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What Is Al Qaeda
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What Is Al Qaeda


An Introductory look at Al-Qaeda this was presented to a classroom so there are some references to a book. The book referenced is "Understanding Al Qaeda" by Mohammad-mahmoud Ould Mohamedou

An Introductory look at Al-Qaeda this was presented to a classroom so there are some references to a book. The book referenced is "Understanding Al Qaeda" by Mohammad-mahmoud Ould Mohamedou

Published in News & Politics
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  • 1. What is Al-Qaeda? A look at the workings of a globally dangerous terrorist organization
  • 2. Al-Qaeda Defined
    • Loosely defined as military base
    • A very complex organization that has been in existence since the late 1980’s
    • Commits acts of violence aimed at America and Western Allies.
    • How does Al-Qaeda operate?
    Al-Qaeda training camp
  • 3. Al-Qaeda’s Strategy
    • Soldiers operate in fast moving light forces. Work in complete secrecy to complete complex strategic strikes.
    • Avoids engagement in conventional fighting (forces are not strong enough)
    • Spreads rumors, fear and discouragement among enemy forces
    • Relies on a force of over 20,000 professionally trained soldiers throughout the world. The organization’s strengths are its’ secrecy extensive influence and planning.
  • 4. Misconceptions of Al-Qaeda
    • Islam vs. Islamist (has own interpretation of Koran)
    • Commit acts of desperation
    • They are a brand new organization
    • Al-Qaeda is an organization without a home
  • 5. Why Should we care? We are the number one enemy of Al-Qaeda. Why?* (perception) (pg. 51) (also extract riches, enforce blockades, support Israel archenemies) Al Qaeda has officially declared war on America twice since 1996. They are a relatively new world power with clusters throughout the Middle East, North Africa and Asia.
  • 6. You will never forget.
    • September 11, 2001
    • 19 hijackers from 4 countries, all Arab Muslims, associated with Al-Qaeda
    • Killed 3,000 American civilians
    • Very Intelligent, educated members with clear goals
  • 7. Not the First Attack Not by Al-Qaeda
    • February 26, 1993*- First World Trade Center operation (attempted bombing)
    • November 13, 1995- Bombing of Saudi American base in Riyadh
    • June 25, 1996- Al Khobar towers bombing (American crews enforcing no fly zone in Iraq)
    • August 7, 1998- Simultaneous bombings of US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania
    • October 12, 2000- Attack against USS Cole warship in Yemen
    • Two botched attempts in 1995 and 2000. (Thwarted by US security)
    • What about America? (between 1980 and 1995 US engaged in 17 military operations aimed at Muslims
  • 8. We have all been affected
    • Sgt. Matthew J. Sandri (K.I.A March 21, 2004)
    • Increased fear, rumors, discouragement
    • War causes massive losses on both sides
    • Every day life (airport, schools, threats*, prejudice)
    • What will your role be in two years?
  • 9. 1989-95 Birth and Development
    • Al-Qaeda starts in the aftermath of Soviet invasion 1987
    • By 1989 begins to target America
    • Recruits from across the globe including America
    • No solid base (Afghanistan, Egypt, Iraq)
    • 1991-1996 primarily based in Sudan
    • Much soldier training and a system of Hierarchy stabilized (Bin Laden, Deputy, 5 committees)
  • 10. 1996-2001 War Plans
    • Al-Qaeda still relatively unknown to US (1987-1999)
    • Strategy: Spread enemy’s attention and expose it. (2 Al-Qaeda members example)
    • Encyclopedia of Jihad released in 1996 conveniently upgraded to DVD in 1999.
    • Taliban team up (2,000 Al-Qaeda soldiers)
    • Al-Qaeda will officially declare war for the first time in 1996
  • 11. 2002-03 Regroup and Privatize
    • The full-scale war brought by America was expected
    • Al-Qaeda groups become almost separate working loosely with mother Al-Qaeda (Southeast Asia, North America, Europe, Iraq, North Africa and East Africa)
    • Aside from war in Iraq since 2002 groups have made attacks on the US and seven of our allies. (18 major attacks in 11 countries)
    • Each Al-Qaeda group is strengthened by perceived injustices to that country (i.e. radical Egyptians in North Africa)
  • 12. 2004-2006 War and Diplomacy
    • Offered truces to America and Britain in 2004 and 2006, denied
    • Now three official representations of Al-Qaeda: Al-Qaeda in Europe, Al-Qaeda in Mesopotamia (Iraq), Al-Qaeda in the Gulf
    • In Iraq some practices have not been recognized by Mother Al-Qaeda (some beheadings, death of children and mistaken bombings i.e. Days Inn)
    • Some tension in the ranks
    • By the end of 2006, poised to begin soft and hard attacks and have chosen to do away with failed diplomacy.
    • Al-Qaeda’s strategy working in some ways, but losing some steam. Losing power by shedding Muslim blood.
    • In the future we must not underestimate Al-Qaeda!!
  • 13. Thank you for your participation