Postmodern theorists summary presentation
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Postmodern theorists summary presentation



Summary of theorists covered in Postmodernism topic in A2 TCC Media Studies course

Summary of theorists covered in Postmodernism topic in A2 TCC Media Studies course



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Postmodern theorists summary presentation Postmodern theorists summary presentation Presentation Transcript

  • Postmodern Theorists
  • Strinati
    Breakdown of distinction between culture and society (mediaization) – art’s purpose used to be to reflect reality; now we refer to media texts to portray reality
    Confusion of time and space – instantaneity of travel, communication and media; content can become incoherent due to speed and ease
    Decline of meta-narratives – universal ideas and ‘answers’ abandoned in favour of personal and individual ideas and opinion
    Style at the expense of substance and content – culture places value on appearances over function; cult of celebrity; advertising wins over product quality
    Breakdown of distinction between high art and pop culture – high art is no longer just for the elite but is being combined with pop culture to appeal to the masses;bricolage
  • Baudrillard
    The copy (or media representation of the original) is more real than the original and this fake is more readily accepted by society
    Simulacrum (sg), simulacra (pl)
    These media representations are simulacra of reality – a copy of an idea or concept that is more successful than the original
    Within culture meaning is lost and all that is left is the surface representation.
  • Jameson
    Historical deafness
    As mediaization increases so culture finds itself losing a sense of historical context – we live in the ‘now’; instantaneity
    Cultural depthlessness
    Meaning is lost and all that is left is surface representation
  • Lyotard
    Decline of meta-narratives (or grand narratives)
    There is no single truth, there are multiple truths
    Interpretation of meaning lies with the audience; not inherent in text or dictated by the author
    This makes a postmodern society less stable than a modern society because meta-narratives are challenged and there is no single unifying truth; fragmented society.
  • Goodwin
    Music videos demonstrate genre characteristics (may be hybridised or subvert conventions)
    Relationship between lyrics and visuals (interpretation may rely on audience knowledge, experience and culture)
    Relationship between music and visuals
    Demands of the record label will include the need for lots of close-ups of the artist and the artist may develop motifs which occur across their work (cult of celebrity; self-reflexivity)
    Frequent reference to the notion of looking, particularly voyeuristic treatment of the female body (reflection of a postmodern society; style over substance, appearance over functionality, exterior valued over interior)
    Intertextual references
  • Hall
    Audience interpretation of media texts:
    Dominant reading ‘hegemonic’
    Reader accepts and reproduces the preferred meaning of the texts
    Negotiated reading
    Reader broadly accepts the preferred reading but resists or modifies elements based on own experiences, interests or beliefs.
    Oppositional reading (‘counter-hegemonic’)
    Reader understands the preferred reading but rejects it
  • Barthes (Semiotics)
    Semiotics = the study of signs and symbols
    Interpretation of meaning lies with the audience and depends on the experiences, interests, beliefs and culture they bring with them; multiple meanings (POLYSEMIC).
    Signs (e.g. the word ‘cow’), signifiers (what the word refers to, i.e. an actual cow), signified (what the reader/audience understands / interprets from this word)
    Denotation (what it actually is) and connotation (the associated meaning the audience attaches to the object)
  • Texts!
    DJ Shadow
    Reality TV – Body Shock, BB
    Twitter, Facebook, YouTube – social networking
    Gaming – WOW, Second Life, SIMS, online communities
    Internet memes – Lolcats
    Music Video – Beastie Boys, Lady Gaga
    Charlie Brooker – cynicism
    Cult of the Celebrity