Membership Sites as a Business Model


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Are you a blogger? Do you make any money from it? Ever considered a membership site for your content? Here is how you can, why you should, and what is coming!

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Membership Sites as a Business Model

  1. 1. Membership Sites as aBusiness ModelDirector of Marketing, ifSimply.comKeith Griffis Powerpoint Templates Visit for more web marketing strategies. Page *
  2. 2. Questions• Know what a membership site is?• Have a blog?• Make Money?• Use Google Adsense? Powerpoint Templates Page *
  3. 3. Topics• Who the heck are we?• What is a membership site?• Why do they matter?• How do YOU build a membership site?• Discussion Forum Powerpoint Templates Page * Visit for more web marketing strategies.
  4. 4. Keith Griffis, (The Marketing Guy) • Former Web Developer • B.S.EE & MBA • 16 Yrs Marketing Strategy & Web Dev • Taught Marketing at MIT, Salem State • Featuredblogger on Top Blogs (SMT, Keith GriffisCMI) Director of Marketing Powerpoint Templates Visit and get your own free membership site, no code & 100% Free for you Page *
  5. 5. Justin Karimi (The Smart One)• BS in Electrical Engineering• BS in Computer Engineering• MS in Info Systems & Technology• RedHat Certified• A really smart guy who knows web dev Justin Karimi Director of Technology Powerpoint Templates Page *
  6. 6. What is a membership site? Any site that charges a recurring fee for access toexclusive content (or a service). Powerpoint Templates Page *
  7. 7. What is a membership site?What type of content? Video Audio Blog Posts or Ebook Anything of value to your subscribers Powerpoint Templates Page *
  8. 8. What is a membership site?Membership model is NOT a new concept: Big Brands use it all the time Powerpoint Templates Page *
  9. 9. What is a membership site?Whats new, is WHO is using it: Mommy Bloggers Technology Geeks Artists Anyone who has a passion to share. Powerpoint Templates Page *
  10. 10. What is a membership site? How are they using membership sites?How to... Reviews Tips Insider Knowlege They share their knowledge & passion Powerpoint Templates Page *
  11. 11. What is a membership site?Example: the Mommy Blogger Working Moms: How to balance life & family in a busy world Sharing in-depth tips on how to make everyone happy while maintaining your sanity. Powerpoint Templates Page *
  12. 12. What is a membership site?Example: the Tech Geek HTML Heroes: Mastering the art of web design for newbies Video series & discussion focusing on how to learn html, css, and javascript Powerpoint Templates Page *
  13. 13. What is a membership site?Example: the Artist Paint Yourself Silly: Finding your inner Artist (& having fun doing it!) Monthly art projects delivered via in-depth blog posts, how to videos, and discussion. Powerpoint Templates Page *
  14. 14. What is a membership site?What does a membership site really look like? Usually Contain: 1.Central Dashboard 1.Series of How-to Videos 1.Blog Component 1.Discussion Forums Powerpoint Templates Page *
  15. 15. Membership Sites they matter? Why do Powerpoint Templates Page *
  16. 16. Membership Sites: Why do they matter?Fragmented InformationWeb is over-run with shallowand fragmented information.People want complete info & they will pay for it. Frustrated Content Creators Bloggers & content creators are working hard to generate traffic only to give it back to google or other ad networks for pennies. Powerpoint Templates Page *
  17. 17. Membership Sites:Why do they matter? Benefits to Content Creators More Revenue per customer Ads produce pennies per click, member sites $40+ monthly Builds over time Members are cumulative. Community ads value. More focused content More focused than blogging, dig deeper Powerpoint Templates Page *
  18. 18. Membership Sites How do you build YOURS? Powerpoint Templates Page *
  19. 19. Membership Sites:How to build YOUR Own? Basic Requirements 1. Web Hosting: Wordpress is popular 2. Lock Content: Wordpress Plugins 3. Recurring Billing: Paypal or other 4. Landing Page: Critical Step 5. Email Marketing: Lead Capture Powerpoint Templates Page *
  20. 20. Membership Sites:How to build YOUR Own? 1. Web Hosting: Wordpress Required Under $10 per month with free domain + SimpleScripts (for WP install) Powerpoint Templates Page *
  21. 21. Membership Sites:How to build YOUR Own? 2. Locking Content: Plugins (wide range) All plugins are different,require install, and cost from $97 to $197 Powerpoint Templates Page *
  22. 22. Membership Sites:How to build YOUR Own? 3. Recurring Billing: Payment Processing Options Different payment processors have varying terms. See your plugin for compatibility Powerpoint Templates Page *
  23. 23. Membership Sites:How to build YOUR Own? 4. Landing Pages: The Critical Link - $97 one time payment $49 to $199 per month Landing Pages help sell your vision. Prices vary between selfhosted or web based. Powerpoint Templates Page *
  24. 24. Membership Sites:How to build YOUR Own? 5. Lead Capture: Email Marketing Required Watch for #members, # emails per month, Autoresponder support. Powerpoint Templates Page *
  25. 25. Membership Sites:How to build YOUR Own? Common Obstacles to Overcome Complexity Startup Costs Vision All obstacles can be overcome. Proper planning and execution can reap HUGE rewards. Powerpoint Templates Page *
  26. 26. Membership Sites:Discussion Forum We Aim to Eliminate these obstacles Complexity Startup Costs Vision Focus on your content, not technology Powerpoint Templates Page *
  27. 27. Membership Sites:Discussion Forum How it Works? 1. Visit & Create a Club 2. Add Your Exclusive Content (i.e. Videos, Audio, Blogposts) 3. Grab your Link & Promote it (& start making money) Powerpoint Templates Page *
  28. 28. Membership Sites:Discussion Forum How Important? • Lead Capture (Emails) • Email Autoresponder • Sales Landing Page • Embedded Videos • Blog • Discussion Board • Calendar Powerpoint Templates Page *
  29. 29. Powerpoint TemplatesVisit and sign up to create a free club. Page *