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Kathryn Facility Plan



This facility plan was created for Stilson Elementary School.

This facility plan was created for Stilson Elementary School.



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Kathryn Facility Plan Kathryn Facility Plan Presentation Transcript

  • Stilson Elementary School Media Center Facilities Plan Striving for Everyone’s Success
  • Stilson Elementary School
  • Current Facility Data
    • Grades Pre-K - Fifth
    • Serves approximately 373 students
    • Originally built in 1993
    • One full time media specialist
    • One part time media paraprofessional
    • Title One School
    • Rural School
  • School Map
    • The Media Center is located at the front right end of the building. It is at the beginning of the fourth and fifth grade hall.
    • All classrooms can access the Media Center from inside of the school building.
  • Entrance to the Library
    • This is the view that students see as they enter the Media Center from the hall.
    • The artwork around the doorway makes the Media Center seem inviting.
  • Current Facility Floor Plan http://www.gliffy.com/pubdoc/1518674/M.jpg
  • The library’s open space.
  • Book Return and Checkout Students return their books in the wheelbarrow. Then students use the drawers to fine their card for checkout. The circulation desk is located next to the entrance and media room. The media specialist can monitor the media center from the circulation desk.
  • Current Furniture Placement
    • 5 rectangular wooden tables and chairs
    • 2 iron and wooden benches for reading.
    • Reading table with benches.
    • Four computers for AR testing and research.
  • Current Book Collection Approximately 9,979 books shelved on five double-sided book stacks and six wall bookcases.
  • Current Periodical Display
    • Our school currently receives a subscription to the local paper.
    • However, we do not have any other periodical or newspaper subscriptions. Students may check out these periodicals which are not current.
  • DVD/Video Collection This storage closet contains the DVD and Video Collection. This closet is also where teachers can find audiovisual equipment for checkout.
  • Current Computer Labs Both of the computer labs are in classrooms that are not connected to the library. This lab is used for teacher planning time. It has a full-time paraprofessional and 28 computers. This lab has a flexible schedule. Teachers can sign up to use this lab with 24 computers. The teacher must stay with her class.
  • Current Work Room
    • Teachers visit the work room when they need to use the laminator, Ellison letter maker, art supplies, bulletin board paper, etc.
    • There is a window where the media center floor is visible. Students are not allowed in the work room.
  • Current Media Room This room has the TV/VCRs to show videos throughout the school. It also has counter space and storage. It holds books that are being repaired or weeded. The server for our network is based at the board office and this room houses a router for our computers.
  • Current Storage in Media Center
    • DVD and VHS tapes
    • Houses audiovisual equipment
    • Digital cameras for teacher use
    • Carts and screens
    • Overhead projectors and tape players
    • Film projectors and film
    • It could be cleaned out to afford more space.
  • Library Office The media specialist can see the workroom and the library floor space from windows in her office.
  • Survey Results of Library Strengths
    • Students said:
    • Books are easy to find and are organized mostly by authors last name.
    • Books are marked with stickers so it is easy to find a book on my level.
    • It is fun to visit the library and look at all of the books.
    • Teachers said:
    • The location of the library is convenient.
    • The media center has plenty of room.
    • They enjoy using the resources in the workroom.
    • The media specialist said:
    • The annual budget is adequate for the school size.
  • Survey Suggestions for Improvements
    • Students said:
    • We need somewhere comfortable to read.
    • We need more recent magazines.
    • Teachers said:
    • Computer labs are not connected to the library for easy research.
    • There are not enough computers for research in the library.
    • The library does look like an elementary library for small students.
    • Media Specialist said:
    • There is not enough storage space for audio visual equipment.
  • Negatives
    • Students do not have a comfortable place to read that is friendly for elementary students. Students can sit at the tables, but it seems more appropriate for older students.
    • Students do not have enough computers to do research in the library.
  • Revised Facility Floor Plan http://www.gliffy.com/pubdoc/1519118/L.jpg
  • Improved Facility Floor Plan
    • Students will have a comfortable reading area with a rug, bean bags, and plush pillows.
    • Moved the slanted table with benches by the other tables and placed a table in the conference room to allow space for the new reading area.
    • Removed the wheelbarrow return for more floor space and put a smaller rectangular return by the circulation desk.
    • Moved a book stack by the others to allow room for more computers and another computer table. There are now 10 computers, a scanner, and a printer.
    • The audiovisual room and media room has plenty of book cases but the equipment needs to be cleaned out and organized to allow for more space and easy access to equipment.
  • Special Needs Accommodations
    • Visually impaired students will be able to use slanted desk top on the table with benches to read more easily.
    • Purchase software to meet special needs in our school. These include IntelliKeys, Write Outloud, and Zoomtext.
    • Book stacks make it easier for all students to reach the books.
    • Large entrance and open area is very accessible.
  • Needed Improvements
    • Students will be given a comfortable reading area with beanbag chairs, floor cushions, and a rug.
    Reading by the book rectangle rug by Sensory Edge. $249.95 www.sensoryedge.com Giant Floor Cushions ($130-$203) and vinyl bean bags ($49) sold at Brodart. www.shopbrodart.com
  • Needed Improvements Budgetmaster mobile depressible book cart in black to replace wheelbarrow book return and allow easy shelving. $699.00 www.shopbrodart.com
  • Needed Improvements The audiovisual room and media room needs to be organized and cleaned out. There is plenty of storage space. Extra help such as volunteers could organize these rooms.
  • Needed Improvements Remove old wooden computer table against the wall and replace with four new Eazy Adjustable Training Tables and add 6 more computers for a total of 10 computers. Tables are $320 each at www.pcfurniturestore.com and computers are Dell Studio Desktop at $799 each at www.dell.com .
  • Current Media Center Facilities Policy
    • Accessibility: The media center at Stilson Elementary will be accessible to students and teachers throughout each day of the school year. The media center opens for use in the morning at 7:15 and closes right before dismissal at 2:00. The media has one full time media specialist and a part-time assistant that work together to keep the media center staffed appropriately during these hours. The media center provides students with access to information and the many ways to use it.
    • Non-school organizations, which request loan of school media or equipment, shall complete a written form prior to the desired used and submit this form to the principal. The principal may make the decision as to whether to loan the media or equipment or the principal may refer the matter to the media committee to decide.
    • Outside groups can use the media center for meetings and presentations if arrangements are made with school administration.
  • Current Media Center Facilities Policy
    • Scheduling: The media center offers flexible scheduling that allows classes or students access to the resources on an as needs basis. The media specialist plans with teachers to incorporate information literacy skills into lesson plans. Classes cannot be scheduled in the library media center to provide teacher planning time. Students and teachers are able to visit the media center to use information sources for lessons, to read for pleasure, and to meet and collaborate with the media specialists and others in the library.
    • Each media center is to be accessible to both individual students and groups throughout the instructional day during each instructional day of the school year. This is to include Georgia Board of Education approved courses, which operate outside of the regular school day.
    • The school should have a plan for flexibly scheduling media center access for students and teachers in groups or individuals simultaneously throughout each instructional day. Accessibility shall refer to the facility, the staff, and the resources and shall be based on instructional need.
  • Current Media Center Facilities Policy
    • Selection and Evaluation of Media: Selection and evaluation of print and non-print instructional media shall be the responsibility of the school media committee, coordinated by the media specialist(s) and approved by the principal. This may be accomplished by general and/or specific recommendations of the media specialist(s) being approved by the School Media Committee. Each school media committee shall use specific selection guidelines, based on system policy, which reflect the needs of the school community and shall require a systematic process of media selection and evaluation.
  • Current Media Center Facilities Policy
    • Purchase of Media: The primary basis for purchase shall be the present or projected contribution to curricular needs. Attention shall also be given to the quality of the media, clarity of presentation, integrity of treatment, instructional design, and appropriateness for the instructional and maturity levels of students to be served. Critical reviews from reputable, professional publications, and/or personal examination or recommendations of materials by teachers, media specialist(s), or media committee shall be the primary basis of selection.
    • At Stilson Elementary planning for media services and purchases is done by the technology committee. The technology committee is organized by the media specialist and includes teachers and administration. Media center funds are used to accomplish media goals which reflect the educational goals of the entire school.
  • Current Media Center Facilities Policy
    • Selection of materials: Careful evaluation and selection of media by qualified school personnel does not insure acceptance by all segments of the school community. Therefore, occasional complaints may be made concerning appropriateness. While the Bulloch County Schools recognize individual students’ rights, the system also respects the right to question selection procedures. Therefore, an orderly and fair procedure for handling complaints shall be adhered to by local school personnel.
    • Use of materials: Students can check out 3 books at a time. Students are allowed to keep these materials for one week. Students are not charged fines for keeping materials past their due date. Students who lose or damage books are not allowed to check out books until they return the missing book or pay for the damaged or missing book.
  • Current Media Center Facilities Policy
    • The System Media Contact Person shall maintain awareness of State Board policy, state and federal laws, which are relevant to media programs and services, and shall communicate the same to local school personnel.
    • The System Media Contact person shall maintain an awareness of current copyright provisions and furnish such information to system personnel on a regular and timely basis. The Contact Person shall assume responsibility for the development of a copyright clearance request form for use by schools. Each school shall maintain a school file of copyright clearances pertaining to media in that school.
    • The media specialist in each school shall maintain an awareness of current copyright provisions and furnish such information to school personnel on a regular and timely basis. This person shall submit requests for copyright clearance and shall keep a file for requests and responses.
  • Additions to Media Center Policy
    • Behavior: Students are responsible for their behavior at all time. They should respect their fellow students by working quietly. Students should respect all of the materials and resources that belong to the media center.
    • Philosophy – Individuals are allowed to determine what he/she wishes to read. We hold the belief that the Bulloch County School System should contribute to the development of the social, intellectual, and moral values of its students. We also believe that our school is concerned with generating an understanding of American freedoms and the preservation of these freedoms through the development of informed and responsible citizens.
    • Confidentiality of Library Records: Resources checked out by individuals in confidential. Overdue notices are only given to the student or homeroom teachers with written permission for each student.
  • Additions to Media Center Policy
    • Objectives :
    • Instructional materials are selected to support and extend the curriculum and academics of the school. Materials should be interesting to the students and provide them with a different approach to the curriculum.
    • Instructional materials will provide students with a variety of difficulty levels and help students to deepen their understanding on a topic by presenting different viewpoints.
    • Instructional materials will provide the faculty and students with enriching materials to encourage a unique approach to the curriculum.
  • Additions to Media Center Policy
    • Procedures:
    • Magazines and other periodicals used in school library media centers will be selected from the latest edition of Magazines for Libraries and/or from other reputable resources.
    • Students are encouraged to make recommendations of materials in which they are interested or which they need.
  • Stilson Elementary School Media Center Facility Plan By: Kathryn Hodges ITEC 7132