Data Conversion Cycle Time Six Sigma Case Study


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Data Conversion Cycle Time Six Sigma Case Study

  1. 1. Six Sigma in Action: Demonstrating Customer ValueMaster Black Belt: Steven Bonacorsi
  2. 2. Six Sigma in Action: Data Conversion Cycle TimeCustomer Profile – GE Aircraft Engines, Evandale, OHBusiness Problem & Impact Process Capability – BeforeThe data conversion process within the install process can take up to 5 P ro c e s s C ap ab ility A nalys is fo r T o tal T im eor 6 hours to complete, requiring extra resources for refresh and installs. USL Proc es s DataMeasure & Analyze USL Target 120.000 * ST LT LSL *Data Collection: Cycle times were measured (average was 90 Mean Sample N 90.740 30minutes), then segmented by time of day, type and size of files, etc. to StDev (ST) 64.1700 StDev (LT) 75.7250identify and isolate root causes.Root Causes: File sizes, network traffic, and obsolete compression Cp Potential (ST) Capability * CPU 0.15processes were determined to be the major causes of process defects CPL * Cpk 0.15Improve & Control Cpm * -100 0 100 200 300 400Network issues were completely eliminated by utilizing direct PC Ov erall (LT) Capability Obs erv ed Perf ormanc e Ex pec ted ST Perf ormanc e Ex pec ted LT Perf ormanc e Pp * PPM < LSL * PPM < LSL * PPM < LSL *connection to a mobile laptop and network crossover cables during PPU 0.13 PPM > USL Process Capability – After 266666.67 PPM > USL 0.00 PPM > USL 0.00 PPL * PPM Total 266666.67 PPM Total 0.00 PPM Total 0.00setup. The ITS project leader developed the QuickBack 32 application to Ppk 0.13 USL Process Data Process Capability Analysis Total Timeaddress data compression issues. USL 120.000 ST T arget * LTResults/Benefits LSL Mean 10.825 *Drastically improved cycle time, decreasing it from an average of 90 to 30 Sample N10 minutes. Span (longest cycle time) was reduced from 291 to 33 8.15756 StDev (ST ) StDev (LT ) 8.66795minutes. which lead to dramatic productivity savings for GEAE and ITS. Potential (ST ) CapabilityBecause one less technician was required for the PC install Cp process, the *client achieved a productivity savings of over $83,000 annually, in CPU CPL 4.46 *addition to the cost avoidance of over $90,000 from not having to hire 4.46 Cpk Cpm *additional personnel and an extra delivery van as originally scheduled. 0 20 40 60 80 100 120Also, end users were more satisfied with the overall install process. Overall (LT ) Capability Observed Performance Expected ST Performance Expected LT Performance Pp * PPM < LSL * PPM < LSL * PPM < LSL * PPU 4.20 PPM > USL 0.00 PPM > USL 0.00 PPM > USL 0.00Increased client’s staffing productivity by $83K while improving performance! PPL Ppk 4.20 * PPM T otal 0.00 PPM T otal 0.00 PPM T otal 0.00