E portfolios in Moodle and Mahara


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Presentation at the SUNY CIT 2010 conference in Plattsburgh

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E portfolios in Moodle and Mahara

  1. 1. Electronic Portfolios in Moodle and Mahara Keith Landa Puchase College SUNY keith.landa@purchase.edu
  2. 2. Agenda E-portfolio overview Purchase College Moodle and Mahara Example portfolios Moodle and Mahara hosting options Assignments in Moodle for portfolios Working with Mahara Workshop goal: provide you experience working with Moodle and Mahara for course portfolios, with accounts you can explore beyond the workshop
  3. 3. What are we talking about? Tools for students to showcase their work Tools to support student learning Collect, Select, Reflect Tools for institutional List of products and services that can be used to data collection support portfolio activity
  4. 4. Why e-portfolios? Focus on student- Advances in digital centered active communication and learning creation technologies Accountability and Student employment assessment issues issues
  5. 5. Integration Focus on teaching & learning - Other systems - Robust set of activities & resources - Web 2.0 world - Add-on modules from the community - Moodle development pathway Community http://moodle.org Why Moodle @ Purchase? Costs Flexible open architecture - No licensing costs - Similar support costs Risk management - Risks of open source - Commercial products have different risks
  6. 6. Portfolios through Moodle assignments My demo Moodle site at KeyToSchool: http://arphia.edumoot.com/ "Portfolios in Moodle" course
  7. 7. Advanced Uploading of Files Students can add multiple files, including delete and replace as needed to collect/select material that best represents their work. The Notes allows reflection about the material.
  8. 8. Grading view of the assignment Quick grading view - access to student files and reflections, feedback and grade assignment, tie to Moodle gradebook
  9. 9. Student wiki portfolios in Moodle Moodle Wiki activity allows student 'wikis' - individual web space where each student can create pages within course
  10. 10. Some options for free hosting Sign up: https://www.keytoschool.com/member/signup. php
  11. 11. Mahara at Purchase, extending Moodle Slower adoption so far, need to develop an eportfolio culture Moodle as core, integrate other tools into it
  12. 12. Mahara overview Collect, select, reflect and share (access control) Resume building Social networking
  13. 13. Mahara profiles All information private until it's shared in a specific view Students own their information
  14. 14. Mahara resume tools Contact info, employment/education history, certifications, awards, publications, memberships - all granular information
  15. 15. Building and sharing a portfolio Assembling artifacts File uploads Blog reflections External materials (web video, RSS feeds, etc) Creating a view Determining the layout Assembling and arranging portfolio components Determining access controls Share with individual user (e.g., instructor) Make public, generate unique URL Share with group (e.g., course group) Submit to a course group (freezes portfolio view) Creating templates
  16. 16. Managing files Can display files or folders in portfolios File and folder descriptions during upload/editing can be useful for when materials are incorporated into portfolio views
  17. 17. Blogs - support for reflection Can add whole blogs, recent posts or individual posts to portfolio views
  18. 18. Creating views: layout Categories of building blocks for your portfolio views Drag and drop into columns Controls over number and widths of columns
  19. 19. Creating views: basic description
  20. 20. Creating views: access control Individuals, groups, course groups, public, url-based access Timed access control
  21. 21. Mahara accounts (a couple of sites I've found so far....) http://www.foliospaces.com/ 50 MB quota for files No course submission http://myportfolio.ac.nz/ For consortium of NZ universities Sign up with "Demo" institution 1 GB quota for files