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Wellness in the workplace
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Wellness in the workplace


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  • Good Morning Members of the HR Staff,I’m here today to discuss a major issue facing our company, rising healthcare costs.
  • According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, health insurance premiums have “increased 131 percent since 1999” (Miller, Wellness Programs Get a Boost in Health Reform Law, 2010). As HR professionals we have a great understanding of the cost of benefits to the company but also the cost of employee lost
  • Interview with Todd Hershbine
  • Because we have less than 25 employees, the Health Care Bill works in our favor to keep offering health care to our employees. Additionally, it incentivizes
  • For every $1 spent on wellness research shows at $3-$5 return.Implementable Options:Healthier Food OptionsHealth Risk Assessments/Dental Hygiene Community Involvement
  • Transcript

    • 1. RectifyingourRisingHealthCareCosts
      Presenter: KtFlood
      27 April 2010
    • 2. Agenda
    • 3. Background
      Health Care Costs Burdening Our Company
      Health Benefits vs. Employment
      HR’s role
    • 4. General Electric
    • 5. PPG Industries
    • 6. Minitab, Inc
      Healthy Costs Less
      Onsite Facilities
      Community Involvement
      Personal Trainers
      “an appointment with
      the personal trainer is treated like any other business meeting”
    • 7. New Initiatives
      Health Reform
      Tax Credit
      2010-2013: 35%
      2014: 50%
      Wellness Incentives
      Grants For Small Business
      30% Premium Discount
      “mouth-body connection”
    • 8. Our Resolutions
      Offer High Deductible Health Plan
      Transfer Choice to EE’s
      Combat Preventive Health Issues with HSA
      Introduce Wellness Programs
      Decrease EE Health Spending
      Increase EE Fitness
      Increase EE Overall Health
      Increase Organizational Commitment
    • 9. Questions?
    • 10. Bibliography
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