Mahoodle in the "SUNY Nebula"


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SUNY Purchase and SUNY Delhi have begun a shared services project, where Purchase College provide Mahara ePortfolios to Delhi faculty and students through their Moodle LMS, while Delhi provides OpenMeetings and Big Blue Button meeting services to Purchase faculty and students through their Moodle system.

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  • Moodle is our learning management system platform. We switched from Blackboard to Moodle over the course of the 2009/2010 academic year.
  • Mahoodle in the "SUNY Nebula"

    1. 1. Mahoodle in the “SUNYNebula”An engagement in open source technologyKeith LandaTeaching, Learning andTechnology CenterDirectorSUNY PurchaseKeith.Landa@purchase.eduScott MayAssistant Director ComputingServicesSUNY
    2. 2. Overview An open path toshared services◦ Why open?◦ Why shared? ePortfolios & theLMS – VLEsolutions◦ User experience◦ Admin issues Shared servicesePortfolio projects
    3. 3. Focus on teaching & learning- Robust set of activities & resources- Add-on modules from the community- Moodle development pathwayCosts- No licensing costs- Similar support costsIntegration- Other systems- Web 2.0 worldFlexible open architectureWhy@Purchase?Risk management- Risks of open source- Commercial products have different risks
    4. 4. StudentInformationSystemLibraryInformationSystemsAcademicAnalyticsCampusRepositoryThe View from 30,000 FeetLiveClassroom
    5. 5.  Adopted Agile life cycle, Moodle andEnterprise Wiki in 20081. Shorten Delivery time2. Reduce Costs3. Expedite procurement4. Control Risks5. Culture / ChallengeWhy Best Source @ Delhi
    6. 6. SUNY Shared Services• Share expertise and infrastructureamong campuses• Advantages of open applications• Flexibility• No licensing or procurement issues
    7. 7. in
    8. 8.  To promote an awareness around theusage of Moodle within SUNY To promote the usage of open sourcesoftware within SUNY To promote collaboration and sharing inthe use of open source software andideally develop a Model MoodleImplementation (MMI) that could be ablueprint for any campus wishing toadopt Moodle for
    9. 9. A peek inside the Nebula
    10. 10.  Project 1 – Project 2 – Web Meeting ToolsThe Projects
    11. 11. ePortfolio projectsePortfolios
    12. 12. LMS & ePortfolio  VLE LMS Course focus Learning activities Coursemanagement Semester based Life long learning? ePortfolio Individual focus Artifacts of learning Collect, select, reflect Ongoing Life long learning?
    13. 13. ePortfolio examples Demos
    14. 14. Mahara user experience Demo
    15. 15. Moodle – Mahara integration Networking settings on eachapplication◦ Exchange of public keys Authentication setup on Mahara◦ XML-RPC for SSO in from Moodle◦ Other authentication methods Portfolio setup on Moodle◦ Managing peer services◦ Enabling portfolio services◦ Mahara assignment typeDemo
    16. 16. Mahoodle – LMS/ePortintegrationSingle Sign-onExport to Portfolio(Outcomes)Mahara Assignment typeContentPagesRubricsGradebook
    17. 17. Export from Moodle toMaharaForumpostings, documents, onlineassignments, glossary &database entries, and otherlearning activities by studentscan be captured directly intotheir Mahara ePortfolio
    18. 18. ePortfolio processes Folder in Mahara tocollect incomingartifacts from MoodleMahara assignment activity in Moodle toreceive finished portfolio pages forgrading and assessment, using Moodle’srubric and narrative feedback tools
    19. 19. ePortfolio assessmentGrading interface in Moodleprovides instructor access tostudent portfolios inMahara, allowing use of all ofMoodle’s grading andassessment tools.
    20. 20. Delhi/Purchase Mahoodle
    21. 21. Delhi ePortfolio project• Connect Moodle to Purchasesexisting Mahara site• Single Sign On (SSO)
    22. 22.  Immediate interest BSN Nursing Hospitality ArchitectureE-Portfolio Futures @ Delhi
    23. 23. Survey of ePortfolio projects Empire State College – ePortfoliosupport while they move toMoodleRooms Delhi – SUNY Nebula Mahoodle project Purchase Bridges to Baccalaureateprogram, students from our partnercommunity colleges Oswego – summer research program Morrisville – IITG grant, ePortfolios incollege writing ESC/Global Center – IITG grant,ePortfolios for intercultural assessmenttoolkit
    24. 24. Mahara multi-institution supportDemo
    25. 25. Thank You visit the STC 2013 Evaluationsite, after the conference ends