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The War of 1812

The War of 1812



Given on 12/3- 12/4

Given on 12/3- 12/4



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    The War of 1812 The War of 1812 Presentation Transcript

    • The War of 1812
    • Conflict with Native Americans
      • 900,000 new settlers moved west of the Appalachian Mountains in the years 1790-1810
      • Fighting often broke out between Native Americans and settlers
    • Tecumseh
    • Tecumseh’s Confederation
      • Tecumseh was determined to not let the settlers take anymore Indian land
      • Taught that white customs corrupted the Indians way of life
      • Organized Indian Nations into a confederation to unite against the settlers
    • Showdown at Tippacanoe
    • Showdown at Tippecanoe
      • Tippecanoe was the village that Tecumseh formed in Indiana
      • 1,000 U.S. soldiers were ordered to march to Tippecanoe
      • Tecumseh led a surprise attack on the soldiers
    • Battle of Tippecanoe
      • Both sides suffered heavy losses
      • In the end the U.S. soldiers were able to defeat Tecumseh
      • Tecumseh and his followers would continue to resist the settlers
    • Conflict with the British
      • These conflicts with the Native Americans hurt relations between the U.S. and the British
      • The British were supplying weapons to the Native Americans
      • The U.S. stopped trading with Britain
    • War!
    • Congress Declares War
      • 1812 President Madison declared war on the British. . .once again!
      • The British already had their hands full, they were at war with the French
      • The U.S. had a very scrawny military and was unprepared for war
    • War of 1812
      • Most of the war was fought at sea
      • Blockades stopped trade
      • America tried to convince Canada to unite with them and defeat the British
    • The British Burn Washington
      • 1814 The British marched to Wachington D.C.
      • With little resistance they were able to burn the White House and other buildings to the ground
    • Final Battles
      • British launch attack on the port of New Orleans
      • African Americans and Native Americans join the war effort
      • Andrew Jackson and the Choctaws were able to defeat them
    • Treaty of Ghent
      • Americans protested that they would leave the union if the war did not come to an end
      • 1814 a peace treaty was signed, called the Treaty of Ghent
      • “Nothing was adjusted, nothing was settled”
        • John Quincy Adams (American delegate)