Super Smart Shopping!


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  • A problem that always seems to occur these days is that we want something, but don’t have enough money to buy it. Or we buy something and regret spending all our money on it. This normally happens to me when I go shopping and buy clothes. So I figured out a way to do some super smart shopping!
  • Going through this process is actually quite simple. Just open up your closet and search through your clothes deciding what you need and what patterns and colors you can buy to match the clothes you have. Write a list of what ideas of clothes you would like This prepares you to shop. And that way you don’t end up making the mistake of buying clothes that you already have!
  • After you have created your list…you can go to the computer and look on fashion magazines and websites for more clothes that you like. These websites also help you find where to buy some clothes, so you get an idea of where to go shopping and where you could find something similar for a cheaper price. Some examples of fashion website are and
  • But wait! Before you go don’t forget to put a certain amount of money in your wallet, enough to buy clothes, but don’t go over board. Also, don’t take a credit card cause its easier to spend more money with that handy thing. 
  • Once you hit up the mall, go to a store, make sure u do to sale section first. This is always good so you can see what is cheap and some of the stuff could be very cute. If you start out where all the new stuff is you’ll immediately fall in love with it and buy it without looking in the sale section.
  • After you pick out some spectacular clothes, Try them on in the dressing room. When first putting them on make sure the color and size looks good on you. If they do, walk around, sit down and just move around in anyways to see if they’re still comfortable. Although you may look like a complete weirdo running around the dressing room, its worth it. But if the clothes aren’t comfortable or doesn’t fit DO NOT force yourself to fit in it or buy it just try something else.
  • Just one more important reminder before you go buy the clothes….Whenever you try on clothes and you “like it” then you shouldn’t buy it. In order for you to buy the clothing you must LOVE IT. The more you love it the longer you’ll love it. And its always good to used money on something you love. Always trust you’re gut feeling and ask yourself would I really wear this more than once? And what could I wear it with?
  • Don’t forget…. Buying new clothes can sometimes be the best feeling in the world, don’t wear your new clothes right away. Keep the tags on them and keep the receipts. Once you get home try them on again. Sometimes you’ll love something at a store, but when you try it on at home it doesn’t fit well or something else. Also look for holes or loose threads that could potentially tear the piece of clothing apart.
  • Overall, there are six steps when doing smart shopping for clothes. #1 make a list. #2 check out fashion magazines and websites. #3 put a certain amount of money in your wallet. #4 go to the sale section. #5 try on the clothes #6 decided if you just like or if you love it. #7 try it on again at home and make your final decision!
  • Super Smart Shopping!

    1. 1. Super Smart Shopping!<br />By Kirsten Brackett<br />