Today I set before you this day a Blessing and a Curse.
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Today I set before you this day a Blessing and a Curse.




If you shall listen to the Commandments of Yâ-hwuah your Aluahiym, which I command you this day;

If you shall not listen to the Commandments of Yâ-hwuah your Aluahiym, but turn aside out of the way which I command you this day, to go after other mighty ones, which you have not known.



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    Today I set before you this day a Blessing and a Curse. Today I set before you this day a Blessing and a Curse. Document Transcript

    • Zekeniam Y’ISCHRa’AL Sherut haRitztzuy (the ministry of reconciliation) by whom we have now received the ( Atonement) Reconciliation of the Dvar HaRitztzuy Let this day be a day of reconciliation and regeneration [“EHYEH ASHER EHYEH”] ( HaYaH (He was), Howeh (He is), and Yihyeh (He will be).
    • I AM My Memorial for generation after generation.” Shemot 3:13-16 This is MY NAME for ever, ALuaHiYM of your father’s Abraham, Yitzchak [Isaac], and Ya’aqob [Jacob], has sent me to you. This is my name forever, and this is my memorial for generation to generation." and I appeared to Abraham, to Yitzchak, and to Ya’aqob as hashadday [the almighty]. and my name, YaHuWaH, was not well known (famous) to them. The ministry of reconciliation Message of Reconciliation Torah sh’Bichtav (Written Torah)
    • Who hath ears to hear, let him hear? “Sola Scriptura” (the Scriptures alone is authoritative for faith) (in His Name) [Yah -hoo-Wah] is the Name of the Creator. (Yâhuwshúa`) is His Son [Al-u-heem - ALHYM] means "Mighty Ones“ or "Power" means Set-apart, Pure. (Qodesh) also means "Set-apart" Ruwach (Spirit) is the Ibry (Hebrew) name for His "Presence", pictured as the Counselor, Helper, and Advocate, the One Who "proceeds from the Father"
    • Tehillim 27:5 For in the day of trouble He will keep me secretly in His booth. In the covering of His Tent He will hide me. On a Rock He raises me up. is for you too! Scripture speaks of a secret place where we can simply go, be alone, be protected, pray, and hear from Yahuahshua. Knowing there is such a place is a matter of faith. Going back time and again, that's a matter of building a relationship. You need not have an advanced degree in any subject, need not have memorized Scripture from beginning to end, but instead be aware the of Y’ISCHRa’ÄL has a place for each Jew and Gentile who will open their minds and hearts to Him. Mt 6:5-8 When you pray, you shall not be as the role-fakers, for they love to stand and pray in the synagogues and in the corners of the streets, that they may be seen by men. Most certainly, I tell you, they have received
    • their reward. But you, when you pray, enter into your inner chamber, and having shut your door, pray to your Father Who is in secret, and your Father Who sees in secret shall reward you openly. In praying, don’t use vain repetitions, as the Gentiles do; for they think that they shall be heard for their much speaking. Therefore don’t be like them, don't you see that your Father knows what things you need before you ask Him. The truth in reality is visited in this secret place AND must be shared by those who will live or else ... they will perish ... in darkness. It is written Lu 11:33 “No one, when he has lit a Lamp, puts it in a cellar or under a basket, but on a stand, that those who come in may see the Light. Tehillim. 119:105 Your Word is a Lamp to my feet, and a Light (aur) for my path. The lamp of the body is the eye. Therefore when your eye is good, your whole body is also full of Light; but when it is evil, your body also is full of darkness. Therefore see whether the light that is in you isn’t darkness. If therefore your whole body is full of Light, having no part dark, it shall be wholly full of Light, as when the Lamp with its bright shining gives you Light.”
    • With this in mind, heart soul and strength let us study together in the Ruwach And now brothers and sisters Come out of the secret place bearing light! who see it from afar. The Secret Place, here, shines a bit of light so many can see from afar. The topics we have chosen are addressed to Jew and Gentile together. We do this because that is what the Bible does. This opens the window to make more sense of what Scripture tells us! In the secret place is plain language, something simple to read. This is a mere starting place for deeper consideration. Observe your calling Debarim 11:27 If you shall listen to the Commandments of Yâ-hwuah your Aluahiym, which I command you this day; Debarim 11:28 if you shall not listen to the Commandments of Yâ-hwuah your Aluahiym, but turn aside out of the way which I command you this day, to go after other mighty ones, which you have not known.
    • If we follow them, we will be blessed; if we do things our own way, by our own logic, or only halfway, we cannot help but receive a curse. Ya'aqob said, “You shall not give me anything. If you will do this thing for me, I will again feed your flock and keep it. I will pass through all your flock today, removing from there every speckled and spotted one, and every black one among the sheep, and the spotted and speckled among the goats. This will be my hire. So my righteousness will answer for me hereafter, when you come concerning my hire that is before you. Every one that is not speckled and spotted among the goats, and black among the sheep, that might be with me, will be counted stolen.” Who would get driving directions and start to follow them, but then skip from the first to the third, and expect to end up in the right place? Yâhuwchânâ´n 10:25. Yâhuwshúa` responded to them: “I told you, but ye do not believe it. The works that I perform in the name of My Father, these bear testimony about Me. Nevertheless, ye do not believe it, for ye are not of My sheep, as I said to you. And I give to them endless life, so they shall in no wise perish unto the age, nor shall anyone seize them out of My hand. My Father Who has given them to Me is greater than all, and no one is able to snatch out of the hand of My Father. I and My Father are ’Echâ´th (One). ” One who is from Yâ-hwuah heeds the Word of Yâ-hwuah: therefore ye do not listen, because ye are not from Yâ-hwuah.”
    • Because our ancestors picked and chose which of Yâ-hwuah’s commandments they wanted to obey, we ended up as the ”. To end up where we belong, we need to follow the directions completely. Been familiar: The chief point in this context is not to seek Yâ-hwuah the way the worshippers of other deities do things. (Including Lunar Sabbath worshipers) Individuals are not to hedge our bets by resorting to superstition just so we will have all bases covered in case the mainline relationship of the nation does not work out. People who make choices rather than standing between two opinions will generally accomplish much more. We must not worship anything our righteous ancestors did not, and they never worshipped a man as an Aluahiym. He is making His heart known to us through these rules. They are not just hoops to jump through, strange though some of them seem at first glance. They are about knowing who He is so that we can have an intimate friendship with Him. They are about learning how to love Him—how to be the kind of people He can relate to. The blessing Yâ-hwuah sets before us is the relationship with Himself. Are we after having Him live in our midst, or just a religious experience? Though the consequences may take many unpleasant forms, the actual curse is not having His presence with us. Most people are familiar with at least some of these commandments.
    • But they are rarely used in the context He intended—that of Israel dwelling in His Land with Him at our core--so what should be a blessing becomes a curse instead. They become only codes of morals rather than a way to love Yâ-hwuah. Not that immorality is better, but when morality mixes Torah with men’s thought and is not used for the right purpose, it is not profitable either. Some of the most upstanding, decent, loving people choose to obey only parts of the Torah, and this does not mean they are bad people, but they are doing it for other reasons. The curse is only for those who turn aside from the way. To turn aside from a path, one must first be walking on it. We cannot judge anyone by the rules of this path if he has never been on it. Those who are not on this path are under neither blessing nor curse. The nations have their own judgment to undergo. But to find Yâ-hwuah, this is where Y’Isra’al has to look; these commands are the path. In Keeping His Commandments we are Repenting Then and only then are we the YashaYahuw 35:8 A highway shall be there, a road, and it shall be called The Qodesh Way. And there will be a high road and a pathway there, and it will be called the "Way of Sacredness", and the defiled will not travel on it, nor shall it be for them. Those who walk on the path, even [if they are] fools, will not go astray. Prov.17:28
    • Even a fool, when he keeps silent, is counted wise. When he shuts his lips, he is thought to be discerning. Then even those of minimal intelligence will stay on track if they stay within the guidelines Yâ-hwuah has set up in His Torah--the "guard rails" and "lane markers" on this highway. Debarim 11:29 It shall happen, when Yâ-hwuah your Aluahiym shall bring you into the land where you go to possess it, that you shall set the blessing on Mount Gerizim, and the curse on Mount Ebal. Grizim means "cuttings off", as opposed to Eval, which means "a bald stone mountain", symbolizing the fruitfulness of the one choice The fruit of the Righteous is a Tree of Life. He who saves souls is wise. (from which useful trees could be cut) and the barrenness of the other. There are no valleys for Y’Isra’al; if you are not obeying Torah, you are an idolater. Choose one or the other! Remain teachable, but commit to one path or the other. Know where you need to be, and invest 100% there, for what you keep back can very easily be stolen If you are not ready to commit to community, walk in the left hand for a while and let yourself get beaten down. Then it can be a path to repentance. But indecision is a path only to being opposed by Yâ-hwuah.
    • Until the present hour we both hunger and thirst, and we are scantily clad, and beaten, and homeless, in toil and hardship, in watching’s often, in hunger and thirst, in fasting’s often, in cold and nakedness, “They shall hunger no more, neither thirst any more, neither shall the sun strike them, nor any heat, Mat 5:6 “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, because they shall be filled. The righteousness of Yâ-hwuah is the absolute and essential perfections of his nature; sometimes it is put for his justice. The righteousness of Yâhuwshúa` denotes not only his absolute perfections, but is taken for his perfect obedience to the law, and suffering the penalty thereof in our stead. The righteousness of the law is that obedience which the law requires. The righteousness of faith is the righteousness of Yâhuwshúa` as received by faith. The saints have a threefold righteousness. The righteousness of their persons, as in Yâhuwshúa`, his merit being imputed to them, and they accepted on the account thereof, Yâhuwshúa taught them even when he did not open his mouth; his very silence was instructive. The Old Testament (covenant) closes with the word “curse.” Remember the Torah of Moshah My servant, which I commanded to him in Choreb for all Ysra'al, even statutes and ordinances. Behold, I will send you Ali'Yahuw the prophet before the great and terrifying Day of Yâ-hwuah comes. He will turn the heart of the fathers back onto sons, and the heart of the sons onto their fathers, or else I come and smite the earth with a curse.”
    • The New Testament (Covenant) begins here, in the preaching of Yâhuwshúa, with the word “Blessed.” (ponder for a moment) His Righteousness is a cloak of Light that we are bathed in. Do not fear being different Happy are those who have been persecuted on account of justification, because the Kingdom of Yâ-hwuah is theirs! Happy are ye when men shall reproach you, and shall persecute you and shall say, lying, every wicked utterance against you, on account of Me. Rejoice and jump for joy! Because your reward in the heavens is great! For thus they persecuted the predicators who were before you! Ye are the salt of the earth! But if the salt should become tasteless, with what shall it be salted? It does not have strength for anything any longer, except to be cast out and to be trampled upon by humans. And they won’t light a Lamp and put it under a corn bushel, rather upon the lampstand; and It shall shine light for all those within the house! Thus let your Light shine before the sons of ’Âthâ´m so that they may see your good works, and may praise your Father Who is in the heavens. 2 Co 5:21. For upon the One Who did not know a sin, on behalf of us, He appointed the sin in order that we might within Him be made to have Yâ-hwuah’s justification. (The one and only anointed)
    • Eph 5:27. In order that He might stand her, the Convocation, beside to His Self in honor: not having spot or wrinkle, or any of such things, instead in order that it may be pure and unblemished. For, if when we were enemies we were reconciled to Yâ-hwuah by means of the death of His Son, much more, having been reconciled, shall His Life rescue us! Isa 14:24 . Yâ-hwuah Master of Armies has sworn, saying, “Surely, as I have thought, so shall it happen; and as I have purposed, so shall it stand: The righteousness of their principles being derived from, and formed according to the rule of right, My house of Prayer And He says to them: “It has been written: For My house shall be called “Bëyth-Tphillâ´h” (a house of prayer) for all of the peoples.’ Even them shall I bring to My Qodesh mountain, and make them joyful in My House of prayer: their burnt offerings and their slaughterers shall be accepted on My altar; for My House shall be called a House of prayer for all peoples. ”The Master Yâ-hwuah, who is about to gather the outcasts of Ysra'al, says, “Yet shall I gather others to him, besides his own who are gathered.”
    • Acts 17:30. Therefore, as He has overlooked( The Aramaic has here “caused to end”) the times of ignorance, Yâ-hwuah now commands all the sons of ’Âthâ´m that everyone everywhere must return, Tehillim119:9 How can a young man cleanse his way? By living according to Your Word. 1With my whole heart, I have sought You. Don’t let me wander from Your Commandments. I have hidden Your Word in my heart, that I might not sin against You. Blessed are You, O Ya-Hwuah Teach me Your statutes. With my lips, I have declared all the ordinances of Your mouth. have rejoiced in the way of Your testimonies, as much as in all riches. I will meditate on Your precepts, and consider Your Ways. I will delight myself in Your statutes. I will not forget Your Word.
    • Heb 13:12-14. Consequently, also Yâhuwshúa`, in order that He might purify the people by His own blood, suffered outside the gate; Therefore we also should go out towards Him outside the encampment, bearing His notoriousness ,For we do not have here an abiding city, instead, we are seeking for the coming one. Rev 12:1-2. And I saw a new heavens and a new earth, for the former heavens and the former earth are passed away, and the sea exists no longer and I saw the Pure City, the New Yruwshâláim, coming down out of the skies from the mighty One, prepared as a bride adorned for her Husband. 1 Co 6:11. Though some of you were these things; nevertheless ye were washed, nevertheless ye were purified, nevertheless ye were justified within the name of Yâ-hwuah Yâhuwshúa`, the Deliverer, and by the Ruwach of our mighty Ones. Isa. 55:1-2, “Hey!, Everyone who is thirsty![who desires deliverance] Come to the waters! Come, he who has no money, buy, and eat! Yes, come; buy wine and milk without money and without price. Yahuwchanan 7:37-39 And on the great day, the last one of the feast, Yâhuwshúa` stood and shouted, saying: “If anyone thirsts, let him come to Me; and let him drink, He who puts his trust in Me; as the scripture said ,
    • Torrents of living water shall flow from his interior!” But He said this about the Ruwach, which those putting their trust in Him were about to receive; for the Ruwach had not yet been given because Yâhuwshúa` was not yet honored. And Rev. 22:17 And the spirit and the bride say, ‘Come!’ And he that hears, let him say ‘Come!’ And the one thirsting, let him come; and the one desiring, let him take the water of life free of charge. Who is thirsty: Aramaic, “who wishes to learn”. Without price: This reminds us that ultimately we will be freed from the curse placed on Adamah and Hawah, but in the meantime it teaches us not to commercialize the message of truth, making it part of and subservient to Babylon’s system. When that system reaches its critical mass, it will not allow anyone who is not part of it to buy or sell, but Ysra'al is not to be counted among the nations of the world. Numbers 23:9
    • For from the top of the rocks I see Him. From the hills I see Him.Behold, it is a people that dwells alone and shall not be reckoned among the nations. Who can count the dust of Ya'acob or number the fourth part of Ysra'al? Let me die the death of the righteous! Let my last end be like his!” But Yâ-hwuah will provide for those who obey and trust Him. YashaYahuw55:2 Why do you spend money for that which is not bread? and your labor for that which doesn’t satisfy? Listen diligently to Me, and eat you that which is good, and let your being delight itself in fatness. Listen diligently to Me: Aramaic, My Memra [Living Word]. YashaYahuw 55:3 Turn your ear, and come to Me; hear, and your being shall live: and I shall make an everlasting Covenant with you, even the sure mercies of Dawiyd. YashaYahuw 55:4 Behold, I have given Him for a witness to the peoples, a Leader and Commander to the peoples. YashaYahuw 55:5 Behold, you shall call for a nation that you don’t know; and a nation that didn’t know you shall run to you, because of Yâ-hwuah your Aluahiym, and to the Qadesh-One of Ysra'al; for He has lifted you up.” YashaYahuw 55:6
    • Seek Yâ-hwuah while He may be found; call you on Him while He is near: Mt. 4:4, But Yâhuwshúa` responding, said, “It has been written,‘…that the human lives not on the bread by itself, because the human lives on everything come from the mouth of Yâ-hwuah:’ Deuteronomy 8: 3 He humbled you, and allowed you to hunger, and fed you with manna, which you didn’t know, neither did your father’s know; that He might make you know that man does not live by bread only, but by every Word that proceeds out of the mouth of Yâ-hwuah does man live. Yâhuwchânâ´n 6:48-51. I am the Bread of Life. Your father’s ate the mâ´n in the uninhabited land, yet died off. Now this One is the Bread, which comes down from the heavens, in order that man may (Ruwachual) eat from It and not die off .I am the Living Bread, because I came down from the heavens; if anyone might (Ruwachual) eat from this Bread, he shall be made to live for the age. And also the Bread which I will give is My flesh, which I will donate for the life of the world.” Therefore, when the Sovereign knew that the Phrushíym heard that “Yâhuwshúa` makes more pupils and immerses more than Yâhuwchânâ´n”(Although indeed Yâhuwshúa` Himself was not immersing, rather His pupils were),He left Yâhuwthâ´h, and went away again into Gâlíyl. And it was necessary for Him to pass through the Shomroníym. Therefore, He comes into a Shomroníy city called Shukhâ´r], near the land which Ya`aqóv gave to Yâhuwçë´ph his son. Now a spring-fed well of Ya`aqóv was there, therefore Yâhuwshúa`, being wearied from the journey, sat thus at the fountain; And His pupils
    • went away into the city, in order that they might buy provisions. And when Yâhuwshúa` sat down, the hour was about the sixth. A wife from Shomrówn comes to draw water. Yâhuwshúa` says to her: Then the Shomroníy wife says to Him: “How do You, being a Yâhuwthíy, ask to drink from me, being a Shomroníy wife?”For “Yehuwthím” have no dealings with Shomroníym. Yâhuwshúa` responded and said to her: “If you had known of the gift of Yâ-hwuah and Who It is [the Spring of Living Water YirmYâ´huw 2: 13 Be appalled, O heavens [shamu shamayim], at this, and be horribly afraid. Be very desolate,” says Yâ-hwuah. “For My people have committed two evils: they have forsaken Me, the Spring of Living Waters, [Yâhuwshúa` - and cut them out cisterns [explanations], broken cisterns, that can hold no water (truth of His Word). righteousness not as a work of our own, but as a gift,—a fact not of the outer, but of the inner life. Who says to you: ‘Give me some to drink’,you would have asked Him, and He would have given living water to you. ”The wife says to Him: “My Sovereign, You have nothing to draw with, and the well is deep; from which place do you have the living water? Are you greater than our father Ya`aqóv, who gave us the well, and drank from it himself with his sons and his cattle? Yâhuwshúa` responded, and said to her: “Everyone who drinks from this water will thirst again; But whoever may drink from the water which I will give him shall in no wise thirst unto the age: instead, the water which I will give to him shall become within him a fountain of water springing up unto endless life.” Compare
    • 1 Âthâ´m and Chauwâ´h 34:16 16. And of Your goodwill, O Yâ-hwuah, You made us both with bodies of a bright nature, and You made us two, one; and You gave us Your favor, and filled us with praises of the spirit (breath) of the Pure One; that we should be neither hungry nor thirsty The wife says to Him: “My Sovereign, give me this water in order that I may not thirst, nor come here to draw!” Yâhuwshúa` says to her: “Go, call your husband and come here.” The wife responded and said: “I do not have a husband.” Yâhuwshúa` says to her: “You have spoken well: “I do not have a husband,” For you have had five men, yet now, he whom you have is not your husband; this you have spoken honestly.” The wife says to Him: “My Sovereign, I see that You are a predicator! Our fathers worshipped on this mountain, but ye say that in Yruwshâláim is the place where one ought to worship. Yâhuwshúa` says to her: “Believe Me, woman that an hour is coming when ye shall worship the Father neither on this mountain, nor in Yruwshâláim. Ye worship That Which ye do not acknowledge; but we worship That Which we acknowledge, because the deliverance is for the Yâhuwthím. Romans 2: 28-29, For a Yâhuwthíy is not he who is one in appearance, neither is Circumcision that which is visibly made in the flesh. Rather, he who is a Yâhuwthíy covertly is a Yâhuwthíy, and the circumcision of the heart is the Circumcision: by breath, not by letter; whose profession is not from men, rather, from Yâ-hwuah But an hour is coming and is now, when the authentic worshipper [Glad Tidings of Phílippos 108 (102)] The Yâhuwthím are the sons of Yâ-hwuah A horse sires a horse, a man procreates man, a mighty ones brings forth a mighty one. Thus it is with the Bridegroom within the Bride – their
    • sons emerge within the bridal chamber. So, the Yâhuwthím did not descend from the Greeks, and, as an anointed people, we ourselves do not descend from the “Yehuwthím”. Those there became another people The true Yâhuwthíy and the true Circumcision For [fleshly] circumcision indeed profits if you practice the Law, but if you are a transgressor of the Law, your circumcision has become uncircumcision [of the heart]. Therefore if the [fleshly] Uncircumcision keeps the just deeds of the Law, shall not his [fleshly] uncircumcision be credited for circumcision [of the heart]? [And the [fleshly] Uncircumcision, who by nature fulfills the Law, shall judge you, who through scripture and circumcision are a transgressor of the Law! For a Yâhuwthíy is not he who is one in appearance, neither is Circumcision that which is visibly made in the flesh .Rather, he who is a Yâhuwthíy covertly is a Yâhuwthíy, and the circumcision of the heart is the Circumcision: by breath, not by letter; whose profession is not from men, rather, from Yâ-hwuah! but these blessed ones were called “The sons of the Living mighty One” [Howshë´`á 1: 10, Yet the number of the descendants of Ysra'al will come to be as the sand of the sea, which can’t be measured nor numbered; yet it will come to pass that, in the place where it was said to them, ‘You are not My people,’ they will be called ‘sons of the living Aluah.’ Number can also mean “tale”. Sand comes from a word meaning to writhe, dance, or whirl about, as can be observed in the shifting patterns on a sand dune. The sea often symbolizes the heathen nations, so in addition to there being an immeasurable number of Ysra'elites in exile (because they are lost track of in their intermingling with the gentiles; cf. Gen. 48:16" the Messenger Who has redeemed me from all evil, bless the lads, and let my name be named on them, and the name of my fathers Abraham and Yitshaq. Let them grow into a multitude in the
    • midst of the earth.”, their “story” will also be one of moving from place to place like the ever-shifting sand. Yet: Even those on whom He had no compassion can still become His children because they are related to Ephrayim. (Compare YashaYahuw 65:1“I am inquired of by those who didn’t ask; I am found by those who didn’t seek Me: I said, See Me, see Me, to a nation that was not called by My Name.) YaHuWaH would not lose track of one grain. (Amos 9:9 “For, behold, I will command, and I will sift the House of Ysra'al among all the nations, as grain is sifted in a sieve, yet not the least kernel will fall on the earth.) Their very own descendants will one day be reassembled like the dried-out bones of Yehezqel 37) in the same Land (as the ancient Aramaic interpretation bears out) and, as suggested by the term “place”, at the Hekal Mount itself, which is often specifically nicknamed “The Place [where I have set My Name]”. The Aramaic interpretation supports this. Sons of the Living Al: This claim is made in 1 Yahuwchanan 3:1 "Behold, how great a love the Father has bestowed on us, that we should be called children of Aluahiym! For this cause the world doesn’t know us, because it didn’t know Him." . We will not look like our fathers, but like YaHuWSHuWaH when we see Him. (Compare Yahuwchanan 1:12.But as many as received Him, to them He gave the right to become Aluahiym’s children, to those who believe on His Name:) This therefore identifies where we can find the House of Ysra'al today. It is a “people” who are “called out” of every nation, kindred, tribe, and language. The exile continued long after this declaration, however. The reason is that there are two concurrent sentences. (See note on v. 11.) Romans 9: 26] , “[And yet shall the number of the sons of Yisrâ’Ä´l be like the sand of the sea, which cannot be measured nor can be counted,] and it shall be that in the place where it was said to them – You are not My people – they will be called Bnëy ’Ël-Châ´y! (Sons of the living Mighty One)” the chosen tribe [1 Këph 2: 9]
    • 9. Now ye are a chosen tribe, Kingdom priesthood, a pure nation, a people for an acquisition, so that ye might celebrate the manly valor’s of the One Who called you out of the darkness into His wonderful Light! Recalled Yisrâ’Ë´l: the remnant ( This is happening today) The call to be one nation again under the banner of Y’Isra’al, open to all them who have repented, believed and are immersed in the Ruwach of the Pure One of the true ’Âthâ´m, even the Son of ’Âthâ´m and the Seed of the Son of ’Âthâ´m. Those of this race are those that are called the authentic race in the world! Where these are, the sons of the bridal chamber are found. will worship the Father in breath (rúwach) and in Truth, for the Father also seeks such who worship Him thus. For breath (Ruwach) is of ’ALuaHiYM Genesis 2: 7, so they that worship Him must worship Him by means of the breath (Ruwach) and the Truth. ” The wife says to Him: “I recognize that the Deliverer is coming; when He comes, He will tell us all things.” Yâhuwshúa` says to her: “I, Who am speaking with you, ’é-hyéh
    • (I shall always continue being).” Exodus 3: 14 And at this, His pupils came, and wondered because He was speaking with a woman; however no one said, “What do You seek?” or, “Why do You speak with her?” Then the wife left her waterpot and went away into the city, and says to the men: “Come ye, see a Man Who told me all things which I did: Is this One possibly the Anointed One?” Therefore they exited from the city and came towards Him. But in the meantime, His pupils were requesting Him, saying: “Rabbíy, eat ”But He said to them: “I have food to eat which ye do not know. ”Therefore the pupils said to one another:“ Did anyone bring Him something to eat?” Yâhuwshúa` says to them: “My food is that I should perform the will of the One Who sent Me, and should finish His work. Don’t ye say that it is still four months, and then comes the harvest? Look, I say to you! Lift up your eyes and discern the fields, because they are white to harvest already! And he that reaps receives a reward, and gathers fruit for an endless life, in order that both He that sows and he that reaps may rejoice together! For in this the saying is true, that: “It is one that sows, but another who reaps.” I sent you to reap that which ye have not labored; others have labored, and ye have entered into their labor. ”But from that city, many of the Shomroníym believed in Him due to the statement of the wife testifying, “He told me all things which I did!” Therefore, when the Shomroníym came to Him, they invited Him to stay with them, and He stayed there two days. And many more believed due to His Word, And they said to the wife
    • “We believe, but no longer merely due to your saying, for we ourselves have listened, and we discern that this One is truly the Deliverer of the world, the Anointed One!” Yâhuwshúa`’s second sign But after two days, He left from there and went away into Gâlíyl, For Yâhuwshúa` He testified: “A predicator does not have praise in his own homeland.” Therefore, when He came into Gâlíyl, the Gliylíym received Him, having seen all things that He had done in Yruwshâláim during the feast, for they had also gone unto the feast. Therefore, Yâhuwshúa` came again into Qânâ´h of Gâlíyl, where He made the water wine; and there was a certain minister of a king, whose son was sick in Kâphâ´rnachúwm (Kapernaoúm).This one, having heard that Yâhuwshúa` had come from Yâhuwthâ´h into Gâlíyl, went out towards Him and begged Him that He would come down and cure his son, for he was about to die. Therefore Yâhuwshúa` said to him: “In no wise will ye believe, unless ye see signs and wonders.”The royal minister says to Him :“My Sovereign, come down before my little boy dies!” Yâhuwshúa` says to him: “Go, your son lives.” And the man believed the word which Yâhuwshúa` said to him, and went away; And as he was already coming down, his bondmen met him, and reported, saying: “Your son lives!” Therefore he inquired from them the hour in which he got better, and they said to him: “The seventh hour yesterday, the fever left him. ”Therefore the father knew that it was at that time to the hour in which Yâhuwshúa` said to him:
    • “Go, your son lives.” And he himself and his whole house believed. This again, a second sign, did Yâhuwshúa` perform having come from Yâhuwthâ´h into Gâlíyl. Be Immersed in his Way Aren’t they beyond the Yarden, behind the way of the going down of the sun, in the land of the Kena'anites who dwell in the dark desert plain, towards Gilgal, near the oaks of Moreh? We are the Hebrew upon this earth we have no place on this earth in this time and age, put look over the Jordan to the promise kingdom Gilgal: south of Yericho, very close to the Yarden; oaks of Moreh: near Sh'chem (Nablus today), which sits between the two mountains, near the geographical center of the Land, close to the tribal border between Efrayim and Menashe (in what was later known as Samaria). Moreh means "teacher". Observance of his law is the foundation we are building upon, Yâhuwshúa` For you will be crossing over the Yarden to go in to possess the Land which Yâ-hwuah your Aluahiym gives you, and you will not only possess it, but also settle in it. You shall observe to do all the statutes and the ordinances which I set before you this day. These are the statutes and the ordinances which you shall observe to do in the Land which Yâ- hwuah, the Aluahiym of your fathers, has given you to possess it, all the days that you live on the earth.
    • Earlier Moshah had told Y’Isra’al what rules had to be followed before we could enter the Land; now he is telling us what we must do to stay there. On the earth: literally, above the soil, i.e., not just when in the Land, but as long as you are alive. So while there are some things we cannot do in their fullness outside the Land or when there is no Temple, this should not mean that we ignore them altogether. Most importantly, we should never divide them into ritual vs. Ruwachual, moral, or whatever other category would make some of them appear unnecessary. They are all interdependent. Some who do this intend only to explain the lack of animal offerings today as being inconsistent with Yâhuwshúa’’s “finished work”. They expect that they can leave the rest intact when doing so. But the Appointed Times of Yâ-hwuah, the Sabbath, and even the Sh’ma (which encapsulates all the rest) are also categorized as “prescribed rituals”. So we cannot do away with one without doing away with others, and that would be in opposition to the Mâshíyach. If we cannot do the very thing, we can take them as far as we can, and still learn from them. The Jews commonly call this a zeker –a way of remembering or mentioning something we cannot do properly while in exile. Some of these prescribed rituals actually command us to remember certain things: the day we came out of Mitsrayim, including our own comings-out of Mitsrayim-like systems that enslaved us the Sabbath ; Yâ-hwuah’s commandments ; not to fear earthly threats ; that Yâ-hwuah will test us (; that it is He who is to receive credit for any blessings we receive (; what angers Him , and what Amaleq did to those who lagged behind . If we cannot remember the events ourselves, we should ask our elders. Torah is the “cud” we need to chew so we can recall them. By re-enacting them as closely as we are able outside the perfect context, we can take steps toward “enacting them again” as law in Ysra'al. It is those most experienced, even if they have not done things completely the way they must be done in the Land, who will be best suited to teach others when the time comes to tighten up the rest of the way. Who would choose those who have never even learned the Torah? We need to go right up to the border if we cannot yet get in, so that when Yâhuwshúa` comes to take us in, we will be ready and have only a few small steps to catch up with His full intent.
    • Is this where Paul gets his quote the law is a curse? Our response: The people are cursed; not Torah. Galatians 3:10. For those who are servants of Torah are still under a curse, for it is written, "Cursed is everyone who does not act on all that is written in this book of Torah." . But that no man is made righteous by Torah before Aluahiym is evident, for it is written, "the righteous will live by faith". .Thus Torah is not made by faith, but whosoever will do the things that are written in it, will live in it. But Mashiyach has redeemed us from the "curse of Torah," by becoming accursed for us, for it is written: "Cursed is everyone who hangs on a tree".
    • In His Name Blessed be, in His name 'Yâ-hwuah be with you.' and they answered him, 'Yâ-hwuah bless you.' " Be not blind to the truth And, hinnei, two blind men sitting by the way side, when they heard that Yâhuwshúa` passed by, cried out, saying, Have mercy on us, O Yâ- hwuah, [thou] Ben David. An Yâhuwshúa` stood still, and called them, and said, what will ye that I shall do unto you they say unto Him, Yâ- hwuah,, that our eyes may be opened. So Yâhuwshúa` had compassion [on them], and touched their eyes: and immediately their eyes received sight, and they followed him. His servant and yours shalom in Righteousness by the GRACE of Yâ-hwuah
    • keiYAH nätzräya Remember me and pray for me that Yâ-hwuah, will be gracious unto me and be merciful unto my sins which I have sinned against him. Peace be to them that read and that hear these things and to their servants: Amein and Amein Freely ye have received, freely give A rule necessary, and of great extent. A servant in the Gospel Vineyard, though worthy of his Comfortable support while in the work. Should never preach for hire, or make a secular traffic of the Ruwach (spiritual work): what a scandal is it for a man to traffic with gifts which he pretends, at least, to have received from the Ruwach HaQodesh, of which he is not the master, but the dispenser. He who preaches to get a living, or make a fortune, is guilty of the most infamous sacrilege