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Focus group

  1. 1. Focus Group Keeley Bernarde
  2. 2. How would you define bullying? When carrying out the focus group some of the students gave good information and helpful answers which will help us with the rest of our research. When asking what they would define bullying as the students said ‘when someone is being repeatedly mean to another person’. They then went on to say it could be a number of reasons such as race, gender,sexuality,religion,etc. they also said that some bullying isn't in public it can also happen on the internet this is called ‘cyber bullying’ this type of bullying has led to many suicides.
  3. 3. Have you ever been bullied or know anyone that has been? Although we didn’t get any answers for this question we believe that if it was because were asking a group of people who may not have wanted to share their experience's with bullying, therefore we want to go back to this questions and ask someone on a one-toone so that maybe they will be more confident and speak up.
  4. 4. What do you think is the most reason people get bullied for? When asking the focus group this question they replied with things like people get bullied on how they look, what clothes they wear or maybe they don’t have nice clothes like other people and they get picked on or maybe they don’t have a lot of money to get luxuries like phones etc. also children can also be bullied for again sexuality,race,gender,religion,social group and maybe they intelligence
  5. 5. Where would you go if you were being bullied both at school and outside school? When we asked the focus group this question they gave us helpful answers, they said if they didn’t have any friends and didn’t want to talk to a family member they would put their trust in a teacher and some students said they would stand up for themselves and others said they would tell a friend , email the school or tell their parents and some said they would go to the police or call child line for help.
  6. 6. Do you think bullying affects self image? When asking the focus group this question most of them got involved and gave good helpful answers by saying it affects your self image because it puts your confidence down and makes you not care about yourself anymore you might change they way you look or harm yourself and if people were calling you names and saying nasty things you will end up believing it, you lose all confidence in yourself.
  7. 7. Have you ever heard of the ‘beatbully’ organisation? The focus group responded no to this question they don’t know who the ‘beatbully’ organisation are so they suggested more posters and it to be advertised on social networking sites i.e. facebook, twitter and also it’s a good thing the children didn’t know about the organisation because then we can get them aware of it and make it more out there and also they suggested an advert about it on T.V or in cinemas because more people can see it and be engaged. If none heard of the organisation then they didn’t use their website before so they cant say what they thought stood out on the website.
  8. 8. Would you use the ‘beatbully’ website? The focus group responded to this question as a no because they feel they don’t want to put their trust into someone they don’t know they would rather tell a teacher because they know them, but someone suggested what if the person that was getting bullied has no friends they could talk to and didn’t want to tell family then the ‘beatbully’ organisation would be ideal for that person.
  9. 9. Have you ever seen any anti-bullying adverts? Everyone in the focus group agreed that there hasn’t been any anti-bullying adverts on TV and if there had been they can’t have stood out or been affective, also teachers agreed they haven’t seen an anti-bullying advert, the focus group suggested there should be more anti-bullying adverts so people can see what bullying actually is and also they can have more of an idea what to do about it and also identify if their getting bullied.
  10. 10. What would you like to see in an antibullying advert? The focus group suggested if there was an anti-bullying advert on TV they would like to see things like different types of bullying all in one but different scenes and maybe at the end of the advert something saying ‘stop bullying’ or ‘tell someone’ or maybe a message that people will remember and make sure the advert stood out so people will really feel connected and also to make sure it looked realistic so that people can relate, the teachers also mentioned it would be good to put the advert where a lot of people can see it like the cinema because a big audience will see it and also the advert to help you know where to go when you need help.