of a grand logic......... which human competence can hold onto. An example from history is - the Response of the English to the onslaught of Teutonic Nazism - where the insane usurped......the moment of history to turn the power of Quantum Physics into weapons of annihilation; the Allies fell back (retreated) from Dunkirk........their equipment left on the beaches and the streets; the unarmed citizenry - as one - arose to make the ultimate effort (the potentials already present) defeat a foe which logic will determine was impossible to resist. And those whom they destroyed as its evil intention threatened (globally) all who love freedom....even the holy (biblically) people themselves - do they not belong to a higher realm which all our history can hardly reach for. Because the soul, as it is written, is given honor... neither by our own volition; nor through any action of our own - it is; one could discern; his grace. (Love) What of this information science that through fiber optics and satellite communications (a ‘ubiquitous cloud’?) has encircling the world. As with the special theory of relativity the old appears as a special case of the new. Hierarchical information is (supposedly) related in cross - level formal identities (Bertalanffy) which define the systems quality of transmitting information to white light ( fiber optics uses mono-chromatic (optimum efficiency) ‘modalities’. Just as "science" pursues a complete knowledge of the nature of matter; indeed it still eludes theoretical definition - physics (as theory) cannot be confined to formalization; if this is so of causality; then how much greater its creator. Quantum theory has changed the mechanical view of the universe so much now that Logic is organic and Ecology Vital if we sense any practical application of the "space age". In contemporary international scientific circles - science itself is not truly rational; note its vicious attacks upon interdisciplinary thinkers – whose ideas in many cases are worthy of consideration……………especially when they ‘advise’ the council of government. If we deny spirit - will man become an abstraction - just another animal (they too are intelligent and deeply emotional). Is it quantifiable that we are alive?! Totalitarian ideals on a metaphysical level are absurd - because understanding reality (with its discontinuity) relies upon the occasion of experience. Responsibility, Accountability, Meaning.......... are these questions for a cybernetic machine or replaced by selfishness? Not selflessness either; as Hillel has aptly noted; or we could never openly confront Greed, Pride and Chaos. The golden rule ... as an intuitive foundation of morals (do unto others as you would have them do unto you) such that by using it we can arrive meditatively and intuitively at ethical convictions. During the years of the Behaviorist School of Psychology's reign in cold war universities - we were bombarded with.... conceptions - that Our Planet is a Spaceship (Buckminster Fuller ) - insights.....that Medium is message (Marshall McLuhan); that process is purpose - as it is in itself - existential. We saw headlines announcing that GOD IS DEAD - that IT is here and now; the totally concrete with esoteric overtones.... become an abstract creature of animism - one's soul can only be metaphysical...........Transcendental - in incense filled meditation (ala eastern mysticism). Our dialogs became like charades; on the 15 levels of categorical imperatives; we had psychotherapy of the gestalt; the theater of the absurd (science fiction of today) and the flower children....a psychedelic generation - which brought the police and the psycho tropic drugs for those suffering ‘angst’. If the medium is the message - indeed – we are misled; no doubt - because mind control by Paranoid governments is not new in the world. If led to believe that Western Schools of thought are rational and intellectual - Logic; Reason: Metaphysics….then will Eastern philosophy be considered meditative and intuitive? The accelerated growth of Oriental Economies into the "American” marketplace was hardly passive nor intuitive; but highly strategic and quite effective. The differences are much more cultural and linguistic - cuneiform characters being conceptually different from symbolic (phonetic) ones. Their high degree of order and greater range of intuitive elements - provides for a more interpretative expression of the real world. Wisdom teaches us.....that we need to understand these relationships in a more than superficial way. The question of mind and intellect - our cognitive abilities - consciously motivates us to understand complexity. While scholasticism does not always weigh facts properly (arbitrary judgment) it does however keep soul and intellect together. The search for meaning is not
  • 13. semantics just as the striving for purpose is not necessarily idealism; these belong to an even higher degree of rigor. Symbolic logical Positivists –‘ proponents of organism or organization - need to be accounted for – because as the evidence - is presented - the high priests of Nazism were - the pseudo scientist and intellectual elite; which differed only in degree of arrogance ; the scope of their ambition. Even today they teach young people that cognition is no more than biochemical reactions (amenable to mathematical equations)......Artificial intelligence is the path to the future. Yet Bill Gates (co-founder of Microsoft) did state emphatically in a TV interview with Barbara Walters - "there is no such thing as artificial intelligence; the computer is a machine created by the human mind" - when asked (as the richest man in the world today) to what did he attribute his amazing success; he said - "hard work and dedication ; my parents raised me to believe in God."11 Symbolic logic is positive, negative and useful.....but - we cannot pretend conscientiously to create life. We are reminded however that merely saying that our good fortune comes from "God"...if charity is not part of our lifestyle. Children pretend in play; will the responsible not become SANE. Undoubtedly the well-being of the conscious mind - awareness of others as they truly are... and the ability to judge whether one's actions are fitting or not (not merely socially correct but morally straight as well) require "clean" living. If modern philosophy is bent upon proving - according to a recent article in the Atlantic Monthly - that ethical principles and moral standards are biologically based; definitions of sanity. Then the transcendental empiricist may look to the wisdom of faith - the adamancy of ethical principles and moral standards - for guidance. The person Yeshua Ben David - whom the gentiles call Jesus Christ - (HaMashiach by his Jewish followers); in that part of the "Bible" –called the ‘bishorah’ (or good news - GOSPEL) relates that his mother named him Yeshua - because he would save his people from their sins.......according to prophetic tradition.... he did this when he obediently laid down his life in the general enmity of Roman Idumea - his sacrifice as a type of holy sacrifice - the lamb of God. We understand today that the account of his virgin birth is historically accurate ( the one begotten of the seed of the woman - as God promised Eve in the Garden); the ovum of a human female is unique in all of nature; according to cellular biologists; in that theoretically because it is more like a seed and less like an egg - it could grow into an embryo without the sperm - mitosis (this is physically impossible though) - the son of God - as it is written. Astronomical Clock the Garden Tomb Commemoration Found in Mediterranean Sea 12 outside ‘Damascus Gate’ also – Pray for the peace of Jerusalem 11 From this standpoint the eventual global charities that ‘the world’s wealthiest man’ put to timely use in the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’ edifies the idealism of ‘Cathedral Builders’ as their goals and objectives are realized. The concept of One World and its human family holds true. 12 Antikythera Mechanism is this reconstructed ‘discovery’ - a sunken treasure that Jaques Cousteau once described as "more valuable than the Mona Lisa" is known as. It is also considered as the world’s first analogue computer – in fact: “Turning a single input knob, you could select a date, and the machine would predict (with incredible accuracy) the positions of the sun, moon and the five planets that Greek astronomers had identified by that stage.” So much for the flat landers mentality of yore.
  • 14. Spirit Mission to Mars NASA’s Martian rovers Spirit on Mars Complex Hydro geology
  • 15. Respect for others “Give me a place to stand, and I will move the world." - Archimedes Because we know that the earth was not pre - existent - it is necessary to examine closely assumptions of unity within its domain - we have stated it, "there is no spirit of unity but Unity of the spirit"; is our respect for others balanced?; harmonious? We need to be keenly aware of this when we are developing educational objectives. ‘Outcome based education’ is one area (if our fragmented society is any indication) in which the propaganda machine of government has foisted upon our schools... all-encompassing ideals; without regard to their acceptability. Intercultural Relations is a relatively new field - designed to help solve the problems of an integrated society within a shrinking world. One aspect of this is interfaith counseling - where believing communities reach common (yet discrete) understanding. Respect for others must include recognition of their unique identities as educational objectives; this would include a significant step towards recognition of ethnic diversity. The struggle for many people is to walk uprightly in this world – according to their ‘inimical’ sense of purpose. Regarding an individual's discernment of truth; oftentimes enmity (hostility) exists where historic references to superiority/inferiority exist or has existed in previous generations - this is the source of much social unrest; protest and lawlessness. Yet the law itself cannot be set aside for this reason. In honoring this mystery of origins - the paradox of existence....society’s enigmatic circumstances will interpret how to overcome this enmity. We can participate in respect for others way of living; if we perceive them as being good for them; in productive ways; not allowing past generations to cloud our judgment. If one’s reasoning process becomes crazy or self - ‘fall back’ upon the well-being of family and the need for self-respect, will yield self-preservation. Koyaanisqati – is a Hopi Indian word which translates as Life out of Balance; also a movie from 1983 by Francis Ford Coppola of the same Title…. presents an apocalyptic vision of modern man. Giving credence to the saying – ‘if you aren’t part of the solution your part of the problem.’ Why do we perceive this - strictly speaking - is it because intelligence is much more than the art of manipulating numbers? When abstract relational symbolism - must be verified - for security purposes – this means that machines cannot determine purpose nor discern motivation. Robots are operated by machine codes which interface with digital logic circuits – even the discreteness of nanotechnology and quantum information processing cannot reason for itself. Psychologically - consciousness becomes greatly impaired. We would do better to teach our children how to defend themselves.... Schooling them to spot all types of deception - pragmatically. Metaphysics discerns First Order Logic. Relational symbolic logic is compatible with cognitive thought processes (reason)... the prayer of a righteous man avails much.......we do not need to get hung up on the paradoxical assertions of mathematical symbolic Logic (like beadwork). Example.....Love is blind; God is Love; Ray Charles is blind; Ray Charles is God: meaning in truth is more than syntax. But we also understand that before the android builders - no obstacle would appear too great. For this they have created "fuzzy logic" - (viz a viz - the early existentialists and their symbolic logic antagonists). 13 The power of logical constructs cannot be underestimated; but the scope of their applicability can. What is the source of advancement in civilizations?; communities; individuals - according to many accounts - change. Respect for those who are different from us is the essential ground for growth as individuals and as societies.....a humble approach is warranted. If our conscious mind is troubled with cursory expectations - precluding freedom of conscience - the cultivation of effective reason and its ability to solve complicated problems; intuitively.....could become diminished. Our mathematics and arts; being rigorous, intuitive and quite analytic provide powerful and discrete antagonists for cybernetics (man a thinking machine) - Yet these advancements actually belong to all people (at least those who can afford them). It can be hoped that one point is obvious to the reader (at this juncture) - whenever we encounter abstract formal properties of mind; intellect; reason and responsibility - that understanding will not be limited to the 13 One proof of this that the millennial period has revealed is “Your baby can read” – evidently the precocious nature of infants is indicative of their rapidly developing minds aptitude for language acquisition. For a comprehensive review of this new development visit this link...
  • 16. materialism of a mechanical universe or the dictates of another's limited expectations or deceptive world view. Merely overcoming "con men" is not nearly as important as understanding the difference between ethics – with its protocols for moral and diplomatic relationships with others; and knowing what is required of us (duty) - sufficiency. In Hebrew; the synonymy of ethics is Madoot and Moosar where the important difference is meditation and communication (deliver/transmit). The wisdom (understanding) of measurement (observation and meditation) becomes the discipline of geometry and the concepts of why and what is sufficient (in terms of ‘measures of effectiveness’). Virtue is the most important quality of Ethical Morality for without Virtue - Justice can become impossible! The traditions of the “ancient” world countenanced this convergence; especially the development of science and mathematics as companion schools of learning. Moosar however is more definitive because as we consider the difference between what we long for (desire) and what is fitting or right [VIRTUE].......we also understand there are ways to communicate with others our dilemma which build community; and are in harmony with culture and tradition. Respect for others sustains and nurtures the circle of community.....people are characterized by their governance of the way of life which sustains them [STEWARDSHIP]. Hublot Watchmakers of Switzerland – 2012 at Basel 14 this Antikythera machine - made in Lego. 14 courtesy of Gizmag - Hublot painstakingly recreates a mysterious, 2,100-year-old clockwork relic - but why? By Loz Blain 14:32 November 16, 2011
  • 17. The ten dimensional Universe - in (26) part Harmony Beware; lest any man spoil you through Philosophies...Colossians - Ch 2 v 8 One precept of awakening consciousness is that we need to think - with God - instead of against all reasonable Theology. Superstring Theory (Super symmetry) is an important example of this. Is effective intuition the evidence of a healthy mind? When reading the precepts of the great unifying concepts and their theoretical proofs in contemporary nuclear physics - One must think so! Intuition provides for the understanding - complex ideas as mental pictures - such as the speed of light in relation to all other physical phenomenon - as a conscious individual experience it. Others confess that even with all of the scientific discoveries of the ‘millennial moment’ – the biblical saying: “God’s ways are far past finding out” seems very appropriate. Along with observation of the Universe some think that C (speed of light) is too slow to account for its uniformity and flatness (there is no ‘intergalactic curvature’ perceptible from our vantage point - but if we look at the map of our Galaxy made by the IRIS (infrared imaging satellite) project then it is not flat at all). These insights motivate scientists to look again at the astronomic dimensions of space. These theories are elegant and megalithic (based upon the quality of work invested into their discovery and formalization) and theoretically account for a Universe which existed before this "Big Bang". Primary to this reasoning is the huge amount of "dark matter" present in the heretofore expanding Universe and the realization that there may be a Zero Energy State at work in the immense void of perpetuity. Quantum Theory's development into a Grand Unifying Theory became bogged down in the seemingly endless discovery of new and different particles - especially in the atomic "nuclei" - being so diverse as to defy explanations. (Kaku; 1993) 15 Yet; the symmetry of the invisible was dramatically preserved under all forms of investigation - in such a way as to defy traditional mathematics.16 This grand set super symmetry - as Chews has related (1990) - could in fact be the long - hoped for explanation.....the nature of the physical world which we observe.. with all of the instruments of the imponderable quanta included; insight into the creation of Our Universe (more of this in Part 2). They theorized it by working backwards dimensionally - via Super - Strings; that the Original Universe was multi - dimensional - Super symmetry defines 10 and 26 and 8 by 8; These are hyper kinetic dimensions (unlike our traditional and ontological three and 1); that in fact - seem to define a type of totality - Past / Present / Future; beyond the potentialities of energy alone. If a Zero energy state is the fundamental modality then the Almighty is the creator or its existence could never be comprehended. This is simpler to understand than it sounds - because the Classical Laws of Thermodynamics - including the New or Revised Second Law; (in general; things mix) - Conservation becomes entropy. Even the highly discrete "entropic limitations" have a resolute origin in a ‘higher realm’. This is good news indeed! The utter sublimity of these Superstrings assures this integrity. Ongoing “neutrino" research (at the infamous Deadwood Gold Mine - at 4,852 ft. below the surface of the Black Hills) is proving that indeed they pass directly through the earth; it takes months to capture enough of these sub-sub nuclear particles for testing (even though the capturing medium utilizes the largest subterranean tank system ever devised). The neutrino (with no charge and no mass) is generated constantly in the fusion process of the solar engine we call the sun - it is theorized (now virtually proven). Indeed the generation of mega quantities of these wave like particles confirm the dimensions of these imponderable strings (as harmonic resonance) and along with the other worldwide testing sites; point to a discrete astrophysical understanding. {Source - A&E Explorer} There is ‘theoretical evidence’ of a "creation moment" - a great expansion on the order of 10 to the fiftieth power before the two Universes separated - this explains the orderliness of the cosmos - especially elementally (no other proportions could have produced life as we know it). 15 Now Playing | Exploring the Universe 113. Michio Kaku unveils his plan for a way to explore the universe…. 16 Fractal Geometry is this advanced mathematics – it solved ‘the monster problems’ and explained natural structures in their ‘perpetuity’. Cloud computing and their ‘ubiquitous’ wireless networks are indebted to them.
  • 18. These developments according to the vision of the Einstein School of a grand unifying principal as theory.......are relevant (if Zero Energy is equated - it was not by Force). To the Biblical scholar this compelling Universal Principal would account for the strange cosmology which Yeshua himself did predict........A third of the stars......... falling out of heaven (how can a stellar object "fall") - will the Universe itself take on a new dimensional quality? In this same passage - he did also say - recounting - that the devil "Satan" fell out of heaven - "like a lightning bolt". One of the many problems which Superstrings has thus far been unable to integrate - the Fourth Principal Force - is gravitation! New developments from Oxford University in the investigation of the phenomenon of "Black Holes"- (Stephan Hawkings) Predict that these perceived threats to the fabric of Time and Space do in fact leak energy from the collapse of stellar nuclei into these mega dense spinning holes and mini - black holes are predicted. This is where the concept of pathways into a parallel universe originates. Thus, if we are actually in a ten dimensional universe......... this "false vacuum" (the original Universe) obeys our Law of Conservation of Energy in its sudden Quantum leap to a Lower Vacuum State (the virtual) If there is a celestial aberration (the devil) present in this world - that would account for Yeshua exhorting us to fear this "enemy – the devil". The phenomenological difference between being struck by lightning or being sucked into a black hole is that our anatomically designed insularity makes lightening deadly but not necessarily fatal; but a black hole one could never return well and whole from, not even theoretically. One rebuke for the big bangers - in light of the expense of these Super Conducting Super Colliders - SSC's which they built ; human society is not the play thing of particle physics. Many conventional scientists consider the "Big Bang" as outlandish - its principals forbidding (yet neutrinos do mix)........this type of speculation (Are there "tachyons"?) is actually being proven theoretically. If scientists obeyed the everyday "Laws" instead of continually pretending new ones - then understanding and believability might become comprehensive. The quantum corrections to General Relativity that SUPERSTRINGS represents should keep those who are dismantling weapons - formed by their predecessors’ malevolence - busy for a long time. Since the stars are radiant objects - primarily fusing hydrogen into helium atoms then the integrity of the universe is assured. The proposal that the Universe is broken and disorderly - magnifies our misconceptions and misunderstanding of it, the arrogance of a classical Observer appears to be naught! But the ignorance of a power mad atheist….it is written - "they shall beat their swords into plowshares - their spears into pruning hooks - nation shall no more lift up sword against nation - neither shall man learn to make war anymore." Earthrise – Apollo Fourteen Mission Mt. Ararat – Armenian Aspect
  • 19. Ulysses Spacecraft – Comet Hyakutake – from Northern Japan Comet’s Atmosphere Inter-Galactic Objects [Deep Space] –Hubble Space Telescope NASA A Solution Looking for a Problem! Superstring Theory is dependent upon proving that it contains a finite Quantum Theory of Gravity Michiko Kaku The discovery of the pi Meson reminds us not to seek problems for the hubris of cynicism. The Soviet Union collapsed (due to many factors) and the economy of deficit spending with it (the U.S. Government is working towards a balanced budget format – yet somehow never realizes it). The dream of international atom smashers is for the near future confined to Geneva Switzerland - the birthplace of Limnology. (The study of freshwater rivers, lakes and ponds) The assumption of ‘pretentious character’; atomic physicists carried out a scenario where they had built the shell of a machine which could generate 10 to the nineteenth power Electron Volts - why not study Lightening Bolts instead? The utter mathematical perfection of topology - thankfully - presents another means of investigation which is far less destructive. Because of the computer revolution interfacing an instrument like the scanning tunnel microscope with virtual reality makes possible graphically to ‘visualize’ atoms - the "size of basketballs" and tactical manipulation (virtual HD} is perfected. Computer enhancement of the senses.....especially something invisible - like reading a 25-Angstrom unit (with a "nano-manipulator") presents electrostatic maps of molecular dimensionality, These developments will transform analytic chemistry and are beyond.... everyone's "science fiction". These technologies are more than theoretical – and presently are creating real solutions to some of the world’s most difficult problems. One reason for this is the perfection of redundant prototyping - this "quantum" technology allows model building as
  • 20. the critical stage of design and engineering to become virtually immediate. 17 18 Balloons are only faithful to strings.... the insanity of omnipotent Man - Ragnarok - "The Gods" belies the conceptuality that predicted a value of 5 degrees Kelvin for background radiation as.....not very different than the actual value of 3 degrees. We must trust human beings to investigate things which in fact are difficult to know – expecting ‘science’ to separate itself from an unholy relationship with the manufacturers of annihilating weapons; ‘Science’ needs held to the highest degree of accountability. Unification in a world immersed in accumulating weapons systems at virtually any cost is futile; especially in consideration of the potentials which these outlays are precluding; yet......a United Nations committed to seeking solutions for many problems grows in esteem (Why?). The humor of talking about the first three minutes of the Big Bang as if we could possibly comprehend what is actually going on is enormously absurd, all we really need do is fine tune our observation of what is present to this faint echo and surely we will see (and hear) it's energy and harmony. Balloons are only faithful to strings - when inflated the spots appear to be moving away from each other. (On the surface at least - earth is near the edge of the Milky Way Galaxy) - (after Kaku, 1993) The enigma of Quantum Mechanics in its relationship to General Relativity has been ‘puzzling’ theorists since Ernst Von Planck discerned light as a ‘quantum’ phenomenon. 19 Later - “Copenhagen meetings led to very exciting and unbelievable results on quantum mechanics.”20 The resolution of ‘quantum entanglement’ became known as ‘Bell’s inequality’ 21 - “The problem was finally cleared by John S Bell who derived some inequalities by assuming that particles were unentangled if kept far apart (called the principle of locality). He showed that if quantum laws were true, then these inequalities would be violated. Now, entanglement is being used extensively for quantum computing and teleportation.”. 22 The paradox of Quantum Field Theory and General Relativity originated with Copenhagen – as Niels Bohr and Albert Einstein debated this division. The exponentially of galaxies (which are considered as enveloped) could account for the gravitational component of the Super symmetrical hyper-kinetics of string theory - is it not more practical - to study the forces of nature present on this restless planet we inhabit. Not to appear contradictory; but......hearing all the nuances of cosmology.....some think the earth was pre - existent (as a mega star - because of its solid core of iron and nickel; i.e. ‘cloud enclosure/ vapor canopy theory’). In 1982 and again in 1998 the planets of our solar system have "lined up"....All planets within 90 - 120 degrees of one another; with precessional shifts of ocean currents (El Nino – La Ninya : as one example) phenomenon) massive earthquakes and increased volcanic activity (even though the effect has been destructive; still – it’s nowhere near the hysteria which ‘think tanks’ predict)..........if there is a gravitational component which hasn’t already been quantified (g - the acceleration due to gravity) wouldn't the dynamics of the sun itself (if gravity is the moment of angular momentum) yield the "data" (however discrete) sought. **Others see this as ‘TORSION’! Hypothetically even Albert Einstein could not believe his results - an expanding Universe (young). In fact; the ionic interaction between the powerful electric dipole (as Immanuel Velikovsky predicted - extends past the moon) and the dense (molten) core of our planet should prove quantum gravitation is a product of a ‘higher state of energy’ – QFT Superstrings. Is this why - proverbially - these ‘metaphysics’ of our dynamic Solar System (measured by Kepler's Law) from Copernicus)) denote the harmony of the spheres (as the ancient's predicted - is not quite symmetrical). The immense power of the electro - weak gravitational dynamic is the unproven part of SUPERSTRINGS - is it because of the huge gas giants - Saturn and Jupiter - which spin with such enormous velocity yet orbit in perfect harmony). Could it be they may have to revise their time equations from Billions to Millions to Thousands (an Exponential shift - logistically) – equating that this ‘celestial yoyo’ could well be within the control of its propeller. 17 The problem is to put together general relativity and quantum mechanics into one self consistent theory – from Quantum Gravity 18 see page 211 of this book – insight from physicist Richard Feynman about the ‘integral’ nature of gravity 19 Planck realized that there should be a natural set of units in which the laws of physics take a simpler form – from Quantum Gravity 20 THE CURSE OF LIGHT BEAM RIDER - 21 ibid – Bell’s Inequalities 22 ibid – see next chapter
  • 21. If science is finding that functional perfections......can be seen within nature itself (our living world); the microcosm resides in many higher dimensions of symmetry - conforming itself to every imaginable shape, altitude, microclimate and depth of oceanic abyss. The n-dimensional diversity of planetary life - its intricate brokenness; would be by design; even as water - its prime domain - becomes less dense when frozen and it flows always to its lowest energy 23 state; the sea. Within the ‘echelons’ of the Correspondence Principle – representation theory provides a means for “reconciling” classical physics with quantum mechanics; Grand Set Super symmetry rules! 24 Even Quarks come in six flavors and three primary colors. After Nambu - we understand; that - elusive Beta Function defines the strings interactions and here is the functional ‘trichotomy’ - Bosons and Fermions and tensors; which rotate and interrelate in multi-dimensional ways. Gravitons have no wave like properties detectable. (Experiment has yielded no evidence of them) - It is conceptually possible that gravity waves are the strings themselves (well beyond the ten to the 12th power of uncertainty). 25 The fallacy could be - taking the isolated "strands" of physics; and then weaving them into a tapestry of infinite proportions. The original Quantum theory did not define these properties. Yet as they rigorously examined the theories; innovations occurred; it would appear (as noted) that angular momentum (spin) is what caused the incongruities – this is the question. Fermions - Electrons; Neutrino; Proton; Neutron; Quarks ( spin is always N/2) q. Bosons - (0,1,2,3) g W particles; pi Meson; graviton; photon (see appendage 2) As these are one and two dimensional only.....Super symmetries as such...... exist only on paper and the Unified Field Theory ...... as such, exists only as pure mathematics. It even requires a new mathematics, which involve Grassman numbers and real numbers b + a = - b + a; and the like. Alpha and Beta are quantum wave forms - look out for the ‘gamma’ and ‘antimatter’. Quaternions and Octoroons’ provide representation for this correspondence. Creations “Lambda Presence” VISIBLE AND INVISIBLE the Eagle Nebula – near space An international team of astronomers using NASA's Hubble Space Telescope has created a three-dimensional map that provides the first direct look at the large-scale distribution of dark matter in the universe. This ‘quintessential’ state – rests upon what physicists have discerned as the ‘Bose Einstein’ state. The ‘quest’ for Absolute Zero – what the 19th century considered as ‘ground state’; provided the ‘classical observer’ with the realization that ‘zero degrees Kelvin – 0 K’ is actually another ‘State of Matter’. Quantum Computing is an aspect of these developments – along with condensed matter physics and its nanotechnology providing the path to sustainable power generation and a clean and healthy environment through the judicious application of these technologies. But 23 The newly discovered ‘Beam State’ presents an immediate exception to this (aka – the deep Oceanic Currents) 24 Correspondence and coincidence represent paradigms which focus understanding about fractal geometry and quantum entanglement. 25 The search for gravitational waves has yielded a big surprise – holographic projections! c/o GEO600
  • 22. the question of quantum gravity is still throwing ‘curve balls’26 – one aspect of astrophysical cosmology recently discovered is its likeness to a holographic projection. This quality is interpreted as being “similar to a hologram that appears 3 dimensional while Information seems to grow only at a 2 dimensional rate.”27 This too is changing! Apollo Astronaut theoretical Fusion ‘dynamo’ Bose-Einstein State – BCE 2005 Walking on Moon developed by European Agency Laser in ‘interstitial’ superfluid This ‘state’ (Bose - Einstein) represents ‘profound incommensurability’; K theory itself recognizes this ‘infinitesimal’ integral as a first order paradigm for scientific understanding. The ‘Josephson Junction’ provided Quantum Mechanics with a practical application – the SQUID; diagramed below – where superconductors and Ultra filters can be engineered using spectral interferometry and nanomaterial’s with great precision due to the demonstrated ability of this zero energy state to slow down the speed of light. SQUID Magnetometer Josephson junction - Tunneling Helium 2 - Superfluid Condensed matter physics Medical Nanotechnology MAPK/ERK pathway 26 ibid - According to Craig Hogan, a physicist at the Fermilab particle physics lab in Batavia, Illinois, GEO600 has stumbled upon the fundamental limit of space-time - the point where space-time stops behaving like the smooth continuum Einstein described and instead dissolves into "grains", just as a newspaper photograph dissolves into dots as you zoom in. "It looks like GEO600 is being buffeted by the microscopic quantum convulsions of space-time," says Hogan. from Our world may be a giant hologram 15 January 2009 by Marcus Chown 27 ibid - For a better rundown on the holographic theory, here's a video lecture from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory summer lecture series. It is nearly an hour long.
  • 23. When Murray Gel - Mann; an Israelis, discovered that the discreteness of entropy had a Zero spin state - he called this zero spin component - strangeness......which like superconductivity is a phenomenon of the greatest practical interest. Whereas the TOE (theory of everything) posits a primordial super force with its dark matter and steady did not allow for these hyper dimensional kinetic strings - spin up/spin down - within the atom itself; but the strangeness of a zero spin state presented - conflicting data ....hundreds of elementary particles; which like the grandfathers' controversy (Einstein and Niels Bohr)........confirmed that Quantum Mechanics was not in its final form. The grand set theory of symmetry provided the mathematics needed - interacting strings. Which like the ‘phenomenon’ of a “stationary” moon; is the dynamic equilibrium of atomic structure – the moon’s rotation; in perfect harmony with the Earth’s path around the sun – as Copernicus calculated. In this dimensional string theory time travel could only occur to another universe. The legendary positron is almost non - existent. Once again regression and progression; are mathematical topologies....symmetrical to a greater harmony. Q.E.D. - one copy only of ourselves; QCD the ability to combine ourselves with another and produce a third. (Such a promise - grounded potential) If charge parity - is balanced - as it should be: this mystery of conjunction and reversal; account for Grand Set Symmetry and we understand that centripetal (Kinetic Energy) is gravitational. Lightening discharges using High speed photography {A&E Networks - Explorer Program} has determined discharges during pulse (in a branching affect). Electrical energy actually flows (at rare moments) from the earth (ground) into the negatively ionized cloud (releasing the positive ions from the minerals themselves) although generally 90% of the electricity discharged is atmospheric - generally the immense discharges from cloud to earth (negative to positive) balance the larger equation; Wheels within wheels; circles conforming in circuitries. An important analogy in symmetry 28 Iron and Magnesium ionization within living systems. Mg is the inorganic energizer of chlorophyll - the complex organic compound which allows plants to absorb photons; in the daylight - being stored as Adenosine Tri - Phosphate; while at night in the dark reaction - They synthesize the ATP into carbohydrates as they absorb C02, and then release Oxygen. Because of this fundamental process - animals such as people can breathe the oxygen and stay alive - the Iron - Fe++; in hemoglobin allows oxygen molecules to be absorbed into cells which catalyzes the mitochondrion to produce ATP from sugar; which we get from eating seeds and fruit of various plants; some animals can even digest grass - another ecology associated with this symmetry. Animals of course exhale carbon dioxide into the atmosphere which plants require for their metabolism. Living systems receive photons directly - yet require darkness to grow in. Is time a problem - a causal - weird - strange.....or is the problem time’s cyclic origination in consciousness - as it is said - Those who forget history may be repeating it! We might consider the problem of right handedness and left handedness - chemical bonding; not universes. Essentially Conscientious then - this dynamic symmetry of Purpose and Meaning allows our highly charged senses to release bio-energy messengers in balance and Harmony – known to Biology of Living Systems as homeostasis. The interaction between organisms and their environment; this ecology is perfect symmetry - its unity is far greater than our understanding of it. We can only visualize living systems - biologically - environmentally. Their dimensions are our dimensions; their life processes are like our life processes; how they expiate this mutualism without loss is very close to our hearts and does not rest in any kind of satiety. If a formula for all the information stored in one Human being were written onto tablets - the universe itself could not contain it all – it is theorized. Another problem of Visionary consciousness then is the surreal - like structures which unravel or fold up and expand or contract into enormous size; our imaginations can be like an origami artist whose Ten dimensional constructs leap into higher realms and reappear somewhere else. Can we visualize a 26 dimensional continuum of meaningful and perfectly interrelated infinite parameters; if you say yes to this question - we have a new home awaiting you on the happy farm - where life is beautiful all the time? Of course we cannot - but the interdisciplinary regimes of....Bioethics and the Life Sciences; Geoinformatics; Astrobiology; Biomimetics…………..begin to open up quite a few possibilities. We are not seeking to know everything but only realize that it could be there - perceptual consciousness is relatively proportional even in those who cannot see and in those who cannot hear - we exist in this world together. The Vision of John the Elder; the son of Zebedee tells of the Sixth Angel - clothed with a rainbow and upon 28 Fractal Geometry can provide ‘metrics’ for this phenomenon – through the paradigm of ‘self-similarity’.
  • 24. entering the world - end to time! The visionary intelligence reported in the Bible.........manifested by this immense work….verifies the invisible realm of sub atomic physics. Space - warps due to the presence of matter and electro-motive potentialities; the distortion of time occurs because of the unimaginable dimensions of the creation moment and its incomprehensible dynamics; Space is perfectly curved however absorbing all duality as if time could be linear. Is the acceleration due to gravity.....the negative ionization of matter itself seeking the ground of zero potential (support)? Such is the abstract reasoning – even though ‘In the Beginning’ will suffice. This potentiality as stated earlier - defined by Superstring theory; raises the question of parallel universes - positive and negative; as mirrored symmetry (non-Euclidean geometry - Riemann curvature). The gravitational wheels are flattened like an axle within a wheel - hyper space circularity - gravity becomes infinite (the Zero Energy state again) forming an ‘immense’ magnetic monopole....a true multi - dimensional continuum....although only with love and God's help could we ever come to appreciate – this ‘INTEGRAL’. One could imagine that complexity oftentimes hides the forest through its wonderful trees........the mathematics of grand set symmetry was becoming ‘well formed’ even before the “golden age of physics ". Partial differential equations (4 part harmony) can balance "complexity" - If the data is discrete enough! One does not necessarily need a super cooled imaging satellite (IRIS Project - the ‘Universe’ mapped in four infrared bands) – yet; to observe the dimensionality of the Solar System - all one need do is be patient and wait until a Comet such as Hyakutake (Passover 1996) visits and watch spellbound at the Northern Skies. Although it may seem somewhat pretentious - appreciation of the balanced quantum equation works well in practice when gigahertz are being considered. If the electromagnetic moment of the earth's dipole is .00005 gauss and if the universal sub carrier frequency of 3.579545 MHZ (this sub carrier frequency of vertical and horizontal synch is used for Television signals - even HDTV and digitally augmented NTSC) are converted to gigahertz (GHz) - we can use Boltzmann's constant of 3.53 K - h/2e ( paired electrons - such as found in Type I superconductors) to add gravity to this sub carrier ... arriving at the generally accepted value of 3.58 MHZ (if ‘electro-motive potential can be added or subtracted in this way!) – or the ‘4G network’; ‘funny – ha ha’. Someone said "analog technologies are the work of artists; science begins with the digital". Is this constant of Boltzmann - the evidence for that discrete quantum (h/2e) which defines dimensional potential? The h of course is the constant of Max von Planck (whose son‗s conscience would not allow him to countenance Nazism) and e is the electron‘s ‗discrete‘ charge. Torah - GeoCad/Visualization International – Unity Space Station
  • 25. Psychology as Philosophy "Whether we are apes by another name or are just below the angels: For his part - Disraeli chose to stand - on the side of the angels." Benjamin Disraeli The consciousness of human beings is perhaps the greatest enigma of the ages; not because it is so extremely important but because it defines the difference between us and all other terrestrial life. Other creatures especially the cetaceans (whales and dolphins) have larger brains and are considered highly intelligent - they communicate in highly ordered and complex ways. In the last part of what Western civilization calls the 20 th century, we have also begun to understand that the great apes (chimpanzees; orangutans and gorillas) also have childlike intellect and have a limited capacities to learn our languages (like – Dr. Doolittle); they do in fact - meditate and practice simple self-recrimination. The wholesale development of the relatively new interdisciplinary field of psychology in the 19th century is responsible for much of this new understanding - they are also responsible largely for the intellectual prejudice against Creation and the quasi deification of SCIENCE. When the evolutionary debates first began raging - almost immediately after Darwin's Descent of the Species was published - the fledgling scientific psychology community regarded the rise of Evolutionary Science to be the star they had been waiting for; they were indeed right; for they could easily couch their lack of anatomical medicine - Neurology - in the language of Evolutionism - pretending great things....Freud, Marx, Huxley to name a very few. Today consciousness has become integrally connected philosophically with psychological definitions based upon a mosaic of brain functions which people in great diversity possess, formerly – phrenology and its ‘epigenesist’ fraud masqueraded as scientific analysis (shape and size of the skull). Today alpha waves and left/right hemisphere neurology defines what is accepted as the ‘physiologic anatomy’ of consciousness. Morality and Ethics are [and were] mere sideshows to the main event - manipulation of the ‘neurologic pathways’. Ever since the Oxford debates between Wilberforce and Huxley they have tied the establishment of scientific psychology to the Evolutionary debate with intense philosophic overtones. The investigation of the elementary sensory processes.....their relationship to memory and learning provided the prime direction for this enigmatic ‘Medical’ Ontology - because the Human Mind we have discovered can be quite problematic. The problem of psychology even today appears to be the area of human language...because of the strict grammatical rules governing the sequences of phonetic expression and the abstract and highly complex symbolic representation of concepts in root words which have many branches in consciousness. It is this esoteric aspect of language - we have words/concepts.....for which there is no objective or material equivalent - no matter how cunning or clever our manipulation of them is. Highly reasoned analysis becomes quite vexatious when these "words" require the conscious mind to respond, why; because we intuitively discern them and then speak of a much higher logic than we actually possess – or able to ‘account’ for. Human reasoning can frame tautological propositions in such a way to arrive at universally true conclusions. We can switch on our TVs and watch a man put on a jet pack (or rocket belt) and actually fly like a bird (and it is not like Icarus either); perfectly on the first try. In fact this same jet pack was used on the surface of our moon in exactly that way and is not used (to this author’s knowledge) for combat in war. Aspects of human moralityethics exhibit such discontinuity and desperate variance that we are willing to destroy ourselves over them. The confusion of socio-cultural development with the ‘theory of evolution’ – psychologically; is that we discern cultural activities as a genotypic foundation for altruistic behavior, not taught by example, and that perhaps we have the propensity for altruism but this is not necessarily cultural. We speak of the evolution of human habitation as being the reason d’être for our civilizations - but as we examine the actual first true cities we see that they were in fact planned and some of them are better than the ones we have today! If we look at Moenjo - Daro in the Indus Valley we can see a design which succeeded throughout Mesa – American (Turtle Island) civilizations - notably ‘greater’ Cahokia (as well). Languages themselves have a power which would be intrinsic - Aymara - an ancient
  • 26. language of the Hauntenzooyu (so called Incas) can be used to translate Spanish into English at the speed of 60,000 words per minute by computer (and that was in 1996)......these of course are only rough translations and must be edited.........but because of its regularity and strict grammatical rules this amazing feat is accomplished. One of the most studied works of literature and perhaps the least comprehended is the ‘fictional’ Saga Gilgamesh - which speaks of the great deluge; this event is recorded in the oldest extant characters of Chinese (Noah’s Ark); by the phonetic Toltec’s at Tula; in the Wallam Olum of the Leni Lenape and of course the Hebrew Scriptures, yet its significance in Natural History appears almost non - existent. Gilgamesh is obviously not an authoritative history of ‘ancient times’ but a ‘song of regret’ by a person of ‘dubious integrity’ yet it is mentioned by more ‘archeologists’ than almost any other ancient artifact. Its ‘legacy’ as ‘cultural commentary’ had a ‘negative effect’ on Vishnu and his ‘Vedas’ as well. Perhaps the foremost Archeologist of the 20 th century - Dr. William F. Albright - has concluded that based upon 25,000 historic site examinations in the Middle Eastern Theatre.....the Hebrew scriptures are true (categorically). This change is not relative; if the Woods Hole Institute on Long Island can be trusted....Science is very stubborn.... but the evidence of a global uniformity in the actually thin mud of the Atlantic and Mediterranean sea floors plus their dating of approximately 7,500 and 5,200 years respectively makes the Biblical account of natural history accurate. We hear much of Ur - Nammu; which although highly cultured with talented artisans and various humane laws - also produced imperial War lords and abominable practices to glorify them. The bible tells us that Ur of the Chaldeans however was the birthplace of Abram the Hebrew. Jewish tradition relates that his father Terah was a sculptor and idol maker and so one fine day he smashed all the idols in his father's studio; except for one; his history afterwards is of no private interpretation. Human beings are conscious of the difference between the sacred and profane; especially considering freedom and conscience. Psychologists teach about the Phenomenology of awareness (consciousness)……….that the conditional state for mental well-being is neurologic. We learn that the process of mental illness is degenerative - they speak of the formation of neuronal groups (gestalts) as the centers of ‘special sensory consciousness’ and investigate the rate of turnover in these gestalts relative to "real brain events"; within healthy individuals as well. Rarely does psychiatry treat the roots of a patient's bitterness and confusion; or even resentment and rebellion; generally diagnosing catatonic depression states as nothing more than symptoms! There was a long raging debate regarding the concentric theory of neuronal consciousness. The tenor of this debate gave rise to the theories of Dr. Benjamin Spock; along with a return to "natural childbirth" - in response to various deformities caused by the use of forceps and general anesthetics during "forced childbirth". It is well accepted that the physical (Encephalographic) neural activity accounts for such important observations as the stages of sleep; cognitive and sensory processes (as intricate and complex as they are) because....the bio - physics of the neural organ we call the brain is monitored internally.......maintaining homeostasis. Yet we never hear (except in works of oriental mysticism) about intuitive ability; intuitive testing or even the possession of basic social skills. The entire diagnosis and treatment regime in destructive illnesses like multiple sclerosis and schizophrenia are pharmacological. The nutrition of the brain itself - its internal healing processes - especially relating to cognitive and sensory processes is absent or neglected. The millennial jubilees period is changing this situation radically – the understanding of the vital role of vitamins and minerals in maintaining health and healing the body grows dramatically on a daily basis – the ideas of paradigms and super paradigms correspond to an understanding of the biology of living systems – Vitamin D and super Calcium; antioxidants and the elimination of biochemicals (like C positive proteins) which create disease conditions (especially inflammatory diseases of the heart, lungs and vascular systems are becoming understood in terms of dietary regimes and nutritional supplements - plus of course; exercise. The healing of the mind can begin with its organic biochemistry – to maintain one’s health in the living way becomes MetaNoia – a change of mind; the way of salvation (the life of the body is in the blood) which Messiah provides (the living sacrifice of the Cross) can also be realized through the healing process. Personal treatment plans designed for the individual (Genomic Diagnosis) - where are they - they certainly do not exist in the Institutional and Educational Sleep centers of Behavioral Psychology – one exception to this is the
  • 27. Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy school of Albert Ellis. Gestalt psychotherapy in attempting to understand a sublime change in state of consciousness....apparently is bound to threads of the unconscious. Do the continuous changes in the four stages of sleep define a deeper level of consciousness - within the unconscious itself? The cerebral cortex with its 10 billion cells and innumerable connections speak of an attentive respondent keeping watch over physiologic (cognitive - emotional) events - we can become quite aware of what we’re going through. Even if a person struck by lightning may forget (because of memory loss) who they really are......are well aware that healing and recovery needs to take place - a conscious purpose may change - but the change is disconcerting. Analysis of sensitivity to changes in the TRANSIENT "populations" of these discrete neuronal groups (gestalts) appear to be the keys in discerning if the bio regulatory systems of thalamus; hypothalamus and pituitary are functioning properly - if the autonomic reticular nervous system is viable. The quality of life requires this; the blessed mystery of the healing process also.....Systems Biology Research and Naturopathy; more of this later.
  • 28. A Question of Breeding - Nature Bone of my bone; flesh of my flesh; for this cause shall a man leave his mother and father and cleave unto his wife. Adam Obviously breeding is both ontological (being) and developmental (Upbringing). Practically - this concept can be banal or idealistic, yet its context; intention - is to purvey the process by which nature produces viable communities capable of adapting to their ‘common habitat’. What is colloquially termed natural selection then is undoubtedly a question of semantics only. Because Ontogeny alone; regenerates the ‘Tree of Life’. Breeding; is indicative of ‘selective procreation’ that it is basically instinct........ Species and Gender specific territoriality; in response to others....especially when considering the population ecology of groups and their communities. Is this the central process, the enigmatic engine of "procreation". No, mating behavior alone has a much more personal and highly elaborate ritual even in grazing animals (the four legged). Birds and human beings generally mate for life (there are few exceptions in the avian)). This fidelity is in fact much in deference to the only too well understood relationship between sexual maturity and violence - on all levels of ecology - except within the cell itself. Living systems are organized purposefully. Their place in the grand template of nature is internal and self-regulating (adamant integrity) yet their relationship with other species; genera, orders and phylum are not. Ecosystems are synergistic; the sum of the whole is greater than the total of its parts - this is due in fact to the relationships which they share with other species - symbiosis - mutualism - communities - herds - pack - groups - tribes - villages - towns and cities. If we account behavior as evolving then why is courtship so highly ritualized. When young the ability to endure pain and suffering denotes social distinction - producing stamina and courage. Psychology has exhibited a different (by intentional design) scheme. More and more it has begun to rely upon phenomenological concepts for its expression. The dictum of approach - avoidance has become association - dissociation; assigning choice to instinct we assume. Teleological behavior is survival; overcoming adversity its intention and cultivating relationships - discipline builds stamina and courage; oftentimes success. Is this unconscious selection - decided by upbringing...... class? Obviously upbringing and class are mutual terms pitted against time; ‘eonic’ - not just the challenge of developmental stages. What kinds of minds are there? Does the uniqueness of our Mental Ecology presents suffering as an Enigma.....which we do not want to become too familiar with – especially when we are aware of it? The enigma of suffering is not "all too familiar". Personal (intensely) and communal (chronic) relationships help us to relate to that which is difficult or different. Rationally we divide between that which must be shared or rejected yet we experience the difference (discerning - conscious intentions) between truth and falsehood. What is the missing word? – Understanding; is this purposeful; important! Does suffering help to build character? Yes - but not always....because alleviating pain does not always cause suffering to disappear. Even if we were ingenious enough to create virtual reality and radically restructure society.... changes on a grand scale would be most sublime. You have heard the phrase - “fighting like cats and dogs" but if you raise a puppy and a kitten together their relationship can be most serene. So here our strategy is divide and conquers; trite but effective. Anthropology is the study of man himself - as a creature; while archeology is the study of civilization. These fields are not truly very different in extent.... especially about human ecology and adaptive strategies. Yet - what defines consciousness... we find Paleo-archeology (the study of ancient culture) and Neo anthropology - an attempt to redefine the classical concepts in terms of modern images. Geologic evidence is that there were basically two universal floods - one of Pangaea - the other of Gondwanaland; the second as co - adjunct with the tectonic separation of the continental plates and their movement into the positions which know them as today. Paleo - anthropology will always suffer from the effects of the second flood........neo anthropology as pseudo psychology is more questionable. Our maxim is - continuously bring forth the good fruit and do not corrupt the ancient traditions which their cultures have planted. This is true of language ......ex. Aymara; this is of
  • 29. restoration........ex Israel; and it is also true of cultural revival...ex. American Indians. Cultural traditions (east and west) work continually to perfect application of their arts and intuitive science. Life itself is generally in need of care and nurturing. Even in cases of cultural fragmentation; like in the Eastern Woodland peoples - their long struggle to protect their sacred places from the Vulture Culture.... prying archeologists; grave robbers and souvenir hunters have only served to awaken their just indignation. What in fact dictums such as ideological Marxism; nihilistic psychology (intellectual cynicism) ; and the new age movement have in common exhibits an arrogance which attempts to deceive their audience through a pretense of authority- especially where sacredness (cultural trust) is concerned. Not to be naive concerning Deism; the occult nature of York Masonry or the bigotry of a Christian church which did little to prevent the holocaust of the Second World War; we understand that with grace and truth; in the legal law as well; they can overcome these "offenses". Psychologists cite evidence from Mesopotamian culture such as Jericho and the Hula Lake cave where pre - historic communities thrived for a time.....Jaynes (the Consciousness of Consciousness) comes to the conclusion that the evidence of special reverence for the departed is evidence of the roots of hereditary rulership. {This year 1998; the oldest synagogue ever found came to light in this same Jericho - over 3000 year old.} However; knowing that the reverence for grandfather is much more likely to be the roots of a Patriarchal identity; it is likely that because of isolation (not many such communities are known) this kind of hunting and gathering community was severely limited culturally. The Western Hemisphere offers better insight into cultural development - and cultural convergence - in the meeting of minds; where the natural conscience met the intellectual one... forming a new kind of organization - with a balance of powers 50 autonomous states and the people all with equal representation - the reproof of history pulling down the strongholds of bigotry, slavery, and historic inequality. Ancient people developed the ekistical (pattern of habitation) presence which we utilize today—but they had not yet developed into manhood and womanhood - it does not seem fair to judge them as free men; though they were highly talented - it was only the beginning of their development. Psychology also has reminded us of the dichotomy (not duality) of what they call the old brain (the bible calls it a reprobate mind) and the so-called new brain. To think with causality rather than against it.... then the crux of evolutionary Psychology (Penfield; Gavarter) – becomes how to explain what became of this ‘old brain’. It’s anatomical function occupies an indispensable substratum of neural anatomy - highly susceptible to conditioning (many people cannot be - hypnotized) even deception and its propaganda. They understand the new brain as the basis of freedom and self - control. One important insight offered is present in other cultural expressions as well - learning itself is highly emotional; basically unconscious - Is all learning emotional - even so called "objective" learning? Motivational impulses elicit non - verbal actions, and emotions come from situational arousal states; so it is that as our children sit raptly in school we are motivating them to receive an education – emotionally; yet they are usually punished for expressing them. But it cannot be as simple as that. The metaphoric mind is goading us - but how can we do all that you say? They also call the old brain / new brain dichotomy...the bicameral mind - here our gestalts (imperatives) are relational (thought functions) and sublimation begins. Yet emotions are more than imperatives generally associated with love/ hate relationships - individual people and situations. Therefore; no new commandments were given by Messiah; only - “love one another ". The question of values and their presence or absence in the human family is not necessary imparted by good breeding alone but a constancy of loving kindness in upbringing. Love’s presence in formative years - this is immutable. Relative values are prescribed as the explanation for the ills of society - yet quantitative changes lead to qualitative leaps; as most people realize.....For societies, the need is to be in harmony with the rich diversity of its cultural traditions. The problem of evil then must be unconscious, even when wicked acts are committed - the accused (found guilty) will generally answer to some authority for their deeds. In cases where this is not true - such as the reported statement by the deceased leader of the infamous Khmer Rouge of Cambodia - that his "conscience" was clean (upon becoming a ‘Christian’) in regards to the government that he and his followers so ruthlessly mass murdered with unconscionable brutality (The Killing Fields). The fatal flaw of the megalomaniac is blind ambition; a thoughtless compulsion to subjugate others.
  • 30. Moral responsibility is the awareness of free will - if we live in a pre - determined universe; not all values are environmentally based, therefore it is logically impossible for free will to be materially determined. A definition for truth – longs for ‘perfect understanding’; so that conscience can be ‘cleansed’. A conscientious person is merely someone who accepts moral responsibility for their own actions. Here the question of values is relevant. Thomas Aquinas - expected that exhortation to right action brings rewards or punishment; but that is far from the question of values. Elitists have gained legal responsibility for privileges that no one can ever earn - such as the unjust treatment which most poor people receive; judicial systems.....tend towards leniency for the wealthy (in general). The purpose of Law (being considered) is the protection of the innocent.....not the avoidance of judgment by the offender – the ‘clean’ conscience of the one who is wronged bears witness of not having provoked such transgressions – emotional support may well be necessary in the case of egregious crimes. In America; citizens are guaranteed "swift" justice (not plea bargaining)....or seven levels of appeal courts. Is the adversarial System of Prosecutor - defendant: responsible for the political abuses which our Judiciary generally suffers from….Or merely the case of a deviant society insulating itself from ‘fair and appropriate’ punishment and its responsibility for just retribution? Actually the problem of Evil is not moot because of this vicious circle of injustice. Moral conscience and its search for ethical qualities is a narrow way which leads hopefully to justice....not false airs. Is the Price of Freedom......the defense of Idiots? It is not too great a step - in actuality; from scholastic materialism to dialectic materialism and the Robot theory. But wisdom has placed here a stumbling block - the liar's paradox........In which choices, beliefs, mental acts, perceptions, convictions and even failures are pre – determined; part of our mental "programming"! If you remove free will - one's soul flies out the window - remove the soul - then we are materialistically determined; we have no conscious thoughts.......or is it conscientious! In many educational communities today - the question of origins is considered a fallacy......Why is that? We all came from the primordial sea of course; without ethical aptitude.....the altruistic impulse and the duty to help one's a genotypic response evolving mysteriously from; our hunting and gathering; not from our mother's breast. If charity is considered divine; we associate this with spiritual awakening. If we define mystical as the ambiance of the ‘supernatural’- then we must respond to reality not to some personality. We learn in school not to trust strangers - this is very true of spiritual awakening; rebirth (of conscience - prayer) – we must avoid the cult of personality - where volition becomes subordinate to an individual and the cult itself attempts to automate the celebrant's conscious selection. The dangerous character of the occult is and has been ongoing throughout the ages of Humankind. Here is wisdom - while you are yet praying I will have already answered you (expect with patience an answer to your prayers). There is not enough evidence to justify the claim of millions of years - in the evolution of man. In fact; the fossil record is so meager and scattered that it provides little information about the ecology of human consciousness. If we did develop in that way.... it has discontinuity within the record. Presently; natural history looks at a Middle Eastern land bridge rising out of the ‘Tethys Sea’ - all ‘humanoids’ that are present in the World are scattered in micro communities subsisting in an alien environment. Did they make tools to kill Giant Baboons - did they walk throughout the world and settle small communities here and there, maybe. Did they have large numbers, with few exceptions; no - the upright needs the security of community to prosper. There is simply not enough hard evidence (provoking great controversy - especially dating accuracy) to believe this snail pace theory. Also, the relative values of grave robbery and site desecration are all generally illegal; in many places - intolerable. Legitimate investigations are capable of studying ancient sites without disturbing the sacred resting places. Myth, legend, folklore – the Neolithic Period represents this ‘trichotomy’ of history – one important aspect of ancient culture can be found in Ireland (Eire) at Tara (Temair in gaeilge) 29 where Patrick sought the right to ‘evangelize’ the people in the 4 th century (433 A.D.) – Saint Patrick’s Day is celebrated – March 17 th ; globally. The millennial jubilee has presented the charm of the Emerald Isle to the world; including a well preserved ancient history. Ancient culture; interpretation of global migration at the dawn of civilization and insight into growth and development of folk culture such as Ireland represents is edifying in the best sense of the word. 29
  • 31. A recent documentary on Wolves and the whole family of Canines - the foxes as well – underscores the need to reinterpret our theories of origins. More than 400 species (types or varieties really) of domestic dog exists but there is very little genetic difference between them and their "wild" brothers. In fact they now believe that the ‘variegated doggy’ originated as man interrupted the juvenile development of Wolves and Foxes (spots, streaks and color differences in the juvenile) - that as these dogs habituated themselves to human society their full social development; became camouflaged and also their behavior changed. Things that we see were formed from that which does not appear. Ecologic concepts of divergence and convergence (of creatures with their environments) take on a new aspect of socio - biology.......which encompasses the “domesticated" animals of human habitation. Perhaps this is why the Wolf has such an important place in the clan structure of so many People - the cub scouts included. Evolution from this standpoint becomes a circular argument (at best) as the path from Wolf to dog may be only a few generations; and from much evidence this evolution is just as reversible as "dogs" will return to the wild. The feline likewise exhibits these characteristics; both the cat and the dog while ordered as carnivores can adapt themselves to vegetable fare as well. In fact even the markings of the cubs (whelps) of lion and cougar are very similar. It is not surprising then this question of breeding and symbolic kinship (as metaphor) with these creatures can interrelate in profound ways - as a Border Collie does with man and sheep - for example...... or as wolves and "Indians" may do (the dogsled). The qualities of loyalty, watchfulness, alertness, and mental quickness (in diverse ways) are these not centered in consciousness; speaking of survival (how many times have dolphins rescued people from shark attacks). The only ecologic process that resembles "evolution" (if one may be so bold) is the general convergence in the systematic morphologic adaptation of all forms of life - to the oceanic environment. Its vast dimensions, salinity and extremes of hot and cold provide an insight (metaphor) for the vast realms of stellar space. 30 The "machines” which have developed in sequence with the understanding of electricity; optics; hydraulics; electronics; bio physics and physical chemistry etc. has accelerated the exploration of realms which inaccessibility required. Because of the kinship of "nations”...the power of these technologies has accelerated.......exponentially. Millennial Polynesia Stories like the Bible Global Warming 101 Ancient Temair (Tara) Northern View of Tara St. Patrick Bishop of Ireland 31 30 Am-bi-ance 1. the mood, character, quality, tone, atmosphere, etc., particularly of an environment or milieu: The restaurant had a delightful ambiance. 2. that which surrounds or encompasses; environment. 31 Confession of Saint Patrick -
  • 32. The either or of Consciousness Even the trodden worm contrasts his own suffering self with the remaining universe; though he has no clear conception either of himself or what the universe may be. He is for me a mere part of the world; for him it is I who am a mere part. Each of us dichotomizes the universe in a different place. Lao Tse The Purpose of Psychology is separate from the one manifest in the natural order. Conscience - if such a ‘sensibility’ can be trusted; involves sublimation of youthful conflicts; this has proven a key to success in becoming an upright member of society. Western society is riddled with Neuro-pathologic sleep disorders; our dependence upon alcohol, drugs and sex are the somnambulist of a weak culture. Dreamless sleep in self-imposed anesthesia turned addiction brings the chaos of sensation which shadows a delirious aspect to the synoptic; the relational and sequential; and sadly to our uprightness. In Adaptation to Life, Susan George describes a study of the best and the brightest....found that - those young people who learn how to sublimate frustration, anger, and fear will mature in progressively healthy ways and succeed to live happy fulfilling lives. The sheer speed of our planet - in space and the quick pace of life; defeats the argument that chaos of a primordial state caused our senses to evolve. The human eye is one of the wonders of nature - its power of resolution alone is incredible. The ancient mystic traditions are steeped in the power of prayer - meditation - and joyful celebration; whether we can be adjudged SAGE or SORCERER; SAINT or SINNER; SHAMAN or CHARLATAN - it is true that Priests are steeped in ritual - theirs is not DHARANA - the fantasy of self - which is imagination - but must dwell in the dimensionality where they can experience and relate the presence of eternal truth. Just as Moses and the children of Israel when passing through the Red Sea...........sang a joyful noise to the Lord - returning eventually to their homeland....they met AMALEK - a nation on its way somewhere (probably to become the HYKSOS rulers of Ancient Eyght) - and as the Hebrews (the root meaning of AVAR means to cross over) requested to pass by their fellow Semites; It came to pass that AMALEK wanted war - it is written that as long a Moses kept his hands raised up; Israel prevailed in the battle - but when his arms fell to his sides in exhaustion Amalek prevailed (So it was that Israel’s Captains held up his arms during the prolonged fighting). 32 We know today that upper body mobility and usage contribute greatly to longevity and heart health (along with a proper diet). The study of transcendental meditation has shown (Reickert - U. of Tubingen) that it increases the blood flow to the forearms by almost 300%. They have proven that musicians (Especially conductors and violinists) and barbers achieve longevity by the increase of oxygen to their muscles. Today; it is thought - that the human anatomy is integrated such that metabolic equilibrium of all the separate organs, glands, circulatory system functions........with the autonomic, sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems) with a harmony that defies our traditional logic - discerning how to support - the healing processes. (Ex. Biorhythms and alpha waves) As mentioned previously the human ova (egg) is unique in all of nature and because that seed of the women is so important to the conscientious development of the upright we surmise the bible relates that even before entering into this world our spirits were with THE FATHER. If we take a clue from environmental biology and begin to analyze a grand logic like the Linnaean System of classification or the Periodic Table of the Elements then we must wonder at the Development of Order which Nature (fossil records included) presents. Nature herself speaks in various guises, myths, legends and folklore that continually remind us [whether by extension of the human family or symbolically as ‗caretaker‘] that nature too has been created and that we should give the glory to God– who alone is the creator. No process of Living Systems (other than life itself) can produce consciousness. It must be; that is all. The question of the artist and the unconscious is highly relevant as well. 32 Battle_of_Kadesh (from the Wikipedia) The running borderlands conflicts were finally concluded some fifteen years after the Battle of Kadesh[26] by an official peace treaty in 1258 BC, in the 21st year of Ramses II's reign, with Hattusil III, the new king of the Hittites.[31] The treaty that was established was inscribed on a silver tablet, of which a clay copy survived in the Hittite capital of Hattusa, in modern Turkey, and is on display at the Istanbul Archaeology Museum. An enlarged replica of the Kadesh agreement hangs on a wall at the headquarters of the United Nations, as the earliest international peace treaty known to historians.
  • 33. Millennial Jubilee – Law of Return Jerusalem - Demographics Moab Stone – 1856 the Transfiguration The Greeks and the Hebrews The ‘Battle of Kadesh’ verifies the account of history which forms the foundation of the Hebrew Scriptures It is also the source for the term ‘allies’ or Hapiru/Habiru – these Habiru were perhaps the kinsman of Abraham.
  • 34. The Upward Path As I delved deeper into the philosophy of Gandhi; I came to see for the first time its potency in the realm of social reform. Reverent Dr. Martin Luther King One of the greatest tragedies of civilization is the misunderstanding which one culture has for another - this malaise spans time and space in a continuum of deceit and bigotry. One of the most misunderstood ways is the Upward Path which Lao Tse walked so long ago. In the Orient we hear much of the Shinto and Buddhist traditions; they have appalled us with the Kamikazes and Emperor Worship; even though some Western "traditions" are worse in their aspects than the highly ordered Oriental societies of noble houses and the common man. A perceptive interpretation of Heaven comes from the Yamabeishi tradition of Northern Japan. Here the temple is the shrine of Nature and the souls of the dearly departed ascend to the Cloud Peaks. The great mystery draws the humble seeker to the Matsui Jishu at Mt. Odono (the gate of heaven). The Yamabeishi are an ancient sect of shamans, priests and unfortunately Sorcerers; of late they have become the defenders of the sacred mountains and guides for those who seek its ascending Pathway. Here is the quiet mind - gracefully sharing and learning the highly structured Haiku - which are thought poems - a Haiku quietly grasps a moment, a vision, a tradition, a time , a season...and seem so inimically connected to the Characters of the Japanese language as the rain and fog which envelope the ascending mountains. Worshipers make prayer sticks which like a compelling Haiku seek God's intercession for the souls of their loved ones - especially children - and like the miniature gardens approximate a quiet remembrance of those who passed before. The temple of the spirit is the sacred mountains where the pure waters flow. Another equally important use of prayer sticks is the Mahtehikana of the Leni Lenape. These sacred objects perform two functions - the first is to record the long history of the journey of the Leni Lenape - from Central Asia across the Bering Strait - the lands of Canada and the USA; to their homeland along the Lenape (Delaware) River and the Atlantic coast. The second is to tell the story of creation in the Big House Ceremony. Their use of Wampum - Suhunikan - to make agreements a permanent record; semantically - the precursor to written language. The Chinese knew them as the Turtle people; the Olumpee'yok of the Wallam Olum (Red Record of the Mahtehikana) is perhaps one of the oldest on earth. The Lenapes themselves are considered to be the grandfathers of many people. This is why one should become quiet when Grandfather is spoken of. Much has already been written of the diametrically opposed traditions of native people and industrialized society - their honor for Mother Earth and the Sky Father. The ways of the spirit are far from lost in the vast expanses of the mountain kingdoms and vast deserts of our world and their consciousness of time and history is important as well. Is the mind our key to universal understanding? Obviously history is littered with the dead of those who tried to control the emotions (and their subconscious overtones) with intellect. Only when there is harmony can man intuitively perceive what emotions might be capable of. Self-willed individuals can become slaves to the incredulous......vogues; crazes; lotteries; fashion in art; music; literature; sporting competition - in short; having fun. Yet with craft and guile the wicked work their ill will - this is the danger. Those who do not exercise their conscience as free will.....are exploited by petty tyrants. Our economy needs to be not only practical but also realistic. Intuition tells us that habits are made that can withstand superstition and coincidence 33 . Thus we are not greatly moved by inexplicable or Irreverent schemes of those who work deceit. According to J.C. Penny (who founded the retail stores which carry his name)...."the spiritual meaning of the ability to apply idealistic values in the real world ......for success." Even after the crash of 3333 Of course unless common sense and perception of true coincidence provide sufficient cause to become ‘wary’.
  • 35. the stock market in 1929 wiped him out financially (along with other godly sorrows).... due to reliance on stock holdings as personal wealth.....his personal integrity caused him to repay all of the creditors of his retail empire.... bankrupting him. Yet in the midst of all his personal calamities - he witnessed...a spontaneous healing of his broken psyche.......God will take care of you." The Golden Rule Stores of the humble clerk turned entrepreneur survives - 100 years later. Logic and reason are very excellent tools if applied properly and if your life - gives you no joy....... then seek to change it for what can make you glad. A great sage sought wisdom; he sent his ambassador to all the kingdoms where his feet could lead him - there he inquired of one and all; what is wisdom? After a very long journey this scholar returned to his master - "Well; servant - tell me what you have learned." "Carrots;" the ambassador said. This story is an example of the metaphoric (intuitive) philosophy of the Orient. Carrots - like; Carrots - get. In fact intuitive reasoning is often metaphoric; of itself and one thing we know about Yeshua HaMashiach - he loved to tell parables. Mayan/Aztec Clock Movie from Jerusalem One Reed – Cortes/Montezuma
  • 36. In Defense of higher consciousness - or - how to avoid the downfall of tyrants! Once again when we look at the "ancients" we come to understand that there is a basic relationship between - primitive - domesticated - sophisticated - such that argument with such ‘authorities’ could become extremely dangerous. Learning in early childhood becomes the awe and wonder of living (relating to ones habitation) in spite of adversity. Even if they emphasize rote or imitative learning processes - children will learn in this way. The older definition of system - the rout and template - called appropriately....the fabric of childhood development - utilizes the rich textures of ‘cognitive’ design to speak intuitively () to the growing awareness (consciousness) - of the creature.... with a prolonged childhood. Neurologic terms such as sublimation are used to relate that aesthetic learning is an intuitive process - the Surrealist/ cubist/Dadaist rebellion of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century believed that art itself comes from the unconscious and subconsciously we can break down convention to find a better way. Once again Capacity / Intensity are parameters which speak to innate limitations. Is ‘visualization’ a cognitive (thought based) process like intuition - its appraisal within sacred domains - would seem to limit the possibility of "true objectivity". Perception becomes an almost mystical experience....consisting of the moments of living and learning (which arts and letters consist of). Here we find the arbitrary division of natural/unnatural and the classical idea that determination is perceptual not conscious - that determinism and its environmental basis are ought but supernatural. In other words there are viable communities of people who only perceive the ever-present now! They exist in oneness with their habitat yet are victims of a type of epistemological uncertainty. The Sanskrit language itself has over twenty words to describe consciousness - as the Eskimo have 100 words for snow. The idea becomes conceptual...MEMORY (the left - right dichotomy) in psychological analysis - long after the dominant left brain has forgotten it (temporality of logical cognitions)....Because the intuitive right brain will retain them! Is man a mere lump of Clay? Subject we Object - searching for the physical basis of consciousness as (Susan Hurley and Susan Greenfield) have presented - in an exercise of ‘wedding’ philosophy and neuroscience; producing mind waves (without them we could become immobile)....With signs of true understanding. If the problem of the self is actually - the person (Identity) then what is the purpose of psychobiology? If consciousness is dependent upon the brain's activity then it defies psychological interpretation and is merely an object of medical research. As the Orientals have discerned; we have been wearing blinders...everyone who is cognizant knows that consciousness grows as the brain does (yet infants have much larger brains proportionately) - consciousness grows with experience. When speaking of brain chemistry and its electro motive centers - "the phenomenological basis of consciousness"; attempts to correlate this functional performance yields only symmetry - like cathexion and cognition - integrally related but not the same thing. The problems of higher consciousness, meditation; precognition; extra sensory perception and even the problematic clairvoyance - have to relate to the inimitable conscience which experiences them, even if the experience itself is highly abstract. This is why many aspects of these experiences are forbidden in the books of Moses - the Holy Torah - and also why they are held in great dispute - Is it the idea (onus) of Responsibility? Perhaps the greater part of humankind is just not ready for such a testing - "obedience is better than sacrifice". It is written - "trust not angels nor in the son of man in whom there is no help - but trust only in the God of Heaven who is the God of truth". The gifts of the Holy Spirit - Patience, Goodness, Tongues and their Interpretation, Knowledge, Wisdom and Godliness are ‘Virtues’ relating to "prayer and meditation". Neurologic psychology can theorize that perception itself is not a conscious action but innate - almost subconscious - but Physics and the Bible evidently agree that God is light (he dwells in unapproachable light) and oftentimes feelings of bliss and oneness in meditation - whether walking or sitting; dreaming or waking - are experienced as - "bathed" in pure light. Why is the sky blue and the sunset red - why is the universe utterly dark (save for the ‘innumerable’ stars)? These are questions which science understands. Love however is transcendent in consciousness. Strength, heart and soul must work together; thought, soul and spirit – ‘one’ if true love will succeed. This may seem like a rather strange conclusion yet as the Greeks have discerned - the AGAPE is an all-encompassing love such as the Great Spirit (God if you will) has for us; PHILOS is the love that brothers and sisters and friends have for one another and EROS is materialistic love - with the fleshly overtones. The
  • 37. sacrament of marriage elevates EROS to a responsible relationship with the giver of life uniting ALL in ALL. We know the romance of thoughts, feelings, dreams, memories, attentions, intentions and even imagination but we also know that aggression and violence are connected to an improper reliance upon sexual gratification. In mortal combat we understand that control of aggression is the proper training to defend oneself - even to kill. Violence however is a much greater malaise and must be confronted with authority. The sublimation of EROS is an important factor in mature stabile individuals. Children often learn violence from others - the environmental influences bring to fore, the Nature vs. Nurture controversy - where brokenness in societies, families and even within the individual often produces an enmity and alienation in which the struggle for existence becomes mortal combat. It is not the question of wild and savage vs. Peaceful and civilized... this is a fallacy; but it is the argument of essential decency vs. depravity. In every generation young people are reminded of these things - how appalling are the young today - how moral values are becoming eroded - put your trust in spiritual values! In the ever - present now we understand that man is becoming more crude and materialistic - yet faith will never cease; what we need to guard against is wickedness in high places; the rulers of the darkness of this world; if we learn our lessons life could turn out better. Now we have reached some understanding in this discourse - Happiness does not have to be an illusion; religion and philosophy are actually rooted in oneness; that elusive bird - the meaning of life - can be our purposeful intention and if we believe that God truly exists - according to his Will. Do we need to search for Absolutes? One might ask.........this work with a favorable wind is already obviously long begun......what is it worth? oneself and to others.......absolutes can become fallible.......yet the time-honored measure.......By their fruits. Ye shall know them! How can we search for Harmony? We need to understand.....that elusive unifying principal......its power of persuasion produces peace ..........moral education? Home, school and worship......Yet the seeming arbitrary differences in individual purposes.......appear as a poor reflection of what people – cultures; really holds on to an exercise in semantic expression too. Genius is found in all arts and sciences, every people, every culture, every way of understanding; everywhere love, mercy and compassion inhibit the hate, the madness, the evil - and even if we glory only in cultural achievements - they have their criteria for judgment - truth, goodness and beauty - and even Nature is in great diversity one, a purpose, a consciousness apart. There is an absurd; yet inimical quality to philosophic consciousness - that would be humor - but is not; why? It is well understood throughout the world that the intuitive grasp has produced the great discoveries; Kepler, Mikado, Einstein, Newton; all pictured their great theories as metaphor - the parable. Another kind of mind appears as soliloquies - the bicameral - which solipsism appears as the downfall of. Here we see people who can talk intelligently about the proverbial tree in the primordial forest falling, or like the cat in the poison box - Schrödinger and Heisenberg - cannot discern the difference between artificial and ‘the real world’. Intellect is not an existential discovery; nor is it a quality of observation but is of being. If Dr. Einstein was openly contemptuous of the probability equations of quantum mechanics - feeling it was an unlikely gamble with objective reality; can one perceive that psychology based upon neurologic functions alone is equally absurd. Solipsism itself - belief in the self alone - also defines a great fallacy - if life is a dream of the dreamer alone - then why is it so true as it is written – your young men shall see visions and your old men shall dream dreams - before the great and terrible day of the Lord. Joel The quality of our senses - especially in relation to consciousness - is it not unbelievable.....Information theory itself has provided the fiber optics and the computational systems to insure the integrity of transmission through extremely discrete sampling technology.34 These systems are merely servo - mechanical electronics - yet their design utilizes the principals which we discern in our own being. It is written - Line upon Line; precept upon precept; here a little; there a little. To conclude that life itself is totally separate from these types of systems is just and true; living systems are like no others; their purpose is within them - ecologic awareness and environmental concerns have 34 Computational Electromagnetics is a new field - electromagnetic modeling is the process of modeling the interaction of electromagnetic fields with physical objects and the environment. It’s relationship to Ambient Intelligence and ‘Green Technology’ is becoming more apparent on a daily basis.
  • 38. created a whole new consciousness of the warmth and affection; the true intelligence of so called wild creatures. This is also foretold in the Book of the Hopi - as they relate their vision of the Four Worlds. Spinoza intuited this wonderful thought - Because I am one with my habitat - I am able to perceive God. The conflicts of Spinoza peculiarly resembles our own - the casual dependence of all phenomenon. Those who challenge the elitists' world order" are still paying "the price" for their enlightenment. Science has a barren attitude about it - Lifeless - austere - abandoned; philosophy appears as a refuge - yet there is a burglar in the House - evolutionary psychology. Conscientious being is spirituality - not just ritualized behavior. These principal debates - Free will / determinism; Science/Epistemology; Teleology / the three laws of classical mechanics....Inertia, momentum and gravity - seem destined with the deterministic universe to be absorbed into a higher order of definition and understanding. Still in light of the empirical/transcendental debate yet raging it is obvious that these "laws" will always provide the basis of our understanding physical "Phenomenon" - just as the thoughts and ways of our ancestors influence our very reasoning. When dealing with the question of consciousness - the much maligned Tubule Rasa (or blank slate) - pragmatically is more important than any type of a priori determinism. If we are looking for mathematical precision and a fate that is not sealed in heaven or hell - even as people like Aldus Huxley have proposed – then; the conscious mind of mortal men is not the place to look. Because when the burgeoning SUPERSTRINGS theory hits its stride - only the SEAL of the conscientious will be left to bind ‘ETHICS’. A theory of everything – if not ideology; will empower those who concern themselves with it – none the less the magnitude of change will create further complications. The moment defined by the constant of Planck and the fundamental misperception of entropy in the classical industrialized western European nations have defined a timely shift in the balance of powers toward the east. This imbalance is 10 years later being rapidly corrected. As defined; science has separated ‘itself’ from FAITH historically - some have attempted to bring the two back together - Mircea Eliade; Schuler and the Science of Spirit - Huston Smith (interfaith understanding) and mystics like Alan Watts are people of ‘visionary intelligence’. A shaman might say for instance - that in his culture -" there is no difference between a man and a thought" Even as discernment of truth is made; obviously one's thoughts might not be true - but that does not make me useless; merely mistaken. Thinking in harmony with creation becomes a miracle in itself and we will learn much from it. If spirit were scientifically discerned we would not need to pray or meditate - but the actual observation of the states of consciousness tell us that our spirit; resides within our body...and forms (consists of) our being - that sublimation of consciousness remarkably; is meditation - although many do not practice it; the Messianic faith called Christianity teaches us to - "pray without ceasing" - and to meditate on God's word! Sounds a lot like so called Eastern Mysticism. We define science by degrees - discreteness of the quanta - the uncertainty of measurement; sub atomic realms - the problem of stability and instability within atomic structure - (only 100 stabile elements exist)..... QED/QCD Super symmetrical Grand set functions held together by invisible SUPERSTRINGS - sounds metaphysical - almost. It is hoped that this is perceived as a rather uplifting idea - the world of emanation which the SUPERSTRINGS Theory alludes to - in relation to who and what we are. are Soul and Spirit the true mystery of consciousness? Blue whales aurora borealis Shroud Shepherds’ cardinals Mayan Book Environmental Awareness - Ecologic Consciousness Just as politics (at critical moments) preys upon human nature by promising change and producing only nepotistic patronizing and ideological monoculture - the so called class structure of society produces regimentation. This is not
  • 39. criticism per say but merely an observation. Men who consider themselves pragmatic tend to scoff (fail to understand) the metaphysical and so dismiss the supernatural. A good example of this is the American Revolution. Supposedly its purpose was to end monarchies' tyranny and produce a democratic society. However; the deficiencies of the Anti - Bellum Republic that it produced – were so hypocritical to maintaining domestic tranquility - that change became inherent for its growth and development. The moral vacuum of the 20th century still reels from the effects of Jacksonian democracy (It’s Imperial Presidency); the tragedy of Haitian fascism; and even its brave founder and first President became known as Honodagayas (the destroyer of Villages) to many people - who are still recovering from its effects. The need for enlightened Justice; reconciliation and restoration are important now as ever. The politics of the Republican Democrat Party (although separated into two distinct entities are still basically the same); have always used clever phrases and slogans - the Great Society and Civil Rights; or the Silent Majority and its Moral Imperative - when good comes of these programs characteristically; generally it is far less than what political bureaucracy ‘charged the taxpayers’ for it.. Political ideology is ‘inherently’ deceitful….what actually is been going on – is often criminal. Concerning free will –the tenets of ‘true religion’ forbid hate. It is said "We serve a merciful God (some dare to ask... Why?)". The wedding between a fledgling (and anti-Semitic) catholic church and a corrupt aristocracy is anything but free (i.e. Foxes - Book of Martyrs)- this relationship continued – as ‘the great schism’ of catholic and orthodox weakened the church and the Crusaders spread ‘hostility’ into the middle east - until the Enlightenment and Reformation reached England. As aristocratic Monarchies sought to possess the lands of the Western Hemisphere; their wars for domination became more widespread – this tyranny became revolutions in every region of the world. Those who were not a people grabbed hold of any rational ideology that served their purpose; and the cause of freedom was served. They held fast the wisdom perceived in Nature and Nature's God - and because the God of the Christian and Jewish Faith scorned human nature and condemned sin; they sought a more convenient one and that was Deism. How easy it became for the rationalist to walk from their churches into Masonic Temples. How easily the conspirators of Vandalia divided up the continent and dispossessed the Indians of their treaty guaranteed Lands. The onset of Industrialization already - begun - brought with it the apologists and the strict disciplinarians; Romanticism was gone and the Economics of Adam Smith and the philosophy of Rousseau moved in - yet pure logistics would pull it all apart. The a priori tenets of scholastic pedagogies - did not base fundamental truths and intuitive faculties [VIRTUE] on experience; therefore challenges from existential data were not accepted. The rule of law must stand on fundamentally valid models and ideology based in a valid human psychology - the birth of Evolution. Goethe, Schiller, Holderlin, Marx and Engel, Hegel, Feuerbach, Mills and his Utilitarian apologetics all erupted out of this caldron of confusion - what was on another day called "hasty pudding". Aristocrat , Scholar, Bohemian, Peasants and indentured servants (all in need of freedom) - the false doctrine of noble savage and ‘civilized’ man in these troubled minds became fascism, socialism and communism - juxtaposed with what could be reasoned as ‘a cry for liberty’. What justification for "autocratic" government - necessity of course? These diametrically opposed courses - communism and capitalism/ socialism both suffer from the lack of social dialogue (change is imposed upon ‘the unwashed masses’), but they are fatally simplistic. The very idea of creating more a transitory stereotyping human character; for example - Asiatic fatalism; evidences lack of understanding. This idea is intuitive - character is not associative - but matures as people grow in reflective freedom - God is not the opiate of the masses - or a mere corollary to human potential - but a Great and Holy Spirit who is a friend to the friendless and father to the fatherless. Commensality is an ecologic paradigm which is metaphysical (of nature) - agricultural communities; Labor unions; councils of villages and clan leaders......representative democracy - in a harmonic balance with their environment. Commensality is also a principle of correspondence – in which traditional viewpoints are translate [or not] to new ones; ecology provides ‘the mosaic effect’ whereby communities can ‘flow’ together in ecosystems over long periods
  • 40. of time. But a system which tries to exploit alienation by way of fundamental changes in family structure....produces only population explosion; fear and exploitation - ultimately producing economic collapse due to the fundamental hypocrisy - of being even worse than the system (and the people) they hoped to replace. The anger and hurt of exploitation, racial prejudice and religious hypocrisy has helped produce an educational system of libertarian morality....trying to use aesthetic justification for the "bad conscience" of ART. The purpose of moral allegory in traditional education.......The New England Primer; Pilgrim's Progress.... as two examples..... stimulated the educational adventure, use of archetypes in human character (especially - cultural identity) was summarily effective. Reading, writing and arithmetic were taught effectively. Buddha in a Box.......Alexander Solzenheitzen's metaphor of a prisoner's moment of conscience......Is a fitting epilate for the dissolution of a totalitarian slave state; especially in consideration of the courage of the Slavic peoples (in "good" conscience) to overthrow military dictatorships. This is true of South African (changed also in a democratic fashion). Gorbachev and Yeltsin accomplished this with glasnost (openness and freedom of disclosure) and by rallying the people to stop military coups from returning to an intolerable state. Many ancient peoples experienced a rebirth of freedom and brotherhood - Hungary, Romania; Czechoslovakia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Ukraine, Poland - in such unity that one is in awe of; what people are all about. South Africa is becoming a beacon to all those who still suffer the indignation of racial violence and persecution; all this as the 1st Jubilee of the modern state of Israel arrives; through the wisdom of faith - conscience is daring to believe! The Solidarity movement of battered labor unions within the expanse of the former Soviet Bloc hastened its downfall in spite of the ‘artificial’ Cold War. Laissez-faire capitalism also has no excuse, the conscientious in these "democracies" (often regress into petty tyrannies) and are held in little esteem; yet the altruistic are. Charity works in an environment of free enterprise and does great things when the volunteers show up. The downfall of capitalism is always greed - the assumed alienation in the streets of Americas poor; when the red curtain finally fell - our economy was unable to respond with power; because we had exploited the enmity caused by raising the Iron Curtain to such a degree that our national debt prevented the government from acting on a scale necessary to renew their economies. Many questions come to mind - Why should liberation theologies rely upon violence? Why do Marxist and Freudian doctrines seem so intimately linked (save for Jungian outcomes for Freud)? Yet Sigmund Freud as most if not all European Jewry was only spared the death camps due to the intercession of his colleagues – as with other academics and scientists; he was spared (allowed to flee with his wife and daughters) while his entire family was murdered. May the grace of god be with all who suffer from such enigmas. If there is guilt within the Jewish communities of Europe for the holocaust itself – it is the collaboration within the ‘International Banking Cartel’ who ‘unwittingly’ empowered the rise of the German War Machines (with U.S.A. Federal Reserve backing) while silencing the alarm amongst the ersatz Jewish communities who were as scripture reminds ‘lead as sheep to the slaughter and before their shearers were dumb.’ This is the deed which ‘shall never be forgotten’; as it is said. Why do we believe that it can be externally determined - by the process of Socialization - what has always been perceived as ineffective and fact (upon reflection) - incomprehensible to its victims. Does the right of freedom only belong to those who are free? The appropriate and just Civil Rights Movement of the 20 th century is a very good example of such a struggle. Yet the demagoguery of aristocratic Catholicism (Protestants too claim to be members of the Catholic Church) –suffers a slow death in the "Free World". One of the primary causes is determinism. Behavioral Science (remember the canines of Pavlov) with its reward and punishment dictum was not unlike what Orwell had predicted in 1984 (yet in a much more fragmented state). If the U.S.A. has a Marx then it was to be B.F. Skinner and his Beyond Freedom and Dignity. It is an absurd mentality, no doubt - that rodents in mazes translate to multi - talented and motivated human beings in a resplendent environment. The first dogmatic statement of this treatise (book) - "Historical determinism denies or depreciates human initiative, individuality, and inspiration; in its genius and transcendental quality – it is the enemy of Free Will." Beware however - because human beings often choose initiatives that deny others the very rights they espouse.
  • 41. If philosophy does possess the golden string of reason - it is a Gossamer thread - and like the Gossamer Condor (a huge human powered airplane) - would not fly at first but finally did for a brief time….the Model 76 Voyager (a team effort) was the first airplane to circumnavigate the earth without stopping or refueling. To power an aircraft to lift off the ground - for a human being - is quite a feat! Philosophy can soar and that is – with dynamic ethics and sound logic. Is it the dilemma of man's moral freedom? Do we have a unique soul - each and every one? What is the importance; and if so - what is a Godly life? What is our personal responsibility? Is man a puppet - moved and jostled by the Gods or do we have instead a golden cord of Reason? This question can become very troubling - Judeo - Christian theology in general is blessed by the concern of an omniscient Heavenly Father - no people on earth have suffered more continually than the Jews and their friends. The paradox appears..........that the Lord God is HOLY and is not connected to the foolishness of any people. A good reference for this - "the word spoken to man - is not of any private interpretation." Human actions are not determined divinely but more or less consciously through “moral” guidance. It is written - "God dwells in the praises of his people" - "he will not suffer his glory to be given to any other". Traditionally we can assume that countenance and consciousness are directly related - today countenance probably means how famous or wealthy one is - smile when you say that. Countenance, composure and conscience - the three C's of mental well-being. The view that self-introspection allows one to appreciate others........"There is one reality which we seize from within, by intuition and not by simple analysis. It is our own personality in its flowing through time - our self which endures. We may sympathize intellectually with nothing else, but we certainly sympathize with ourselves." Henri Bergson (An Introduction to Metaphysics) And as Hughes discerned from this (Consciousness and Society); “And further, the philosopher would be able to accomplish what Kant and the others consider unattainable: to transcend the symbolic world of natural science - the mere understanding of a phenomenon in terms of something else - and to arrive at Absolute Knowledge." Be it considered that "absolute knowledge' itself is a dangerous idea (ARROGENCE); but without reliable Epistemological Structure; all investigation becomes ambiguous. The sense of a great awakening nearing the human family is within this enlightened reasoning......Bergson himself developed a doctrine of "Spontaneous Creation" purposed to develop good values for living in society. Here we have Intuitive reason using the modality of empiricism - amazing - his ideas are a fragrant flower in a dark and polluted age. He proposed that human logic be so effective because men as "born artisans" - from antiquity - developed it empirically. The purpose of this codification of mysticism is to elevate both social "science" and social thought - poetic flights of fancy and specifically French logic - made Bergson a popular lecturer. This means what we call consciousness – today; should refer to creative adaptation...ET. Al. - was that it rested on sound biologic principals.....a not of warning; however - "reservoirs of life“-” gushing forth - can also cause terrible flooding. Yet - his life is proof that wisdom can lead to Salvation – although even as a "believer" he could not covert to Catholicism - in solidarity with his Jewish co - religionists; suffering death and imprisonment in 1941. Freud was a Moravian-born Jew - and sought to understand, the inner sanctum of the mind - providing the ground for the wellspring of being. Jews and Gentiles working in harmony! Today cultural convergence is the esoteric element needing consideration. Regardless of our history; the Lenapes Mayday celebration and Thanksgiving were ‘Americas’ first authentic holidays. Mayday itself was the very first proclaimed holiday of the U.S.A. - for many a year today they celebrate it as ‘Earth Day’ and it has become a well spring of wilderness gatherings – ‘gentle Thursdays’ - demonstrations - pageantry and Powwows. The legacy of Brother Tamenend and the Quakers - Deganawida of the Iroquois People and the Eastern Woodlands alliance led directly to both the structure and spirit of freedom exemplified by the United States Constitution; Quite recently the National Institute of Health Revitalization Act was passed in Congress - its first Office of Alternative Medicine established.......Diet, nutrition and Lifestyle....Mind/Body control ..... Traditional and Ethno medicine......... Structural manipulation and Energetic therapy......nutritional supplements... Herbological........Pharmacological and Biologic Treatments....last but not least – bioactive nanomaterials.......pretty far out! Even so....if these global movements do
  • 42. not become entangled in greed...... good will come of it. With a shield of freedom....the multi-faceted dilemma of an autocratic history.... yields a paradox of sociologic awareness; something all people are acquainted with. British Royal Institute Zaire – Former Belgian Congo Bone Marrow Cytology Red Blood Cells Universal Law Human Immune System ‘the life of the flesh is in the blood’ There is indeed a new metaphysics –and mankind needs its renewed vision; badly. -
  • 43. The Melodrama of Abnormal Psychology Man's beliefs about how societies should be ordered and related to one another are called ideologies; an understanding of the psychological roots of Ideologies would provide us with insight and Understanding of our own political beliefs as well as those of others. The Arrogance of Power - Sen. J.W. Fulbright Today we are faced with the enigma that true equality and freedom are not freedom at all; but are becoming an ideologue of self-justification. The future's integrity is being franchised to the greatest period of corporate greed that the World itself has ever seen. Our political ideology - our national conscience if you will - allows us to hate totalitarian dictatorships and insane megalomaniacs but does not allow us to deal with the corruption within our own societies. The spectra of government owned and operated gambling has fostered the growth of every conceivable vice and criminal conspiracy - all in the name of government funding. Psycho philosophy has deceived us into believing that political power socializes man”. Yet the power of the special interest groups like the National Rifle Association NRA - allows the sale of weaponry - to almost anyone - which belongs only on a battlefield. The Freudian ID - has attacked our society full scale as gangsters; terrorist organizations and insane citizens proliferate the aura of an armed camp - burgeoning an ever increasingly expensive Police presence and the overworked Criminal Justice System it necessitates. Does an armed judicial system......marshals, constables, police officers and even bounty hunters; prevent violence or merely perpetrate it. (The drama McCloud (A&E network) set in New York city - 1980 – “more murders were committed in that city than in the entire British Isles (where police are unarmed)”) Where are the psychologists and their analysts? Deep distress, confusion, moral trauma, and spiritual bondage are making society a tragic melodrama. We do not want to become people measured by the degree of our depravity - slaves to selfish temptations and the true evils which prey upon them. The now generation demanded - freedom to be themselves - whose historic downfall is to be found wanting. What is conscience then....if it is true that moral feelings have ethical rewards; enlightened ‘self-interest’? Moral feelings of conscience are as distinct from those of sensation and intellect as color is from sound. Yet because of importance are as oneness dimensionally. Conscience affects contentment with life's vicissitudes; discerning that pleasures are qualitatively different. No form of education can impart the idea of right. It is intrinsic and personal.......conscience seeks introspection in the full light of facts with impartiality; ethical principles require the discernment to be effective . Conscience - according to theological definition - is present whenever two (or more) competing incentives are to be judged (which is the higher?). The imperative of moral conviction (belief) is intuitively discerned - we invoke moral qualities - they are not invented. Wherever a question of responsibility is involved......patience; investigation and thought are required for decision making. Rationality is admitting to ourselves that we need to aim for what is true (faithful and virtuous)! " From the duty discerned there issues a command which we cannot silence; so long as the duty is present in the mind." (Hastings Concordance) Conscience enjoins belief and practice. It is also that; it does not recognize the refusal to obey as justification. A biblical conscience could well remind is the way...Walk ye in it. It compels us to make the right decision. Inability or disobedience to ‘one’s’ conscience can lead to the grief of fear and indecision. Because all people are morally suspect - the qualitative differences of judgment - the voice of conscience reassures one of the need for penitence and remorse; enjoying peace with " God " or uneasiness. Our direction is to become conscientious - to accept the verdict that results from self-examination - by obedience......rather than correction. The development of educational theories which define the unenlightened as self satisfying; self preserving creatures - whom they must socialize. Ethnic antipathy relates to this ideology within education. The 19th and 20th centuries witnessed (Black Elk – a Lakota Medicine man is a witness) the exploitation of people dispossessed by war; famine; and epidemic – its downfall being rooted in the dictums of bigotry and racism which educational ideology must prevent; resulting in damage to the very fabric of our judicial system - INJUSTICE lead to judicial failure.  Darwin (Evolution and its dogma)  Marx and Engel (Communist Manifesto
  • 44.  Skinner (Behaviorism ) Semi - conscious flight from authority is a juvenile mania; should children be prosecuted as adults. Behavioral theories such as B.F. Skinner developed - root themselves in truths which are observations of the ability of living systems (living creatures) to adapt to changing environments - the way this ability actually works is still being discovered. An inauthentic conscious (delusional, paranoid, even hallucinatory) becomes the sense of self; it is rooted in the human neurosis; it can become dedicated to concealing the truth; society must discipline people to confront LIARS without fear of recrimination – this begins at home. Family is the guiding light for people to grow up into mature adults - breakdown of the nuclear family is tragic. The shortfall of evolutionary psychology is that it presents religion as mythological based - not as part of family life. Do we understand the hierarchies of the brains discrete functions as is claimed? Neurophysiology presents a portrait of the complexity of neuronal groups in a design of integrated functionality - this is quite useful. Yet the holistic quality of medical application is lacking - old brain and new brain sound like concepts of anthropology. Left and right functional learning modalities balanced by the intricate control of hormonal and sensory stimuli in a powerful cerebral cortex...sounds more practical. The Darwinian - Marxist - Skinnerian hegemony appears oblivious to what is termed ‘Quantum Consciousness’ (). Consider - if man experienced a quantum fall - then the more we deny it - the worse our downfall becomes. In fact as we look for explanations for the violence of the 20 th century (especially in those "civilized" realms which purport grace and beauty) - we inevitably come to the psycho analytic viewpoint of ID - Ego - Superego; unfortunately these concepts are too close to the Nihilistic one (self) - the terror of Police State Mentality and Superman (the surpassing of God). Even if we take a more intuitive approach - that man can overcome great suffering - it still cannot explain how globally - a dark specter of merciless destruction was transformed through societies where human dignity is well established. Transferring the guilt of "science" subsequently upon a new field; cybernetics - is not warranted. Rejection of autonomy (what is a person in semantics anyway?) is not acceptable. If no "plausible" center of consciousness exists...’the creature’ becomes an organismic robot - synthesized by something called evolution - into a complex entity of neurons, ganglions and cortex bundles - but our eyes and stereoscopic vision - perception of grayscale; all defies interpretation - anatomic coordination as well. The absolute lightness of being (in basic terms) allows the animating musculature to propel us in amazing ways; what is the explanation for this - our bodies being 90% water. There can be no justification for the arbitrary infliction of misery of one group upon another; no matter how they try to justify it. The millennium period has brought forth utilization of these ‘paradigms’ - Biomimetics and dexterous manipulation Biomimetics will be the focus of a new generation of robotics—construction of machines that conform to nature as inspiration for their appearance, behavior, and physical representation. New fields such as Neuro-bioengineering and neuromorphic engineering are also closely aligned with the aims of Biomimetics to build sophisticated machines that can mimic human like actions. If current developments are any indication – imitation is the highest form of flattery. 35 Societies are generally organized to DEFINE justice; often this is why revolutions occur.....the rights of Kings were rejected Biblically over 3,000 years ago; why does it take so long for man to realize these fundamental truths? Do we have a special type of rationality - not confined to mathematical definitions? Ways of knowing and kinds of minds - these are ideas present by the "human potential" movement. They are based upon a conceptual shift in the qualitative aspects of properties - to judge or not to judge (that is the Question). Through the technological advances of intensive care units; biofeedback (life support systems) entered the study of Body/Mind (brain) relationships. Psycho-cybernetics rightly adheres to the mathematics of quantifiable and measurable physiologic phenomenon....... even though the question is not quantity but quality. Because people are moral beings who can be bound by conscience and reason; their ability to recognize moral implications and imperatives for their own and others actions 35 Biomimetics is the new Robotics - Stanford University’s Center for Design Research - Biomimesis: to mimic life, to imitate biological systems)
  • 45. are universal privileges’. The exodus of young people into the occult, the lure of mind control techniques, alternative cultures and lifestyles is a direct reaction to a materialistic psychology of denial in our societies. In other words if we see manifesting in our friends and relations - self-abuse, suicidal tendencies, violence, terroristic ideologue of so called "religious" fundamentalists, what will be our justification for denying the evil in our world. (Government bureaucracy?) At times even catatonic states of consciousness in the downtrodden people are sentenced under a law of lunacy. What are we doing about it? As we become sane others will also.......this is a good purpose in heal the ills of society. It is not an overused rule of thumb - “No man is righteous before God - no not one". That is why self - righteous judgment of other people is so repugnant. Judge not, lest you also be judged ...but if you must judge - do so rightly; this is the wisdom of Messiah. Just as the superstring theory denotes a perfect internal harmony in physical reality - so does the unconscious provide symmetry with the conscious. Is it rational.......canonical......genetically based? Behavior - that is......feasible and economical? Is behavior a complex syndrome... not just survival ethos - like preparing oneself to face death in disaster situations? It is apparent, our “intelligentsia" made an error with behaviorism. Human beings are far from being the pigeons that some scientists.....thought. They attempted to "bypass" consciousness through "conditioning". The purpose of this.....we assume....was not to produce one million cases of "post-traumatic stress disorder ".....but to create an army of "killers". Their reasoning was.....that on WWII " killing fields" ( battlegrounds - we assume) only 15% of soldiers actually fired their weapons ( bound by conscience - killing of one's own kind) - yet in Vietnam due to a new conditioning technique of training the soldiers with pop - up targets simulating battle conditions - 90% used their weapons (50,000 rounds per enemy killed). The stumbling block of "conscience” though was hardly overcome as the anti - war movement swept in harmony with civil rights across the nation. When we think of stress.......perhaps a Neil Simon Comic Drama comes to mind.....not the expiated guilt of the Vietnam Veteran whose basic sin was obeying their country's call to arms. The advertised " Atoms for Peace " of the 19 50's became aerosol's of depleted uranium and the resulting Gulf War Syndrome of the 1990's... all of which - would lend itself to a negative conclusion concerning corrupt applications of ‘intelligence’. Genetic therapy.....regeneration of non-functioning becoming clinical. Yet its applicability as a new mania of developing super humans is also emerging. Perhaps this is because....the battle is not to the strong or the race to the swift......but success is based upon hard work and determination....all things being equal. Survival is not of the fittest.....but to those who learn how to adapt; whose awareness of premonitions; regard to warning signs and the open-minded meditation of foreseeing problems before they happen is not diminished by being self-assured or great. Survival skills and will power form a conscious choice. EBI - Bioinformatics Haeckel's Lie ‘fabricated’ drawings Coelacanth
  • 46. The Criminal Mind – ‘Why the Bible condemns the ‘Man of Sin’ Selection by association, rather than indexing, may yet be mechanized. One cannot hope thus to equal the speed and flexibility with wh ich the mind follows an associative trail, but it should be possible to beat the mind decisively in regard to the permanence and cla rity of the items resurrected from storage. From As We May Think JULY 1945 ATLANTIC MONTHLY - VANNEVAR Bush General Groves Eric Blair Cyclotron Project - March 29, 1940 Czar’s Secret Police W/Conant – Bush [pen name George Orwell] Perfected Uranium Enrichment Gerb_GRU An intriguing question– especially in regard to the demonstrated power of this ‘new metaphysics’: Is the internet an example of "collective intelligence" and are the current developments - especially those considered as green technologies and quantum information processing helping to provide the way to fulfill our 'ontological vocation' as citizens of the global village. The Hebrew Alephbet drawn with geometric symbols 36 demonstrate that sane response to adversity; such as people like Simon Wiesenthal used. These semiotic representations of the phonetic Hebrew Alephbet within geometric shapes have demonstrated exceptional power in interpretation of physical ‘phenomenon’. The ‘mystical’ aspects of these ancient symbols are an enigma of biblical proportions – since their origin of course is the hand of Moses – the deliverer. Other ancient priesthoods are evident throughout the world – the millenials have witnessed a rebirth of culture in Meso-America, Ireland, Australia and across the Great Pacific Ocean. All of the major religions have experienced growth commensurate with their cultural populations. This priesthood must be an upright order – Mayan Astronomers labored over the accuracy of their calendar and coincidental development of a zero concept [integral mathematics] in the logic system of their brother Toltec/Aztec; both discerned and represented origin in a conceptual cosmology. 36 needs reference – these symbols are copyrighted as is the technology they represent – Potential
  • 47. The Semantic Web can utilize the ‘intelligence’ of virtual reality and its information intelligence ontology and program the use of audio/visual technologies with their sublime qualities - therefore coherence in information ontologies are theorized to require a ‘perfect quality’ of correlation *reference+ . This perfection can then be served through the use of photonics and holography. Scripture warns those who ‘fear god’ – “the love of money is the root of all evil”; nowhere is this truer than in the brief history of American Government; and its Finance. These ‘cunning thieves’ deny their misdeeds but they have become like ‘parrots’ labeling those who question their ‘misanthropy’ as conspiracy theorists and ‘liberals’. Yet; in spite of ‘all deceitfulness’ – the truth has been told. The 100 million souls lost in the War for Global Domination – known as World War II; will have died in vain; if not for the courage of investigative journalists and many other - concerned ‘Citizens’; many of whom were soldiers in the very same conflicts. The U.S. Atomic Energy Commission (after many decades) has disclosed that Nuclear (annihilating) Weapons production; already has exceeded $5.6 TRILLION Dollars – which including ‘ interest’ - represents the entire DEBT of the U.S.A. (until the ‘Orwellian’ attacks upon Afghanistan and Iraq in 2001 and 2003 respectively). Accounting for the origin of Nuclear Weapons Production during the Second World War; however –uncovers two cunning deceptions; the Tennessee Valley Authority and its ‘Rural Electric Project’ – where hydro-electric dam construction yielded an abundance of Electrical Power; 70 per cent of which was used to produce the world’s most useless substance – Plutonium; over 2000 tons of it! This at a time when America was fighting a Global War and the Flag Raisers of Iwo Jima were touring their homeland to help sell ‘war bonds’. These annihilating weapons; often called ‘nuclear blackmail’ – are a continuing offense against the cause of peace. Men like Simon Wiesenthal; Elie Wiesel and the English Author Eric Blair (pen name George Orwell) have served to defeat the lies and intrigue of an aptly termed ‘deviant elite’. As far as sin is concerned it is well to remember that ‘all have sinned and fallen short of the ‘glory of god’; the world’s religions and their ‘temporal’ leaders fit squarely as guilty. Jerusalem; O Jerusalem – if I forget you; may my tongue cleave to the roof of my mouth. God proclaims in Holy Scriptures that he has loved his people – ‘with an everlasting love’; Yet the one of the two most recent ‘Holy Days’ added to the Observance of ‘The Jewish Faith’; is Yom HaShoa or Day of Remembrance – commemorating the remembrance of those who lost their lives in this ‘Holocaust’; one of the most savage and uncalled for acts of destruction ever committed upon the Savage Planet we inhabit. Lion’s Den Man of Peace Man of Justice Official Investigations Serving TRUE JUSTICE is a narrow path to walk upon - Down through the ages an adage of the ancient world has caused tremendous grief to the human family - 'an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth'; Messiah himself commented upon this passage from The Torah (5 books of Moses). Yeshua counseled those who trusted in him to 'turn the other cheek' and ‘to do good to those who hate you and spitefully use you.....for of such are the children of god’. This 'millennial moment' so to speak has brought forth the fulfillment of both the Torah and the intercession of Messiah.
  • 48. Iraq War Protest Federal Reserve Gold Ownership – A Crime Duke Alexis Avery Dulles Jesuit Insignia Father Feeney Commemorative Stamp Caves beneath Mt. Mariah from Innocents Abroad 1870 land of the Kazaks Medieval Kingdoms lasted nearly 1200 years in the Middle East – Only ½ of Israel’s Diaspora Albert Einstein and Leo Szilard South of Equator – Chaco War - 1937 Discuss the threat of A-bomb Site of TGP – Bioengineering Experiments The Szilard Petition [1945] protested its use Trans-Gendered Agronomy – 2007 The misappropriation of the American Governments Scientific Research and Military Power has reached to ‘the four corners of the world’. An ‘Internal Audit’ conducted in 2001 – shortly before the destruction of the World Trade Center’s ‘Twin Towers’ on Sept. 11th of that year; was the staggering sum of 2.6 TRILLION U.S. Dollars. For this amount of money to be ‘missing’ is a CRIME of the First Order – later the ‘public audit’ found only $1 Trillion was
  • 49. missing and as a ‘scapegoat’; the Comptroller of the Pentagon resigned. The Deception of ‘Counter-Intelligence’ is truly ‘counterfeit intelligence’. ‘Powers that Be’ in other ages and other times faced these same problems and issues; the outcomes of their predicaments are written in the memorials chiseled into stone and recorded into history. U.S. Government Budgets 1972 – 2003 Daniel Ellsberg 37 War and its Hostility The only surplus is at the Millennium Siebel Edmonds only produced WASTE Spiritual Values are the backbone of Ethical Morality – as Human Virtues they are indispensable to any organization or community; whether local – national or global. Science needs to addresses these errors more critically. Ukrainian Independence Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko (An Ethical Reformer) In the early 1960’s a The Russian Space Program Scenar is both analytic Harp Interferometry – Alaska Serious flaw was identified produced the SCENAR and therapeutic technology used for the Space Shuttle These ‘new’ thermodynamics are becoming understood by ‘powers that be’ but are not disseminated as such; the misogyny of greed has created a delusion of power. The purpose of this ‘HARP’ array is to facilitate communication with NASA Space Shuttles but its long-term affects upon international weather patterns is NOT ‘benign’ – another example of science in its own interest! The millennium period has proven what the founders of modern physics theorized: "The main message to emerge from all these studies is that when it comes to mesoscopic scales, common wisdom has to be revised, i.e. the 'rules of the game' concerning textbook electronics have to be rewritten. From the more applied point-of-view this field constitutes the basis for future micro- and Nano-electronics." Yuval Gefen – Dept. of Condensed Matter Physics 37 NBC Exclusive with Brian Williams (May 28, 2014)……the ongoing exercise of Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press present the paradox of Mr. Edward Snowden as a person of conscience….”The challenge we are facing is not the normal level guy – but top level people who have taken upon themselves powers which they should not be able to us.” The interview was taken in Moscow, Russia where Mr. Snowden has refugee status because he revealed National Security Agency domestic spying operations.
  • 50. Presently images of the ‘universe’ itself are being presented along with an ‘estimate’ of its AGE;! The ‘discussion’ of Cosmology rarely includes CREATION even though its argument [that a supernatural event must have taken place BEFORE what is recognized as ‘traditional cosmology’ began] is in fact that of a PRIME MOVER. Inter-Galactic Enfolding Spin – Planetary Motion Physicists View the Universe Astronomic Viewpoint Planets Uranus and Neptune Question - Pretensions These spectacular photos *Hubble Space Observatory+ present a viewpoint which ‘begs the question’ that man playing God always will; where did they get this idea? The theory itself is not pretentious – that the CREATION MOMENT has a discrete dimension and this discreteness can be interpreted; OKAY. Why do they conclude that the measurement itself is not the value being sought – 380,000 years; in place of the ‘improvable’ one of 15.7 BILLION (light years! - not earth years?); unless of course – it is ‘POTENTIAL’ that is being asserted. The dimensions of the Universe here are being considered as the same thing as its chronology. The Godly Virtues – are ‘unmerited favor’ that facilitates an adamant responsibility of stewardship. Like Ebenezer Scrooge in Dickens – ‘A Christmas Carol’; can change the very course of history. Many will ridicule the spirit; they demean and deny that ‘THEIRS’ is the cause that must be ‘redeemed’; yet God does not lie and speaks to the very heart of ‘mortal man’.
  • 51. We shall overcome Be still and know - that I am God - the God who heals you! Elijah in the wilderness spoken to by Adonai Civil rights are seen as irreducible - these rights are essentially legal rights but not necessarily only that. The ideal of civil rights - means that citizens are responsible for their own actions - free of ideological contempt for what some perceive as self - designed laws. They oblige us to enjoy freedom and its moral responsibilities, fighting for the just cause - morally. Individuals can attempt to be unto themselves the moral judge, but if they violate the rights of others or attempt to gain privileges that none may hold; such need to be brought before the judicial authority which all societies have established. Liberty is defensible, oppression is not, morality takes the high ground, perverseness does not. History has produced many legal systems which belie the rights of those perceived as culpable. In other words they attempt to justify crimes against those whom the powerful or authoritative askew. The right to be civilly disobedient has become established because of the abuse of civil rights - fairness as well. Whether or not any given penal system fits into the definition of morally responsibility is a question of purpose. It is also a question of institutional policy and design. Utilitarian concepts (we are using this for a good purpose) belie the responsibility of individuals and groups for violating just laws and moral privileges. (Intention) Utility bills itself as providing service to society - as a whole - by advocating tolerance for individuals and groups alone....not by moral obligation. We do not need to imagine what that could mean. Truth and responsibility are our commitments. In a complex syndrome of reactions; moral rights are still irreducible. We can sense a new day dawning as the governments of Canada and the United State make official apology to the endemic “Indian" peoples of their domain and to the African American communities respectively......the millennium period can celebrate both. An insight into what is called psychology - is that it needs to become aware of its own purpose; practically - as a medical art; discourse intended for enlightened practice and not as ideology. The problems of life - love, hate and fear - apprehension, remorse, guilt (to mention a few) enters the inner circle of expected conscious awareness, and these struggles require of each one a firm grasp of emotional experience. These complex and sometimes myriad sensate experiences come in different guises - concrete; abstract; esoteric - to order them intuitively for expected understanding; requires strength of character - self-restraint; especially if our purpose is to expand the circle of consciousness itself in harmony with reality. This ‘misguided’ aspect of psychoanalysis and psycho pharmacology in general - need to become ‘regenerate’; for the ‘well proven potential’ of ‘immunological’ healing processes to succeed. This ‘prognosis’ is successful - although in general it has taken ‘too long’. Applying research to the treatment of behavioral disorders and perceptual aberrations must transcend the failure of institutional sleep centers (state mental health institutions - which have proven only a pretense; in effective treatment of mental illness). To transcend fallen states of consciousness – conscientiously; those which disorder perception of well-being - requires will power. All have heard of the Hippocratic Oath for physicians - but who remembers hypocrisy being addressed publicly. For the redeemed children of Noah – the land of the MAGI; in its extent (the greater part of Central Asia) from ‘antiquity’ onwards – has presented an enigma of misunderstanding and confusion. Classical medicine with its reliance upon the metaphors of Greco-Roman civilization suffers unwittingly from this same enigma! The all too human God’s could well have been one large family; their ‘associated’ offspring (metaphoric license) often; were historic figures. To truly appreciate ‘cosmology’ it was necessary to look beyond the ‘pantheon’. Are the Gods of Mythology; the children of Noah – did the confusion which the Tower of Babel (‘as it stands’ in Iraq) bring upon mankind; create mythology?
  • 52. Indo – Iranian Migration Arkaim in Russia Painting of the Magi Andronovo Culture Believed to be constructed by Rembrandt Bactrian Horsemen 4000 years ago from Gospel of Mathew It does not appear farfetched to consider that the festivals of Israel - what are called ‘the holy days’ – have been likened to the growth of a child in its mother's womb. This a very complex subject and will be passed on here but is duly noted as necessary within our conscious mind to form values which provide a devotion to the sacred order of life itself; Fundamental ‘Aspects’ of various ancient civilizations: Sumerian (Akkadian) – Hindustani; “Mesoamerican" Babylonian – Chinese; Japanese Hebrew - Greco – Roman; European - Egyptian Tibetan – ‘Free men of Tomorrow’; Judeo - Christian These form a template for the habitations of the Family of Man. The tragedies of civilization; the Epic of 7000 languages/dialects; the futility of the Tower of Babel; slavery and the futility of monument building; emperor worship and insane campaigns of conquest; the vision of Daniel; and many more are dressed in a dusty time worn hue. The more important aspects - development of societies and ways of living (culture) - the consciousness of suffering to overcome historic injustice and problems - moral and ethical judgments in codified laws - development of writing itself in its essential forms (symbolic/phonetic; cuneiform; hieroglyph - petro glyph); ways of hospitality and the tools of survival - these are essential to ecologic understanding and none is necessarily superior to any other. The complexity of the language and culture seems almost unfathomable. We understand that nationalism itself is a product of relatively recent vintage - before that were kingdoms and empires; before that cities and states; and before that tribes and patriarchs. Nations are very poor cultural entities - primarily because the legalistic governments interfere with their basic authority structure - but paradoxically - their success (cultures - that is) give rise to the other hierarchical and tyrannical forms. The greatest stumbling block in psychology as ONTOLOGY becomes the origin of consciousness! Because the rational psychologists hitched their wagon to the rising star of evolution - this perplexity remains. What is Neo – Realism; the material universe; co presence - Apprehension; or that long proposed "Universal Mind" - of which the French Rationalist corresponded with? If the proposed metaphysics takes little account of spiritual development it will fail more quickly than its predecessors. Does ‘quantitative progress’ produce qualitative leaps; is the transcendence of perception the beginning of representation? It is obvious that they have misclassified man himself in the Linnaean genera. Our Class is Mammalian; but our Order has to be Humanoid - those who walk uprightly. There is foolish debate – questioning; if we are actually alone in this order. The primates belong to their own Family not we to theirs - even though we can communicate together on an emotional level. If in anthropology - linguistic evolutionists presents the ‘Taung child’ not as a key element that it
  • 53. should be; but as a separate genus of primates called Hominoid - thereby becoming – a stumbling block; the source of a collective incognizance. We might look at the cetaceans - being much more intelligent and well adapted than ‘primates’ ever were – (yet ecologically important) according to the evidence that a global survey of habitat and adaptation reveals. The problem with evolutionary consciousness in general is that it has proposed Man the Murderer - Cro-Magnons as the solution to their puzzle of Paleo Anthropology. Homo Habilis - the tool maker (the ancient skeletons (and remains) whose hands are very much like our own) - is basically supplanted by the Homo sapiens. That is why conscientiously - we have to agree - language is a priori determined - but in a much higher dimension that this terrestrial sphere. Because of the complete disappearance of all other "species" the one with the perfectly curved notochord, adept balance and stereoscopic vision is the one which "nature" produced. Even as the theories of Marx and Engel have proven incorrect - so is this one. First - there are at least six – identifiable; Ethnic groups of man - yet all can easily intermarry and reproduce with one another (the family concept). 2 nd ; there are approximately 8000 identifiable languages and dialects spoken by these ‘different peoples’ with 100's of different family trees. Yet at one time all men are capable of understanding these languages (more or less). All of the ekistical designs for their habitations are interchangeable; as are the hierarchies of tools, guilds, arts and sciences; all men traditionally have believed that at the end of their life their spirits (souls) travel has yet to begin. The errors of modern science are great and exceedingly irresponsible. Recently it was a cause of embarrassment that the stellar bodies of near space must now be considered nearly 2X more distant than originally measured. Every student of the History of America understands the terrible consequences of wild speculation. Worse the tragedy; of those who speculate; on things which are not theirs. As previously discussed - the SUPERSTRINGS theory - had to be reassessed when they discovered that there was not sufficient mass to balance the big bang equations - so it is proposed that this Quasi - explosion produced large amounts of "dark matter" - which cannot be seen, tasted or smelt - it also has no known interactions - only weight. One could almost believe that physics is no more than pure mathematics with only the least amount of observable - infinitely repeatable truth - if; it was not for the amazing accuracy of its intuited predictions. Physics needed to use the metaphysics for its monopoles! More than just learning...........Why are learning and experience equated as Consciousness? Could it be because - historical Neurosis usually turns into Intellectual Disorders - common experience can show learning to be quite unconscious; yet – consciousness begets the memories; the moments of intuitive insight. Principals - Beliefs – Ideas….Could man have evolved - Teleological? Sentient mammals are all emotional and intelligent yet the mythology of ‘adaptive radiation’ cannot explain - certainty; courage or even justice. When we look at the psychological consciousness of Neurology, as espoused by Jaynes (1976) for one example, we gain a sense of the division of bio - genesis (life); consciousness (man) and Civilization (Culture). As their beginnings (origins) are ‘discrete’ (separate); the metaphysical - imposition is acceptable. Does the interrelating of our actions and consciousness produce self-justification - the developmental psychology of a child? Yes! The ideology of humankind as helpless spectators - helpless automata - produces the esoteric poses of Psychology - " man is a marvelous machine which only a ghost can operate" Is this Teleological - Purposeful?) No! As these essays are defining - the total misperception of consciousness is evolutionary (self-designed)! When Johnson, Huxley, James and Spencer discerned that Consciousness does nothing at all obviously they had never heard of Synergy. The memories of actions and consciousness (that steady beat) reside in our brain - but not in any particular place! But what then is Soul? And if we sense a conscience - does Spirit then enable Consciousness? This emergence then is not just a futile dance upon our neural receptors - is it our own divine presence orchestrating the motivation for our actions? Yet as stated previously Behaviorism itself has been unmasked and discredited - we are not merely molecules which our own living bodies have created (synthesized). No, the tyranny of Behaviorism is allowing one generation to sweep away all the complexities of developmental psychology. Positing object and action yields the marionette theater of the absurd; contrived and lifeless; lacking spontaneity......therefore applicability. The
  • 54. members of the casts are the sympathetic; parasympathetic and autonomic nervous systems. “Many will believe a lie if repeated often enough”; is an oft quoted adage espoused by the arrogant. Science itself resides on a questionable premise; that of the Classical Observer - without the uninvolved interpreter of "phenomena"; only arbitrary and subjective truth could be discerned - undoubtedly. The impasse that develops is produced by interpreting complex psychological phenomenon in terms of neurochemistry and anatomy alone. Are we creatures of habit (yes – but imminently capable of change)? In other words; (using counter-intuitive logic) the conscious state is not consciousness nor is the unconscious conscious less - a true paradox! Is the continuity of consciousness so vital to perception that our ‘psyche’ is designed to keep it hidden? How can there not be continuity in the - steady state? Consider anomalies of sight, taste, touch, hearing and smell - physical sensations but their ambiance has an emotional interpretation for each person which can inspire transcendental thought. Are subjective / objective ‘dichotomies’ merely the symmetry of reality itself as Lao Tse points out? 38 As the evidence is examined and testimonies heard - this paradox is so vital to sanity and survival that it is inimically protected. Amazingly enough the holistic principal of tubule Rasa (Locke – Aristotle)) 39 provides the answer. This is why we can recover even from lightning strikes and terrible misfortunes - suffering is not a misperception - but only rest can relieve it. The enigma of our being - in which memory; can vanish - only to be regained in another more intuitive form - new beginnings - Consciousness is not a copy of our being. Attention; stillness; single minded purpose are all within the ancient's conceptuality. These abilities to understand and delineate abstract qualities such as ethics, logic and reason are paradigms rooted in words and of great symbolic value. Concepts themselves have not been found to originate in the conscious. The word itself becomes immutable (preexistent)....many and diverse expressions of it....amount to appreciation of personality and character. Is that because "The Word" was pre - existent? Creative thought can produce enlightenment.......steadfastness; uprightness; flexibility; adaptability. One parallel universe theory proposes that an unconscious race existed who spoke, judged and reasoned and even solved problems....but were.....The Know Nothing Party. A blanked statement - morality is not relative to one’s personal feelings.......Honor; Respect; Toleration.....Fundamentals? Logically intelligible concepts apply to all humankind regardless of cultural personality......such as........Justice, mercy, fairness, honesty.......whether principal or privilege – for the cause of responsibility VIRTUE is coherent - even if judgment is based on feelings. A mindless universe of mere action cannot be ‘juxtaposed’. In the meditative discipline of Zen Buddhism an elementary exercise is focused upon emptying oneself of self-consciousness in order to learn. Knowledge of what one is doing is essentially conscious - but doing it is not?! It is enigmatic that perfect attention is single minded - not self conscious. Can we surmise from this that learning is unconscious? Is this why so many people are able to graduate from our grade schools and high schools but in fact are functionally illiterate? Unconscious learning in institutional settings probes the ‘murky’ depths of counter-intuitive rationality. Is cognition tactually based? Is the coordination of balance and equilibrium also essentially unconscious - a process of learning and experience - as logic itself? If judgment is not conscious then what is it.......? As stated throughout - mental ecology - of which proper judgment is a most necessary part, must be motivated. If true and proper judgments are intuitive - what is ‘most perceptible’ - what is the moment? In classical discourse - nature (ambiance) judges reason in need of Logic; inferences are often hasty or erroneous......because experiment has shown – intellect’s unconscious basis can be equated – historically; with WILL and its dedication to purpose. Seekers of the grace and the joy of peace and enlightenment normally express the meditative experience within the religious system of the celebrant -" But if we do not have love (Agape - all encompassing) then we are as sounding 38 Self-Similarity is a first order principle of Fractal Geometry and a key to ‘Natures Internal Structure’. 39 Tabula Rasa or ‘blank slate’ is the idea that a child is a newborn whose mind is free of worldly content.
  • 55. brass and clanging cymbals." The purpose then of transcendental meditation is to achieve unity or presence in the One. In oneness - the ineffable obscurity and multiplicity disappear; this obscurity is a light which intelligence cannot arrive at by its own nature. And there is recognition within this enlightenment; a Zen master has said - "the path to salvation is as narrow and difficult to walk as a razor's edge." - Perhaps this is why Yeshua said - "come unto me all ye who are heavy laden and I will give you rest". It is related that a godly Prince of Tibet sought understanding of the Bible; yet no translation into his language had been accomplished. He traveled to the Holy Land to learn Hebrew, so to translate from the original - this he did with the most authentic texts available - he returned to Tibet to complete his great work - Tibetan is a most complicated language with much subtlety - so much so that he was not able to finish the entire work. Happily though his son; in turn - completed the father's work. It was during the time of great political upheavals in India and Tibet as well......India gained her independence.......communist revolutions in Asia were beginning. When the 90 year work was completed; 10,000 copies of the Tibetan Bible were printed. Nearly 5,000 copies were distributed before Red China took over all of Tibet and the Dalai Lama was forced to flee into India. It came to pass after a few years; the Red Chinese found...they were not expressing themselves to the Tibetan people. So they had to find works common to Chinese and Tibetan for proper translation. Looking far and wide the only work they found - this Tibetan Bible. With this the People’s Party Propagandist sat down to translate. Much more about Higher Consciousness in a later chapter. General James Oglethorpe Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Dresden Codec Sponsored Act Abolishing Slavery Coretta Scott King Prophecy of One Jaguar 1834 – Throughout Great Britain Peace and Civil Rights Movement The Mayan Chilam Belem
  • 56. Encounters of the 4tth Kind Momentary success carries more power of conviction for most people than reflection on principle. Albert Einstein - 1948 One obscure purpose - peace and quiet - especially of the mind, does support the view that self-introspection allows the appreciation of others. Is there a spectrum of human potentialities (Charles Tart) or is it just another case of apples and oranges. The functional modalities - Development - Selection - Inhibition - are general terms.....but in the neurologic world are perfectly good ways to understand either the learning process or how training can be properly utilized. Modalities are changing fast as the 21 st century arrives (5762); population dynamics and ecosystem protection are becoming daily news. The 24-hr / day culture of the Global village shows no signs of slowing down. Potential theory related to these realities has not diminished; it appears still brighter. Multi - dimensional modeling of the social, behavioral, .and medical ramifications of this constant acceleration requires transcendental qualities - especially intuitive and insular. Cultural backgrounds provide experience with potentialities - today. Tradition itself has taken on new responsibilities; as the dimensions of Population expansion brings horizontal and vertical Capacity/ Intensity parameters of time spacing and space timing to design and planning. States of Consciousness are acute and intense, yet there are higher modalities: homeostasis - equilibrium; teleological limitations and semantic ontologies to define and keep separate our sacred heritage. Esoteric traditions meditate upon this narrow spectrum; comprehensive books like the Bible - which span the millennia; correctly recognize this aptitude; other traditions as well. What is purposeful? Even the diversity of experience cannot alter MYSTICAL; SPIRITUAL; AESTHETIC; MATERIAL; and even AMBIANCE. Being Transcendental; Consciousness becomes conservative - protective; of basic community and personal ways of living - let us not forget the ‘principle’. Yet we must also remember - the greater historic, metaphysical and even supernatural problems- which past cultures grappled with. Is Destiny equated with FATE? In the context of this discourse; No. Inheritance is a fundamental Law; in fact the oldest written laws concern inheritance - as if there could be any doubt - the inheritance of Sarah's son Isaac - is recorded in the City - Ur....of his father Abraham's origin. Destiny however appears to involve choice; if ancient history is any indication - one's sanity is challenged. Hallucination and delirium - appear as dementia - but if produced within the mind itself - why should the inner voice become an enemy - bad conscience? Hebrew defines two words for our discussion - one ‘maKeer’ means ‘a friend’ or ‘an understanding’ and also ‘Conscious’.....the other ‘meytsaFone’...represents consciousness (strictly) and is used to define the term Conscientious Objector - (one who abhors killing?). It is entirely dependent upon (not surprisingly) ‘Rooach’ (spirit) and ‘NeFesch’ (soul). A Psalm (prayer) that expresses this; Adonai (Lord) - renew in me a right spirit - instill in me a clean heart. " The relationship between ‘NeFesh’ and ‘Rooach’ cannot be logically discerned. When the Lord God created Adam "out of the dust of the earth" - it is written; that he breathed into him the breath of Life - he became a Living Soul". Rooach (spirit) though is somehow more dimensional - "Not by Might; Nor by Power; but only through my Spirit says the Lord of Hosts." Perhaps it is as the Peripatetic School envisioned in Periclean Athens - that the abode of the soul is the heart. Even the division between ordinary and "transcendental" cannot be simplistic - the stages of REM (rapid eye movement) Sleep are so fundamental to both that the freshness of waking and the quality of meditation - that conceptual reality itself - as the classical observer is defined - is dependent upon it. What does this mean? Can conceptual reality be broken down into systems and in theoretical categories such as Concrete; Abstract; and Esoteric? Because ideas originate with words; conceptual hierarchies can help to understand the mystery of archetypes; useful in separating the sacred from the profane – and will of course, define a great controversy due to the diversity of human experience. States of higher consciousness - such as ESP. Extra Sensory
  • 57. Perception – is where classification schemes seem to break down - because ESP is so closely akin to the dream state and the unconscious. The question of Innocence becomes very important - in practical application - because of the soul. There is no definitive overview for the abstract Quality of mental processes - aesthetic experience proves this; aptly defining many reasons that ‘understanding’ is so metaphoric - “the definition of culture - tea". Relationships dependent upon egocentric cultural ideals and mundane ethnic diversity are also rapidly changing. Conscience and Psychology - Another look at Sigmund Freud Your religion was written on tablets of Stone By the Iron Finger of an Angry God............ Our religion is the tradition of our Ancestors - the dreams of Our old men given to them in the Solemn hours of the night By the Great Spirit..........and it is written in the hearts Of our People. Chief Seattle When reexamining Freud; Bruno Bettleheim admonished the poor translations of his work for misleading the English-speaking world into developing this important founder into another materialist. When Freud spoke of Psyche - the mind; his perspective was invariably in relation to the soul of the individual. His insights on the importance of the psychoanalyst to understand his own unconscious – ‘Auftauchen immer wieder’ (it surfaces out of deep water) when one experience's ‘heimsucht’ (to visit one's memories). Comprehending the meaning of dreams and their place within the nature and power of the unconscious; was Freud's purpose - with gentle persuasion. The admonition "to know thyself"; was the impetus for the spiritual journey of self - discovery; his contributions to the original concepts of psychoanalysis - have a singular purpose - to help free the afflicted from neurotic symptoms. This ideal can appear abstract, erudite, highly abstract and impersonal - yet he sought a spontaneous implicit sympathy with the patient that was "soul to soul". Mot juste - subtle sensory tone - was developed to help the sublimation - elevating, improving and working with the patient to accomplish this kind of rapport. Even though the pretentiousness of the neo - classical elements of Greek mythology can be distracting (due to their arrogance) as a metaphor they serve to present nuances, meaning and insight into Passion, Love and Devotion that could be so overwhelming emotionally and personal; so as to be incommunicable. The discernment of the Oedipus complex (the fallen man); with its ‘neurotic implications’ because of a negative effect of Eros on the Psyche of humankind; are very important to all psychology. These edifices of morality can be expressed as intercultural in many ways. Because Freud saw the development of psychoanalysis as his purpose - helping his patients to unlock the neurosis within the unconscious - conscience (soul) became his mission. This process of introspection - in all schools of psychology - behavioral, cognitive, physiological - have almost invariably neglected the psyche - mind - some (like Jaynes) claim it to be an aberration of a past development stage. It goes beyond saying – the fundamental dichotomy of consciousness is conscious / conscience; this relationship is preserved in all cultural linguistic systems - the unconscious according to the cognitive psychiatrists (like Freud) is the location of the soul - being evident as conscience. 40 40 The Human Conscience can be demonstrated physiologically as it functions in situations of moral decision making – visceral; intuitive; highly emotional.
  • 58. is understood - of the psyche locked up in the unconscious that we face the "eternal" struggle of life and death - overcoming the sense of paranoia – gaining an enlightened awareness of life. If the unconscious is at war with basic instincts - drives and impulses – a person can become totally neurotic. Freud understood that our drives and impulses; triebe - are not instinkt (as defined by the innate propensity (an animal's instincts)) - that our natural fear; relating to destiny and fate - can be self destructive; to oneself and others. His conflict was analytical (emerged). The proper assumption that healing processes involve conscious recognition and deliberate alteration of the source of the conflict - was brilliant. However - the conclusion that the solution is to strengthen the ego (the self) so that it becomes more independent of the Super - ego (the above I)..... According to this presentation; constitutes a misapprehension of the conscious mind itself . In his socio - cultural treatises; Totem and Taboo and Civilization and its Discontents – he comes to grips with the affectations of the soul and societies remedy (whether good or bad; effective or ineffective) for them. "C'etait plus forte que moi" - it is all too formidable; it's too great - is not the same thing as saying - "The devil made me do it" or some such excuse of self - justification. Is instinct immutable? Because of the doctrine of free will - one must assign even a Mother's Instinct (which is strengthened through Survival) to an immutable duty and responsibility - even though nurture is an immutable instinct. As thoughtful creatures - men can care for one another in wonderful and enlightened ways - or we can abuse one another for seemingly no reason at all. As Classical Freudians have discerned; this is the root of psychosis. Caring only for oneself is totally absurd. In the assimilated environment in which Venetian Jews had developed; humor was the means of sublimation. Good humor was what separated them from their Teutonic accusers. They relate this Uber Ich (the above I) of Nazism to the German national temperament of mass hysteria. Discontentment of the upper classes - their dissatisfaction of mind; was because of Narcissism; by-products of Greco - Roman culture; exclusively. If this discomfort and uneasiness take on a profoundly neurotic quality - then assume that sin is crouching at the door. The idea of free association in psychoanalysis is designed to bring this condition to the awareness of the patient. The Human Experience defines this Transcendent Self as COMMUNITY – Uber Ich for Amish people for example could be ‘a Barn Raising’ Event; where an entire community shares a common purpose. It would appear that Freud was opposed to war - as his letter to Einstein; Why War - dispels. His analysis of Civilization should not have denied the destructive potential of any alliance between Italy and Germany; two traditional enemies. Albert Einstein exhibits an almost unrecognized comprehension of the dawning of the prophetic "Messianic Age" - a vision which he shared in part with his Zionist Brethren; also with the Christian faith - in that he identified Yeshua (Jesus of Nazareth) as the most luminous person in "Human" history! Professor Einstein is depicted as atheist; war monger; mad scientist; and a person of little common sense - yet each and every story is either incomplete or an outright lie. He exhibited as did Max Planck - a souring intellect tempered with sound morality standards. The problem of the "masses" in cognitive psychology is not nihilistic - because they are not an amorphous mass whose only relationship to one other (aside from real communities) is the coherence of their leaders to sane governance. Mass psychology....pragmatically; becomes good public relations. Yet to apply well - being and soundness to public policy, legislation and programs is essentially humanitarian. Cultural development - the so called civilizing process - is improperly associated with ‘besetzung’ - occupation (to occupy); because it can inevitably lead to ‘Fehlleistung’ - faulty achievement - and deep resentment. This is a worldwide problem but is most prevalent in neo-colonial quasi-cultures. Ab Wehr - the psyche's defenses - relate to innocence; this edifice of trust and faith are what need development and SECURITY. The defense mechanisms, Repression and Suppression are inferior to Sublimation and adaptation to life. Our downfall psychologically is also biblical, lust is with the eyes - our unconscious will trick us - errors (slips of the tongue); lacking of sympathy; mishandling of simple emotional responses; superstitions that lead us to lapses of consciousness (forgetting); these are signs of the soul's need of Redemption - and Freud's purpose was to develop a clinical method to help the sufferer understand this. The starting point (without parallel) is that psychical qualities will defy explanation or description - that is why they are metaphoric (elusive) in nature. So as the Phenomenon of Consciousness became an important subject of research, the hidden presence of ‘the unconscious’ PSYCHE became its stumbling block. ....."It is impossible to construct a psychology which denies this fact"
  • 59. Sigmund Freud Regarding behaviorism in the kind light of utopian ideals – evidently; it is a type of Mass Psychology. This was because it denied the dichotomy of Consciousness and the Conscience. America's primary contribution has been - materialistic technologies - Because cultural and spiritual aspects of science were neglected, but today this situation is changing - rapidly. Facing these kinds of questions; what are the relationships between the discrete states of waking and sleep? Is reality by Consensus? Can data gained from ego states be assigned merely to attention awareness (mental energy)? Of course these are absurd questions, and learning is experience - the psyche on guard. Rational emotive behavior therapy (REBT) is one such development. REBT was created and developed by the American psychotherapist and psychologist Albert Ellis who was inspired by many of the teachings of Asian, Greek, Roman and modern philosophers. REBT is one form of cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) and was first expounded by Ellis in the mid-1950s; development continued until his death in 2007. 41 42 REBT 43 generally teaches and promotes:  That the concepts and philosophies of life of unconditional self-acceptance, other-acceptance, and life-acceptance are effective philosophies of life in achieving mental wellness and mental health.  That human beings are inherently fallible and imperfect and that they had better accept their and other human being's totality and humanity, while at the same time not like some of their behaviors and characteristics. That they are better off not measuring their entire self or their "being" and give up the narrow, grandiose and ultimately destructive notion to give themselves any global rating or report card. .....REBT holds that ideas and feelings about self-worth are largely definitional and are not empirically confirmable or falsifiable.  That people had better accept life with its hassles and difficulties not always in accordance with their wants, while trying to change what they can change and live as elegantly as possible with what they can not change. This framework provides a basis for asserting Mental Wellness and the advocacy of Intervention – however the trust factor is the question of moral authority. One of the effects of adversity in general is that reconciliation become difficult to accomplish. Tabernacles enable the ambiance of sharing – in this sense refers to the general understanding between clinical medicine and cognitive psychology. An emergent field – Naturopathy is beginning to fulfill the purpose of holistic medical practice. Naturopathy can utilize soma highly discrete e technology like REBA (Rapid Entire Body Assessment) for comprehensive diagnosis and use proven clinical medical practices in conjunction with holistic ones; other instruments are available as well. What is the Reba-Test Device good for? 44 Quick and precise Overview of the psychosomatic status: How much vitality has the patient? How blocked is he emotionally? How conscious is he? How open is his deep unconsciousness? Which main mental conflict has the patient? Where is this conflict? How big, emotionally packed, conscious and automatic is the conflict? What happens during the healing process (therapy supervising)?45 The consolation offered by ‘the millenials’ is a fuller realization of the potential which a global community is providing. The ‘Spirit’ is moving upon this generation to reach out and help those in desperate need. If the structural integrity of man’s ‘constantly regenerating’ physical body (metabolism) is homeostasis......then is the integrity of our spirit – the quality of REST? Many have thought so; ex….The "patriot" founding fathers of the United States (whose ownership of slaves, lack of female empowerment and persecution of their “Indian” benefactors compromised principles of democracy and equal justice). Even where the spirit is not it is written - " even 41 from wikipedia – the free encyclopedia; 42 REBT uses an A- adversity B- belief C- consequences (ABC) model of psychological disturbances for clients 43 ibid – from the Wikipedia article – Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy 44 Psychosomatic Energetics – What is the REBA test device good for? 45 Ibid – direct quote from
  • 60. though his soul is not upright - still the just will live by his faith” Habakkuk......we are ‘indeed' compelled to live an upright existence. This is because the Rooach (spirit) of Adonai (the Lord) is a perfectly just person. In Freud and Copernicus (considering Galileo and Costello; Jung and Kepler) we see a great contribution to the understanding of physical law and human understanding. A viewpoint that the fallen man can search for deeper meaning - (Being Uncanny – ‘im see lischen unbewussten’) - is the unconsciousness of the soul - in its relationship to the psyche and the character ( often called personality ) of an individual. Virgil's oft presupposed - evil thought - “if I cannot move Heaven - then I will stir up the underworld " seen in cognitive circles as the confession of a troubled conscience - the powers of light ( consciousness) and the powers of darkness ( unconscious mind ). Freud reinterpreted Classical Greek Mythology in terms of human psychology. Still, don't forget - the old couple who asked only never to part – who became Two Olive Trees growing together as one. Rapid Entire Body Assessment46 Vancouver based47 cross section Protein based Biomimetics REBA machine consol NATUROPATHY Small nanotube bundle nanotube consciousness [idealized] 46 ibid 47 Utilizing the REBA -
  • 61. Hoag‘s Object Trumpeter Swans Thy Lamp Olive Grove The Reassurance of Meaning and Purpose A restless ruler of the East sought to understand the Wisdom of the Ages. So he sent his chief counselor on a long journey to gather this information for him. He undertook this long and arduous journey and finally returned to his home kingdom" what did you find in the great mysteries; of wisdom and knowledge" His counselor looked at him quietly - " Carrots" He said. Subconscious memories of deep emotional experiences – ‘Zerlegung’ (Analysis); remind - it is not always wise to sublimate conflicts – especially when they belie the naked aggression of others. As dream interpreter one is faced with the ambiguity of the unconscious - deeper questions - concerning their influence on human nature - its proper application as awareness of the transcendental; especially in cases of deep distress – relate to the supernatural. Not being limited to.......Survival; Adaptation; Succession; Quality of Life; Range of Adaptability. What is the Ecology of People?….What are the limitations?....Prayer and Meditation; biofeedback; Alteration by drugs; Awareness Training; Para Psychology; Neurophysiology; Anthropology; Philosophy; Alternative Medicine – to name a few. In this continuum of growth and development the question of observation or participation becomes - a learning experience to change ways of understanding - the opportunities are enormous. When dividing intellectual disciplines of science into the......Hermeneutic; Spiritual; and....Logical Positive (Pragmatic)- the difference between Nomothetic Science and Ideographic (Cognitive Behavioral Psychology and the Humanities) is obviously not a clear and concise distinction but one of degree and applicability. Another way of thinking about this Division - Science de la humanite - Science de la Nature – considers that the problem is Epistemological; what can be known and how can this be understood? In the Information Age, Epistemology (Semantic Ontologies of Metadata) becomes ever so important; defining information sources – ontologically – so that referencing them invokes ‘hidden’ dimensions of idiomatic semantics. Observation and Participation in learning experiences is what life is all about; often. Acts of Learning are part of choosing and making inquiry - as action; sets the table of experience - so does upholding of enlightened moral values set the stage for successful development. In this sense environmental concepts - mutualism and community - are transcendent of self-dependency; yet wholly possible only because of the individual’s quality of motivation. In facing denial; ignorance; jealousy - confusion; dementia; and even organizational distress - be assured; you could be on the road to Salvation. Salvation is more than deeper understanding of oneself (although one must have this to prosper). It is certainly greater than the control of one's existence (although there could be no obedience to higher values without it). Yes it is one's relationship to God - who created the Universe - transcending earthly existence. As stated throughout - there is a fundamental incompatibility between the essential nature of moral reasoning and the principles of evolutionary theory. The sense of responsibility - for injustice, unfairness and perverseness; is lacking except as a dictum for punishment. If " it all propriety" means - laws or sets of laws (just or unjust) which people are responsible for keeping - the question of situation - has to do with one's duty. The freedom of action; civil rights which are protected by law and the obligation of the governing authority to respect these ‘rights’ has limitations. . A question of civil disobedience - defined as a legal dichotomy – presents a choice to
  • 62. the individual (example....actions which religious faith compels them to abstain from); their obligation to obey the law depends upon their willingness to suffer the consequences; righteously. All nations are not governed by bodies of legislatures or hierarchical systems of courts; nor do they have a habeas corpus and the right to attorney; but every government (of whatever complexity) must somehow prove that the accused are (even if by test of combat) guilty ; if responsibility and punishment for their unlawful actions is to be applied. It is not a logical contradiction that the incoherent crimes of society against members of different ethnic groups (and religions as well) be judged the same as the crimes of everybody else in that society - this is justice. It is applicable even to individuals who carry out these deeds with well-established authority (extradiciously). The emancipation act of 1863 - was issued by Abraham Lincoln - though the means for carrying it out was not at hand. Confining morality to right action (righteousness); which humankind is not proven to possess; limits the discourse of philosophy. That is why oppressed people often rely on humor to sublimate the grief and hurt of naked oppression - because when only beginning to act out discontent suffering may result - suddenly. Thereby gaining deeper understanding - self control within our own life; and find a way to transcend the alienating moment. Beware of the inauthentic conscience - which people who could not sublimate the ravages of this world, would deceive others concerning. Moral Purpose cannot be covertly manipulated by this ‘phenomenon’ - to suit ones ambitions; because soon the Liars Paradox; discovers it. Word up - growth and development of neurologic integrity allows for perfect coordination of equilibrium. The strength of psyche - especially as perceived oneness is slow in progress - " the god of forces " relied upon; in the political realm of nations – is discerned as a false one. The spirit of children (in their understanding) is akin to greatness; taking responsibility for their actions – brings acceptance; respect. Somehow in becoming grownups we choose to believe in and rely upon what may be called; unsound ideas - that conform to the manias and bad habits which the world in general has developed. We have a balance within ourselves - an innate voice of reason; we must listen to it. Our guideposts (direction) in life's journey - minds are not computers; but organs and everything which our bodies suffer they store the memory as well. Within the somatic-sensory cortex of our hemispheric brain we are always symmetrically and integrally one - even though our own existence might appear as a great mystery. The right premise for argument is oneness. Neurobiology has no terms of reference for their objective subject - present perfect tense - this contradictory reasoning sheds little light on the internal healing processes. Forgiveness of transgressions (within the context of prescribed Law and Justice) - presents iniquities to be overcome. This is as important to the growth and development of upright individuals as any other factor. Only through forgiveness can we overcome the unconscious and its aberrations - repression and suppression - and only with forgiveness and love can we escape from the viscous circle of accusation, guilt and revenge. One admirable people – Children of Israel - have been victimize by this revenge impulse - throughout their long history - imagining how it will ever stop is difficult. Yet it is foolish to forget those untoward deeds without repentance - may happen again. God has provided the lamb for our atonement - this is obvious throughout history - the mediation of his mercy towards us - Abel provided the lamb for jealous Cain - Noah sacrificed upon the dry ground - an altar - and there the blood made atonement; Moses and the children of Israel roasted a lamb before leaving the house of bondage for the promised land; They brought the blood of the lamb to the holy place every year - to make an atonement for the people..... Because of the untoward dimensions of the uproarious and outrageous earth - they prophesied it - God's allowed his own son’s blood to be shed - for the atonement of all people - Salvation and Life Eternal. And what of the poor lamb - whose ineffable spirit has sustained us for so long. It is written "and the Lion shall lie down with the lamb and none shall make him afraid” - the Lion himself will eat grass and not be moved. Oh, those are fairy tales; they have nothing to do with real life - no. The vegetarian lifestyle is becoming more prevalent; the Lamb - (Such a blessed creature) of course - will give much wool when he or she grows up. It is not ‘morning dew’ - but most surely - the ‘latter rains’, but God has not cast us off for our sins; so we are to forgive one another as God forgives us. This is quite practical - often, when we get tied up with the Consciousness of our Conscience; The world
  • 63. could not exist in hate, chaos or disharmony. If man is a mere lump of clay – he must seek the giver of life (even when it's not so wonderful) and find encouragement, love and confidence - to live in the light. The disclaimer for this work - if it needs any - is that it is not composed for the narrow minded - nor is it for the dogmatic theorist or a personalized world view. It is for those whose sense of wonder- ―the awe of creation‖ - are still living words. It speaks of manifested order (that which has become) – it is hoped that this could help in the seeking of truth, and true peace. As far as the one writing can discern – consciously; as one unifying doctrine which encompasses all philosophic, religious and scientific traditions. It can be quite useful for just plain living. All cultures and viable communities use it in great and diverse ways; for survival, worship, training the young, and for sheer enjoyment. Doing justice to its aspects is a ‗daunting task‘ but not impossible; so giving proper thanks for it is appropriate. In gratitude and respect Thanks Be To God for all of our blessings - sharing this is one of them.
  • 64. The Worried Mind Behold; the day comes when I will make a new covenant With the House of Israel and with the House of Judah; Not like the covenant I made with them when I took them By the hand and led them out of the House of Bondage Into the land I promised to their forefathers......... A covenant which they broke - even though I was a Husbandman unto them. But this will be my covenant; That I will write my laws in their innermost parts and Upon their hearts and I shall be their God and they Shall be my people .............No longer shall every man Say to his neighbor - know the Lord - because they Shall all know me .... From the least to the greatest. The mouth of the Lord of Hosts has spoken it. Jeremiah 31; 31 Paranoid "authorities" often fail to recognize sane judgment - because it is metaphoric and ironically self - defensive. The inner man is conscious of the repercussions of emotional judgments and so deals with expected abuse, criticism and misunderstanding in ways which are expedient. Understanding another’s' conscience is far from normal for a many professionals, politicians and judges......a sign of wellness; is seen as psychotic or degenerative. The resolution of guilt, deliverance from demonic oppression, and other dangers to the afflicted - requires an authority which restores faith, identifies errors in perception; not punishing a person for perceived lack of social skills. Understanding that deaf people can hear and blind persons can see; within their minds – is the beginning of appreciation for the sense of well being where wholeness dwells. Intuitive reasoning in this case represents the acute hostility of "science" to spiritual reality.... a source of suffering to those, who struggle with the soundness of mind (sanity). Since conscience infers choice; its obligation then is moral uprightness......not the unfaithfulness of moral hypocrisy. This is not mere causality......the faculty of will...volition in all manifestation....spirituality is strength of conscience; not the quality of awareness. Recognizing the feeling of what ‘ought’ to be forms a basis for effective analysis; being the conviction (assurance) of the soul's governance. The incentive of appetite; purpose; desire etc; provides this faculty of will with the volition to be decisive.....or silent......reasoning that the importance of right/wrong... worthiness/unworthiness - good/bad - better/worse (malice/envy as antonyms); provides the inner man of spirit with........purity of heart...meekness....mercy....desire for righteousness. This generates will power to censure injustice and overcome wickedness....decisively; without malice. It has been demonstrated that the ‘coordination’ of the two chambers of the physical brain provide an intuitive understanding for many of our uncanny abilities - especially the intellectual and aesthetic. Remembering that our mind space is also the source of confusion, delusion and hallucination becomes imperative. It cannot be conceded; however – that this Bicameral Mind (NOESIS) is the source of man's awareness of "God" - but rather the source of his anger with man. The objections which are prevalent in the world today concern the Lord God of the Bible and his Judgment. The validity of emotional life appears dependent upon the soundness of mental doing whatever task is before us ........if we cannot stand exhortation to do things a certain way; or if agitation or alarm causes trembling (involuntarily) then even mild attempts to admonish, warn or caution those so afflicted - may produce strange reactions. In considering the sensate mind as a type of autistic child (self - absorbed) and coming to understand that people hear voices; even if it is merely their own ‘consciousness of self’, Will they blindly obey nebulous things – is that a sign of insanity? No; it is just the human neurosis - our plight as creatures who achieved great things - but often unconscionably. Though it is enlightening - even important - Ontologically - to investigate civilized man's authority in relation to his Spiritual Maturity; there is a qualitative difference between hallucination and advocacy - between history and ruination.
  • 65. There can be little doubt that hearing voices is a form of hallucination - yet one's voice of conscience is as important to health and well-being as sound reason and logic. When a person becomes mentally ill - they enter a dark domain - which is as bizarre and unrelenting as any danger of the natural world. Discernment of spirit - can help to identify the source of the abnormal perceptual behavior; ones suffering from psychotic dementia in contemporary “Amerika” (after Kafka)....suffered the misogyny of Industrial a form of clinical treatment. When reading Freud and Minkowski we sense that the degree of disturbance - called psychosis - is relational. As the psychiatric industry passes into history (institutions of the so-called Lunatic Laws; and their court ordered committals).....mental disorders may originate with god or angels devils or even the persecution of one’s enemies (if the persecution is real); but many more result from severe physiologic, neural or systemic abnormalities which prevent proper biologic functioning and should be the first consideration for proper diagnosis. This tragedy of dementia causes confinement and ultimate disability - magnified by intolerance to the mentally ill; abuse of the patient as a child; or some inability (or failure) to reconcile personal adversity can lead to serious crimes being committed (this is what America at the millennium has sadly discovered). The use powerful psycho tropic drugs can help ‘arrest’ the imbalance; temporarily – ultimately prove ineffective because the vicissitude of pharmacologic treatments can damage the physical mind (creating permanent disability) and more importantly cannot replace the good medicine of ‘homeopathic rehabilitation’. Nor is Psychiatry totally to blame; consider this: if a weather balloon in Roswell New Mexico (1947) can cause a movement which borders on mass hysteria called UFOs. As part of an elaborate counter-intelligence operation – designed to justify annihilating weapons; can it be said like those in the 12 Step program – “GIGO - garbage in; garbage out”. The proper treatment of society and its many afflictions require empathy and enlightened medical treatment. Obviously the inner voices originate with disturbances which all mankind suffers from - a sense of perfect wholeness - isn’t illusion - the echo of wellness is perceived as the missing or pathologically disturbed function. It is idiomatic that only Spirit can truly heal our bodies and that is doubly true of the mind. This explains the miracles of Yeshua (as reported) said: ”you shall do greater works than these” - yet one is exceeding hard pressed to recount or remember anyone; anywhere who did the things he did - yet many ‘miracles’ are like them and are accomplished continually. Healing of the mind is not the purpose of modern psychology.....even though the tools to do so are abundantly available. “We must repeat our previous remarks; concerning the asymmetry between good and evil. Once an error is made or a bad action committed, it remains engraved in the conscience; from this point of view it is static and a backward glance is enough to uncover it" Eugene Minkowski In the aftermath of the First World War - psychoanalysis became a very effective tool of medical arts. Today as we face the Dilemma of a New Age Movement and Globalism for the Elite - this enigma remains the same – lack of integrity manifesting itself - paganism; neo Nazism; so called "alternative lifestyles"; prison "factories" for human organs; transgendered plants being used in agronomic production without warning or notification to the consumer - abortion as birth control and so on. Not many people can truly say they understand the so called "collective unconscious". Throughout recorded history - this dangerous tendency - is the stuff of mythology; like the advent of militarism (nearly 4 millennia ago) in its ‘mythological guise’. The story of King Cadmus inventing the ‘Alphabet’ (the aleph bet came later); which fall on the ground – to grow up as "dragons teeth" (armed soldiers). This could be the legacy of Byblos and Cypress; it is reminiscent of the heroic age; valor, mighty deeds and failed conquests. What could produce a well-formed foundation for Cognitive Systems Theory; it is the historic initiative - the non sequitur; bridging the gap between.......artificial and natural. Gnostic tradition; defined as a personal knowing of the eternal One.....go much deeper in claiming knowledge gained from "heavenly beings" (angelic realm of ‘visitation’). Reliance upon ancient traditions for definition of ‘metaphysical beliefs’ is uncertain at best; for their moment may be relatively obscure; regarding the present. If approached from the standpoint of a healthy doubt......gnosis can become important in developing a sense of divine destiny.....yet it is written "trust not in angels; nor in the Son of Man in whom there is no help; but trust only in the God of Heaven who is the God of Truth". It is relevant to rebuke
  • 66. certain tendencies of rational empiricists in their theories concerning the biology of ethical morality - Gnostic tradition holds fast to paresis of humankind - life, birth, death and infinity. If we could develop on our own any ultimate Metaphysical Epistemology - the Peripatetic (oral traditions) and rational pragmatists (Scholastics) present this kind of paradox - like Pascal's esprit de finesse and esprit de geometric. The difference is ever spiritual; Western Charisma vs. the baptism of the Holy Spirit (the rebirth - from above).....fundamentally different ideas vouchsafe to speak of the same spiritual presence. And that is why the career and life of Henri Bergson is so noteworthy - spontaneous creation and adaptation; the reservoir of life and the ocean of love; the Dreyfus affair and the commitment to Zionism (which should have influenced many more Jewish people in Europe and America); yet as Freud he was caught up in his career and a positive assimilation (yet he is found standing with his fellow Jews) - the cutting edge of intellectual combat was well honed – even if it lacked the power to deal with an overwhelming evil. Abecedary-ugaritic; from URSHAMRA Cadmus Harmony - Pictographs Greek/Phoenician mojendaro_encryptions tabeblac_cuniform 1400 B.C. from the Indus Valley Ancient Pictograph – Mojen-Daro Elamite Syllabary – Elam son of Shem
  • 67. Tabugaritm 1800 B.C. Ancient Phoenician - metalanguage Ancient Texts reprove – as it is written “write the vision on TABLETS so that he who reads it may RUN”; Prophet Habakkuk The antiquity of these artifacts prejudices ‘historical influences’ – precocious is a fitting insight! Symbolic Language is present in ALL early civilizations. Some of the mojendaro_encryptions are phonetic and their influence is found in far off Easter Island; others are pictographs (relating historic events) and others are glyphs of various purposes. Elamite and Phoenician Syllabaries are ‘true’ symbolic languages – not unlike the one which Sequoyah created for Cherokee. Cultural Convergence - An ecologic Insight “The nature and growth of civilization is not blessed by its expansion - often expansion is a sign of decay and decadence” From The Discontinuous Universe (McLuhan) As an ecologic concept convergence has a commonality of understanding - like the Marine Mammals with their environment - cultural convergence; is both nebulous and mystical; and not well understood. One contemporary postulate is that the Eastern World has long cycles of convergence with the Western World. One intuitive approach comes from the "famous" analogy of Zeno - Achilles race with a tortoise; the paradox of Achilles is exactly the same one which relativity itself postulates - light is a tortoise which man can never exceed. As a paradox this one is not one of common understanding yet it seems to apply - the " Indians " call the Western Hemisphere - "Turtle Island" - their cosmology (in sacred ceremonies and teachings) define the direction of the World as being North - the path of the Spirit (in this life) as well. In ancient times - the Croatians relate) the first stringed instruments were made of Turtle shells and ancient astronomers saw in the sky (what today is called Cygnus - the Swan) another still Larger constellation - The Turtle. People like the Leni Lenape in antiquity were known as the Turtle People. In modern times - to make navigation safer - astronomers calculated (with difficulty) the paths of the stars in the heavens relative to earth's revolutions around the sun; the major star of the ancient Turtle they have determined is the one known as Vega - this bright star (in a former orientation of our world ) was true north. Vega is in the Constellation of Lyre (the Lyre) near Bootes (the Northern Cross) - our star follows directly after it through the Milky Way. This star Lyra (which twinkles red and green) also is in the stages of forming (generally recognized ) a Planetary Nebula which could - one might hope - produce a world like our own (Cygnus contains an inner galactic Nebula (where stars themselves are formed)). Is this part of the - Great Mystery - as the Lakota's and other people of the Red Road speak of the Great Spirits work? Most likely (according to the birth of a white buffalo) yes! The recent cosmic event of the Hiyakawa comet and its dramatic path through the handle of the Big Dipper - Ursa Major - speaks of harmony within the Milky Way - the birth of a White Buffalo in Wisconsin is likewise a sign of this harmony - in prophecy; observation and believing (a time to bind the wounds - to stop grieving). The zero itself as used in mathematics comes from Turtle Island and is the source, no doubt, of the amazing accuracy of the calendar of the Aztecs - which the Spanish assimilated. Even though the Mayans and Toltec’s both use phonetic symbols to
  • 68. communicate and other people had written histories as well; most of the various people used pictographs and followed an oral literary tradition; like most ancient peoples – even early Philosophers such as Socrates and his Peripatetic (walking) School. Their wisdom is honored even today. Because cultural convergence on Turtle Island had been the Path of Suffering for most if not all native people it is not wise to talk about it. One example though which is universal in nature – is the Syllabus of Sequoyah, the Cherokee. Sequoyah's father was a white trader named Gist and his mother Woteh; a Cherokee; he is considered by many to be one of the greatest artists produced by the American Indian people. His intuitive grasp of the power of the written word - he called " the talking Leaves " lead him to develop the Cherokee Syllabus which is still warming the hearts of children. The symbols were 108 to begin; becoming 98 definitely - the same (basically) as the stabile elements in the Periodic table by coincidence. The sachems of the Six Nations - brothers of the Cherokee (linguistically) number 50 with 2 half sachems (for political allies)...the U.S. consists of 50 states and 2 territories. The struggle of the people to regain pre - eminence on the sacred ground of their grandfathers- recalls some remarkable (yet little understood) aspects of our lives which have come from Cultural Convergence. The amount of things - agronomic plants; idioms of language - that two very different cultures - share in common is enormous. In the shifting balance of power , it is ironic that the often strained good will of brotherhood - has transformed the traditional stronghold of the wealthy elite in America - the right wing of the Republic Party - into a coalition of Christian alliances and foundations..........financed from of all places - Korea and Japan; and of late Saudi Arabia. The temporal defiance of authority which defined the "national character" of Americans ........overcoming Aristocratic arrogance; does not allow "pretensions of self-importance" (exploitation of those defined as "inferiors") - without their consent. Political Awareness has come of age; presently - as the brokenness of society defines the need to return to traditional values. If rationalist ideology - helps define development of character - an identity in which the assertion of the will is freedom and liberty.......not class distinction and privilege - they have accomplished their purpose. Even though the "full circle" of emancipation has yet to be recognized (globally) the Woodland People still awaits the full and just retribution of their ‘patriotic’ contributions.......still the dilemma of the colonial invasion and expansion into such a great nation - the U.S.A. has begun now to accomplish political liberty.....not the machinations of tyrannical rule. The good relations between parent (England) and child (America) proves that the trust in character rather than intellect is an effective cultural strategy; not the ill advised "safety" of the mob violence has proven. Just punishment for unconscionable acts of ‘desperate wickedness’....this is the moral responsibility of "free will". Morality is not relative to one's personal feelings......even if it is based upon intuitive perceptions of reality; discerning intention and purpose of must stand upon; coherent principals – and be unambiguous. Is it true that there is an ability to ‘program’ our psychological "makeup"......insinuating such ‘training’ determines conscious selection – this is not very remarkable? Seeking direction to make choices; form beliefs (as mental acts) and convictions (concerning right and wrong action); the ‘straight and narrow’ as "rational morality" is remarkable and praiseworthy! Negation of character (by whatever process) is not a justification for deviance from ‘self-discipline’; if we hope to enjoy the responsibility of freedom. This is not the "robot theory" - where decisions are materialistically determined.......but rather a call to spiritual awakening (choosing to obey the law). an offering of thanks white buffalo calf Socrates and his friends a cosmic picture
  • 69. Utopian Ideals and their relationship to Autonomous Groups I saw the enemy - and he is US. Pogo Comic Strip It is amazing to think about the cooperative movements in the English-speaking world. The road to the assurance of "higher" consciousness runs along the rocky way of cultural convergence and interfaith fellowship. Ways of sharing are not trivial; indeed quite formidable – do not forget to count the "blessings" of freedom. As stated commensal is a concept that defines working in harmony with others; using sound social and economic principals. Perhaps as "unsung" heroes we can mention a few - of the better-known ones....The International Cooperative Assn. In London, England.....The cooperative league of the United States.....The National Grange.......Co-operative Wholesalers Assn....with government legislation - The Farm Credit Act........Producers Cooperatives..........Consumers Cooperatives - Housing Coops (sales and management)......Habitat for Humanity; Credit Unions .............Organic Farming Cooperatives....during depressed economic periods.......Cooperative Food Banks; Soup Kitchens; and even Homeless Shelters and Buying Clubs (they qualify as cooperative – when they are financed through Credit Unions). These help to "break the yoke "of economic oppression and exploitation...most cooperatives have some aspect of "free enterprise" capitalism within their financial structure and some even deal to the larger "public" - resale. Millions upon Millions of people participate in cooperatives in every aspect of life......Why is this situation not better understood and appreciated? First; cooperatives are the antithesis of personal achievement; there one learns (in most aspects of life) how to work directly with others for the common good (oneself included). Second; the organizational structure of cooperatives is generally transitory (leadership wise) and member owned and operated there is little economic incentive for expansion or for advertising. Because utopian ideals are generally involved in the creation (self preservation as well) of organizational objectives - their place in communities is almost hidden. Also the cooperative movement began and flourished after balanced trade between England and her Colonies had become established; The religious outcasts and their Utopian ideals met another ‘man’; different from themselves - they entered the "new world" as many liked to call it ....The turtle islanders themselves......whose utopia ideals were more highly developed than their own exploitative economic system. If all men are brothers then; the brethren as this new religious order became known ....whether....... the Native American Church and their Moravian Friends....or Congregationalist (Puritans)......the synods of Presbyters (elders) or the outspoken Lutherans; spirit-filled Baptists – or the elected councils of Methodist - Episcopal Brethren and their conventions......not to mention the quiet council of Friends (Quakers) - owed allegiance to only by proxy to King or country; but were governed through consent. The independent character of the Brethren movement and their self - sufficient economies fostered a spirit of cooperation - the quality of Rural Life in America is directly a result of this spiritual and cultural convergence............. let us also remember that the Episcopal split off from the Anglican - ((The Church of England)); before the revolutionary war of Independence. Orthodox and Catholic Churches fit well into this cooperative environment because they were well prepared to operate in a community of good will. In certain places....Especially in the Southern United States and along the seacoast......the Anglican Church and its Communion is represented......both are considered Episcopal......yet no direct Episcopal ties to England exist. Many elected leaders have come from this "communion". The differences among various churches - especially the Friends and the more catholic Episcopal - may appear large; yet the spirit which Brother Tamenend of the Leni Lenapes and the son of Admiral Penn - William
  • 70. (brother Migwam) – who some call The Quaker; did foster - peace, trade and sharing amongst those of good will. Also not surprisingly – the roots of the Judeo-Christian tradition itself; the Jewish Community was present and active. If one desires to understand the spiritual roots of conflicts which royalist speculators and hirelings inflicted upon the brethren - there is a short; yet voluminous history of deceit and bloodshed. If one desires to comprehend where and how this young nation of America went wrong however - One must look into the spirit realm - and into the minds of the Revolutionaries themselves. It was their defense of Conscience itself that saved them. Contrary to what many today will agree upon.....especially regarding racial prejudice.....the conflict which caused the dispossession of many Woodland Nations, was between the proponents of Rationalist Deism and Masonry; not independent communities of the Brethren. Cultural Convergence was well underway when the European settlers arrived - the matrilineal cultures of the Uncles (the Six Nations and Wyandot) and the patrilineal one of Algonquin - grandfathers. Perhaps this is too simplistic - yet it serves the purpose under consideration. It is understood - if the evidence of Successional Ecologic communities is an indication - this battle took place in the early morning of a very cold night. (A mini - Ice Age began to recede about the time of the First continental Congress in 1774 - the vast retreats of the glaciers in Alaska and elsewhere record this ‘warming’ that today is accelerating exponentially) 48 . Philosophic discourse; originated with the oral tradition (many cultures continue this way) - however – Rationalism; (the idea that truth can only be empirically discerned) was a discipline of intellect and education (the written word). A rational deist believed in the God of Nature (human nature?) - understanding natural religion to be inherent and discernable through reason alone. The deist considered the Supernatural as non – rational; criticizing Jewish and Christian Theology - trying to discredit the miracles and mysteries of the "Bible". Yet Quaker principals prevailed – because they were opposed to fanaticism and intolerance. Some notable Deists were Locke, Hume, and Voltaire – all rationalist thinkers; the American deists included Washington, Jefferson, Franklin, Paine and even Ethan Allen. Today deists are incorporated as the Unitarian Church (from Funk and Wagnall). We understand today - that European Imperialism (or any type) only wrought hatred, violence and confusion. We don't want to understand that the ease of Deists walking out of church into Masonic Temples was the domain of many of America’s beloved patriots. They are proven to be in error - by things they kept hidden (like the papers of George Morgan or the plotters of Vandalia). We find invariably the deist and treachery. Zero in on the growing desire amongst all of the people for harmony and an end to bloodshed; look at the 28 nations of the Kanonsionni (Fenton -1909); who believed in the Great Peace - which preserved the Quaker colony of Penn. Consider the incredible vitality of trade between the two cultures. It is not a moot-point - that if not for the diseases of ‘exposure’ (foreign microbes from Europe) decimating so many communities - there would not have been an opportunity for such a bloody expansion and takeover (no matter how it was done). The legacy of the seven murdered chiefs - Mingo; Shawnee; Cherokee; Leni Lenape; Ottawa; Miami; Mohawk (prior to or during the revolution) - were either Christians or deeply influenced by the "Brethren" and had rightly "Questioned" the path of the "Virginians" into the Ohio territory. Because the killings of these important leaders (as crimes) were not all committed by "white men" (Pontiac was murdered by one of his own belligerents) – confusion became the watchword for conspiracies within councils of government. Even within Carolina (as it was called) - the introduction of Slavery only served to make them more adamant in separating themselves from colonial tyranny. Vain speculation? - Still it is true; the very people who fought the treaty breakers cooperated with Congress; because they wanted to create a heritage of kinship and ultimately........Peace. It proved a council of division; yet - with a ‘new vision’ for government. The Woodlands people are everyone’s fellow citizens, kinsman and ancestors - Ohio itself; learned people estimate that 75 - 80 % of the people have "Indian" ancestors in their lineage; many do not even know it! This is why American Indian leaders and spokespersons remind their countrymen - not to interpret the history of the people which they dispossessed. One tragic example of this was equating the matrilineal cultures of the ‘Longhouse’ with "communism" - by Lewis Morgan; whose theory of evolution in the development of civilization greatly influenced Engels/Marx in their Manifesto. No; community is 48 various studies of the Muir Ice Field and Glacier – soil formation and ecologic succession
  • 71. spiritually discerned - not materialistically determined. Utopian ideals are very close to the hearts of those conscientious enough to admit these things to themselves. Utopias themselves are ‘modeled’ after idealistic systems of governance. A few of these communal societies have worked in practice - societies of homogenous groups - sound spiritual principles and ecologic economy. The conceptuality of Republican and Democrat is pragmatic because these political organizations change through time. Although founded on just principals they invariably become dogmatic and heretical to the spirit (brotherhood and kinship). Utopian literature and it is companion ‘Dystopian’ spans the Ages and their generations49 ; The Republic of Plato; Augustine's - the City of God; Swedenborg's Church of the New Jerusalem; Hobbes' Utopia (of course based upon Plato - conceptually); News from Nowhere (Morris); Cahokia (the great community of Tahlequah) although of oral tradition fits this pattern as well. Political ideals fit the utopian/dystopian paradigm as well. The dystopian ideas of 1984 and Animal Form(Orwell) and Brave New World (Huxley) are visions of totalitarian societies which ‘war’ and ‘progress’ produced. The equality of women in society is fundamentally missing from the Utopian consciousness - yet the cultural convergence in "America" of so many ethnic and religious groups rested upon the firm foundation of equality. Matrilineal cultures (clan mother’s election of the sachems and sakemas (of the Six Nations)) developed an all encompassing council of government. Following the example of the English and their six Queens; it is amazing that the suffragette movement didn't begin much sooner than it did….finally gaining full citizenship for the ladies as well. The church itself as a community of brethren is scripturally - "the bride of Messiah".....Israel and the Jewish people likewise are considered in this way. One important example of the Bride Culture is the Hopi of the Pueblo (Corn Maiden) - whose conceptuality of the Four Worlds of Creation and the place of man within these worlds is of prophetic moment. Other great mysteries such as this exist throughout the world in many places and peoples. The character of people - their way of life speaks of the importance of Matrilineal Kinship. Regardless of what the Puritans may have thought - Mayday was the first official holiday of the U.S.A. in honor of and thanksgiving for mother earth. The Medicine Vision (Thunderbird) shared by many people in North America and throughout the world honors creation as the giving of the earth – for our health and welfare; entrusted to our caretaking! So it becomes apparent that the community based society is nurtured by good will; good relations; respect for others and most importantly charity. Cultural convergence can be psychological (ways of knowing and understanding) as well. ‘Satyagrahi’; non violence - is a way of living and means of social reform; well considered in the teachings of Mahatma Gandhi. Physical, mental and moral strength; resourcefulness; helpfulness; social good; fearlessness; community spirit – and of course cooperation are principals of discipleship. Sound familiar, their purpose in overcoming violence and imperialistic oppression have withstood the test of time. The spiritual warfare of Gandhi - non - cooperation sealed the fate of British Colonialism in India. One must remember - however - Gandhi had shortcomings; even though he sought an audience with Pope Pius (which he was denied) to seek counsel concerning the rise of fascism; he never once spoke out; as a Brahman - against the Holocaust in Nazi Germany (the Aryan symbol originating there). He absorbed tremendous physical pain himself - from epic walks and long fasts - of his own free will. Cultural convergence cannot be imposition - as with the misuse of the King James Bible by the British Empire; even as accurate to the original texts as it is - it is lacking in discernment (naming a translation of a holy book after such a poor character as Queen Anne's husband); however the Latin Vulgate which it replaced was even worse in this aspect (of cultural misunderstanding), This has been shown conclusively with the original Aramaic Text (of the New Testament) by George Lamsa.......his life demonstrates the futility of revenge and religious hatred; it also shows the deep roots of spirituality which ancient people of the middle east possess; as he escaped the hostility of Catholicism and Islam. His translation of his native Aramaic (kinsmen of Jacob's wives; Leah and Rachel) - which is the first translation of the Hebrew Scriptures – shines a gentle light upon the deeper meaning of the idiomatic phrasing 49 A work which provides solid evidence – ‘Generations; The History of America’s Future 1584 – 2069’ for comprehending a perfective aspect of Time based upon well proven generational types and cohort peer personalities; determining historic development and their endowment of society in a progressive fashion.
  • 72. missing from Greek and Latin. His story recounts the hermetically sealed biblical cultures and the often violent character of religious fanaticism. The Hebrew Christians of Iraq (almost one million) still live under a reign of terror - from the Kurd and Iraqis alike. What is unconscionable? We can read of how the ‘Walking School’ of Socrates was basically usurped through history - by militarism and legalism (the ‘stone gods’); we can learn of how Chrysostom alienated the Semitic people - denying church membership to Jews. What were the consequences (occult bondage?). Likewise the Muslim culture of the Middle East did not arise from the teachings of the Koran; but ‘the Prophet’ as Khalil Gibran portrayed him was neither Muslim nor Bedouin. We can read the analysis of Josephus; De Tocqueville; Toynbee and DeLoria - today we see the Agreement throughout the ages - of intercultural relations - a wall; a frontier - is to be respected. This was one thing that George III - House of Hanover did not appreciate when he denied the Continental Congress any sovereignty; the real strength of English government was not monarchy but the English Common Law and its Magna Carta which spawned a decentralized Parliament with magnanimous ‘rights’. American Justice lacks this magnanimous quality and tends to magistracy and political corruption even though the average ‘citizen’ enjoys great ‘prerogatives’. Justice will be poorly served in the U.S.A. until all the loopholes in its statutory laws are eliminated and political patronages of exceptions to it are greatly diminished. Technologic change contributes to cultural change; by altering traditional ‘ways of habitation’; a given template of values and thought. The heart of "Deus Machina" can become the enemy of simplicity (even though life is actually complex) - the strivings of the soul. It can bring uncertainty and vexation; to the honest a sense of shame (as exploitation). Modern medicine has become this way, pinpoint diagnosis being the rule; yet the sheer amount of illness in large populations have mandated ‘clinical care’. We sense the full circle as Marshall McLuhan identifies - the culprits (in philosophy) - Whitehead; Russell and even the Physicist Heisenberg - as "devils advocates". The technique of discovery (using scientific method and instruments) tempts workers to suspend their own judgment – invoking ‘technique and its report’. “The numbing effect of new technology" is not a narcotic; but a failure to exercise autonomy. The discovery that Plants themselves produce the Oxygen we breathe and absorb (synthesize) Carbon Dioxide; that all animal life exhales - was made with simple technology and intuitive methodology. (Joseph Priestly - 1772) It is no simple revelation - when we see others; who are different - doing much the same things as ourselves - profound insights will occur. Can new art forms become Social Navigation Charts? As those in developing situations experience fragmentation and specialization from the redundancy of technology - will perception of society itself change? Can the misuse of invention (exploitation) form a misperception of purpose (as individual)? The purpose of technology should be - alleviation of suffering and misery of toil - requiring less effort so even subsistence can provide. Historically, cultures and empires globally have practiced slavery; to enforce pusillanimic characteristics upon their captives - one way that people overcame this pathologic situation was by becoming highly specialized (thus more valuable) and thereby maintaining dignity. The vicissitude of poor relationships - degradation and exploitation - cause cultural breakdown and fragmentation….directly attributable to imperialism. From earliest civilizations; cultures in every age have experienced this sort of upheaval. Likewise justice throughout the world manifests the incongruity of master - servant; accuser - guilty; falsely accused - transgressor - thus perpetrating a vicious cycle. This was unmediated in the United States until child labor itself was outlawed and public schools established and the suffragette movement succeeded - finally Native Americans received full legal status as citizens. Such is the quality of conscience which hypocrites hold to. (150 yr) One needs only "Browse the Web" so to speak - to glimpse the intensity and quality of Native American revival. Yet experience of this “red road” normally comes through the friendship of the Indian people and so all ‘cultural pathways’. So it is then - adherence to morally false judgment - the arms race itself and the technologic trauma of a world bureaucracy; lies outside of this consensus - expected values that new technology empowers what the highly integrated media accomplishes. Conscience in general abhors (there may be exceptions), the numbing effect of psychiatric behavioral technologies; that diminish the faculties of judgment and perception.
  • 73. The danger of new anesthesia in medicine (allowing more systemic invasion of the body), and the “all too often deadly” inventions of criminal minds (crack cocaine, synthetic heroin (ice); and crystal Methedrine)….having brought large scale disasters upon the young, the aged and any who fall victim to them. Can art function to "immunize” society (by way of alerting them - a priori)? Yes, to defeat those who tried to expropriate their own piece of the toxic subculture - perpetrating Moral Values; Tolerance and Charity. The artist (according to McLuhan) can correct the sense ratios - before the blow of new technologies has numbed the unsuspecting - the artist bridges the gap between ‘ivory tower’ and ‘Control Tower’ producing art which has the quality of shaping; understanding and analyzing the myriad and diverse forms of life. The affectation of Technologic Change becomes the Question of Mechanistic / Intellectual Thinking and what we actually perceive. Teleological and Ontology - how can it work; where did it come from; what purpose can it serve. Expressed in organizational hierarchies of space - time dimensions – this is the message as well......although cultural (or scientific) developments Falkirk Wheel – Millennia Incommensurability and Balance (Commutative Intercession) The wheel lifts and lowers vessels; LOCKing them - one CANAL to another: effectively joining Edinburg and Glasgow for small craft. Its operation requires very little energy (small batteries). cannot save your soul – their economy has proven - that by breaking the chain of static regimentation (endless repetition) - worker satisfaction and quality control are mediated; even where very little change takes place.
  • 74. The Flowing Reality - Streams of Consciousness Neither our higher self nor society can be the source of an authority - So Competent as that which our spirit becomes conscious of; when we acknowledge the great spirit (God) as our “Righteous Father" Hastings Bible Dictionary What is one's irreducible self? Intuition itself appears as a flowing stream of intellectual empathy - which harmonizes with the ‘symphony’ of creation. Tyrants and dictators throughout the long history of men have tried to break down the people - like Daniel in the Lion's Den - General Grigorenko in the Lubyanev Prison - the captives of Treblinka Concentration Camp.........and so on. The individual in a depersonalized society faces imprisonment, torture and often death at the hands of those determined to destroy what they stand for. The abuse of physiologic cognitive psychology within the dictums of the so called Cold War produced a whole genre of mind control techniques and apparatuses. An institutional police state in a " free " country like the U.S.A..... used electro - shock; cattle prods; hallucinogenic drugs; and invasive surgery before the outcry of the radical 60's and 70's put an end to them. We can with impunity say today that states of consciousness are defined relative to the meditative states; they conform neurologically to the stages of REM sleep - this is a common supposition of cognitive psychology. As people of conscience then - we can avoid complicating the division between ordinary wakeful consciousness and the transcendental consciousness of deep meditation and quiet intuition. Philosophically the structural categories of concrete; abstract and esoteric define conceptuality (semantic terms); animate and inanimate refer to objective reality. As eluded to previously - multi dimensional mapping of neurological space (an individual's brain) expedient for medical arts (the saving of life) cannot be trusted for defining either metaphysics or epistemological constructs. The esoteric hierarchies of unidisciplinary education; presented in ancient books like the Kabala - confuse arguments of inheritance; kinship; and the vast potential of talent and ability - with archaic history. Its Zohar (brightness) however is honored for understanding the significance of god's appearing; literally – as it was observed and written! Because they are based on the idea of man's divine origins alone - not the actual condition that he is in; kabala is considered mere theosophy. Unidisciplinary education itself - as an enlightened science of the spirit - is idealistic and transcendental; it reminds dense people that all are members of the human family - yet – human potential is not defined by kinship hierarchies; nor even a fallen godhead....but upon spiritual regeneration and repentance from dead works.....philosophy itself (historically) is uni – disciplinary (In its becoming). The growth and development of civilizations and their downfalls are about reliance upon the human condition. It can be hoped that everyone can understands that continual oppression causes rebellion - "there is no Spirit of Unity but Unity of the Spirit". The world itself appears more as organism than spirit - so much so that as the United Nations gains full stature; their sanctioning of the Iraqis economy for failure to comply with weapons inspection protocols; is not addressed to their contempt for human rights but the fear of the deadly potential of chemical weapons. The growing world economy gives us a clue today as to the direction and momentum of communal spirit........"One reason for the success of the English is their trust in Character rather than intellect" (Toynbee). Alarm at a precipitous decline in the Hong Kong stock exchange following a peaceful takeover (by treaty) of the colony by the Red Chinese conforms (quite predictably) to widespread panic. Yet the world markets remarkably recovered as a China - U.S. summit (on economic cooperation) is held in Washington (is this due to the fact that their massive economic growth is being underwritten by the United States Government). The English are undergoing a crisis of an entirely different sort - the changing of the guard. As the cry for reform of the medieval peerage system - the so called Royals - grows within England itself; a sense of order and decency holds; the general plan of decentralized government - regional
  • 75. parliaments in Wales and Scotland are proposed – and subsequently adopted; with little violence. Some view this discontent (even though traditional) as a pretext to including England in the "New Europe"....which is prophetically linked to "Armageddon" - a burgeoning world government of hidden dimensions – yet the people of FRANCE voted NON. People say that the House of Lords is a "dead branch" and should be done away with; while conservative voices seek a compromise which allows for more gracious measures to reform the traditional government. National reform is a problem of consensus - traditional balancing of powers within democracies. The traditional hypocrisy of American Economic interests (those who abuse their citizenry) is preserved; the Chinese appear offended by "Red Corner" and "Six Years in Tibet" - historic movies...controversial....the state department makes excuses but goes ahead with its highly questionable decisions ! Is man more than the sum of his parts but less than the weight of his Conscience? Often in life our estate - is one of brokenness - the legacy of the travail of our soul's difficulties. Our sense of reality can become disconnected and highly abstract - when our unrealistic expectations meet with ruin; becoming depression. Yet the compelling quality of the phenomena of consciousness itself - whether real or imaginary - balances life's vicissitudes. When our psyche encounters this - politique de restes (residues) - people often need the symbiosis of the patient - doctor relationship to become grounded again - so we can interrelate with others in coherent ways. The question appears epistemological - do we treat everyone this way (delusion's of persecution) - or not everyone. Even in a universe which we perceive as discontinuous - the melodies (although troubling) produce rapport. In juxtaposing "normal life" with the pathological; Eugene Minkowski - in his disturbing psychological analysis; of a man who views himself as completely evil - (The Discontinuous Universe - ed. Sears and Lloyd) - the sense of good actions; as bridges we cross to better or more consistent lifestyles; certainly helps to sublimate sadness and emotional suffering lest they become pathologic (severely neurotic). Good actions are the bridge to a sense of propriety (belonging); not to the emotional entanglement of arrogance. In the pathologic mind (of bad conscience) a sense of loss within oneself becomes the guilt of negation.........the false sense of property as a phenomenon of possession can be understood as the conceptuality of desire - to possess; the asymmetric dimensions of true schizophrenia......"dimensions of the psyche; like gates that open and close; choose the narrow path….on the upward (gentle) way". As signposts then we can repeat once more this insight (from E. Minkowski) “We must repeat our previous remarks, concerning the asymmetry between good and evil. Once an error is made or a bad action committed, it remains engraved in the conscience; leaving palpable traces; from this point of view it is static and a backward glance is enough to uncover it." The "unconscious" can be quite a stumbling block - yet we have a mediator and an advocate; Yeshua HaMashiach - the righteous; his atonement for sin - everywhere - for everyone; this we cannot neglect. The unconscious mind - its helplessness; lack of assurance ; fear of recognition - creates psychological camouflage to conceal its true condition - aberrations of awareness (is a circular defense - encircled) - that will deny loneliness and even though it is obvious that one is playing a fool; still avoid the need to be loved. This is seen as classical depersonalization (denial of self; denial of loneliness) - stripped of the sense of autonomy; irritation at the presence of being - present; disturbing well-being - leading to insecurity (or rejection). This double think and the self-deception which produces it are common in societies which have had deep traumas of war; economic depression; exploitation and persecution; visited upon them. To say that they are severe is an understatement – yet when the unconscious is intact --- it is merely neurotic (the common state of humanity). In well-being; a guise of awkwardness; blushing; shyness; embarrassment; becomes the integrity of keeping secrets – not telling lies; without fear - in confidence. Otherwise the morbid mind of narcissistic delusion will play the trick of manipulating our consciousness of self into the frustration and anxiety of the moment. To recapture the integrity of
  • 76. seeking after autonomy and identity; the teleological moment of self brings assurance. This is expressed as - the existential position; Ontological insecurity; and neurotic phenomenology; yet the inner light would reveal it as - the transition that a small child makes as the attachments to their mother is sublimated to the peek-a-boo games of making oneself disappear and return again - the hide and go seek of the moment. Silence then; as a source of well-being - becomes the aesthetic experience of the artist. Whether it is a quieting affect or the perspective of receding horizons; silence itself can be ingeniously inconsistent as Susan Sontag in her essay (The Aesthetics of Silence) has said. However; in the world of ART per say - it can result from some sort of punishment; self-negation; even madness (the loss of sanity) - and in various movements - this difficult to define expression.......becomes - emptiness - to feel nothing; devoid of awareness; void - bleak and wearisome - Negative. Silence as a definitive aesthetic element - a definite action by the composer; dramatist; painter; writer....etc; will co-create this sublime quality and meaning within their work. If one seeks to become silent (as quietude) - then Art is not an end but a means. Silence is emphatic – definitive; prescience of metaphor; with profound quality and strength - where the fallen language (distinctly human); recedes into a profound moment - quietly (with humility and grace). The current mythology of art - as the total experience - " interactive medias " like the cybernetic re – creations of "lost worlds" or ones which were never meant to be - (e.g. Virtual Reality) presents art as supernatural (though quantifiable); yet with extreme metaphysical transparency (a thin veneer of imagination and fantasy). As Sontag observes "Underneath what looks like a strenuous modesty - if not actual debility - is to be discerned an enigmatic secular blasphemy; the wish to attain the unfettered; unselective total Consciousness of "God"....." Art is so far along the labyrinth pathway of transcendence that one can hardly perceive of it turning back ". Silence is the "hidden manna" of discovery; intuition; meditation; enlightenment and love.......its aesthetics are "eternal". If the choice of the artist - in relationship to their perceived audience - is one of Servility or Insolence oftentimes integrity will choose Silence. A simple analogy which from the perspective of this presentation is that......if Modern Art itself is the negation of History....its outcome produced a rekindling of revolution - the rebirth of Mayday celebrations in the U.S.A. actually resulted in the peaceful " trashing " of Washington D.C. (a protest against the War in Vietnam) but silence in politics. Meditation itself can be experienced as an emptying of self-consciousness - not empty - essentially the difference between looking at something and staring at it. The contemplation of words is likewise meditative....the focus of Silence becomes command - "the Lord is lifted up out of his Holy habitation; let all flesh keep Silent". Charley Chaplin Sons of St. Tamenend William Penn Alleghens – 1740’s The greatness of the Indian people is their Spirituality!
  • 77. Chief Teedyuscung Lenape Hoecken 1643 50 Russell Means and Irene Bedard in POCAHONTAS - "Matoaka, also known as 'Rebecca' daughter of the most powerful prince of the Powhatan Empire of Virginia.‖ False pride and petty jealousies cause just as much trouble as guns, cannons and tomahawks – The Leni Lenapes are an excellent example of this – the U.S.A. would be a far worse country without their constant help and great wisdom. The charm of the life and tragic death of Pocahontas 51 is not a matter of speculation some say the figure on top of the dome of the United States Congress is in fact inspired by her ‘intercession’. And still justice for Leonard Peltier (of the Great Sioux nation) has not occurred. So-called Higher Planes of Consciousness I wonder how far my mind can push my body - Syngen Smith (Volleyball player) Are there any constructs of "intellect" which transcend time and space? The search for higher consciousness is universal - an ideal within all people. What are often called - higher planes; are dimensional. Those seeking the well being of a hoped for " spiritual freedom " - although the limitations are enormous - is one where definitions becomes highly abstract (due to semantics) and depend; upon the prescribed meditative states of consciousness. Once again...”only the pure in heart will see God” (Yeshua - Sermon on the Mount). One such path of leaving the disillusionments of the broken world behind - highly pragmatic and proven in application; is the 12 step program (used in rehabilitation and substance abuse therapies) where those who ‘confess’ are able to regain full autonomy. These "steps" are........quite systematic - being designed to produce freedom from all types of addiction. Security; Sensation and Power are considered - addictive States of Consciousness - dominating our sense of who we are and what we are capable of doing. Dominating states can be understood as " programming" for ‘the sociopath’ knows only too well – this ‘need’ for security, sensation and power - result in an illusionary version of reality....self love; a dead past; imaginary futures - the neurosis of this "programming" prevents ‘the victim’ from living in the ever present now; preventing our enjoyment of "higher planes" of oneness and unconditional love. This doctrine of Higher Consciousness through the 12 step Program (Ken Keyes - Handbook of Higher Consciousness) is based upon a person’s awareness of dependency - destructive emotional patterns that reinforce (psychologically) the “addiction" to security - power - and sensual fulfillment. The problem here is the source of this ‘addictive power’ – normally alcohol; which society sells for a large profit; drugs are an even worse dystopian reality because of the ‘powers that be’ which control their profits. It also depends on the conviction that this "addiction" is caused by one's unconscious behavioral modality (called programming) and free will choices. How does one become free of this "mind control".....? Through focusing the awareness of dependency (destructive emotional Patterns)....By living...."here and now" (the eternal optimist)........Taking Responsibility for personal experience. Accepting oneself - overcoming emotions (sublimation) - recognition is essential if one is to grow...Becoming genuinely open to others - cultivating the ability to communicate 50 from Wikipedia 51 The New World is an excellent movie made in 2005 about the life of this true humanitarian.
  • 78. deep feelings...admitting of guilt....Showing empathy for others; but remaining emotionally uninvolved. Relying upon freedom to tune in; be centered; loving; retaining self control (actions and emotions) Using wisdom within the real world.....Calms the random scanning of the rational mind. Becoming a part of a team or cooperative venture.......Intuitive of Purpose - Utilizing the Seven Centers of Consciousness - Love; Peace; Physical Energy; Beauty; Wisdom; Clarity; Effectiveness; Oneness. Awakening of the Potential within one self and others to appreciate and deal uprightly with "others". This seeking is the outcome (as a consequence; ONENESS) is unconditional love - a worthy ideal. The idea of a mechanistic unconscious which manipulates the "centers" of ‘SECURITY - SENSATION – POWER’ could hide - the true torments of the soul; but as a means of practical expression is indicative of the undercurrents of society - those hidden forces which manipulate everyone's lives in bizarre; violent; dangerous and unacceptable ways - in these twelve steps one frees oneself of entanglement with ‘the incredulous’. In application this program is used by professionals in interfaith counseling extensively. The appeal is - the truth that Love is transcendent - that flowing acceptance; true harmony; and emotional security proceed from it directly, is wonderfully obvious. The ideal of "Cosmic Consciousness" however can present a disillusionment......the Cornucopia of a "perfect world" is somehow unattainable and the "Cosmos" itself is somehow barren and fact the natural world is considered discontinuous; broken and chaotic. Yet seeking the oneness of unconditional love is the overcoming of limitations and the breaking of bondage that seeking after prestige; power and wealth crush our emotions with. Personal freedom from the unconsciously formed patterns of manipulation and control over others with their emotional consequences expediently leads to fulfilling relationships with our fellow man. If we count it all joy; God is love and the Kingdom of God is essentially within us - Happy days! However; the danger of this enlightened and practical philosophy is also quite obvious - that we will become dependent for experiences which have universally been proven false - that "true consciousness" can be reached through meditation - becomes enigmatic and frustrating; reliance upon the programming; deprogramming or reprogramming; the bio-circuitry of our physiologic minds - (mind control techniques using alpha waves and bio feedback techniques) itself (the therapy) becomes a neurotic dependency. These steps to higher consciousness are spirit based requiring - free will; working in group therapy. The 12 step path to higher consciousness is practical but requires the use of is a step in the right direction – if one is mature enough to use it for humble change. It posits, that "happiness varies inversely with one's addictions” - true happiness has no ‘causal’ connection with ‘self-conscious motivations’ of experience; no addictions does not mean that one is happy but could be a source of great relief. Happiness is situational obviously and also personal. The true predicaments of living - questions of birth right; money; knowledge; prestige and power - the impediments to higher consciousness are dilemmas - always present; relative to them - suffering; unhappiness; vulnerability - are not products of possessiveness - just as anger; fear; jealousy; anxiety; irritation; resentment and grief - are emotional defenses of "psyche". Another dilemma is - although we understand purpose in our lives we can in no way define ourselves - as others see us....A collective consciousness that motivates art and science likewise cannot define their own predicament. When we " organize" our perceptions and energies into schemes of self-aggrandizement – ultimately resulting in failure - we tend to blame others - but when we become aware of the shallowness, social veneer; and unconscionable qualities; we can with warmth and love repent of them - here and now; with unconditional good will.
  • 79. A Question of Balance Mee Kamocha Ba Eleem Who is like unto you Oh Lord; among the Gods - Glorious in Holiness Awe inspiring in renown; doing wonders Tenach The organizational hierarchies of mind are intricately interconnected - as oneness. Since one of the purposes that people hope for is happiness (joy and fulfillment) – how they live together - families; kinship relations; communities; cities and nations needs safeguarded. In consideration of "the mind’s eye"; the contemplation of discipline and initiative; provides for a sound foundation - upon which to rest the Ontology and epistemological systems which the power of words can express. So be it; experience living. Development of the young has the purpose of instilling and promoting values - all children need to be taught respect for those moral and ethical values.......intuitively understood as spiritual. These qualities are learned through following good examples - conscientiously. Community awareness and organizational development - involve experience; for design; planning and working in the everyday world. One purpose of which is to avoid catastrophe and eliminate problems of human ecology itself. Also; part of community spirit is worship; celebration and service - so that discernment of spirit becomes an exercise of Mental Ecology - not neurotic compulsion. If philosophy seeks to transcend the Liar's Paradox of a solution looking for a problem - it is absolutely certain that the Holy Spirit (the one "God" sends to those who believe) must have complete dominion over the sin in our lives (not allowing the enemy to steal our joy)! According to ecologic concepts; behavior conforms to life; and conscience is its guardian. Ontogeny finds itself converted into concepts and ideas which express this reality and glorify our creator. Euthetical (ethical) Genomics An issue of Nature ( Nov - Dec 1997 ( 5758)) featured an article on paleontology - concerning the research of a team of scientists upon a single fossil from Northern China - this " Mesozoic road kill " as they first spoke of it... dated upon the "Evolutionary Tree" at 120 million years - 120,000,000. An extremely tiny skeleton - first thought of as a bird - turns out to be an insect eating mammal with a poison spur on its hind leg and a primitive breast bone which (they speculate)......walked like an alligator; lacking the structural anatomy of the knee.......but they could not identify reproductive organs.....and because it was flattened in a slab of sedimentary shale.....difficult to study. This Sino - American team has claimed to have found another "missing link" in the evolutionary tree. Etiology considers the inviolate law of casualty - even a rank amateur would immediately consider the order of bats (Chiropteran) (Eocene - 60 million years) make note of the hind spur – which another strange creature; the duckbill platypus possesses.....even beaver and otters would not seem too farfetched.....but no; this tiny creature is considered as a
  • 80. fourth (unknown) sub - class of mammal – monotreme (example….the Eyey of Australia with the “skeleton finger” (a “sloth like” creature)); marsupial and true womb being the others. Perhaps it is the ancestor of the bamboo rat (which is making survival in the wild for the noble Panda Bear very difficult). The irony (as scientists noted) of not identifying reproductive organs plus the Chinese governments pressure to complete the project in 3 months put added stress (argument and pressure) upon the a ‘not so strict’ dogma of evolution. The hasty pudding of vertebrate paleontology seems most evident in that they have proclaimed this "find" as a "Rosetta Stone" - (etymologic Egyptian writings) - a spur leg, neuter, crocodile like, insect eating, rat dog as a proto monotreme ancestor and 120 - 140,000,000 years old. The expansion of the mammalian class itself is not only ludicrous but as identified in the Linnaean system – unknown; is not qualified. The order of humankind has found a problem for its evolutionary solution - the phenomena of intercultural scientific speculation. Morphologic convergence is a concept making it easier to understand what evolutionists espouse. The ontogeny of the cetaceans (sub - order - toothed whales) from a pre - historic ‘genus’ called Creodonts is one of cytological and systemic adaptation to the oceanic environment; apparent in all aquatic mammals. The importance of the womb to the mammalian class - could preclude its direct development in the saline environment; the range and viability of the cetaceans is amazing - not only their acoustic intelligence (high frequency "sonar" to echo locate and stun their prey ); true intelligence as well. This includes the ‘demonstrated’ ability to communicate and work directly with human beings. Survival and dynamic differentiation into ecologic "niches" (according to evolutionary theories) needs an exponential time frame – yet; for a creature adapting so dramatically (as the cetaceans) to remain viable and achieve the growth of populations evidenced by their global distribution; takes high quality protein to sustain their neurologic system. Still unconvinced - once again consider the endemic people of the Western hemisphere in some aspects of their survival ethics. Two principal matrilineal cultures of North America are the Lakota (who have distinctive language for men and women) and Haudenosaunees (Six Nations). Here we find a distinction between brotherhood (of people) and sisterhood (of kinship). They honor the creator and "mother earth" as oneness (Great Mystery); the men of these cultures practice rigorous and sometimes painful ordeals of manhood. An Iroquois warrior seeks from his youth to develop Orenda - which is a spiritual quality of strength and stamina which helps them to overcome hardship and take courage in all adversity. The divisions of their tribal council and centralized government (all in equal balance) were incorporated directly into the constitution of the U.S.A. Nature serves to provide life with purpose. It also would seem that the "gods" of antiquity worked ‘intentionally’ to deceive and mislead the human race. Once again we can be appalled - that many accounts of our development have revealed. The ancient religions (The Kabala itself is evidence of this) attempted to unite the human anatomy with the supernatural....with disastrous results (in general). Human sacrifice was practiced throughout the ancient civilizations......historically the source of conflicts and upheavals. Oftentimes those who are resentful of mistreatment (with much justification) will criticize biblical judgments as cruel; oppressive and unjust – yet law is the basis for justice in all human societies; although the question of the quality of mercy is appropriate. The credence of "why me" - recognizing one's unworthiness to be saved is one basic tenet of fundamental spiritual awareness. A great pretense amongst "radicals"; is that judgment was confined to the Jews and Christians......this perception is entirely false - the moral character of man; in the historic record........present great upheavals regardless of warfare. The fall and demise of empires shows the love of all the people - for freedom and merciful justice. This enigma….tells us we are a royal priesthood - a people sought for; because obviously it was not worship in noble ways which would bring judgment (from God) but rather evil practices in continuance. Saying that ‘The Lord God’ is not the Great Spirit - Yeshua.......reminded the Samaritan woman at the well - "God is a spirit - and those who worship him must do so in Spirit and in Truth" - the Lord and the Great Spirit are one. Believers are warned not to pretend special status - he reminds - "many looked for your day - (the times of refreshening) - and could not find it".....respect is in order. Cosmology today seeks a metaphysical "moment" of conceptuality - if we hope to understand this moment we can look at the present. One question remains......Is there; in truth; a collective consciousness - shared by members of coherent communities where they are present "unconsciously" with their family, friends and relations? It was said in ancient times - "The human race has dreamed of men like angels and woken up with feathers in their hands" – but
  • 81. Jesus warns his followers; “the devil has come down amongst us; and has nothing in US”. Does this question perplex us? The evidence is powerful - amongst those in distress; concern about conflicts of moral and ethical behavior (true caring) become transcendent of what we consider conscious. Simply by using the wonders of communication systems - a given 24 hrs day - one can gather information concerning the great divisions of what is considered - common experience. The argument has become; the intrinsic relationship between consciousness and ‘conscience’; is Ontological and spiritual.......if we hope to gain a deeper understanding of its enigmatic nature – investigation of ‘diverse’ historic perspectives; becomes necessary. ‘Cold Start’ – theory eukaryotic cytology prokaryotic cytology Tree of Life ‘true nucleus’ ‘lacking true nucleus’ The Metaphysical Moment - As a means of comparison " Nuts" - the answer of Colonel McNaulty (101 Airborne Division) to the demand for his surrender at the Battle of the Bulge - WWII World communications media provides the finger flicking "couch potato" with many television channels (world wide networks) or if one has access to a computer - "surf the global internet." A deep seated mistrust of governments; that traditionally are immersed in global economic conspiracy; (so called New World Order) presents uneasiness. General review of the many "holocausts" of history (from Age to Age) ; is greatest presently on the African Continent - especially killing of Muslims by proponents of Islamic Fundamentalism and unarmed Christians by both central Africa however the Tutu's and the kinsman the Rwandans are beginning to reconcile themselves in the aftermath of one of the bloodiest episodes in the history of that Continent (this is in celebration of their true kinship)....the Nazi holocaust is continuing in remembrance spanning all networks and entertainment modalities.......basically in sympathy with Jewish people and their friends. The present economic "crisis" is indicative of the history of global free enterprise with its severe fluctuations due to monetary speculation. These types of analysis are very superficial at best....Pure mathematics (as numbers) account for expansion and contraction cycles (enlightened supply and demand).....yet the panic and general mania of speculative economics - corporate stocks bonds - trading – rely upon the ‘mythical’ collective unconsciousness. The general consensus being: global - dependence upon petroleum - the primary driving force of the world's economy is foolish and short sighted; now that it is ‘obsolete’. Power politics (in the control of reserves) has to face the music for ‘global warming’ which is accelerating; fossil fuel monopolization has made ‘strange bedfellows’ of ambitious (ambiguous?) servants - witness the rise of militarism in oil rich countries. The unethical and "obstinate" marriage of psychology to quantum physics is producing a whole new range of moral issues - a computer (micro - processor)….Was attached successfully to a rats neural system.....The " cloning " of an adult sheep in Scotland....and misperception of man's true position within the universe - speak of Moral questions which require consideration. Poor Dolly (the cloned sheep) is already prematurely aging and suffers from arthritis – and only a year or so later a museum exhibit. It is appropriate to enter a word of caution - beware of those who "sear your conscience" with graphic depictions of
  • 82. tragedy and suffering ; even the One speaking in the Hebrew Scriptures - turned his face away from the bleak panorama of man's cruelty and brutality. (Gods spirit is present with those who suffer - nonetheless) Still - the moment itself (aside from foolishness) is amazing and revelatory. The reconciliation of victims of colonial domination (the endemic people of the vast ecologic habitats) throughout the world is ongoing, intense and successful - as we see the Maoris in New Zealand...given the honor to greet all who enter their domain.... even to test them.....we see Australia’s Aboriginals restored to the dominion of their terrestrial heritage.....we see stirring of rebirth – first nation Canadians in their homeland - with the consolation of Nunavut and the honor of Vancouver Island at the 2010 Winter Olympic Games – as autonomous territories . The HolArctic itself; the great circle - is once again open to travelers and even new settlement (Eastern Siberia). The legacy of racism and apartheid in South Africa has changed - the future is still uncertain due to the HIV/AIDS Epidemic leaving millions of orphans throughout Africa but due to international philanthropy of massive financial support this too is rapidly changing. The dialectic materialism of socialist theories; as a whole – has proven nothing more than a means for deception; disastrous both socially and economically. Every nation which has adopted or been influenced by these dogmatic systems (Marxism /Autocratic Socialism) has undergone explosive population growth; rapid expansion of the military sector, economic instability and cultural collapse. Red China and Vietnam are demonstrating that community based economies can be effective and stabile as ‘time immemorial’. likewise social welfare (as individual development); labor unions and cooperatives. So then - a moment can carry great cultural and sociologic weight - its existence is in a casual dimension of historic perspective (semantic analysis) which needs consideration. Consider the so-called "Space Age"; where present day "technological phenomena" can be defined. The Hebrew word for conscience – meytsaFone (a friend) - considered phonetically; conscious – mahKeir; understanding - as experience or occurrence; questioning - "phenomena" and the moral basis of fantasy; imagination; truth; reality; fundamental truth; decisive integrity and the like. The decades of the 1960's and early 1970's will speak with certainty of the Unconscious and an awakening of Conscience. The civil rights movement itself caused many people to reexamine their ‘soul’s’ motivation and world views. It also presented new opportunities for intercultural relations (based upon respect and understanding) to develop. Those who sought equality - religious freedom - spiritual awakening - social reforms - and a growing awareness of a compelling outcry for environmental responsibility; were able to overcome a ‘hegemony’ of special interest groups dedicated to preventing their success. As non destructive inquiry produced a more accurate picture of man - based upon a more profound understanding of character; a growing rebellion against the "military industrial complex" ensued. The divergent (yet highly convergent) cultural awareness of Eastern and Western Philosophy; Religion; Arts and Sciences; produced an explosion of teaching; meditation; communes; and well intentioned establishment of a counter culture; yet all in all - produced harmony and understanding amongst diverse people in ‘the global village’. This outcome of awakening appears as integration; restoration and reconciliation; the appropriate technology of renewable energy should help transform ongoing freedom movements throughout the world (understanding what freedom is) into new and sustainable lifestyles and communities. The demagoguery of religious hypocrisy; tragedies of cultic bondage have not proven to effective in solving the problems of industrialized society. Family and community unite to cope with a new generation and its ‘population explosion’. Regarding the general paranoia - evidenced by prolific military spending; remember that Dwight Eisenhower said “beware of the military industrial complex". Development of ‘ultra sophisticated weapons’ and ‘war making cybernetics’ give the militarist a very real megalomaniacal worldview.....Especially evident in their abuse and destruction of the atmosphere and ‘interference’ with the envelope of outer space.....convergence between the civilian and professional military into a total force concept is what pacifists were deceived concerning. The exceedingly rapid development of interfacing - man and machine through electronic engineering of flight control instrumentation; utilizing the new physics; have created whole new classes of missiles; bombers and fighter jets which can be operationally guided by satellite system. Add to this a technical expertise and a new psychology to
  • 83. overcome stress; maintain morale - while functioning as a team.....the gradual development of pulse weaponry (ray guns and laser cannons) is reality; this perfection of technology increases their military power many fold. Cybernetics - the science of control and communications - is however not a template for existence; merely another tool - for accomplishing work. Especially true in consideration that our bodies are continually in regeneration..... Except for the neurons of our nervous system. How to prolong a meaningful productive life - ethically and spiritually - is an even greater challenge. Shroud of Turin Spiritual Development Greenland Fiord - Millennium Leaf Ericson 1000 A.D. Mayan Astronomy Bird-like dinosaur from China
  • 84. Dispensation of Grace - the Messianic Vision I will talk to my brothers about God my father and together we will sing his praises...........Lamb Song – Myrrh Records For God dwells in the praises of his people........Isaiah One thousand years ago Maimonides - Jewish teacher; wrote: "A guide for the perplexed", so that the remnant of Israel could discern their traditions and chart a more certain future. Today the Maimonides Hospital in New York City is the site of Para-normal psychological investigations. As we consider higher consciousness and the seven centers - we are reminded that Clairvoyance; Extra Sensory Perception and even Telepathy are well accepted "scientific phenomena". But let us also remember that – “PEACE, POWER, and RIGHTEOUSNESS”; was preached to the people of the Longhouse – before ‘Old World’ settlers arrived on Turtle Islands shores. Spiritual truths and their cultural implications are discernable from antiquity onwards. Why allow - materialistic enmity (hostility) to preclude realization of real kinship? Today messianic believers accept the Good News - Gospel - preached by Messiah Yeshua - Jesus Christ; and gain immediately a renewed understanding of the teachings of their own scriptures as Jews. Notably – the rebirth of Zion and the establishment of a new nation; Israel. Foretold so long ago by prophetic Vision; the "new covenant" is justified because as we comprehend our roots....the Jewish Faith itself presents an eternal awareness; liturgy (the order of worship)– the discernment of soul and spirit; historic sects and denominations offer prayers which instill a sublime perception of well being.....emotional support for what we are going through. The roots of believing (especially concerning the Christian Church) emanate from – ‘I am’ - ‘the burning bush’ was not consumed where Moses the Levite stood (shaking) in his bare feet. A sense of sadness remains....ones who have suffered so much for their own person; (the evidence of history is quite clear - both the religion of the Jew and his very person were attacked!) Persecution and criticism of one another regarding; a free exercise of religion....if lawfully accomplished is ought but poor public relations. Adoption of people (called conversion) into the FAITH - includes those who believe in Messiah Yeshua. Objections to this ‘upstart’ branch is not one of the degree of Orthodoxy...a 2500 year dispersion will atone for that. But as people of the Covenant; strictly....some orders have made it their purpose to exclude the Gospels entirely and passed laws making its dissemination in Israel extremely difficult; because - this places prophecy squarely at the Third Millennia. Being critical of others; in a time of national crisis; internationally - is bad policy. The dilemma of historic moment is of ancient times - the Levitical priesthood was inherited by sons of Zadok (a Gershonite Levite) until the Revolt of the Maccabees (and its Essene movement) - the House of Judah became the House of the Hasmonians - broken by the usurper Herod Antipater (of the linage of Esau); fulfilling the prophecy of Israel himself (Jacob) who said of his son Judah; “The Scepter shall not depart from Judah – nor a lawgiver from between his feet; until Shiloh Comes and unto him shall the gathering of the people be” Genesis 49. Still it was King David himself who purchased the threshing floor of Ornam (site of Jerusalem); to make an offering to the Lord - so that the "Death Angel" would leave Mt. Mariah. We also can understand....through reading the history of Israel..... That "the kings land" is not the Temple Mount (site of so much tragedy) but rather atop of Mt. Zion north of the city of Jerusalem.......even today the "school of the prophets" stands sentential to this domain. Zionism itself is strictly speaking nonsectarian - not based upon any type of religious orthodoxy. Just as the twin sons of Judah (Pharos and Zerah) born to Tamar in the days of the Patriarchs; so were Zionism and Messianic Judaism . Faith and truth are essential for Amen.
  • 85. Philosophy can be perceived as a parallel development to Israel.......... if it is founded upon the solid foundations of the Peripatetic School in their discourse with the Pythagoreans; keen observation and inspired wisdom (logic and ethics) - leading the seeker to encounter truth. The conflict between philosophers in Greco - Roman times can be acknowledged as such - Luke the physician wrote in Acts ( Chapter 17 v 18 ).....about Athens..."and there he found Epicurean and Stoic Philosophers, who made a jest of his discourses, and no wonder - seeing they placed the chief happiness in pleasure and denied the Providence of God". Shaliach (Apostle) Paul in his letters did often oppose ‘false wisdom’ and the men of that Age who espoused it; which like "new age" teachings - the notions of the sophists and the worldly ‘wise guys’ did appear as mere folly (to Socrates as well); because it was not based upon evidence - but opinion only. The gospel of Messiah Yeshua however was not based upon tacit evidence or the eloquence of those who preached it; but on the power of God - his singular authority; through the Holy Spirit. This so influenced those who were called; that they believed and trusted in the Tenach and the Gospel. Much opinion (even today) is presented; that human anatomy....explains religion and man's relationship to the supernatural - cognitive psychology supports this opinion - that anatomy alone cannot explain spirituality. The amazing insularity of the brain and nervous system can help us to appreciate the greatness of a faith that has experienced the rebirth of its historic identity; e.g. – Israel; but it cannot explain the quality of life that is lived. Likewise the foolishness of Dispensational Christianity and its anti – Semitic ‗flavor‘; disrespectful of what is written in Genesis - "I will bless those that bless you and curse those who curse you"....How can blessing and cursing come from the same mouth?........because we pretend - instead of remembering the roots of the very faith we are standing in. Canada – U.S. Continent of Europe the Pleiades Gulf of Newfoundland Topographic Map Economic Freedom Buddhist Monks – Protest Violence Icelandic Girls – 1/1/2000
  • 86. The "Bad Conscience" of Art I stand between two worlds, I am at home in neither; and suffer the consequences.......Thomas Mann So then let us continue on to another "step" which can contribute a vital dimension of understanding to the historic moment that we dwell in. The indignity of systematic distortion; which in good faith - people in this world hold dear - can be an incredible obstacle to overcome. Such was the situation in Post - War Europe 1918; the artists - tired of lies and false promises – systematically dismantled and reinvented the classic perceptual modes - music; painting; literature; philosophy and as we have already noted - psychology. Herman Hesse - wrote "the history of everyone is important, eternal, divine - for that reason; every man - so long as he lives - and carries out the will of nature; is wonderful and worthy of every attention. In everyone the spirit has taken place, in everyone creation suffers, in everyone is a redeemer crucified.” As the grandson of protestant ministers and missionaries, Hesse was confronted with the regimentation by close - minded society ; the difficulty of finding his authentic self - one not manufactured by culture......his literary works - Damien; The Bead Game; Siddhartha and Steppenwolf (to name a few) show with uncanny accuracy; one soul’s journey to the East. The struggle for ethical integrity should be in harmony with one's own grasp of nature. 52 If one contrasts his life with that of Dietrich Bonheoffer (The Cost of Discipleship) - who accomplished a lasting rebuke to Nazism -THE CONFESSING CHURCH; representing a ray of hope to the resistance within Deutschland itself. It is not vain to compare the lives of people as unique and inimical; their contributions to free thought and the community of faith cannot be diminished. The recognition of the superficiality of heroic deeds (even when rightly accomplished) is important (humility) occupying a dimension of hope; which could prepare in time - with patience and forbearance - a new day for humanity to grow into. Such was the vision of the disturbed and dispossessed - who withstood the depravity of fallen-ness by a scrupulous examination of their own minds.....and realization of doing better. Even though this ‘moral stance’ resulted in alienation and exile for Herman Hesse and imprisonment and death for Dietrich Bonheoffer; a clean conscience yielded good will and friendship – following them beyond the grave. The Confessing Church – soundly describes aspects of Native American and Quaker ones as well - its seminary was an outspoken critic of Nazism and Anti - Semitism and probably helped people like Rosa and Edith Stein (Carmelite nuns) to protest even to the Vatican to help the Jews - yet no one listened? Confession of sin (wrongdoing) brings unction from the Holy Spirit - within; in a community setting it has proven - to motivate people to do something about injustice, misery and persecution. The need to reinterpret theology for secular society which it is remembered for; (Within the insanity of the Third Reich!!) …….Hesse on the other hand - as an older sufferer - comprehended the confusion of government and culture within his native land as insufferable. The autocratic and authoritarian tyrannies were a metaphor for the soul less society which he attempted to revitalize. Yet the dilemma of China and India was the question of rational other words....Buddhism - Hinduism....are considered rational; as members of the human family are ‘quite’ capable of being. The literary works themselves made bridges to the understanding of East and West that later generations used with success; representing a great challenge to all who considered themselves "intuitive". Throughout the vast and forbidding mountains of Asia the Great and Holy Spirit has spread the gospel to each and everyone in their unique languages; another large part of our decentralized world. 52 (After H. Hughes - Consciousness and Society)
  • 87. So then, the freedom to pursue humanitarian ideals; the courage to confront the obscurity of thought which a bureaucratic "intelligentsia" passes off as truth; and the courage to defend justice from prejudice and unjust action are interpreted universally as principals of human rights. Materialist (0f the Mind) theories have attempted to divide; by instilling a concept of duality – teaching that mathematical logic is positive idealism and the unconscious is irrational (not merely counter-intuitive); however.....logic must discern the faith of moral dignity (regardless of historic destiny) so it can ‘correct’ this reason. To ignore the hypocrisy of an elite while honoring their authority; could prove dangerous - that is to say.......if we honor the "elite power brokers" with political advantage and do not reveal their role in the violence and corruption; which history accuses them of - then their ‘abuse of power’ rest on our ‘lack of conscience’. Such was the dilemma of Peguy 53 and it is a difficult one; the mystique of identity - compromised to the hypocrisy of double mindedness (on moral issues such as participation in war). Take care to protect oneself from a culture which practices a calloused vulgarity as being acceptable. ‘The Confessing fellowship’; exemplified - is ones very Soul. Another French author - Marcel Proust - presents the new art form (as Faulkner and James Joyce both used it) of a resolute contemplation of life........a recherché du temps perdu......The intuitive moments of inextinguishable memory. Proust comprehended that a deeper reality of human behavior lay within the "unconscious mind" - his meticulous and logically ordered analysis were drawn though with the motivation of the unconscious - even as he lay dying. The aesthetic appreciation of this paradox....appears today - as a rekindling of empathy – representing a melodic testimony to the death that philosophy was suffering. Here stands; a great impasse..........What is wisdom? One aspect of this confusion is the contradiction which Pragmatic and Empirical Rationalists such as William James - disseminate as a totality (not unlike the existential) - metaphysical and systematic - a world view of reality - based upon reason; but loses neither the detail of science nor the heart of humanity....contradicted by the discourse of "logical analysis"; erstwhile Lord Bertrand Russell and his Positivists espouse - that wisdom itself has taken on the "quality of science"; already presented as the Analytic "Philosophy" - Mathematica. To put this argument in more understandable terms - a traditional view relates well to the idea of making a place to take one's stand - with a discreteness lacking in Systems Builders (such as Kant). Mathematical logic states "Whatever can be known, can be known by means of science, but things which legitimately are matters of feeling lie outside its realm". Logical detail and human problems are then exclusive of one another....The Question of ultimate values .......Is it bad to enjoy Cruelty?.......cannot be answered by it. 54 This mathematical "cop out" granted by science to the logical Positivists belies their own moral responsibility for invention - the consolation of ethics and metaphysics becomes Phenomenology and Existentialism - conceptuality better suited to psychological insights than - Grand "wisdom". Silly rabbit - tricks are for kids! Mathematical equations of the information age - the highly integrated – and convergent systems of hyper-complex equations expressed in terms of algorithms - are too intricate to be useful as modal logic; even if the logical Positivists have become a "militant philosophic school" – an inkling of the complexity of integrated systems theory with its inequality Functions and Jacobean Operators - still cannot approach what is now being termed "quantum consciousness". If we discern positivist logic in Psycho-Cybernetics with the development of fuzzy logic interfaces for its Expert systems and virtual reality games (four dimensional aspects of convoluted space); that will prove their redemption. It may excel at timing parameters..... but will lack the “elegance simplicity” of the Mosaic effect *(Dynamics of Complex Adaptive Systems); Flowing through time - the so called Patch Phenomenon (Whitaker - Successional Ecology)]. Ever since the National Environmental Policy Act became law - the battle - in the U.S.A. Is to protect ecosystems and help to stabilize endangered populations in their natural environments. Because of its power and compelling nature - NEPA has diminished the dimensionality of the "Urban Organism" decried during its formation - awakening environmental responsibility - taking action on the problems of 53 (Hughes...Consciousness and Society) 54 (H. Hughes - Consciousness and Society)
  • 88. waste; pollution and inefficiency. Is this Logical and Positive – Absolutely! Coming to the Politics of Cultural Identity - Capitalism and the Protestant Work Ethic. During the 1920's one could hear a Jerome Kern song like "always look for the silver lining and try to find the sunny side of the street" coming from the first radios. Capitalism itself is not new - as trade and commerce or as government enterprise - yet as church and state became separated within the Protestant took on new dimensions and ferocity. Ethics then invoke the age old dictum - "a work man is worthy of his hire" - this applies to laborer; craftsman; tradesman and the like.....the idea of a "Protestant" work ethic though is new and it brought a whole new awareness of "iron resolve" - in conquering the demons of one’s soul and chaining oneself to the wheel of duty . The moral hypocrisy of White Anglo Saxon Protestant; or WASP was a great clique of the anti-war movement in the U.S.A. - a stereotype of a stern domineering personality tied up in class privilege and de facto segregation. The tremendous confusion evidenced amongst a whole generation of young non - conformists in the "free world" - was more than a ‘generation gap’. Any work ethic is based upon applying rationality and dynamic decision making to economic situations - especially if one is to profit thereby. This requires self-denial - in order to save the funds necessary for expansion - capitalism is not bureaucracy – the product of self-perpetuation - but an integral part of some ongoing production; especially if one has a new idea or technology to establish. The problem throughout the world is not of recent vintage either - socialist; conservative; communist/fascist - even though The United States itself will not admit to it - politics worldwide have taken on the bad odor of Italian Socialism. We see force - fraud - graft as the modus operandi .....a degenerative pessimism of quasi - fascist police states; supreme compromises and the extremes of crypto - democracy and crypto Marxism.......instead of pragmatic ideals – sentimentality; the instincts of greed instead of even handed justice. Materialists to the end; proponents of social and political elitism – they advocate the strict separation of ruler and the ruled. The leaders take upon themselves an attitude of serene competence; even if self-assured - whether disillusioned by the fascistic tendencies of militaristic tyranny or exhibiting Machiavellian tendencies of megalomania (delusional greed for power). This complicity assumes ‘degrees of nihilistic arrogance’ (denial of the truth) and will establish within governments - representative institutions (offices; laws; etc....) which lack the comprehensive vitality of ‘free exercise’. Thus when confronted with the abuses of the elite - whether bureaucrat apparatuses or quibbling over semantics; they will pejoratively fail to institute reforms which threaten their own ambitions and initiatives.....while stifling those very programs and ideals which gained them their position in the first place. So; the moral qualities of leadership generally only adversely influence "the universal mind" because ‘lack of virtue’ has made sound logic and good judgment a liability. The "American" mystique is not quite ‘sufficient’; the clumsiness and elusive character of Washingtonian government is truly legendary; it is still easier for foreigners to invest directly in this nation than for its ‘long suffering’ citizens to establish an economic enterprise which involves governmental cooperation or approval. The mismanagement of "Federal" lands – expropriated ‘piecemeal’ from the American Indian People - by the Bureau of Land Management is a national disgrace. This Department of the Interior Agency leases our land to anyone; foreign corporations not excluded - at subsidized rates - but in fact interferes with the use of these same lands by citizens (except for the politically favored) and even the treaty lands of the Indian Nations themselves have in fact been sold out at the taxpayer's expense. This time-honored process of favoring immigration over development of community based capitalization projects; ‘trickle down economics’ as it was called has bankrupted America. The long history of selling others land to foreigners - who generally import goods from their home countries (intense cycle of mass immigration)..... An enormous deficit in the import export trade sector develops. Our altruism could better serve our own hard-pressed population for economic development first and then for immigration. 55 The positive effect of this flaw in the governance of ‘distributive justice’ is the promotion of ‘Freedom of Religion’, 55 Another example was the ‘War on Poverty’; whereby the Small Business Administration set up a loan program for Minorities - (designed primarily for Afro Americans) and in fact an enormous increase in minority owned businesses resulted (a 3000 per cent increase); yet many of the " minorities " were only immigrants from certain ethnic groups which quickly profited from this federal giveaway; the same has been true across the board - Equal Opportunity - Jobs Corps - etc. etc.. where those truly in need of this help were squeezed out (lack of infrastructure and bureaucratic mismanagement).
  • 89. which may also seem excessive when considering Christian Cults and their lack of consistency with Christianity as a whole. An ancient and continuing example of this is Zoroastrians – (i.e. who is Zoroaster and is he Zarathustra)? The ancient Parsi People survive today in India where their Zoroastrian Tradition continues – Christians would expect that Ahura Mazada is indeed the Christ Child. This ancient 'Vedic' culture from which India has sprung is not well understood in terms of religion because of the problem with universal truth and its relationship to the controversies of human history. Religion, Culture and History are often cohesive and may mix well or poorly with other traditions and ethnic groups. The adamancy of One rings true – in spite of controversy, subjection, assimilation, quasi-conversion - it is possible to hide a regrettable part of one’s history…but ORIGINS are always immutable – this is where this millennia discovery can become invaluable to ancient people. As the ancient saying goes – Hear O Israel – The Lord our God – The Lord is One. The millennia have discovered a expansive global community in the becoming – the historic evidence is compelling. Rig-Veda Cosmology Naqsh_i_Rustam Taq – Naqsh? Varuna – Rama Gathas (Gāθās) ‘likeness’ "praise, verse" Zarathustra (Zoroaster) Twins with Father? Much of the information being shared is from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia!
  • 90. Cyrus the Persians Signet and Shield – This ‘Empire’ produced widespread change 56 “The earliest recorded forms of these languages, Vedic Sanskrit and Gathic Avestan, are remarkably similar, descended from a common Proto-Indo Iranian language. The origin and earliest relationship between the Nuristani languages and the Iranian and Indic groups is unrecoverable in obscurity.” Most importantly – the 14th chapter of Genesis; sheds light on these scenes; visitation of ‘heavenly host’ is a common theme which the Book of Micah adds spiritual dimensions to - are the ‘Gods’ then; the children of Noah. As it is written – “Ye are as gods”; so much for time ‘eonic’! Uyghur Theatre production – commemorating their amazing history What the 'millennia' are discovering about ancient realms and their long suffering people is the hope that 'we are one' is a very great truth which needs more appreciation 56
  • 91. The question of Uyghur history is one such ‘celebration’ in the face of great difficulty. No man is an island seems a keen insight when trying to span 4 human millennia…thankfully a great deal of new evidence is now available for examination. To observe sustainable global development as borders, walls and cultural divides disappear or are overcome does the heart glad ----------------as we ‘live and breathe’. The diversity that ‘the grandchildren of Noah’ have produced is astounding.
  • 92. In spite of (an appearance of) relative confusion - phonetic semiotic alphabets have internal consistency. Muztagh Ata, or Muztagata (Uyghur: ‫ئاتا‬ ‫تاغ‬ ‫مۇز‬, literally "ice-mountain-father"; Chinese: 慕士塔格峰; pinyin: Mùshìtǎgé Fēng), is the second highest (7546 metres) of the mountains which form the northern edge of the Tibetan Plateau(not the second highest of the mountains of the Tibetan Plateau). It is sometimes regarded as being part of the Kunlun Shan, although physically it is more closely connected to the Pamirs; one of the 7,000 m peaks in the world to climb, due to its gentle western slope and the comparatively drier weather of Xinjiang, though a thorough acclimatization period and a very strong physical condition are crucial for success. Thracian Tomb of Kazanluk – the ancient capital today in Bulgaria
  • 93. Dunhuang manuscripts (Mogao Caves) - ancient Uyghur text compared with the Arabized Eastern Turkic Cave 17 manuscripts -------------constellation dance (These historic documents provide more perfect evidence of China’s mysterious and often contentious history – also of the influence of other cultures) Appendix…….. The Xiang’er (Simplified Chinese: 想尔, Traditional Chinese: 想爾) is a commentary to the Dao De Jing that is best known for being one of the earliest surviving texts from the Way of the Celestial Master variant of Daoism. The meaning of the title Xiang’er is debated, but can be translated as meaning ‘thinking of you.’ The Tao Te Ching, Daodejing or Dao De Jing (道德經: 道 dào "way"; 德 dé "virtue"; 經 jīng "classic" or "text"), also simply referred to as the Laozi,[1][2] is a Chinese classic text. According to tradition, it was written around 6th century BC by the sage Laozi (or Lao Tzu, "Old Master"), a record-keeper at the Zhou
  • 94. dynasty court, by whose name the text is known in China. The Huahujing (formerly written Hua Hu Ching) (Chinese: 化胡經/化胡经; pinyin: Huàhújīng; Wade–Giles: Hua Hu Ching; literally "Classic on Converting the Barbarians") is a Taoist book. Although traditionally attributed to Laozi, some scholars believe it is a forgery because there are no historical references to the text until the early 4th century CE. According to Louis Komjathy (2004:48), the Taoist Wang Fu (王浮) originally compiled the Huahujing circa 300 CE, and the extant version probably dates from the 6th century Northern Celestial Masters. The text is honorifically known as the Taishang lingbao Laozi huahu miaojing (太上靈寶老子化胡妙經, "The Supreme Numinous Treasure's Sublime Classic on Laozi's Conversion of the Barbarians"). An emperor ordered all copies to be destroyed in the 13th century after Taoists lost a debate with Buddhists . [1] All copies were thought to have been destroyed and the Huahujing was subsequently preserved only by oral tradition. A translation into English by Hua-Ching Ni was published in 1979. Parts of chapters 1, 2, 8 and 10 have also been discovered in the Mogao Caves near Dunhuang, and Liu Yi (1997) believes the original text of these dates from around the late 4th or early 5th century. Emperors of China occasionally organized debates between Buddhists and Taoists, and granted political favor to the winners. The Taoists developed the Huahujing to support one of their favorite arguments against the Buddhists, writes Holmes Welch (1957:152), their claim that "Lao Tzu had gone to India after his westward departure from China, and had converted—or become—the Buddha. Buddhism then was only a somewhat distorted offshoot of Taoism." Chagatai (‫جغتای‬ Jaġatāy [1] ) is an extinct Turkic language which was once widely spoken in Central Asia, and remained the shared literary language there until the early 20th century. It was also spoken by the early Mughal rulers in the Indian subcontinent, where it influenced the development of Hindustani. Ali-Shir Nava'i was the greatest representative of Chagatai literature. [2] Soviet scholarship termed the language "Old Uzbek". [3] Early development of the language is sometime known as Middle Turkic, or even simply Turki. Probably around 1077, [8] a scholar of the Turkic languages, Mahmud al-Kashgari from Kashgar in modern-day Xinjiang, published a Turkic language dictionary and description of the geographic distribution of many Turkic languages, Divān-ul Lughat-ul Turk (English: Compendium of the Turkic Dialects; Uyghur: ‫تۈركى‬‫تىلالر‬‫دىۋانى‬ Türki Tillar Divani). The book, described by scholars as an "extraordinary work," [9][10] documents the rich literary tradition of Turkic languages; it contains folk tales (including descriptions of the functions of shamans[10] ) and didactic poetry (propounding "moral standards and good behaviour"), besides poems and poetry cycles on topics such as hunting and love,[11] and numerous other language materials.[12] Pahlevi Script Medicine Song - The Rose (by any other name)
  • 95. The Conscious Mind We (speaking of the Lenape people) and the Christians of this valley have always had a free roadway toward each other.......although sometimes a tree has fallen across the road, yet still we have always removed it again keep the path clean. We design to continue the old friendship that has been between you and us. Brother Tamenend - Unami Chief 1694 Do the metaphoric qualities of intuitive reasoning processes require the wisdom of informed consent? Was it Toynbee who said.....,"Power corrupts and Absolute Power corrupts absolutely" Or did he say...."Those who forget History are destined to repeat it". This is generally accepted wisdom; responsibility precludes rationalization and self justification; and ethical and moral judgments are necessary. One problem with phenomena is that they are ‘often’ poorly observed and badly explained........semantic twists - relating to apparitions and the pneumonic (breath) of prejudice. When "science" is clouded by socio - cultural misanthropy - it requires judgment to discern its intention. An ecclesiastical discussion needs to be free of this influence to fulfill a didactic (to teach) purpose. On a grey scale of neurologic and pathologic phenomena ethnic paranoia is institutional gray - that is why one of the hidden parables of the psychedelic flower children was "beware of the black and white checkered "demon" ". Being interpreted - do not honor (give no presence to) - racial bigotry. The thesis of Toynbee in his study of 26 civilizations is that the failure of a governing authority to attain moral responsibility accelerated their demise (downfall)......internal corruption is more serious than even environmental degradation or war. The importance of right thinking precludes the projection of personal ideals upon others; focusing attention on meaning and purpose – and meditating upon the consequences. For Grace and ‘Good keeping’ here is the Passage of Scripture regarding MESSIAH: THE BOOK OF THE PROPHET ISAIAH Chapter 53
  • 96. 1 Who hath believed our report? and to whom is the arm of the LORD revealed? 2 For he shall grow up before him as a tender plant, and as a root out of a dry ground: he hath no form or comeliness; and when we shall see him, there is no beauty that we should desire him. 3 He is despised and rejected of men; a man of sorrows, and acquainted with grief: and we hid as it were our faces from him; he was despised, and we esteemed him not. 4 Surely he hath borne our grief, and carried our sorrows: yet we did esteem him stricken, smitten of God, and afflicted. 5 But he was wounded for our transgressions; he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed. 6 All we like sheep have gone astray; we have turned everyone to his own way; and the LORD hath laid on him the iniquity of us all. 7 He was oppressed, and he was afflicted, yet he opened not his mouth: he is brought as a lamb to the slaughter, and as a sheep before her shearers is dumb, so he opened not his mouth. 8 He was taken from prison and from judgment: and who shall declare his generation? For he was cut off out of the land of the living: for the transgression of my people was he stricken. 9 And he made his grave with the wicked and with the rich in his death; because he had done no violence, neither was any deceit in his mouth. 10 Yet it pleased the LORD to bruise him; he hath put him to grief: when you shall make his soul an offering for sin, he shall see his seed, he shall prolong his days, and the pleasure of the LORD shall prosper in his hand. 11 He shall see of the travail of his soul, and shall be satisfied: by his knowledge shall my righteous servant justify many; for he shall bear their iniquities. 12 Therefore will I divide him a portion with the great, and he shall divide the spoil with the strong; because he hath poured out his soul unto death: and he was numbered with the transgressors; and he bare the sin of many, and made intercession for the transgressors. The contentiousness towards ‘The Brethren’ is absurd - even the principal Historian of the Diaspora - Josephus Ben Matthias - Josephus - as he is known.....had a relative considered for apostleship. The historical accounts attributed to him; such as the events at Masada (Mysteries of the Bible; 1997)........which like the Iliad of Odyssey present an interpretation of historic disputed by modern Israelis archeologists. This is the problem of presenting docu-dramas based upon historic accounts which cannot be verified in artifact or official records. Josephus; himself could be seen today - a man caught in the middle of colliding and converging kingdoms and religious traditions. He properly discerned the enormous contradictions which the Pharisees and the Zealots had to cope with.......were these accounts given by unimpeachable witnesses or highly disturbed survivors.....undoubtedly it was a time of confusion. The separation in traditional Jewish society of secular and religious influence is highly controversial in modern Israel - its ramifications continue. It is also what makes the Jews a "peculiar people". Western ‘scholarship’ has come to magnify the Roman Empire far out of proportion to what it actually was – in modern terms; Naked Aggression. The Roman Caesar; as the Etruscans – merely exploited the ‘good works’ of the Phoenicians……a false viewpoint of history results and what is lost is more than can be gained. Here is a ‘list’ from a Byblos, Lebanon – historic site on the internet; which shows this aspect: These are the most important colonies of the Phoenicians: Syria: Arados. Cyprus: Kition. Libya: Leptis, Oia, Sabrata. Tunisia: Carthage, Utica, Hippo Diarrhytos, Neapolis, Hadrumetum, Thapsos, Acholla.
  • 97. Italy: Solus, Panormus, Motye (Sicily), Nora, Karalis, Sulci, Tharros (Sardegna), Kossyra (Pantelleria). Malta: Melita, Gaulos. Algeria: Hippo, Icosium. Morocco: Tingis, Zili, Lixos. Spain: Ebusos (Ibiza), Abdera, Sexi, Malaka, Karteia, Gadeira and Tartessos (main land Spain). The names "Phoenicia" and "Phoenicians" came from the Greek poet Homer57 – we do not know what they called themselves. In the Old Testament they are referred to as "Sidonians" (Syro-Phoenicians), in Akkadian they were probably called "Kinahna" (which is close to the term used in Hebrew for merchant). But we do know that the people here referred to themselves according to which city they came from: Tyrians, Sidonians, Carthaginians etc. Even if one wants to consider the phenomena of history - Israel would not be a good subject. Because aside from the Zionist movement - which was both philosophic and traditional; there is no singularity – in fact it is a joke amongst Jewish people – “here are three Jews and four different opinions” and the like. What one finds amongst the Israelis is determination; will power. One thing which assuredly angers many people is the accusation that their acts – relating to civil matters (emergencies) or spiritual (deliverance and redemption) - are ambiguous; self serving or even evil......such is the planet we live on. The oral tradition of the Jewish people - concerns a relationship to God as the descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (named by that ‘ONE’ - Israel). This oral tradition (aside from the Torah and the other official texts) is known as the Talmud - and one of the most important Talmudic contributions are the Tractates on scripture........especially the interpretation of prophesy. Rashi - commented upon the very controversial book of Isaiah and his insights on Isaiah 53 - the messianic chapter – are universally well respected.....if poorly understood. In this chapter a suffering person is depicted as the intercessor of the people who had done no violence, nor was any deceit in his mouth.....and whose soul would make all the people acceptable once more to Adonai Eloyhenu......such a one many believe is Messiah Yeshua (Ben David). Another opinion within the tradition was that Israel itself was this intercessor - before the nations; but some objected because of the many transgressions of the House of David...... today we discern a nation which has strived to ‘keep the covenant’; where capital punishment is not applied to terrorists... a nation with ‘humanitarian’ diplomacy and tough policies. Israel is a people under a terrible strain; bruised and beaten - for the iniquities of the whole world it would seem - its promise; as a glorious light is not diminished by the money loving media. The world of entertainment loves magic - and is seemingly spellbound by sleight of hand and highly technical perceptual tricks; the phenomena of magic is not the meditative response of escape; but in the illusion created by hand and eye; carefully orchestrated. Yeshua himself resented being cast in this light.....he was offended by the misapprehension of his spiritual ‘talents’ as a form of trickery or sorcery - because as we come to understand ‘the Great and Holy Spirit’...the miracle of healing and deliverance from oppression require both prayer and love...... magic requires only talent and an unwitting audience. The "miracles" of the Gospel - raising the dead; walking on the water; fasting 40 days and 40 nights - turning water into wine; feeding of the 5,000 etc.,, are beyond superstition; (shamans "walk" on water; holy men have raised the dead and fasted nearly to death and many died in Israel for their testimonies). The ‘pre-eminence’ of spiritual reality and its relationship to ‘millennialism’ and its ‘messianic’ flavor is poignant during times of great changes and ‘upheavals’. Here is an excerpt from a University of Albany Course (Care of his father – David); “For such a belief, we need to turn to a people distantly related to the Vedic Indians: the Iranians. It was among them 57 In the Amarna tablets of the 14th century BC, people from the region called themselves Kenaani or Kinaani (Canaanites), although these letters predate the invasion of the Sea Peoples by over a century. Much later, in the 6th century BC, Hecataeus of Miletus writes that Phoenicia was formerly called χνα, a name Philo of Byblos later adopted into his mythology as his eponym for the Phoenicians: "Khna who was afterwards called Phoinix". [
  • 98. that the prophet Zarathustra, also known as Zoroaster, first began preaching (ca. 1500-1200 BCE) that existence was the realization of a divine plan that would culminate in a glorious transformation and perfection of the earth. Zarathustra underwent a series of illuminations in which he saw the god Ahura Mazda, Lord Wisdom, and from that point onward he prophesied for a new religious faith, Zoroastrianism, which by the middle of the sixth century BCE, roughly during the reign of the Persian Monarch Cyrus the Great, had become the official religion of the royal dynasty. Bahá'u'lláh; the founder of the Bahá'í Faith as a member of the Babis – his son `Abdu'l-Bahá was born in Tehran, Persia on May 23, 1844 – this Islamic sect has roots in the Zoroastrian tradition. In fact it does not seem pretentious to note a ‘prophetic’ coincidence of the first order – in that Chilam Belem’s ‘vision’; shines a light upon this man’s life – even a Christian writer like Khalid Gibran dedicated a novel to him – The Prophet. During World War I `Abdu'l-Bahá stayed in Palestine, under the continued threat of Allied bombardment and threats from the Turkish commander. As the war ended, the British Mandate over Palestine brought relative security to `Abdu'l-Bahá. During his final year, a growing number of visitors and pilgrims came to see him in Haifa.[24] On April 27, 1920, he was awarded a knighthood by the British Mandate of Palestine for his humanitarian efforts during the war. [1] `Abdu'l-Bahá died on November 28, 1921 (27th of Rabi'u'l-Avval, 1340 AH[2]). On his funeral, Esslemont notes: "... a funeral the like of which Haifa, nay Palestine itself, had surely never seen... so deep was the feeling that brought so many thousands of mourners together, representative of so many religions, races and tongues." [25] The timing of this rise to power is important. Cyrus is called "the great" because through his massive conquests he founded the first Iranian (Persian) empire in 549 BC, and it is through his conquests of rival empires, particularly that of Nebuchadnezzar, that Zoroastrian millennialism spread to Judaism and thence to Christianity, a subject I’ll return to in a moment. But first, a brief description of Zoroastrianism and its millennialist flavor.” The 3 wise men who visited Bethlehem - Caspar, Melchior and Balthazar (names not given by scripture but through 8 th century scholarship); are considered ‘historically’ as ‘keepers’ of the Zoroastrian ‘purpose’. The publication of the Septuagint was important to this ‘movement’ but the presence of the Jewish Faith throughout Persia and Elam was even more important. Further – Astronomy is quite different than astrology; the wise were obviously more than astrologers in that the star itself (see today as an Astronomic convergence) is mentioned in the Book of Micah. “At this point in our narrative, circa 500 BCE, all the elements of millennialism as I defined it are in place, though Judaism is still missing two related concepts: (1) Apocalyptic (Gk. apocalypses: unveiling): the idea that some prophets have been granted a vision of what the end of days will be like, visions that are preserved in texts we call apocalypses (Jubilees, I Enoch, Daniel, Revelation). (2) Messianic: the notion of a savior and redeemer that we saw was so important in Zoroastrianism. These would emerge some three hundred years later, in another Jewish text influenced by Zoroastrianism and written in a period of persecution: the Book of Daniel, the last to enter the Hebrew Bible.” There is an uncanny ‘coincidence’ between the ‘appearance’ of the Baha’i ‘holy man’ and the visionary writings of Chilam Belem (One Jaguar) – the Mayan High Priest; translated from the ‘Dresden Codex’. The dichotomy of soul and spirit 58 can be represented by the place of Israel in the community of nations. Need for wisdom is great. We can sense in Israel today the anointing that Messiah had - they do not resist the evil which the greedy world inflicts upon them.....the 39 scud missiles of Iraqi insanity.....the innumerable terrorist of the most frightful crimes in the gruesome history of earth......enslavement by totalitarian communism....etc. Why is this? As priestly orders – the calling to serve has revealed itself throughout the world. The initiated apply themselves to sacred observance of ritual devotion ....... with discreteness and confidentiality for the "hidden manna" of "Divine" order. In a secularized world - man has itching ears for cunningly devised "wisdom" that flatters one's world view. 58 Scriptures says that ‘God’ will divide between soul and spirit; one’s conscious intent and the truth of what a person is doing or has done.....this presents judgment to the believer. A spiritual trichotomy is the Trinity; Father; Son and Holy Spirit.....Jesus councils his people to put their trust in the father – “whom no one can take pluck you away from.’ The ancient and holy prayer Shema (Hear O) Israel........proclaims this ‘oneness’ as a command.
  • 99. But the need is for righteous wisdom applicable to everyday enable decision making require composure and sound judgment - if problems are to be prevented and corrected. Is it true "man is the master of his fate; the captain of his own soul"; it does not appear so but it must be! The enigma of discernment helps define the quality of a person - requiring godly wisdom to hold fast to the truth. The coordination of enthusiastic expression can determine one's fate.....pause, reflect, meditate.....Like the wind - spirit is unseen and often only whispers.......when howling often shifts about dramatically; therefore the knowledge of an expected outcome could be very important. A conscientious mind perceives responsibilities - responding appropriately to moral dilemma. Intuitively - insights are often quite simple; the metaphor of Parrots - as the Mayan prophetic eschatology shows vividly - rebuke tyrants and help the great spirit chart the right path for the people; even warning them of great a symbol of wisdom - parrots - which mate for life; are highly social - yet harmless creatures......are highly intelligent and talented.....and brighten everyone’s day. Does moral virtue quicken the understanding of learning... providing intuitive insight? If precognition of a given situation helps provide steps to avoid confrontation or forewarning to defend oneself in a compromising situation....its importance in knowing; validating and understanding is fundamental to experience and memory. A reasonable balance of native intelligence– and moral virtue overcomes - ontological uncertainty. Quieting the waters of a troubled mind. In retaining one's faith - not only in god but others as well - freedom from fear and abuse are being affected......affording confidence to lift up one’s countenance and experience joy. An important expression of this throughout the world is lifting up woman's civil rights and moral authority, in a logical and ordered way. Past generations; ongoing; have witnessed the transformation of women into a full sense of partnership throughout much of the world. This is right and just - not only metaphorically as the bride; mother or companion but also as conscience......not in usurping divine authority........but in properly applying it. Spiritual truth as virtue then ....... would confess the wisdom of not putting off until tomorrow what can best be done today. One such ―moment " was the International Agreement to ban Land American women once Nobel Peace Laureate........had to rebuke her own country for not signing it. BASILEOS MEGALOU EUKRATIDOU Antiochus Epiphany Hannukiahs – Festival of Lights They were called the Dioscuri (dios kouroi), meaning the "youths of Zeus". Their Vedic parallels in the effulgent brother horsemen Asvin sets them firmly in the Indo-European tradition (Burkert 1985:212). From Wikipedia Abdul_Baha_Abbas Khalil Gibran Prophecies of One Jaguar
  • 100. Coming to Ma’aloula Lebanon Home of Gibran Ma’aloula Mural ‘Eternal Fires of Chimera’ Ancient Christian City Looking towards Mountains Mar Sarkis Mar Bacchu from Ancient Lycia 59 Appendix The Consciousness of Conscience .......vital light; upon the lasting hills. Each Age disseminating their circumference. Lenses of Eternity................Emily Dickinson The perspective of a multi dimensional universe is not diminished by our observation - creations guise. We can hope to grasp this ‘virtue’ - as a matter of discernment and obedience. The Roman Road (as it is called – Paul’s letter to the Romans) has prescribed. When meditating (cognitively) the state of consciousness will determine the aspect of understanding; dream; vision; quiet moment and the light of intuitive insight ......grasped. In consideration of sacred relationship - oneness - if it is not an illusion guard - protect - one's conscious mind and mortal soul.....fulfilling the upright expectations of a hopeful that trust is right.....this is freedom and responsibility. The present age is rapidly imitative creative faculties ever intensely growing...into unknown realms of higher quantum dimensions......the power of quantum computers and ‘green’ energy technologies. A definite pattern is emerging in the design of information systems.......and this is to quickly incorporate any functional modality - virtual reality, dimensional constructs, and neurologic psychology......into games, stories and tools for mass marketing via web, television and retail mega - stores. The unconscionable license to exploit the developing generation with little protection against criminal exploitation forebodes an enemy much worse even than the vilest imaginations will their increasingly dystopian and apocalyptic future; of phantasmal visions. Is this phenomenon of recent vintage or more deeply automata of totalitarian states and Machiavellian tendency? The conceptuality of doom is not biblical. The bad conscience of unresolved guilt and unpunished crime is obvious. our creator; is not condemning us – but warning of consequences. It is ones soul that virtue reminds us of. The increasing presence of heroine as guardian and protector of society is relatively... a new her 59 Sanchuniathon (Greek: Σαγχουνιάθων; gen.: Σαγχουνιάθωνος) is the purported Phoenician author of three lost works originally in the Phoenician language, surviving only in partial paraphrase and summary of a Greek translation by Philo of Byblos, according to the Christian bishop Eusebius of Caesarea. These few fragments comprise the most extended literary source concerning Phoenician religion in either Greek or Latin: Phoenician sources, along with all of Phoenician literature, were lost with the parchment on which they were habitually written.
  • 101. male counterpart is a pawn of society and its order; which is served by her "courageous" deeds. The unconscious motivation of will - through which the grip on purpose is maintained - is the underlining theme of dramatic and political it this motivation in question or is taking personal authority over society’s moral order? The political illness of the United States (aside from lawlessness) resides in such dilemma. The idea of a typical teenybopper - " I want to live...not just exist" - has with the brokenness of society produced people who graduate from university before puberty and others who have little fear of authority and must be tried as adults because of the crimes they commit. We can sense the sham of this theater - somehow it is the "immorality" of society which is responsible for personal guilt and punishment for crime (capital punishment) are crimes in themselves.....thus the quality of justice is diminished......crime keeps increasing. When one ethnic group attempts to hide their guile and malice behind a shield...decrying prejudice as becomes a major stumbling block to the administration of justice. Changing a bad situation.....quickly.....requires the cooperation of the community where the crimes are originating; remediation of poor moral standards is not "exploitative"; remission of corrupt lifestyles is grievous to the miscreants (ex. Gangsterism) so fear prevents change. . Relationships; "like residues of an unknown past" still influence decision making. The sacredness of marriage is the best example of Theophonic doctrine in conflict with cultural dogma. The godly countenance of the Christian Church elected that the pre - eminence was given only to those faithful in was the first requirement (amongst temperate virtues) for consideration. The lifting up of the spiritual authority of women is the foundation of family; community; government and is a blessing of inestimable value. In the turbulence of awakening - it is compelling that the wisdom of Khalil Gibran - a Lebanese journalist - would be remembered........even as he condemned the oriental practices which had such a destructive impact upon the development of Middle Eastern societies; showing confidence in God's spirit; lifting up of a fallen countenance and the internal joy of Faith. Showing genuine appreciation of others helps to understands why it is written; ‘I will bless those who bless thee; but I will curse those who curse thee’ – concerning Abraham and Isaac. Today there is a sad historical dilemma in a faithful heart........that in the warmth of rekindling the Yiddish culture - worldwide.......the imponderable strings - of an artist such as Yitzhak Perlman - remind the first Yiddish Folk Music Festival in free Poland 1997 – that our conflicts may be temporal .........especially unwise attempts to legislate the Jewish conscience. The fundamental concern of a whole people......regardless of ethnicity......for the restoration of something wonderful that has been lost.....will transcend causality....seeking the condolence of divine presence. In the becoming of a messianic movement - there is sensed...."strangeness".....or historic uncertainty (doubt) - then it is well.....because the source...the word itself....was spoken in this way. Leaving no doubt as to oneness, love or hoped for inspiration (even in a new creation)......the ancient prayer "help Lord - my unbelief". In conclusion............. In writing such a work it is hoped that appreciating the Great Mystery of life is not diminished. The journey of self discovery begins with the admonition "know yourself" - one's conscience can be the source of awakening. This is more compelling than generally understanding the revelation of life's mysteries......becoming obedient to conscience (as moral virtue) becomes the souls awareness. The essential quietness of what we do and what qualities are hidden in our dreams......need our undivided attention. One’s ‘mental vitality’ hopes to be ready to obey the "inner man" and know the difference between deception and righteousness. One who hopes to understand and delineate abstract qualities of.....Ethics; Reason and Logic with authentic LOVE for TRUTH....especially in taking responsibility for inventions which drive our materialistic cultures. For such a calling we recommend prayer and meditation; trusting in the truth of the word spoken in trust through the ages (Gods that is) . Recognition that medical arts are only capable of treating the symptoms of a disease denies knowledge of pathologic cause. "Only God (as spirit) can actually HEAL us" not deny the renewing of the man an organic thing........or does spirit animate the organism transcendentally? These are questions born from the "awakening" of so - called "higher consciousness". Is "hearing voices" a sign of mental illness? Not necessarily....but it could be a
  • 102. symptom of "sub conscious" confusion - about the solitude of mind. It is unnecessary to qualify the ‘presence’ of the invisible realm (this is how many understand the fear of god). Yet insane people hear voices and some become possessed by them…indicating that an aberration of the spirit is taking place; do not discount the serious and often dangerous condition of such people – many need immediate intercession. It could be.....that being unloved - (parents - love your children) is the source of this ‘psychosis’ (caring for each other), 60 A generalized inability to comprehend the interrelatedness of life – is of course; blindness - or intellectual dishonesty. Our "conscious" faculties developed according to the order of the living world we share with "nature" is given the role of “caretaker”. The harmony evidenced by human mental faculties is of transcendental degree - not of functional anatomy. In human beings - acts of conscious choice - rather than instincts......set the table of experience. It is obvious that the cult of intellect.... encourages egotism and discord, defined by the rigor of moral reason. Because the mind (of a person) is capable of promoting universal understanding......memory is the aesthetics of silence. Run deep.....ways of knowing requires appreciation for conceptual shifts in ambient qualities of the living world. The millennial generation and their green revolution are utilizing this conceptuality of a daily basis. Ambiance is not diminished.....the apparent is intuitive remarkably. If true objectivity appears impossible - be it not a perception of one's autonomous will. 61 The need is to thoroughly investigate.....what is coincidence in "supernatural phenomenon" which like planned obsolescence and waste.....only serves to profit from deception. Once is more than the sum of his parts; but less than the weight of his conscience.....what will a clean one yield.....a life free of contradiction and superstition. Like the "Cornish Rhapsody" or "Rhapsody in Blue" maybe ‘Shenandoah’ too; ‘compositions’ are able to give the sentimental strains of tragedy a harmony and grandeur for healing the inner man. This ambiance is deeply moving and emotionally satisfying. Freedom and responsibility are the means through which we maintain our grip on purpose....and love of course. Are self - willed individuals - "slaves of credulity"....which purport scientific truth and logic...but actually lie. If avoiding the Freudian criticism - "that America's only contribution to psychology is materialistic technology" important then the defense of sublimation through good necessary. It can never be claimed that traditions are trivial.....especially the ones which have withstood the ravages of time. The repercussions of emotional judgment....are situational arousal states...and provide motivation for internal impulses and non verbal actions. The need for intuitive grasp of "the unconscious" in terms of "metaphoric mind" is not well served by scientific hostility to spiritual reality – which in relation to awakening and regeneration - is not waning. Train a child in the way that he should go ....and when he grows up he will not depart from it. Conscience itself is not analytical (obviously)....motives; deeds; habits; goals and upright character can be objectively examined. Consciousness of conscience is highly reasonable where self-judgment and moral character [as seen by others] are juxtaposed; implications for right decision are compelling. The faith of moral dignity provides the philosophic moment of righteous the intuitive moment of inextinguishable memory........provides a firm foundation for a community based society nurtured by good will. 60 When neurology measures conceptual relations...the behavioral premise alleges that one's awareness is either ontological or psychological! Defined as: the totality of cerebral functions....(encouragement; confidence; love) that man does not become a lump of clay.....simply put. 61 Indeed – quantum entanglement theory is discovering the importance of free will in the case of the classic observer and the ‗viability‘ of measurement. In reference to Wednesday, August 25, 2010 ‗Quantum Entanglement Can be a Measure of Free Will‘ – MIT Technology Review
  • 103. Edomite Copper Ramses II at Kadesh 62 The Judges of Israel – kingdom map David confronts Goliath The question of the 4 th millennia is one which future generations will address with a much clearer insight into the development of peoples and cultures......Biblical history is still more than adequate for a proper orientation. Geometrical Mosaic honoring El Shaddai An Astronomic Clock recovered From the Mediterranean Sea Bhutan Culture – TEA Map of Bhutan Code of Hammurabi Gen 14: 1800 B.C.E. Lady – 4th millennia Bekaa Valley – Sgt. Nimrod 62 Kadosh, Kadosh, Kadosh -
  • 104. Seals are one of the most commonly found objects in Harappan cities. They are decorated with animal motifs such as elephants, water buffalo, tigers, and most commonly unicorns. Some of these seals are inscribed with figures that are prototypes to later Hindu religious figures, some of which are seen today. Khan Neshin Afghanistan Baluchistan – Indus Delta Registan Desert Sarasvati River (source) Vedic Mathematics Voltaire, the famous French writer and philosopher) stated that "Pythagoras went to the Ganges to learn geometry." Abraham Seidenberg, author of the authoritative "History of Mathematics," credits the Sulba Sutras as inspiring all mathematics of the ancient world from Babylonia to Egypt to Greece. Mohenjo-Daro An Ancient Indus Valley Metropolis - Discoveries of New Sites Since the initial discoveries of Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa on the Ravi and Sindhu rivers in 1922, over 2500 other settlements have been found stretching from Baluchistan to the Ganga and beyond and down to the Tapti Valley. This covers almost a million and a half square kilometers. More than 75% of these sites are concentrated not along the Sindhu, as was believed 70 years ago, but on the banks of the dried up river Sarasvati. The drying up of this great river
  • 105. was a catastrophe, which led to a massive exodus of people in around 2000-1900BC. Some of these people moved southeast, some northwest, and some to Middle-eastern countries such as Iran and Mesopotamia. Dynasties and rulers with Indian names appear and disappear all over west Asia confirming the migration of people from East to West. With so much evidence against the Aryan Invasion theory, one wonders as to why this ugly vestige of British imperialism is still taught in Indian schools today! Such serious misconceptions can only be reconciled by accepting that the Aryans were the original inhabitants of the Indus Valley region, and not a horde of marauding foreign nomads. Such an Invasion never occurred. Ever since the discovery of Harappa, archaeologists have been trying to identify the rulers of this city. What has been found is very surprising because it isn't like the general pattern followed by other early urban societies. It appears that the Harappan and other Indus rulers governed their cities through the control of trade and religion, not by military might. It is an interesting aspect of Harappa as well as the other Indus cities that in the entire body of Indus art and sculpture there are no monuments erected to glorify, and no depictions of warfare or conquered enemies. It is speculated that the rulers might have been wealthy merchants, or powerful landlords or spiritual leaders. Whoever these rulers were it has been determined that they showed their power and status through the use of seals and fine jewelry. Appendix Avestan /əˈvɛstən/, [1] formerly also known as "Zend" or "Old Bactrian", is an East Iranian language known only from its use as the language of Zoroastrian scripture, i.e. the Avesta, from which it derives its name. Its area of composition comprised – at least – Arachosia/Sīstān, Herat, Merv and Bactria. [2] The Yaz culture [3] has been regarded as a likely archaeological reflection of early East Iranian culture as described in the Avesta. Its status as a sacred language has ensured its continuing use for new compositions long after the language had ceased to be a living language. ( quoted from Wikipedia - ) 63 Decline and Transformation | by Jonathan Mark Kenoyer University of Wisconsin, Madison | Towards the end of the Indus occupation a slightly different type of pottery, called Jhukar ware was used alongside the more standard Harappa pottery. New styles of geometric seals that did not have writing replace the inscribed seals that were characteristic of the Indus occupation. The transition from one culture to the next was gradual as seen at Harappa, and there is no evidence for invasions by outside communities such as the so-called Indo-Aryans. Although some scattered skeletons were discovered in the later levels, they do not represent warfare or raiding, and there is no evidence that the site came to a violent end. Various factors contributed to the decline of Mohenjo-Daro. On the one hand, changes in the river flow patterns and correspondent widespread flooding would have disrupted the agricultural base, but did not destroy the city directly. Although there appears to have been a significant break between the end of the Indus occupation and the Early Historic occupation, it is unlikely that the site was ever totally abandoned due to its high position on the plain and the protection it afforded against floods. The argument goes like this:  Mohenjo – Daro – Sarasvita River - American Archeology 63 Archaeological cultures associated with Indo-Iranian migrations (after EIEC). The Andronovo, BMAC and Yaz cultures have often been associated with Indo-Iranian migrations. The GGC, Cemetery H, Copper Hoard and PGW cultures are candidates for cultures associated with Indo-Aryan movements.
  • 106.  Sarasvati River dries up – Indus River Valley is born  The Harappan Civilization - A Unique Character  archaeological artifacts harappa-mohenjo-daro - Ekistics (Arcology) The Vedic culture now is becoming recognized as one of great accomplishment and understanding: The Heliodorus Column and Cultural Links to India An example of these exchanges is found in the inscriptions on the Heliodorus Column, erected in 113 B.C.E. by Heliodorus, a Greek ambassador to India, and convert to Vaisnavism, as well as the 2nd century B.C.E. Coins of Agathocles, showing images of Krishna and Balaram. These artifacts stand testimony that Sanatan Dharma predates Christianity. This also confirms the link between India and other ancient civilizations such as Greece and shows that there was a continuous exchange of culture, philosophy and scientific knowledge between India & other countries. Indeed the Greeks learned many wonderful things from India. As Voltaire & Seidenberg have stated, many highly significant mathematical concepts have come from the Vedic culture, such as: The theorem bearing the name of the Greek mathematician Pythagorus is found in the Shatapatha Brahmana as well as the Sulba Sutra, the Indian mathematical treatise, written centuries before Pythagorus was born. The Decimal system, based on powers of ten, where the remainder is carried over to the next column, first mentioned in the Taittiriya Samhita of the Black Yajurveda. The Introduction of zero as both a numerical value and a place marker and the Concept of infinity is very precocious. The Binary number system, essential for computers, was used in Vedic verse meters. A hashing technique, similar to that used by modern search algorithms, such as Googles, was used in South Indian musicology. From the name of a raga one can determine the notes of the raga from this Kathapayadi system. (See Figure at left.) For further reading we refer you to this excellent article on Vedic Mathematics. Tcheliabinsk Oblast - Population: 3,603,339 (2002 Census). For an ‘obscure’ area it has a very diverse ethnic makeup. The census counted the following seventeen recognized ethnic groups of more than two thousand persons each in
  • 107. Chelyabinsk Oblast: • 2,965,568 Russians (82.3%); • 205,041 Tatars (5.69%); • 166,372 Bashkirs (4.62%); • 76,994 Ukrainians (2.14%); • 36,219 Kazakhs (1.00%); • 28,457 Germans (0.79%); • 20,355 Belarusians (0.56%); • 18,055 Mordvins (0.50%); • 9,483 Chuvash (0.26%); • 8,601 Armenians (0.24%); • 7,379 Azeris (0.20%); • 5,125 Tajiks (0.14%); • 4,930 Jews (0.14%); • 3,486 Mari (0.10%); • 3,344 Udmurts (0.09%); • 3,324 Roma (0.09%); • 3,057 Uzbeks (0.08%). 0.24% of residents declined to state their ethno-cultural identity Some several thousand years ago there once thrived a civilization in the Indus Valley. Located in what's now Pakistan and western India, it was the earliest known urban culture of the Indian subcontinent. (1) The Indus Valley Civilization, as it is called, covered an area the size of western Europe. It was the largest of the four ancient civilizations of Egypt, Mesopotamia, India and China. However, of all these civilizations the least is known about the Indus Valley people. This is because the Indus script has not yet been deciphered. There are many remnants of the script on pottery vessels, seals, and amulets, but without a "Rosetta Stone" linguists and archaeologists have been unable to decipher it. They have then had to rely upon the surviving cultural materials to give them insight into the life of the Harappan's. (2) Harappan's are the name given to any of the ancient people belonging to the Indus Valley civilization. This article will be focusing mainly on the two largest cities of Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro, and what has been discovered there.
  • 108. For example, seals have been recovered with the repeated motif of a man sitting in a yogic position surrounded by animals. This is very similar to the Hindu god of Shiva, who is known to have been the friend of the animals and sat in a yogic position. These seals are known as the Shiva seals. Other images of a male god have been found, thus indicating the beginnings of Shiva worship, which continues to be practiced today in India. (10) This is an interesting point because of the accepted notion of an Aryan invasion. If Aryan's had invaded the Indus Valley, conquered the people, and imposed their own culture and religion on them, as the theory goes, it would seem unlikely that there would a continuation of similar religious practices up to the present. There is evidence throughout Indian history to indicate that Shiva worship has continued for thousands of years without disruption. [cf. Harappan cultural continuity] The Aryan's were supposed to have destroyed many of the ancient cities right around 1500 B.C., and this would account for the decline of the Indus civilization. However the continuity of religious practices makes this unlikely, and other more probable explanations for the decline of the Harappan civilization have been proposed in recent years; such as climate shifts which caused great droughts around 2200 B.C., and forced the abandonment of the Indus cities and pushed a migration westward. Recent findings have shown that the Sumerian empire declined sharply at this time due to a climate shift that caused major droughts for several centuries. (11) The Harappa‘s being so close to Sumer, would in all probability have been affected by this harsh shift in climate. Many of the seals also are inscribed with short pieces of the Indus script. These seals were used in order to show the power of the rulers. Each seal had a name or title on it, as well as an animal motif that is believed to represent what sort of office or clan the owner belonged to. The seals of the ancient Harappa‘s were probably used in much the same way they are today, to sign letters or for commercial transactions. The use of these seals declined when the civilization declined. In 2001 Kenoyer's excavations unearthed a workshop that manufactured seals and inscribed tablets. This was significant in that combined with the last 16 years of excavations, it provided a new chronology for the development of the Indus script. Previously, the tablets and seals were all grouped together, but now Kenoyer has been able to demonstrate that the various types of seals and tablets emerged at different times. The writing on the seals and tablets might have changed as well through the years. Kenoyer as well as others are trying to conclude when the dates of the script changes were. The revision of this chronology may greatly aid in the decipherment of the script. (12) There has been attempts at deciphering this script, and the results are not widely agreed upon, and its still a point of controversy. [Reading from right to left]
  • 109. The ruling elite controlled vast trade networks with Central Asia, and Oman, importing raw materials to urban workshops. There is even evidence of trade with Mesopotamia, for Harappan seals and jewelry have been found there. Harappa, along with other Indus cities, established their economic base on agriculture produce and livestock, supplemented by the production of and trade of commodities and craft items. Raw materials such as carnelian, steatite, and lapis lazuli were imported for craft use. In exchange for these goods, such things as livestock, grains, honey and clarified butter may have been given. However, the only remains are those of beads, ivory objects and other finery. What is known about the Harappan's is that they were very skilled artisans, making beautiful objects out of bronze, gold, silver, terracotta, glazed ceramic, and semiprecious stones. The most exquisite objects were often the most tiny. Many of the Indus art objects are small, displaying and requiring great craftsmanship. From the Mayan to the Hopi – Harmonic Convergence in Astronomic Observation and Prophecy Modern Shamans view the mosaic of their people’s history with the realization that cultural convergence is taking place. This convergence is evidently universal in scope and has according to an ancient tradition great power as well. Eschatological concepts like end of the age; completion of the great cycle of creation and Millennial Jubilees are harmonic in the cosmologic chronology [historic time frame]. Such immense and multidimensional visions, journeys and treatises must rely upon a logic which can transcend time and space [as many traditions maintain] – and are therefore reliant upon the inner light of spirit in correspondence with the “marvelous light” of ambient reality – the proverbial “Wonder of it all”. In conjunction with scientific developments in astronomic observation; calculation; and visitation……it is possible to actually verify many of the legends and folklore of ancient people and their civilizations as being more than mythology. In fact when given their true significance [as a source of creation stories; universal origins] as progenitors; they are in their becoming - prophetic wisdom.
  • 110. School children are taught the golden rule – do unto others as you would have them do unto you; silence is golden and to beware of the story [gossip] that goes around (observe how even a simple observation is changed in repetition from hearer to teller). Yet even in great division and trouble; Mayan cosmology was disseminated with a wisdom which adds to its meaning and lifts up its purpose. Photographs taken by Voyager 2 – zooming by the moons of the planet Jupiter and the Hubble Space Telescopes studied the “arm” of Orion and its stellar nebulae (which one of the first American Astronauts expressed as ‘reach out and touch the face of God’). “Prophecies” contain the seeds of understanding that our human condition needs for a unique perspective of history. The undeniable malevolence of empires and its “pyramid builders” needs to be appreciated from a more tenable viewpoint; one which is able to see symbolic expression and scientific logic as great accomplishments which even tyrants cannot spoil….the truth will be told; even if it means the death of the prophet. The high priest – prince and celestial observer with its “visions” are universal in historic scope and significance; the zodiac being no more (or less) than the story of a “man-child” being born to a virgin in a little town called Bethlehem. In this same sense; the last photo taken by Voyager 2 following its “terrible” encounter with the radiant and gravitational power of the “Jovian” system bears the same signature given to Noah and his family following the “antediluvian deluge” of a perfect rainbow. Job 38:31-33 “Can you bind the beautiful Pleiades? Can you loose the cords of Orion? Can you bring forth the constellations in their seasons or lead out the Bear with its cubs? Do you know the laws of the heavens? Can you set up *God's+ dominion over the earth?” The second ‘instance’ is in a slightly different form: II Kings 23:3-5 “The king stood by the pillar and renewed the covenant in the presence of the LORD--to follow the LORD and keep his commands, regulations and decrees with all his heart and all his soul, thus confirming the words of the covenant written in this book. Then all the people pledged themselves to the covenant. The king ordered Hilkiah the high priest, the priests next in rank and the doorkeepers to remove from the temple of the LORD all the articles made for Baal and Asherah and all the starry hosts. He burned them outside Jerusalem in the fields of the Kidron Valley and took the ashes to Bethel. He did away with the pagan priests appointed by the kings of Judah to burn incense on the high places of the towns of Judah and on those around Jerusalem--those who burned incense to Baal, to the sun and moon, to the constellations and to all the starry hosts.” And convergence itself……as the highly visible comet named “Hiyakawa” (by a Japanese Astronomer) passed through the handle of the “Big Dipper” (constellation Ursa Major – the Bear); a rare White Buffalo was born on a ranch in Wisconsin (USA)….fulfilling a prophecy which was Related by the Holy Man/Shaman of the Lakota people – Black Elk….which provides for an end to the Grief of Mourning for loved ones. These prophecies….Mayan; Hopi; Lakota are examples of spiritual traditions which encountered great tribulation (suffering and persecution) but through faith in the Great and Holy Spirit became partakers of the Sacred Mystery which envelopes every mother’s child. These “spiritual” traditions cannot verify eonic time (i.e. billions of years) in fact – the most ancient intact historic record of human beings is the Hebrew Bible and the complete creation cycle cited by the Mayan astronomy at 26,000 years – was calculated as coming to its fulfillment in 2012 – after a more orthodox tradition. Millennial Jubilees have few parallels and may enrapture mankind as promised by the prophets of Israel. The oldest continuing civilization is the Chinese and their year (this year) is 4700 – the Mayan is stated as between 5104 and 5116 (for the people) depending on how one interprets its immense calculations….. Buddhist and Hindu tradition have celebrated over 2500 Years of recorded history…..the Hebrew Calendar stands at 5762 or 5772 for the Mayan convergence. In fact this convergence is more than coincidence; the exact year of Jesus of Nazareth’s birth can be determined only to plus or minus 2 -5 years due to unreliable Roman “chronology”. The star of Bethlehem was a celestial event which science has still failed to fully comprehend – heavenly host notwithstanding. The Tibetans who bear witness to “the Just Jesus”; date their civilization at 2129; when added to “Lord” Buddha’s chronology is harmonious with Cathay. Corresponding authentically with heart, soul and strength; moral virtue must deal with the incredulous and unconscionable; within communities, institutions, government and even universally – expect nothing less. The
  • 111. Intuitive conscience (Mr. Bettelheim termed this – “the informed heart”) dispels any and all doubt concerning the moral issues which an individual must prevail in. This intuitive process requires introspection – to look first at oneself for the culprit in all misanthropy and then towards the world. In this way; the cynicism which doubt creates can be dispelled. This “self-examination” is assigned by classical tradition to the soul; being vital for dialogue with reason, where reason is capable of discerning what is good – the moral and ethical quality of what is right. Providence has elevated the human life span from 47 a century ago unto 77 at millennium. These 30 years have not brought wisdom or moral uprightness; but gratitude is sensed. Somewhere it is written – “and he became a living soul” – such a description reminds us that human beings should ‘encounter’ the living world with their MIND present. Other stories about creation remind the listener about “soul mates” – a man and his wife (pegik sagat and sanna tella) whose companionship is to be honored. To describe an ontology [which can overcome iniquity]; requires a description of common practice – in the case of the rule of law; the companionship of marriage is defined by the rule…..and the marriage bed is sanctified; this is termed being faithful. Whether by symbolic correspondence such as writing or spoken language - one’s word is a “bond”. This “word” of agreement, contract or ceremony defines a simple ethic which encompasses a lifespan for honorable individuals, and ages for governments and their institutions. Being true or false; one’s word given in trust is very important to ‘keep’. “Spiritual Adultery” *paying “lip service” to one’s word+ becomes mistrust. Even in the time of Abraham [the Hebrew] (where many of these stories are rooted) legal code (such as Hammurabi) - defined that inheritance was given to the eldest child of one’s legal wife (apart and aside from all others) – confirming the sanctity of one marriage - between a man and his beloved as being “legally” binding. (Perhaps this is why scripture (and tradition) recount God’s anger with his ‘friend’) In the totality of the “intuitive moment” - conceptualization; gives expression to understanding. This applies to symbolic expression of the “laws of nature” and more happily ‘relationships’ based upon these “laws”. Virtue is strengthened – given new meaning and purpose. This being understood as the realization; that the law itself cannot accomplish what is good - only dedication to love and respect for others upon which the laws are based. Such relationships define “ethics” [in the case of the “living soul” – being present; is the totality of consciousness]. This “ambiance” is holistic. The absurdity of “man playing god” becomes negation of a trust which is beyond comprehension; it has been well stated – the Holy Spirit is a person – the Agent of Semantic Ontology. Such a person; being endowed by creation; must remain its faithful servant. To god alone is the glory. The idea that ontology [being] is metaphysical, means - the totality of being which an “ENTITY” represents relies upon a conceptualization of it. Metaphysical terms such as “symbiotic” and “synergistic” are derived from the Purpose which such an entity or organism serves (the sum of its parts is not equal to the whole) as a vital part of living systems which in turn sustains it. Thereby ecosystems and environment derive meaning. Understanding that special qualities of essentiality form a grand framework of ontologic relationships helps to define purpose. Differentiating tangible and intangible; intellectual and academic; or creative from mundane presents dichotomies which such ontologies can function within. Meaning and purpose are understood in terms of what may be known (the epistemological) yet they are often intrinsic and hidden (semantic) thereby requiring insight. This is why using consciousness as a precept requires that semantics are associated with definitions of knowledge. Existentialism and phenomenology (along with a few others) are modern examples of such developments. Two thousand years ago a Jewish man preached at Mars Hill in Athens, Greece….”take care, lest anyone spoil you through philosophies”; assurance and wellbeing belong to each and all - intrinsically; the soul – to wit – is the providence of the Lord God Almighty; who as Abraham and Melchitsedek celebrated in Kiddush so long ago – is the creator of Heaven and Earth. Footnote……For we look through a glass darkly, we see in part and know in part, but then when we shall see him *the Lord] face to face; we shall know things fully and openly.
  • 112. Tomb of Abraham Ancient Armenian Graves Hattusil (Son or Father of Tidal)? Bas Relief at URNAM – Male and Female ‘deities’ being ‘Served’ Elamite Tankard Georgian Icon Ancient Phrygia – King Midas Tomb Modality and Representation Whilst semiotics is often encountered in the form of textual analysis, it also involves philosophical theorizing on the role of signs in the construction of reality. Semiotics involves studying representations and the processes involved in representational practices and to semioticians, 'reality' always involves representation. Daniel Chandler Semiotic paradigms The quality of objectives, the subject/object dichotomy, metaphysical properties (semantics and teleological adaptation) help to define observation. Intangible subjects such as the “nature of language” require the definition of harmonic relationships within an immense variety of discernable differences [even if they are saying the same things] - in that; structural unity (harmony of the syntactic context) is equivalent (roughly) to phonetic differentiation. How this may be so; phonetics providing the basis for cognitive recognition - will help to facilitate the comprehension of mankind’s more “esoteric” abilities! One large problem which the information age has foreseen and developed logical solutions for; is “semantic drift” and “conceptual shift” - used for (of course) highly technical content
  • 113. management analysis? The paradigms which a given language family utilizes, determines its dialectic or semantic “drift” potential. The means for understanding it’s discrete history, when and how barriers were propagated between closely related bands and clans, how or if geologic factors became operable (isolation) or other types of natural and Semitic disturbances could have caused “autonomous language groups” to separate, divide, or become influenced by or assimilate to others. 64 To extrapolate; the multitudes of languages; such ontologies need to be considered if any effective communication is to be facilitated [promulgated] between the estimated 6,000-8,000 languages of the world. Even if; as the Gospel song pleads; “that ‘one day’ our unity will be restored” – that ONEDAY will require a ‘unique identity’ for understanding; in relationships. Consciousness of ‘manifested’ unity is necessary to explain the remarkable similarities amongst such enormous diversity. Millennial moments have provided remarkable insights into both change and diversity; while the creature changes very little, if at all. The “natural wonder” of anthropoid apes notwithstanding – prehistory contends that “competing genera” or rather – separate “genera” - somehow devolved into chimpanzees, gorillas, and orangutans – does the evidence suggest otherwise. One prehistoric fossil called “the Taung child” - given the scientific name (Linnaean System) of Australopithecus; resembles the chimpanzee. If the hand is given; then; whether hominid or human being – only one general species remains; and they are (proven by ‘archeological inquiry’) the ancestors of a man called NOAH and his wife – the history of civilization at the very least is unintelligible without this realization. The question of ontogeny is one which provides the original and traditional definition of ontology – being; “the being which is immovable” – preexistent and omnipresent. In fact the universal dichotomy of the ontological within metaphysics itself is due (principally) to this “esoteric” truth and its enigmatic presence. Classical scholarship comprehends that the Ontology [Being] is taken as Totality in its Metaphysics and requires semantics for purposeful interpretation of its basis for Knowledge. Being made perfect in practical purpose – telos becomes tautological and its prototype redundant. This redundancy does not affect its effectiveness; but establishes it. The idea of a totality is necessary to authenticate the Ontology as unique, being semantic therefore it is capable of “inter relating” *interfacing+ with the essential concepts (ideas which shape visualization) of its epistemology *knowledge base+….In such a way as to answer……Rhetorical Questions *referenced by Words and Symbols+. Ethical Logic and its authentic semantic ontologies can thereby correspond in communication. Can such paradigms [for the Information Age] accelerate the development of intercultural relations and stimulate meaningful interfaith dialogue;? of course!.....but generally they are used directly only by academic institutions and government research facilities as Agents [active search algorithms] for a Business Community. This conceptual shift – semantic Agents as operational search engines – gives information technology a “quantum leap” in highly diversified organizational environments. Because systems are discerned by their organization; the ability to transform ontology into a semantic agent [as Business Intelligence] allows designers and policy makers the ‘opportunity’ to utilize metaphysical qualities and principles. In practical terms this means that the effectiveness and efficiency [of organization or system] are greatly enhanced. “Higher dimensions” of wisdom and understanding *as intuitive interfaces] require that resources define a “framework” *superstructure] for reference by other Agents and “systems” in rhetorical inquiry. The development of this practical use of Ontology greatly enhances the understanding of Classical Philosophy – providing for a practical application [apropos]; developed utilizing its essential concepts. In this practical definition for the ontologic a “quantum leap” for the metaphysics; can be stated – these RELATIONS was generally misunderstood. Practicality then does not negate the sublimity of the esoteric but provides abstract expression with a more tangible environment for dissemination. Defining agents of change [metamorphosis] will be amenable to real time verification and validation; unwanted and untenable alternatives quickly identified and avoided. 64 Assyrian Dictionary Project completed after ninety years courtesy of ‘The Occidental Institute’ The Chicago Assyrian Dictionary, initiated in 1921 by James Henry Breasted, is compiling a comprehensive dictionary of the various dialects of Akkadian, the earliest known Semitic language that was recorded on cuneiform texts that date from c. 2400 B.C. to A.D. 100 which were recovered from archaeological excavations of ancient Near Eastern sites. The Assyrian Dictionary is in every sense a joint undertaking of resident and non-resident scholars from around the worlds who have contributed their time and labor over a period of seventy years to the collection of the source materials and to the publication of the Dictionary.
  • 114. It is therefore concluded that so-called dialectic materialism [Hegel et al] as defined and described in many socio-economic theories [New World Order and Marxism/Communism] is a divisive process; because it comprehends *derives+ separate and autonomous linguistic groups as being “material” rather than ontological. Metaphysical [changed in place] An intuitive interface can be comprehended immediately by those who understand its “generalized” usage [technology] and the uninitiated can quickly learn to use it effectively; the astronomic growth of information technology on the “world wide web” proves this. The Semantic Web of the Millennial Moment can define and utilize ethical policies as an essential component of its content management. Future generations may require even higher ethical and moral standards. Intuition; has provided ethical logic - for how ideas will shape visualization. As this work goes on to explain…….the 19th Christian century – 20th century Tibetan……produced a dramatic change in philosophy and developed many “new” fields of endeavor (while perfecting traditional ones). One such development differentiates the Existential from the Phenomenological. This distinction is essential for discernment of the role of consciousness as a unifying precept; in oriental as well as western (occidental) traditions. Discernment of Soul and Spirit within the “classical dialogue” illuminates the adages of “common sense”; wisdom; legends and folklore such that Rhetoric has a universal and age old “oral tradition”. Yet ethical logic requires that intention be understood; this is purposeful and may be an essential component lacking in many defunct ancient civilizations. It is well stated that…..”More is wrought through prayer than man is aware of.” Gathering a diversity of experience has provided Psychologists with a means to shape a common viewpoint of human minds; with many diverse applications for medicine and social science. The implications of spiritual awareness as the focus of epistemology is evident within existential encounters (being as it is in itself – tautological) and the phenomenological semantics which views “reality as experience”. Whether esoteric; abstract or practical – semantic ontologies provide a basis for a dynamic epistemology - open to interpretation and observation. Is behavior inherent or can learning change experience – purposefully [i.e. – the renewing of the mind] – and thereby “change” existence? Common sense tells us – “waste not – want not”; “every little bit helps”; in the macro/micro dialogue this can assume many dimensions. Another saying; “where god closes a door, he often opens a window”; is generally used to explain how bad things can happen to “good” people. This window can become an aesthetic wonder of amazing dimensions; one example of which is the failure of the “make love not war” generation to realize “peace on earth”. This failure when coupled with the open door policy of a powerful democracy like the U.S.A. can effectively promote the regeneration of humankind…..even if the “spirit” was foretold. Secure reflection upon such policies can effectively close “loopholes” and open new doors into places of age old failure. Is social order manifested in the ekistical patterns of human habitations – cities; towns; villages or are these “ancient” dwelling places evidence of an economy of motion. The Fifth Sense If psychology has somehow replaced philosophy – claiming to have deduced the human neurosis; it must recognize that moral virtue is dependent upon the ability to anticipate moral dilemmas and make the proper decision. Universally, the paranoid psychosis manifested by the inauthentic alliance of religion with Hegelian delusions of authority [ex. (the argument between) Marxism, Fascism and Islamic Authority (circa 1880-2008)] has produced many tragedies and destroyed one proud nation after another… is sensed that “material progress” can never replace what has been lost. Projecting ideology upon others can’t justify the failure to meet the needs of indigenous people; even worse - to expect that malnourished and badly educated children will be able to rebuild society. Likewise where imperialistic and corrupt people attempt to usurp other’s culture and heritage – such as with the American Indians in the Western Hemisphere; the doctrine of freewill is their stumbling block – it is not a small matter that causes the “quality of mercy” to become strained – often to the breaking point. This is why many nations of Hispaniola are ruled by violence instead of a ‘toleration’. As a baseball announcer once explained – it takes the “hidden vigorous” to win the “big ones”. The semantics of ontology are considered esoteric – metaphysical manifestations of that which (as proven by science) lies beyond the comprehension of our ‘immediate’ senses; yet understanding these concepts is not like someone who exhibits ESP;
  • 115. extra sensory perception - precognition; no – the ontology is actually in harmony with deductive reason where the deduction is inferred from valid precepts. This is why information technology is so powerful. The intuitive aspect is a didactic process of anticipating the learning “curve” of those who will utilize the information and how such information can be put to ‘proper use’. ESP using with sound scientific information; of course would have come in handy in foreseeing disasters of monumental proportions which the millennial moment has brought [globally]. To reiterate then – information science utilizes these “rigorous” Ontologies to provide a basis for knowledge. This “knowledge base” *ex….search engine+ allows the seeker *of information+ to “query” *search+ this database *kb+ to answer such inquiries. This secure reflection [is it not amazing] – allows a “intricately designed” optical – electronic computer network – to gather information from every user of that system and store the results for later use [effectiveness -efficiency] with minimal cost to the seeker. A system can “seek” information using “artificial intelligence” and then index it “ontologically”. This does not mean that the system IS intelligent; but capable of utilizing first order logic; “algorithms” applied to its digital programming in a systematic and rigorous way. Living provides a continuing creative insight, not the least of which is these millennial jubilees. As astronauts were entering the eternal domain of stellar space – “publications” like the N.Y. Times were proclaiming that God is Dead and that behavioral psychology had replaced classical philosophy. “Tell me it ain’t so Joe”; a caretaker must therefore discern (with due candor) what is worthy [of esteem]; true or false; right or wrong! Questions of the preceding 50 years –as well as insights into the 100 plus jubilees before it; whether Hebrew or another esteemed viewpoint; address classical [and universal] philosophy in its cultural context. Celestial observations, holistic and clinical medical practice, Intercultural relations, interfaith dialogue, historic restoration and investigation, quantum physics and information technology are fields of development which the “Ages” have produced. If there appear “divisions” in the midst – let us not [as Lao Tzu dramatizes] fail to dichotomize or even trichotomized, as those who espouse “wisdom” need to do. And don’t forget – may the spirit quicken understanding. Because the paradigm shifted from philosophy to psychology [as the inner light was revealed] – the upstart Quickly sought a pervasive concept for success; this “new” concept was Evolution and it was quickly applied to the equally new field of Environmental Biology [later christened Ecology] – with many erroneous precepts – the concept of evolution [that higher forms are generated from lower ones] is not new; nor its rejection of faith as a unifying precept. For it was Lucretius [a roman prognosticator] in the generation preceding the appearance of the Star of Bethlehem; who caused faith to become divorced from Roman Science….and so the saying “there are only two spirits in the world; the one of god’s anointing *messiah/Christ+ and it’s opposition *often termed anti-Christ]. The tenor of the Evolution/Creation debate underscores the difference……there is no “middle ground”. This same time period – the 19 th century also witnessed the beginning of the Jewish Diaspora’s *dispersion] as the people returned to the land of Israel – [HaShivah] and after the witness of Samuel Clements [Mark Twain] 65 - a drink of water for a dry and thirsty land. This returning to the land of their forefather’s heritage is in the character of Jubilee – their restoration and planting of over 200 million trees has inspired people worldwide to go “above and beyond” in overcoming and solving ecologic problems. The legacy of Israel is deeply disturbing in that although they (as a people) have given so much to world, they have received very little real credit; while everything they do wrong (as all people do) – seems to affect their well being - doubly worse. This cannot be right; anti-Semitism is a universal disease; which evidently has only one origin – god’s enemy – the devil [now termed Satan]. Prayer and meditation are universal in extent - always was and will ever be; this is the senescent of consciousness; rest and reflection. Warfare is a regrettable outcome of hostility, conscientious objection to war itself is moral opposition to killing – yet service to one’s people in the cause of their defense is most honorable. Such “choices” are part of the human condition; otherwise it is given to the beast and the fiend that violence and it’s “enterprises” proliferate ……at the millennium this is correctly referred to as Armageddon. To serve… is the best policy. When juxtaposing and comparing religious traditions, it is important that ethical morality does not become “rhapsodizing” about political choices and the tendency of self-justification. Moral choices are embedded in laws, laws which must be obeyed. The paradigms of the law’s semantics must remain steadfast; even in the bonds of illogical choices, situations and problems. Thereby the meaning of the law will not change; but can receive new 65 Innocents Abroad (1868) – Samuel Longhorn Clements pen name Mark Twain
  • 116. meaning through a greater purpose – such that – the form of interpretation relating to duty can graciously accept change. Legal systems and traditional societies which are incapable of accomplishing this will face great turmoil [violence] from within. Legal systems make it difficult to compare Jesus Christ with Mohammed; or Siddhartha Gautama [Buddha] with either – yet in terms of all three [with claimed followers of almost 4 billion people]; the importance of religion and its theology should not be underestimated. Islam claims to be a prophetic heritage of the Judeo-Christian tradition yet denies all other ‘sects’ any legitimacy (this is true also of Christianity). Likewise the Buddhist faith in overcoming the suffering that is in the world through meditation and prayer is laudatory for their monastic tradition alone. The ‘Bahia Sect’ has attempted to ‘bridge’ this ‘gap’ within Islam; but in general proved unsuccessful within Islamic Nations. If Christian rulers failed to “turn the other cheek” historically to Islamic violence; Christianity itself has shown great restraint in dealing with the condition of martyrdom. At the present stage of world history; demographics - is a general example of what President [USA] Harry Truman said – “there are lies, damn lies and statistics”. World population has increased at a much greater rate than most countries can provide for; in places where this situation continues generation after generation extreme poverty results. The phenomenon of the “pyramid builders” is the recurring history of power being usurped by reprobate minds. Slavery, human sacrifice and what must be called malevolent “priesthoods” fit into a historic pattern of tyranny, economic and social exploitation, abusive violence and ecologic disasters. 7000 years of well documented soil erosion in the Middle East [the fertile crescent of Mesopotamia and northern Africa (along the Mediterranean)] – has produced a general lack of soil fertility. Extrapolating this with the latent aggression of the male dominated societies of the middle east; generated by History itself - [slavery, economic and social exploitation, abusive violence, and ecologic disasters] draws a parallel of cultural proportions – where there is (simply) not enough to eat. Trade with other regions helps to mitigate this – but war; as with the embargo and subsequent invasion of Iraq by the United States….lack of imports leads to severe and widespread malnutrition. This is an ongoing tragedy in places where ‘militant fascism’ flourishes. Such a scenario can lead the seeker to distraction with a sense of absurdity…..say it ain’t so…..gnosis; or is it the result of an acute aberration [heresy+ in this worlds ‘hierarchical order’. Not unlike many other things going on today, as it is written; “I have concluded them all in error, that I might have mercy upon all”. What is recognized as “antediluvian” is a global pattern of building such monuments; from antiquity onwards – within fortified dwellings – the universe still unfolds before them all. The pyramid builders however; as the serpent that winds its way around the world; choked out every other type of public works, thereby eventuating great calamities. No matter how clever these societies appear; all culminated in poverty, ruin and despair. Many hold promise of better things; the works of this millennial moment help to overcome this type - thanks be to god! It is not strange that one of the central stories of the Hebrew Bible relates directly to one of the ‘bastion’ of all Pyramid Builders……Eyght of the Pharaohs. Today pyramid schemes are just as dangerous as the tombs of tyrants. Getting wealthy with other’s financial and economic resources is obviously virtual temptation; yet reliance upon the greed of others, to participate - is the ‘false’ reassurance of economic success. Such a scheme is nothing more than an opportunity to fleece others in the same manner – often illegally. Real Estate scams; junk bond sales; leveraged buyouts and the like are modern activities which early Americans termed – “the evil of Speculators”. The phony claims of ‘science’ – invariably fit this ‘modus operand’. Nearly every economic and social disaster in American history can be traced to such schemes – abstinence; “such is the patience of the saints”. It is written “man is evil; from his youth onwards; who can know it.” Here the character of people and their council of government create utopian or dystopian; freedom and liberty hanging in the balance. Systems of government are poorly served by hereditary rulers and their dictatorial powers [this lesson has been learned universally]; very few human beings have the power to remain humble and chaste with the temptation of “absolute power” – not matter how untrue such a temptation may be – its mere appearance causes “great” problems within a government. Inspired councils and honorable individuals have provided the impetus for developing ways to advise and make decisions which properly weigh the appropriate alternatives. Intercession [for good] in the affairs of people and their community of families provides a relationship between authority and the governed, election and civil service provides the authority with responsibility. The transference of authority from council to community is the ultimate intercession of empowering the common person with
  • 117. independence in a common purpose. Is this metaphysical; the transformation of the “unwashed masses” to freedom and responsibility? Or is the realization of moral principles required as well. Indeed, the vitality which faith provides; is the power to strive for what is good – where god alone is good – regardless of exceptions. Archeology is bound to neglect ethics, the presence of moral codes and standards binding human behavior. A tradition which honors “laws of the creator” and relates in intercession through legends and folklore, already has a sound grasp of reality for the propagation of thoughts and ideas. Interfaith reconciliation has begun to recognize this basic truth and worked to develop ‘tolerance’ as a tenet of dialogue. This will change arrogant attitudes and tend to make correspondence a “shared” experience. As civilizations developed into “city-states” – laws of inheritance, marriage and reciprocity [such as the aforementioned Code of Hammurabi] were dictated by the council of despotic rulers. The concept of the eldest child as heir being from your “lawful” wife only is millennial as well. In the book of Genesis – Abraham is confronted with this problem; but his grandson Jacob [then called Israel] chooses to bless his progeny [12 sons and 1 daughter] with prophecy; even 3500 years later. It is evident then that life itself is dynamic; laws are meant to guide [providing the best and certain course] but once fulfilled can be superseded by ones….this truth is then said to be prophetic. As Israel blesses his sons in the first book of the Hebrew Scriptures – Genesis (in the beginning) – a pattern of character is developed and inheritance is provided for. As the man of Judah – the young Sheppard David celebrated – “here is what is good and pleasant, brethren dwelling together in unity *harmony+”. If kinsmen – as Margaret Mead pointed out - teach survival skills and the moral order is transferred intuitively with non-verbal communication – then utterance expresses this state of affairs. Theories of origins are derived from information which is extremely esoteric [hidden and obscure], scarce and very widely distributed…..being that there are more non conformities than not, science has begun to present genetic studies based upon DNA evidence…..this severely restricts the scope of applicability to the carbon 14 dating cycle. In order to avoid “non conformities” in conjunction with astronomic observation like the Mayan cycle of 26,000 years – it is fair to state that their cosmology is on sound footing. 66 Dynamic systems are “spherical” in conceptuality and as quantum field theory has proven…..multi-dimensional; Astronomic calculations using high powered optical telescopes and computers estimate a 50,000 year period for our Sun within the Milky Way Galaxy. Is it not amazing that men could discern a cycle in a rapidly expanding universe which has sinusoidal conformity with very precise measurement. The accuracy of their calendar and parallel development of a zero concept in the numbering system of their brother Toltec/Aztec points to ‘enlightened’ intellects. The gap theory is based upon the first chapter of the book of genesis; where Nature and God become divided; and its dichotomy is not always one; as the first celestial traveler’s (a chimpanzee) photograph revealed……the earth is an ‘oblate’ spheroid *not perfectly round+. While quantum field theorists still try to “discover” the Higgs Field…..invariance has produced the accelerator and a brake *momentum governance+ for charge/parity transformations. PCT invariance has revealed incredible potentials of quantum mechanics. In theology the ‘gap theory’ considers precepts of uniformity in our worlds becoming. Was it between the eternal “word” and the “propagation” of its wondrous light. Creation Science has important and practical applications to promote; one is - absolute compatibility with the Grand Set Theory of Super Symmetry which invariance relies upon for quantification. Information is propagated; transactions occur and secure encryption is logically reflected. Thereby optical electronic networks can apply business logic to transmitted information as is necessary to provide transactions with their enterprise. Protocols; engineering standards; algorithms; application programming interfaces (encoding) and database storage contribute to this “uniformity”. Security defines a “needs hierarchy” and policy based standards for a given organization. Secure reflection [encrypted transmission] in a network is essential for perfect correspondence. Policy makers apply rules and policies to transactional interactions – as operations of applied business logic. An organization provides a policy so that its supporters, associates, customers, friends and all other interested person (s) can clearly understand its purpose (s) 66 The question of the real identity of Quetzalcoatl and his relationship to the Legend of Eire’s Saint Brendan speaks to the idea of ‘predestination’; in that Hopi cosmology (the Red City) verifies that Mayan astronomy is correctly represented.
  • 118. [whether for business; education; government or any other justifiable cause], procedures, identification, reason d’être, and privacy explanations; thereby giving the user of their services a choice or way to seek redress – if offended or harmed by them. A corollary to this “interactivity” is another human development which throughout history has proven to make a difference in the development of vitality and character; leisure time. The hydrologic “wonders” of the earth have proven amenable to large scale engineering projects; success in this area has brought prosperity, population increase, development of new cultural “idioms” and of course decadence. The hydro-electric dams of the 20 th century [Niagara; Hoover and New Orleans levees; Bosporus, Panama Canals and Suez; Aswan; Yellow River, and Volga – to name a few+ can be compared with other “ambitious projects” such as Angkor Wat, Bath and the Roman Aqueduct. Such a comparison of cultural ambitions (to generate power; control nature and facilitate navigation) must also discern the “hasty pudding” of these great projects. It is fairly straight forward to compare Athens to Jerusalem or the Great Wall of China and its Silk Trade with the Industrialization of Northwestern Europe. Yet how simple upon reflection is it to reconcile the Zionist Vision with its Judeo-Christian Ethics or the quiet and upright traditions of Oriental Ontologies. Western ideologies such as “American Pragmatism” – “French Rationalism” – “British Empiricism” are relative to the cultural identity of origin; but they are also pivotal in comprehending how the so-called “Age of Reason” quickly transformed the world through industry, trade and diplomatic colonization into “communities in a global village” capable of receiving – “a millennial moment of reconciliation” – which some call “the information age”. Aesthetics and Metaphysics are “high minded” and “intellectual sounding” terms which are related to a sense of ambiance with the ‘real world’ which needs careful consideration. In practice cultures use aesthetics in the expression of “artistic” activities and purpose – especially the symbolism of this artistic expression; whereas metaphysics pertains to a “higher dimension” whereby the faculty of wit can appreciate, understand and use abstract concepts and ideas to shape or design how essential work will get done. It is unknown that any society has been able to reconcile them without somehow merging them together into a common enterprise of purpose. Somehow this is the cause of education in preparing the young for the reality of their “greater” society. Cultures are the substrate which adsorb the metaphysics; aesthetics being used as the sensibility of how, what, where and why this will be accomplished and has become synonymous with “Art”. Aesthetics are becoming important for decision making as green building codes become universally accepted and a new metaphysical understanding creates sustainable and environmentally friendly technologies. The ancient mariners of “Micronesia” have reemerged in a compelling restoration of traditional societies in the “royal priesthood” societies of the Pacific. They are using their legends and folklore to reconstruct a history which heretofore was “unknown”. The origins of traditional society [endemic/dominant] and their historic transformation through the ages allude to “metaphysics” and “ethics”. How they express themselves; tolerate dissent; deal with strangers; conduct business; produce tools to work; etc, is of course ethics. Ethics and Aesthetics are cultural; their universal truths [as essential] are metaphysical. Historic discovery has differentiated human ecology [environmental differences in lifestyles and physiology] from anthropology – because of confusion within the fossil record which these “theories” are based upon. Such “confusion” is apparently “antediluvian” *universal floods+ and its relationship to precepts of uniformity corresponding to sedimentary strata. Revelation 12:1-5 "A great and wondrous sign appeared in heaven: a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet and a crown of twelve stars on her head. She was pregnant and cried out in pain as she was about to give birth. Then another sign appeared in heaven: an enormous red dragon with seven heads and ten horns and seven crowns on his heads. His tail swept a third of the stars out of the sky and flung them to the earth. The dragon stood in front of the woman who was about to give birth, so that he might devour her child the moment it was born. She gave birth to a son, a male child, who will rule all the nations with an iron scepter. And her child was snatched up to God and to his throne. The woman fled into the desert to a place prepared for her by God, where she might be taken care of for 1,260 days."
  • 119. Cairn Brea Amish carriages parked at local Hardware store. May 6, 2000 - Iyar 2, 5760 These seven churches in closing - on May 5, 2000 AD, the sun, the moon, and the other planets are coming together like on a menorah, right in the middle of Aries and Taurus, all together in a massing of the planets, which are right next to Pleiades, the Seven Sisters, which anciently could be connected with these seven churches here. On this date these planets came together as they existed in the first century, on the menorah, just to the south of the altar of golden incense, that Josephus said represented the planets. Could that be -- and I put it as a question -- the beginning of the end for this period of time? Could that be the time we ought to look for some signs to occur that these seven churches, and these angels, these seven spirits and the messages to them, coming to fruition, and beginning at that time? We should look to the heavens. But more importantly - look to the Bible. Compare the Scripture with what He has in the astronomy for the future, and I think we're going to see some things that are going to be most interesting for this world. Keep your eyes on Holy Scripture, and upon God, because some exciting times are just on the horizon to us today. “When I called, no one answered, when I spoke, no one listened. They did evil in my sight and chose what displeases me." Hear the word of Ha-Shem, you who tremble at his word: "Your brothers who hate you, and exclude you because of my name, have said, 'Let Ha-Shem be glorified, that we may see your joy!' Yet they will be put to shame. Hear that uproar from the city; hear that noise from the temple! It is the sound of Ha-Shem repaying his enemies all they deserve. "Before she goes into labor, she gives birth; before the pains come upon her, she delivers a son. Who has ever heard of such a thing? Who has ever seen such things? Can a country be born in a day or a nation be brought forth in a moment? Yet no sooner is Zion in labor than she gives birth to her children. Do I bring to the moment of birth and not give delivery?" says Ha-Shem. "Do I close up the womb when I bring to delivery?" says your God. "Rejoice with Jerusalem and be glad for her, all you who love her; rejoice greatly with her, all you who mourn over her. For you will nurse and be satisfied at her comforting breasts; you will drink deeply and delight in her overflowing abundance." For this is what Ha-Shem says: "I will extend peace to her like a river, and the wealth of nations like a flooding stream; you will nurse and be carried on her arm and dandled on her knees. As a mother comforts her child, so will I comfort you; and you will be comforted over Jerusalem." When you see this, your heart will rejoice and you will flourish like grass; the hand of Ha-Shem will be made known to his servants, but his fury will be shown to his foes. See, Ha-Shem is coming with fire, and his chariots are like a whirlwind; he will bring down his anger with fury, and his rebuke with flames of fire. For with fire and with his sword Ha-Shem will execute judgment upon all men, and many will be those slain by Ha-Shem. "Those who consecrate and purify themselves to go into the gardens, following the one in the midst of those who eat the flesh of pigs and rats and other abominable things--they will meet their end together," declares Ha-Shem. "And I, because of their actions and their imaginations, am about to come and gather all nations and tongues, and they will come and see my glory. "I will set a sign among them, and I will send some of those who survive to the nations--to Tarshish (on the Iberian Peninsula), to the Libyans and Lydian's (famous as archers), to Tubal and Greece, and to the distant islands that have not heard of my fame or seen my glory. They will proclaim my glory among the nations. And they will bring all your brothers, from all the nations, to my holy mountain in Jerusalem as an offering to Ha-Shem--on horses, in chariots and wagons, and on mules and camels," says
  • 120. Ha-Shem. "They will bring them, as the Israelites bring their grain offerings, to the temple of Ha-Shem in ceremonially clean vessels. And I will select some of them also to be priests and Levites," says Ha-Shem. "As the new heavens and the new earth that I make will endure before me," declares Ha-Shem, "so will your name and descendants endure. From one New Moon to another and from one Sabbath to another, all mankind will come and bow down before me," says Ha-Shem. "And they will go out and look upon the dead bodies of those who rebelled against me; their worm will not die, nor will their fire be quenched, and they will be loathsome to all mankind." From one New Moon to another and from one Sabbath to another, all mankind will come and bow down before me," says Ha-Shem [The Lord].[3] Hebrew bible documents and revelation has an advocate at - many believers (including myself) can with gratitude remember the saying – many looked in vain for your day [the times of refreshening]; when that which has been hidden in superstition; misunderstanding and mystery can now be properly understood and communicated in godly fellowship with others – even as a gracious witness to those of other faiths. Prolog to Echelon - Nature and Order “one virtue of nature is the inimical ability to produce more with less; this ‘ephemeral’ quality is what science endeavors to mimic.”67 Environmental biology is the traditional term for ecology; the relationship between organisms and their environment, hence the conceptuality of cytology [as ontogeny]. The cellular nature of living systems has long been recognized; their organic logic less so. Man’s given purpose as caretaker *husbandman of mother earth] for this ecologic wonderland is also generally recognized….even if this responsibility has never fully been realized - for whatever reason. The histories of civilizations mar the “face of the ground” even though a sublime ecologic ekistics is present; these are called “cultural treasures”; which a hundred or more generations of human beings have developed upon. The holistic is greater than mere organism, where ambiance is the keyword describing a subliminal quality of oneness, according to taste, touch, sight, sound and smell fills the conscious mind with experience and also to a lesser sense - dread. This ambiance - the holistic; is of great metaphysical importance. Living systems sustain organisms and their ecologic relationships within a given environment; these relationships are often synergistic and symbiotic, helping to define the elegant and powerful cyber logic which biogenetic sciences has derived from them. Dynamic communities in successional ecosystems flow together through time co-producing the development of a stable “climax” habitat, that contains all the seral stages needed to produce the climax communities within its manifold Ecotones. This quality of regeneration; is our primary perception of its ambiance; all things being equal. Ontogeny is important if metaphysical certainty is one purpose of philosophic discourse. The synergy of ecologic communities exists in ambient oneness; within the life cycles and reproductive strategies of its biologic communities. 67 This insight is inspired by Buckminster Fuller’s theory which he termed “Ephemeralism”.
  • 121. In these “symbiotic” relationships - biologic creatures have created a dramatic response called Ecotones in which their ‘living systems’ are manifestly adapted to a changing environment; especially where successional communities have produced this “ambiance” of a climax ecosystem. Disciplined Ambiance or Agnostic Observation (from the minutes of the Baltimore Metaphysical Club) So; one must correspond meaningfully, not only with one’s own experience and upbringing but authentically with others [their communities and institutions] as well. The sense of “being enlightened” dispels doubt concerning issues which all people must prevail in. This intuitive process requires introspection to look first at one’s heart for the culprit in misanthropy [where ignorance is not necessarily bliss] and then humbly towards the world. In this way the cynicism which doubt creates will be dispelled. This “self-examination” - classical tradition assign’s to the soul; is vital for dialogue with reason - where reason is capable of discerning ‘the common good’. Holy One Celestial Realm Good Prevails Ontogeny Free Will Teleology Animal Ontology Being Vegetable Mineral Eco Cosmos [Universe] Totality - Esoteric Abstract Metaphysical (Esoteric) Axiomatic Semantics Concrete (material) Ethics Theo - {Lifeworld || Moral Virtue} Genealogy Inheritance Procreation Logic - Conceptual Relationships [Semantic Ontology] Moral - Perceptual Relationships [Spiritual Truth] This quality of purpose is inferred from the subject/object dichotomy as aesthetic and metaphysical -“paradigms”; which science and classical observation are well aware of. Identifying harmony within discernable differences [discrete/unique] provides a way to describe the nature of language. Phonetics provide a basis for cognition, syntactic recognition - the means of translation, ambient properties of a given linguistic family determine its symbolic representation. An examination of the history of highly disturbed societies of the millennia prove - a discrete comprehension [as ‘dialectics’ of “semantic drift”+; evidenced by great differences [nearly 8000 languages of humankind] and how they may have been generated. Families and tribal clans account for the integrity of a given people - their language and unique culture. [is the ethnic group -widespread?] What caused “autonomous” groups to divide and separate? What is the relationship of the current language to the generally accepted – ‘ancient’; “Babel effect” - as previously mentioned. ‘Diverse languages’ converge as the “global village” becomes reality, this multi-lingual ability within the human family is the greatest boon to overcoming such immense differences. Even as the gospel song pleads -“that someday our Unity will be restored” - the unique identity of every people 68 requires such appreciation for understanding. Recording them all assumes recognition of a unity which can be demonstrated only with great difficulty [as esoteric] ; in consideration of the remarkable similarities amongst such diverse people. [Discrete origins becoming a common origin] Millennial Moments have provided remarkable insights into both change and diversity; while the creature actually changes very little. *The Being is immovable+. Psychological Science as evolutionary contends that “competing species” (separate genera of bi-pedal semi upright species) somehow generated (devolved) into chimpanzees, gorillas, orangutans, etc: yet the scarce evidence suggests otherwise; with only the: mischievous” chip bearing a 68 [such as Gospel Recordings] – a worldwide ministry of reaching each and every language group
  • 122. remarkable resemblance to the fossil called the “Taung Child”. Hominids and human beings: - only one generalized species survives and the overwhelming evidence points to a singular “family” of man. Classical philosophy comprehends that ontology [being] is taken as a totality - resulting in the “comprehension” of reality - this is also called actuality. Epistemology; which has been interpreted for the sake of this totality as Information Theory [what can be known] and as such forms a teleological basis for understanding [cognition]. Information Theory is also necessary to authenticate the Metaphysical as having Semantics [in actuality]; with the ability to correspond with rhetorical questions [inquiry]. Ethical logic and the authentic semantic ontology can be utilized then for such “resolution”. An example of traditional values being utilized in the effort to maintain a community of faith is the Amish people - where to identify is the commitment to share with and serve as the need arises. The Judeo-Christian ethic is well served by this reliability, with the higher ideals of freedom, brotherhood and equality becoming manifest. At the so-called millennium (and for several generations preceding it) the upstart field of psychology has usurped the authority which rhetorical philosophy developed. In it’s admonition of MIND as the substance of WILL and the advocacy of a physiologic paradigm for “Neuro-anatomy”; human nature and living systems in generally become convergent. Not surprisingly - it quickly stumbled over “inheritance” - is behavior inherited or does learning change existence . Can the ontogeny of MIND accelerate the development of “intercultural relations?” Facilitating meaningful dialogue; stimulating ethical debate or does this require a greater motivation than merely trying to “understand” other’s viewpoints - the commitment to “walk a mile in another’s shoes”. Appreciation of other’s culture and belief’s requires integrity and compassion plus the tolerance and patience to adsorb “enmity” which such differences create. In the case where the purpose of intercultural relations is “interfaith dialogue” such integrity will also encounter adamancy by “religious authority” which is termed persecution - common ground of experience. Belief in one omnipresent deity seems common today; but 4 millennia ago when El Shaddai - The Almighty called Abraham as he worked in his father Terah’s idol making enterprise (according to legend). His destruction of them set him on his way and his heritage came to correspond in purpose with Melchitsedek {king of Salem} in the worshipping of The Lord God and the fellowship of Kiddush - the sharing of bread and wine. This “all sufficient one” - in the tongue of Abram the Hebrew - is also comprehended as “full-breasted one”; thereby affirming omnipotence. A benevolent creator declares eternal friendship; God helping individuals – The Savior keeps love alive. This “symbolism” serves the purpose to frame the idea (conceptualization); of writing as metaphysical; semiotic representation - which of course it is. The search engine and the knowledge base are products of computer science and network technology, but the “higher dimensions” of wisdom and understanding require that “resources” be encoded as symbols whose meaning never changes, like the alphabet [Aleph Bet]. The not so elementary example of a symbolic set of phonetic symbols representing a given language has one outstanding quality for info-technology in that it comprises a system which can be referenced for “rhetorical” inquiry. The development of this “practical” use of ontology is a quantum leap for the discernment, where duty is toward teaching the young to read and write. This lack of understanding tended to confuse abstract and esoteric qualities; seeking to define [agents] of change [Meta] with nature [physics]; that is observable and therefore can be verified. So-called dialectic materialism - as defined in several socio-economic theories [Political Science] is therefore a divisive process; because it comprehends the derivation of separate and autonomous linguistic groups as being “material”, rather than abstract ontologisms. Language is the metaphysical basis of wisdom; its content hopes to express what we know and experience w/heart, soul and strength. An intuitive interface is designed to be immediately comprehended by anyone who uses its application [program] to produce [perform] a given task [work]. The general usage of the intuitive interface bears witness of the phenomenon known as the World Wide Web and its explosive growth. Intuition however [in the Anglo-Saxon sense] is akin to conscience and apparently requires spiritual discernment [usage]. It is not surprising that women generally exhibit this quality more excellently than men, notwithstanding - the sense of one’s wits and keeping them about one self alludes to instinct for survival, a talent for relating to human endeavors. Inwyt [old English] forms the root for intuition, insight into the immediate present [as future], the sense of what lies ahead, the emotional intelligence to
  • 123. discern character, intention, even motivation. Intrinsically ‘Inwyt’ has been interpreted as “soul”. “The heart of the matter” in olden times often had a negative connotation. If wit, conscience and women’s intuition have common roots in “primitive” tongues then epitomizing their relationships - in “totality”; as given by a divine creator, is wise. Intuition then corresponds with conscience, without need for interpretation - regardless of neurologic considerations. As this work goes on to explain; the 19 th century produced a dramatic change in philosophy; within all fields of human understanding. Fundamentally; epistemology [theory of knowledge] divided into the existential and the phenomenological. This dichotomy is essential for appreciating the role of consciousness as a unifying concept [because spirit empowers]; both within Oriental and Occidental as well. Theories about what is known or can be known helped spawn the development of psychology. Yet consciousness has been able to gather together a greater diversity of experience with a means to shape diverse ontologies into a common viewpoint. This is its promise; it also has a quality of being superficial and void as well. Existential conceptuality views ontology as being [as it is in itself] succinct and tautological; whereas phenomenology views this ontologism as semantic, open to interpretation and observation - this semantic ontology forms a basis for correspondence. This is a dichotomy of MIND or rather of the mind. It may well be much more than that! When philosophers state that ontology is metaphysical, it is meant that the totality; which it represents is abstract and relies upon a conceptual quality which the sum of its parts are not equal to [SYMBOLIC]. Metaphysical terms such as synergy and symbiosis describe this. An ontogeny is derived from the ‘ambient intelligence’69 living communities of “organisms” must be esoteric - in that observation of such origins is mere speculation and is generally appreciated theologically. Other kinds of principles - tangible and intangible; intellectual and academic; creative and mundane represent dichotomies which a given ontology may interpret and express within its ‘domain’. Meaning and purpose help to appreciate what is known; this is why semantic ontologies are considered epistemological. Two thousand years ago - a Jewish man - preached on Mars Hill in Athens, Greece at the memorial to an “unknown god” - one thing is reiterated - “take care lest anyone spoil you through “philosophies””; and further - “we look through a glass darkly, we see in part and know in part, but then when we shall see him *the Lord+ face to face, we shall know things fully and openly.” Authentic Ontologies have discerned the being “that gives utterance”, hence semantics and their phonetic qualities [symbolic representations]. Ancient philosophers [eternal qualities] determined that this being [ontology] is immovable [but not inaudible!] assigning the ethical logic of ENTITY to their METAPHYSICS; one inimical result of which is Mathematics and its Geometry. Millennia later…..the so-called “golden age of physics” defined; by people such as Currie, Planck and Einstein - a dimensions material reality [the spectrum] itself, light [as wave/particle] provided the relative moment of observation [General Relativity] within an ENTROPY whose discreteness is every case “far past finding out”. The speed of light, the photo-electric effect; wave/particle trichotomies and the theory of Special Relativity itself provide information about both the visible and invisible realms which observation states must be. Yet coherence in this quantum field theory [universal applicability] sits squarely with the Lambda-Higgs Enigma, what Dr. Einstein and his friends termed the Lambda Presence and its theoretical Higgs field. The uniformity and elasticity of the “aether” known as “outer space” is actually a perfectly sublime place for the radiance of “propagate c”. But all of our vast investigations and incredible amounts of information cannot tell us why? This kind of reasoning has driven many to distraction - decrying its aridity and ultimate absurdity. However information technology has proven that “secure reflection” is the basis of correspondence - the entity known as the Internet goes a long way towards demonstrating these ‘paradigms’. If common sense can develop transactional hierarchies of order [ontology again]; ORDER is perceived as immovable - in the highest sense. The use of semantic transformations [ex. - real-time language translations] for interactive knowledge management requires patience – the system quickens duration *with increasing speed and accuracy+, especially where “knowledge bases” are generated. An intuitive interface known as a “browser” provides access to this information; the search itself initiates - “algorithms”; which are encoded along a network -providing the “magic” *engines+ which a searcher experiences when references [previously indexed] to pages corresponding with the words submitted are displayed. Search Engines - Knowledge Bases - Security “Lockdowns” are operational definitions for this dissemination 69 Ambient intelligence is a way to correspond with [for the sake of understanding] the interaction of habitat with its inhabitants.
  • 124. *phenomenon+. Generating such “packages” *as “Infoset”+ is exceedingly useful for metadata based “ontologies”. The ability to translate text and speech on demand *as it is said+ at light speed requires people to “correct” the work if anything near accuracy is contemplated. Other powerful tools for “lengthy” inquiry are so-called Multi-Agent Systems which utilize Aspect Oriented Programming; thereby having the ability to “inquire” into global aspects of “knowledge bases” made available through “secure policies” to the general public. Internet technology cannot as yet claim to be able to translate the multiplicities of human languages - but most of the major ones are available, great strides for the purpose of reconciliation. Because the evidence of antiquity presents sublime linguistic structures, the dichotomy of Greek - Hebrew/Aramaic [as one example] provides a very transparent insight into the growth and development of “Western Civilization”. The Greek of course is associated with metaphysical principles and ‘geometric’ relationships; while Hebrew is the language associated with spiritual truth and a message of grace and the love of god has no word which approximates ‘metaphysics’. Classical study is based upon them, important principles adsorbed by people of nearly every language and cultural background in one way or another. This is a tremendous metaphor for the diversity of human experience. An assessment of these millennial jubilees, reproves the juggernauts of slavery, pyramid building and proverbial autocracy [in general]. Fortified cities, military states, personal monuments, graven images, pagan temples [lying in ruins]; what authentic conscience considers as remnants of a failed Eros, spiritual blindness, despotic tyranny - a lost and generally forgotten legacy of vanity.. This is not unlike the warnings which the U.S.A. of the post WW2 generation received; beware of: the pyramid builders, the hidden persuaders; the waste makers and their image makers - what one U.S. President termed - “the military industrial complex”. Being forewarned; changes to the “machine” require the ability to suffer pain and personal sacrifice - the “silent spring” of ecological disaster - the “fire next time of ethnic strife, juvenile violence and failed revolutions; need to be sublimated by an “informed heart” into productive ways of healing the earth and strengthening the “bonds” of the people. The “ancient” civilizations wrapped themselves around the world - as it is written “like a serpent” - yet good medicine would supplant the tyrannical kingdoms of “Meso-America” and the cultic religions of Eyght and Babylon; reproving their general “mean mindedness” as being common to the desolation of their undertakings. The great salvation which the millennium celebrates “propagated” in ancient times onward ;“providence” foreshadows in “perilous times”. Isn’t it advantageous that a tool such as the Internet is available for ‘Millennial Moments’ - because in fact “they reprove the gainsayers” and establish the comprehension of a human family; that “ought to be” that way. The transformational “formulas” known as “algorithms” *mathematical logic+ are the “redundant prototypes” which power the search engines. Multi-Agent Systems can utilize many kinds of algorithms in fulfilling the purposes for which they are deployed, providing *of course+ that they are “recursion proof” (i.e. have built in error correcting “aspects”). In fact this Aspect Oriented Programming is now being utilized by “deep space” exploration “probes” so that the internal operating systems can respond in “real-time”; without having to wait the extremely long time that it takes to communicate (seek instructions) from the remote earth-based operators. Multi-Agent Systems provide Business Intelligence Applicability to the “Net”, their complexity and highly focused methods *narrowly defined+ provide a client/server basis for information seeking BI Systems; these applications can provide Web Services for the “consumer”. *Interactivity+ If intelligence is indeed manifested in the “void” of “cyberspace” as transactional analysis then [AOP-MAS+ is it’s “secure reflection” *correspondent+. In experiencing the very creation of such “interactive intelligence” - without doubt - Godspeed takes on new meaning. Thankfully; the World Wide Web (www.*) has taken an “intelligent aspect” - ethical logic assumes MODALITY; as ‘process model’ ontology. The system (itself) transforms ‘resources’ and ‘applications’ - that require the use of policy controls and content management systems [like p3p - CMS] into Web Services. This is a generalized technology; available for operating [Semantic Web – Content Controls] modalities. Browsing controls for the impressionable MINDS of youth (SPAM controls), workers and persons of integrity can be optimized [easily configured]; facilitating the application of metadata based “ontologies” as a new branch of “metaphysics”. Operations Research can provide the Information Technologist with an effective Systems Analysis; such that the much decried “aridity of mathematical logic” can be sublimated to the purpose of highly focused “research”. The “new meaning” of ontology being generated - an intelligence that can “order” *provide+ the “observation” *as precept+ of “things” *objects+. Logical hierarchical relationships are termed schemas [schematics] which provide structure [as template (or pattern)] for
  • 125. such operational definitions [redundancy]. Teleological constructs such as AOP-MAS perfect [telos] the intuitive interface in amazing hyper-dimensional “aspects”. This complexity is “by design” as the “bug apologists” say. In other words such a teleological construct could have “esoteric” aspects - which our “understanding” is not yet acquainted with. Telos is the Ontogeny of a divine Creator - this much is certain. Being apropos to the Meta - Physos it can adapt to changing environments; with great rigor. Uniqueness is the property of identification, without uniqueness, the lambda presence [as ubiquity] could malfunction; perhaps even degenerating. Because ubiquity is by design - it is apropos to remember that “god is zealous” of this “presence” - even “his presence” in a given person’s life - as the ancient tablets proclaim - “… a zealous god; visiting the iniquities of the fathers unto the third and fourth generation of those that hate me and break my commandments; but showing mercy to thousands of generations of those that love me and keep my commandments.” Science may recall - “if you play with fire, you’re going to get burnt”; it is also understood that “fire cleanses” - such a dichotomy deserves respect. The “new covenant” reminds the autocrat of woman’s place in the body of believers [spiritual authority] - “who are you, O man”; the recent attacks *termed 9/11+ on the government of the U.S.A. supposedly by terrorists based in *of all places+ Afghanistan can be interpreted as another outbreak of “macho man syndrome”. The question was and still is - “has Jesus come to Afghanistan” - when will atonement and grace belong to these “ancient” people? True repentance and forgiveness require “burying the hatchet” -proverbially. As ‘the millenials’ become recognized; yes indeed – salvation through Christ is winning souls in Afghanistan but the price is far too high as the ‘powers that be’ barter traditional freedom of religion to Islamic empire builders paying for it with the lives of soldiers; villagers and innocent bystanders. In ancient times the Pereclite [guardian angel] stood on the side of beleaguered men, a legacy of shielding them from utter destruction through the “shield” of the “spirit” *Theos+. Known by many different names and honored in various ways [grandfather] - to the “children of Israel”;“ Shekinah Glory” meant God’s Presence was associated with the prophetic revelation that Michael the “Archangel of the Heavenly Host” was - in fact; their “Protector”. 70 Adon HaRooach - the person of the Holy Spirit - is the comforter; the one who dwells within those who have received their atonement – through the death and resurrection of his only begotten son - Yeshua HaMashiach. Yeshua’s obedience to his father; obedience even unto death; caused *allowed+ the Holy One to “send the comforter”. In reading ancient works like the Iliad and the Odyssey [by the “blind” poet Homer+ - accounts of Greek cosmology present a cultural development parallel to the Hebrews; is it not amazing to think of that transformation of that order catalyzed by the life and ministry of Jesus Christ? Messianic symbolism - Magen David [Star of David] represents “heaven” being rejoined to mankind. So it is written in the first chapter of the Gospel of John - “to all who received him” - “and also to those who believe upon his name”. Keeping the torah - “as a godly *if holy+ people” - the “Jewish people” have suffered greatly; reconciling the difference between the “gentiles” and the “children of Israel”. In the final decades of the millennium, the scourge of the Judeo-Christian hegemony - Islam - generated a widespread malevolence towards its faith and fellowship. Works like “The Satanic Verses” *S. Rushdie+ and “Unveiling Islam” *by the son of an Imam] provide an insight into the nature of the enmity. A fatalistic determinism that Islam represents makes “religion” a dangerous enterprise - no doubt; especially where such a well developed alternative as Christianity is already present and the testimony of Israel already published [The Bible]; all things being equal. A tragedy of this magnitude reminds the discerning heart that “anti-Semitism” and general intolerance *bigotry+ in the ‘early church’ – example; John Chrysostom [the golden tongued orator] - where “Jews” are forbidden membership will not produce PEACE. [Antioch, Syria - circa 300 A.D.+ If the “dark ages” were a product of Roman Corruption - then Islam is a direct result of Christian anti-Semitism; because the Dome of the Rock [an Islamic shrine] which sits atop Mt. Moriah [the temple mount in Jerusalem] was in fact a Byzantium Church. 70 Convergence is not ‘mere coincidence’ at the Millennial Jubilees – since by one ‘layman’s’ calculation the 70th Jubilee of the Torah in Israel - Joshua fought the Battle of Jericho after Passover 1422 B.C.E. – making 2009 the year of this great celebration – however this authors arithmetic is based upon Jerusalemites celebrating their 3rd millennial jubilee in 1996 – 5756 which even with a 49 year period is only 61 or so jubilees – Joshua and Samuel are not 400 years apart in history – but much closer together.
  • 126. Arabic inscription there states that “far be it from G_d that he should have a Son”. The spiritual blindness of Constantine and his empire’s imperialistic ambitions co-produced the rise of Islam as a ‘contentious’ power. Historians of that period agree - even the sincere Mohamed [who destroyed a Vishnu Shrine at Mecca with its 360 idols] thereby beginning his message of monotheistic fervor. According to history he was born during the year when the Abyssinian’s first used Elephants in a failed attempt to possess Arabia. However belatedly; the Khazarian kingdom of the Black Sea region had already begun to develop; continuing indefinitely; a millennia ahead - waiting the call to return to Zion. Even traditional Jewish texts account “messianic” congregations in the Southern Ukraine before the ‘advent’ of Mohammed and his followers. The Judeo-Christian Millennial Jubilees bear witness to the arrogance of the Wahhabi sect of Saudi Arabia - whose intolerance and greed knows no bounds. Their windfall petroleum empire has generated enormous wealth yet very little wisdom. The Baptist Church estimates that during the tenure of their “rule”; more than 100 million Christians have been murdered in their constant persecution and reprisals. Most of this killing is done directly through the edicts and preaching of “clergy”. Even the power of the United States and Great Britain *in their economic and diplomatic cooperation] has done little to change this – in fact; implicating these ‘Great Powers’ in general misanthropy. In ancient India [from all accounts] the mythological speaks dreadfully to the ontologic - dialects proliferated in such a way as to confuse the mother tongue - giving rise to the enmity of a caste system. Because Mecca was an ancient Vishnu shrine [until 1350 years ago] - the ministry of Siddhartha Gautama [the Buddha] occurred more than a millennia earlier; it can be surmised that Ancient Babylon - which the Iraqis tyrant [Saddam Hussein] attempted to restore was the generalized source of confusion. Babylon, Babylon the Great has fallen….Artemis, Diana - etc. etc. One of the greatest reproaches of the one who bears utterance is towards the world’s oldest profession - where a right judgment would be - “the love of money is the root of all evil.” It can be interpreted from the Sanskrit that Vishnu *the sleeper+ is representative of man’s subconscious under the dichotomy of Brahma and Shiva [enlightenment and ignorance]. The shaman [Vishnu] is the intercessor for his people in the “spirit” world - a realm which may not actually be friendly towards him. The oral tradition of the “naked philosophers” does little to dispel this *notion+. Many people dwell in harmony with nature *Mother Earth] in this way and seem happy [surviving]. Can the Brahman and the Muslim live in harmony; just as Abram was called the Hebrew because of his language; likewise Vishnu can be understood as a Hindu - but not by the same logic. A dreamer - the sleeper; was proud that he dwelt in “Nirvana” - yet Brahma reminded him that he was only one of multitudes of “ascended masters”; thereby entitling him to humility. A more universal interpretation occurs through the “Easter Season” - Astarte - Eoster - alludes in the ancient Hindu/Kush region of Hindustan - as the fertility of springtime. Harmonic convergence of an authentic cosmology [the bible] with a generally confused one of folklore and mythology; Easter yields the signs of the Heavens [constellations] and as such is shared as the “Eternal” story. Ancient mysteries which have rational expression can be understood in this way; apropos of telos - the purpose of perfecting praise; and that Praise - Hallelujah is universal. The universal idiom that dissemination of the children of Israel produced was Amen - so be it. Man had no way to measure or discern why he had no reason to fear the sun’s rising or the season’s changing – unless of course; ‘the earth was not stable’. The foundation of priesthood, civil government, prophetic utterance and insight - even the geometry are traditions which have continued through the ages; fulfilling the promise of an upright zeal. The dialogue of faith with truth bridges many chasms in human history; “judge not lest you also be judged”. Do fear and trembling bring forth wisdom and understanding? Just as the ecologic and ontologic must rely upon metaphysics for conceptuality, so changes in human society must be established in order for good will to endure. If evolutionary dictums fall short at the first principle of inheritance, so the law remain through the doctrine of stare decisis [judgment takes precedence] - this makes correcting injustice very difficult; that is why in the U.S.A. another doctrine [of the court] takes precedence - Habeas Corpus [show me] allows the accused to have“civil rights” - including appeal of conviction. The fairness doctrine; due process and consideration of legally defective prosecutions [where the prosecution has violated the law in order to gain conviction] are all considerations which can overturn a certiorari of stare decisis [Semantic Certiary – After Dr. John Locke and Lord Ashley+….but only with great patience, difficulty and expert legal assistance. The institution called Law and its officer Justice are considered a snare and a
  • 127. trap to the vast majority of people - in whatever country. Yet without the swift and decisive administration of justice [law enforcement] society would quickly become chaos….obedience to the law becomes mandatory. Commitment and responsibility are characteristics of interpersonal relationships which work to prevent legal entanglements. An attitude of cooperation serves authority; domestic tranquility may result. Civil disobedience to unjust laws and general tyranny is a question of conscience, purpose and will - the duty to flee from temptation being just as important as not resisting an evil authority. Medicine Prayer Ritual Adept Abide Adapt Much is made by theologians about the seven spirits of God; dispensation of grace and the great civilizations of "antiquity" - Eschatology notwithstanding. Provider [Awe Inspiring] - Yireh Holy One [Worship] - Kadosh Cause [Banner - the one who carries us] - Nissi Present [in one's life][My People] - Shammai Peace - Shalom Salvation [Savior - Helper - Redeemer] - Yeshua Healer - Rofeh "While you were yet praying - I will already have answered you." This supernatural quality distinguishes God's presence from all others; in that [of course]; it would be impossible to answer a heartfelt requests even while still asking. "The difference between Charity and Kindness a true friend would not doubt." [Emma's father] The question of "leisure time" is the subject which "human development" often leads to, when these developments are directly related to harnessing the physical power of the natural world. The millennial list of such projects worldwide could become "exhausting" - no doubt. The relationship between aesthetics and metaphysics must be one of the great mysteries - in that cultural tastes, ambience, style, artistic technologies, skill levels, talent and degrees of intellectual development [all highly intangible]; must cope with economic deprivation and exploitation, political domination and even the dynamics of energy conservation. In equating civilization and its discontents, is like the acoustics of musical harmony. Academic [professional] archeology has neglected ethics; but the presence of moral codes; laws governing human burial sites [which bind professional conduct] - tend to forbid incursion - "in the pursuit of knowledge" – is one justification but not for removal. Traditions that honor "laws of the creator" and relate the intercessions of "the Great Spirit' in their folklore and legends have a sound metaphysical basis for the propagation of symbols and ideas. Such traditions enfold their people – empowering them to transcends circumstances and prevents desecration. It cannot be known [nor would it be fair] - the mere speculation of equating "true love" with the development of social institutions; because like legal codes of inheritance - common law; betrothal contracts; dowry; and many other such practices associated with the culture of the "bride" speak of a family and its relationship to a given community. This honor to the bride and bridegroom regenerate the society and their peculiar culture; providing a sure foundation for viable family life. Yet even "true love" must face the reality of inheritance and the first born of the married ‘lady’; other kinds of relationship have no authentic social status other than the relationship between those responsible. If kinsman [as Margaret Mead pointed out] teach survival skills and their moral order is transferred intuitively with "non-verbal" communication, utterance must express this state of affairs. There is no moral relativity; only the consequences of breaking totem and taboo; the sociological implications of a supervised courtship and formal arrangements provide the "happy couple" with a competence for a successful marriage. It is not difficult to "extrapolate" the concepts of "environmental biology" into psychological principles, but using these "half-truths" to define ontogeny is extremely pretentious. Likewise metaphysics and "sacredness" are related in the altruism of "joy"; "count it all joy" -
  • 128. Yitsmeeach [Simcha] - to bring forth, succeed; flourish Telos [success] - to perfect, to succeed, purpose In juxtaposing parallel concepts and their utterance; the root of "things" can be understood. Conscience it can be said is well or ill; clean or guilty; one "omen" of millennium [to borrow a phrase] is that since 1953 - 1200 people have scaled Mt. Everest in Nepal [the highest mountain on earth]. This past year – 2007; a man from England – Bear Grylls; actually flew over the peak in an ‘ultra-light hang glider’ – the next best thing to actually having wings. 71 Unlike Icarus of mythology; thankfully – he made an excellent landing; Bear and his team (who exercised great caution – if not technical skill) had done the seemingly impossible. This jubilee is evidently a metaphor of the effort to overcome the constraints of the terrestrial sphere, the square of 1200 of course is 144,000 - exactly the number of "Israelites" which that eschatological manifest - the Book of Revelations - enumerates as being "chosen" for eternal service to the "god of heaven" - which many can concur is "the god of truth". So much for the "status quo"; on Mt. Everest itself a major cleanup is in order, a small atonement also solemn remembrance - for all who perished trying this nearly impossible "climb". In the great salvation may ‘she’ give up all her dead. The theme of an "intuitive conscience" immediately stumbles over the psychology of "Neuro-anatomic". For ladies; PMS [post menstrual syndrome] is a hormonal imbalance that often requires therapy and is indicative of a biochemistry of homeostasis which few understand. Apparently the amygdale is somehow affected by PMS type imbalances in the human female. Given the sublimity of the pituitary and hypothalamus - especially in their interactions with the adrenal glands [cortical hormones - secreted by the adrenal cortex] this syndrome sometimes requires extensive treatment. According to various sources - the amygdale is associated with the sense of smell - but it has other physical qualities as well. 72 Are we associated with "King Ophal" 73 or "a sweet smelling savor to the Lord". The eye is a neurological and anatomical marvel of almost "unexplainable" proportions [nano-nano] and its direct connection to the amygdale can now be extrapolated; in that bypassing the cerebral cortex - spontaneity and lightening fast reflexive responses are enabled. What is called women's intuition is a vital type of emotional memory; which allows immediate recognition of friend or foe in exceedingly stressful situations. Maturation is adaptation to life; just as butterflies were once caterpillars - the correct response to temptation and stress. Emotional memory is associated with mood as well; but inviolate as with free will - intimidation and coercion are unacceptable forms of persuasion. Emotional states can quickly become focused against someone or something of "dubious integrity". Sensitivity training is one professional response of this well know "talent" <quality> called "women's intuition" in the demanding world we live in. Socially acceptable "ways of knowing" will foretell violence, animosity, betrayal as juxtaposed to acceptance, forbearance and tolerance. Skeptics, Cynics, Autocrats - all; close minded, antipathetic, calloused at some type of anti-social or self-indulgent behavior. The value of being - quiet, unhurried, tension free - in the case of emotional states - gender "decoding". The intuitive provides the immediate - observation <> appreciation of inclusion or exclusion <> acceptance or revulsion. The adversarial admits only to the debate at trial, while the true skeptic will have none of it. The pit falls of enthusiasm, dedicated work and sound discipline have an alliance of - character related intuition; the shield of trust <> apprehension <> mistrust - instant recall /immediate response <> before the fact. Intuiting - the future sense - entails understanding the difference between suppression <> repression in the common human neurosis. A group becomes The Group; Social BIAS is a well understood way to insure success - pride can lead to arrogance and self-destruction. Overconfidence or "perfect confidence"? Self-Control *suppression+ is almost a kind of governance. ‘Chutzpa’ *self assertion] – ‘Choos’ *intuition+ – ‘Metsaphone’ *conscience - inner guide as friend] - Laughter it is said - "heals all the bones". Governance must solve problems - in reality; without making "scapegoats"; this too has seldom been accomplished. Despotism; militarism; and the autocratic monarchies in general represent nothing more than unbalanced economies; financial corruption and elaborate peer groups to camouflage incompetence. 71 In his best-selling book “Mud, Sweat and Tears” – Mr. Grylls gives a sterling account of this experience and his faith. 72 as David G. Myers [Intuition: its powers and perils] points out in his excellent book 73 Ophal is actually known to be King Offa of Mercia – a millennium discovery of historic moment
  • 129. When the East German politburo [council] refused to grant the discredited communist party dictator a vote of confidence but instead opted to open East Berlin and East Germany border outposts to immigration and long denied visitations....this voting was under supreme duress [threat of death]. Likewise when Boris Yeltsin stood with the people of Moscow when the Armed Forces attempted to overthrow his fledgling democracy; this too was done under great stress....and so the list goes on; South Africa; Canada and Quebec; Nicaragua [choosing the middle path between Fascism and Marxism]. It is written - "the thief only comes to kill, murder and destroy"; this thief is not a common robber but the Ruler of the Darkness of this world - and it is through this misanthropy alone that the people are deceived. In advocating confidence not arrogance; optimism not self-delusion; much will be done to overcome "knowledge" - the much overestimated "experts" of power brokers. Without a vision the people perish; but without God's word - they may be destroyed. Yeshua reminds us; "fear not him who can kill the body, but he who can steal your soul and cast you altogether into hell." An "intuitive" <> belief has a "negative" aspect - "confirmation bias" or what many call "false hope" syndrome. False hope has a classical moniker of disappointment and discouragement - as perception [as failure] becomes apparent. The medical art of psychology has developed a sound principle if used in "good faith" - passive transference and its attribution of "comforting" those who suffer from "mental anguish". So the "lens of our expectations" and our "belief formation" need solid confirmation from ones ‘life-world’. Investment feedback [a true assessment of the facts] can yield an understanding of what it actually takes to support an unequivocal approval. The world of entertainment – Art as Profession; produces programs; movies; plays; dramas – a recent interview with ‘Morgan Freeman’; who played GOD in the movie Evan Almighty – when asked how playing God affected him personally; he stated – “I am an itinerate Actor – when the production is over the part I am playing ceases to exist”. It is too bad that many World Leaders do not realize that ‘the play’ is over and stop perpetrating their evil deeds. The movie itself portrays God and a modern day ‘Noah’ in a romantic comedy where American Government is being run by ‘self-righteous’ thieves….here Noah’s wife has a ‘speaking role’; when she tries to convince her husband that he should ‘quit building the ARK’ - suggesting that perhaps what God meant was a ‘flood of consciousness – streams of consciousness’ – he (of course) remains adamant and she [played by Lauren Graham 74 ] decides to fully support him JUST as a torrential downpour causes a dam near Washington D.C. to ‘break’ - flooding the district of Columbia. resulting in the ARK 75 saving many people and animals; then coming to rest on the steps of the CONGRESS. The movie serves as an apt metaphor for Global Warming; ‘pork barrel politics’ and lack of environmental stewardship. In a subsequent movie entitled ‘The Answer Man’ set in Philadelphia; conscience becomes the issue for a man who claims to talk with God; who must ‘repent’ and tell the truth about the source of his answers. Jeff Daniels plays the distraught author (Arlen Faber) whose ‘big secret’ crippled him emotionally and physically. It is a romantic comedy when he meets a chiropractor (Elizabeth) with a young son (Alex) who then inspires him to ‘face the truth’. It is the weight of conscience and the need for emotional fulfillment which provides the dramatic theme for romance and comedy. The question of God’s remoteness or inaccessibility is another controversy which the story presents as motivation for those who are seeking help from The Almighty......the point of which is what the Master (Lord) shared with his friends long ago – “The kingdom of God is within you” – from this standpoint spiritual truth resounds.76 74 Lauren’s first novel – Someday, Someday, Maybe – is a brilliant parody of J.D. Salinger – proving the adage; “a clean conscience is a girl’s best friend” as an aspiring actress prevails in realizing her dream of success in spite of great adversity. 75 This movie in fact is one of the first major productions to be designated as GREEN; in that a tree was planted discreetly for every board foot of lumber used in the production......a great step forward for the motion picture industry which has not been known for either conservation advocacy or environmental responsibility. 76 An award winning ‘short feature’ for this ‘matinee’ could be “The Last Algonquin” a story of survival from the Civil War period – Joe Two Trees is an American Indian of the Minsee (Lenape Wolf Clan) and related people whose family became isolated on Pelham Bay (the Bronx) north of the Great Neck inlet of Manhattans Island. Following the death of his parents the orphan Joe Two Trees embarks on an adventure in which cultural prejudice and ethnic intimidation drive him Westward – his treks across New Jersey is overtaken by a ferocious blizzard and he has to use his survival skills to borrow under several feet of snow to save himself. When the blizzard finally relents after a few days or so.....he finds himself with no he undertakes a hunt. He soon captures a cottontail rabbit in the deep snow and takes it back to his shelter. As he gets set to make a meal of his quarry – he is seized by an even more powerful instinct......the need for he befriends
  • 130. God directing Noah - Evan Almighty Inuit Children with Islendinger A Nautilus – Deep Sea Creature The recognition of the rightful President-Elect Al Gore as a Noble Prize winner was by coincidence ‘appropriate and timely’ as Global Warming is no longer a ‘snide remark’ at the speaking engagements of ‘political hacks’ – but a true crisis! In spite of the admission by scientific authorities quoted in “An Inconvenient Truth” - that the data in the movie is not absolutely accurate (the dimensional elements are scaled improperly); the general melting of glaciers worldwide continues at an alarming rate. The storm of the century 2010 which dumped up to 3 to 4 feet of snow over the entire continental U.S east of the Rocky Mountains was one huge ‘system’ – only the ‘farmer’s almanac’ was close to predicting the extremely cold winter which produced this storm. A general consensus of opinion is that nobody really knows how to predict the weather; even with quantum physics – it is just too complex. This provides another insight into the "illusion of knowledge" <1984> where observation is seen as statistics and provides only the analytics of "probabilities". It serves to understand that Mathematical Truth [as integral] is often Boolean - true or false - all probabilities summed up for a given set of conditions is unity equaling either 1 or 0. Perhaps this is the true power of digital electronics and its "information technology". A "binary" stream of 1's and 0's can express very simple "things" and "processes" or "very complex" real-time "streaming" information. This reveals one tangible aspect of our theme - Ontogeny is adaptive [responds] and is common to all forms of life - in terms of its survival - fast and frugal. Servo mechanical optical electronic systems must obey physical laws and their mathematics; but our didactic consciousness contemplates existence often by the "seat of the pants". Discipline of mind can refute a biased confirmation of what is known to be false - especially "patriotic" attempts to excuse error, incompetence and arrogant blindness as either "heroic" or "tragic". What could be the purpose of concealing persistent patterns of "malfeasance"; if not to prevent swift defeat of "manifested schemes". These schemes most generally add up to - "steal the land"; "cheat the laborer of his hire"; mislead the young in search for "truth"; such are a few of the problems of creating traditions based upon militaristic designs. Passive transference is thought to provide a means for impressing [implementing] one's will in an acceptable can also be a source of deception, [as depravity] fraud [as perjury], and transgression [sinister deeds]; such as in the case of fascism in a democratic society. One aspect of this is the "soft spoken" leader whose truly "ruthless" character is mistaken for "humility". Even so; a kind word spoken in a timely manner can take away much anger. Evidently much of the U.S.A.'s “fall from grace" following the Second World War is due to the imprudence of allowing the enemy to join our "military intelligence services".77 Another is the "chameleon effect" of the Democratic - Republican Party [you can't tell your players without a score card] - where the Taft-Hartley democrats of 1947 become the Reagan Republicans 33 years later; the grid-lock of the millennium is a consequence surprisingly few would foresee. Quasi-fascism and moral corruption are true problems when a "fledgling nation" is cast into the leadership position of the “space age". To maintain the "moral high-ground" such things as sexual impurity, abortion, pornography, gambling, the sale of assault weapons; massive waste of irreplaceable resources, violence on an unbelievable scale cannot be cast aside as the products of a few criminals [In fact - the 350 million felonies which the U.S. Bureau of Statistics accounted between 1967 and 2002 (app..) is not balanced even by the world's largest incarcerated population of 12 million people. As "domestic tranquility" reels and falls under this enormous weight; the government is still in denial - denial of the need to reform its criminal and civil statuettes - to eliminate the sources of injustice and persistent violence. the rabbit. The rest of the story tells of his round about trip back to his ancestral home on Great Neck and the ‘evils of coal mining’ in Pennsylvania’s Wyoming Valley.....the narration is told from a 1910 perspective by a young lad who makes friends with Joe as an old man. 77 From the work of the Wiesenthal Foundation – et. al.
  • 131. Strategic alliances [like NATO and the Arab League] provide no comfort for those who suffer from this onslaught. False belief systems [and their self-fulfilling prophecies] have been foisted upon the unwary people. The aura of an "American Police State" is far less distant because of crime and its social impact. As the New York Stock Exchange plummeted so did the belief formation of "national pride" fail to promote an "understanding" of why(?). The sublimity of wit is universally recognized as "insight"; albeit a window into character; known also as intuition and conscience; guideposts of Moral character). As David G. Myers and Judith Orloff point out; a physiologic explanation for this oft-called "sixth sense" is that it results from a "primitive" Neuro-anatomic structure [amygdale] and psychological mechanism [inner ear] such that one's EYE becomes "one" with the "emotional memory" of "recognition". Perhaps this is the source of a parable [analogy] written in the Gospels [Bible]. And Jesus said - "if your EYE be whole; then is your body full of light"! If the autonomic nervous system is designed such that emotional situations can "enrapture" the MIND; then isn't this ONTOGENY vital to living. Another apropos [if Biblical] analogy is from the book of NUMBERS as it was when Korah challenged the authority of MOSES and AARON in leading the tribes (Levi) - The rod of Aaron was found with almonds growing from it - these almonds - ancient trees of arid realms - and the saying - "he that touches Israel touches the "apple" of my eye" - extreme jealousy. Strict, chaste, devoted and disciplined are all terms which relate to the eye – and its singularity? Or the "rapture of the deep" which JONAH experienced as El Shaddai dealt with his disobedience in serving him. All this things have happened to other people; in different circumstance - age to age; in happening as they did obviously it served the understanding [of godly fear]; of the ways which are "far past finding out." Ways of edification that are socially acceptable [i.e. effective] - Mentoring - Bolstering – Challenging; promote effective realization that expertise is the degree of preparation which a professional brings to the job. Imagination can overcome ambiguity and risk. To be bold one must become adventurous - motivation is necessary - a creative environment will bring opportunity. Sublimity is the ground of intuition, inimical, complex, and ineffable; if it is a "non-conscious" process - people are not AWARE of them; because they are not "self-conscious". This complexity [emphatic] is mental quickness, agility and perceptiveness; truly "intangible". Because intuition IS a kind of "emotional memory" - knows THAT and knows HOW - being connected - emphatic in recognition. Parables of Folklore Superstrings [Common sense] Neurosis Intuition - sense of Recognition [Suppression] - Reflective (rational) Sociology Psychology BIAS PRIDE [Presence] [Repression] Reflexive - (emotional) Discernment of emotional states - sadness - impatience - frustration - helps to sublimate the intelligence [neurosis] of emotional memories. In anticipating the human "psychosis" - a sense of well being is gained. If "an ounce of intuition is worth a pound of turmoil"; persuasion requires the use of emotional shields. This is not an "intellectual exercise" in interpretation of morality - what the law itself terms "with all prejudice" - reacting to potential danger with "enlightened self-interest". Intuition is not about discerning the criminal mind or unraveling a con game; it is about the spontaneous response to stress and danger; insight before the fact - hopefully - long before. The appropriate response to even a "hint" of danger is security in the best sense of the word. TRUTH and RECONCILIATION are not the result of neuroscience and psychological analysis. When considering the "laughable" Rorschach test [ink blot - pattern recognition] - the idea is "deep cognitive isolation". AMEN is the root of emotional well-being; trusting in the Omni-present as reconciliation - being ‘quickened’ to hold on to it. The human neurosis is a generalized feeling of uneasiness; which disturbs peace of mind and its protective envelope that shields every person from fear. Collegiality is an acquired set of social skills which accelerates the speed of social intuition with confidence, activeness and warmth, where first impressions can become lasting relationships. Psychology describes social interactions as
  • 132. memory – one explicit <perceptions - reflexive and emotional> the other implicit <response - reflective and rational>, serving to maintain control of interpersonal relationships - so that intuitive recognition is its own justification. Plural insularity is another holistic concept which helps to describe this (homeostasis) - a few characteristics of human beings absolutely require this "insularity"; stereoscopic vision and bipedal upright posture - which are different from all other "creatures”. Consciousness can be defined by the degree of focused awareness needed to provide "will power" for intended actions. Mental acuity requires energy; more than the rest of the body. Beliefs from this standpoint can be "dangerous" social interactions that have supernatural consequences and must be justified through FAITH and TRUST. Traditional societies deal with these esoteric "realities" with ritual, prayer and dread. The idea that the "spirit realm" does not present great problems is not one grounded in the reality of experience - fallen is the password. Artifact and Archetype allude to these traditions; commonality of experience identifies a "higher realm" in which as the Psalmist relates - "man is made a little lower than the angels." Decisiveness entails facing reality in truth. This totality focuses the semantics of "comprehension." 78 A saying attributed to "mass psychology": "a human being is a marvelous machine which only a ghost can operate". This kind of thinking - of an automaton robot - proposes process rather than person. When applying reason, ethical logic and social intelligence to its theories. It is often used to "condition" the "public" for some type of social change or economic activity. This requires sublimation and forbearance. The temptation to use deception and exploit relationships of trust, where money or moral questions are concerned, is a serious question. The "art of selling" - is basically closing a deal - without a positive attitude one cannot succeed in an "ethical" business climate. The unscrupulous dealer does their business too; hopefully the wary will avoid being deceived. Accounting "taste" as preference, products are presented to multitudes. When cynical "tyrants" abuse charity and count patience as "weakness", destruction is near. Is this so because intuition is a discrete emotional state where understanding brings "peace of mind" - or at least the conviction of what must be done? Is this "outside of consciousness"? Beyond language? Automatic or autonomic? Doubt, uneasiness, a feeling of being "underwhelmed"......can these be used to ponder and predict with uncanny accuracy - what must be done. Is the intuitive deliberate – experiential [non-verbal] or rational [analytic] and verbal. Intellectual challenges become intuitive. Psychology also maintains that intuition is enabled through the sublime delegation of learned behaviors. It is a well-designed "paradigm" of nature. As a medical art then - it invariably presents the pathological as proof of a deterministic viewpoint..... Just as Lao-Tzu described many centuries ago. As "good medicine" - psychology is a failure; it has many theoretical flaws which become amplified out of all proportions. The U.S.A. is proof enough of this condition. If the earth itself is like a "grand" quark; then the quintessential observations tend to have the greater weight. If as "measurement" and "theory" contend - the earth is actually dragging time and space [ imperceptibly ‘warping’ them]. At the millennium - quintessence is again a viable subject [gleaned from fragments of pre-Hellenic Greece] - dark matter and magnetic monopoles are subjects addressed [the earth has an extremely power dipole moment - in that it's electromagnetic pole extends past the moon]. As theories and observations are considered; this conceptuality becomes more compelling - considering that physics, chemistry and mathematics are of such importance in the general scheme of things. One proof these "achievements" - the so-called "internet" [World Wide Web] – now becoming known as ‘The Cloud’ has expanded semiotics (axiomatic semantics) to a remarkable degree - "Virtuality" and "Ubiquity" being concepts which have a much greater meaning than reference to computer networks.....the “quantum mechanics” of a “radiant universe” provide a truly infinite potential for utility of these metaphysical ‘entities’. These qualities describe a "void"; where concepts and ideas are given form and can be shaped to inform and transact activities relating to light’s correspondence. Virutality [the ubiquitous] is not a post modern argument 78 Isaiah 63:9 – “In all their afflictions he was afflicted, and the Angel of his presence saved them: in his Love and his pity he redeemed them; and he bore them and carried them all the days of old.
  • 133. but an insight into the meaning of quantum field theory, inequalities, upheavals, superconductivity, lambda presence and elasticity; the awe and wonder of a transparent universe. 79 The Highly Abstract - Mathematical Logic [Logical Inference of Symbolic Relationships] Inference of the Ontological - [when a logical assertion is made an abstract entity must resolve it] Just Folks using common sense [plainly] - this of course is not so “common” after all. The realization of uniqueness [will power] is not at the expense of all others. This simple thought is relevant to the present "psycho-Babel" - often termed “multi-culturalism”, in that ethnic differences are not solely responsible for generating socio-economic strife. Being [enacting—as a good provider] respectful of the rights of others is the duty of common sense, but making excuses for reprobate lifestyles [abuse of children, parents and community] on the basis of circumstances alone is absurd. Just as great developments generally are shared by all, it is well for the progenitor to remind those who would share it - of where and how this “goodness" is secured. Nehemiah – Rebuilding Sumerian - Cuneiform Elamite Bracelet Jerusalem 500 B.C.E. 2000 B.C.E. 1870 A.D. Parthian Queen Ancient Kingdom of Bactria Ethno-Cultural Attire Protestant brethren Identification of John Muir as a Christian disciple – Anchored in faith; by his father and his family - offers compelling convictions for Christian faith. A few ‘pioneers’ understood - the immense responsibility of being a Co-creator with the almighty. Muir – just as Sam Clements - presented a faith based insight for emotional and intellectual insight. Where Clements; alias Mark Twain - was somewhat skeptical - John Muir can be appreciated as being more firmly grounded. However this difference does not appear as great, because Mr. Clements recognized the tragedy of Palestine (as one of its first “Western” observers). His insight into the hypocrisy of “traditional” church society – reveals the dangerous tendency of generating heretical cults (based upon human personalities). Both Muir and 79 [Perceptions of ambient intelligence; diurnal; somnambulant - audible; stereoscopic, tactile, temporal, ontologic, mortal, spiritual, god's grace – becoming gracious] and also the incredible electromotive efficiencies being achieved with nanotechnology are both virtual and ubiquitous.
  • 134. Clements recognized this and worked diligently to overcome it. This is one of the great reasons for their popularity and esteem as American visionaries. Publishing of Innocents Abroad (plus The Mysterious Stranger) and the founding of the Sierra club (as an international society) helped to propel Western society above the “evolutionary dogma” of “manifest destiny”. The need for a non self conscious reaction (by the individual) to the authority of scientific, religious and social institutions is a common denominator. Like so many – “go west young man” carried the promise of discovery and spiritual adventure (an implicit connection). The public nature of western cultural development presented a superficial cultural “persona” which all could identify with. The difference between actually trying to proclaim war as a holy cause – and its recognition as merely another (extremely pretentious) criminal activity - has world society confused. The confusion of military discipline with faith is an age old characteristic of cultic phenomenon - where zealous fervor subverts civil obedience for the purpose of conquering an “enemy”. This produces self-righteousness; instead of a real effort to confront the real issue of the conflict, religious leaders are coerced to misrepresent their stewardship. The present case - advocating terrorist tactics (counter-intelligence); causes a paranoid Government to become incapable of doing justice. This is the case of the United States and Pakistan; the warning is well spoken – Judge not lest you also be judged - for whatever judgment you use on others will be required of you as well. Western democracies are aware of the “hypocrisy” of military intelligence and their “covert” operations – often nothing more than illegal warfare for political and financial gain. The tragedy is when ‘faith based’ assistance is compromised to military initiatives; resulting in slaughter. For the sake of argument; the global village – contains a plethora of mythological stories like ‘Vishnu and the Lotus’ or the ‘Baghdad Vita’ that can be scrutinized and shown to have ‘historic relevance especially when compared with contrived works like the ‘Song of Gilgamesh’; for one example. Literary works which are ‘contemporaneous’ to epochs of great culture changes – need logic and ethics to be applied ‘chronologically’. So that when analyzing ‘the cradle of civilization’ using the ‘code of Hammurabi’ in its legal context; an understanding of the character and motivation of our ancient ancestors; is forthcoming! Lest mankind forget; and fall into the ‘vicious circle error’ – the ‘pyramid builders and their ‘legacy of Easter Island’; economic exploitation and ecologic disasters; spread from ‘ancient Sumer’. The usefulness of the Hebrew Scriptures is immutable (METALOGICAL) – its inimical accuracy in providing a framework for history - without peer; gratitude to use it for historic insights into a ‘shared’ millennial moment is highly appropriate!
  • 135. The Syllabus of Sequoyah 1834 Civilizations Time Lines Mayan Temples A Royal Seal from Mycenae BAS Relief from Ugarit (Ras Shamra) Royal Court Monterey Bay – Humpback Whales The Thira Caldera – Island of Santorini; place of beautiful sunsets – Panoramic View Ancient Akrothiri – Excavation Map of Santorini Cyclades Archipelago Bear Grylls – Above Mt. Everest 80 the Blue Whale – in Alaskan Waters 80 Bear Michael Grylls in his excellent best-selling book “Mud, Sweat and Tears” describes his faith this way “This really is the heart of what I found as a young teenager: Christ comes to make us free, to bring us life in all its fullness. He is there to forgive us where we have messed up (and who hasn’t), and to be the backbone in our being.”
  • 136. The Spirit Bear Gilgamesh - the first work of ‗fiction‘? an ‗enveloped‘ comet – Bose Einstein? Ancient China Phonetic Symbols Turtle Shells - Beads History Revisited – The Legend of King Offa is redefined - Kingdom_of_Mercia – St. Wulfstan [Worcestershire] This gold strip carries the Latin inscription: "Rise up O Lord, and may thy enemies be dispersed and those who hate thee be driven from thy face." Two sources - Book of Numbers or Psalm 67, from the Vulgate Bible used by the Saxons. The nation of Israel labors to be recognized as an important contributor in the Arts and Sciences which a Global community cooperates in trade and educational research and development – not in vain. 81 81 Receiving and transmitting green energy........Profs. Koby Scheuer, Yael Hanin and Amir Boag of Tel Aviv University's Department of Physical Electronics and its innovative new Renewable Energy Center are now developing a solar panel composed of nano-antennas instead of semiconductors. By adapting classic metallic antennas to absorb light waves at optical frequencies, a much higher conversion rate from light into useable energy could be achieved. Such efficiency, combined with a lower material cost, would mean a cost-effective way to harvest and utilize "green" energy. courtesy of Gizmag - A Light Wave of Innovation to Advance Solar Energy
  • 137. Part Two Part Two – Historic Insights for the Millennial Moment 1. Age of Reason – Semantic Certiary 2. Historic Insight at the Millennial Moment 3. A Fresh Look at „The Metaphysics‟ 4. Infontology and it‟s Folksonomy 5. Semiotic Representation and Cognitive Learning Patterns 6. The „New‟ Metaphysics and it‟s Aesthetics 7. Correspondance Principales and Commutative Expressivity 8. Putting the Love back into Philosophy 9. The Living Word – Faith and Truth 10. Universal Ethics – Mankind in the Global Village
  • 138. Forward The panorama of history presents even a casual observer with the enigma of the millennium; not the least of which is the founding of Jerusalem; the birth of Messiah and at the present moment a global communications Internet (interconnected networks) which has catalyzed the greatest burst of creativity that the world has seen since Genesis. History as it is being discovered and authenticated through the correspondence of the human mind with the light speed of this Internet substantiates the account written in ancient days – that which is this world’s bestselling book – The Holy Bible. Without ‘gilding the lily’; this panorama proves that civilization followed a reprobate course – global pyramid building; the worship of ‘gods’ in ritualized ceremonies of artifact and archetypes poorly understood by the celebrants - this pseudo-spirituality alone accounts for much of the waste making of mankind’s spurious kingdoms down through the millennia . The present moment is no different; the imagery and technology has ‘evolved’ – yet what is being created ‘day by day’ is much more important for the long term survival of man and the sustainability of his burgeoning global economy. This task of presentation requires interpretation of diverse cultures and historic development in which the global enigma of millennium was formed – not necessarily in the light of day. Philosophy is one field of academic discourse which represents this ‘universal appeal’ – to understand others and be understood by them; overcoming the reproach of tyranny and the indignations of enforced poverty. The role of philosophy cannot be as judge and jury either; this duty appropriately falls to civil authority and the spirit which has ‘borne’ mankind upon this world. Yet as advocate of good will through enlightened reason and ethical morality – the common ground of ‘Good’ can become fostered and invariably in this long history; has – in spite of ‘it all’. The Lion’s Gate of Hattusa Temples of Nalanda Treasury_of_Atreus Man in this perspective is a precocious brat with his head in the clouds of heaven but hopefully with his feet planted firmly on the ground.....this attitude of living for a purpose provides the foundation of a world in which godly laws and its prophets can prosper. One ‘extant’ book included in the Hebrew Bible is entitled JOB; this book is of great antiquity and may have been written by a contemporary of Abraham (or during his Epic). The relationship of ‘the Great Spirit’ and his adamant character set the stage for later Biblical relationships and provides a basis for interpreting the world of civilizations which were developing and the Almighty’s distain for them. Job’s adversity justifies God’s trust in him as he rebukes Satan and holds fast to his FAITH. Here is an excerpt from a Poem by a young Hungarian Jew who gave her life to help save the Jews of her native land during the final months of the holocaust of WWII as a member of the Jewish Brigade. Blessed is the match consumed in kindling flame – Blessed is the Flame that burns in secret fastness of the heart and blessed is the Heart with strength to stop its beating for honor’s sake. Hannah Senesh (1944)
  • 139. Astronomic Observation developed according to the power of magnitude of the instrument De Stella Novae 1559 Planetary Nebula -1779 ‘Ring Nebula’ Higher Resolution of M57 Ignorance and superstition can be poor habits when confronted with discovery and new ideas; yet traditional values and the adage of folklore provide ‘simple people’ with wisdom and the courage of their convictions. Astronomic observation provides a ‘gauge’ for appreciation of logic and reason especially when considering their Representation – wrought through history with symbolic cryptography. The ‘planetary’ enigma of the star Vega Earth’s Magnetosphere provide protection from Solar Wind Solar Powered Car in Australia’s Global Challenge Solar Impulse on its successful maiden flight The millennia’s have witnessed ‘amazing things’ – what is developing as a result is even more incredible. Here is the first orbital photo of our Planet Mercury plus an artist’s depiction of the Messenger spacecraft.
  • 140. Component based optical electronics thin film nano structure crystal cantilever micro-miniature motor Optical transistors provide lasers spray on solar cell nano structures piezo-electric actuator With electronic control capabilities technology is for real are ‘designer’ friendly for ‘nanomanipulators’ Philosophy provides a way for metaphysics to be represented as structures for man’s use and development. This is quite an undertaking no doubt; because nature itself seems capable of providing new and exciting aspects which are real and compelling. This is especially true of the realm entitled Quantum Physics and its investigations of atomic structure and the true ‘nature’ of the ‘ELEMENTS’. Another ‘Millennial Moment’ – NASA announced that their Kepler mission had discovered one confirmed habitable system amongst thousands of planets discovered (all heretofore unknown).82 Aside from the aptitudes and abilities which these inventions utilize – they are also a vital part of another equally important development and that is the advent of what is universally esteemed as Green Technology. This green generation is a timely response to a world-wide environmental crisis which the term Ecology forms a basis of. Endangered Species and Environmental degradation during the 19 th and 20 th centuries caused concerned citizens world - wide to do something to protect what was left of the ‘Natural World’ from the onslaught of Industrialization and its urban sprawl. Green technology represents a catharsis of these concerns as environmental quality and conservation of resources make what one designer/engineer Buckminster Fuller contemplates as ‘the ephemeral’ tendency of nature (albeit metaphysics) – doing more with less. Quantum nanotechnology embodies this ephemeral ‘aesthetic’ to such a degree that its developments are now utilizing Organic concepts and Ambient Intelligence in a strategic response to the world’s marketplace. By virtue of conservation of energy and material resources - caretaking of the natural world is well served. Beauty is in the visualization of the artist – “new world’. 82 a comparative study of the immensity of this information is available on the NASA Kepler Mission site. The European Southern Observatory made this discovery thanks to HARPS (High Accuracy Radial Velocity for Planetary Searcher), was able to verify Gliese 581 (a red dwarf) and its. 3 planets –of which D (unnamed) is thought habitable.
  • 141. The Age of Reason – Seeking a Semantic Certiary Preface ‘a new aspect of metaphysics’ The second part of this book serves to establish the original (and rightful) place of many ideas and concepts which were usurped by the world’s power brokers – this ‘sleight of hand’ underscores a 'biblical principle' - "the first shall be last and the last shall be first”. This is to enable the reader to experience the privilege of ‘foresight’ into what the historic moment of this millennium and its millennial jubilees (there are quite a few) is revealing. A new metaphysics is being re-discovered’ and this moment of human development with its quantum nanotechnology has underscored one of the main themes of this work – ‘with God; nothing is impossible’; which is also a testimony to the millennial jubilees and their perseverance. Survival on Planet Earth is often a form of success in and of itself; vast realms – often needing to overcome the insistence of ‘science’ to conceptualize NATURE as evolutionary [procreation]. This controversy has generated both unnecessary hostility and a terrible onslaught of wasteful and destructive human development steeped in abject poverty. Yet fully 90% of humanity has sufficient resources to sustain quite remarkable lives. Do not underestimate this newly ‘revealed’ metaphysics; it has the demonstrated potential to virtually eliminate waste; not only in power generation but also in the field of environmental pollution control; and is working on a system based upon quantum nanotechnology which can actually draw molecular carbon dioxide from the atmosphere (as one example) and transform it [via solar driven catalytic conversion] into the raw materials which civilizations uses for its daily activities. As this optimal efficiency is realized – the role of passive energy technologies will be understood as an important way to generate ambiance (with the natural habitat) in such a way that this sustainable power will be available everywhere – ‘ubiquitous’ as it is said. To reconcile the human mind with spiritual truth is one aspect of this work – as it is written; “The Holy Spirit will teach you all things” and further – “The Spirit of Truth will guide you into ‘all Truth’; He will teach you of things to come.” This experience is not confined to nor conformed into any particular cultural tradition or religious authority – this is a proper interpretation of the Scripture – ‘the word of God is of no private interpretation’. A very good example of this spirit is occurring today in the ancient Tibetan region of Mustang; where an international organization – the American Himalayan Institute is helping local governments in restoring cultural institution of ancient Tibet. By restoring Buddhist Temples and schools in the region hope of cultural rebirth is kindled. And thereby – as the spirit gives utterance; the way of salvation which sharing prepares is finally opened. To present the world and its history as continuous and interconnected with a discrete and common origin is not an easy viewpoint to sell. Yet from the perspective of theology and its epistemology - such a world exists and in reality great progress is being made - here cited as having 'lasting value'. This book is designed to gain an insight into the 'millennia' from the standpoint of this still unfolding 'millennial moment'. As a young man I watched as a man set foot for the first time on the surface of Earth's celestial partner - the Moon; Neil Armstrong who with 'great trepidation' - gave the glory to God; by quoting from the Bible during the preparation for ‘descent’ onto the lunar surface; as would seem proper – being that faith resolves spirit.....His phrase: "One small step for a man; one giant leap for mankind" is well worth remembering ". Another astronaut – John Glenn who was the keynote speaker at a Boy Scout banquet a couple of years before - which ‘this author’ was privileged to attend; he stated these awestruck words during his perilous journey as the first human being to orbit the earth. “That man could reach out and touch the face of God.” Such is the sense of wonder retained by those who experience a glimpse of the universe – especially from stellar space. The question of a ‘millennial moment’ is certainly adamant; because light instantiates at a distance as ‘quantum physics’ maintains then it does not seem like a coincidence that the global internet [information networks interconnected+ came ‘on-line’ for most of humanity in the mid 1990’s as Jerusalem 3000 celebrates; Anno Domini as
  • 142. well; or the 4000 year old Chinese Calendar; during a global celebration of ancient culture and historic events never seen before. These ‘new surfers’ learned to use their ‘web browsers’ and in this great influx – shared information; as it became ‘discovered’ by ‘search engines’ – a grand millennial mosaic appeared. Global celebrations of history – searching for historic roots; many attaining to cultural restoration; all gave a sense of ‘rebirth’ to mankind weary from combating greed, hate and reprobate jealousies. Some histories and cultures did not accept this celebration (very few); but that is unfortunate - nonetheless important as it’s ‘fruits’ can be enjoyed by everyone. The author once had the opportunity to work with a talking crow (raised in human environment); at The National Aviary while making a Cable TV Program – his continuous statement was – How; What Where; Why! The logical sequence is quite interesting in comparing in to the what; where; when; how; and who of journalism. Trouble is certainly multiplied by the exponential growth of civilization(s); regardless of one's worldview or theological determination. The impacts of natural disasters upon crisis management resources cannot be understated......rebuking the gainsayers who ask 'what is in it for me' and the devourer 'whose agenda of greed and immoral self-service' already lies prostrate; historically - fallen civilization upon fallen empire - fallen kingdoms through the ages – every nationality and region of the globe. Yet the most profound statement regarding cosmology is actually brief – “in the beginning GOD” and of course as those who honor him as The Creator can agree full heartedly with; “created the heavens and the earth”. This millennial moment has the temerity of proving - As it is said – “with god “nothing” is impossible”. Philosophy may well begin with ‘Metaphysics’ – the question of the ‘true nature’ of Energy and Matter is becoming the key to man’s survival. Many consider electricity as energy – but actually it is one form of ‘conductance’ of Energy in the true sense of the word. 83 Scalar Electromagnetics; nanotechnology and a physical demonstration of the Bose Einstein effect have rendered petroleum [and other fossil fuels] obsolete as the primary fuel for the generation of power; yet it will adversely affect the world’s climate before its ‘replacement’ can be realized. There are many examples of this ‘poor choice’ syndrome – tied to political power brokers - whose lust for power and wealth obviously blinded them to the proper ‘essence’ of scientific truth. And when found out; being paranoid – they took great pains to blind others as well. Yet the millennium has foreseen an ongoing ‘green revolution’ in energy technology. Bioethics and its advocacy of the common good is ‘rapidly’ developing sound genomics for the care givers and their diagnostic needs. Ekistics and ergonomics are helping engineers and designers to become effective in response to this global crisis – even in the face of generalized ‘adversity’. The power industry is becoming more effective in its delivery of energy. Human ingenuity can overcome the error in the interpretation of a fundamental principle....the ‘GRID’ itself serves to prove this. Golden Mean ‘Scalar dynamics’ are physical properties – Bose – Einstein State Engineers use this ancient relation 83 The 19 th century A.D. produced this ‘paradox’ – which Ethics and its ‘emotional intelligence’ have ‘psychological’ discourse with. 1. Maxwell's original EM theory, as is well-known, was modeled in Sir William Hamilton's quaternion’s, not in the highly curtailed Heaviside/Hertz vectors erroneously taught today as "Maxwell's theory." 2. The existence of this condition via direct engineering of the virtual state allows for the safe generation of electrical energy. This condition, in essence, forms the underlying principle of operation of the Phase-Conjugated Vacuum Triode. [Floyd A. "Sparky" Sweet]
  • 143. It becomes imperative for people to understand these „new‟ metaphysics if they will be deployed on a scale which can solve the worlds enormous problems – this is an understatement. „Serendipity‟ provides a key to „the art of the possible‟ even if these things are „complex‟.84 The reasoning process for ‘rethinking’ EM theory is based upon the same principle that contemporary biofuels industry promotes (especially diesel engine biofuels) – INDEED; a serious error has been made in the implementation of a discrete scientific principle, invention or thermodynamic law. The work 'Nothing Is something: The Theory and Operation of a Phase-Conjugated Vacuum Triode’ details “Nothing, on the cosmological scale, is virtually everything.” This technology produces ‘energy flow’ of negative to positive which is the reverse of the conventional positive energy generated by most devices in service today. A short-circuit in a negative energy system is excessively bright and cold, producing barely an audible hiss with no explosive force. “The source of energy is unlimited; the virtual vacuum of space itself structured by a motional electromagnetic field as its powerhouse.” 85 Prayer and meditation forewarn – as it is written: “We struggle not against flesh and blood; but the rulers of the darkness of this world (Satan) – spiritual wickedness in high places (government)”. Industrial Solar Arrays Soil Erosion & Deforestation Canadian Beavers Zero Utility Bills -Earth Ships This ‘adversity’ is all too real – the ethics of geo-engineering the Earth in order to reverse the affects of CO2 being released from the burning of fossil fuels and the ‘aggressive’ clear cutting of the earth’s rainforests have quickly become a global crisis *The Arctic Ice Cap is receding and large chunks of remote Antarctica’s Ice Shelf are beginning to break free] - teams of multi-faceted experts are working ‘24/7’. Healing the Earth is a task which is global and contributes to ‘productive’ political discourse as global conferences address Sustainable Development issues. Catalytic convertor ‘ubiquitous’ CO2 molecule Water holds the key! Charge barrier EM flux generator Is it appropriate to ‘inquire’: can scalar Electromagnetics be utilized to unbind oxygen from ‘carbon dioxide’; releasing (as plants do) oxygen and binding carbon (in some useful form or process)? The high energy bond of the Carbon atom to two oxygen molecules makes carbon dioxide one of the most ubiquitous ‘greenhouse’ gases. Whatever scheme 84 Serendipity - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Serendipity is a propensity for making fortunate discoveries while looking for something unrelated 85 Poynting energy density flow is one principle of EM which “the author has patterned a unified field theory concept upon - the previously unnoticed but remarkable early work of E.T. Whittaker.” *Ref. 2] This is also one important facet of the legendary ‘Tesla – Einstein controversy’ that Nano-electronics is resolving.
  • 144. proves successful - it is seriously absurd to consider that the present world order would implement it without a major catastrophe taking place (yet hope springs eternal). Sustainable development and its ‘green technologies’ have quickly become amenable to Ecological Management principles and strategies on a ‘for profit basis’ – thus providing powerful economic incentives. The goal of energy independence; economic revitalization and environmental restoration – in this way; can provide for the realization of the seventh generation ideal of American Indian vision; many ‘enlightened, advocacy coalitions consider this ideal and adopt it as their own! 86 In two fundamental papers in 1903 and 1904, E.T. Whittaker showed that all present vector EM can be replaced by scalar potential interferometry, and that bidirectional harmonic EM plane wave sets could be used to produce a standing wave of force-field-free potential (Figures 1 and 2). It is however not praiseworthy to consider that ‘National Governments’ have used these technologies as weapons - yet have denied their viability as Energy Technologies; still it is perfectly ‘compelling’ to imagine the potentialities of such a system.[3] Perhaps this is why mankind tends to be ‘intrigued’ by fantasy dramas like the Star Wars series – their sublime greeting is ‘May the Force be with you’ – but the technologies which their ‘parallel universe’ is based upon may well be this EM Unified Field - based upon the juxtaposition of ‘electro-motive force’ with the flow of energy. Amongst earth people it may be more appropriate to say – ‘May the Lord be with you’; as we ought to remember - ‘who is the God of heaven’.[4] This EM Quantum Field Theory Concept is the basis of a more comphrehensive metaphysics often called – ‘The Theory of Everything’ and includes VSEPR (valence-shell electron-pair repulsion theory) as well. Boris Yeltsin – Russian Leader alias – George Orwell Fair Trade is Greater than Free Trade Harmonic Convergence Tree of Life Cosmology Google Maps – Madagascar Global Deforestation Ontology the Sons of Saint Tamenend The Love of Money is the root of all evil – ―follow the money trail; it is the key to solving many crimes‖!  86 pseudo magnetism is demonstrated –courtesy of Gizmag (nanotechnology)
  • 145. Of course the Federal Reserve Banking System of the United States of America is not federal, but merely a consortium of private central banks. With profits exceeding 150 billion per year, no corporation in the world comes anywhere close. Isn’t it interesting; if the profits of the Federal Reserve were compounded from its inception - a sum roughly equivalent to the national debt results? Wall Street interests originally “fought” this bill while all along they were its authors [the old fox in the henhouse mentality]. “Evil is arrogant. It has no conscience. It is utterly self-serving. It hides from the light and will attack, even destroy others to preserve its own demented delusions. It is an unrestrained sociopath, wallowing in the murky darkness of its own psychosis while endlessly rationalizing its terrible deeds. It infiltrates the weak-minded and subverts the weak of character.” quoted from ANONYMOUS; Economic power of this magnitude must be used for good. Energy Independence - Energy Challenge Pledge – from Silicon Valley (no less) As faith organizations, we recognize that global warming is the moral issue of our time. We know that if we work together we can halt the grave threat to humanity and all of Creation by global warming. We pledge to have a PG&E audit of our building, and by December 2008, implement some improvement in our energy use. We also pledge to serve as a role model for our constituents, providing information that will help everyone join this moral imperative. The importance of the Global Millennial Jubilee is understated; the general theme of Restoration highlights a sense of Historic Insight……not just of things lost; now found – but the discovery of an antidote for the onslaught of destructive progress whose true promise is far greater than what it will replace as technology. The question of reconciliation between spiritual truth; moral character and metaphysical reality is one where Representation; Principles of Correspondence and their Interpretation – become effective Communication 87 – using the aptitude (talents) which Art and Science rely upon; becoming available to others - even to one and all. This revelation “as a manifestation of the Spirit is given to each one for the profit of all”. Scripture exhorts – “Live as Children of the Light – for the fruit of the light is found in all that is GOOD and RIGHT and TRUE.” Ephesians 5-8, 9 In general things mix – discretely! And it pays to remember that ‘God is Holy *Separate/Perfect+ and those who worship him must do so in Spirit and in Truth’. *6+ The main theme of this work is the reconciliation of philosophy and theology based upon appreciation of a commonality - our ‘millennial moment’. Two concepts which are associated with this ‘state of being’ are Mediator and Advocate; which modern global civilizations has provided two developments directly related to – Communicative Action [The Rational]; where deliberation represents - the free exchange of beliefs and intentions under the absence of domination. Proposed deliberately - to defeat Hegel’s Dialectic; and refute the Cartesian argument.[4] The second of which is Emotional Intelligence – which elevates ‘humanity’ to a more purposeful understanding of the importance of interpersonal relationships and their role in successful living. EI provides Ethical Philosophy with a ‘mission’ - to provide the ‘motivation’ for advocacy and its appropriate and timely intercession for the Common Good. One very great failure of the Hegelian ‘Right to Power’ was its Marburg Plan; “financed by Andrew Carnegie's ample heritage - produced in the early years of the twentieth century. It suggests premeditation for this kind of superficial schizophrenia [the dialectic], which in fact masks an integrated program of power acquisition”. The governments of the world were to be socialized while the ultimate power would remain in the hands of the international financiers "to control its councils and enforce peace [and so] provide a specific [remedy] for all the political ills of mankind."9 87 Even Chaos theory and its Entanglement must account for coincidence and Bell’s inequality.
  • 146. A global coalition against Corruption – Transparency International; is an excellent example of advocacy for the ‘common good’. This is one way to help ‘stressed’ governments control ‘transnational corporations’ and their own internal unethical practices and institutions. If there was a set of universal ethical principles that applied to all cultures, philosophies, faiths and professions, it would provide an invaluable framework for dialogue. Larry Colero, Crossroads Programs Inc. August 22, 1909 Pressed Steel Car Strike the Pen is Mightier than the Sword Pennsylvania – Robber Baron Police State The Presidential Race of 2008 in the U.S.A. serves well to understand this adversity – the question of war profiteering; petroleum cartel price manipulation and widespread abuse of government regulations by ‘well endowed’ financial institutions…..threaten to make the American economy a vassal state of what this author views as a ‘global delusion’ - the autonomy of the super-rich and their ‘ignoble’ cohorts. Never has Ethical Philosophy been so ‘sorely needed’ or so generally denied – the saying – ‘those who fail to remember history are bound to repeat it’” is never so true as the present moment. It is encouraging to see that the new President Barak Obama made it his administration’s first order of business to enforce Ethics statuettes and to put the lobbyists [and their bribery] – out on the curb. U.S. Forest Service - International Union Great Seal of the U.S.A Band – E –Amir *Afghanistan’s International Programs for the Conservation of Nature First National Park] Authority is an important factor for interpersonal relationships to be compelling and fulfilling.  Authority of the Resource........let the ecologic environment provide AUTHORITY  Authority of Civil Government......statuettes and ordinance of law and order  Authority of God’s Word.........this is what the millennium jubilees are celebrating  Authority of God’s Spirit.........according to revelation is a ‘person’ (provides guidance) The Mosaic Effect and the Ecologic Patch Phenomenon [from R.H. Whittaker – edaphic succession] Logic provides the process while Ethics watches over the minds of men. Institutions like this one in Big Sur
  • 147. California [Ventana Wildlife Society] strive to help endangered wildlife like the Humpback Whale, the Sea Otter and the California Condor (all suffered near extinction) to survive and return to their ‘native environments’. The Protection of Nature is interpreted as first order duty‘; survival is ‗served‘. A ‘new aspect’ of Metaphysics – the trichotomy of Time and other ‘Practical’ considerations It is undeniable that the Millennia have brought forth a new metaphysics; yet this would not be so remarkable if it were not for the Aesthetics which give it remarkable quiescence. This virtue of the quiescent is spiritual as well – ‘a quiet mind’ is indeed a worthy countenance (repose) to pray for. One operable crux is remarkable; yet carries with it an adamant warning. Communicative Action is a theory in which Reason is the conceptual foundation; Jürgen Habermas “considers that communicative reason, is distinguished from the rationalist tradition in that it considers the site of rationality to be the structures of interpersonal linguistic communication rather than the structure of either the cosmos or the knowing subject. He makes the assumption about identity that we learn who we are as autonomous agents from our basic relations with others”. However; if what you see is not what you are getting - Eide and Psyche; may be in conflict - manifesting misunderstanding. The conflict may well be generated by ‘living in a dream world’; rather than the ‘life-world’ of common experience. A true paradigm shift is occurring here; the paradigms of communicative reason and commutative logic speak to the heart of ‘complex adaptive systems’ – including computer ontologies; which are being applied and disseminated (expressivity) – channeled into and merged using powerful commutative frameworks for ‘semantic interoperability’ even while classical Ontology (of course) remains enigmatic. Rarely does Political Rhetoric become Social Action – where the grass roots level needs of families and communities become the dedication to duty of a political career. Such an exception is the legacy of Paul and Sheila Wellstone. Their concept of empowerment in building community using the power of the ballot box helped to turn economic failure and general socio-cultural disintegration into a common ground for family counseling; substance abuse treatment clinics and workshops and a major contribution to the educational community in Wellstone College. Just like the other amazing development s which the millennial period has produced – theory is lagging far behind practice – their work is an affirmation of everything that America represents to those who care. Their untimely death in an airplane crash during Paul’s reelection campaign in 2002 was a tragic loss for this country and the world – yet their legacy carries on and is just as important – if not more so as time rolls on. Paul and Sheila Wellstone Center for Community
  • 148. Let there be no confusion about the relationship between ‘collective intelligence’ and the historic ‘social contract’. Reassurance of meaning and purpose can empower society with good will and understanding; no matter how conservative or liberal. Ecological Management is only one example of this ‘vocation’; an even more important one is Crisis Intervention and Emergency Response. Ontological challenges relating to crisis management need to be asked, and answered, in order to provide mechanism to widen adoption, interoperability, usefulness, efficiency, robustness, reliability, availability and accountability of information systems, during emergencies. 88 Emergency 2.0 – an example of Crisis Management from Los Angeles, California LA Fire Department is clearly raised in the same spirit, to make it more effective and people caring. The intensity and frequency of emergency situations is increasing through the millennium period.....why this is ‘exactly’ may be open to a diverse variety of speculation.....however the need of people for help is NOT. Efficiency and Effectiveness are the keys to ‘saving the day’. Those who provide these services – whether strictly professional; voluntary or man on the street will generally agree to high standards and tried and true methods for intervention and rescue. Follow the following links for a first rate example of service. LAFD_ALERT service Flickr Photo Gallery YouTube Channel at Crisis management and emergency response have come a long way in a short time!89 An International Environmental Crisis – being handled by private sector watchdogs Biodegradable plastic will help long term – but a major cleanup effort is in order There are, in fact, two such vortices at work in the Pacific Ocean, the other one lying just off the coast of Japan (another major producer of plastic waste on the Pacific Rim. The Atlantic Ocean also has this same problem. Researchers believe surface currents carry the debris to the area between 22 and 38 degrees north latitude. 90 According to Greenpeace: This global problem is similar to one caused by similar ‘human developments’ and that is potential destruction of the protective Ozone Layer 91 2010 has brought news that ‘indeed’ this phenomenon is actually slowing down – in other words this vital resource is no longer being destroyed.....some nations did 88 see Appendix # 16 – crisis intervention and information architecture 89 Hurricane Irene of 2011 is a major disaster summarily prevented even though lives were lost...see appendix. 90 Researchers find high concentration of plastic trash in Atlantic Ocean - By Associated Press February 23, 2010 | 8:17 p.m. 91 Information about the Ozone Layer is available at (
  • 149. not honor the ban on Chlorofluorohydrocarbons or CFCs making the fulfillment of its restoration a generation later than may have been expected......the adage ‘keep trying’ and ‘don’t give up the ship’ provide insight into how Advocates where able to overcome the ‘Military Industrial Complex’ at all. An enormous island of trash twice the size of Texas is floating in the Pacific Ocean somewhere between San Francisco and Hawaii. Chris Parry of the California Coastal Commission in San Francisco said the so-called Great Pacific Garbage Patch, has been growing at a brisk rate since the 1950s, The San Francisco Chronicle reported Friday. The trash stew is 80 percent plastic92 and weighs more than 3.5 million tons. 93 Hats off to those who volunteered their precious time and dedicated their careers in response to these global crisis’s – their efforts are already showing signs of ultimate success – in spite of great adversity. Tautology and Totality - Semiotic Representation (A question of Authority?) The advent of the ‘Information Age’ has quickly developed an ingenuity which cannot be expressed by the evolutionary dictum alone. Along with this quiescent paradigm shift was come semantic drift towards identifying abstract concepts with their esoteric roots – as if they were the same thing. Sharing Information in a world supercharged with occult organizations, imperialistic ‘nations’ and their pseudo-diplomatic ‘intrigues’ is not a candidate for the adage ‘free and open’; nor can such societies be considered ‘trustworthy’ – yet into the darkness; the light has shined! Philosophy itself is not without blame in its service to totalitarian ideologies; the existential is such a philosophy; Heidegger criticized ``onto-theology'' as the alienating notion of ``being'' that is the essence of modern technology.[6] Yet his contemporary Eduard Levinas identifies this negative ambiance as a result of always identifying ‘the same with the other’; in other words - true ethics must consider the other as self before adjudging whether it is ‘the same’ – the common sense notion of ‘don’t judge someone until you have walked a mile in their shoes’ comes to mind as well. This idea can also be extended to technologic innovation where ETHICS become essential to protect the unsuspecting from exploitation. In the commutative sense of computing workflows and their network ‘identities’ – broad based ontologies ‘become’ the ‘information integration’ entity; where a knowledge base draws its concepts [ideas of value] from; the searcher utilizes this flow of data by querying the database; transformed through algebraic semiotics for light-speed accessibility. Quantum Computing is the next step; where the adage ‘it takes two to tango’ becomes the sublimity of instant accessibility. Correspondence is a principle which ‘the cult of personality’ [that embodies conventional politics] has 92 What Plastics Do to Your Body - “Something that was such a big part of our life might be dangerous.” 93 The size and extent of the patch is being disputed by Oregon State University as of January 2011 - Seventh Generation reports – in that the problem is considered as being considerably less than originally reported. Yet even if the concentration of the trash is more or less ephemeral – its extent is not; the long term effects of marine birds like the albatross of Wake Island for example are indeed tragic.
  • 150. never attained; the legacy of ‘the corruption of power’ is it’s ‘Achilles heel’ - described through the ages. Seldom have civilizations prevailed when lost in their own excess; even the legendary Chinese is being eroded away by ‘globalism’ – will cultural ‘aesthetics’ be able to save it? This ‘World Order’ known to political leaders as The World Trade Organization [7] is quickly accelerating this process. Its failure to advocate The Common Good at the echelon of its responsibility has provided inappropriate priorities - long decried as elitist. Its advocacy of genetic engineering; corporate control of government institutions (including life support (drinking water and health care)) are sufficient warning signs. An insight into ‘how to apply the correspondence principle’ – according to Hamilton; the conceptuality of TIME becomes coherent as a trichotomy of ‘relations’ - yet incoherent when trichotomized. This is because coherence is a property of correspondence and that correspondence is to light. A theological question arises – “Does wisdom provide motivation for an answer to prayer”. Intuition can be ‘conjugated’ as the verb to intuit - meaning to grasp by intuition _Implies MEMORY (basis):  quick and ready insight  seemingly independent of previous experiences and empirical knowledge  immediate apprehension or cognition [perceptual insight]  knowledge or conviction gained by intuition  the power or faculty of attaining to direct knowledge or cognition  Without evident rational thought and inference.  the perceiving of unconsciousness  The verb to intuit means to grasp by intuition. Intuition is by definition not the same as an opinion based on experience but may have unconsciously been formed by previous experiences. A person who has an intuitive opinion cannot (necessarily) fully explain why he or she holds that view (except through reference to that ‘experience’). Intuition is an unconscious form of knowledge. It is immediate and not open to Rational/analytical thought processes except as discernment of spirit. It differs from instinct but must rely upon it for important reasons, which does not have the experience element. It is memory based – that is why an ‘intuitive interface’ as computer programmers delineate how their ‘products’ work - are easily grasped (learned). It is the highest form of skill acquisition of Dreyfus and Dreyfus models (in practice). Intuition has advantages in solving complex problems and finding new results. 94 Intuition is one source of common sense. It can also help; through induction (using wisdom) to gain empirical knowledge. Sources of intuition are feelings, experiences and knowledge. The spiritual gift called discernment provides this ‘native understanding’ with a clear light of self-examination; providing intuition with conscience; so that a person can confess their faults and shortcomings to their own soul and others as well. Here is where TRUTH can begin to become known. An important intuitive method is brainstorming. Intuition does not mean to find a solution immediately. Sometimes it helps to sleep ‘on it’. There is an Old Russian maxim: "The morning is wiser than the evening" ("Утро вечера мудреннее"). Intuition plays a key role in Romanticism. A situation which is or appears to be true but violates our intuition is called a paradox (a paradox can also be a logical 94 Justice In The Brain: Equity And Efficiency Are Encoded Differently.................Science Daily (May 10, 2008) — Which is better, giving more food to a few hungry people or letting some food go to waste so that everyone gets a share" A study appearing in Science finds that most people choose the latter, and that the brain responds in unique (different) ways to inefficiency and inequity.
  • 151. self-contradiction). The very presence of the Holy Spirit ‘indwelling’ can present such a paradox to an aggressor. In the philosophy of Immanuel Kant, intuition is one of the basic cognitive faculties, equivalent to what might loosely be called perception. Kant held that our mind casts all of our external intuitions in the form of space, and all of our internal intuitions (memory, thought) in the form of time. Intuitionism is a position in philosophy of mathematics derived from Kant's claim that all mathematical knowledge is knowledge of the pure forms of intuition [Notwithstanding the sublimity of Ethics]. Intuition (MBTI) is one of the four axes of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator [also used in Proton Therapy] Consciousness and its Existential Phenomenology – [the counter-intuitive] utilizes Quantum Logic. Controversy From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. (Redirected from Dispute) see Controversy (disambiguation). A controversy is a contentious dispute, a disagreement in opinions over, which parties, are actively arguing. Controversies can range from private disputes between two individuals to large-scale social upheavals. Controversies in mathematics and the sciences are generally eventually solved. It is the nature of controversies in the humanities that they cannot generally be conclusively settled and may be accompanied by the disruption of peace and even quarreling. In some cases, this may be because the two sides to a dispute differ so much in their "givens" that in effect they are not having the same argument. Ethical Philosophy recognizes that incommensurability in this sense is about Values; which may be cultural in origin – whereby conflict resolutions may require ‘Dynamic Ethics’. *Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy] Transparency of Information used in Policy and Decision Making; is an area of Global Recognition and concern. Counter-intelligence - From Wikipedia (Redirected from Counterintelligence) Counterintelligence or counter-espionage is the act of seeking and identifying espionage activities; or using it as a 'diversion' to 'false flag' attention from another covert activity. Major nations have organizations which perform this role. Methods include surveillance of suspects and their communications, undercover agents, monitoring the behavior of legally accredited 'diplomatic personnel' (some of whom are sometimes actually spies or spy handlers), and similar means. Treachery is often its mainstay! The biblical story of Joshua and Rehab set in the ‗Fortress of Jericho‘ brings into question moral questions about military intelligence as it has come to be known – the question of Joshua taking Rehab (from oral tradition) as his wife raises the question of ‗redemption‘ as a spiritual reality; it also raises the problem of moral relativity – which becomes more and more thorny as absolute values are considered in the clear light of judgment. 95 In law as jurisprudence, a controversy differs from a case, which includes all suits criminal as well as civil; a controversy is a purely civil proceeding. In the Constitution of the United States, the judicial power shall extend to controversies to which the United States shall be a party (Article 2, Section 1). In advertising - to try to draw attention to a product or idea by labeling it as controversial, even if the idea has become widely accepted - especially successful in promoting books and films. Intelligence (abbreviated int. or intel.) is not information, but the product of evaluated information, valued for its currency and relevance rather than its detail or accuracy —in contrast with "data" which typically refers to precise or particular information, or "fact," which typically refers to verified information. Sometimes called "active data" or "active intelligence", these typically regard the current plans, decisions, and actions of people, as these may have urgency or may otherwise be considered "valuable" from the point of view of the intelligence-gathering organization. Active intelligence is treated as a constantly mutable component, or variable, within a larger equation of understanding the secret, covert, or otherwise private "intelligence" of an opponent, or competitor, to answer questions or obtain advance warning of events and movements deemed to be important or otherwise relevant. As used by intelligence agencies and related services, "intelligence" refers integrally to both active data as well as the 95 This historic reality finds its way into ‘The Hall of Faith’ as both Rahab and Joshua are remembered for their obedience and almost ‘blind faith’ in the ‘new’ testament’s Book of Hebrews.
  • 152. process and the result of gathering and analyzing such information, as these together form a cohesive network (cf. "hive mind"). In a sense, this usage of "intelligence" at the national level may be somewhat associated with the concept of social intelligence —albeit one which is tied to localized or nationalist tradition, politics, law, and the enforcement thereof. Courtesy of Powerset A much more comprehensive INTERPRETATION of Intelligence can be gained through realization of the importance of childhood [the world of habitation] upon how we learn in relation to the qualities of our mind and ‘aptitudes’. One such model presents ‘The Seven Intelligences’ - as a way for individuals to focus their learning and work upon areas which will make best use of their ‘native intelligence’.  Visual/Spatial – “picture smart”  Logical/Mathematical – “number smart”  Verbal/Linguistic – “word smart”  Social Intelligence – “Self and people smart” presents self-control with leadership skills  Musical/Rhythmic – “music smart”  Body/Kinesthetic – “body smart” Learning is the acquisition of ‘meaningful patterns’ and the use of these ‘tools’ to facilitate LIFE experiences. 96 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Likewise the question of ‘collective intelligence’ has superseded the ‘superficial’ aspects of special interest groups and begun to comprehend how to promote ‘human flourishing’ in our ‘ontological vocation’. 97 Megan Poore here argues that “digital literacy will be essential in helping our young people attain their human potential”. She also discerns “school leaders must give support to teachers in the form of not just skilling up online but also in providing staff with philosophical and ethical frameworks for understanding online cultures and how the cyber-world is changing our intellectual capabilities.” Pierre Levy’s theory corresponds with the realization; “Far from merging individual intelligence into some indistinguishable magma, collective intelligence is a process of growth, differentiation, and the mutual revival of singularities. (Lévy 1997) Controversy about religious beliefs are often extremely emotional and have begotten the age old adage – two things to avoid talking about are politics and religion – of course excluding these topics could create a situation where deception can work through criminal intimidation – this is often called ‗republicanism‘. This is why a common sense theory of truth is necessary – because this is the basis of justice. Existential Phenomenology – Traditional Philosophy strives to develop an effective Psychology Watsuji Tetsurô may have written his Fûdo (Climates) in direct response to Being and Time, emphasis upon the spatial element of human existence is lacking in Western existential philosophers such as Heidinger‘s, the Rinrigaku (A Study of Ethics), argues, ―human existence is always recognized as an existence with others”, Watsuji objects to the idea that Heidegger‘s Dasein encounters the world before encountering social relationships. It turns out both of these objections are connected, for Watsuji defines spatiality as the dimension in which relationships take place, and those relationships in turn play a part in creating that spatiality. For Watsuji, social relatedness and spatiality define the world we live in; he sees that Heidegger‟s conception of world is deficient in this dimension.98 Phenomenological Ontology and Consciousness - Existentialism 96 From Chislet and Chapman 2005-06 based upon Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence Model – 97 Digital literacy. Human flourishing and education in a knowledge society Megan Poore ( 98 This conviction is shared by Francis Dyson and Char Davies in Dyson’s Sounding New Media Immersion and Embodiment in the Arts and Culture’ “
  • 153. Early Sartrean philosophy is one of a pursuit of being. First, by phenomenon Sartre refers to the totality of appearances of a thing and not simply a particular appearance. As Wilfrid Desan writes, phenomenology is "a method which wants to describe all that manifests itself as it manifests itself." Moreover, H.J. Blackham observes that in Sartre, "the objects of consciousness, the phenomena, the appearances of things, disclose what is really there as it really is, though never exhaustively." Blackham continues: Consciousness implies and refers to an existence other than its own and to its own existence as a question. It is this relation of the pour-soi to the en-soi which is the foundation (and the only condition) of knowledge and action. Knowledge is necessarily intuition, the presence of consciousness to the object which it is not. This is the original condition of all experience. Before the object is defined and interpreted, consciousness constitutes itself by separating itself from it. Second, most commentators claim that Sartre preferred ontology to metaphysics because the former, as the study of being as being, presupposes the traditional claim of the precedence of essence over existence and the existence of human nature. Moreover, although ontology denotes the study of being, it "does not revive the ghosts of substance, soul, and God." [L‟san Esprit] ……. the basic characteristic of consciousness is its dynamicity, spontaneity, and freedom. He follows Husserl's principle of the intentionality of consciousness. Consciousness is first and foremost a consciousness of something. ……there is no being outside of that precise obligation to be revealing intuition of something - i.e. of a transcendent being. All forms of consciousness are likewise intentional. Imagination, as a form of consciousness, is intentional. One cannot just imagine, he must always be imagining something. Furthermore, even emotional consciousness is intentional. When Sartre defined emotion as a certain way of apprehending the world, it implies that emotion is a way of relating to the world. In this relation; consisting of the intentionality of emotions - when one loves, he always loves something or somebody. Yet the counter-intuitive is generally not considered as strictly speaking – conscious; and not necessarily unconscious either. Love is considered the greatest of virtues – it can also become mere passion. Second, subjectivity is the consciousness of consciousness. Sartre says that consciousness is a being, the nature of which is to be conscious of its being. When applied to man, Sartre further claims that for man – this is; the reason that man thinks. Finally, can consciousness be considered ‗nothingness‘? Only when nothingness is the sense of not ‗that thing‘. It is always in the making, and to try to view it as permanent is to do injustice to its very definition. ―What is man that you are mindful of him;…..‖; Physician heal thyself‖. Complexities of Living Tissue Coastal Cleanup Logo Battle for the Mind – Drugs Kill Medical nanotechnology Cancer Fighting Stem Cells Zhang – Neural Stem Cells Optics – Semiotic Recognition
  • 154. Stem Cells Process Model Motor Neuron Stem Cell Pluripotential – Blastocytes Stem Cells – pluripotency Virtual Image of Human Heart Image of Teeth Pluripotential stem cells, cloning, and in vitro fertilization ARE NOT the same things - not even close! Legally; the doctrine of informed consent is meant to keep patients in control of their treatment. It is the role of the doctor to provide the patient with the information needed to exercise that control. Technologic Innovation – Engineering and Design || Environmental Protection and Quality Control In a dramatic demonstration of what nanotechnology is accomplishing in rechargeable all-electric and ‘air powered’ vehicles’; the consideration of saving the prime habitat of a rare South American Flamingo which the world’s ‘Lithium Cartel’ owns (the ‘Laguna Chaxa’ region of the Southern Andes Mountains); makes silicon nanowires a prime conservation of Lithium and also powerful Fully Rechargeable Batteries. Toyota Hybrid Camry MotoBicycle laguna chaxa – rare flamingos SAIC – ‘Yez’ Concept Car Chevron ‘bought’ patent all electric PV 70% of world’s lithium deposits are in chile and ecuador
  • 155. Photos taken by a scanning electron microscope of silicon nanowires before (left) and after (right) absorbing lithium, both photos were taken at the same magnification. The work is described in “High-performance lithium battery anodes using silicon nanowires,” published online Dec. 16 in Nature Nanotechnology. Appendix 1. In Figure 7, we show four analogous actions involved in the "Fogal engine". Figure 7A shows the start of the "down stroke" of the Fogal emitter piston, so to speak, and the formation of the DC electromagnetic field. Figure 7B shows the signal injection into the cylinder from the injector base region, as the emitter piston pulls the signal into the chamber. Figure 7C shows the compression of electron density and the formation of the amplified E-field due to the charge compression, with a resulting expansion of the Poynting energy density flow. Figure 7D shows the point of discharge of the Poynting energy density flow, the resulting AC supercurrent, and the collapse of the DC electromagnetic field of the emitter piston. 2. Category Theory – mathematical structures and the relationship between them (Grand Set) a. Domain Theory - special kinds of partially ordered sets (posets) commonly called domains b. Algebraic Topology – source of axiomatic semiotics – search out invariants c. Information Systems Ontology – Channel Theory and Information Integration Flow d. and of course non-commutative geometry as the foundation of K Theory 3. Taken a step forward PCVT can work as a charge coupled device22 with the ability to pass both voltage and Poynting current flow S rather than conduction electron current flow dq/dt.23 Researching Charge and Poynting Flow in Circuits - Charged Barrier Fogal Engine 99 Putting together all the actions we have discussed, we may compare the electromagnetic actions as the actions of a special kind of engine cycling, as shown in Figure 7. 4. Communicative action is a concept associated with the German philosopher Jürgen Habermas. Habermas uses this concept to describe agency in the form of communication, which under his understanding is restricted to deliberation, i.e the free exchange of beliefs and intentions under the absence of domination. a. In sociological terms, the communicative action is a social action that can be compared to 99 The Truth Behind Charged Barrier Technology Copyright,1997 Bill Fogal
  • 156. instrumental action (self-interested), normative action (adapted to a shared value system) or dramaturgical action (one which is designed to be seen by others and to optimize our public self-image). Habermas claims that all of those actions are parasitic upon the communicative action, which goes beyond them (Habermas, 1991, volume 1., pp.82-101). 5. Definition [Computers]. Ontology is a formal, explicit specification of a shared conceptualization. It is an abstract model of some phenomena in the world, explicitly represented as concepts, relationships and constraints, which is machine-readable and incorporates the consensual knowledge of some community. 6. From Project Learning Tree and the Interpreter’s Guide I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand ……. Chinese Folk saying  Learning is a process of Being There – present in the life world; this is the first order.  Immersion in the Environment [Habitat] provides a learning experience in and of itself  Hands On Learning has ‘aspects’ – with ‘real things’ and also with Representational Items  2 nd Hand Learning is ‘book learning’ also through entertainment media such as TV and Movies  The Symbolic Aspect of Learning utilizes allegory; language and scientific theories 7. In philosophy, ontology (from the Greek ὄν, genitive ὄντος: of being (part. of εἶναι: to be) and -λογία: science, study, theory) is the most fundamental branch of metaphysics. Ontology is the study of being or existence and its basic categories and relationships. It seeks to determine what entities can be said to "exist", and how these entities can be grouped according to similarities and differences. Ontology is distinguished from epistemology, the study of knowledge and what can be known. 8. Ontology, Society, and Ontotheology Joseph A. Goguen Department of Computer Science & Engineering University of California at San Diego, USA 9. WORLD BANK SEMINAR (today as the Beijing Olympics concluded, the Russian Federation claim that their invasion of Georgia was for the purpose of ‘persuading’ the Georgian state to enter the World Trade Organization) news flash Russian Academy of State Service Moscow, March/April 2005 10. “Nanowire battery can hold 10 times the charge of existing lithium-ion battery” Stanford News Service; Stanford Report, December 18, 2007 The electrical storage capaci ty of a Li-ion battery is limited by how much lithium can be held in the battery's anode, which is typically made of carbon. Silicon has a much higher capacity than carbon, but has a draw back. Silicon placed in a battery swells as it absorbs positively charged lithium atoms during charging, then shrinks during use as the lithium is drawn out of the silicon. This expand/shrin k cycle typically causes the silicon (often in the form of particles or a thin film) to pulver ize, degrading the performance of the battery. Cui's battery gets around this problem with nanotechnology. The lithium is stored in a forest of tiny silicon nanowires, each with a diam eter one-thousandth the thickness of a sheet of paper. The nanowires inflate four times thei r normal size as they soak up lithium. But, unlike other silicon shapes, they do not fracture. (Yi Cui, is an assistant professor of materials science and engineering at Stanford University) 11. The Global Green Challenge provides proof of the theoretical basis of nanotechnology The Tesla Roadster is an all-electric sports car produced by the electric car firm Tesla Motors. The Roadster is the first production automobile to use lithium-ion battery cells and the first production EV to travel more than 200 miles (320 km) per charge.[2] The world distance record of 501km (313mi) for a production model electric car on a single charge was set by a Roadster on 27th Oct 2009 during the Global Green Challenge in outback Australia.[3]
  • 157. 12. Corruption Perceptions Index 2009 – from The Transparency International Organization 13. The incredible response to global ecologic crisis – technologic developments Wind energy – oceanic wave energy – osmotic potential in estuarine environments Composite of wave energy power The Tara – frozen in Arctic Statkraft Osmotic Power Plant the estuarine environment Fresh water – Saline Osmosis Seaside Osmotic Power Plant Portable wave power wave power component open ocean platforms 280 MW Solar Power Plant Tree House concept for classrooms - scalable green technology – Renewable/Sustainable Concepts 14. “Knowledge of living is inseparable from construction and habitation of a world”  How did we get here? Lévy's four anthropological spaces (from Megan Poore)  Pierre Lévy describes the intellectual development of humanity in terms of four great anthropological spaces: the earth, territory, commodity and knowledge. These spaces are anthropological in that they are uniquely human and depend as such on "human technologies, significations, language, culture, conventions, representations, and emotions". Taking each space in turn, we can therefore chart our unfolding humanity.  The first great space, the earth, is characterized by language, technology and social organization. Wealth in this space is gained through participation in the cosmos. The second space, territory, appears with agriculture, the city, the state and writing. Affiliation is the marker of identity in the territory space, and control of
  • 158. borders is the measure of wealth. The Commodity space is all about movement: flows of energy, materials, labor, capital and information. Control of such movement is the measure of prosperity and identity is determined by one's place in the cycle of production and exchange. The final space, the knowledge space, is still emerging, and it is all about collective imagination, the production of knowledge and the construction of intelligent communities. 15. The ‘millennial moment’ presents the idea of answered prayer – while you are yet praying I will have already answered you. 16. ONTOLOGIES FOR CRISIS MANAGEMENT– [a good example of practical philosophy]  Motivation _ Crisis Intervention and Information Architecture Session ID: INT-04  What is a crisis? When does a crisis begin, and when does it end? What factors are likely to aggravate or alleviate a crisis? How is a crisis different from an emergency, or a disaster? Who are the players, stakeholders, actors and agents responsible for action during a global emergency and what are their roles? What and whose procedures are to be followed? What protocols are in place to support coordination and communication among the various agents? What infrastructures are in place? How can community “resilience” fit into the picture? Where are the bottlenecks? How can information systems be deployed and used to improve crisis management and support the optimization of resources and relief operations when the need arises? How can transparency and collaboration be balanced with security and privacy measures during a crisis? How feasible is a common shared ontology for emergency management? Will such ontology scale to international levels and who will drive this process and manage its evolution?  These, and many more, are “ontological challenges” that pertain to the emergency management functions across all levels of government, non-government organizations, industry, and community groups. During a crisis incident, they all need to collaborate and cooperate and share information and resources to respond and recover from the disaster. Under these conditions, it is critical that they share a common ontology to support their crisis functions and decision making roles.  This session aims to provide an opportunity to allow researchers and practitioners to present their views, and to stimulate experts to further investigate the underlying “ontological challenges” that are at the heart of technical information cooperation during an international crisis.  Ontologies are critical to the design and management of complex and sustainable information systems and are central to information flow in crisis management. The need to improve and open up knowledge and research in the area for “ontologies for crisis management” is becoming compelling and relevant to real-world requirements.  Ontological challenges relating to crisis management need to be asked, and answered, in order to provide mechanism to widen adoption, interoperability, usefulness, efficiency, robustness, reliability, availability and accountability of information systems, during emergencies. (Commutative Expressivity)  These ontologies need to represent a wide cross section of dynamic emergency functions and to support dynamically adaptive real time changes occur quickly - and need to be propagated widely. Reasoning and decision making must be transparent and flexible with the support of crisis ontologies. The boundaries of this emerging research area are vast and still need determination.  Ontology research has been increasing over the past years with the Semantic Web providing new technologies to solve ontological needs across disciplines and domains. Ontology management still faces many challenges when taken at the broader level – in particular at an international level - across many different stakeholder areas. How can ontologies support the many agencies and groups involved in a crisis? 17. from Sounding New Media Immersion and Embodiment in the Arts and Culture "Osmose is a
  • 159. reconciliation with nature through technology, a reconciliation with technology also contrary to what we're used to, gentle and peaceful."[3] These entirely unscripted entries suggest that between the entry and the exit of Osmose lay a field of possibility that had already been sown with the unrequited desires of twentieth-century technoculture. Despite Davies's cautions, Osmose had previously already been invested with the hype of new technology and, paradoxically, nostalgic yearnings for some kind of closure to the blend of new age and technophilic attitudes formed in the 1960s counterculture. If Osmose was "a good step toward a successful marriage between art and new technology," it also reinvigorated a union formalized by Experiments in Art and Technology in the mid-1960s, as the following comment suggests.[4] o All the rhetoric about "VR" can be dissolved by this work to produce a new ground for discourse—gentle and magical—I never have felt so elevated before by an immersive work, only by the actual experience as nature or dream. As Gene Youngblood hoped, here is a work wherein we, as a culture, had been able to create at the level which we destroy, that is, this technology, so often used for the extrapolation of the banal and the exploitation of violence and fear has been turned to the creation and experience of wonder! [5] o In the art-to-life ethos of the time, industry often blurred the boundaries between art and commerce by appropriating the mystique of the artist—it was, for instance, no coincidence that Pepsi-Cola became involved with E.A.T.'s Pavilion project in the 1970s in order to extend its market to youth culture in Japan.[6] In the late 1990s, youth culture, cyberpunk, and geekdom-as-style helped create markets for once-nerdy computers and IT. In both cases, artists played an important although unacknowledged role at the time in forging, through their own labor and through the historical and cultural weight of "Art," the rhetoric required to sell a product, a culture, and—in the postmillennial globalized world of outsourcing—a new regime of work and life.[7] Indeed, the axioms that Billy Klüver (cofounder and spokesperson for E.A.T.) formulated to encourage partnerships between artists and engineers not only laid the foundations of the rhetoric in the 1960s, but gave license to the modes of address and rhetorical styles that launched a similar movement in the 1990s.[8] Five years before the turn of the millennium, it is no wonder that Osmose became a fulcrum for unresolved and rapidly mutating attitudes toward technology and inherited many of the beliefs, conflicts, and ambiguities of prior decades. 18. EGH - Study Reveals How Growth Factors Affect Human Stem Cells  Science Daily (Oct. 11, 2000) — October 10, 2000 —In a research article published in the October 10, 2000, issue of Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, research teams led by Howard Hughes Medical Institute investigator Douglas A. Melton and Hebrew University geneticist Nissim Benvenisty report that they applied eight growth factors to cultured human embryonic stem cells to observe their effects on cell differentiation.  Human embryonic stem cells are undifferentiated cells that can develop into any of the specialized cell types found in the human body. Their developmental fate is influenced by the activity of a number of cellular signals, including growth factors. "Until now, no one had reported extensive and systematic studies on human embryonic stem cells," said Melton, who is at Harvard University. ……………"In the best of all possible worlds, one would like to find growth factors that could be added to a human embryonic stem cell to make it become a cardiomyocyte to replace defective heart muscle or a pancreatic beta cell for transplantation into diabetics," said Melton. "But these studies strongly suggest that finding such a factor will be exceedingly unlikely." Also, said Melton, the finding that most of the
  • 160. growth factors inhibit differentiation of specific cell types suggests that use of growth factor inhibitors might prove as important as inducers in directing stem cell differentiation. Ultimately, he said, controlling stem cell differentiation will likely involve a strategy that employs multiple growth factors in a certain order and at certain times.  "It may be a bit like educating a child, in which you don't designate children in kindergarten as doctors, lawyers or surgeons, but you give them some kind of general education. And, as they progress and show an interest in a specific field, you give them a more specialized education." Adapted from materials provided by Howard Hughes Medical Institute. 19. Emergency Response and Crisis Management – example [National Response Coordination Center] This class 3 Hurricane – Irene was expected to cause great destruction; a full scale disaster plan was put into action. Mandatory evacuation from Coastal Communities and coastal waterways was executed. Thankfully Irene ran aground on the Outer Banks of the Carolinas venting its powerful winds for a 36 hours, when it moved on it gradually dispersed its power over a much larger area; with torrential downpours; setting many new rainfall and flooding records in the New England States but only another tropical storm in Washington, Philadelphia and New York metropolitan areas. Figure 1 - from 20. 21 st century ‘knowledge managers are beginning to realize - Is there something more valuable than knowledge acquisition? How about wisdom acquisition? What is wisdom? Which semantics can capture it? What is the role of metaphors in wisdom? Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom; and with all thy getting get understanding. — Proverbs 4:7 Scriptures reminds us about the ‘Fear of the Lord’ and spiritual guidance being the beginning of wisdom – if understanding can be an ‘ontological vocation’ then is wisdom separate from this ‘knowledge base’ and as a Totality it can help provide guidance.
  • 161. Historic Insight at the Millennial Moment This work strives to “put love back into philosophic discourse”; it will utilize a “new” comprehension of “metaphysics” in order to “bridge the gap” between ontogeny (biology of living systems) and the “ontological vocation”. A “great deal of controversy” is elucidated here [after research and verification] – a caution to the reader; a refutation of contemporary mythology follows. Millennial Jubilees are worthy subjects for Philosophic Discourse – even more so as the “Information Age” accelerates – the apropos metaphor of a “Global Village” is also quite right as the “light wave” transverses the “wide and expansive” world bringing joy and sorrow; insight and litany to the tragic story of “civilization’s history”. The western world was greeted with a "most peculiar" Millennium Day - Jan 1, 2000; where the temperature rose to 70 degrees - this "radiant moment" was not global either [of a summer day during the coldest part of the winter] because it's "shadow" cast a long cold snap over Russia and Siberia during this same time period. This Ontogeny of the "World’s Millennia" – also relates to mankind in their relationship with Almighty God and also with one another. The importance of eschatological factors cannot be "underestimated" [neglected] when assessing the "millennial moment"; which in due order this presentation will rely upon for proof and allegory. Seekers of truth can be "edified" because the "celebrations" which these diverse "jubilees" have placed upon the table of "historic insight" and are not only invaluable but awe inspiring as well. In as much as they "bear witness" of that "tree of life" which creation itself has provided for. Metaphysics - notwithstanding; the ontogeny of the "living world" corresponding with a benevolent creator [God is Good] has brought forth a plethora of amazing and truly useful cultures which are vital to efficient caretaking of Earth's bountiful resources; mankind's wellbeing and remarkably - correspondence [as a toe hold] with a vast and immeasurable universe. Communication in the Information Age demands "Semaphores’ @ Light Speed" - this correspondence utilizes the symbolic languages of millennial developments - making the great and expansive world of our habitation seem a little more like a "global village" which advocates of the "space age" predicted. This transformation requires "Agape Love" ensuring that this great potential will not degenerate into the violent confusion of earth's milieu - a failed ethos of strife and brutal subjection of others for the cause of wealth and power. Even though people speak of and understand great and amazing things - without love for one another; they become distorted and vain. Ancient seekers of wisdom understood that "two things are too wonderful to comprehend" - The harmony of the spheres and the leap of faith; placing one's complete faith in God. Ancient Modalities in art and music remind "modern man" of the sensibilities of our ancestors - Harmony put to useful purpose. Yet faith is seeks metaphysical certainty - as if a terrible adversary were attempting to prevent this adamant connection. This certainty will become a new appreciation of creation and its creator. Reassurance of good will begins with trust, empowering confidence to fulfill a useful and hopefully meaningful purpose. Being able to trust in oneself and others is the first step towards well being. Still
  • 162. there is a tremendous stumbling block - self deception; "man is evil from his youth onwards......who can know it. There is none righteous; no not one!" admonishes the holy one speaking in the Hebrew Scriptures. Love is the "difference" which cannot be "figured out"; its presence subordinates everything else, but with a "humble grace” transcending one's understanding. This is the best introduction to philosophy at the millennial moment - standing at the proverbial "crossroads of history" and seeking intercession for the sake of those caught up at "societies annihilating edge". Tolerance and great patience are necessary to restore "the gorgon's knot" of history because great confusion has overwhelmed the human family; requiring discernment of a common history even as it is being shared and discovered - globally. It is therefore wise to counsel, that spiritual truth comes through prayer and meditation with the ONE [holy and separate] who dwells beyond time and space. Whose cause is just and always righteous - hoping to maintain the "enthusiasm for work" at this "moment" requires observation of "highly ordered activities" such as economy, culture and trusted values. The question of cross-cultural misanthropy during the so-called "Age of Discovery" in which Western Sea-Faring peoples spread faith based religion has begotten "apologetics" and their "reconciliation". Which at the Millennium have diverged greatly from a rapidly developing global civilization based upon material greed. This is what the Bible terms - the great apostasy [turning away] and is by no means confined to Christianity. Here is a poem which provides an ethos - things to be desired; written by Max Ehrmann in 1927 Go placidly amid the noise and the haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence. As far as possible, without surrender, be on good terms with all persons. Speak your truth quietly and clearly; and listen to others, even to the dull and the ignorant; they too have their story. Avoid loud and aggressive persons; they are vexatious to the spirit. If you compare yourself with others, you may become vain or bitter, for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself. Enjoy your achievements as well as your plans. Keep interested in your own career, however humble; it is a real possession in the changing fortunes of time. Exercise caution in your business affairs, for the world is full of trickery. But let this not blind you to what virtue there is; many persons strive for high ideals, and everywhere life is full of heroism.
  • 163. Be yourself. Especially do not feign affection. Neither be cynical about love, for in the face of all aridity and disenchantment, it is as perennial as the grass. Take kindly the counsel of the years, gracefully surrendering the things of youth. Nurture strength of spirit to shield you in sudden misfortune. But do not distress yourself with dark imaginings. Many fears are born of fatigue and loneliness. Beyond a wholesome discipline, be gentle with yourself. You are a child of the universe no less than the trees and the stars; you have a right to be here. And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should. Therefore be at peace with God, whatever you conceive Him to be. And whatever your labors and aspirations, in the noisy confusion of life, keep peace in your soul. With all its sham, drudgery, and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world. Be cheerful - strive to be happy. . The question here is about "insight" - do these desiderata provide for "Grasping the inner nature of things". Indeed it does - this is compelling logic which can renew the mind and strengthen the seekers resolve "with kindness". So ethics may grasp the "inner nature of things"; intuitively - such that things which are desired will "keep peace in your soul". Holy Scripture states a very similar "blessing" to those – who after Abraham "look for a city whose builder and maker is god." "May he keep you in perfect peace; because you trusted in him Trust always in the Lord your God; for he is the Rock of Ages" In fact the oldest evidence of "Biblical Worship" ever found in Israel is the "Aaronic Blessing" which is used worldwide in Christian Worship as well. "May the Lord Bless you and keep you - May he lift up his countenance upon you and make his face to shine upon you" - "and give you peace; now and forever - Amen" Religion should not be the enemy of Philosophy - for true religion gives philosophy its greatest motivation; love for one another. This purpose proposes "singleness of mind" - "a sound mind - a clean
  • 164. heart". A sound ethics are at the heart of every effective philosophy, a “universally recognized example” is when Paul the Apostle [Saul of Tarsus] admonished his "listeners" at Mars Hill in Athens Greece; "take care - lest anyone spoil you through philosophies" - it is quite certain that one's resolution is the "object" to be "guarded". It is not only Western Philosophy that rebukes those who "chase" every new idea that emerges into society; but Eastern as well counsels restraint and single mindedness of purpose. Joy comes when the Totality of this world's misanthropy is pierced by the Infinity of God's loving kindness [GRACE]. This "transcendence" is for the "saving of the soul" which is in "lieu of JUDGEMENT". Love of God transforms the soul through the Holy Spirit to an "enlightened" understanding of "casualty". Wisdom reminds - to fear God is the beginning of wisdom; to fear the lord - becomes understanding. The Spiritual Division – In this world but not of it – admonishes those who seek wisdom and knowledge! Eunoesis – the ‘understanding’ of spiritual discernment could be a word to describe this. Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world. (1 John 4:1) May the Great Spirit give you Peace! - Take care lest anyone steal your JOY! Meaning and Purpose are co-adjunct motivators of humanity. Without meaning, purpose is counter-intuitive - dry, arid, often confused. A person corresponds through semantic Ontologies with the “radiant world”; otherwise as it is colloquially stated – misguided purpose begets "the vicious circle". The true crisis in correspondence - especially with "reality" is realizing the deceit which has been perpetrated historically. This “phenomenon” is often called “semantic drift” and in the “Information Age” will become an increasing problem. This “time of refreshing” as the world communities are enjoying it - is not trivial either; likewise ‘Infosystem’ technology designed for this Global Enterprise shows promise. It is important to recall: that "a day is as a thousand years; and a thousand years - one day". The rebirth of the Nation of Israel even unto Jerusalem 3000 has been a cause of turmoil and grief for the vast majority of World Jewry and their Christians friends alike. Yet the "times of refreshing" have come. This little "book" honors this reality and exhorts those who will listen - take up the GOOD BOOK; and CHERISH IT. It is worthwhile to repeat a central theme - 'the leap of faith' and ‘the harmony of the spheres’! Faith is necessary to reconcile “reason” with “purpose”. This explains Relativity *in both the special and generalized sense+ and it’s “uncertainty principle”. Reading “the mind of God” presupposes that “his” creation contains information; which most certainly it does. Yet in order to “correspond” with this “discernment” – a relationship with this “Creator – God” become expedient; this is good – since scripture states emphatically; “God is a rewarder of those who diligently seek him”. This difference: between faith and reason; actually defines what traditionalists term “metaphysics”; yet it is the practice of subverting reason with divination and cultural prejudice which creates mistrust of it within “ecclesiastical” traditions. Acceptance of correction is the rod which measures “reason”. In the Judeo-Christian tradition – The deity; Almighty God… the author of Faith. “Faith comes through hearing and hearing by the word of God.” Lack of this gift is tragic; “For without faith it is impossible to please God”. Its purpose is salvation; yet “faith without works is dead”…..remanding the sinner “Salvation is by
  • 165. Grace alone…..lest any man should boast”. “Come let us reason together”…..the prophet Isaiah records – “though your sins be as scarlet, yet shall they become as white as snow.” Grace then is the manifestation of God’s love; especially in consideration of free will and the “quasi autonomy” of our “classic observer”. This dichotomy [reason and purpose] is manifest as “consciousness” and its “realization”; confronting observation with “choice” and this “choice” presupposes resolution. Is correspondence with “truth” the “determinant” of uncertainty or will choice be based upon the probability that determines “statistical analysis”. Like the “noble” cosign in its relationship to the infinite pi….the spirit has given utterance – “Faith is the substance of things hoped for; the evidence of that which is unseen”. Symbolic meaning and words – Words and their symbolic representation are metaphysical [and spiritual] coordinating the will. The observers volition [will power] is confronted with an immense cosmology poised for action. Here is the division of soul and spirit [in their oneness]. Conceptualization and Visualization require axiomatic Semantics for "ontological" interpretation. This is “metaphysical” – where “abstract reason” can "Correspond" with the “real world” and its ‘complex’; ‘adaptive’ and ‘living ecosystems’. An observation of a given systems’ “information behavior” *interactivity+ becomes “cognitive” *conscious+ and may be understood as an ‘intuitive’ process. How these “ideas” shape visualization [cognition of “abstract entities”+ fulfills a discrete “yet highly” organized use to which such concepts and their utility are purposed in design - for the discourse of this visualization. A sense of being “categorical” then - is not ontology”; but semantic – the sense of providing such an entity with a “framework” for observation and discourse. The relationship between “symbolic logic” in its correspondence with a “real and living world” provides a basis for such a metaphysical framework – this Semiotic representation *after the Greek+ provides “Noesis” *knowledge of what it represents]. The eidetic, didactic, pedagogic and other “cognitive modalities” corresponds as ways of communicating with a widely distributed “human family”. Yet – ethics and moral uprightness rest upon an even “firmer foundation” – the relationship between people and their Creator [as ultimate progenitor]. As it is written – “The earth is the Lords and the fullness thereof – the world and those who dwell therein.” This places moral values and their ethics as the reasonable duty; family and society in general strives to maintain. This is how MetaNoia - change of mind; can take place and its ‘Eidetic Noesis’ become appreciated. The problem of KNOWLEDGE and the KNOWER becomes ontological - Empirical Truth requires justification and appropriate authority [The Golden Censor as Interlocutor]. Usurpations of Authority must be justified and in retrospect – examination of history yields this Postulate – the time honored Birthright principal provides both authority and justification; but not if applied with an unethical purpose, immoral values or “reprobate” concepts! An appropriate “millennial moment” which underscores this “enigma” is the “return to Zion” which began 140 years ago in mid 19th century A.D. In the course of gaining “international power” through “intrigue” and global war “elite European bankers” usurped authority from Zionists *educators, religious leaders, physicians, journalists] during the Nazi Holocaust - this was in spite of Nazism’s failure to annihilate her people and prevent the nation from being founded at all. For the people of Israel who must live in the “shadow” of this ‘inappropriate compromise’; speaking of “justice”! For Jewish people [whether of true faith or pretenders] a “damascene cloud” of doubt and despair “dogs” many people but “god’s spirit” strengthens them to overcome the doubt and experience the joy of Israel’s renewal and becoming! The enemy of man’s soul is constantly attempting to “gauge” through its “grip” of the “counter-intuitive” what a person’s “conscious intention” might be? This paradox of faith confounds “youth” in that their
  • 166. “eidetic” process is constantly overwhelmed by that which by design can somehow “tempt” them to depart from “the straight and narrow”. This is why Jesus counseled his “listeners” not to “resist evil” *which could be dangerous+ but to “flee from its temptation” – metaphorically; remain morally straight. Many consider that “economic considerations” outweigh ethical conduct - in spite of its corrupting influence on moral values. They are “bad actors” who continually assert that the “magnitude of their talent” can only be measured “by the validity of its continual repositioning”. Such are politicians who seek to make clever “assertions” about their country and culture; but whose “cognitive framework” cannot overcome the “ingrained prejudice” of their own “peer group”. This is why scripture warns even the ‘Children of Israel’ – “many in Israel are not “ISRAEL” but have “crept in – unawares” In reference to the “new covenant” this includes the gentiles as well. They want everyone to believe that they possess some type of “visionary intelligence” which others lack or have not developed; but balk when their competence is challenged or the moral significance of their actions is brought into public debate! The job of ethics is to compel Art as Profession to the edification of moral values. Love of wisdom can be very inspiring. Ethics – a Noesis in “the metaphysics” Putting “LOVE” back into philosophy corresponds with the cultural restoration which “historic insight” at Millennium has discovered being wrought. This kind of love needs to be AGAPE – PHILOS a love that knows no measure. A sound ecclesiastical adage which bears ethical standards – “love the sinner; hate the sin”; seems appropriate. Is Love a very special kind of ambiance or does it create AMBIANCE? 8a "One path only is left for us to speak of: that it is. On this path there are a multitude of indications that what-is, being ‘ungenerated’, is also imperishable, whole, of a single kind, immovable and complete. Parmenides - On Nature Legends – historic folklore romantic comedy [Green Movies] Millennial Jubilees Polynesian Voyagers – Hawaiian Ark built for movie Evan Almighty Islendinger Ship The Semantic Web is discovered – developmentally; here is a 4000 year old Cairn from Wales (travelers) Maen y Bardd prehistoric undisturbed uplands Conwy valley North Wales
  • 167. Some celebrations of traditional culture and folklore were shared via Motion Pictures: Keisha Castle-Hughes as Pai - Ngāti Konohi Whale Rider: humpback whales Paikea - Whale Rider – another movie by the same producers - Rapa Nui - Easter Island According to legend, Paikea came to New Zealand from the Pacific Islands on the back of a whale many centuries ago. His descendants include the Kati Kuri people of Kaikoura. Paikea was the youngest and favorite son of the chief Uenuku from the island of Mangaia in the present day Cook Islands. This favoritism made Paikea's elder brothers extremely jealous. They conspired to kill Paikea while fishing offshore and tell Uenuku he drowned. But the night before the trip Paikea feigned sleep and overheard his brothers plotting. When far out to sea; Paikea foiled their plan by deliberately sinking the canoe and drowning his brothers. Now adrift in a great ocean, Paikea clung to a canoe plank and awaited his own death. It was then that Tohora the whale appeared and lifted Paikea onto his great back. Tohora took Paikea south to New Zealand and the settlement of Whangara just north of present day Gisborne. Here, Paikea began a new and prosperous life. Many years later one of Paikea's sons, Tahupotiki, travelled further south and became the founder of the great South Island tribe of Ngai Tahu. It is from Tahupotiki and Paikea that the Ngai Tahu and Kati Kuri of Kaikoura claim descent. From - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The Māori name Hawaiki refers to the mythical land to which some Polynesian cultures trace their origins. It may also refer to an underworld in many Māori stories, and in Mangaia in the Cook Islands. Tregear (1891:392) records that the Cook Islands Maori word Avaiki only means "underworld". Buse however (1996: 90) in his dictionary Cook Islands Maori Dictionary with English Finderlist (edited by Bruce Biggs and Rangi Moeka'a almost a century after Tregear's work) writes this entry for 'Avaiki: 'Avaiki, prop. n. Hawaiki, the legendary homeland of the Polynesians. I tere tū mai rātou mei 'Avaiki. They voyaged direct from Hawaiki The millennia are still revealing themselves in new and uplifting ways…IRONY is begotten: The adage “Blind in one eye and can’t see out of the other” is certainly true of the so-called ‘World System’. Where it is written – Messiah gave his life a ransom for many; the millennia testify of just how many this could be.
  • 168. History Revisited - applying new principles to traditional values "The Mysterious Megaliths of New England" 100 Gungywamp near Groton, CT - The Secrets of the Stones Skara Brae Civilization much older than Rome. Mesolithic site with correspondence to the 'mysterious megaliths' of New England. The quahog clam is used to make wampum belts (for treaties and covenants) - it is also considered as the oldest living creature of our fair planet. The voyages of discovery attributed to Ireland's St. Brendan are becoming recognized as both authentic and rooted in the cultural development of the entire Northern Atlantic and Artic oceanic islands; settlements and exploratory would seem all the more fantastic considered that (based upon a wing and prayer) - the brave monks of Clonfert on the 100 By Paul Tudor Angel (Pathfinder?) images are generally ‘gleened’ from www search engines
  • 169. Shannon River of western Ireland sailed in boats using hide sails (requiring rigorous tanning)… a cork bobbing on the 'bounding main' they circumnavigated the entire region from western Europe even unto Norumbega (modern New England). There is also reason to believe that a much earlier exploration by their 'Druid' ancestors may explain some of the mysteries of the stones and what can be understood as 'the division of the world' by plate tectonics following the universal deluge (Noah's Ark) ------ in that all the Mesoamerican cultures and kingdoms were capable of seafaring voyages - the question of intercultural convergence and assimilation are by the end of this 'Millennial Jubilee Era' is becoming much more poignant as ancient scripts are being translated with Intercultural cooperation and discovery using the power of imagination. Dighton Rock on the Taunton River - Irish Hinge Ogam, a form of Gaelic Keltic writing If 'Ancient Hibernians' and Mesoamerican civilization sites like Okeefenokee in modern Georgia have a common time period (presence) then history itself will need a great deal of rethinking and reevaluating. The Creek Indians have preserved an ancient history that speaks of ONENESS. But a local Puritan clergyman, Cotton Mather, was not convinced. In 1712 he discovered some strange incisions on an exposed seaside rock face in Dighton, Massachusetts - far from where any plough could have marked it. He immediately wrote to the Royal Society in London, England, to inform them of his find and to convey his belief that the rock carvings were in fact an ancient scriptural alphabet - perhaps several differing ancient alphabets. Unexpectedly, his letter generated little interest. The scientists of the Royal Society were already busy exploring newly discovered rock inscriptions in neighboring Ireland. These
  • 170. European inscriptions were later identified as Irish Hinge Ogam, a form of Gaelic Keltic writing unknown for centuries and stubbornly undecipherable. But there are ancient stone circles in New England as well. Probably the most intriguing archaeological site in Connecticut is located in Groton and is called "Gungywamp," thought to be an ancient Indian name, but actually ancient Gaelic meaning, "Church of the People." Besides containing beehive chambers and petroglyphs, the Gungywamp site has a double circle of stones near its centre, just north of two stone chambers. Two concentric circles of large quarried stones-large slabs laid end to end-are at the centre of the site. Extensive fire burning on some of the slabs is apparent which leads many to believe it was an ancient altar. Nearby there are several large pillar stones and one boulder slab that have been carefully positioned along astronomical site lines. Visiting the Gungywamp site on the afternoon of September 21st, Dave Barron, the head of the Gungywamp Society, saw a sight that he would never forget. He said, "The setting sun had cast a beam of light through the vent shaft at the back of the chamber. This beam of light slowly moved down the east wall and spotlighted into the small beehive crypt near the entrance. This stone-lined tube was designed precisely to permit the Equinoctial sunset to fully penetrate the chamber's dark interior on only two days during the year-March 22nd and September 21. The high density of garnet in the stones magnified the intensity of the sunlight entering the chamber. It certainly acts as a predictable calendar. The Gungywamp site has been carbon dated to 600 A.D." Easter Island - Rapa Nui - Rapa Nui Island - Walking the Moai demonstrates that ideas about people and global history will require much more comprehensive meditation and analysis.
  • 171. Mayan seafaring canoes had many corresponding encounters with other ethnic groups Reed Boats Lake Atitlan Mayan Seafaring Canoes Tikal Pyramid Structure Lake Titicaca (Bolivia) People of the 4 Quarters (Reed Catamarans) The questions of Oceanic migrations to Mesoamerica are considered self-evident.
  • 172. Did Mesoamerica civilizations 'raid' northward and eastward to build their civilizations? Celestial Navigation - this method is very accurate when the sun and moon are visible......  IMMRAM - essentially Christian in aspect, they preserve elements of Irish mythology.  Post subject: Two Irelands - The Irish Discovery of America  Gungywamp-Theories  Hitchiti (written as Itsa-ti, “Itza (Maya) People.”) of the Creek Indian Confederacy Communication systems have many aspects - macro and micro - local and global Three new fields - Spiritual Truth | Ambient Intelligence | Quantum Computing The millennia have discovered things unseen and can now be understood in a sublime light Paradigms and their Semantics - how things work! What are the PRINCIPLES of Sustainability?  "The narrative lens" -------- Niels Bohr (remember him) (Elemental - My dear Watson!)  "Rational World" ----------------- operative rules of linguistics (semantic paradigms)  "Persuasion"....................... psychology of linguistic cases (the narrative modality)  ""conceptual framework"------- "the given" (also considered as "universals")  "cultural protocols"................Distributive Justice - defending the common ground  reason - logic - ethics............ambiance; correspondence; coherence (The Keep)  Spiritual Awareness..............cause of uprightness (righteousness) and its moral equations Think globally - Act Locally is a pretty good adage for these times that we are living in.
  • 173. A Fresh Look at „The Metaphysics‟ - the question of certainty “It is so much better to be safe than sorry” –from „Take on Me‟ song by Ah Ha Is there a need to discern the difference between mind and spirit? And is the extreme difficulty of answering this question actually the great mystery of psychology and its relationship to ethics. Meditation is a practice which most people have not mastered – this is evident in the irrational way in which decisions are made – in general. One theme which philosophy can „handle‟ is to help „the world‟ in seeking truth; with the temerity to point to the higher wisdom of Faith when truth becomes all too „elusive‟. It is difficult to equate Love with Truth; because often the truth hurts; especially if it is the truth which must transcend controversy – if God is love then; we can trust him with this terrible thing while being thankful to actually know the truth. Ontology 1 -- (metaphysics – philosophic discourse on the nature of being and existence) Is the truth or falsity of a statement determined only by its apodictic qualities, whether it accurately describes (i.e., corresponds with) the world of commonality? Truth cannot be "determined" by its correspondence with reality alone - but its representation forms a basis through which truth can be understood. From Bonjour: - Is the Coherence Theory Adequate for “Truth” Truth is said to consist in the agreement of knowledge with the object. According to this mere verbal definition, then, my knowledge, in order to be true, must agree with the object. Now, I can only compare the object with my knowledge by this means, namely, by taking knowledge of it. My knowledge, then, is to be verified by itself, which is far from being sufficient for truth. Such a circle in explanation was called by the ancients Diallelos. And the logicians were accused of this fallacy by the skeptics, who remarked that this account of truth was as if a man before a judicial tribunal should make a statement, and appeal in support of it to a witness whom no one knows, but who defends his own credibility by saying that the man who had called him as a witness is an honorable man. 101 Classical definition of knowledge as: i - Belief ii - True iii - Justified The "knower" has "apprehension" of being justified. This "apprehension" needs be "coherent" to "others". The purpose of "needful" justification must seemingly be itself a conceptual apprehension in that the knower comprehends that others may not necessarily see things this way.  Does this ‘represent’ a "coherence theory of justification"! (didactic – pedagogic – apodictic)  Is such an apprehension of the ‘given’ - necessarily non-conceptual and non-propositional – hence [Counter-intuitive+? Is this ‘coherence’ immune from error? 101 from Bonjour
  • 174.  What if the "apprehension" of what is ‘given’ is not "coherent" at all?  Is this the discernment of the difference between intuitive and counter-intuitive.  Do Truth and 'Correspondence' in a coherent representation – become discourse? Scientific Observation; [as Perception of Reality] is often given as empirical truth. Yet without the appropriate context – this truth is deemed abstract. Theological Observation is generally ‘esoteric’ [unobservable - hidden] hence the need for confirmation; one example of which is the (3) synoptic gospels which fulfill the ‘Hebrew Sciptures’ requirement for testimony of "two or three witnesses" “What distinguishes Christianity from all other religions is not its morality - Buddhism promotes moral behavior; not its longevity - Hinduism is older; but its claim that God became man and redeemed the world by his own sacrifice. This is Christianity's strongest attribute, since it can stand the test of history and historical empiricism. We can prove what others only theorize, meditatively conjure, or feel. It is also Christianity's greatest vulnerability, because if one could disprove Jesus and his resurrection, one would disprove Christianity itself. If Buddha never lived, the moral principles of Buddhism would survive. If Krishna was not a manifestation of God, the philosophical ideas of Hinduism would still be entertained. But if Jesus did not live, die, and rise again immortal in his physical body, then the very basis of Christianity is destroyed. Judicial and Islamic expert Sir Norman Anderson remarked, Christianity is, truly, "the witness of history" - it’s original followers died not for a system of rituals or a list of behaviors, but for the empirically verified and historically preserved fact of the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. As the apostle Paul said, "If Christ is not raised, our faith is vain and we are of all people most miserable" (1 Cor. 15:17).” 102 Emmanuel Levinas calls God – „the absolute other‟ and in Otherwise than Being he uses the term „otherwise than being‟.103 You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free! Messiah also warned those who will listen to: ‘beware of those who love a lie’. This is the controversy of Ethics in relation to intelligence and the age old question of knowing and the knower. Laws as rules of inference – „Justification‟ as Purpose in “meaning” Despite its obvious interest and importance, however, it does not seem to me that the semantic conception of truth helps in any way to solve the problem of truth with which we are presently concerned, viz. the problem of how a true empirical belief or statement is related to the world of which it is true. Bonjour is asserting that the application of truth to the real world is just as important (if not more so) – discernment of its integral qualities requires discretion. 104 Coherence theory of truth is integral to comprehensive systems A pervasive concept is the idea that truth is primarily a property of whole systems of propositions and can be ascribed to individual propositions only (discerned); according to their coherence with the whole. Holistic Systems - Squaring the Jacobean and finding its determinant Holism (Holos, a Greek word meaning all, entire, total) is the idea that the properties of a given system 102 quotation needs citation of source 103 Totality and Infinity. (Dickens University Press 2001 pp. 34-35) 104 from commentary about Bonjour
  • 175. (biological, chemical, social, economic, mental, linguistic, etc.) cannot be determined or explained by the sum of their component parts alone. Instead, the system as a whole determines in an important way how the parts behave. The general principle of holism was concisely summarized by Aristotle in the Metaphysics: "The whole is more than the sum of its parts". Reductionism is seen as the opposite of holism. Reductionism in science says that a complex system can be explained by reduction to its fundamental parts. Essentially, chemistry is reducible to physics, biology is reducible to chemistry and physics, and psychology and sociology are reducible to biology, etc.105 Theories of truth  Consensus theory  Correspondence theory  Deflationary theory  Epistemic  Indefinability theory  Pragmatic theory  Redundancy theory  Semantic theory Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy:  Truth  Coherence theory  Correspondence theory  Deflationary theory  Identity theory  Revision theory  Tarski's definition  Axiomatic theories – [the Adage]/Wisdom Visualization - cleaning our lenses Semantics – the meaning of words; is an “exacting” discipline – its relationship to what today is called Information theory is equally “discrete”. Here is a quote – “Information is a semantic unity” - which others have argued as “ontologies are tautological; or they are not Ontology”. Tim Berners-Lee; the WWW protagonist; presents a “catharsis” of: A Semantic Web is not Artificial Intelligence (search for Article). Information becomes the “paradox” to be resolved through an “ontological” tautology. This is “systems thinking” at its best – logic abhors tautology – being is “immersed” in it. Previously stated – ‘it takes two to tango’ is an adage taking on new significance as the millennium period nears its conclusion 106 research and development efforts have proven that information is what can be shared beyond the bounds of what was once thought ‘hidden’ and incomprehensible. The realization of a ‘quantum walk’ with two photons simultaneously makes quantum information processing a ‘virtual reality’ – it also proves that as origi