Historic Insight into the Millennia


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Historic Insight into the Millennia

  1. 1. In Dedication: This work is dedicated to all those through the ages who struggle with conscience in order to understand the truth and learn to do what is right. But let us never forget - it is love that makes the world go round. Praise be to God from whom all blessings flow. Special thanks and appreciation for my family and friends whose dedication to excellence inspired many „unique insights‟ making this book possible; especially to my dear daughter and her friends and colleagues who inspired me to investigate many controversies and attended to their timely insights with an open mind. The patience to investigate and rethink concepts and ideas were a product of our correspondence and personal relationships. This book is also in memorial for my mother and father whose help and inspiration is within every page – „be still and know that I am god; the GOD who heals you‟ was my mother‟s wisdom and my father – „rise and shine – up and at em‟. Much of their wisdom and logic are contained within these pages. Add this – God the Father can „make all things new‟ and restore TRUST. Also in special remembrance of a friend – David; who‟s unfinished work „The Way of Living‟; inspired the writing of this book. May he and many other friends and relatives who have passed on from the „land of the living‟ find their place in the „world to come‟ – as it is written. In spite of our failures and shortcomings (mine are many) dedication continues – so it is very important to remember that as this millennial period is fulfilled that the truth of God‟s word is ever more apparent – globally…if we cannot resist „progress‟; then at least it is possible to tell the truth about what it is actually about. Behold the lamb; is one joy of this fellowship. To take a page from theatrical art – “We have not come here to praise Caesar; but to bury him.” Spoken by Marc Anthony in Shakespeare‟s play - Julius Caesar. Discernment of Conscience – Insight into the Millennia presents ideas that are often contrary to what has been called „the church of public opinion‟. Unlike the Prefatory of Mark Twain‟s „Rouging It‟; historic pretension is a given and philosophical dissertation for the sake of reconciliation of soul and intellect is promoted. This work will „afflict‟ the reader with both metaphysics and science but according to „facts‟ and resolute judgments‟ based upon information fairly gained and analyzed within this remarkable „Millennial Moment‟. As the millennial jubilee period wanes and a new global government is becoming established – a glimpse of a future which dedication to excellence is providing. These photos are for those wh o dedicate themselves to push that proverbial envelope – to set the bar a little higher. In memory of Steve Fossett – Circumnavigator and Designer – Chicago board of Trade – Millennium Bean The Lion and the Lamb International Space Station-- Virgin Galactic on its maiden flight – space travel for everyone So hats off to the millenials for many wonderful things they have accomplished.
  2. 2. Intuition: Discernment Of Conscience Insight for the Millennia An Inquiry into the Nature of Soul and Spirit Part One – How can insight into the Millennia become focused? How can God given wisdom help man to overcome their irrational nature? Quantum replaces the Scholastic - Respect for Others A 10 dimensional Universe in 26 part harmony Solution Looking for a Problem Psychology as Philosophy A Question of Breeding - Nature Either/Or of Consciousness the Upward Path melodrama of Abnormal Psychology We shall Overcome photos of some interest Encounters of the 4th Kind The Soul and Psychology - another look at Freud Reassurance of Meaning and Purpose The worried Mind Convergence - an Ecologic Insight Flowing Reality - Streams of Consciousness Ideals - autonomous communities Question of Balance metaphysical Moment - as a means of comparison The "bad conscience" of Art Receiving Grace - the messianic vision The Phenomenology of Conscience - as ‗a‘ moment of Moral Virtue Consciousness of Conscience Part Two – The Millennial Moment......Insight into our Historic Times Index and Credits
  3. 3. How can God given Wisdom help man’s irrational nature? By author anonymous Philosophy, in the information age will be expected to bridge the widening gap between reason and morality. Often it is perceived as an academic discipline practiced only by the educated elite or colloquially as folklore. A few even consider it a useful tool for policy and decision making; yet somehow impractical for most people. Tradition has it inhabiting the airy realms of intellect and logic; at odds with the intuitive senses. Historically, it is a field that causes great controversy, in theology, mathematics and even medicine; stimulating ethical debate concerning law; truth; good and evil .......creating a moral dichotomy between the transcendental and empirical. As the ‘millenials’ 1 take the stage of history; a great promise in the face of impending calamity is sensed – where the light within can shine upon a new theory of almost everything (presented honorably) and its appreciation of the MIND. In the "so-called" Modern Era; the incorporation of quasi - philosophies such as deism, nihilism, dialectic materialism and even logical positivism; into political dogmas; socio - economic theories: even legal systems: has done great damage to the ideal of objective free thought and consequently of political and social action. As a subject that espouses “wisdom" all need be concerned. When considering the Bible, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Lao Tse, Siddhartha Gautama, Spinoza, Descartes and Hume; Kierkegaard and even Jung (to name a few ) within what we now consider "Classical Philosophers" - whose ideas have contributed to science and art in vital and profound ways. Especially considering how ideas shape visualization. This is true throughout the world, and that is why philosophy itself has needed to expand its horizons - for discernment of the development of people in their special predicaments. The need to be conscious of the great variety of human experience, yet remaining true to that unique purpose - that enigmatic ideal - which a love of wisdom must strive for – especially concerning TRUTH. Reason must compel those in the "global village" to understand one another and interrelate in meaningful ways, on all levels of endeavor. This meeting of the minds has produced great good already. Man as a moral agent; to count ethics and metaphysics as meaningful; must be able to comprehend; values; laws; and transcendent motives in order to weight correctly all alternatives in the "politics of experience". 2 Seekers of truth must distinguish between ‘metaphysics’ and the ‘supernatural’ – as nature itself is studied and observed – spiritually. To define empirically (through experience) a hierarchy of moral standards; our ancestors lived in oral societies where sacred tradition and ritual ruled; in what is now considered literate - we find codified statuettes and ordinances derived from them; such that - all who belong must obey. This requires sanity in the face of all adversity; in our conscious mind; that is - our own innate sense of awareness must evaluate culture and learning. Human consanguinity3 though is indeed an intangible being - it is written that "man is evil - from his youth onwards - who can know it." Yet later in this unusual biblical passage from Isaiah "I am" says - “come; let us reason together, though your sins are as scarlet yet will they be as white as snow." This is rational and compelling ethos which causes us to think deeply about the circumstances of our life and our conscious actions, Likewise, the ancients - in the fragments of pre - Hellenic (Greek) "philosophers" have related - "two things are too wonderful to understand - The harmony of the spheres and the leap of faith ( to believe )" . Here we find no duality; the duality is deception. A classic example of this occurs in Plato's apology.....Periclean Athens where the oral tradition produced men (and women) who sought wisdom. Socrates professes the inner man - learning love, virtue and justice (daemonion); his trial and execution by the apocryphal court on charges of neglecting their stone gods; did in fact establish the first principal - self-examination; soul searching! (Which is harmonious; especially in the eastern mystical traditions and the Hebraic as well) They circle all the various schools of western philosophy in these compelling debates. Yet also we learn from the scriptures; the fear of God is the beginning of knowledge; the fear of the lord is the beginning of wisdom. Mercy is the first principal of wisdom. The choice of 1 as presented on the McNeil – Lehrer report PBS on February 26, 2010 defined and surveyed 2 as R.D. Laing has stated it. 3 Seemingly the ‘innate’ capacity for self-deception; consanguinity is the quality of being descended from the same ancestor as another person.
  4. 4. Socrates could well become the long journey of Solon. In Socrates - as well as other men - conscience discerns ........It is man's perdition to remain safe - when for the Truth he ought to die. Eastern Mysticism reflects this countenance as well; the ancient sages and prophets....namely Lao-Tzu and Siddhartha Gautama did teach "the upward path" they showed in their own lives - spiritual dedication and "enlightenment" are founded upon "inner peace" and did prove that holiness to God - (that is to be interpreted) separation from the way of this world) is the only way to true wisdom and understanding. Gathered in this circle we find no alienation or nausea; because we comprehend our own experience (no matter how terrible or good) as one with the living world; within the conscious mind. Even if we cannot use our senses (if blind or dumb); awareness of their presence remains; awaiting fulfillment....which ability can hold. In the modern discourse "theories" have a sense of the irrational; some of them are ‘occult’ in origin. Many of these so-called doctrines rely upon an ethics of the situation by which almost any action can be justified. One root of this problem is the philosophy of science; which purports that Faith and observation cannot be reconciled in the pursuit of physical law. The dogma of Lucretius a roman; (who died of consumption B.C.E. 60 – O); resulted in scholasticism; based upon the Metaphysics of Aristotle. Earth, Wind, Fire and Water - the four elements are properties....the result of causality - gases; minerals; physics and thermodynamics. Systematically defining a Philosophic moment - in which it does not seem pretentious to grasp; essential laws of physical reality; producing effective insights into “scientific” issues - which is teleological (serves a purpose). The Ancients (long before the "Athenian" Dialogic) of Miletus did however profess a "fifth" Element and that is the Quintessential - what the ages termed ethereal - the aether (much more of this later). The millennial jubilee of AD 2000 witnesses the astronomic observation (and measurement) of DEEP SPACE where a scientific understanding known as Astrophysics’ discerns an Essential Mystery. The Universe is indeed ethereal.....less than 10 percent of its Mass (as we comprehend this) is actually visible (baryonic). The essential momentum and vast dimensionality of the ‘highly’ distributed systems of galaxies (quantity unknown) accounts - 90 percent as being of so-called "dark matter" which - though not undetected has properties which are not well understood. Yet as "science" attempts to "explain" this imbalance......they stumble at the one ethereal perception......the "fiery" aether of the ancients has become - the transparent and radiant one of immanent connectedness.......as transcendental metaphysics maintains. Don’t forget; It was Greek aesthetics disguised as roman emperor worship that caused the Western world to plunge into dark ages. Yet, profoundly, the Hebrew Scriptures were recounting creations character - conscientiously motivating and influencing "aesthetic" discourse in a transitional age. Here we can perceive the root of a very great paradox - in the Hebrew language faith and truth (among other profound ideals and ideas) are rooted and grounded in the universal idiom - amen - which means essentially; so be it (especially in context) in prayer to ‘GOD’; who is ‘all but’ invisible - “but not inaudible!"; ‘I think therefore I am’ - the tenet of Descartes; “Lord guard us from the evil impulse”; the prayer of a Jew. We intuitively discern the “rightness” of many philosophies as agreement proverbially….with “good conscience” - where conscience is the understanding of what ought to be. In the case of Education; we find the outcast - Aristotle and his beloved Pythias; founding a tradition of discourse; the "lost" parchments of Troas....it becomes obvious that his return to Athens and the founding of the Lyceum there (perhaps the world's first institution of "higher" education) was contingent upon the emotional stability of married life. This is quite obvious much later as Jung (the student of Freud) ascribes wisdom as the "unknown Name" of God's (as presented within the Hebrew Scriptures) WIFE (the beloved - Sophia) as he presents a psycho-analytic view of the ancient Book - JOB. Our Bible (as ancient) directs reason in the same manner "...line upon line precept upon precept...here a little ...there a little". Eastern Cosmology likewise teaches the Intuitive "moment" of wisdom...being detached and unemotional....yet often bringing great joy! A holistic perception of the ambient world - Intuitive wisdom provided a framework. As the interconnected world views; the ‘lotused’ Sojourner bouncing like some child’s ball unto the surface of Mars; the immeasurable universe seems a little friendlier due to the leap of quantum physics and information science. This amazing event shines through the optical networks and all who have access can experience this wondrous event - the Martian landscape although barren was shaped ( in many places ) by liquid water. Systems Biology Research becomes a new field of inquiry - Astrobiology.
  5. 5. Even at that - these amazing accomplishments have come at such an enormous cost; as the deviant mind steals them or uses them to attack their so - called enemies. We must remain conscious of the negative effects of our actions; even in how we present these important discoveries. When we think it so important to publish our news; then we must conscientiously shoulder the responsibility for what will inevitably come of it. The Nineteenth century - sadly - produced a panacea of "unconscious” counsel; whether Hegelian or existential. What we accept as wisdom and truth cannot be based upon precepts which we cannot in fact understand. Natural rights, the dichotomy of mind and spirit; our psychological malaise; and especially any metaphysical notions of time and space must begin with the classical Observer - ones conscious faculties. Science has (in the guise of truth) been used to play god - With many tragic consequences; not the least of which are annihilating ‘Weapons’ – which prevent the community of nations from attaining true UNITY. Whether we indulge ourselves in the divine comedy or immerse our intellect in logical discourse; or base our life upon binding laws and their precepts still we ourselves are in fact conscious of choices - whether imposed or freely made. Our unconscious mind ; correctly called mentality, remains - no matter what the state of our body - even when the spirit leaves the body; even in death; it is well understood - that souls journey has yet begun. When we experience the information age of net and web, the explosive growth of computer science and the entertainment industry, it is imperative that we come to grips with this unconscious as well. The so-called Turing Test is an example of attempting to define man-made machines - as - “intelligent." The narrow way that courses through human experience is often on the precipice of such dilemmas. Whether in our sleep or in our upright existence - it must be clear within our understanding - what is the difference between consciousness and conscience? A contemporary example is the search for aliens and the belief in terrestrial visitors from other worlds – investigation has proven this entirely without merit. Neurologic psychology has been coerced into the idea that many of these so-called encounters have originated within the deep recesses of the mind; what psychology calls the unconscious and are in fact - delusions. Although we cannot truly understand this ‘hiddenness’ still, we comprehend the vast difference. Whether we perceive "reality" empirically or transcendentally - still the consciousness of ethical and moral standards deeply affects our lives, the question is...How do we honor this AWARENESS as responsibility? This is fundamental to all of humanity! The “unconscious" confronts us with notions of a savage territoriality, instincts and guilt. The grandfather of many modern space dramas -The Forbidden Planet - termed this "monsters from the id." - Yet, even though unexplained hot objects at speeds incomprehensible have appeared on star wars radar screens - the only evidence of “aliens" is the unholy relationship between Hollywood and the lunatic fringe. Our development of rockets and space craft - sending the Voyagers to the envelope of our solar system and beyond has yielded no evidence of other terrestrial life forms, only the signature of a great creator and his amazing handiwork. Voyager's "message to the universe" - which supposedly it will deliver to these fellow inhabitants of the cosmos is presented by a person of deception (Curt Waldheim) - one who participated in the tragic Axis failure to enslave the world they speak for. Light is accurately estimated to travel 5.83 TRILLION miles in an Earth Year; the Voyager's launched in 1977 have reached the ‘heliopause’ of our Sun - perhaps 5.8 billion miles in 23 years.....if the Universe (as perceived) is coming to rest......it is a good thing because apparently we could never reach it.! Have we retained the sense of awe and wonder innate to the innocent child; and as "grownups" - accept a responsible duty - being entrusted with the care and upbringing of the next generation; dedicated to protecting them from the confusion of truth and fantasy. 4 It is obvious that . . . the Aryan concept of hero and super heroes (as in other cultures) has produced a sad legacy of disillusionment and brokenness. We must provide our heritage with a 4 In his excellent book ‘The Cathedral Within’; Bill Shore (founder of Share our Strength) provides help to those suffering from the effects of poverty and despair – writes about the need of young people for role models; be they real or imaginary – the real ones tend to build better teamwork and fair play attitudes which help young people become successful in a ‘strange and alien world’ of slide rules and engineering blueprints. The discernment of what is real - realizing truth often takes some courageous action. An excellent PBS documentary Building the Great Cathedrals provides insight into how science and faith based religion can work together. Judeo-Christian ethics and worldview are edified by this understanding as God and man reason together.
  6. 6. consciousness of limitations, morality and encouragement so that they can continue to live upright meaningful lives. We shall overcome is an anthem of the struggle for freedom and civil rights; it is also part of our calling as people - integrating the complex discoveries of our educational experience into systems that enhance and solve the problems of our human habitations and their relationship to the physical world, the resplendent environment that sustains us all. Ecologic concepts are well considered in any systems analysis. Perhaps the most important thing about so - called information science – better termed General Systems Theory - is the hierarchical nature of systems. Even the most complex cybernetic inventions of research consortiums cannot be compared in complexity to living systems; where purpose is found – this includes both robotics and nanotechnology 5 . Purpose produces ideals - one such ‘Bioethics Principle’ is the Endangered Species Act that strives not only to protect rare creatures and their communities but also the ecosystems in which they have developed (Commensally)........that is: mutual interdependence – striving to add more than is taken. The need of living systems to grow and develop harmoniously in their symbiotic relations (synergistic) within.....a given environment - can be called the ‘wonder of nature’. Here - as physiologic - what Quantum Theory calls the organism - we understand that living systems (creatures) are capable of not only adaptation, regeneration and propagation but dramatic speciation to survive in changing environments. The dogma of evolution is used in much discourse regarding natural history - yet; the foundational concepts of both geology and biology are based on Genesis; the Hebrew scriptures - particularly the ages of the earth and the Linnaean classification system. Humankind itself; the only upright order - we understand according to transcendent thought; can create their own environment and go into places depths, voids and heights that our bodies could never survive in. 6 And in the same way we see human beings living in viable communities; adapting themselves to the harshest extremes of hot and cold; altitude, aridity and wetness enjoying the lives that mother earth provides. Is it not paradoxical that in adapting to life itself our conscious mind is in creation - of tools and ways of living (the very root of culture) which enhance this enjoyment? Even when people experience injury; even serious birth defect or other pathologic syndrome; Causality? Optometric medical therapies can design a way to retrain their mind to overcome the disability: Will Power?! In considering such a doctrine of consciousness we must consider a great impasse. That impasse is the unconscious. Religions are considered as systematic; but more imposing; they rigorously define the ‘dances of our spirits in the cultures of our birth’. Yet religion occupies a grey area in consciousness. The experience of the Judean - Christian tradition presents the very discrete ideas of Christ and Messiah; which although they have come to mean the same thing; functionally their roots are completely different cultures and ways of thought! Meshiach; to pour out - the messiah - anointed one; appears to be rooted mystically in the idea of casting upon someone responsibility, leadership, and supernatural power. Though they anoint Queens and Kings........ it is in a different sense; because the Jewish faith only admits to Hevenu Malkhenu - a heavenly father as king. Christ in juxtaposition comes from a relation that means to anile (through induction of energy) - or to harden - as one does with glass, metal or pottery. In harmony (anointed and anointing) these ideas can work well....... at enmity they could produce confusion, misunderstanding and tyranny. Jewish tradition appears divided (or is it a higher wisdom than people are amenable to). That this same Adonai (Lord) would return glorified in a time of great trouble (as savior) to receive all those who have given their hearts to him....Also to those who believe on his name. Yeshua Adonai is holy to the Jewish faith as one of the seven spirits of almighty god. The Judean doctrines of the Christian faith historically have differed quite dramatically and tragically at times from that which the Shaliacheem (Apostles) were ‘sent’ to communicate; many gave their lives to establish this ‘new covenant’ with all of humanity. Two points are most obvious; Yeshua forbad his fellow citizens from trying (see the footnote at end of chapter) to make him their king..... he also rebuked the very thought of seeking revenge against those who rejected him. The Christian church has both slaughtered people in the name of the god of Israel and they also have set up clergy to crown ‘kings and queens’ to rule over them. The consequences are all too vivid in the imperialist colonization of the 5 The science of nanonics ‘christened’ during this millennium period will bridge these two highly technical fields 6 a·dap·tive adj. Showing or having a capacity to make fit for new or special situations; flexible; a successful adjustment.
  7. 7. world and the rising up of many so-called ‘anti – Christ’s who reject the religion that produced them while seeking to receive gods' glory as their own. The third enigma - high pressure evangelism.... defying the spirit that spoke as even (‘the heavenly HOST’) rejoiced in Yeshua........Risen from his crucifixion...... appearing to more than 500 people - then physically ascending into heaven in the presence of many witnesses. 7 The angel (that enigmatic presence) said - “do not stand around gawking into heaven, this Yeshua they take up from among you will also return in this way." Yeshua himself did remind us “of the day and hour of my coming knows no man; no - not even the angels of heaven." He also said “with God; a day is as a thousand years and a thousand years as one day." .........Evangelism is justified.....extortion tactics are not. Can the intellect explain this? ; That God "would make his tabernacle with man"? "Not by Might; nor by Power but only through my spirit says the Lord of Host." (Zechariah) As the ancients have reminded - religion seems far beyond the realm of human council - many try to unite (often tragically) these separate.....yet intrinsically interrelated traditions. These cults are not only a problem in western tradition but in the Orient as well. One might take this opportunity to digress, to present other religious traditions as well. They divide Buddhism itself into two schools of thought; one Buddha - Siddhartha – as a ‘young man’ did humble himself to become a godly teacher, while Gautama became, a godly teacher and holy sage who some say mistakenly allowed himself to be worshiped and is often viewed as an idol – within sacred temples. Siddhartha Gautama - the Buddha himself caused this division. Zen Buddhist tradition mourns the death of “the just Jesus ". A graphic difference is present today in the cultures of eastern Nepal and Tibet. Kalachakra or Wheel of Time is a celebration of Buddhist tradition that takes place in the Bodhgaya, the site of the Mahabodhi Temple where Siddhartha Gautama sat under the Bodhi tree and became ‘The Enlightened One’. 8 The pilgrimage at Mount Kailash is a sacred Event. The Hindu tradition is characterized as polytheistic - yet they comprehend this as a kind of divine veil through which the almost Trinitarian godhead is leading disciples in the path of life. ). Is it Polytheistic - or the revelation that man is separated from divinity?) The Aryan concepts of class and chaste would appear derived from this ‘quasi’ ascendant path. However, the estimated (4 - 14 million Indian persons of Israelis descent) have never experienced physical persecution – unlike the other cultures of the world. Native peoples of the western hemisphere (Turtle Islands) however; worship ‘The Great Spirit’ singularly in ecologic harmony, as their creator provider. The surprising relationship between their culture's spirituality and what some call, true Christianity is a convergent one. This positive relationship is in spite of the enmity that ‘empire seeking’ and rightly offended ‘natives’ did inflict upon one another. The scales of justice tip in favor of the American Indians - as their perseverance, reverence and patience will attest to. Whether they conceive the Great Spirit as benefactor (provider) or heavenly father; the grandfather is spoken of as an honored guide to the happy home beyond the setting sun: (Six nations) the relationship is the same. One can consider it like the so-called aborigines; who exhibit extrasensory perception; saying there is a dream dreaming us! Yet this dream is not surreal but supernatural and compelling.....defining a relationship between Creator and each person. Receiving of "god’s" spirit (as holiness); to people of Faith is most sacred - this spirit is a person as the new covenant tells us - Adon ha Rooach. Many Indians speak of grandfather (in the spirit of their ancestors) and the circle of the people; the great mystery leaves no doubt about the world to come. Another dilemma, as those of a corrupt and materialistic culture attempt to take on the mantel of the very people whom their culture has rejected; like the new age movement (and its new world order) - as the denying conscience of deceit.....when considered within historic debate – is neither rational or intuitive; but a false mystical way. Man as a conscious and moral agent is confronted with a bizarre mixture of the occult mysticism and Holistic medical practices gathered from various cultures and spiritual backgrounds. In the extreme sense then - this new age religious experience tends to an existential field - phenomenology - where conscious awareness - it seems - does not admit to intuitive conscience - obligating seekers to censure injustice and overcome wickedness. Discernment of spirit is 7 (ancient languages consider sky and heaven as one word) 8 Kalachakra Mantra - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wheel_of_Time_(film)
  8. 8. considered one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit – thankfully; a great advantage is found in properly understanding the relationship between metaphysics and the ‘supernatural’ as the ‘spirit’ (of revelation) is discerned. 9 Duality itself is a fundamental tenet - would be proof - of many post rationalist thinkers......what is this duality? One intuitively could question the tenets of existential phenomenology or reliance upon a Kantian universe which defies conceptuality; in which a great clockmaker has wound up the universe..... Or a Zen that does not include Taos; yin without yang - Although many aspects of these kinds of wisdom... are quite important; yet their lack of recognition of dangerous ideas presage regret and profound doubt; Niche's Aryan nihilism; Schopenhauer’s loaded pistols; the alienation of the peasantry felt within Confucius's philosophy of family, honor and duty; social Darwinism itself - would be; questioning the integral truth of such wisdom uncovers the ‘kernel of truth’ within them. Because - if they confine their counsel to an arbitrary historical perspective - based upon ‘cultural prejudice’ - their understanding of human affairs (as a quality of living) could become biased. Because Middle Eastern politics are so pivotal - especially in considering cultural expression; consider that Islam, one of the largest religions of this world, is in many ways an invention. We could well consider the Grape vine, the Olive tree, and the Fig Tree; as allegories - knowing from historical accounts that Mohammed, the prophet (and author) of the Koran, did present himself to the Jews of Medina - the ‘crescent’ of the great Arabian desert - as one who would be a prophet. The Jews did in fact examine Mohammed but found him wanting - although congenial; their faith - would not allow them to declare him so; unlike Yeshua though he did seek revenge against Medina and the Jews – a few were lucky to escape with their lives; The Sephardic Jews (modern Hebrew dialect) did suffer from this poor relationship within " Arabia " even until Israel became a nation again in 1948 A.D. In 1850 B.C. (4 millennia ago) - the biblical prophet Abram the Hebrew was born in Ur of Chaldea; Yet according to Genesis - Shem (the son of Noah and his ancestor 9 generations removed) outlived him by nearly ten years! Abram became Abraham (known to many people) and was the father of many nations; including the Israelites. The so-called protagonists......Isaac and his brother Ishmael....were reconciled on the occasion of their Father Abraham's funeral.... nearly 3680 years ago! It is nearly insane to imagine that people still argue about their relationship as brothers. We can see today - even as it is written in the bible; the very origins of the symbolic languages of Phoenician and Hebrew are rooted in those times, long ago....... when covenants and birthright ruled the affairs of men. These traditions in great wonder; also obviously were born of men - with great contentiousness; as jealous kinsmen vied for the upper hand. We are conscious of these things still in the world today - Yet the ‘chosen-ness of the Jews’ has remained as well as the contentiousness of their kinsmen. Yet, thankfully this argument is only the beginning of “returning”; notwithstanding - because to effectively address these issues; more arguments and explanations - will need to be considered. This is especially true as we enter the information age.... artificial intelligence and robots take the stage of human development. Also, moral and ethical problems of euthanasia, abortion, genetic engineering and cloning become realities. Is consciousness merely gods' gift of life - a fleeting whimsy, or a foundation that all people can relate to? 9 Jesus compared those born of the spirit to those who try to understand the wind and how it is generated.
  9. 9. Astrobiology considers a more Herodotus – Map of the Hellenic World 400 B.C.E. ‘holistic viewpoint’ for its Ontogeny! Noted - Migrations of ‘Tribal Groups’ Planet Saturn’s Moon Titan An ‘Oriental’ worldview – Tribes and Empires 400 A.D. First photos – NASA Huygens Mission A dramatic portrait of the Gog – Magog (brothers or twins?) Scenario Quantum Theory replaces the scholastic Underneath what looks like a strenuous modesty, if not actual debility - is to be discerned an energetic secular blasphemy; the wish to attain the unfettered and unselective total consciousness of “God." Susan Sontag - The Aesthetics of Silence In the United States today; much consists of the roots of common law; that is; tolerance. This intuitive foundation provided the just cause upon which liberty and human rights stand. They ‘rooted’ *grounded+ the constitution that gives functional reality to its doctrines - in the societies of the endemic people - which those Quakers; Buck skinned mountain men; missionaries and settlers......did encounter and interrelate with when they came to turtle islands of the western hemisphere. The Indians; although of different lineages linguistically and culturally where in development..... a great people..... in fact the use of wampum; to communicate and make covenants; is today seen as a fundamental element of symbolic (written) language. The Leni Lenapes; their Wallam Olum - the red record - stands as proof of an immense journey and intercultural relations; whose law of hospitality (they compel one to share with those in need) made their society much more amenable to the matriarchal cultures that they met on their long journey East. As a generalization - the people they encountered as friends or enemies followed laws of the creator - in prayer and ceremony - such as peacemaking; vision seeking; community worship and confession.... always honoring the Great Spirit; which brought harmony and serenity..... in the midst of strife. When the monarchies of the medieval western Europeans encountered their great kingdoms.....Hauntenzooyu (Inca); Mayan; Aztec (Toltec); Taligwa; Pueblo; Hawaiian; Mississippian Suns and matriarchy of the Haudenosaunees (Six Nations).... so called "Savages"; a terrible conflict ensued. In many cases the over wrought newcomers worked deceit in overthrowing the upright and hospitable "Indians" - to satisfy their Unholy hunger for gold. Because this was done to edify the ‘Vatican’ *using the spiritual authority of the Catholic Church] attempts to justify the ‘wanton’ destruction of many cultures bears remembrance. Even though precious few of them did protest; a great movement was already underway - the ‘protestant’ reformation - and another one with it; The Spiritual Rebirth known as the ‘Church of the Brethren’........ Ultimately
  10. 10. brought sanity to those troubled waters. The price of these changes was great for all the people. They formed precarious peace - the "Indians" met with enlightened sufferers of Catholic and Royal persecution......if one cares to discern the idiomatic English of America. You will see this integration (the meeting of the minds). As presented, the Pythagoreans; the Buddhists and the Hebrews were well established.....when Aristotle (student of the Peripatetic (Walking) school) became the tutor of Alexander. This tradition of Logical Philosophy (discernment based upon what we call Principles of Reason - Analytic Logic) was well established before the heresy of Evolution (that higher are developed from lower forms) was fomented. - This ontological confusion (cellular biology and the development Phylum’s) is still operable. Not many years later.. Saul of Tarsus (Paul the Apostle) preached his sermon on Mars Hill. What is this foundation? In western philosophy concepts are implicit and deducible (from sound precepts) and the process of reason becomes operational. (If not the human observer’s in their unique situation). Eastern Philosophy however views the apparent and considers that it is intuitive - for meditation. Historically - the Septuagint (70 elders invited - to translate the complete Tenach - the Old Testament was completed at the great library at Alexandria in Egypt (which Caesar destroyed)... Here East met west and.....remarkably - Magi came to Bethlehem of Judea. As this tradition continues, and we find Christian philosophers...... such as Augustine and Thomas Aquinas; developing what Western theosophy calls scholasticism based upon the assumptions of Aristotle and the teachings of the early church....were established as Christian Theology is perfected. Greek Philosophy survives - in spite of a violent cultural environment; people such as the "first" lady of philosophy - Hypatia of Alexandria and a generation later Boethius (The Consolation of Philosophy) suffer death as the Socratic Dialogue continues......leading to a tradition of Scholarship and Learning. Its greatest accomplishment is not the elitist Monastic tradition and its Latin tutelage but the Lyceum of Aristotle and his beloved Pythias. Papal Bulls (edicts which many Christians are bound to reject because they are not founded upon the scriptures) were promulgated as truth - the whole error of idolatry and emperor worship unfortunately influenced the church – being applied as liturgy. As they overcame ‘latin’ scholastic tradition, during the enlightenment and consequent "Age of Reason". Great enmity had to be dealt with - intellectually - often becoming bloody Insurrection. Yet in due time – Rome usurped the pagan traditions for the sake of Valentine’s remembrance. Then as the development of Quantum Mechanics (during the "Golden Age" of Physics 1880 - 1935) – maintains that intellect is conceptual (not material) - symbolic logic as a simplified form of integration [also known as recursion] is developed ... (IE - Boolean algebra - is one example). Yet simply using mathematics to define logical argument is not that remarkable nor is discernment of the organism as the foundational concept which defines animate and inanimate - in Reality; yes these are important developments but the essential Leap of quantum theory is that relativity - as Albert Einstein formulated; is applicable in reality - that the photo - electric effect is actually discrete quanta of energy - matter defines observation and a new field emerges to replace classical field theory, electro - magnetism, which becomes coordinated with elemental particle and nuclear physics. Here we find the fundamental TRICHOTOMY –the highly discrete harmony of wave / particle wrapped with ‘unbreakable’ entropy and its uncertainty principle. The discrete quanta of atomic adsorption and emission which are the spectral “signatures" of the elements....did however open up a perplexing realm of new discoveries......particle physics. Because these interacting "quantum" entities - exhibit such a perfect degree of symmetry......They proposed a new quantum equation...this principle is known today as CPT Transformation Invariance (charge conjugation (C), parity (P), and time reversal (T))....the zero point spin has few known violations when detected (as extremely elusive violations). If the elemental (material) universe is visualized as interacting strings (in harmonic resonance); understanding will benefit. General systems' Theory (also called Information Science) has become the practical application of this ....incredible quantum development! Reality as Organism was the Conceptual Philosophy of Alfred North Whitehead and his student Bertrand Russell under which Classical Logic becomes stagnant and reason becomes rationality (as perceived ability). The question becomes - when does Judgment require a standard or is it implicit (or exponential)? Can the Thomistic - Aristotelian system of ethical virtue claim an ability to judge or is it hypocritical (when weighed against the Law of Tolerance - and Free will dichotomies). If A = Union and B = Confederate which ideals can this so - called logic produce.
  11. 11. If a Political Entity such as the United States of American is any indication - the 2000 elections like the 1824 and 1876 before it - depict general equality under-girded by Adamant Constraints.......an election (2000) in which 100 million votes are cast (symbolic of the estimated population of the entire world for much of this time period); yet the "popular" vote is nearly equal; law requires the election be resolved....a Constitution of General Operational Proportions requires that for a candidate to be elected.....they must submit to the decision of an "electoral college" in which each state entity votes (hopefully) as the popular vote cast in that state. In order for a candidate to be elected therefore - his delegation must win this second election..... Logic and Ethics.....the government cannot easily be gained nor can plurality be assumed as decisive (strategy is needed). Yet the Party that declares itself ‘winner’ is found by impartial analysis to have cheated; leaving the wronged Party aghast. Political Stability as with Ecologic Stability require the "system" to be uncorrupted (meaning of course....a viable environment for ecologic communities and obedience of generalized laws in the political). A checks and balance system (like the USA) is rare and unique of planet Earth....the ambitious are generally impatient for their so-called "volition". The millennium election is the case where the loser; then Vice President Al Gore of Tennessee (as President Pro Tiem of the Senate) - will be honored – not only as a noble laureate; who wrote a book and starred in a movie about global warming entitled – “An inconvenient Truth” but also as a public servant who failed to act upon a motion to throw out his political opponents election (on grounds of Civil Rights violations) – as seen in another movie “Fahrenheit 911’. Peculiar indeed; that power at this level of hierarchical government would ‘flow’ so smoothly. Discreteness require that laws and ordinances avoid stereotyping shared experience; either anthropological; or as complex hierarchies (organization). To digress a bit; consciously; this is why materialist determinations fail - because they cannot explain the utter complexity of the world or the life within it.... as men actually perceive and live it. Yet; we comprehend.....a prophetic reality unfolding within the high abstractions of scientific discoveries. Why not more intuitive discourse? Is it Either - Or, as Kierkegaard has stated; existentially.....the ethics of a divine emanation that Spinoza beautifully outlined.......the imponderable mechanics of the Mind as the Rationalists have thought.....or the oneness of divine meditation as the Orientals practice? The Transcendent - as categorical imperative - aims at what we admit as faithful and true (to ourselves and others). This kind of question defies complete analysis; because Purpose being consciously discerned is not necessarily tautological.........Virtue; Courage; Determination; Patience.....defined as ‘Godly principals’ and are not ‘necessarily’ the coin of the realm.... so to speak. Essentially.... structure and functions are organismic; we may intuitively appreciate aesthetic experiences but may not define them as a totality or they will become abstractions; knowledge produces clarity; reality is a process of relatedness. A few of these mechanics deny the soul - even though it’s quite small yet discernable weight has been recorded - (when a person dies immediately their essence physically leave the body) in hospitals - Human beings are not merely obviously rational - view psychology; nor are they highly subjective - think.....of the cognizant abilities that allow us to interrelate globally - but they are sentient and all men exhibit the nobility of a soaring intellect - which as some would pray is hopefully within a Quiet Mind. Here we reach another impasse - the immortality of the Soul! Most cultures as evidenced by their words.... consider that Soul and Spirit are intrinsic -nevertheless - intangible. So - Called primitive religions believe the immortality of the soul is the union between the great Spirit and the Earth Mother; yet all tell of the battles and even wars between the God and that Evil outcast one; grace is the blessing of the great and holy spirit to maintain the way of grandfather and grandmother in the counsel of the living. Even though the one who speaks with in the Hebrew Scripture is Jealous - yet he is longsuffering. Dividing righteously between soul and spirit and even the New Testaments warns us - the soul that sins (does evil) - will die. Is this a dichotomy; yes; not just a premonition of judgment that some deny. It is not man judging man; but rather the gate of eternal life - guarded as all mythological students know by mighty angels. What is the relevance? One could only conjecture. We have a literary history - example - the Devil and Daniel Webster. Here the case of a New Hampshire farmer - whose rocky acres will yield only poor crops. He signs away his soul to the devil receiving great prosperity; when the devil comes to claim his soul, the great Barrister Webster comes to argue his case. There is a like tale of a Delaware (Lenape) prophet; in whose vision; "the great spirit" told him that if the Indians make war against the colonials they will drive them - into the sea! Neolin’s vision directed his followers to forsake European culture and return to their traditional way! In reality most of the Indians were for honorable peace and their Chiefs
  12. 12. (especially the Leni Lenape) argued strenuously with the colonial regimes to stop selling and trading hard liquor to their people. In rapid succession time this hostility and division co - produced the tragedy we remember as “The 7 years’ war”. Our conscience can transcend the Psychological defenses that will countenance self-justification …all human societies (or nations) are beholding to truth. Great patience and steadfast hospitality are needed to overcome the kind of hostility that drives the human soul to destruction. If Quantum equations indeed - denote harmony; the stretched string of frequency and amplitude; perhaps - we can also assume that ideas connote ideals. All such conceptual reasoning requires the Opus of a grand logic......... which human competence can hold onto. An example from history is - the Response of the English to the onslaught of Teutonic Nazism - where the insane usurped......the moment of history to turn the power of Quantum Physics into weapons of annihilation; the Allies fell back (retreated) from Dunkirk........their equipment left on the beaches and the streets; the unarmed citizenry - as one - arose to make the ultimate effort (the potentials already present) ......to defeat a foe which logic will determine was impossible to resist. And those whom they destroyed as its evil intention threatened (globally) all who love freedom....even the holy (biblically) people themselves - do they not belong to a higher realm which all our history can hardly reach for. Because the soul, as it is written, is given honor... neither by our own volition; nor through any action of our own - it is; one could discern; his grace. (Love) What of this information science that through fiber optics and satellite communications (a ‘ubiquitous cloud’?) has encircling the world. As with the special theory of relativity the old appears as a special case of the new. Hierarchical information is (supposedly) related in cross - level formal identities (Bertalanffy) which define the systems quality of transmitting information to white light ( fiber optics uses mono-chromatic (optimum efficiency) ‘modalities’. Just as "science" pursues a complete knowledge of the nature of matter; indeed it still eludes theoretical definition - physics (as theory) cannot be confined to formalization; if this is so of causality; then how much greater its creator. Quantum theory has changed the mechanical view of the universe so much now that Logic is organic and Ecology Vital if we sense any practical application of the "space age". In contemporary international scientific circles - science itself is not truly rational; note its vicious attacks upon interdisciplinary thinkers – whose ideas in many cases are worthy of consideration……………especially when they ‘advise’ the council of government. If we deny spirit - will man become an abstraction - just another animal (they too are intelligent and deeply emotional). Is it quantifiable that we are alive?! Totalitarian ideals on a metaphysical level are absurd - because understanding reality (with its discontinuity) relies upon the occasion of experience. Responsibility, Accountability, Meaning.......... are these questions for a cybernetic machine or replaced by selfishness? Not selflessness either; as Hillel has aptly noted; or we could never openly confront Greed, Pride and Chaos. The golden rule ... as an intuitive foundation of morals (do unto others as you would have them do unto you)....is such that by using it we can arrive meditatively and intuitively at ethical convictions. During the years of the Behaviorist School of Psychology's reign in cold war universities - we were bombarded with.... conceptions - that Our Planet is a Spaceship (Buckminster Fuller ) - insights.....that Medium is message (Marshall McLuhan); that process is purpose - as it is in itself - existential. We saw headlines announcing that GOD IS DEAD - that IT is here and now; the totally concrete with esoteric overtones.... become an abstract creature of animism - one's soul can only be metaphysical...........Transcendental - in incense filled meditation (ala eastern mysticism). Our dialogs became like charades; on the 15 levels of categorical imperatives; we had psychotherapy of the gestalt; the theater of the absurd (science fiction of today) and the flower children....a psychedelic generation - which brought the police and the psycho tropic drugs for those suffering ‘angst’. If the medium is the message - indeed – we are misled; no doubt - because mind control by Paranoid governments is not new in the world. If led to believe that Western Schools of thought are rational and intellectual - Logic; Reason: Metaphysics….then will Eastern philosophy be considered meditative and intuitive? The accelerated growth of Oriental Economies into the "American” marketplace was hardly passive nor intuitive; but highly strategic and quite effective. The differences are much more cultural and linguistic - cuneiform characters being conceptually different from symbolic (phonetic) ones. Their high degree of order and greater range of intuitive elements - provides for a more interpretative expression of the real world. Wisdom teaches us.....that we need to understand these relationships in a more than superficial way. The question of mind and intellect - our cognitive abilities - consciously motivates us to understand complexity. While scholasticism does not always weigh facts properly (arbitrary judgment) it does however keep soul and intellect together. The search for meaning is not
  13. 13. semantics just as the striving for purpose is not necessarily idealism; these belong to an even higher degree of rigor. Symbolic logical Positivists –‘ proponents of organism or organization - need to be accounted for – because as the evidence - is presented - the high priests of Nazism were - the pseudo scientist and intellectual elite; which differed only in degree of arrogance ; the scope of their ambition. Even today they teach young people that cognition is no more than biochemical reactions (amenable to mathematical equations)......Artificial intelligence is the path to the future. Yet Bill Gates (co-founder of Microsoft) did state emphatically in a TV interview with Barbara Walters - "there is no such thing as artificial intelligence; the computer is a machine created by the human mind" - when asked (as the richest man in the world today) to what did he attribute his amazing success; he said - "hard work and dedication ; my parents raised me to believe in God."10 Symbolic logic is positive, negative and useful.....but - we cannot pretend conscientiously to create life. We are reminded however that merely saying that our good fortune comes from "God"...if charity is not part of our lifestyle. Children pretend in play; will the responsible not become SANE. Undoubtedly the well-being of the conscious mind - awareness of others as they truly are... and the ability to judge whether one's actions are fitting or not (not merely socially correct but morally straight as well) require "clean" living. If modern philosophy is bent upon proving - according to a recent article in the Atlantic Monthly - that ethical principles and moral standards are biologically based; definitions of sanity. Then the transcendental empiricist may look to the wisdom of faith - the adamancy of ethical principles and moral standards - for guidance. The person Yeshua Ben David - whom the gentiles call Jesus Christ - (HaMashiach by his Jewish followers); in that part of the "Bible" –called the ‘bishorah’ (or good news - GOSPEL) relates that his mother named him Yeshua - because he would save his people from their sins.......according to prophetic tradition.... he did this when he obediently laid down his life in the general enmity of Roman Idumea - his sacrifice as a type of holy sacrifice - the lamb of God. We understand today that the account of his virgin birth is historically accurate ( the one begotten of the seed of the woman - as God promised Eve in the Garden); the ovum of a human female is unique in all of nature; according to cellular biologists; in that theoretically because it is more like a seed and less like an egg - it could grow into an embryo without the sperm - mitosis (this is physically impossible though) - the son of God - as it is written. Astronomical Clock the Garden Tomb Commemoration Found in Mediterranean Sea 11 outside ‘Damascus Gate’ also – Pray for the peace of Jerusalem 10 From this standpoint the eventual global charities that ‘the world’s wealthiest man’ put to timely use in the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’ edifies the idealism of ‘Cathedral Builders’ as their goals and objectives are realized. The concept of One World and its human family holds true. 11 Antikythera Mechanism is this reconstructed ‘discovery’ - a sunken treasure that Jaques Cousteau once described as "more valuable than the Mona Lisa" is known as. It is also considered as the world’s first analogue computer – in fact: “Turning a single input knob, you could select a date, and the machine would predict (with incredible accuracy) the positions of the sun, moon and the five planets that Greek astronomers had identified by that stage.” So much for the flat landers mentality of yore.
  14. 14. Spirit Mission to Mars NASA’s Martian rovers Spirit on Mars Complex Hydro geology
  15. 15. Respect for others “Give me a place to stand, and I will move the world." - Archimedes Because we know that the earth was not pre - existent - it is necessary to examine closely assumptions of unity within its domain - we have stated it, "there is no spirit of unity but Unity of the spirit"; is our respect for others balanced?; harmonious? We need to be keenly aware of this when we are developing educational objectives. ‘Outcome based education’ is one area (if our fragmented society is any indication) in which the propaganda machine of government has foisted upon our schools... all-encompassing ideals; without regard to their acceptability. Intercultural Relations is a relatively new field - designed to help solve the problems of an integrated society within a shrinking world. One aspect of this is interfaith counseling - where believing communities reach common (yet discrete) understanding. Respect for others must include recognition of their unique identities as educational objectives; this would include a significant step towards recognition of ethnic diversity. The struggle for many people is to walk uprightly in this world – according to their ‘inimical’ sense of purpose. Regarding an individual's discernment of truth; oftentimes enmity (hostility) exists where historic references to superiority/inferiority exist or has existed in previous generations - this is the source of much social unrest; protest and lawlessness. Yet the law itself cannot be set aside for this reason. In honoring this mystery of origins - the paradox of existence....society’s enigmatic circumstances will interpret how to overcome this enmity. We can participate in respect for others way of living; if we perceive them as being good for them; in productive ways; not allowing past generations to cloud our judgment. If one’s reasoning process becomes crazy or self - defeating....to ‘fall back’ upon the well-being of family and the need for self-respect, will yield self-preservation. Koyaanisqati – is a Hopi Indian word which translates as Life out of Balance; also a movie from 1983 by Francis Ford Coppola of the same Title…. presents an apocalyptic vision of modern man. Giving credence to the saying – ‘if you aren’t part of the solution your part of the problem.’ Why do we perceive this - strictly speaking - is it because intelligence is much more than the art of manipulating numbers? When abstract relational symbolism - must be verified - for security purposes – this means that machines cannot determine purpose nor discern motivation. Robots are operated by machine codes which interface with digital logic circuits – even the discreteness of nanotechnology and quantum information processing cannot reason for itself. Psychologically - consciousness becomes greatly impaired. We would do better to teach our children how to defend themselves.... Schooling them to spot all types of deception - pragmatically. Metaphysics discerns First Order Logic. Relational symbolic logic is compatible with cognitive thought processes (reason)... the prayer of a righteous man avails much.......we do not need to get hung up on the paradoxical assertions of mathematical symbolic Logic (like beadwork). Example.....Love is blind; God is Love; Ray Charles is blind; Ray Charles is God: meaning in truth is more than syntax. But we also understand that before the android builders - no obstacle would appear too great. For this they have created "fuzzy logic" - (viz a viz - the early existentialists and their symbolic logic antagonists). 12 The power of logical constructs cannot be underestimated; but the scope of their applicability can. What is the source of advancement in civilizations?; communities; individuals - according to many accounts - change. Respect for those who are different from us is the essential ground for growth as individuals and as societies.....a humble approach is warranted. If our conscious mind is troubled with cursory expectations - precluding freedom of conscience - the cultivation of effective reason and its ability to solve complicated problems; intuitively.....could become diminished. Our mathematics and arts; being rigorous, intuitive and quite analytic provide powerful and discrete antagonists for cybernetics (man a thinking machine) - Yet these advancements actually belong to all people (at least those who can afford them). It can be hoped that one point is obvious to the reader (at this juncture) - whenever we encounter abstract formal properties of mind; intellect; reason and responsibility - that understanding will not be limited to the 12 One proof of this that the millennial period has revealed is “Your baby can read” – evidently the precocious nature of infants is indicative of their rapidly developing minds aptitude for language acquisition. For a comprehensive review of this new development visit this link...
  16. 16. materialism of a mechanical universe or the dictates of another's limited expectations or deceptive world view. Merely overcoming "con men" is not nearly as important as understanding the difference between ethics – with its protocols for moral and diplomatic relationships with others; and knowing what is required of us (duty) - sufficiency. In Hebrew; the synonymy of ethics is Madoot and Moosar where the important difference is meditation and communication (deliver/transmit). The wisdom (understanding) of measurement (observation and meditation) becomes the discipline of geometry and the concepts of why and what is sufficient (in terms of ‘measures of effectiveness’). Virtue is the most important quality of Ethical Morality for without Virtue - Justice can become impossible! The traditions of the “ancient” world countenanced this convergence; especially the development of science and mathematics as companion schools of learning. Moosar however is more definitive because as we consider the difference between what we long for (desire) and what is fitting or right [VIRTUE].......we also understand there are ways to communicate with others our dilemma which build community; and are in harmony with culture and tradition. Respect for others sustains and nurtures the circle of community.....people are characterized by their governance of the way of life which sustains them [STEWARDSHIP]. Hublot Watchmakers of Switzerland – 2012 at Basel 13 this Antikythera machine - made in Lego. 13 courtesy of Gizmag - Hublot painstakingly recreates a mysterious, 2,100-year-old clockwork relic - but why? By Loz Blain 14:32 November 16, 2011
  17. 17. The ten dimensional Universe - in (26) part Harmony Beware; lest any man spoil you through Philosophies...Colossians - Ch 2 v 8 One precept of awakening consciousness is that we need to think - with God - instead of against all reasonable Theology. Superstring Theory (Super symmetry) is an important example of this. Is effective intuition the evidence of a healthy mind? When reading the precepts of the great unifying concepts and their theoretical proofs in contemporary nuclear physics - One must think so! Intuition provides for the understanding - complex ideas as mental pictures - such as the speed of light in relation to all other physical phenomenon - as a conscious individual experience it. Others confess that even with all of the scientific discoveries of the ‘millennial moment’ – the biblical saying: “God’s ways are far past finding out” seems very appropriate. Along with observation of the Universe some think that C (speed of light) is too slow to account for its uniformity and flatness (there is no ‘intergalactic curvature’ perceptible from our vantage point - but if we look at the map of our Galaxy made by the IRIS (infrared imaging satellite) project then it is not flat at all). These insights motivate scientists to look again at the astronomic dimensions of space. These theories are elegant and megalithic (based upon the quality of work invested into their discovery and formalization) and theoretically account for a Universe which existed before this "Big Bang". Primary to this reasoning is the huge amount of "dark matter" present in the heretofore expanding Universe and the realization that there may be a Zero Energy State at work in the immense void of perpetuity. Quantum Theory's development into a Grand Unifying Theory became bogged down in the seemingly endless discovery of new and different particles - especially in the atomic "nuclei" - being so diverse as to defy explanations. (Kaku; 1993) Yet; the symmetry of the invisible was dramatically preserved under all forms of investigation - in such a way as to defy traditional mathematics.14 This grand set super symmetry - as Chews has related (1990) - could in fact be the long - hoped for explanation.....the nature of the physical world which we observe.. with all of the instruments of the imponderable quanta included; insight into the creation of Our Universe (more of this in Part 2). They theorized it by working backwards dimensionally - via Super - Strings; that the Original Universe was multi - dimensional - Super symmetry defines 10 and 26 and 8 by 8; These are hyper kinetic dimensions (unlike our traditional and ontological three and 1); that in fact - seem to define a type of totality - Past / Present / Future; beyond the potentialities of energy alone. If a Zero energy state is the fundamental modality then the Almighty is the creator or its existence could never be comprehended. This is simpler to understand than it sounds - because the Classical Laws of Thermodynamics - including the New or Revised Second Law; (in general; things mix) - Conservation becomes entropy. Even the highly discrete "entropic limitations" have a resolute origin in a ‘higher realm’. This is good news indeed! The utter sublimity of these Superstrings assures this integrity. Ongoing “neutrino" research (at the infamous Deadwood Gold Mine - at 4,852 ft below the surface of the Black Hills) is proving that indeed they pass directly through the earth; it takes months to capture enough of these sub-sub nuclear particles for testing (even though the capturing medium utilizes the largest subterranean tank system ever devised). The neutrino (with no charge and no mass) is generated constantly in the fusion process of the solar engine we call the sun - it is theorized (now virtually proven). Indeed the generation of mega quantities of these wave like particles confirm the dimensions of these imponderable strings (as harmonic resonance) and along with the other worldwide testing sites; point to a discrete astrophysical understanding. {Source - A&E Explorer} There is ‘theoretical evidence’ of a "creation moment" - a great expansion on the order of 10 to the fiftieth power before the two Universes separated - this explains the orderliness of the cosmos - especially elementally (no other proportions could have produced life as we know it). These developments according to the vision of the Einstein School of a grand unifying principal as theory.......are 14 Fractal Geometry is this advanced mathematics – it solved ‘the monster problems’ and explained natural structures in their ‘perpetuity’. Cloud computing and their ‘ubiquitous’ wireless networks are indebted to them.
  18. 18. relevant (if Zero Energy is equated - it was not by Force). To the Biblical scholar this compelling Universal Principal would account for the strange cosmology which Yeshua himself did predict........A third of the stars......... falling out of heaven (how can a stellar object "fall") - will the Universe itself take on a new dimensional quality? In this same passage - he did also say - recounting - that the devil "Satan" fell out of heaven - "like a lightning bolt". One of the many problems which Superstrings has thus far been unable to integrate - the Fourth Principal Force - is gravitation! New developments from Oxford University in the investigation of the phenomenon of "Black Holes"- (Stephan Hawkings) Predict that these perceived threats to the fabric of Time and Space do in fact leak energy from the collapse of stellar nuclei into these mega dense spinning holes and mini - black holes are predicted. This is where the concept of pathways into a parallel universe originates. Thus, if we are actually in a ten dimensional universe......... this "false vacuum" (the original Universe) obeys our Law of Conservation of Energy in its sudden Quantum leap to a Lower Vacuum State (the virtual) If there is a celestial aberration (the devil) present in this world - that would account for Yeshua exhorting us to fear this "enemy – the devil". The phenomenological difference between being struck by lightning or being sucked into a black hole is that our anatomically designed insularity makes lightening deadly but not necessarily fatal; but a black hole one could never return well and whole from, not even theoretically. One rebuke for the big bangers - in light of the expense of these Super Conducting Super Colliders - SSC's which they built ; human society is not the play thing of particle physics. Many conventional scientists consider the "Big Bang" as outlandish - its principals forbidding (yet neutrinos do mix)........this type of speculation (Are there "tachyons"?) is actually being proven theoretically. If scientists obeyed the everyday "Laws" instead of continually pretending new ones - then understanding and believability might become comprehensive. The quantum corrections to General Relativity that SUPERSTRINGS represents should keep those who are dismantling weapons - formed by their predecessors’ malevolence - busy for a long time. Since the stars are radiant objects - primarily fusing hydrogen into helium atoms then the integrity of the universe is assured. The proposal that the Universe is broken and disorderly - magnifies our misconceptions and misunderstanding of it, the arrogance of a classical Observer appears to be naught! But the ignorance of a power mad atheist….it is written - "they shall beat their swords into plowshares - their spears into pruning hooks - nation shall no more lift up sword against nation - neither shall man learn to make war anymore." Earthrise – Apollo Fourteen Mission Mt. Ararat – Armenian Aspect Ulysses Spacecraft – Comet Hyakutake – from Northern Japan Comet’s Atmosphere
  19. 19. Inter-Galactic Objects [Deep Space] –Hubble Space Telescope NASA A Solution Looking for a Problem! Superstring Theory is dependent upon proving that it contains a finite Quantum Theory of Gravity Michiko Kaku The discovery of the pi Meson reminds us not to seek problems for the hubris of cynicism. The Soviet Union collapsed (due to many factors) and the economy of deficit spending with it (the U.S. Government is working towards a balanced budget format – yet somehow never realizes it). The dream of international atom smashers is for the near future confined to Geneva Switzerland - the birthplace of Limnology. (The study of freshwater rivers, lakes and ponds) The assumption of ‘pretentious character’; atomic physicists carried out a scenario where they had built the shell of a machine which could generate 10 to the nineteenth power Electron Volts - why not study Lightening Bolts instead? The utter mathematical perfection of topology - thankfully - presents another means of investigation which is far less destructive. Because of the computer revolution interfacing an instrument like the scanning tunnel microscope with virtual reality makes possible graphically to ‘visualize’ atoms - the "size of basketballs" and tactical manipulation (virtual HD} is perfected. Computer enhancement of the senses.....especially something invisible - like reading a 25-Angstrom unit (with a "nano-manipulator") presents electrostatic maps of molecular dimensionality, These developments will transform analytic chemistry and are beyond.... everyone's "science fiction". These technologies are more than theoretical – and presently are creating real solutions to some of the world’s most difficult problems. One reason for this is the perfection of redundant prototyping - this "quantum" technology allows model building as
  20. 20. the critical stage of design and engineering to become virtually immediate. 15 16 Balloons are only faithful to strings.... the insanity of omnipotent Man - Ragnarok - "The Gods" belies the conceptuality that predicted a value of 5 degrees Kelvin for background radiation as.....not very different than the actual value of 3 degrees. We must trust human beings to investigate things which in fact are difficult to know – expecting ‘science’ to separate itself from an unholy relationship with the manufacturers of annihilating weapons; ‘Science’ needs held to the highest degree of accountability. Unification in a world immersed in accumulating weapons systems at virtually any cost is futile; especially in consideration of the potentials which these outlays are precluding; yet......a United Nations committed to seeking solutions for many problems grows in esteem (Why?). The humor of talking about the first three minutes of the Big Bang as if we could possibly comprehend what is actually going on is enormously absurd, all we really need do is fine tune our observation of what is present to this faint echo and surely we will see (and hear) it's energy and harmony. Balloons are only faithful to strings - when inflated the spots appear to be moving away from each other. (On the surface at least - earth is near the edge of the Milky Way Galaxy) - (after Kaku, 1993) The enigma of Quantum Mechanics in its relationship to General Relativity has been ‘puzzling’ theorists since Ernst Von Planck discerned light as a ‘quantum’ phenomenon. 17 Later - “Copenhagen meetings led to very exciting and unbelievable results on quantum mechanics.”18 The resolution of ‘quantum entanglement’ became known as ‘Bell’s inequality’ 19 - “The problem was finally cleared by John S Bell who derived some inequalities by assuming that particles were unentangled if kept far apart (called the principle of locality). He showed that if quantum laws were true, then these inequalities would be violated. Now, entanglement is being used extensively for quantum computing and teleportation.”. 20 The paradox of Quantum Field Theory and General Relativity originated with Copenhagen – as Niels Bohr and Albert Einstein debated this division. The exponentially of galaxies (which are considered as enveloped) could account for the gravitational component of the Super symmetrical hyper-kinetics of string theory - is it not more practical - to study the forces of nature present on this restless planet we inhabit. Not to appear contradictory; but......hearing all the nuances of cosmology.....some think the earth was pre - existent (as a mega star - because of its solid core of iron and nickel; i.e. ‘cloud enclosure/ vapor canopy theory’). In 1982 and again in 1998 the planets of our solar system have "lined up"....All planets within 90 - 120 degrees of one another; with precessional shifts of ocean currents (El Nino – La Ninya : as one example) phenomenon) massive earthquakes and increased volcanic activity (even though the effect has been destructive; still – it’s nowhere near the hysteria which ‘think tanks’ predict)..........if there is a gravitational component which hasn’t already been quantified (g - the acceleration due to gravity) wouldn't the dynamics of the sun itself (if gravity is the moment of angular momentum) yield the "data" (however discrete) sought. **Others see this as ‘TORSION’! Hypothetically even Albert Einstein could not believe his results - an expanding Universe (young). In fact; the ionic interaction between the powerful electric dipole (as Immanuel Velikovsky predicted - extends past the moon) and the dense (molten) core of our planet should prove quantum gravitation is a product of a ‘higher state of energy’ – QFT Superstrings. Is this why - proverbially - these ‘metaphysics’ of our dynamic Solar System (measured by Kepler's Law) from Copernicus)) denote the harmony of the spheres (as the ancient's predicted - is not quite symmetrical). The immense power of the electro - weak gravitational dynamic is the unproven part of SUPERSTRINGS - is it because of the huge gas giants - Saturn and Jupiter - which spin with such enormous velocity yet orbit in perfect harmony). Could it be they may have to revise their time equations from Billions to Millions to Thousands (an Exponential shift - logistically) – equating that this ‘celestial yoyo’ could well be within the control of its propeller. 15 The problem is to put together general relativity and quantum mechanics into one self consistent theory – from Quantum Gravity http://www.weburbia.com/pg/qugrav.htm 16 see page 211 of this book – insight from physicist Richard Feynman about the ‘integral’ nature of gravity 17 Planck realized that there should be a natural set of units in which the laws of physics take a simpler form – from Quantum Gravity 18 THE CURSE OF LIGHT BEAM RIDER - http://library.thinkquest.org/07aug/01404/Quantum_Gravity/present5.htm 19 ibid – Bell’s Inequalities 20 ibid – see next chapter
  21. 21. If science is finding that functional perfections......can be seen within nature itself (our living world); the microcosm resides in many higher dimensions of symmetry - conforming itself to every imaginable shape, altitude, microclimate and depth of oceanic abyss. The n-dimensional diversity of planetary life - its intricate brokenness; would be by design; even as water - its prime domain - becomes less dense when frozen and it flows always to its lowest energy 21 state; the sea. Within the ‘echelons’ of the Correspondence Principle – representation theory provides a means for “reconciling” classical physics with quantum mechanics; Grand Set Super symmetry rules! 22 Even Quarks come in six flavors and three primary colors. After Nambu - we understand; that - elusive Beta Function defines the strings interactions and here is the functional ‘trichotomy’ - Bosons and Fermions and tensors; which rotate and interrelate in multi-dimensional ways. Gravitons have no wave like properties detectable. (Experiment has yielded no evidence of them) - It is conceptually possible that gravity waves are the strings themselves (well beyond the ten to the 12th power of uncertainty). 23 The fallacy could be - taking the isolated "strands" of physics; and then weaving them into a tapestry of infinite proportions. The original Quantum theory did not define these properties. Yet as they rigorously examined the theories; innovations occurred; it would appear (as noted) that angular momentum (spin) is what caused the incongruities – this is the question. Fermions - Electrons; Neutrino; Proton; Neutron; Quarks ( spin is always N/2) q. Bosons - (0,1,2,3) g W particles; pi Meson; graviton; photon (see appendage 2) As these are one and two dimensional only.....Super symmetries as such...... exist only on paper and the Unified Field Theory ...... as such, exists only as pure mathematics. It even requires a new mathematics, which involve Grassman numbers and real numbers b + a = - b + a; and the like. Alpha and Beta are quantum wave forms - look out for the ‘gamma’ and ‘antimatter’. Quaternions and Octoroons’ provide representation for this correspondence. Creations “Lambda Presence” VISIBLE AND INVISIBLE the Eagle Nebula – near space An international team of astronomers using NASA's Hubble Space Telescope has created a three-dimensional map that provides the first direct look at the large-scale distribution of dark matter in the universe. This ‘quintessential’ state – rests upon what physicists have discerned as the ‘Bose Einstein’ state. The ‘quest’ for Absolute Zero – what the 19th century considered as ‘ground state’; provided the ‘classical observer’ with the realization that ‘zero degrees Kelvin – 0 K’ is actually another ‘State of Matter’. Quantum Computing is an aspect of these developments – along with condensed matter physics and its nanotechnology providing the path to sustainable power generation and a clean and healthy environment through the judicious application of these technologies. But 21 The newly discovered ‘Beam State’ presents an immediate exception to this (aka – the deep Oceanic Currents) 22 Correspondence and coincidence represent paradigms which focus understanding about fractal geometry and quantum entanglement. 23 The search for gravitational waves has yielded a big surprise – holographic projections! c/o GEO600 http://quantumphysics.tribe.net/thread/7c1b85e4-b6f8-4d41-9a51-d236144e27aa
  22. 22. the question of quantum gravity is still throwing ‘curve balls’24 – one aspect of astrophysical cosmology recently discovered is its likeness to a holographic projection. This quality is interpreted as being “similar to a hologram that appears 3 dimensional while Information seems to grow only at a 2 dimensional rate.”25 This too is changing! Apollo Astronaut theoretical Fusion ‘dynamo’ Bose-Einstein State – BCE 2005 Walking on Moon developed by European Agency Laser in ‘interstitial’ superfluid This ‘state’ (Bose - Einstein) represents ‘profound incommensurability’; K theory itself recognizes this ‘infinitesimal’ integral as a first order paradigm for scientific understanding. The ‘Josephson Junction’ provided Quantum Mechanics with a practical application – the SQUID; diagramed below – where superconductors and Ultra filters can be engineered using spectral interferometry and nanomaterial’s with great precision due to the demonstrated ability of this zero energy state to slow down the speed of light. SQUID Magnetometer Josephson junction - Tunneling Helium 2 - Superfluid Condensed matter physics Medical Nanotechnology MAPK/ERK pathway 24 ibid - According to Craig Hogan, a physicist at the Fermilab particle physics lab in Batavia, Illinois, GEO600 has stumbled upon the fundamental limit of space-time - the point where space-time stops behaving like the smooth continuum Einstein described and instead dissolves into "grains", just as a newspaper photograph dissolves into dots as you zoom in. "It looks like GEO600 is being buffeted by the microscopic quantum convulsions of space-time," says Hogan. from Our world may be a giant hologram 15 January 2009 by Marcus Chown 25 ibid - For a better rundown on the holographic theory, here's a video lecture from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory summer lecture series. It is nearly an hour long. uk.youtube.com/watch
  23. 23. When Murray Gel - Mann; an Israelis, discovered that the discreteness of entropy had a Zero spin state - he called this zero spin component - strangeness......which like superconductivity is a phenomenon of the greatest practical interest. Whereas the TOE (theory of everything) posits a primordial super force with its dark matter and steady state....it did not allow for these hyper dimensional kinetic strings - spin up/spin down - within the atom itself; but the strangeness of a zero spin state presented - conflicting data ....hundreds of elementary particles; which like the grandfathers' controversy (Einstein and Niels Bohr)........confirmed that Quantum Mechanics was not in its final form. The grand set theory of symmetry provided the mathematics needed - interacting strings. Which like the ‘phenomenon’ of a “stationary” moon; is the dynamic equilibrium of atomic structure – the moon’s rotation; in perfect harmony with the Earth’s path around the sun – as Copernicus calculated. In this dimensional string theory time travel could only occur to another universe. The legendary positron is almost non - existent. Once again regression and progression; are mathematical topologies....symmetrical to a greater harmony. Q.E.D. - one copy only of ourselves; QCD the ability to combine ourselves with another and produce a third. (Such a promise - grounded potential) If charge parity - is balanced - as it should be: this mystery of conjunction and reversal; account for Grand Set Symmetry and we understand that centripetal (Kinetic Energy) is gravitational. Lightening discharges using High speed photography {A&E Networks - Explorer Program} has determined discharges during thunderstorms.....to pulse (in a branching affect). Electrical energy actually flows (at rare moments) from the earth (ground) into the negatively ionized cloud (releasing the positive ions from the minerals themselves) although generally 90% of the electricity discharged is atmospheric - generally the immense discharges from cloud to earth (negative to positive) balance the larger equation; Wheels within wheels; circles conforming in circuitries. An important analogy in symmetry 26 .....like Iron and Magnesium ionization within living systems. Mg is the inorganic energizer of chlorophyll - the complex organic compound which allows plants to absorb photons; in the daylight - being stored as Adenosine Tri - Phosphate; while at night in the dark reaction - They synthesize the ATP into carbohydrates as they absorb C02, and then release Oxygen. Because of this fundamental process - animals such as people can breathe the oxygen and stay alive - the Iron - Fe++; in hemoglobin allows oxygen molecules to be absorbed into cells which catalyzes the mitochondrion to produce ATP from sugar; which we get from eating seeds and fruit of various plants; some animals can even digest grass - another ecology associated with this symmetry. Animals of course exhale carbon dioxide into the atmosphere which plants require for their metabolism. Living systems receive photons directly - yet require darkness to grow in. Is time a problem - a causal - weird - strange.....or is the problem time’s cyclic origination in consciousness - as it is said - Those who forget history may be repeating it! We might consider the problem of right handedness and left handedness - chemical bonding; not universes. Essentially Conscientious then - this dynamic symmetry of Purpose and Meaning allows our highly charged senses to release bio-energy messengers in balance and Harmony – known to Biology of Living Systems as homeostasis. The interaction between organisms and their environment; this ecology is perfect symmetry - its unity is far greater than our understanding of it. We can only visualize living systems - biologically - environmentally. Their dimensions are our dimensions; their life processes are like our life processes; how they expiate this mutualism without loss is very close to our hearts and does not rest in any kind of satiety. If a formula for all the information stored in one Human being were written onto tablets - the universe itself could not contain it all – it is theorized. Another problem of Visionary consciousness then is the surreal - like structures which unravel or fold up and expand or contract into enormous size; our imaginations can be like an origami artist whose Ten dimensional constructs leap into higher realms and reappear somewhere else. Can we visualize a 26 dimensional continuum of meaningful and perfectly interrelated infinite parameters; if you say yes to this question - we have a new home awaiting you on the happy farm - where life is beautiful all the time? Of course we cannot - but the interdisciplinary regimes of....Bioethics and the Life Sciences; Geoinformatics; Astrobiology; Biomimetics…………..begin to open up quite a few possibilities. We are not seeking to know everything but only realize that it could be there - perceptual consciousness is relatively proportional even in those who cannot see and in those who cannot hear - we exist in this world together. The Vision of John the Elder; the son of Zebedee tells of the Sixth Angel - clothed with a rainbow and upon 26 Fractal Geometry can provide ‘metrics’ for this phenomenon – through the paradigm of ‘self-similarity’.
  24. 24. entering the world - declares......an end to time! The visionary intelligence reported in the Bible.........manifested by this immense work….verifies the invisible realm of sub atomic physics. Space - warps due to the presence of matter and electro-motive potentialities; the distortion of time occurs because of the unimaginable dimensions of the creation moment and its incomprehensible dynamics; Space is perfectly curved however absorbing all duality as if time could be linear. Is the acceleration due to gravity.....the negative ionization of matter itself seeking the ground of zero potential (support)? Such is the abstract reasoning – even though ‘In the Beginning’ will suffice. This potentiality as stated earlier - defined by Superstring theory; raises the question of parallel universes - positive and negative; as mirrored symmetry (non-Euclidean geometry - Riemann curvature). The gravitational wheels are flattened like an axle within a wheel - hyper space circularity - gravity becomes infinite (the Zero Energy state again) forming an ‘immense’ magnetic monopole....a true multi - dimensional continuum....although only with love and God's help could we ever come to appreciate – this ‘INTEGRAL’. One could imagine that complexity oftentimes hides the forest through its wonderful trees........the mathematics of grand set symmetry was becoming ‘well formed’ even before the “golden age of physics ". Partial differential equations (4 part harmony) can balance "complexity" - If the data is discrete enough! One does not necessarily need a super cooled imaging satellite (IRIS Project - the ‘Universe’ mapped in four infrared bands) – yet; to observe the dimensionality of the Solar System - all one need do is be patient and wait until a Comet such as Hyakutake (Passover 1996) visits and watch spellbound at the Northern Skies. Although it may seem somewhat pretentious - appreciation of the balanced quantum equation works well in practice when gigahertz are being considered. If the electromagnetic moment of the earth's dipole is .00005 gauss and if the universal sub carrier frequency of 3.579545 MHZ (this sub carrier frequency of vertical and horizontal synch is used for Television signals - even HDTV and digitally augmented NTSC) are converted to gigahertz (GHz) - we can use Boltzmann's constant of 3.53 K - h/2e ( paired electrons - such as found in Type I superconductors) to add gravity to this sub carrier ... arriving at the generally accepted value of 3.58 MHZ (if ‘electro-motive potential can be added or subtracted in this way!) – or the ‘4G network’; ‘funny – ha ha’. Someone said "analog technologies are the work of artists; science begins with the digital". Is this constant of Boltzmann - the evidence for that discrete quantum (h/2e) which defines dimensional potential? The h of course is the constant of Max von Planck (whose son‗s conscience would not allow him to countenance Nazism) and e is the electron‘s ‗discrete‘ charge. Torah - GeoCad/Visualization International – Unity Space Station
  25. 25. Psychology as Philosophy "Whether we are apes by another name or are just below the angels: For his part - Disraeli chose to stand - on the side of the angels." Benjamin Disraeli The consciousness of human beings is perhaps the greatest enigma of the ages; not because it is so extremely important but because it defines the difference between us and all other terrestrial life. Other creatures especially the cetaceans (whales and dolphins) have larger brains and are considered highly intelligent - they communicate in highly ordered and complex ways. In the last part of what Western civilization calls the 20 th century, we have also begun to understand that the great apes (chimpanzees; orangutans and gorillas) also have childlike intellect and have a limited capacities to learn our languages (like – Dr. Doolittle); they do in fact - meditate and practice simple self-recrimination. The wholesale development of the relatively new interdisciplinary field of psychology in the 19th century is responsible for much of this new understanding - they are also responsible largely for the intellectual prejudice against Creation and the quasi deification of SCIENCE. When the evolutionary debates first began raging - almost immediately after Darwin's Descent of the Species was published - the fledgling scientific psychology community regarded the rise of Evolutionary Science to be the star they had been waiting for; they were indeed right; for they could easily couch their lack of anatomical medicine - Neurology - in the language of Evolutionism - pretending great things....Freud, Marx, Huxley to name a very few. Today consciousness has become integrally connected philosophically with psychological definitions based upon a mosaic of brain functions which people in great diversity possess, formerly – phrenology and its ‘epigenesist’ fraud masqueraded as scientific analysis (shape and size of the skull). Today alpha waves and left/right hemisphere neurology defines what is accepted as the ‘physiologic anatomy’ of consciousness. Morality and Ethics are [and were] mere sideshows to the main event - manipulation of the ‘neurologic pathways’. Ever since the Oxford debates between Wilberforce and Huxley they have tied the establishment of scientific psychology to the Evolutionary debate with intense philosophic overtones. The investigation of the elementary sensory processes.....their relationship to memory and learning provided the prime direction for this enigmatic ‘Medical’ Ontology - because the Human Mind we have discovered can be quite problematic. The problem of psychology even today appears to be the area of human language...because of the strict grammatical rules governing the sequences of phonetic expression and the abstract and highly complex symbolic representation of concepts in root words which have many branches in consciousness. It is this esoteric aspect of language - we have words/concepts.....for which there is no objective or material equivalent - no matter how cunning or clever our manipulation of them is. Highly reasoned analysis becomes quite vexatious when these "words" require the conscious mind to respond, why; because we intuitively discern them and then speak of a much higher logic than we actually possess – or able to ‘account’ for. Human reasoning can frame tautological propositions in such a way to arrive at universally true conclusions. We can switch on our TVs and watch a man put on a jet pack (or rocket belt) and actually fly like a bird (and it is not like Icarus either); perfectly on the first try. In fact this same jet pack was used on the surface of our moon in exactly that way and is not used (to this author’s knowledge) for combat in war. Aspects of human moralityethics exhibit such discontinuity and desperate variance that we are willing to destroy ourselves over them. The confusion of socio-cultural development with the ‘theory of evolution’ – psychologically; is that we discern cultural activities as a genotypic foundation for altruistic behavior, not taught by example, and that perhaps we have the propensity for altruism but this is not necessarily cultural. We speak of the evolution of human habitation as being the reason d’être for our civilizations - but as we examine the actual first true cities we see that they were in fact planned and some of them are better than the ones we have today! If we look at Moenjo - Daro in the Indus Valley we can see a design which succeeded throughout Mesa – American (Turtle Island) civilizations - notably ‘greater’ Cahokia (as well). Languages themselves have a power which would be intrinsic - Aymara - an ancient