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  1. 1. New media refers to on-demand access to content anytime, anywhere, on any digitaldevice, as well as interactiveuser feedback, creativeparticipation and communityformation around the mediacontent.I used a camcorder just like thisone to record my music videoand this apple mac to edit mymusic video using iMove.
  2. 2. WIXThroughout the process of producing my music video and written tasks I havehad to use media technologies. To start the basis of my work I had to set up aWix. This a site that allows you to produce your own website. It enabled me toupload text, pictures and use HTML codes to link to Youtube videos to my siteand also other things such as Prezi presentations. I used Wix to present myresearch, planning, production and final products.
  3. 3. PREZI I also used a site called Prezi where you can make online presentations or make a PowerPoint and then upload it and it will convert it into a Prezi layout of your choice. Prezi’s are move creative and interactive presentations to showcase your work. I used Prezi to complete my Music Auteurs and Similar Video tasks, it displayed my work in very interesting ways, allowing the viewers to zoom in and out a specific points of the presentation. Also allows you to set a chosen pathway for the slides/text/videos or pictures to be shown in. To add these Prezi’s to my blog I had to copy the HTML code into my Wix and then add it as a Widget. I found Prezi very exciting to use as every time I could choose a different layout and pathway, it really keeps you engaged and focused on the task at hand due to powerful interactive aspect it brings.
  4. 4. YOUTUBEYouTube also allowed me to do a lot of my research and planning. All the videos from my Wix are YouTube linked through an HTML code. Helped me a lot when I had to do tasks such as music video analysis as I could search near enough any song and any genre of music video and it was most likely to be on there. Also my similar videos task, YouTube allowed me to find other music videos of my chosen a genre which I could then link to my Prezi through the HMTL code. YouTube is useful as it gave me a chance to give my audience visuals to back up my written context, helps them understand what Im talking about when Im analysing music videos or certain GOOGLE genres. I used Google search engine to conduct most of my research about my genre and my chosen artist. It helped my a lot through my Genre Research task where I had to find out where my chosen genre originated from. Google allowed me to search the internet and gather information from different sources. I was able to collect pictures from Google images to use for the mood board that I put together and also my Lyrics task, I was able to find them on the internet to help me analyse them.
  5. 5. CAMERA IMOVIE iMovie is the program I used to edit myThe camera we were allocated where music video. To access this program I handheld Canon camcorders that look had to use the Apple Mac computers something like this . that are provided by my school. iMovie allowed me to upload all my footage and then edit it to my choice. It enabled me to cut, trim, delete, slow down, and speed up all of my clips. It also allowedI didn’t use a tripod as I though it would give me too me to add transitions and special much stability, being the genre it is I wanted effects if I wanted to. iMovie is a great there to be a lot of movement and different program as it gives you flexibility and angled shots. I knew I would have some still your final product can end up looking shots but I knew I had good hand stability for these short shots. Although instead of using a very polished and professional. dolly or making something to move whilst recording, I got a family member to drive me down one of the chosen narrative locations and I held the camera just out of the window to get a moving shot, it turned out to be very effective.
  6. 6. PHOTOSHOP To make my ancillary texts I had to use Photoshop CS5. I took pictures for my Digipack and Advert on my Canon 1000D digital camera and then uploaded them onto this photo editing software. I used templates that were provided to organize my Digipack to make sure the layout was correct and in the right position. Photoshop allowed me to play around with my images as it has a lot of tools and filters you can get creative with and really produce something professional looking. When using the software I always kept in mind previous digipack and magazine adverts I had seen of this genre so I could follow the conventions. I had basic knowledge of the software before hand but as I had to produce numerous pieces of work using it, my editing skills have become better.
  7. 7. ITUNES, DAFONT.COM AND POWERPOINTAfter downloading my track I had to put it in iTunes so it could be added to my clips through is a website where you can download fonts. I wanted my Digipack and advert to combine with my website and therefore had to download the fonts I used on the website from Dafont as Photoshop did not provide them. After downloading them I had to extract them and save them onto my computer, after this they then showed up in the font section in the Photoshop software.I used PowerPoint to showcase some of my tasks. I used PowerPoint to show my genre research and my theory tasks. PowerPoint is a very quick and simple way to present work, even though it is written it engages your audience more than just written text as it is presented as a slideshow. I used PowerPoint on these tasks because I had videos and pictures to go with them, so I though having a PowerPoint at the side would be more resourceful than a load of text.