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Social action idea

  1. 1. Social Action/Community Media Keeley Bernarde
  2. 2. Underage sex My idea for social action and community media television production is based around underage sex. This is because I believe this is most talked about at the moment and there is a lot of concern about lowering the legal age of sex to 13, this is mostly aimed at females because females are more pressured into sex at a young age. I want my campaign to show girls the dangers of sex and make them aware the responsibilities that comes with it and also I want people to be made aware that the legal age shouldn’t be lowered because older men can think its then ok to sleep with a 13 year old.
  3. 3. cons • People might just ignore it because its been spoke about before • The media don’t help by publishing things in magazines or in newspapers or on TV. • There's things in the media about rape a lot and underage sex
  4. 4. Pro’s • People will engage and try and do something about it. • I have easy access to the audience because people will be interested and also because women have young children and they wouldn’t want the age to be lowered
  5. 5. FPA talking sense about sex organisations FPA campaigns focus on cutting edge sexual health issues. We campaign to change people's perceptions and behaviour and improve sexual health services They are funded by The Jiwsi (juicy) project in North Wales is funded by Betsi Cadwalader university health board until September 2013. Their mission is to help establish a society in which everyone has positive, informed and non-judgemental attitudes to sex and relationships; where everyone can make informed choices about sex, relationships and reproduction so that they can enjoy sexual health free from prejudice or harm. Who they work with: Practitioners and organisations can contact Jiwsi to discuss us delivering SRE to groups of young people. We are happy to meet with groups of parents to discuss the work that Jiwsi does with children and young people. We offer training and support to practitioners who want to deliver high quality SRE How they work; They run developmental programmes of sex and relationships education (SRE) concentrating on issues identified by young people. Popular topics include the difference between public and private behaviour, safer sex and developing healthy relationships. • who they help ; Jiwsi works with groups of young people, under 25 years old, who live in North Wales and are identified as being vulnerable and at increased risk of sexual health problems now or in the future. • This includes (but isn't limited to): • Looked after children (LAC) and young people who are about to leave or who have left care. • Young people with physical or learning disabilities. • Young people with behavioural problems. • Socially disadvantaged young people. • Rurally isolated young people. • Young offenders. • Minority ethnic groups, including young refugees and travellers. • Lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender (LGBT) young people. • Homeless young people. • Young people with mental health issues. • Young people who have been or are at risk of being abused or abusing others. • Young parents.