Market research task 2d finished x


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Market research task 2d finished x

  1. 1. Keeley Bernarde
  2. 2. Introduction I have researched into the social action market to find out the size and scale of competitors, This will help me to find out what we can include in our own advertising campaign and if there is gap in the market for a new anti-bullying advertising campaign. I am also going to be carrying out market research into social action media to find out information about the need and size of the particular market I am focusing on, the competitors I may have and their customers. This will help my production I will be able to compete with competitors and aim it at the right market and customers.
  3. 3. What is the social action/community (charity/not-for-profit) advertising market like? Some charities and organisations use advertising to raise money for their cause. For example charities put out advertisements to raise money for child in third world countries such as Africa. Also other charities advertise to raise money for animals for example the RSPCA and the dogs trust. What kind of adverts are currently available? some adverts aims may be to raise money for their organisation which would usually be aimed at adults who have the money to donate. However other adverts may be just trying to promote and raise awareness of their subject matter and depending on the topic could be aimed at a wide range of people. For example the teen domestic violence would be aimed at teens because the actors are teens themselves and it is for teenagers in that situation. The advert shows a teenage boy and girl and when the boy begins to treat the girl badly and hurts her you see the boy looking at himself from behind a glass shouting at himself to stop. There are also adverts for animals as well as humans. For example there are ones where you can sponsor an animal or donate to a charity for animals which helps to look after animals that have been mistreated. Types of adverts there are? There all kinds of different types of adverts such as bullying, sex, child abuse, poverty, animal abuse, debt issues. Has there been a growth or decline in the amount of adverts? I didn’t get any information on this but personally I think that there is not a lot of adverts on TV about bullying.
  4. 4. Competitors
  5. 5. The Dina award
  6. 6. Anti-bullying Advertisement The Diana award have created a lot of advertising campaigns and they all explain what the Diana award do. They have celebrities working with them that will make the campaign noticed, also people that have won the Diana award and they help people all around the UK. The advertising campaigns can be found on their website, on YouTube where thousands of people can view it all around the world. The campaigns are very successful as they bring recognition to the organisation, and by putting the campaign onto YouTube it allows a wider audience to view it and get a better idea of what the charity is about.
  7. 7. Who is their target audience? The Diana award is aimed at young people who have helped people in their community in any way. They might have produced an anti-bullying campaign or a fund raise. The organisation presents awards to these young people to empower them and help the community. What is the size and scale of their operation (local,national,global etc)? The Diana award is made of 11 members which is the chief executive to an anti-bullying apprentice. All of these people work to keep the charity running. Not only do they have these team members but they also have a group of patrons, ambassadors and trustees who range from celebrities to the prime minister to people who have one the Diana award. The Diana award charity has recognised 39,000 ordinary young people who have made an extraordinary difference to the community. Every year over 4000 young people are involved in their programmes. 94% reported increased confidence as a result of feeling celebrated and recognized 91% reported increased aspiration to do more for communities 78% of young people feel there has been change in their behaviour as a result of the programmes 87% are now involved in some form of social action through volunteering as a direct result of our engagement programmes. 99% were more confident about tackling bullying 98% felt they now had greater capacity to support other pupils being bullied
  8. 8. How are they competition? I think that the Diana award are competition for the antibullying campaign we are going to be making. This is because they have the same aims in mind for each campaign and fundraising event they organise. These aims are not only to promote their charity, but to promote anti-bullying and empower young people to take action against bullying. Also the Diana award Is a well know charity so therefore it would be hard to get our organisation as much recognition as them, and also get as many people as we can to watch our advertising campaign, also the charity have Jodie marsh working with them and this gets them more publicity and appeals to a younger audience.
  9. 9. What they do? 0 Since 1999 the Diana award has recognised 39,000 young people who have made an extraordinary difference to their community. As well as the Diana award, their anti-bullying and mentoring programmes are put 0 0 0 0 into place to empower, engage and encourage young people to keep up their good work by helping the community. The Diana Award does three things: We encourage young people for the contribution to their communities We empower young people to achieve their full potential We engage young people in social action to make a difference in the lives of others, through our Ant bullying, Training and Mentoring Programmes
  10. 10. Bullies Out
  11. 11. What they do? 0 Bullies Out is an anti-bullying organisation which provides help and support and information to individuals. 0 The work they do directly address bullying which they believe is one of the main reasons affecting the academic, emotional and social well-being of young people. 0 At bullies out they recognise that it isn’t easy to create a positive school environment and needs the consistent efforts the whole school community. As an organisation they believe in working with people to develop a positive atmosphere across the whole school community.
  12. 12. Who is their target audience? 0 The bullies out organisation are targeting young people in schools, youth and community settings who have been affected by bullying. What is the size and scale of their operation (local, national, international, global etc)? 0 The management team is made up of five people. These are the chief executive, chair and three trustees. They also have four ambassadors, one patron and one supporter which is made up of celebrities or people who run charities which help others. 0 The organisation has achieved a lot since it was founded in 2006. Every year they see an increase in the number of people using their online mentor forum. 0 Also over 7500 children and young people have participated in their innovative, interactive and creative workshops. 0 900 young people have been trained as peer mentors. 0 Over 750 professionals have participated in our awareness training sessions. 0 0 0 0
  13. 13. How are they competition I think the organisation bullies out is completion to our anti-bullying campaign because and bullies out have the same aims and objectives, these are they want to help young children who are being bullied in school. Although the beat bullying organisation also deals with bullying outside of school. They also have an online forum which talks t young people if they have ay issues or issues related to bullying, the mentors then give advice
  14. 14. Anti-bullying advertisement The bullies out organisation does not have an advertising campaign but it does have a video explaining what the organisation do and also why they do it. This video is not very effective and it doesn’t grab the public’s attention, advertising campaigns are a good way to get your organisation known by the public .