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Text Message Marketing for Landscapers


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  • There Are More Than 6 BILLION Mobile Subscribers (87% of the World Population) Text Messaging is the Most-used Mobile Service It is the King of Mobile Marketing Consumers ALWAYS have their mobile devices with them Most Mobile Users Send and Receive Text Messages Daily
  • Transcript

    • 1. Text Message Marketing TipsFor Your LandscapingBusinessPresented By:SMS Dominator
    • 2. SMS (Short MessageService) Text MessageMarketing is the ability tosend “permission-based”text messages to a group ofpeople who have opted-in toyour mobile list.The small, yet powerful, 160character space is one of thebest marketing toolsavailable today.What Is Text Message Marketing?
    • 3. How Text Message Marketing Works
    • 4. Why Text Message Marketing?WHY?Text Messagingis the Most-UsedMobile ServiceMore Than 6BILLION MobileSubscribersWorld-wideMost MobileUsers Send andReceive TextMessages DailyMore Than ½ ofU.S. MobileSpending isLOCALConsumersALWAYS HaveTheir MobileDevices withThem4.1 Billion TextsAre Sent Daily inthe U.S Alone
    • 5. Extremely TARGETEDPermission-Based (Opt-in)Reliable, INSTANT ReachBenefits of Text Message Marketing
    • 6. High Open RatesHigh Response RatesReduced Advertising CostsBenefits of Text Message Marketing
    • 7. Cut Down on CancellationsBuilds Client LoyaltyCan Go ViralBenefits of Text Message Marketing
    • 8. Ways to Build Your Mobile ListText toJoinEmailListWebsiteSign-UpPeople Opt-inUsing YourKeyword andShort CodeAdd a MobileSign-UpForm to YourWebsiteEmail YourClient Listand Ask Themto Join YourMobile List
    • 9. SocialMediaSign-UpAsk YourSocial MediaFollowers toJoin YourMobile ListManualSign-UpNewsletterSign-UpCreate aNewsletter onLandscapingTopicsManuallyAdd NewClients WhoAgree toJoinWays to Build Your Mobile List
    • 10.  On Your Vehicle Flyers Business Cards Radio Ads TV Commercials Billboards T-shirts Posters Anywhere Else YourTarget Market WillSee Them!Where to Advertise YourShort Code and Keyword?Text 55555 to BESTYARDand Get $20 Off YourNext Service
    • 11. Text Message Marketing IdeasFor Your Landscaping BusinessIdea #1Idea #1 Idea #2Idea #2 Idea #3Idea #3Offer MobileCoupons andDiscountsUse AppointmentReminders to CutDown onCancellationsSend TextMessage OffersonSlow Days toIncrease Traffic
    • 12. Text Message Marketing IdeasFor Your LandscapingBusinessIdea #4Idea #4 Idea #5Idea #5 Idea #6Idea #6Send YourClients SpecialinstructionsBefore anAppointmentSendClients HelpfulLandscaping Tipsfrom Time toTimeAlert ClientsAbout NewProducts andServices
    • 13. Text Message Marketing IdeasFor Your Landscaping BusinessIdea #7Idea #7 Idea #8Idea #8 Idea #9Idea #9Implement theUse of QRCodes to DirectPeople to YourWebsite, etc.Start a“FrequentCustomer”LoyaltyProgram toGet RepeatBusinessSend InvoiceNotices toYour Clients
    • 14. Text Message Marketing IdeasFor Your Landscaping BusinessIdea #10Idea #10 Idea #11Idea #11 Idea #12Idea #12Send“Thank You”Messages toYour ClientsCommunicateEfficiently WithStaff MembersConduct ClientSatisfactionSurveys andPolls
    • 15. Different Types of TextMarketing UsesConfirmationConfirmationReminderReminder CancellationCancellationTypes of TextMarketingUses
    • 16. Different Types of TextMarketing CampaignsSaveSaveMoreMoreSpendSpendMoreMorePurchasePurchaseMoreMoreGet aGet aFreebieFreebieTypes of TextMarketingCampaigns
    • 17. Let’s Take a Closer Look at These…
    • 18. EXAMPLEMs. Smith, wehave anappointmentwith you January6that 3pm.Please callLandscapingSpot at 555-555-5555 if you needto change it.ConfirmationConfirmation
    • 19. EXAMPLEMr. Jones, it’stime for yourmonthly WeedKill Treatment.Please contactLandscapingSpot at 555-555-5555 toschedule.ReminderReminder
    • 20. EXAMPLEMr. Brown, I amsorry, but I needto cancel ourLandscapingAppointment onJan 9th. Please callLandscaping Spotto reschedule at555-555-5555CancellationCancellation
    • 21. SaveSaveMoreMoreEXAMPLEShow this textto receive 20%off any service atLandscapingSpot EXP 5/15
    • 22. EXAMPLESpend $100 ormore atLandscapingSpot and receive$20 OFF yournext servicewhen you showthis text. EXP5/15SpendSpendMoreMore
    • 23. EXAMPLEPurchase anyservice atLandscaping Spotand receive 50%OFF anadditional servicewhen you showthis text. EXP5/15PurchasePurchaseMoreMore
    • 24. EXAMPLEGet one service($50 or more) atLandscaping Spotand receive aFREE service (upto $50) when youshow this text.EXP 5/15Get aGet aFreebieFreebie
    • 25.  Reduce Canceled Appointments Ability to Replace CanceledAppointments Lowers Revenue Losses Saves Staff Some Time Easy - No Software or TechnicalKnowledge RequiredBenefits of AppointmentReminders
    • 26. How to Use QR Codes Create an Instant MobilePreview of How YouPerform CertainTreatments Send Users to Your Photosand Social Media Sites Send Mobile Video of YourSome of Your Best Work
    • 27. How to Use QR CodesSend Viewers to YourCoupons and Discount OffersPut Your QR Codes on ALLMarketing MaterialsPut QR Codes on YourInvoices
    • 28.  Tell List Subscribers What toExpect as Soon as They Join Always Include YourLandscaping Business’s Name inYour Messages Make it Easy for Your Clients toOpt-Out of Your List Notify Clients of Potential TextMessage CostsText Message MarketingPoints to Remember
    • 29.  Sending Out Sporadic,Inconsistent Messages Sending Out Spam ONLY Sending Out PromotionsText MessageMarketingMistakes To Avoid
    • 30. THANK YOUTHANK YOUFor Viewing Our Text MessageFor Viewing Our Text MessageMarketing Presentation!Marketing Presentation!If You Would Like More Information AboutText Message Marketing, Contact Us Today.SMS Dominator