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Lean Six Sigma Group Free Project Case Study Overviews …

Lean Six Sigma Group Free Project Case Study Overviews
Sponsored by the International Standard for Lean Six Sigma, e-Zsigma, IQPC, and PEX Network.

Please contact Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt, Steven Bonacorsi, Owner of the Lean Six Sigma Group to have your project case studies to be added to the Lean Six Sigma Group Library. Steve Bonacorsi

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  • 1. Six Sigma DMAIC Project GEAE Account Project Leader/Green Belt: Michael Spofford Project Leader Title: Customer Engineer & Certified Green Belt Project Start Date: November 11, 2001Master Black Belt: Steven Bonacorsi
  • 2. Six Sigma in Action Technical Support Web SiteCustomer Profile – 18,000-Seat Aircraft Engines Manufacturing and Service Company Before Sigma =0.79Business Problem & ImpactSearching for technical information at vendor sites is a long andtedious process. GE ITS technicians experience a loss ofproductivity due to the lack of centralization and non-digitization ofcommonly used technical info.Measure & AnalyzeData Collection: Cycle time and process steps when locatingtechnical info at vendor sites measured in Excel format byGEAE technicians.Root Causes: Long process steps , lack of centralization, and New Sigma = +6non standard practices were recognized as root causes. T USLImprove & Control 10 Units: 40A web based tool was developed to centralize commonlyneeded technical info and to standardize the practice of Defects 0 Frequencylocating these resources. 5 Opportunities per unit 1 Results/Benefits DPMO 0 Process steps were reduced to < 3 when locating technical 0 info reducing cycle time to 10.25 seconds with an 02 46 8 12 16 10 14 expected efficiency savings +8k (annually). Total Time A savings of US$8.8K in 2003!