Dangers of prism
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Dangers of prism






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Dangers of prism Dangers of prism Presentation Transcript

  • PRISMWhat the hell is it
  • Some backgroundLittle intro to the internet
  • This is your internet connectionClient Web Server
  • ClientClient Web Server
  • ConnectionClient Web Server
  • Web ServerClient Web Server
  • For anonymity and privacy you need tosecure all 3: Secure your Client Secure your connection Secure your Web server
  • Client If someone manages to install spyware on your machine they can seeeverything you do on your client So it’s your job to make sure there’s no spyware on your client You are responsible to secure this, and you can--because you own itClient Web Server
  • Connection Someone performing a wire-tap can see everything you do online If you want to remain secure you can encrypt the data flow SSL connection to the Web Server or VPN would resolve thisClient Web Server
  • Web ServerClient Web Server• Your Web server in most cases stores a huge amount of data on you• But you don’t own it and can’t control the security of it• However, Google and Facebook have better security than you
  • If I secure them all…am I safe? Even if you secure them all…Client Web Server
  • The NSA has figured out… The internet is Public And the NSA has tapped the Public Internet just before the likes of Google,Facebook, Microsoft… While most of the data is encrypted, some of it isn’t.
  • What is PRISMHow it works
  • So what did they do?Client Web ServerYour email exitingGmail is notencrypted… so theytapped it.
  • And they stored it…PrismNSA datacenter
  • And there’s more Email Photos Chats File transfers Login activity Social media Profiles
  • All stored here And stored for eternity Could include encrypted data (for decryption when future computingpower allows it) Unfortunately, we don’t know anything for sure. They have HUGE storage capacity and no qualms about storing data fornon-Americans…i.e. 80% of the users of these services
  • Why is it called PRISMBecause a PRISM splits light
  • Why is it called PRISM?Client Web Server• Your internet connection is Fibre-Optic• Which means the signal is light• To split light…you use a PRISM
  • Why is it called PRISM?Client Web ServerPrism• Light split between the webserver you want to access and;• The NSA Datacenter
  • Why is it called Prism?PrismNSA datacenterPrism
  • Does TOR protect you?Client Web ServerNO! TOR doesn’t help
  • Does VPN protect you?Client Web ServerVPN doesn’t helpeither
  • YES!You should be worried
  • Nothing muchYou can do about it
  • Thanks toSteve Gibson for his AMAZING Analysis on Twit Securityhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fX8CSMPiTs4https://www.grc.com/
  • Byekeithrozario.com