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Marketing Moose Milk



Moose Milk is a widget created to simulate product marketing strategy.

Moose Milk is a widget created to simulate product marketing strategy.



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Marketing Moose Milk Marketing Moose Milk Presentation Transcript

  • MOOSE MILK By: Keith Isaacs
  • Target Market
    • Who’s going to buy Moose Milk?
      • Men
        • Age ranging from early 20s to late 40s
        • Income level
          • Lower to Middle class
        • Any part of the United States
        • Men looking to add a supplement to meet health goals
          • Accompany Moose Milk with exercise for best results
        • Men looking to lose weight, gain strength, and/or recover faster from physical activities
          • Scientifically proven to work better and faster than comparable competition
  • Function
    • Protein Supplement
      • Moose Milk contains more protein than cow’s milk
      • Helps meet goals in weight management and strength building/recovery
      • Can be purchased in multiple flavors
        • Chocolate
        • Strawberry
        • Regular White
  • Marketing Principals
    • Product:
      • Moose Milk
        • “ A real man’s drink”, dedicated to help meet health goals created by men
    • Price:
      • $1.99 per bottle
      • $9.99 per case
        • 12 per case
    • Place:
      • Sold in the United States
        • Sold in gyms
        • Sold in sports complexes
    • Promotion:
      • Commercials relating to the target market we’re trying to sell to
      • Ads on radio, internet, and television to promote Moose Milk
    • People:
      • Men
        • Ranging from 20s to 40s
        • Active in fitness or outdoor recreational activities
        • Targeting people with personal health goals in mind
  • Advertising “Moose Milk” Commercial
    • Producing the commercial
      • Shoot will take place outdoors to target male demographic
      • Would be shown on late night or early morning television for younger to mid-age males
      • Targeting sports stations and broadcasts as means to drive product advertising
      • Run product info commercials at gyms and fitness outlet to target fitness-minded males
  • Integrated Marketing Communication Plan
    • Advertising
      • Commercials w/ main focus on target market. Played in the evening when the target market isn’t at work, and on channels that are male-driven.
    • Direct Marketing
      • Moose Milk website – Offers reviews, statistics, nutritional facts, etc…
      • Ads in Outdoor Magazine and Fitness Magazines targeting male consumers
      • TV, Radio, and Internet ads and promotional campaigns
    • Interactive/Internet Marketing
      • Internet website displaying/describing product
      • Email marketing (Spam), social networking, search engine optimization marketing
      • Pop-ups and ads on sites (Men’s Fitness, Outdoors, Other target sites…)
    • Sales Promotion
      • Coupons in local newspaper where target market(s) is/are located
      • Coupons on the product itself that can be cut off and taken to the store, located on the website
      • Commercials and radio campaigns offering special promotions and deals
  • Integrated Marketing Communication Plan
    • PR/Publicity
      • Promote certain animal protection events involving Moose
      • Give back to the community
        • Provide information on vitamins and healthy foods to people not aware of nutrition in the US to help make a stronger, healthier nation
        • Promote events dedicated to spreading awareness of health issues, factors, and ways to improve health
    • Personal Selling
      • Send surveys and offer methods of communication for existing customers
        • Allows better product development to meet needs of existing customers to grow business
        • Allow personal service through customer service, email, and hotlines with experts that can help customers meet goals on a one-on-one basis
      • Go to Conventions where other Supplement vendors will be
        • Talk one-on-one with consumers and wholesalers
        • Develop new products to meet needs and expectations of existing customers
  • Summary
    • People wouldn’t buy a risky product like Moose Milk unless the results were shown by the people who have experienced it successfully
    • Moose Milk is positioned to sell itself based on results and innovation compared to competition
    • Knowing the product, price, place, promotion, and people in Moose Milk’s product life cycle is vital in the success of Moose Milk in such a defined market segment
    • Health and fitness market is growing which will increase sales and expand Moose Milk’s pipeline