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Copyright fair use

  1. 1. To use or not to useFair use or not
  2. 2. Journal article for classroom useA teacher copies one article from aperiodical for distribution to theclass. Fair Yes NO Use?
  3. 3. Correct!Yes, with the following caveat. Distribution ofmultiple copies for classroom use is fair use.However, the repeated use of a copyrightedwork, from term-to-term, would require theteacher to re-evaluate for fair use. Repeateduse, as well as a large class size, may weighagainst fair use.
  4. 4. Posting Copyrighted Work on a Web SiteA teacher has posted his class notes on aweb page available to the public. He wantsto scan an article from a copyrighted journaland add it to his web page. Fair Yes NO Use?
  5. 5. Correct!No, if access is open to the public, then this use is probablynot a fair use. No exclusively educational purpose can beguaranteed by putting the article on the web, and suchconduct would arguably violate the copyright holders right ofpublic distribution. However, if access to the web page isrestricted to only the students in the class, then it is morelikely to be fair use. Place password protection on the site tolimit access.
  6. 6. Use of copyrighted musicA teacher or student creates a presentation usescopyrighted music in the background. Assumingthat permission was not obtained from thecopyright owner, can the music be included intheir presentation?Fair Yes NOUse?
  7. 7. Correct!Yes, if instruction is occurring
  8. 8. Showing a Videotape for Classroom InstructionA teacher wishes to show a copyrighted motionpicture to her class for instructional purposes. Fair Yes NO Use?
  9. 9. Correct!Yes, since it is for classroom instruction and no admissionfee is charged.
  10. 10. Copying a Videotape for Classroom InstructionA teacher makes a copy of the videotapedescribed in the previous scenario for a colleagueto show in her class at the same time. Fair Yes NO Use?
  11. 11. Correct!No. The teacher may lend her personal copy of thevideotape to a colleague for this purpose. Copying thevideotape would infringe upon the copyright owner tomarket his product.
  12. 12. Renting a Videotape That Is in the Public Domain for Non-classroom UseA teacher wishes to raise funds for a scholarship.She rents a videocassette of a motion picture onwhich the copyright has expired and chargesadmission fees. Fair Yes NO Use?
  13. 13. Correct!Yes. The copyright of the motion picture has expired,which places the motion picture in the public domain.
  14. 14. Renting a Videotape That Is Copyright- Protected for Non-classroom UseThe facts are the same as those in the previousscenario except that the movie is protected bycopyright. Fair Yes NO Use?
  15. 15. Correct!No, because it infringes the copyright owners right tomarket the work.
  16. 16. That’s ItThis concludes the scenario-based copyright training.Click here if you would like to go through this training againClick here if you would like to end this training
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