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Sonasoft email archiving



The Sonasoft suite of solutions archives email, replicates your Exchange to an active failover server. It can also do this for your SQL servers to protect all of your ERP and CRM applications.

The Sonasoft suite of solutions archives email, replicates your Exchange to an active failover server. It can also do this for your SQL servers to protect all of your ERP and CRM applications.



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    Sonasoft email archiving Sonasoft email archiving Presentation Transcript

    • Agenda
      • Company Overview
      • Challenges, Desires and Pain Points
      • Replication & Back-up; SonaPack
      • SonaVault Archiving Solution
      • Solution Summary
    • About Sonasoft
      • Sonasoft was founded in 2003 with the vision of becoming a world class software provider developing server agnostic business continuity applications for the Microsoft Server environments
      • The quality starts with the name...Sona means GOLD
      • Sonasoft is focused on SMB, MSPs, Resellers and OEM customers
      • Sonasoft has separate stand-alone applications that can become a fully integrated solution that includes Backup, Replication, Disaster Recovery, and Archiving
      • Three patents pending for software design
      • Technology Alliance Partner with Microsoft, HP, and Intel
    • Our Solution
      • Sonasoft is a software solution that is server agnostic and can be deployed in a server, virtual server, an appliance, or as a SAAS model in an MSP environment
      • Customers can unlock functionality via license key without having to go through an extensive installation process and more importantly trying to get applications from separate vendors and hoping they work together
      • By combining the various components of the individual applications, the customer gains a tremendous advantage by leveraging the integrated architecture of the Sonasoft solution to receive unique capabilities along with enterprise functionality and scalability at a fraction of the cost
      Sonasoft Application
      Microsoft Platform
    • Business Continuity
      Protect your Relevant Data
      Secure Your
      Relevant Data
      Preserve Your Relevant Data
      Solutions that Protect, Secure and Preserveyour company data.
    • Some of our Customers
    • Replication
    • Production Server
      Replicated Server
      Failover Solution
      Existing Solution Disadvantages
      • Two disparate applications from two different vendors – no integration
      • Need identical hardware/software in both production and replicated servers
      • Replicated server is always in a passive mode – Cannot be accessed for
      reporting/monitoring purposes
      • Possibility of virus/corruption getting propagated from production server to
      replicated server
      • Expensive
      Backup Software
      Tape Backup
      Legacy Solutions
      Legacy Solutions
    • The Sonasoft Solution
      The Sonasoft Solution
      Sonasoft Advantages
      • Integrated backup/recovery and replication solution
      • No need for identical hardware/software
      • Servers are in Active-Active mode, maximizing HA
      • Can be used for Testing, Monitoring and
      • Can be used for migration and consolidation of
      Exchange and SQL servers
      • Helps Meet SOX, HIPPA requirements
      Standby Server
      Primary Server
      Sonasoft Appliance
      Backup Storage – SAN NAS DAS
    • The Sonasoft Solution
      Failover – Failback
      Primary Server
      Standby Server
      • One of the only solutions where Failover
      & Failback is possible and easy to do.
      • Supports Exchange 2000, 2003, 2007 & 2010
      • Supports SQL Server 7.0, 2000, 2005 & 2008
      • Easy to test DR capabilities
      • Failover single mailbox or single database
      Sonasoft Appliance
      Failover - Failback
    • SQL Standby Scenarios
    • New York
      San Francisco
      Local Storage
      Local Storage
      SonaSafe Server
      Primaries Also as Mutual Standby’s
      Standby A
      Standby B
      Primaries also as Mutual Standby’s
    • Network snapshot
    • The Sonasoft Solution
      Sonasafe & Virtual Servers
      Supports VMWare, Virtual Iron, others
    • Sonasoft Backup/Recovery and DR
      Single Email recovery
      Single mailbox or SQL data base backup plans and frequencies to minimize bandwidth load
      Backups are stored as PST files making it much easier to search and retrieve emails
      Failover single mailbox or SQL data base to test DR readiness
      Both production and standby servers are in active – active mode
      Compares checksums in Exchange and SQL backups to prevent replication of viruses or corrupted data to the DR site server
      Hardware agnostic
    • Replication: Features and Benefits
      • All in one solution: Backup and Failover/DR in one appliance
      • Appliance: Easy to plug in and install
      • Intelligent standby functionality: Standby can be anywhere in the world
      • Seamless Failover & Failback process
      • Allows for single mailbox failover
      • Single e-mail or mailbox backup/recovery in seconds
      • Failover can easily be tested at any time
      • Maintains multiple servers
      • SQL environment: One to One, Many to One, One to Many server environments
      • Exponentially maximizes the value of Virtualization
    • Archiving
      Challenges, Desires, and
      Pain Points
    • What is Archiving?
      • There are 4 elements to email Archiving
      • Archive email / Store Data
      • Compliance requirements
      • Data Storage Managements
      • The ability to Search Stored Data
      • Both for internal regulatory compliance and Litigation support
      • The ability to Export Stored Data
      • eDiscovery requirements as part of a litigation request
      • The ability to Manage Stored Data
      • Retention Management and policies
    • Market Challenges
      • Organizations conduct almost 97% of business communications via email1
      • Proliferation of e-mail (40% annual growth) is driving demand for e-mail and storage data management solutions i.e., archiving
      • Employees are losing $120 worth of productivity every month trying to manage or search through their inbox. A company of 500 employees is losing $732,000 per year. If you are not archiving you are already wasting money
      • Approximately 93% of all companies are not prepared to comply with electronic discovery and litigation demands2
      • Small and Mid-sized companies are faced with the same compliance and e-discovery issues as large companies, but cannot afford the cost of large enterprise-class email archiving solutions
      • Executive Officers and Employees go to jail for not being able to produce relevant data or demonstrate management controls over their data and retention processes!
      1 Gartner
      2 Pike & Fischer
    • SMB Desires for Archiving
      What benefits do you hope to realize by implementing an email archiving Product or Service?
      Reduce time and cost associated with restoring
      Email in event of disaster or outage
      Improve ability to manage email communications
      In accordance with regulatory and corporate retention policy
      Improve end user access to information
      Improve storage resource management
      Increase speed of email server backups
      Increase adherence to internal records management policies
      Improve litigation support capabilities
      Improve email server performance
      Improve compliance with data retention policies and regulations
      0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70%
      Source: ESG Research Report, 2007 E-mail Archiving Survey, November 2007
    • Data Management Pain Points
      • Data is everywhere
      • Headquarters to remote offices to mobile employees
      • Inconsistent backup policies
      • Tier 1 storage for exchange is bogged down because the size of exchange is way too big
      • Backup times are taking too long
      • Increased data storage and management cost
      • Deteriorating Media (for organizations relying traditional backup as an archive)
      • 30% of backups fail upon restore
      • Lack of Data Retention Policies while requirements continue to increase (7yrs to 21yrs to Forever)
      • 40% YoY data growth
    • eDiscovery Pain Points
      • Unorganized data dramatically increases cost of Litigation
      • Discovery efforts can be VERY expensive for businesses (especially those depending on traditional backup)
      • Processing tapes can be as high as $1,200 per tape
      • Data recovery on a single tape can be as high as $50,000
      • 75% of companies are sued every year
      • Average Cost per lawsuit that goes to court is over $1M
      • The average US corporation spends $10.8M per year on litigation – up from $8M in 2005
      • Microsoft estimates they spend $20M per lawsuit
      • Litigation Readiness
      • Traditional backup
      • Compliance Management
    • Traditional vs. SonaVault
      The value of SonaVault
      Traditional Exchange Environment
      Backup becomes
      Primary Storage
      becomes smaller
      • Faster backup speeds
      • Faster restore speeds
      • Lowers storage cost
      • Improved reliability
      The archive becomes an
      extension of your
      Production environment
      Second Tier
      • Self- Managed
      • Fully Protected
      • Fast Access
      • Transparent to Users
      • No Plug-ins
      New Archive
      “Active” Archive
      Data recovery on a single tape can
      run as high as $50k
      Can reduce email storage cost by up to 80%
      • Traditional archiving and exchange environments involves the backing up of the primary storage to tape. The tapes are held for recovery purposes and typically become the archive too. Now this also includes DTD backup as well.
      • By using second tier storage for the archive it maximizes the value of the archive by allowing for the extraction of information from the primary storage to the second tier.
      • The archive actually remains online and active and becomes an extension of your production environment, while reducing your primary storage backup and restore requirements.
    • Our SonaVault Solution
    • Key Features of SonaVault
      • A central Single Instance of Store for emails and attachments without the need to store multiple times
      • Legal Holds with options to Export Emails in format like HTML/EML/MSG/PST for Reviewing
      • Enhanced Compliance, Data Leakage, Auditing and Storage Reporting
      • Search, retrieve and forward messages/attachments from the archive
      • Stubbing reduces the size of Exchange Server by as much as 80%
      • Archive and Search Public Folders
      • Archive Existing Emails and PSTs
      • Robust search capability to include searching within the text of an email as well as the attachments
    • Key Benefits of SonaVault
      • Stand-alone, software based, powerful and complete email archiving solution that guarantees Email (Incoming/outgoing/Internal) is captured and archived securely
      • Enables organizations to archive, search, retrieve and lock emails for litigation hold to achieve regulatory compliance and operational excellence
      • Provides seamless access to messages using standard policies, enabling administrators, end users and auditors quick retrieval of any email message stored in Archive with various export options
    • Key Benefits continued
      • No outlook plug-ins for end users
      • Software provides role-based web interface for controlled access to administrators, auditors and general users
      • Self auditing application that monitors and audits every operation and usage of the system
      • Extensive reporting provides compliance, storage, data leakage and auditing information
    • Key Differentiators of SonaVault
      • Transparent End User Access to Stubbed Emails
      • Emails are accessed by the end user through Outlook without the need of installing any application plug-in on the client’s machine thus saving IT resources.
      • Multi-Domain Archiving and Access
      • One Archive Server can archive emails from users in multiple domains (child or completely different domains). Users from different domains can be authenticated and login to the web console. This is very useful in situations where companies are acquired or spun off and operates as a separate domain and emails are stored on different Exchange Servers.
      • Continuous Email Archiving
      • When used in conjunction with Sonasoft’s Exchange Replication product, Continuous Email Archiving can be achieved without the loss of any emails after Primary Exchange Server fails over to the Standby Exchange Server. In ALL other solutions, failover server does not go online until primary goes offline. When failover server becomes online, archiving will need to be configured and during this time no emails will be archived. In Sonasofts case, the Standby Exchange Server is always online with a pre-configured archiving agent which will start archiving as soon as it takes over the primary role.
    • SonaVaultStubbing Advantage
      Outlook View
      The contents of the email body and attachment are retrieved from the SonaVaultarchive store which is transparent and seamless to the end user
      This icon for the email in the inbox indicates to end user that this email is Stubbed and stored in the SonaVaultarchive store
    • SonaVaultStubbing advantage
      Email View when opened up by User
      The Red Ribbon icon indicates:
      The body and content of Email is from the SonaVaultArchive Server
      The Lock icon indicates:
      1. The email has not been tampered with and archived securely
      The Lock icon with the RED “X” indicates:
      1. The email has been tampered with
    • Continuous Archiving
      Fail Over
    • SonaVault Architecture Options
    • Architecture #1 for SMB
    • Architecture #2 for SMB
    • Summary
    • Summary
      • The company is focused on SMB, MSPs, Resellers and OEM customers
      • Company has separate stand-alone applications that can become a fully integrated solution that includes Backup, Replication, Disaster Recovery, and Archiving
      • The customers gain a tremendous advantage from our integrated solution by leveraging the architecture to receive unique capabilities along with enterprise functionality and scalability at a fraction of the cost
      • Our Solutions Protect, Secure and Preserve your company data
      • The QUALITY starts with the name...Sona means GOLD
    • Thank you
      Sonasoft Corporation6489 Camden Avenue, Suite 105San Jose, CA