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Research Into Magazines Front Covers
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Research Into Magazines Front Covers


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  • 1. Research into Film Magazine Front covers
  • 2. The mask head which has been used is to enforce the name of the magazine. Even thought it has been covered up by a head it doesn’t matter as it is such a well known magazine people just no who it is so don’t need to see it. This is showing a classic logo which is very famous and this easily attracts the reader and knows what it is going to have in it. And it is advertising the new film which is a great attraction. This is a classic feature of a film magazine in which it films it with a large picture which the main article of the magazine is about as it is most likely a new film is involving a famous person. This title has a sort of pun to it in the way that the image is of a gangster that steals for banks and taking people’s money meaning that he would be hated by the public. Cover lines are at the bottom, another convention of magazines showing small articles and titles as to show the amount you get for your money. There are 3 small pictures on the side of the magazine which shows quantity of the magazine in which it has plenty of quality as it shows all the other articles with pictures. This is another feature of the magazine in which is shows the 2 nd largest article to draw you in to buy as it must promote as much as possible.
  • 3. This title is used very cleverly in which it has the first word in the seconds words first letter. People would think that this would be tricky to read but it is actually very easy to understand. The idea of making a film called GI JOE makes it the idea of an action hero and this is a great attraction to the audience who are into action films and like a big hero who gets the girls suggested by the girls by his side . This idea of the side acts which sort of represent the idea of the women being beside the GI JOE gives us the sense of these are not as important as the man article and these are just to attract the reader. This is another feature attract more people to the magazine with the use of comedy and stars which are large attractions for people who are reading the magazine. This large dominant picture is a classic feature of a film magazine as it just fills the page on one film to show how much detail the magazine has gone into on it. It also goes attracting a target audience in great detail. This feature is used to bring other target audiences to the magazine instead of it just being on one audience on one film so they try to have as many as possible.
  • 4. Even with the mast head covered up the audience still need no real need to actually see the whole of the title, people no that this is such a well named magazine it doesn’t need to be seen in the whole. This classic convention of having other films at the top of the page is a highly effective way of drawing other people to the magazine, instead of just being all on one film it try’s to vary it. He we see the use of this side act is to give the audience a brief insight into one of the main articles here we see it on 2 famous stars re-working the classic British Sherlock Holmes. This classic convention is widely use on film magazines as it covers the whole page and shows a new film is out, in this one is shows the high quality of this sci-fi film. Here again we see the use of the side articles, they are used to give insights into the magazines without actually reading them. This is a classically used title underneath the main picture showing that this is the name of the new film, also with this one it tells us how long this film has taken to make and will it be worth it and wills the reader to turn inside.
  • 5. This feature is used to bring other target audiences to the magazine instead of it just being on one audience on one film so they try to have as many as possible. The title on this magazine has been used in this style to connote the sense that as the main target revolves round electricity and this has been used in the title to reinforce this idea. This idea of a “first look” gives the reader an idea that there is a preview/very new viewing of something giving them a thrill and want them to buy the magazine. Here we see this single character filling the majority of the front cover giving people the idea that this is an exclusive and this will attract a certain amount of people to the magazine This title and tag line shows to the audience that the magazine is promoting the new film, also that it is the second on and that there is a lot of new things and it promotes this. Here is another way in which the magazine is promoting a preview or a very new, exclusive look into and tease’s the audience into the magazine.
  • 6. Conventions of Film Magazine Front Covers
    • On Most front covers the main image is in centre of the page taking up most of the magazine normally a main actor or actors in the film preview
    • The title is across the upper half of the page with some of the letters covered up by the head of the main feature.
    • The magazine front covers advertise other films this feature is used to bring other target audiences. Which will increase profits.