How to design and deliver and effective presentation


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  • When giving a presentation your audience must be clear on the purpose and what you want them to learn
  • Avoid stretching images that create pixilation, instead use high quality images related to your topic
  • When you use a lot of text your audience, your audience will be reading the slide and stop listening to you, Instead of overloading your slides with text use graphs and diagrams
  • It is not necessary to use all the space on the slide, open space is ok
  • Using dark colors as backgrounds visually strengthens your presentation while light colors makes things hard to read
  • Again, avoid overloading your slides with words. This way your audience will listen to you as there will not be much on the slide to read
  • Choose a font that is easy to read and understand
  • Less is more! No one is ever congratulated for giving a presentation that is complicated and cumbersome. Your audience will be turned off
  • Consistency is important because it makes your presentation easier to follow and understand
  • Your audience will only listen and absorb your message if they can read your text!
  • Your presentation should flow that your audience can easily follow
  • To optimize your delivery and story telling abilities, you need to practice your presentation
  • Powerpoint is a tool to aid you in delivering your message, don’t rely on it to tell the story
  • By having handouts available for the audience, you give them the opportunity to take notes and remember what you said
  • Effective presentations take the form of a story and as the storyteller you want to tell an exciting and engaging story
  • Make on impact on your audience by choosing your words wisely, make things simple
  • In an effort to engage your audience, keeping eye contact is important
  • Enthusiasm and energy is important when giving a presentation. When the presenter is enthusiastic is shows and makes the presentation better
  • One of the most important parts of a presentation is the tone and volume in which it is delivered. Be mindful!
  • Knowing your audience will allow you to optimize engagment
  • Enjoy being a facilitator, don’t take yourself too seriously
  • How to design and deliver and effective presentation

    1. 1. How To Design and Deliver and Effective Presentation By Keilah Roberts
    2. 2. Presentation Design: Rule #1 Presentations should have clear statement of the goal Image obtained from Microsoft
    3. 3. Presentation Design: Rule #2 Use High Quality Images Photo obtained from Wikipedia through Google Images search
    4. 4. Presentation Design: Rule #3 Do Not overload with text, instead use graphs, pictures or diagrams Image obtained from Microsoft
    5. 5. Presentation Design: Rule #4 It is ok to leave some blank space on each slide Image obtained from Microsoft
    6. 6. Presentation Design: Rule #5 Use dark colored backgrounds Background Image obtained
    7. 7. Presentation Design: Rule #6 One idea or thought per slide Image obtained from thegreateststructureontheplanet.wordpres
    8. 8. Presentation Design: Rule #7 Choose your font wisely Image obtained from Microsoft
    9. 9. Presentation Design: Rule #8 Keep it simple Image obtained from Flickr
    10. 10. Presentation Design: Rule #9 • Be consistent Image obtained from
    11. 11. Presentation Design: Rule #9 Ensure that your text is readable Image obtained from Microsoft
    12. 12. Presentation Design: Rule #10 Create a logical flow to your presentation Image obtained from Microsoft
    13. 13. Presentation Delivery: Rule #1 PRACTICE
    14. 14. Presentation Delivery: Rule # 2 Do not rely on your PowerPoint too much Image obtained from Microsoft
    15. 15. Presentation Delivery: Rule #3 Print and pass out handouts Image obtained from Microsoft
    16. 16. Presentation Delivery: Rule #4 Create a story Image obtained from Wikimedia
    17. 17. Presentation Delivery: Rule #5 Create an experience with words Image obtained from Microsoft
    18. 18. Presentation Delivery: Rule #6 Keep eye contact with your audience Image obtained from
    19. 19. Presentation Delivery: Rule #7 Excite and Energize your audience Image obtained from Flickr
    20. 20. Presentation Delivery: Rule #8 Be conscious of your tone and volume Image obtained from Microsoft
    21. 21. Presentation Delivery: Rule #9 Know your audience
    22. 22. Presentation Delivery: Rule #10 Have fun! Image obtained from Microsoft
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